10 Years of Memories…..

As we move closer to the 10 year anniversary of the Mesquite Amateur.  Take a minute and share some of your favorite Mesquite Amateur memories.

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21 thoughts on “10 Years of Memories…..”

  1. Jeff says:

    Met a few guys in one of George’s skin’s games, I think it was the first or second year at the Palms. Played with Jim Burns from AZ. I think he was originally from the Sacramento area. I got to know a lot of his friends from CA over the years. Anyways, Jim was one of nicest guys you’d ever meet. After the Mesquite Am that year, Jim went back home and died the next day. I’m happy to say I played with Jim. Jim and his friend Bob always saved a seat for the wife and I at his table every night. They had the dinners at the CasaBlanca poolside. That was top notch back then. I miss those days…. and Jim.

  2. David DeRango says:

    Art & George,
    You both made me remember that too, I believe it was the second round and I was at the Palms and I was sitting in my cart wondering where my cart partner was and thinking he is going to miss tee time!!
    When Mark made that announcement that night I knew then he was the same person that was to be in my cart that day and wondering today how is he doing?
    I thank you all for being someone I can call friend, and I look forward to making new friends each time I come to Mesquite. Safe travels see you all soon.

  3. George Salcedo says:

    Art you made me remember something else once you brought up Mark. We all know there are other tourney’s out there and for whatever reason some of us choose here. Its not the biggest, but to me its the most personal. I think in my 2nd or 3rd and I have only missed the first one, we were at the party on the pool deck and Mark Lynch came out and explained about a golfer that had either had a heart attack or got very ill on the course that day. His traveling companion came out on the stage and explained that the guy was a self employed contractor without any insurance and how they had saved up to come to the Amateur. Mark then came on again and asked if we could help them out, and the buckets were passed. I saw something you rarely see now days. People without hesitation were digging in their pockets to fill those buckets. Thats when I knew Mesquite was for me. And I have been lucky to call a lot of those folks my friends. See you in a few, STMF

  4. Art Pereida says:

    I have been to all 9 events and looking forward to the 10th. The first year I remember Mark Lynch, who ran the program then, awarded a HUGE boquette of flowers to a young woman after the first day of play, who had just started playing golf and had just established a handicap, after she posted a 230 at Wolf Creek (Wolf Creek was on the rotation then) She vowed never to play again. Another memory was when my best friend “PJ” who won the trip to Ireland the second year. “PJ” attended the tournement till he passed away a coulpe of years ago due to cancer. The first year I met Gary, Clint, John and we continue to be the best of friends. John started coming about 6 years ago. I bought my home here and moved here from So. Cal and they all stay with me during this time. Love it!!!!

  5. Gregory Barney says:

    In 2005, when my friend Vince and I checked in, we were signing the old trophy golf bag and I asked him to ” make sure you sign your name somewhere where I can find it” and being able to ask him on the way home, with the bag in the back of the car ” where exactly did you sign it ” I can’t say his response 🙂

  6. Barry Johnston says:

    If she is out sunning this year I’ll be playing slower than Kevin Na on that hole! ha! 14 days til touchdown in Vegas.

  7. David says:

    Hey Jack maybe she can just ride in your cart for the rest of the round!!
    and she can hold our clubs too??

  8. John Morris says:

    It was just last year. I made 3 birdies in a row, followed by an EAGLE to win everything. Oh wait. I thought it said “share your best fantasy”. My MEMORY woul be a 10 on some damn LAVA course in St George. Didn’t win that year, I don’t believe.

  9. Rich C. says:

    I’ll see if I can find her this year and talk with her nicely. For a while. Hole #11 might get a little backed up that day. -lol-

  10. Vegas Jack says:

    The very large busted topless woman sunning in the backyard at Falcon Ridge, hole #11 in 2007. Made me miss a tap-in 8″ put. The moral of the story is, you really do have to pay attention on those really, really, really short puts with both eyes on the ball.

  11. Phil Carrell says:

    Last year had a chance to win my flight but a couple of bad shots cost me victory. However I was playing golf at home in September and got a phone call from Christian advising me I had won this years entry by winning the survey drawing. That was as good as winning the flight. Maybe I can compete this year for first.

  12. Terry Doan says:

    Last year was the best for me even though I shot the worst golf I have ever played in my life. I got a “”hole in one” at the Palms and that made my entire week. Always looking forward to playing at the Mesquite AM.

  13. AL STEWART says:

    I have driven the 1200 plus miles every year for this wonderful event since it started. The first year it told my wife and I it was a keeper and I/we have not missed one yet other than last year when it was only I. And hope I have many more in my tank before the drive becomes too far. The quality, organization, volunteers, courses and the wonderful people and new friends we met told us that I/we must return as long as I/we were able. My wife who I miss so dearly and not a golfer, loved going to the event as much as I. The Mesquite/St George area is such a wonderful place to visit and this wonderful event has brought so many world wide participants to discover that. Well done Mesquite AM.

  14. Jeff says:

    My story was similar to Dana’s. The Virgin River sent out an e-mail for a Texas Hold ’em tournament the Monday night before the tournament. I figured I’d blow some time that night and a hundred bucks. Somehow I ended up winning the tournament. $2250. After that I didn’t really care how bad I golfed.
    The Virgin River doesn’t have a poker room like that anymore. It’s over at the Eureka now. I got to know one of the dealers who I knocked out of the event I won. It was the classic pocket King’s vs. pocket Aces. It doesn’t matter if you were a rookie like me or a veteran dealer like Randy, there is almost no way your going to fold pocket King’s.
    What was really bizarre that night was I had 4 All-In hands that I ended up splitting the pot. I’m not up on all the odds, but that happening 4 times to the same player in an event is probably as likely as the eagle I holed out on the 549 yard par 5 12th at Oasis from the greenside bunker that never hit any grass. It wedged itself between the stick and cup. Did I forget to mention I suck at bunker shots. It’s off the back of the green if it didn’t jar. It was the final round that year and I climbed from 8th place to a 1st place finish that year.
    Just goes to show that you never know what can happen. If your out of first 6 shots or so, you still have a chance. And with Conestoga being our final round this year anything could happen. All it takes is one bad swing and big number can pop up on the scorecard real quick. And there will be some big numbers had by all during the week unless your really good or really lucky.
    But isn’t that the way golf is? We’ll all talking to our buddies back home or in clubhouse saying,”If I would have done this or would have done that….” `We all seem to enjoy the laughter of each others pain as we talk about big numbers we made. You might have made 4 birdies that round, but, the 10 on the par 3 gets most of attention of the day. We are a masochistic bunch.

  15. David DeRango says:

    For me was the first time ever playing in Mesquite tournament 8 years ago and my very first hole was at Coral Canyon #8 there was a mounting to my right and a wash to the left as I address the ball my hands began to shake, I knew then this is the tournament I wanted to play in again and again.
    I took 4 place in my division for the very first time ever playing in a tournament, my father “God rest his sole” want to send me to “Q” school when I was 15 I said no! He asked me a second time at 16 and I said no again. What a dumb @#$ I was because I love golf so much now what could have been???
    Sometimes I think of him when I am playing in Mesquite AM and wish he was still here to play with me and watch me compete!! I miss him very much, WHOOPS sorry did not mean to get sappy.
    But the friends I have made here are the best and the greats bunch of guys and girls to meet and play golf with.
    see you all soon can not wait!!!

  16. Dana Boyette says:

    Another favorite gave us a lifetime of memories. I guess this was our 4th year. They had been drawing door prizes every night, and for the previous years and 3 nights, neither of our names had ever been drawn. Last night, last prize, the grand prize….a trip to Irelend for 10 rounds of golf….and the winner is Dana Boyette!!!! What a fantastic trip, fantastic group of people….if you ever want to do a trip to Ireland, O’Connor Golf out a Vegas will show you a great time!

  17. Dana Boyette says:

    First year there, which would have been year 2 of the Mesquite Amateur. Registration was at the Eurika. Eurika was trying to get people to get their players card and were offering get a card and make a $5 bet on the Roulette table and they would give you a sleeve of ProV1’s. We jumped on that and were heading out the door but decided we would go ahead and play a game with out cards to get some credit on them about 10 feet from the door. Put a $1 in the Progressive Poker machine, bet a quarter-won a quarter, bet a quarter-won a quarter. This went on for a few minutes and I was ready to leave, so I bet max and the bells and whisles went off…I hit a Royal Flush, $1400. What a way to start out our experience at the Mesquite Amateur!

  18. Jerry says:

    The excitement of playing desert golf for the first time in my life and wondering if I would even like it. It turns out I don’t like it…I love it. Wouldn’t miss the chance to play it again and again. I don’t even care if I win anything or not. It is just a pleasure to play in a tournament and in an environment that is as fair as any tournament I have ever played in.

  19. Kerry says:

    Falcon Ridge Last Year. It is extremely hard to forget a 15, then a par, & then a 14 on holes 1-3. Don’t Ask how, it sucked big time. And you know it, going back this year. But the first year I was there was the best. I met Dan & Sue and have seen them every year I have been there. Great Folks. And then David last year. See you all in days.

  20. George Salcedo says:

    My best memory came just a few months back. While on a golf vacation with Bruce King I watched him lay out all 9 years worth of pins from the Amateur and I was amazed but how far its come. Can’t wait to be back. STMF

  21. Rich C. says:

    A few: Playing at Falcon Ridge on a par-5 and watching a fellow golfer chip in for a birdie from 55 ft out. The second Cigars Under the Stars because the numbers went from the first year of 28 to 90 plus!