2011 Mesquite Amateur Registration is Now Open!!

Ring in the new year with the Mesquite Amateur.  Online Registration is now open.  We will have a downloadable form for people to fax and mail in up later this week. 

We cannot wait to have everyone back in Mesquite May 30th-June 3 2011!


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428 thoughts on “2011 Mesquite Amateur Registration is Now Open!!”

  1. David says:


    I can not say it enough, thank you to you and to all your volunteers and I made sure I thank every one I saw, plus your staff they were also great, everything was great, the courses were in great shape, the food was great and I had a great time even thou I played like C#@$!!
    Pace of play was very good and I know we had some sand baggers but if they come back next year I hope you put them with the low handicappers, plus you’re over all winner a 20 handicapper and he shoots a 79???? OK what is wrong with this pitcher?
    OK 50 weeks till Mesquite am goes 10 years, and you will not here this just once I cannot wait?!?!?!?
    Have a great summer and be save all.

  2. Kerry says:

    Wind is a howling here in Mesquite, for those of you who are not here yet

  3. Kerry says:

    Guess what? Started to rain, yard did not get mowed. Lost cell service as soon as I got to Mesquite. 5 hours of no cell. Sitting in Eureka Lobby utilizing their WiFi. Will probably work in my room, but I forgot I turned off internal modem before I packed computer. Anyway, I hope you kissed the dog and petted the wife before you left Vegas David. See you tomorrow sometime.

  4. Kerry says:


    And yes, Please don’t forget to kiss the wife before you leave Vegas. At least let her know you will miss her.

  5. Kerry says:

    Car is all packed. Now I just have to wait to mow the yard before I can leave. Gregory’s Steak House reservation at 6:00pm tonight I believe. Or 6:30pm. Don’t remember. But I will be there.

  6. Todd says:

    Wheels up in 4 1/2 hours,finally, has rained 35 of 40 days here in Michigan. George don”t forget to pick me up at the airport, will call you when I grab my bags.

  7. Jerry says:

    David, Don’t forget to kiss the Mrs. on the way out of Vegas! That way when you come home smiling she will know you missed her.

  8. David says:

    Jerry and Kerry,

    If I keep it in the short grass I will roll it and smoke it!!!
    I will also get into town late Saturday night and I am in no hurry for anything but having fun.
    Be save you two and the rest of you see you in a few.
    Hit it long and straight!! I hope??

  9. Jerry says:

    This morning I waded across a raging river,escaped from a crockadile,marched up and down a mountain,stood in a patch of poison ivy,crawled out of quicksand,and climbed up an enormous tree! …
    My friend said, ” You must be some outdoorsman!”
    “No,” I replied, “I’m just a lousy golfer.”

    Keep it in the short grass this next week. Good luck to all.

  10. Kerry says:

    David & Jerry

    We should know by Wednesday night if we will be in the running. Me, I’ve never finished better than 23rd I think. I will be in town Saturday. Just not sure what time. There is a couple of 9 hole courses I’ve wanted to play on the way down.

  11. David says:

    you are right between you Kerry George and me are way over posting then last year.
    I will be up for something on Friday if non of us make the cut, as long as we do something early in the AM!! the wife can wait!!
    Last time I swong a club was Monday night golf league, was playing well till I came to a par 3 no. 6 and put it way right into the trees and took a “7”!! just stupid mistakes!!
    see you all soon!?

  12. Jerry says:

    Kerry, Maybe. Between David, You, George and I; we have to be about 35% or more. The number last year was 294. Maybe we could make it a foursome for friday? I played today very well for 15 holes. I was 10 over for 15 holes and 14 over for 3 holes. Just stupid mistakes. Play again tomorrow then work like the devil to catch up on things here and for two neighbors before we leave on Saturday. I’m retired but feel like I am coming for a needed vacation and pleasures of Mesquite. How many unattached…. are coming? Lets not go there, ones a plenty.

  13. Kerry says:


    We should be well ahead of last years posts. Last year we started on Mar 8th. This year we started about 2 1/2 months before that on Dec 28th. But I do think you or George may have the most.

  14. Kerry says:

    Yea I Know, Leaving the wife in Vegas.

  15. David says:

    Jerry and Kerry hope to see you at the Casablance bar Sunday night if to sign in for the skins game or pick up a raffle tickets or just have a drink with me two more days and it will be TEE TIME!!!
    be safe and see you then, remember I will have the big smile on my face!?!?!?!?
    David :>)

  16. Richard says:

    Wheels are up !!!
    Play a match a noon, drive all night and tee it up in Mesquite at sunrise. Casablanca bar by noon. Then it’s 10 a day party golf, sun and fun.

    See you in the desert. Be safe.

  17. Kerry says:

    Let me try that again

    Women’s 113
    Men 90 +4
    Seniors 122 +2
    Super Seniors 167
    Master’s 62
    Total 554 +6

    Flights 17

    Women’s 3 38,37,38
    Men 3 30 Each
    Seniors 4 31,30,30,31
    Super Seniors 5 34,34,33,33,33
    Masters 2 30,32

    147 Groups of 3 or 4

  18. Kerry says:

    Well, here are the new Numbers

    Women’s 113

  19. Kerry says:

    golfmesquitedeals.com/ has Falcon ridge for $27.00

  20. John says:

    Three more wake-ups and we tee off at Falcon on Friday afternoon. Every body travel safe.


  21. David says:

    Jim and Kerry,

    I will make sure I check it out on my way in,
    I remember Lees right across from falcon ridge I think that will be my stop.

    Boys see you soon and everybody coming in be carefull and be safe, I cannot take your money if you do not make it!!

    3 more days tell we take off.

  22. Jerry says:

    Dana Boyette,

    Congrats, Just got an email showing you won a prize for your World AM entry. See you and JR at Let IT Ride.

  23. George Salcedo says:

    The exit for the booze store is the Ring of Fire. Been there a few times. Kinda scary place if you stop real late at night, but some fantastic beef jerky if you go daytime. George

  24. Jerry says:

    We have broken last years posts(294) by 110. Just give it to Kerry and David, I’ll take third without the count.

  25. Jim O'Hare says:

    It’s about 20 miles outside of vegas called the Moapa smoke shop can’t miss it its on the right. Good prices but if you dont feel like stopping theres also a Lees discount liguor store right across from the entrance to falcon ridge. Its a lot easier than making that stop..worth a couple bucks..least thats what im doing.

    Jim O

  26. Kerry says:


    Stop at the Liquor Store that is on the Indian Reservation along I-15 on your way from Las Vegas. Very reasonable Prices. There is a big sign. At least there was the last time I drove by. Maybe Jim O. can chime in on this, since he lives down Vegas way. See you soon.


    You should put together a sort of booby prize for who has the most post on the Blog.

  27. Jerry says:

    David, My Conestoga round is Monday. I’ll have to catch up later. I’ve committed a $100 to the raffle and will get them Monday evening from either you or George at the dinner.

  28. David says:


    I am playing Conestoga on Sunday for the gross skins game, just looking to have fun and get some working but my brain never is normal.
    see you at check in.

  29. David says:

    busy weekend sorry did not get a chance to chim in, I am in for both skins games and will be with George at check in at the Casa Blanca bar make sure you see me your first one is on me!
    Friday I am headed back to Vegas about 11am I could be up for something in the am on Friday, also if I make the cut, RIGHT!!!we can talk more then.
    I am staying at the Virgin River too and will be checking in about 8pm after I leave the wife in Vegas and after a stop that the locial liquor store for same needed supplies.
    4 days and counting?!?!?

  30. Kerry says:

    Never played skins before. But Falcon Ridge is also my first tournament course. So a good re familiarization, like I need it. It is the practice I need. Maybe my brain is not quite as senior as yours. Hope David chimes in, since we are all in different Flights.

  31. Jerry says:

    I go to Vegas on Friday for free Night on Harrahs. I’ll play friday if I don’t make the cut. See you at Virgin River. I also have two free nights at Harrahs for Sat and Sun pre Mesquite. Playing Conestoga on Monday. Trying to play Skins takes me out of my tempo for golf. Senior Brain will not return to normal after a skins game for several days.

  32. Kerry says:

    Plans are now final. Sat & Sun Nights at Eureka.
    Mon – Sat Nights at the Virgin River.
    No Golf Planned for Fri, just in case of miracle, Sat after tournament- Golf at Falcon Ridge, 6:30 am. Golf Sun on way home at Corral Canyon in St George, Ut at 7:30 am MDT. If anybody cares to join me, You should contact Olivia, at Golf Mesquite Nevada. 1-866-720-7111
    If it is not looking good for a Friday Morning Tee Time at Casa Blanca, I will probably Make a tee time at the Palms for Friday Morning via GolfNow.com. $30.00 at that web site. See you all soon

  33. Jim says:

    I will even put up the prize. One circa 1985 Ben Hogan Persimmon 4 wood. This club has never been hit by a human, It was a preproduction prototype.It has been stored for a long time and the shaft has a few corrosion spots but overall it looks great.

  34. Jim says:

    We could have a contest to guess them and the person with the most correct would win a prize.

    I’ll get it started. 1W 2W 3R 4W 5R 6W 7R 8R 9W = 2834
    10W 11R 12W 13W 14R 15W 16R 17R 18 W =2943 5777 YDS TOTAL

  35. Kerry says:

    Thanks for the quick response Jim. Looking forward to all the fun. Would have responded sooner, But the world did not end, So I had to mow the Grass. 🙂 or 🙁
    The Eureka on Sat & Sun nights.
    The Virgin River Mon – ?
    Not sure when I am leaving.

  36. Jim Goforth says:

    Will Coyote Springs be able to tell us the correct tees for our practice rounds on Sunday?

    1. Christian says:

      Yes I will make sure they have that on hand for you guys for your practice round.

  37. Jim says:

    That would be me, Jim Luttrall Masters Nelson and staying at the Virgin River.
    I am looking forward to the ride, the round and hopefully the poker.
    Jim L.

  38. Kerry says:

    Would the Jim that asked for a ride to Coyote Springs on Wednesday, please post here with your Name & Initial so that I will know who you are, and don’t give away your spot. Thank You

  39. Jerry says:


    The course rotation states “Tentative” and letter states “Final”. It is “Final” correct?

    1. Christian says:


      That is final. I have some late sign ups but should not effect the index ranges if it does I will contact the player personally to let them know so they can plan accordingly.

  40. Jerry says:

    Playing on the average of 60 plus different courses a year with lots of different personalities I have seen and heard it all. Played courses with blind shots to sloping fairways that had no hazards or out of bounds. No clue where the ball went, even a provisional would not help. Loss of distance, stroke and time stood still. Quit after 8 holes and vowed to never play that course again. I am just saying with a little help from our playing partners the rounds will be more to everyones liking. They may be just a bit quicker also.

  41. Jeff says:

    Played Entrada one year. 3 holes played with lava rock that was in play, not marked as a hazard. I think there were 7 foursomes waiting on one tee box. Stuff happens! At least we’re not at work!

  42. george says:

    I just drink alot and all is well. STMF

  43. Jerry says:

    It has been my experience that the number of groups on a course does not necessarily relate to long rounds. I play in about 40 different tournaments a year with as few as 40 players to about 128 players. I have experienced 5 and 1/2 hour rounds in a great number of them with the most coming from being full player fields. As I remember last year at Mesquite the rounds did not seem long to me. Maybe it was because the players were so cordial and the scenery so beautiful. Of course we each looked after the stray balls when that rare occurence popped its ugly head up. Be ready when it is your turn, help each other locate their strays, get out of the cart and walk to your ball is the best advise I can offer. Otherwise tentions build and your waiting around with your hands in your pocket will just aggravate you.

  44. Kerry says:

    Ok, I’m no expert, but by my amateurish calculations, there could be 145 3 & 4 somes. With the most going to the Women’s Flights, with 10 each. So that puts 30 Groups of 3 or 4 on the course. That is not too bad. Each of the Super Senior flights have 9. So that will put 27 Groups for the first 3 flights on a course. And 18 for the last 2 Flights. There are 32 Groups for the Seniors. So that puts 24 on the course for the first 3 Flights. The last Flight of Seniors, plays with the 2 Master’s Flights. Which also have 8 groups each. So there is 24 Groups there also. And finally, the Men’s have a total of 22 Groups. All in all, this should not be cause for long rounds. But hey, I am an amateur, So these may not even be close.

  45. Stan Mahaffey says:


  46. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I’ll take on running a daily SKINS for the atson, Zoeller and Stadler flights. It will be heads up against those in your own flight. $20/day as usual.

  47. Kerry says:

    Got my letter today

  48. Jim says:

    Just curious as to how Coyote Springs is going to come up with a slope and course rating at about 5700 yds.

    Are they going to play the front nine from RED and back nine from WHITE?

    1. Christian says:


      I sent what tee boxes you guys will be playing to the Southern Nevada Golf Association and they calculated a slop and rating for those tees. It will be a combination of Red and White throughout the course.


  49. Kerry says:

    Well, the numbers are in.

    Women 113
    Men 86
    Seniors 120
    Super Seniors 167
    Masters 62

    Total 548

    With a total of 16 Flights

  50. Jerry says:

    The web person must be having alot more trouble than we thought. A few get well quick messages are coming your way. Maybe we could all chip in for a nice gift. Say a quarter a piece. That would probably net out at around $125.

    1. Christian says:

      The flights and course rotation with index ranges are up. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.


  51. Jerry says:

    Maybe the web person got into the adult beverages a little to early,AH. I am getting so excited I packed yesterday thinking it was May 26 already.

  52. Dale says:

    Thanks Christian, hope I didn’t sound to negative in the way I framed the question.

  53. Dale says:

    Am I missing something or has the course rotation with the indexs not been posted? Christian said they would be up last night. It is real hard to setup tee times when you only have acouple days left before you leave. ask why it takes soon long to get there I drive from Midland, Tx

    1. Christian says:


      They will be up today. My web guy had a medical emergency so he was not able to get them up. I apologize for the delay.


  54. David says:

    all this talk about Mesquite is making me nuts
    George as you would say 8 days to wheels up my man, along with adult beverages and golf.
    see you all soon.

  55. Gregory Barney says:

    11 days and a wake up! This will be my 8th Mesquite Amateur and I look forward to it from the moment the previous one ends! The people I’ve met, and see each year, is is one of the biggest reasons I keep coming back.
    I’m going to miss my partners from the 2005 final, Hal, John, and Jim, who have left the senior flight, and moved on to super seniors. If it was up to me, I would not only check their handicaps, but theit birth cetificates as well! I will miss those guys, but thank goodness I still have seasoned campaigners like Stan and Kim to contend with.I look forward to seeing everyone.

  56. Kerry says:

    Tomorrow is the last day to register for the best Amateur Tournament that I have attended. Hope we have record numbers. I thought we hit the max of 800 3 or 4 years ago. But I am getting old, and have a hard time remembering my name sometimes. That is why that at work, they have it on my sleeve. No, that is so the customers know who to complain about. Anyway, by this time next week, I will be packing. See you all soon.

  57. Dale says:

    when are we going to learn what flight we will be playing in according to HC? I need to make some practice round tee times

    1. Christian says:


      The course rotation with index ranges for each flight and a list of each flight with participants and index will be posted on the website tonight.

  58. Stan Mahaffey says:

    The PGA Tour’s Jason Dufner, a 2000 graduate Auburn player and current resident, has started a charity called Birdies for ‘Bama. A portion, if not all of the proceeds for the raffle will go to this charity.

  59. John says:


    I know your pain. 10″ of snow last Thursday in Elizabeth. Now rain this week. Can’t wait for 100+ weather but would be happy with 90’s.

    7 more days & one wake up.


  60. Richard says:

    Get me to the desert! 3rd match rained out this month. Played more Colorado golf in January than May so far.
    It’s going to be a hot time both on and off the course. Tempertures projected to be over 100 everyday making it hotter than the 2005 tournament. Hydration is the key to better golf. If you need water let me know. The golf coures around here are lousy with it.

  61. george says:

    tee assignments are done for the Doing it in the Desert skins game. You can see where your at http://www.tournevents.com/skins2011. Registration is now closed. Good luck all. STMF

  62. Kerry says:

    The wheels are itching to hit 80. As David said, 10 Days, Then it is Wheels Down and 80 MPH.

  63. David says:


    Speaking of pictures what ever happened to 2010 pictures??? never saw them on the web site??
    just asking!
    thank you and make it to the cigars under the stars!

  64. David says:

    FYI, George has asked me to help with the sale of raffles ticket to raise money to help our friends and families in Alabama.

    Tickets will be 5.00 dollars and all proceeds will go directly to help for all the weather related destruction this year, Even if your not in the skins games come on out and buy a ticket and lets help these people.

    Remember we are giving away a free entry to the World Am 2011 Stan Mahaffey has donated and the Mesquite Am has donated a 2012 entry and I have donated a full entry into the 2012 Doing it in the Desert skins game.

    I will be at the skins game check on Sunday night at Casablanca Bar/lounge starting at 6 and I will be there until probably 10:30pm. With George.
    Thanks for asking me to help George!! Only 10 days!?!?!?!

  65. Rich C. says:

    For all those attending the 3rd. Annual Cigars Under the Stars: Check the blog thread for which cigars we’ll be enjoying on Wednesday evening (-: Rich

  66. Ron says:

    on the front page click on World 24/7, then on discussions, he posted under “no excitement anymore. If you don’t mind I will copy and paste your answer there.

  67. Kerry says:

    Saw a Commercial for the Mesquite Amateur on my local NBC affiliate after The Players Tournament today. I hope this was national, and not just local.

  68. george says:

    I have to agree with david, the food is unreal. I was there 2 summers ago, walked the Waveland course in the park everyday and had lunch at Pertillo’s. Had dinner once at Giurdano’s(spelled wrong) But food was unreal. G

  69. David says:

    September weather is sometime very good mid 70’s and 80’s not bad but September is our transition period one day warm and sunny and the next rain and cold.
    So would bring a light jacket or your golf rain jacket and pants just in case of a bad day or two.
    Also bring your appetite the food in Chicago is the best.

  70. Kerry says:

    Thanks George

  71. Kerry says:


    If I do come to the Chicago area in Sept 2012 for the Ryder Cup, what kind of weather can I look forward to?

  72. george says:

    Kerry probably by tuesday. I have come close to finishing the gross tee times and now am starting on the net game tonite. STMF

  73. David says:

    Kerry, yes you can!!
    I too am anxious?
    for warm weather!!! and golf I can play in with our freezing!!or wearing so much many layers I can not even swing the club right!!

  74. Kerry says:

    Hey George,

    When do you expect to have Pairings & starting holes for Monday’s Skins Game posted on the Doing it in the Desert web site?

    Can You Say Anxious?
    Wheels Down & 80 MPH SOON.

  75. David says:

    when will finial rotation come out with handycaps and flights??

    thanks for everything you are the best see you in 13 days!!!


    1. Christian says:

      I have been doing handicap checks over the weekend. I have a few phone calls I have to make to finalize but I would anticipate it being up no later than Wednesday. We will be sending an official letter out to all participants letting them know to check the website as well.

  76. David says:

    getting colder and colder, Chicago weather S@#$&, Saturday we 51 and windy but still shot a 82!! today is 46 high winds and rain not playing today!! cannot wait for warm Mesquite weather!!

    George, count me in for some of those raffle tickets.

    Like we say in Chicago do not like the weather wait 15 mim it will change or go to Mesquite!?!?!
    12 days till touch down in Vegas!

  77. Ron says:

    Christian, on the MB world am site Stan Mahaffey is saying it was announced last year at the Monday night dinner there were 633 participants. I looked at the player list and counted 517. He is saying about 15% drop in attendance. Just curious about numbers, thinking 633 might have been number of people(players and guest). Not really important, just wondering.

    1. Christian says:

      In 2009 we had 633 last year in 2010 we had 513 when it was all said and done. This year I am looking at around 550 so our numbers are actually up from last year. I am hoping that this trend will continue going into 2012 and our 10 year anniversary. If you would not mind sending me the link to the post on the world am site I would like to reply to set the record straight. Thanks!

  78. george says:

    Thats fine, checks or cash will be fine for the raffle. Thanks everyone

  79. Jerry says:


    What about checks?

  80. Kerry says:

    And if I was to win the entry into the World Am, it would be up for sale immediately, as there is no way I could make it there.

  81. george says:

    Thankyou very much fellas. george

  82. Kerry says:

    See you Sunday with a “C” note George. One of my fellow golfers on the backspin forums is from Tuscaloosa, we have not heard from him since the tornadoes.

  83. Jerry says:

    I will take 20. Will checks be Okay?

  84. george says:

    In years past during the skins game we have done raffles to raise money for various charities. This year will be no different, the World Am thru Stan Mahaffey has donated a 2011 free entry and the Mesquite Am has donated a 2012 entry and I have donated a full entry into the 2012 Doing it in the Desert skins game. Raffle tickets will be for sale at each skins game, at the skins game check in and at my table Mon and Tues nights at the party. The drawing will be held on stage at the party weds and you need not be present to win. Tickets will be 5.00 dollars and all proceeds will go directly to helping our friends and families in Alabama. Even if your not in the skins games come on out and buy a ticket and lets help these people. Thanks 13 days wheels up and Stay thirsty my Friends

  85. David says:

    yes we will and as I said the first one is on me!! and anyone else that will be in the skin game that will check in on Sunday night!!
    so be there or go thursty my friends.

  86. Rich C. says:

    Just a reminder: I will need to place our order for the cigars this Friday by 3PM. If anyone is interested and has yet to sign up (with first name and last initial), please go to the Cigars Under the Stars blog thread and indicate your attendance. Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast……. (-: Rich

  87. Jerry says:

    I am a wondering if the CRAZY CANUCKS are still willing to have a rematch with the VIRGINIA VIRGINS. Or was the beat down to much for you last year.

  88. Kerry says:

    Soon David, Soon. And we will be consuming some adult beverages. And Playing some Golf.

  89. David says:

    yes that is why I will have a big smile on my face.

  90. John says:

    16 more wake-ups and the boyz from Colorado will be Mesquite. Looking forward to meeting up with the Crazy Canucks!!


  91. Kerry says:

    What David did not tell you this time, If I remember right, earlier He said that his wife was going to be staying in Vegas while he was up here in Mesquite. Now about that BIG SMILE?

  92. Kerry says:


    Who did I miss? Did not count the 1 that was just there for the Daily Activities.

    18 Days till Wheels Down & 80 MPH

  93. David says:

    getting warm, we are getting warm!!!

    ok I count 537 players and that will be 134.25 foursomes subtract 108 number of holes leaving 26 foursomes boubled.
    which equals a whole lot of fun, cigars and adult beverages as we play.

    18 days till touchdown in Vegas, let me tell you ladies and gentlemen after the stress of getting laid off and looking for a job for 6 months wondering if I will even be able to play in this great tournament has just about put me over the edge.
    I am going to unwind so if you see me with this big smile I am having a blast.
    see you all soon!!

  94. David says:


    the very best to you and your wife, I want to see you both next year.

    take care.

  95. Jerry says:

    Dale, My guess is about %80 chance Division 1 Flight 3. Depends on the mix of indexes. The largest loses from returnees are from Division 1 but we have about the same number as last year overall.

  96. Dale says:

    Does anyone have a quess on which flight a super senior would play in with a 13.8 HC?

  97. Kerry says:

    More Trivial Cow Manure:

    Of the 29 from last years Senior Floyd Flight:
    20 have signed up for this year.
    Of these, 5 have graduated to the Super Seniors.
    Darrell, Richard, Dan, Jack, & William you will be missed. Good Luck as a Super Senior.

    Danged Rain!!!!!

  98. Kerry says:

    And here is the trivial Cow Manure:

    The most popular Last Name is a tie. All with 4 each.


    The King’s in the 4 different Men’s Divisions,
    and from different places
    The Reed’s, 2 from Texas, 2 from California
    all Men
    The Smith’s, 1 from Colorado, 1 from Nevada,
    & it appears a couple from Illinois
    The Walker’s, 1 from California, 1 from Virginia, & it appears a couple from Colorado

    If it were not raining, you all would not get to read all this good stuff.

  99. Kerry says:

    Well the list dated 5/5/2011 is as follows:

    Gross 1
    Women 112
    Men 79
    Seniors 118
    Super Seniors 163
    Masters 62

    Total 535

    This is if my eyes did not go bugeyed or blurry.

  100. Jim says:

    SORRY, It does help to read everything. My Bad


  101. Jim says:

    You might want to double check the list. Masters from the black tees at Coyote Springs is certainly cruel and inhuman punishment.

    1. Christian says:


      If you scroll down and see the notes at the bottom stating that the blacks will be playing to 5700 yards I think that will answer your questions.


  102. Jim says:

    Thanks, I am in the Masters high hdcp flight and assume that because there will likely be two flts now that the second flt will also play the Chase.

    Guessing the additional womens flight will go with the Super seniors to Casa first day

    1. Christian says:

      The updated course rotation with tees has been posted and the updated particpant list. I will do final handicap checks starting May 15th and then you will recieve a letter from the tournament giving you information on your tournament index and registration the week of May 17th.

  103. Kerry says:


    Have not seen them yet. New participant list not up yet, either. It was late Friday afternoon, so probably today.

    1. Christian says:


      It was supposed to be posted this weekend. I have contacted my web guy should be up very soon. I apologize for the delay.


  104. Jim says:

    Are the course assignments with tees out. I still get the old one when I click, But I see a post on May 6 saying they would be up by the 7th?

  105. Kerry says:


    I hope everything goes well for your wife. As a new diabetic a couple of years ago, I withdrew to get it under control. Hope we will see you next year. Again, well wishes for you and yours.


  106. Al Stewart says:

    Too all participants. I want to wish you all a very enjoyable and fun tournament this year and with luck I will see you all next year. I unfortunately had to withdraw this year as my wife has been hospitalized and has not been well and is also now a new diabetic. I have played in every event and now have to miss my first one and both my wife and I are very unhappy about our not going, but life is not always perfect and one has to accept all happenings.
    Hope to see you all next year.

  107. Jim says:

    Are the new lists out?

  108. Jim says:

    Sure getting itchy feet. 20 days to desert delight.

  109. Kerry says:

    Hey George,

    20 Days to wheels down and 80 MPH. See at the CasaBlanca Bar at 6:00 pm Sunday the 29th. David is Buying. I know that Bud & Bud Light are $1.00 at the Virgin River, don’t know about at CasaBlanca.

    I remember that the last tournament that I attended we got a free well drink card for the entire week. Is this still happening? Would not do any good on Sunday, as we got them during tournament registration on Monday.

  110. Jerry says:

    I don’t know of anyone who could work as hard to keep us all happy. Thanks for being who you are! Perfection was put in the dictionary for people like yourself.

  111. Jerry says:


    Will we see another updated participant list before the flight list with handicaps?

    1. Christian says:


      That updated list should be up today or tomorrow. The updated course rotation with tees should be up as well.


  112. David says:


    you got my note about putting in with the same guys as last year, plus Fred D. is playing on Monday net skins make sure he is in my foursome.
    see you in 23 days?!?!?!?

  113. David says:


    If I keep playing like this I will never get off the bottom, Monday night was up and down mostly down.
    You think I had two birds and a par and I shoot a 47?!?!?!?!?
    just could not put two holes together.
    too much work so little time, and I am just going to have a great time there!!!
    that is what counts along with the fellow ship.

  114. Jerry says:

    Just shout it out on here that you would like to ride. Also note from which hotel and which division you expect to be in(courses). Someone will hook up with you. I am independent in my views but I will share my vehicle space.

  115. Ron says:

    Christian, is there a board or something posted where someone can hook up with other golfers to share rides if necessary?

    1. Christian says:


      We do have a table at registration on Monday May 30th in the showroom at CasaBlanca that is the ride share table. People that have room in their cars can put their contact information down and people that need rides can connect with those people. You can put them up on the blog but if you don’t hear back you can connect with someone at registration. Thanks!


  116. Jerry says:

    I think I am going crazy. Now the three sites are listed above. Maybe my aircard is acting up for internet signal.

  117. Jerry says:

    I put in a comment listing three golf teetime sites and the system put it thru a “Moderation” check and would not let it through. Guess I can’t tell anyone where to check for good rates for golf.

  118. Kerry says:

    What are you talking about Jerry? Moderation? When used in the drinking terms, you just don’t drink as much.

  119. Jeff says:


    I played Bali Hai a couple years ago. Nice track right on the strip. TPC at the Canyons is also a great course. Badlands was also nice from what I remember. Unfortunately that’s the only three I played so far.

    As far as the one ball rule – the person who plays with their original ball the longest, will probably do very well in this event.

    Everyone kick in $5, the person with their original ball the longest without losing it wins the pot. There is a course here at home that groups played this game and someone was usually collecting by the second hole. It was 7500 yards and had 140 ponds on it. Use to be a fish hatchery. They’ve since filled in a few ponds to make it more playable. Makes for an interesting game though.

    Sick of playing in soup and U.S. Open style rough. Courses can’t hardly mow the courses around here they’re so wet. Rain 23 of 30 days in April. Looking forward to the desert this year more than any other!

  120. george says:

    Yea we don’t arrive till 130 so were gonna get some lunch and play. Good luck

  121. Jerry says:

    What does Moderation mean. I guess I might be in trouble?

  122. Jerry says:

    Try http://www.fromtheblues.com, http://www.golf.com/teetimes and http://www.ezlinks.com. I’ll take a chance that you won’t take mine. Watch out for the restrictions on any site you go to.

  123. Kerry says:


    Did you get one of twilight Tee Times after 2:00pm? That was the only times I could find for $55.00

  124. george says:

    Speaking of Golfnow.com I got my sat tee time at the badlands which is 145 for non residents for 55. When Stan and I were in Florida for the PGA show we got to play Grand Cyprus which is regularly over 200 for 98 so yea it works. Just sign up and you can use it. George

  125. Kerry says:

    I am in the senior flight Jim. but my handicap is decreasing, it I may change flights.

  126. Kerry says:

    Ok Jim. I usually breakfast at the Chuckwagon. Dueces Breakfast is great. 2 Eggs, 2 Sausage, 2 bacon, 2 pancakes. But I’m sure we’ll meet up before then. Senior or Masters Flight? That is one spot reserved.

  127. Jim says:

    Kerry said
    “will have room for riders to Coyote Springs on Wednesday if it stays in my rotation”

    Would need a ride from you if all stays as is.
    I will be staying at the Virgin River.

  128. Jim O says:

    I work in a Las Vegas casino so I get great local rates but I have played with some tourists before who got some great rates from golfnow.com. Are you driving through vegas? If so where too? I can reccommend great tracks on either part of the valley.

  129. george says:

    ok guys, quick update for the skins game/practice round. As of today the gross game at Conestoga is at 51 golfers with 5 spots left(I added a extra foursome) and the net game at Falcon Ridge on Monday is at 108 golfers with 16 spots left. If anyone wants in the cutoff date is May 20th. I am sending out one more mass invite to all registered Mesquite Am golfers this week. I am going to be doing pairings as of May 15th. As some people have learned there is no walk ups on gameday. You could pay for your trip in with one birdie/eagle and meet a bunch of great people in the process. http://www.tournevents.com/skins2011 is the website. Good luck to everyone. Please be safe getting there I am wheels up in 25 days and remember if your not Doing it in the Desert, your just not doing IT!!!!!! STMF

  130. Kerry says:

    My fuel costs for the week will more than likely be about $100.00. Since Coyote Springs is tentatively in my rotation. I will have room for riders to Coyote Springs on Wednesday if it stays in my rotation. Or any day if it changes days to there.

  131. Jerry says:

    I wonder if we have anyone coming out in motor homes this year. It would appear to me that one would save $500 to $1000 by Flying, rental car, & room versus fuel cost. Ouch!

  132. Jerry says:

    I know we have quite a few new replacements in the Super seniors this year and would expect similar results in the other Divisions. A few moved on to the Masters and a few probably came out of the Seniors. But all in all I counted 62 not returning in the Super Seniors and hope some of those chose to sign up late and have not made the participant list. We at least have about the same number and would expect the number of Super Senior flights to remain as last year.

  133. Kerry says:

    This is a Copy & Paste of Christian’s Response to the One Ball from last year:

    Christian May 17th, 2010 at 11:27


    We will not be implementing the one ball rule. But we do want all balls used in tournament play to be on the list for Conforming Golf Balls.

    Just to clarify practice range balls and X-outs will not be allowed.


    But this is a new year, He will need to make the decision.

    I did I cover it for you Jerry?


  134. Kerry says:


    Oh PLEASE, NO. I probably have 5 or 6 different kinds of balls in my bag. Thank you water ball retriever. And of course, all you folks that hit your balls in the water, and don’t have a retriever. Unfortunate part, they usually want to go back in the water eventually.

    But anyway, to the newcomers, your balls must be on the USGA Ball Conforming List. And usually no X-Outs, no Practice, or Refurbished. This has all been addressed in last year’s blog.

  135. Jerry says:

    Think the one ball rule should be addressed for newcomers?

  136. Kerry says:

    Hey David,

    We are in a cool down here. 34* now. Mow the yard then golf hopefully this afternoon. Leaving on the 27th, right after work. Should be in Mesquite about 9:30 pm. Still getting used to the new sticks. Last time out, I sucked. An 11 on a par 4. Hit the same tree twice, then could not get off the side of the hill. Last Place here I come.

    I also went and reread last years main blog, not as much controversy in the blog this year. I guess all the questions were put to rest last year.

    Hey Christian,

    Maybe you could move this blog to the front page also.

  137. David says:

    We are at the 28 day mark till we Tee it up.

    Weather in Chicago is slowly getting better but everytime I play we have 20 to 30 mile per hour winds?? it is killing my round!!
    and would love to play in something warmer then 55F??

  138. David says:


    A request from Rich C. below.

    Is there any way to get our Cigars Under the Stars blog heading back on the first page? Maybe move the two early registration deadlines headings down (since they’re a mute point)? I’ve had contact of people asking me what happened to it and I had to check myself -lol-

    Thank you.

    1. Christian says:


      I put a new post up so people will be able to find it a little easier. I send a not to Rich C. as well. Thanks!

  139. Jerry says:

    John, Last year the handicaps were pulled from the 15 May update for those in the GHIN System. All the golfer packets have to be finalized the night of 29 May for hand out on the 30th.

  140. Charlie says:

    OK, any of you golfers who has played golf in the Las Vegas area… if I want to play a course in the Las Vegas area on my way out of town, which one would you reccommend and is there a website for discount tee times ?

  141. John says:


    I realize that every state has different handicap cut-off dates. When will you look at final index’s for flight placement. In Colorado we cut-off on May 15th & 30th before the tournament. By the the way, great job taking care of everyone this year.


  142. David says:

    I got mine pretty cheap too but the air fair was killer, thank “G” for the new job or I would be working all the bartending gig’s I could get to pay for it!!
    For me 29 days and touch down in Vegas.
    Cannot wait to get there and put a warm club in my hand in Chicago my clubs are cold just like my game!!

  143. Kerry says:

    I Got Mine For About, Oh Yea, Never Mind. I’m Driving To Mesquite. 30 Days Till Wheels Down & 80 MPH, See You All Then.

  144. Jerry says:

    I bid a fullsize from Priceline in Jan for $11 a day for a week at just under $157 from Hertz.

  145. george says:

    yea I got mine for 154 for the week and its a midsize I believe. george

  146. Stan says:

    If anyone has not rented a car yet. I just rebooked with Thrifty and saved $70 for the week over what I booked in Jan. The lady at reservations said they just loaded the summer rates last week.

  147. Jerry says:

    I am easy George just not cheap. Yu guys are just trying to get me in trouble and I can do that all by myself. Kerry had an earlier count for UT at 35 when I had counted 34. It just happened that her record was messed up when it was transferred into EXCEL. This was a true coincedence that couldn’t have turned out any better if it had been planned.

  148. george says:

    Easy Jerry. No plays on words here. STMF George

  149. Jerry says:

    David and Kerry. I forgot to tell you one of the ones I missed counting was Vicki. I don’t know how I could have ever missed her!!
    I know Kerry had her though.

  150. Jerry says:

    I found all my mistakes, well the software mistakes. I don’t seem to make any until I get a golf club in my hand and then anything can happen. My count is within one of the total. The following updated numbers correct the ones previous. CA 108 FL 41 TX 57 IL 7 UT 35 WA 51. Three of these match Kerry’s. I’ll have a man’s drink Scotch with two ice cubes to just cool it a little. Wouldn’t want to ruin the flavor.

  151. David says:

    Boys, Boys, lets not worry about the numbers!! just the number of adult beverages we will have that week.
    Yes Kerry I get the hint!! and I will have a bourbon and coke with you.
    Weather still sucks in Chciago cannot wait for the warm dry Mesquite weather!!
    I will be lucky to get two more rounds in before I get to Mesquite!!with our rain all the time.

    Thanks Christian for the info, the longer I am on the course the better I like it. So I drink more, see you soon.

  152. Jerry says:

    Kerry! Don’t you ever use that four letter word around me(work!), I am allergic to it. Neighsbor get me to do to much of it though from time to time. I am an odd job guy for the Neighbors. Back to the numbers trivia. The western half of the states have the eastern half beat in the numbers by about 5 to 2. The alpha numerics are not counting exact in the state category when I convert the text file to Excel. I did use the latest list. The test for Divisons works fine but not the State.

  153. Kerry says:

    Jerry, I was just counting off the latest Participant list that I printed up. If I were not GOLFING after work today, I would go back over it. But I do have my priorities. Maybe later. As for the Cold One, I’ll have a Bloody Mary Please Christian.

  154. Jerry says:

    Kerry Do you think we might talk Christian into a cold one for all the unbiased support? 30 days and another dream will be fulfilled. One more week of ectasy in the desert. Those of you who aren’t going to be there will just be totally lost and unfulfilled in the joys of friendships and good times.

  155. Jerry says:

    Kerry I must need something but I finished what you started with a software spreadsheet. I am missing 10 in the total count though. CA 103 Canada 8 OR 18 VA6 TN 3 NV18 AZ 33 FL 40 tx 55 PA 6 al 4 mi9 mo 2 ms 1 il 6 mn 5 id 10 mt 1 co 29 ut 34 nm 6 wy 8 ok 4 wi 3 ks 3 la 2 ga 2 sc 4 nc 2 ky 1 in 1 oh 14 md 1 de 2 nj 4 ny 2 ma 2 ct 2 wa 50 ak 3 hi 1 Netherlands 2 bc 3 ZERO from the following AR RI ME NH VT WV NE ND SD IA . That is 10 states that will not be represented at the Best Golf Dance in the country.

  156. Kerry says:

    Well, it does not look like the Gross Division is a hit. Just wondering Christian, What is the drop dead last day to register looking like it is going to be? So come on folks, Lets get more to register. I started to break it down by states, but I was falling asleep.But Texas has 57, Washington 51, Florida 36, Utah 35. As far as I got. Not exact, eyes got blurry. May have missed or added. Probably needed another Bloody Mary. Hint hint David.

    1. Christian says:


      We are going to hault registration on May 20th so we will see where we are at that point.

  157. David says:

    So when do we spill over into St George??
    We are at 524 golfers which makes 131 foursomes, and there is only 108 holes between all 6 courses and we double up on 23 holes, just wondering.
    Do not want to get to many people upset on slow play?
    To me there is no bad days on the golf course just bad days at home!!
    32 days till touch down in Vegas!! see you soon.

    1. Christian says:


      We will not be utilizing the golf courses in St. George this year. Our numbers just don’t allow me to spead it out. We have added some more players this year but the pace of play should be fine on the six courses in the rotation. See you all soon.

  158. Tom says:

    Congratulations to Jay Lappen for winning the Gross Division.

    Not sure there will be a chance to repeat in 2012.

  159. Kerry says:

    New Participant list is out. Dated 4/22/2011

    Gross 1
    Women 112
    Men 73
    Seniors 114
    Super Seniors 164
    Master’s 60

    Total 524

  160. Jeff says:

    I know what your talking about here, David. I’m beginning to think my next round of golf won’t be until I get off the plane. Me and Kevin are going to try and hit Coyote Springs in the afternoon on Saturday, May 28th after we touch down in Vegas! Looking forward to playing a course when it’s dry. Doesn’t look like we’ll have that for quite some time in my area. George, your check is getting dropped in the mail today. Looking forward to hot and dry!

  161. Kerry says:


    You can just join me as tied for last.

  162. David says:

    It is 34 days till touch down in Vegas and then the drive to Mesquite.
    Kerry I will see you in the bar at 6pm on Sunday too!!
    Weather is a litte better here in Chicage have played 18 and a 14 more holes and man dose my game need some work, this long cold winter realy messed it up.
    I will keep working on it.

  163. David says:

    Yes Jerry is right, just a short time left to get signed up this is the best value for the money and the holtels are a great value and are very nice, since I only use them to take a quick nap and shower before I am off doing what ever!!!
    So come on lets tee it up for the best golf around, food and fun any where.
    Christian does and outstanding job putting this together and I can not thank him and all his people enough.

  164. Jerry says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies, The number of days is still to long and seems far away when your as anxious as I am at getting to Mesquite. There is time for those of you that are still on the fence. Break out the old sock and spend the money for the best time of your life. Good luck to all that are supporting the skins game. George does a good job at getting people together for a good time. I think it is time to start golf stories of Mesquite if any are interested in doing so. Funny moments, mishaps , shots of life time, etc….You got the idea.

  165. Kerry says:

    Well George, It is 36 days till Wheels Down and 80 MPH. See you at the Casa Blanca bar at 6:00pm on Sunday May 29th.

  166. george says:

    Well I am wheels up in 38 days so I thought I would let everyone know I will be running the skins game in the mens division for all three days. It is a combined gross game with everyone on the course welcome. I know one flight might be playing from one set of tees and another from another but its never been an issue in the past. We do 20 a day and I pay out in the bar after the round. If you can’t stick around I hold it for you till next day. If I dont see you the rest of the week for some crazy reason I put it all on black on friday morning and send you half of it if we win. haha. If your new to the Amateur you’ll hear me yelling “skins game” every morning and there is no credit, have cash. For you senior players Stan Mahaffey usually runs it on whichever course he is on. Good luck and stay thirsty my friends. George

  167. Jerry says:


    Welcome aboard, you are in for the treat of your life. Win or not it will be worth the experience! I am in for life. Anyone who has a chance to play here but choses not to is missing out on a lot of special moments that don’t come around very often.

  168. John says:


    How are the numbers (players) looking???



    1. Christian says:


      The numbers are very good. We are already over our number from last year so it is shaping up to have a great field. We appreciate everyone’s support of this event. We will have an updated participant list up later this week.

  169. Lepha Luttrall says:

    Looking forward to playing, this will be our first year!! Dana Brown Boyette bragged on it so much, that we decided to give it a try!!!

    Was wondering if you post anything on facebook? I like your blog….but I check on facebook a lot….and can interact/chat with others that are on fb.

    1. Christian says:


      We do post things on Facebook! Like us today and you can recieve updates on the Mesquite Amateur.


  170. Kerry says:

    Hey folks,

    Check out this deal if you want to play Casa Blanca Prior to the tournament.


    $55.00 any day/ any time.

  171. Kerry says:



    better get Vicki to sign up, you contacted her last!! she needs to get in to the skins game, it will add a little bit more fun to the

    Your quote. I just reread, and you were the last to post to her. We should leave her be. as she has not responded to anything after her initial post to name the women’s flights.


  172. Kerry says:


    I don’t know her. I was just responding to her post.

  173. David says:


    better get Vicki to sign up, you contacted her last!! she needs to get in to the skins game, it will add a little bit more fun to the

  174. Rich C. says:

    We’re at 67 and counting for the Cigars Under the Stars. If you haven’t signed up and would like to attend, please go to the Cigars Under the Stars blog page. Give me your first name and last initial indicating your desire to enjoy one of Altadis USA fine cigars with a great adult beverage! See you all soon.

  175. george says:

    So the last invite has went out to the masses for the practice round/skins game and in one day I got 13 more entries and almost closed out the gross game. We are at 105 in the net game and at 50 in the gross game. If you want in you better enter soon, I have a feeling it will fill in by end of week. 39 days wheels up baby. George

  176. Kerry says:

    Just checked the skins game site. Up to over 100 for the skins game. David, Gregory, & Jerry, did not see Vicki”s name. Sorry

  177. David says:

    Last Sunday it was 83 and 25 to 35 mile an hour winds with gust up to 45!! I played in that and shot a 94!!
    Today we will be lucky to get into the mid 50’s but still have 15 to 25 mile an hour wind!!
    Plus this Monday our golf league starts and Monday does not look much better except the wind will die down a bit to 10 to 15.
    This is spring in Chicago??

  178. Kerry says:


    My local weather just showed Mesquite going to be 93* tomorrow. Hope you are warming up in Chicago.

  179. Jerry says:

    George, Not trying to answer for Christian, but last year the men got late entries that moved the men close to or over 90 when the the third flight was added some time in May. Based on his answer to the Masters, looks like about 30+ per flight. Right now you have about 68 as of the 8 Apr list and you aren’t on it yet. Counting you, about 20 is needed to bump you up close to the 90 mark. Hopefully the 15 Apr extension helped all the flights.

  180. george says:

    whats the cut to get us in the mens division to three flights. 44 days till wheels up. STMF

    1. Christian says:


      Jerry is correct if we have around 90 players in the mens division then I will put in the 3rd flight.


  181. robert coley says:

    Christian, a question. This will be my first opportunity to play in the Masters Division. I see there are approximately 60 golfers in Masters division. Is there flights within the division? or do 60 players of various handicaps play each other?

    1. Christian says:


      With 60 golfers we will have two flights for that age division.


  182. george says:

    I am getting ready to send out the last invite and we should sell out at 124 golfers and could take up to 132 if need be. The gross game at Conestoga has only 5 spots remaining. We will see. STMF 44 days and I am wheels up.

  183. David says:


    How are we doing on the “Doing it in the Desert”?? do still need only 47 more players
    or is it getting close to full.
    Make sure you have room for Vicki she sounds like a fun girl!!

  184. David says:

    So when do we have enough golfers to move into Utah? With 6 courses in Mesquite we have 108 holes for starting, and with the present number of players say at 500 dived by 4 we will have 125 foursomes which there will be 17 holes that are doubled up of foursomes.
    We want to make this fun for all and trying to get nobody upset about the pace of play.
    I am just looking out for all of us I have no problem with any pace of play, just asking the question.
    One more day for the reduced rate come on and sign up and tee it up.

  185. Jerry says:

    New list update. We gained 18 more and I know of a few that are not listed that are definitely coming. Looks like the Masters and Women are still leading in the challenge of Division leaders over last year. Super seniors have gained the most with Men coming in second with the most new entrants from last reporting.

    Men 68 Seniors 107 Super Seniors 157 Masters 57 Women 109 Total 498

    We are within 25 or so of meeting last years numbers.

  186. george says:

    42 days and I am wheels up. Can’t wait to feel that desert air when I am in town. I know we have hit 502 participants so this is gonna be a great week. I will be sending out one last invite for both of the skins games, the gross game at Conestoga on sunday has 8 spots left and the Net game at Falcon Ridge on Monday has 38 spots left so we should sell out again. IF you are still on the fence and need to sign up its http://www.tournevents.com/skins2011 Till we all meet in the desert Stay thirsty my Friends. George

  187. Jerry says:

    Which Division will have the bigest gain in players for 2011 versus 2010? The Challenge is on? The Winner is????? I think we might get Christian to make the first night’s drink flavor in that Division Winner name. What do you think Christian? a Mint Julip might not be a bad choice for Masters night as the drink of the day. Three days left to get the best price for the best event of the year. “COME ON DOWN”

  188. David says:

    Thanks Christian that is what I was looking for the online form, like I did last year to sign up for the poker tournament.
    You should have it up loaded in a day or two??


  189. Kerry says:

    49 days for wheels down and 80 MPH for me.(legal Limit for 100 of the 388 miles). See You There.

  190. David says:

    When will we be able to sign up for side events?
    Unless I am missing it!! never know with me?
    Like when I did not check my card last year, never do that again!!!LOL.
    Thank you.

    1. Christian says:


      Side events are open to sign up for. We are getting them loaded up on the online form but you can call me anytime to register for the side events at 888-711-4653 Ext. 51. Take a look at the schedule of events on the website to see what new exciting events we have along with prices.

      Keep in mind that you will need to sign up before the event for these activities.


  191. David says:

    We still have 6 days for the extended sign up people come on and let’s tee it up,since I cannot get any of my golf buddies to come and play, bunch of duffers.
    Every year I try and they do not want to, they do not know what they are missing, so if you have a friend who is on the fence show them the web page and all the blog fun we have up to this point.
    So bring a friend or a golf buddy and they will have a blast!!!
    see you soon.

  192. Kerry says:

    It looks like we may need 2 Masters Flights at the current numbers. Keep this up, and we may need 3. Great numbers Guys.

  193. Kerry says:

    It looks like we may need 2 Masters Flights at the current numbers. Keep up this up, and we may need 3. Great numbers Guys.

  194. Jerry says:

    Those of us that are into numbers and participant stats, I would like to offer the following. Congrats to the Masters and Women for increasing their participation over last year. It looks like 43 couples and 55 unattached ladies so far for this year. To carry this a little further the unattached men attending is around 340 which represents 6 men to each female. Like myself some of us will be attending with non-golfing spouses which changes the odds somewhat. For those of you looking for just great golf there is still time to get in on the best price for the best run Amateur tournament in the United States. There isn’t a single adjective to explain or qualify this tournament. You will just lose out on a chance of a lifetime if you don’t show up to participate and play. There is something for everyone. The Men, Seniors and Super Seniors need to do more if we are going to keep up with the Masters and Women flights to beat last years totals. It is a challenge. Which Division will beat the numbers from last year by the biggest margin.

  195. Jerry says:

    I looked up the link to gross division but could not find any real reference other than an advertisement for our tournament. Nothing on their schedule.

  196. Kerry says:


    Let’s hope for lots more registrants with the early bird price being extended to April 15th.


    I just reread your post about amateurgolf.com, Had not really noticed this when I skimmed through it before,”This year we are excited to announce the addition of a gross flight for the tournament sponsored by amateurgolf.com!” Interesting. See you all in about 55 days, give or take.

  197. Jerry says:

    Those interested in #’s:

    Men 62 Seniors 104 Super Sr. 149 Masters 57 Women 108 Total 480

    Looks like we are well on our way to having as many as we had last year and hope to see more of you sign up.

  198. Jerry says:

    Well folks, I tanked it today. Had a birdie putt on first hole. This was definitely not Mesquite. Made the par and Quit after playing eight holes. Course was horrible and I was very disappointed. It took 2 hrs and 45 minutes to play eight holes and we did not wait on a single group in front of us nor did we see the group behind. So many blind shots and not a single hazzard marked. A ball in the water was played as an unplayable lie if you found it. yuk! On positive thing about the eight holes was that I finished with the ball I started with.

  199. David says:

    Right!! been only to the driving range with a heater like that is playing golf.
    Our golf league starts on two weeks cannot wait for that of course it will be cold!!
    Just keep rubbing it in, makes being in Mesquite feel even better!
    see you boys soon!

  200. Jerry says:

    David will be sorry to hear about the weather. I’m sure he will feel bad since he probably hasn’t even played yet. Good that you got a chance to see the new sticks in adverse conditions. Now you will have a little history on how they prefrom. 7 and 8 irons are not bad chippers in the desert. I’ll play a links course tommorrow with a 136 slope at 5600 yards and 140+ slope at 6100. Won’t know until a get to the course what I will have to play. We could have wind also for the second half of the round.

  201. Kerry says:

    Kerry was very satisfied with the new sticks. Pared the first hole. That is enough about day one. Got beat by someone 25 years older than me. Oh well. High winds today, And since I play a high ball, that did not work out well. 7 worse than yesterday. Course was in great shape until I started my hacking job. But it is still in good shape. The unfortunate part was that my new wedges did not arrive before I left, and I had left the open spots in the bag for them. So I had no wedges. Checked my voice mail after Saturdays round, and they are now in, and I can pick them up.

  202. Rich C. says:

    Just a reminder to sign up for the Cigars Under The Stars if you would like to enjoy some fine Altadis USA products (cigars) and an excellent cash bar after the dinner Wednesday night!

  203. Jerry says:

    Did Kerry find good golf with his new sticks or so so golf while at the Palms this weekend?

  204. Jerry says:

    Kerry, Don’t forget to tell us about your golf stories of the Palms and New sticks after you play this weekend? Might get a few more sign ups if the story is good. Hit ’em straight and long.

  205. David says:

    I understand what you guys are saying, I played the Chase two years ago but we had 20 mile an hour winds and all we needed was to have a windmill and a clown face on the greens and I was on a putt putt course. Plus in our flight there were only two guys who broke 90, so it still leveled the fielded. But for me it is about the fun and the fellow ship and a good challenge along with adult beverages.
    After a long cold winter in Chicago I will pay any course in Mesquite as long as I am playing golf and it is warm.
    Take care and see you all soon.

  206. Jerry says:

    Just got an EMAIL from the VSGA. 3 Spaces are available for Ballyhack on Monday $55. Are you interested? I could meet you at Waynesboro or Stauton? 10am start time.

  207. Al says:

    Tom, your comments are nice to read and I’m sure if what you say happens then everyone should enjoy the course regardless of their score. At least lets hope so. Thanks for your input.

  208. Dale says:

    Well Al, that is why they call it the Chase because you chase your ball from one side of the green to the other and from the top of the green to the bottom before you get it in the cup. I’m a super senior and had a 9.6 HC last year and played it, this year I am a 13.4 with no signs of getting my game back so looks like I will be playing it again, but I don’t care just because I like looking at it and I really want to find out if it is as hard as I made it last year and also if I play it my hole flight will have to. I don’t come to win the tournament I always try to play as well as I can, but I don’t really get upset if I play bad ( I’m to old for that)I just like the people and all the golf courses. Play well and have a good time.

  209. Tom says:

    Al, I spoke with the course superintendent at Coyote Springs after our round last year. He said they made a mistake in their placement of the pins. They observed the difficulties we all had putting those greens with such ackward pin placements and said they definitely learned from their mistake. He promised this would not be replicated when we return in 2011.
    I have played at Coyote Springs four times, and my round last year was my worst by 12 shots.
    Love the layout and am looking forward to playing there again this year.
    Hope we get teamed up for one or two rounds again this year.


  210. Jerry says:

    I agree with all that has been said. However, this is a premire tournament with a challenge to win. The difficulties expressed are just one of golfs challenges to get to the top. If the courses and layouts were all easy the less gifted would have a statistical advantage over the rest. I would love to play Coyote at its best and hopefully do better each time I play. Just food for thought. Play well, win and be proud if you draw Coyote in the process.

  211. Al says:

    Yes Dale, they had some very dumb pin placements last year and that took the enjoyment of playing for many players. Coyote Springs is a wonderful layout, but with what I call goofy greens and if they put the pins like last year, it will again not be fun. Lets hope they are sensible this year. In the past two years playing there, I have heard players say that if they have to play there again, they will just miss the tournament and that is too bad. I hope Christian speaks on this issue to those responsible.

    1. Christian says:

      Yes, I will agree that Coyote Springs greens are difficult but that was the design of Jack Nicklaus. He did not leave many places for pin placements on those greens without them being difficult. I will have a discussion with the staff at Coyote Springs about this subject.

  212. Dale says:

    And last year pins where on the crest of every slope, hold your breath until you are nearly passed out and all your strength is gone before stroking or jabbing your putt.
    expect more three putts then usual (quite a few). Incredible and beauitful golf course.

  213. Jim O says:

    After putting those greens at Coyote Springs you better hope they serve drinks at that poker table!! Fast and SLOPED.

  214. Jerry says:

    Kerry, I made it back in plenty of time. Alittle late and they will still start another table. They did for us last year.

  215. Al says:

    Kerry and everyone else, just saw this on the amateurgolf.com web site:

    Be a part of the 9th annual Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament
    Come be a part of the 9th annual Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament May 30-June 3, 2011 in Mesquite, Nevada. This year we are excited to announce the addition of a gross flight for the tournament sponsored by amateurgolf.com! The Mesquite Amateur would like to offer a special extension of the early bird entry fee of $475 just for amateurgolf.com subscribers until April 15, 2011. That is a savings of $50 off the entry fee! Sign up today at http://www.mesquiteamateur.com and type in the promo code amateurgolf.com to receive your discount. Read more…

    So it looks like the Early Bird Entry fee has been extended.

  216. Kerry says:

    Curiosity sure brought my spirits down. Just checked the Activities Lists, and I am tentatively scheduled to play Coyote Springs on Wednesday, No way I am going to make it back to play Poker.

  217. Kerry says:

    Only 2 full days to register at the price of $475.00. Rate goes to $525.00 on April 1st. And that ain’t no April Fools Joke.

  218. Kerry says:

    New list dated: 3/25/2011

    Women: 96
    Men: 39
    Senior: 75
    Super Sr: 120
    Masters: 39

    Total: 369

  219. David says:

    Yes Kerry, you are killing in Chicago I will not see the 40’s till Thursday, all I can do is go to the driving range.
    we are at 60days cause I will be in Mesquite on Saturday night on the 28th.
    catch you two at the bar!!

  220. Jerry says:

    Kerry, Sure wish I was closer. You’re breaking my heart. I got rained out in Florida today. My next round will be 4 April on a course with a 136 slope at 5600 yards, 142 at 6100. I don’t think the temps will be above 60 and that is if I get lucky. See you in Mesquite soon though. Three days left for the $475 rate. “COME ON DOWN”

  221. Kerry says:

    Well David & Jerry

    Since I made non-refundable Tee Times for next Sat & Sun at the Palms, I guess I had better go to Mesquite and Golf. Weatherman just said low 80’s for the weekend. 8:00am & 7:50am, come and join me.

  222. Kerry says:

    I’m sorry guys. But it looks like Mesquite is beckoning. My former Sister-in-Law is bringing my Nephew and Niece, and my niece’s baby to Mesquite to see my Dad. So I guess I’ll head down and visit. Will be there Friday night. Might as well play some golf while I’m there. New RazR X’s, Need to get used to them. And Jerry, will be wearing shorts & sandals.

  223. Jerry says:

    Alright folks, it is “Price Is Right” time. “Come On Done”. Time is about to runout just as David has said and I, many times. I might just be in your boat David when I return to Virginia on Tuesday from a winter of excellent golf weather of 70-85 degree days. I just hope I haven’t peaked early. My next round will be 4 April and I am afraid it will be in long johns. Alot different than the shorts I have been wearing. Like you say Mesquite is just around the corner for excellent golf, food, entertainment and old/new friends.

  224. David says:

    Another week of 30 degrees and I am not swing my clubs this is driving me nuts, we are at 62 days and counting, the warm weather of Mesquite is calling me!!
    Come people lets sign up, only 4 days left for the $475 price for the best golf anywhere, along with fun and food.
    See you all soon.

  225. David says:

    Stan, George, Jerry, and any one else who will be playing the skins game that will be checking in at the Casablance bar on Sunday at 6pm first round is on me.


  226. David says:

    First week of the new job is under my belt and cannot wait to get to Mesquite, the air fair has been purchased and thank “G” I have a job the cost will take a pay check to cover this one. But I do not care I have been waiting all year and saved my pennies for this, SO SIGN up and let play some Golf!!!
    See you all soon.

  227. Jim O says:

    Just got home from playing the Palm’s. It has been a few years since I’ve played it and when I saw it was in the rotation for the first senior men’s group I admit I was a little dissapointed. Not anymore!! Wow was it immaculate!! I heard they got a new superindentent there and he has done an incredible job. Took a look at Oasis palmer and coyote ridge while I was up there and they looked very good but actully not as green and plush as the palm’s. really looking forward to all 3 now.

  228. Stan says:

    George says that there will be over 20 women in the Falcon Ridge event on Monday. LAst year we ran a GROSS game for the ladies in addition to a Gross for all participants. If the ladies are interested, I’ll do that for them again this year. And YES you can play both!

  229. Jerry says:

    I really didn’t assume anything and was trying to generate a little lite jocularity with the Ladies. I did think about the recent movie where the three guys got a “Weekend Pass”/”Kitchen Pass” from their wives to do whatever they wanted. Back to golf: there is only 8 days until the rates go up for some of the best experiences of ones life in Mesquite. Lets not let this pass you by. If the 50 assumed singles are the reason you come so be it. I think you ought to come for the experience, the friends you make and the fantastic golf you will get. This tournament beats the World Amateur hands down. The World Am can not hold a candle to what Christian does for the golfers that show up. Even the side events for the non golfers are superb.

  230. Kerry says:

    Now Stan, Jerry did say ” It Appears “.

  231. Stan says:

    LOL!! Aren’t you assuming they are single just because they are not coming with the spousal unit? They could be married and hubby doesn’t play golf, they could be here with a boyfriend, or in another type of interpersonal relationship.

  232. Jerry says:

    I am not sure I ought to go here but: It appears there are 50 Single women coming to play in the tournament? Looks like we have a good field building for the best golf in the country. Lets get a good push for as many as we can get to join us in the next ten days before the rates go up. Just like Price Is Right: “Come on Down!” Great golf, fun and prizes to be had by all who win.

  233. Jim says:

    35 man and wife entries

  234. Kerry says:

    New list dated: 3/18/2011

    Women: 85
    Men: 34
    Senior: 60
    Super Sr: 105
    Masters: 35

    Total: 319

  235. David says:

    thank you for the update will be looking for it.
    George, I want to be doing it any where warm.

  236. george says:

    St Paddies day, the start of March Madness and 71 days till I’m wheels up. Stop it the smile is breaking my face. Can’t wait to be Doing it in the Desert. George

  237. Jerry says:

    I believe the activities list under the “Ativities” button on the Main website are current.

    1. Christian says:

      Jerry and David,

      I am finalizing one last thing with Del Webb in Mesquite and I will have the updated side activities up. The schedule of events that is up will give you a good idea of the events but a updated one will be up next week.

      we will also send an e-mail or direct mail piece to all people letting them know the side activities are available.


  238. Kerry says:

    Only 15 DAYS left to enjoy $475.00 entry fee.
    $525.00 after March 31, 2011. Come Join us for a rather remarkable Golf Tournament in Mesquite.
    A good time will be had by ALL.

  239. David says:

    how soon will the side events be posted?
    thank you.

  240. Rich C. says:

    It’s been in the mid 80’s here in PHX and we’re going into a cold spell this weekend: 60’s!!! It will be great to see many old friends and meet new ones. Remember to sign up under the “Cigars Under the Stars” thread if you’re interested in enjoying a fine cigar and adult beverages Wednesday evening after dinner (-;
    Rich C.

  241. David says:

    Jerry is right!! this will be my 8th year and I look forward to this event every year, the golf and the friendships are the best any were.
    Nothing better then this experience after a long cold winter!!
    See you all soon.

  242. Jerry says:

    The new list is up. Total 261

    Men 30 Senior 46 Super Senior 86 Masters 28
    Women 71

    Looks like we are about 50% of last year so far with about 2 weeks for reduced entry fee. Don’t miss out on the best golf of the year or of your life!!!excellent golf, food and friendships. If you don’t sign up you will miss out on one of life’s best experiences.

  243. David says:


    I think Christian stated he will be updating the list ever two weeks or so.
    So it should be some time this week we should see an updated list.


    1. Christian says:

      There is a new participant list that went up today. I forgot to put a header on it but it is as of 3/11/2011. Numbers are still ahead of where we were last year! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

  244. Jerry says:

    Anyone seen a list since 2-28-11?

  245. Kerry says:

    Hey George & David

    Just decided to though in another round on
    the Canyons on Monday. Wish me well.

  246. george says:

    Jim O, first of all there is a gross game that alot of lower handicappers play in on sunday at Conestoga. Second last year I had winners from all flights including 2 players with 7 or under indexes, so you do have a chance on both days. Falcon Ridge is a great track for skins games because the risk reward is there on a lot of holes. I am also working on a prize for the low gross round of the day to allow you low shooters a chance to win something. Hope this helps. STMF George

  247. Jim O says:

    George or Stan,
    How would the tee set up work for skins. im going to be about a 6 hcp in the seniors and
    was not thrilled about playing net skins cause
    I can really only win on 6 holes that I get a stroke on ( I know anything can happen elsewhere)but know with a gross skins game Im interested..just want to know if I have to play those young guns tees.
    Jim O

  248. David says:

    This talk of golf is driving me nuts!!
    it is raw and cold in Chicago and I cannot play, NOT FAIR!!!
    give us snow birds a break.
    I cannot wait to get out and swing!
    see you soon.

  249. Jerry says:

    Ballyhack is a Virginia State Golf Assoc One day Event. I think it is filled. If you are serious though I could talk to the tournament director and Staff for a cancelation fill/wait list. Online schedule of events at VSGA.org. Use your Ghin Number and set a password for online sign up. Online signup gives number of players for each event. Good venue for State play $55 a round.

  250. george says:

    you know if you have room at Ballyhack my clubs travel. Stan is talking about doing a gross skins game during my net skins game on Monday at Falcon Ridge. STMF

  251. Jerry says:

    I would rather be in Mesquite, but I will settle for Florida right now. I have three openings in tommorrows round out of 24 players. I’ll be back in Virginia playing Ballyhack on 4 April if you know that one George. Stan may have meant Tuesday for skins during the tournament. Mesquite is where my heart is when it comes to golf. Sign up if you haven’t you just don’t know what you are missing win or not. There are no losers when playing great courses.

  252. george says:

    stan as always will be doing gross skins for the Monday game. Just sent another invite out to all registered Mesquite Am participants. Almost to 80 in the big game and over 42 in the gross game at Conestoga. See ya all soon. STMF

  253. Stan says:

    If it’s cool with George, I will run a Gross Skins Game for the Monday game, again!

  254. Stan says:

    Hey Christian!

    Thanks for the appearance on the ESPN 97.7 Golf Show yesterday! Great having you as a guest! Looking forward to seeing you in Mesquite!

    1. Christian says:


      Thanks for having me on! Had a great time chatting with you guys and if you ever need me as a guest I would be more than happy to come back on the show.


  255. Kerry says:


    Still winter here in Northern Utah. That is why I am heading south to Mesquite this weekend to Golf. Palms Sat Morning, Canyons Sunday Morning.

  256. george says:

    you guys are not making friends with those of us still in winter. STMF

  257. Jerry says:

    Come to Florida it is around 78. A little windy though.

  258. Kerry says:

    Forecast for this weekend is high 70’s. Think I’ll head south and golf.

  259. David says:

    Woops!!! sorry then I will be at the Casablance bar on Sunday at 6pm for the skin check in my bad.
    Thanks for the correction.
    I will stop buy on Saturday and get you and Big Todd !! Aduit beverage.


  260. george says:

    Hate to break your heart Dave but check in for me isn’t till Sunday at 6pm in the Casablanca bar. The gross game on Sunday will check in at the course Sunday morning. Big Todd and I will more than likely be in the bar on Sat but not for check in. We will be there to test the validity of the alcohol for all Mesquite participants. Just doing my part to help out the team. Remember if your not Doing it in the Desert, your just not DOING IT. G

  261. David says:

    That would be Saturday night I will hanging with George at skins check in.
    I will get you on the course or in the club house my friend.

  262. Kerry says:

    Oh yea, Congrats on the JOB. No more forced semi-retirement.

  263. Kerry says:

    Hey Culligan Man

    Would that be Saturday or Sunday night?
    Since my check-in is Sunday night.

  264. David says:

    OK, everybody it is official I am employeed.
    As I said before meet me at check in for the skins games at the Casablanca bar and drinks are on me!!!
    HEY CULLIGIAN MAN!!! Senior buyer for industral sales.

  265. David says:

    Hey Stan!!!
    how is the hand?? punch any tree’s out latley!!
    And yes I will be in your skins games too!!!

  266. george says:

    were flying in on sat morn and playing either in Vegas or Mesquite. If you want to share car with us your more than welcome. Let me know. STMF

  267. David says:

    FYI the check is in the mail!!
    sorry it took so long but you should have it by Friday, for both skins games and since the net game is on Monday and a shot gun start we will have plenty of time to get to registration.
    See you at the Casablanca bar on Saturday night about 6pm or so.
    Now all I need is air fair and a car and I am set.

  268. David says:

    Do you know when the side events will be in?
    I am look forward to the Texas holdem tournament.
    I will sign up for that.

  269. David says:

    Make that 35 Senior men and total 217.

  270. David says:

    It is cold and sonwing in Chicago and can not wait for some warm Desert weather to play in.
    I am looking forward to it all.
    Aduit beverages, cigars, sun, food, nightly game play, oh yeh some golf!!!
    Bring on the sand!!

  271. Jerry says:

    If anyone is interested the numbers by Flight Divisions are as follows:

    Men 22 Senior 34 Super Senior 75 Masters 25 Women 60 Total 216

    I know we have several more that are coming that are not being counted yet.

  272. george says:

    since we are discussing numbers, Doing it in the Desert net game for monday at Falcon Ridge is up to 65 players and the Gross game at Conestoga on Sunday is over 40 players. If you are in any of the senior mens divisions you will be playing Falcon RIdge and you might want to get a practice round in. What better way than possibly winning some change. I’m just saying, haha. Also Conestoga is the new course in Mesquite and I don’t believe its in the rotation for this year so if you want to play it than you should Do it in the Desert. george

  273. Rich C. says:

    Yes there will be plenty of adult beverages to go around. The cigars are available at the gift shops and the one local cigar shop on the main drag thru town. Now Wednesday night after dinner, that’s another story for drinks and cigars! (-;

  274. Jerry says:


    I had to clear my links and browser settings to get to the new list. Thanks for letting me know the new one was out. We are getting closer and closer to the best date of the year. As George would say Wheels up and away. Desert golf is the best.

  275. Kerry says:

    I had to do the View & Reload again to get the updated list. And Thanks Christian for adding the Division to the names.

  276. David says:

    Yes it is now showing 2/28? and it looks like we have over 213 players so far or make it 214 adding me today!!

  277. David says:

    George there will me many aduit beverages that week and cigars too, plus if I had hair I would let that down too. Stay Thirsty, you bet!!!
    86 days till the first skins game!!
    I am cleaning up my clubs.

  278. Jerry says:

    Anyone seen a participant list later than 2-15?

  279. george says:

    Dave congrats and I am never one to turn down a adult beverage. Jim, I always do it its just in May when I do it in the Desert. haha. Stay thirsty my friends the bar in the desert will be open soon. George

  280. David says:

    Victoria’s Secret has turned me down but by this Friday I should have a new job!!!
    So meet me at the Casablanca bar when we check in with George for the skins game and the drinks are on me!!!
    see you soon boys and girls.

  281. Jim says:

    OK, simple is as simple does. I called the pro shop and #5 has a one size fits all tee. 9 or 90; man or Lady, 118yds.
    Now the question is, how can I possibly wait almost three months for the great experience of “Doing it in the desert?

  282. george says:

    jim, christian will answer you here. I am interested in knowing myself,even though I don’t play there this year. Yes I have no hope or dreams of playing on Fri. Stay thirsty my friends. George

  283. Jerry says:

    I apoligize, earlier in the blog hole 5 was discussed and it keeps coming up. I just happen to believe one hole is not going to make or break a tournament. Mother nature has given us the situation and I am sure it is being handled as best can be by the course, enviornmentalist and Christian.

  284. Jim says:

    Jerry, thanks for the dismissive answer. I was simply asking Christian a simple question. I guess I can call the Pro Shop.

  285. Jerry says:

    It is only a par 3. A one or two stroke difference on a hole # 5 is not going to determine the outcome from the other 17 holes. Lets not make a big deal out of one hole. In the flight everyone plays the same tee. In the championship, The same tee on one hole won’t matter. Just birdie the hole if you can and you will beat somebody.

  286. Jim says:

    Christian,Just wondering if no 5 at Casablanca
    will have only one tee at 118 yds for all.

  287. Jerry says:


    Do you have an approximate head count? Are we close to the same number of sign ups as we have been in the past by this time?

  288. David says:

    Very funny, I told them I have a vacation already planed and they said that it will be ok to take off!! So if the news it good I am coming for sure, and if not I am coming any way.
    I need this trip big time, just to relax and have some fun!!!
    Thanks for all the support.

  289. Kerry says:


    Hope you get the job, and that it does not take away your chance to come to the desert. Luck be with you. And by the way, Victoria’s Secret prefers you to Wax rather than shave. No Stubble.

  290. Jerry says:

    I kind of thought it was Victoria’s Secret and they wanted him back to see what he look like after he shaved his legs. Hope you get good news.

  291. george says:

    I didn’t know McDonalds did 3 interviews. LMAO Good luck Big D. Your spot is secure. See you in the Desert. G

  292. Jim O says:

    Good luck with the third interview David. And hopefully they will give you a week off to play.

  293. David says:

    Ok guys and ladies I am getting close to a new job, I have a third interview this Wednesday if all goes well I could be off unemployment soon.
    Need this big time and will make it easy to get there hope to see you then.


  294. Jerry says:

    Just think we are under 90 days and the time will soon be to hit golf balls into the desert and maybe onto a fairway or two. For all those not signed up the time is drawing near to get the reduced entry fee. Lets make this year a big one, full field and maybe a couple more courses added to the rotation. Not to mean the courses we primarily use or not good enough, because the ones we play are fantastic and better than most of the ones we play the rest of the year. Less than 90 days…hard to wait.

  295. Kerry says:


    Just wondering if it might not be too difficult to add the division for the participant list?

  296. Jeff says:

    Flights went up here, George. Looks like I waited too long. Direct flight from Cleveland to Vegas was $398, now $418(before fees) and probably will be on the rise if I don’t get them now. There just doesn’t seem to be any good deals anymore. I paid about $275 last year. Those days are gone I’m afraid.

  297. george says:

    With flights being so expensive into Vegas this year I have had to do some real research but I bought my return flight today at a very good rate. Hope all are finding good deals as well. Skins games are filling fast. Already have 60 players in net game on monday at Falcon Ridge and 40 at Conestoga on sunday. remember Stay thirsty my friends. G

  298. Kerry says:

    I don’t understand. Why would I want to jump ship and play in the younger group? I enjoy playing courses I have never played before. I was inquiring about Coyote Springs because the last I had heard was that they had nothing. No Food & No Drinks. And Besides, I can come in last place in any flight. Memories of my First Mesquite Amateur.

  299. Jim says:

    Hey Christian, just wondering what tees I might expect in the Masters this year. I noticed that last year they were all less than 5700 yards. Would I be correct in assuming the same general yardages for this year. I see that Coyote Springs has no senior tees. Not looking forward to 6100 yds there as a 30 handicap 71 yr old.

  300. John says:

    I agree with Tom, trying to get through to coyote is hard. Once you do get through they have no idea of any Mesquite Am rates for the 30th of May

  301. Jeff says:

    Kerry, you can always jump ship and play in the 49 and under group. Sounds like your in the higher handicap group anyways so it really won’t matter about the added distance which would probably be minimal.

  302. Tom says:

    Thanks Al, the phone number worked.

  303. AL says:

    TOM, Try 1-702-422-1400 or go to their web site, click on CONTACT US and then you will see the information below and under Golf, click, click here and then you can send them a message/email. Good luck.

    contact information

    To request more information on the residential offerings at Coyote Springs, please visit Villages of Coyote Springs.

    For more information about golf at Coyote Springs, please click here.

    Distance from the Las Vegas Strip to these popular golf courses.

    Primm Valley Golf Club

    35 minutes

    The Chase at Coyote Springs

    50 minutes

    Wolf Creek – Mesquite

    79 minutes

  304. Tom says:

    Jim O.
    I have been trying to contact Coyote Springs for the past two days. I am calling 702 422 1438 and 877 742 8455.
    Since you play there a lot, how do you contact them?

  305. Kerry says:

    Thanks Jim O. The last time I made the Am. Coyote Springs was not a available yet. That was in 2008. And being in the last Senior Flight, it is in my rotation so far. Good to be back playing the Am again. Can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing old acquaintances again. Hey Jack & Rich, that will be a bloody mary apiece please.

  306. Jim O says:

    They have a cart girl at coyote Springs (free coffee)and in the tunnels between holes they have huge ice chests filled with bottles of cold water..even in the winter. no food other than candy bars but they do have beer. Hope this helps, I play there a lot, dissapointed that the first senior flight won’t be there but hey thats the luck of the draw.

    Jim O

  307. Shaun says:

    Hey George the 102 was bad but the CHELADA’s were good. You got me hooked on those, and as far as the pink shirt don’t remember that conversation HAHA Can’t wait to see my buddies.

  308. John says:

    Played Falcon & CasaBlanca on the weekend. Rained most of the weekend. #5 on CasaBlanca was truly wiped out. Its now a 100 yard par3. Falcon was in good shape.

  309. Ken says:

    Why does it seem the senior men flights play the same courses every year?
    In 5 years have never seen Coyote Springs.

    1. Christian says:


      In 2009 the first year Coyote Springs was in the rotation the top three flights in the senior division played Coyote Springs. This year I am giving the last flight in the senior division a chance to play it. Sorry if you missed it in your rotation but something to keep in mind as well is this is a tentative rotation.

      If numbers change this can change as well. We look forward to seeing you in 2011!


  310. Kerry says:


    Has Coyote Springs added any amenities Yet?
    Or will we still need to bring our own Liquids & snacks?

    1. Christian says:


      They do have beverage there. But I would still suggest bringing snacks or lunch for your round there. Also don’t forget to gas up before you go as there is not much around there. Thanks!


  311. Kerry says:


    That did the trick. Thanks

  312. Al says:

    Go to View on your menu and click REFRESH or RELOAD if you are using Firefox and it will make your site current. That is all it takes.

  313. Kerry says:

    Can’t get either one here. Is there a secret you’ll aren’t telling to get to it. Course rotation still shows coming soon, & participant list still goes to last year.

  314. george says:

    course rotation is up. I like it. The mens flight is gonna come down to Coyote Springs. Haven’t been there since 2009 so this will be great. Good job C. george

    1. Christian says:

      The participant list is up as well. We will start updating that every Monday. Look for more topics asking your opinion to come. We want to hear from all of you. Hope you all had a nice Presidents Day.


  315. Jim says:

    Gee, it is very hard to wait, Christiam. I know from experience those IT guys march to their own drum, but just a tidbit request;Is the Masters flight playing Coyote Springs this year?
    I won’t ask for any others, because it would open the floodgates and I fully understand if you prefer not to answer
    Jim, from the land of the Longhorns

  316. george says:

    Hey Christian, just a thought, and I’d like to see what everyone else thinks, I think you should re-name the flights. I mean if we are going by #1 golfers for the top flight shouldn’t it be Westwood, Kaymer and then the has been Woods. And seeing where we play shouldn’t you try and get J. Vehgas into a flight name. And for sure you need to change the seniors to include Boom Boom and langer. Just a thought. George

    1. Christian says:


      Totally agree! That was one of the things I was working on for this year. The tentative course rotation when it goes up will have the old ones. But I will add another thread to the blog for people to put their comments.


  317. Kerry says:

    It was just an early lead. But can’t wait to be doing it in the desert. Where by the way, there was a dusting of snow last night. 7 inches here. 388 miles to the north.

  318. george says:

    Just update all the Doing it in the Desert practice/skins game is filling up nicely. Already 50 players signed up for net game monday at Falcon Ridge and only 20 spots left for the gross game on Sunday at Conestoga. And Freddy is in the lead in L.A. Remember if your not Doing it in the Desert your just not doing it. George

  319. butch says:


  320. Al says:

    How is the current participant listing coming, also the practice round information. Many of us would like to see both as soon as you are able?

    Counting the days like everyone else and soon it will happen.

    1. Christian says:


      I gave the information to my IT guy on Friday night and he said it would be posted today. I will post when it is up. Thanks!


  321. george says:

    Had a mid 60’s day today in Va so yes I played hooky and got in 18. Walked Spotswood CC and it was great. Shot a really ugly scrambling 85 from the backs, and no we did not roll them. We played golf. Overall great day, lets get spring in here soon.

  322. george says:

    yea Shaun, was it the 102 I posted on thurs at Falcon Ridge or the thought of the little pink shirt someone might be wearing after Doing it in the Desert this year. HAHA

  323. Shaun says:

    Lee I totally agree, you, George and Butch, made my week great last year. See you guys soon.

  324. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the update Christian. Hopefully the renovation will be complete before tournament time. The CasaBlanca is probably my favorite course in Mesquite. Although I have never played that well there. Kerry, we all have our own feelings about things. I would feel short changed if I didn’t get to play the whole course. Having played CasaBlanca numerous times over the years, I’d miss the challenge of that #1 handicap hole. A makeshift tee box would ruin the mood a little for myself. I’m sure there are more that would be happier to see the hole cut in half to make it easier. I’m more of a masochist. I enjoy the full amount of punishment the course can dish out. I forget which par 3 it is there. It has the tall junk on the left side marked hazard. I think I have been in the junk every time I have played that hole. One year I hope to hit that green. Or at least slice one off to other side where I might have a chip shot at it.

  325. Rich C. says:

    George, are you and any of your buddies coming to the Cigars Under The Stars? If so, please sign up under that Blog page. Thanks, Rich

  326. Lee says:

    102 more sleeps til I get to see my buddies Butch, George and Shaun!!!

  327. David says:


    Keep me posted how full the skin games are getting, I am working hard to find a job but have every intent to play in the tournament and skins games.
    The closer to 3/15 we get is my dead line to sign up job or no job I have saved my tip money and will die if I miss this.
    thanks to all hope to see you in 105 days!!!

  328. george says:

    Either way doesn’t matter to me, I usually have to worry about all the holes and not just one. My biggest concern is how the bloody mary mix tastes but hey thats me. Just a reminder for all out there the voluntary skins/practice round info can be found at http://www.tournevents.com/skins2011 It is open to all Mesquite Am entrants. 105 days baby. Just remember if your not Doing it in the Desert then your just not doing it. Stay thirsty my friends. george

  329. Jerry says:

    I don’t believe a one stroke difference in the course is going to detract from the play at Casa Blanca or change the results. I do believe that flights should not play the course during the week if the championship is going to be played there. The flight winners playing the course twice in that short time span will have a slight advantage over the rest of the field. I believe that there are sufficient courses in the area to aleviate having to use the championship course in the rotation. I also recognize the fact that if we don’t get our player numbers up we may have to play Casa Blanca during the rotation to keep the overhead expenses down. Any one out there undecided about playing should get off to a great season of golf by planning to go to Mesquite to play in the best run tournament in the country and the greatest golf around at a reasonable price.

    1. Christian says:

      I am going to get an update from the Director of Golf at CasaBlanca. I was told that the new renovation would be complete before the tournament. I will post an update if that has changed. It is in great shape in fact the Golf Channel Amateur Tour utilized the CasaBlanca and they had a great time with it.

      Either direction will be great for the tournament.


  330. Kerry says:


    As I posted earlier today, #5 is now being played as a Par 3. The course is completely playable. I did play it after the floods, No Problems at all with the course. When I talked to the course this morning, they said they were going to redesign it during their off season, which is the summer months.


  331. Jeff says:


    If that is true about CasaBlanca that the #5 hole will not be ready for play, I would hope you have an alternate plan to use another course this year. CasaBlanca is a great course. That’s sad that happened. That being said though, I would shy away from a course that I knew wasn’t able to be in full use. Yes, everyone is playing from the same tee, but, it does detract from the overall experience. I think we played it last year in our flights so I wouldn’t think we have it in our rotation this year. If it were at full operation I wouldn’t mind having it every year. Is Conestoga an option to use or even Coral Canyon or The Ledges in St. George this year? As a tournament director myself, you have to make decisions about stuff like this. We have courses here at home that got flooded about 3 years ago. Pretty devastating. It took a couple of years to get them back to playing shape. One of our courses was under water for a couple of weeks. A canoe livery had school buses for the business. The water was up over the windows of the bus. Some of the holes you could just see the top of the flag stick. Amazingly, that course sustained minimal damage due to the time the flood hit, late winter/early spring.
    Hopefully all in Mesquite recover from the damage from the floods. It really is a nice town with great golf courses and scenic views that everyone needs to see to appreciate. Hope all are well there, and hope to see you in May.

  332. Kerry says:


    Somehow I missed your post with the web site for the Skins Game. Good thing I went back and started to read everything again. All signed up, money to follow.

    Sue & Dan

    I notice you are signed up for Skins Game. Looking forward to seeing you there.


  333. george says:

    What are course are you talking about david. 106 days for me ladies and gentlemen. See you guys soon. George

  334. Kerry says:

    I believe that they made it a Par 3. Yes, I just called the course, it is a Par 3 at this time. They said they are going to redesign it during their down season. This Summer.

  335. David says:


    how is #5 looking will it be ready for us in May??


  336. Dan says:

    Thank you Christian

  337. Jeff says:

    I second Kerry’s comment. Thanks for the early info, Christian. It gives us that are buried in snow a warm fuzzy feeling. Looking forward to another great tournament, even if I blow myself out of it the first day. It’s beats working all week.

  338. Ron says:

    Forgot to mention, Thanks, Christian for prompt reply.

  339. Ron says:

    Chomping at the bit, broke a bone in my leg, no golf for few more weeks. Mesquite is on my mind. Am sure it will be best golf experience I have had.

  340. Kerry says:

    I believe that I can speak for all, We are eagerly awaiting all the valuable Information that you disseminate Christian. If not all, I do speak for myself.

  341. David says:

    Hey, Fred have you signed up yet??
    are you not reading emails any more bud!!


  342. Dan says:

    When do you anticipate having the participant list updated

    1. Christian says:


      I should have those up sometime next week on the website. I will also be posting the practice round information and a tenative course rotation for the 2011 event. Stay tuned.


  343. R C says:

    I have also played many courses around the world and in the Dupont World Am in Myrtle Beach. I switched to the Mesquite Am because of it’s weather mainly. Once I started playing in it, I meet the great folks from around the world who play here and I am sold! Also I started a simple blog question about “anyone want to enjoy a cigar after dinner on Weds night?” and the Cigars Under The Stars was born. This year will be the 3rd Annual. I am excited to see the old friends and make new ones this year.

  344. David says:

    That is right there is no such thing as a bad day when you are playing golf just bad weather, like in Chicago, snow up the yeng yang and you can not see the golf course.
    I am still out of work and waiting for later in this month to sign up, but every intension of playing so look out I will have my game ready!!

    Yes I know Christian people come and go it is too bad she is gone but we will work with any one you put behind the bar!!speeking from a bartender my self.

  345. Jerry says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies,
    I come to Mesquite because the golf gives a variety of play,some easy,some hard, some uphill, some downhill, some wide fairways, some narrow, some sand traps, alot of sand traps, some fast greens some medium. There is such a variety of beauty and levels of difficulty. But remember you are playing in flights with comparable players and skills. You are tested on each hole you play and Mesquite is the most rewarding of all the golf I play each year. I played over 160 rounds last year on roughly 100+ different courses in North and South Carolina, Florida Nevada, Virginia, MAryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I like Mesquite and the Virginia courses the most.

  346. Jeff says:

    I have to be honest with you, I don’t notice a big change in yardage in my game when I come to Mesquite. I guess that’s a good thing. I don’t notice a big gain in yardage, but I don’t lose any yardage either. If your coming from sea level you probably gain. Anyone else notice any significant gain in yardage? You’ll have to watch your up and downhill shots for change of course. The views are pretty awesome though.

  347. Jim says:

    Thank you all for your input. I had a feeling it was up and down a lot, but am cheered to know that there are a lot of downs. It might increase my drives some, what with the dry thin air at about 2000 ft avg elevation.
    I am truly excited about playing.

  348. Jerry says:

    Falcon Ridge Has a few holes that are pretty good climbs up hill. Most drastic changes are down hill. Once you get down you have to climb back to the top. Palms is a good example for elevation changes on the back nine. Big Break Mesquite from the Golf Channel provides some good video. As a fairly new guy I can only speak to what I have played.

  349. Al says:

    Yes Jim, but mostly DOWNHILL.

  350. Kerry says:



  351. Jim says:

    Question. Do the courses in Mesquite have many elevation changes that exceed 50 ft. on a given hole?

  352. Jerry says:

    Guys and gals( if there are any listening in),
    When you get to play in warm weather and more than half the country can’t. You just can’t complain whether it is good golf or bad golf. I am just happy being on the links with my friends. Nothing could be better than golf in Mesquite in the spring.

  353. Kerry says:

    Hey George, Golfing Conestoga Sunday. and Kokopelli up in Utah on Saturday. No snow In Mesquite guys. Shorts & sandals.

  354. David says:

    OK so I am a little off 2 1/2 Feet of snow?!?!? my back is killing me, even with a snow blower!

    I want sand and warm golf weather!!!in Mesquite.

  355. George Salcedo says:

    Jerry, I was fortunate to be at the PGA show last week and played Grand Cypress. What a treat. I was in heaven, almost like I am when I’m in Mesquite. HAHA George

  356. Jerry says:

    Being retired does have its advantages. It is great to be an American with whats going on inthe world. I feel very fortunate to be where I am. I am getting ready to play my next round of golf here in Florida at a high temp of 78 today. Not that I am playing very well but I am playing Monday , Wednesday and Friday. The Palm Disney Course on Friday.

  357. David says:

    Jerry, could not agree more, this is the best time ever, here in Chicago the wind is holing and the snow it flying and we can see upto 14″ of snow ” THIS SUCKS” cannot wait!!!
    for the warm weather and great golf.
    See you all then.

  358. Rich C. says:

    Or sign up! -lol-

  359. Rich C. says:

    It looks like we have the blog page set up for Cigars Under The Stars, so we’ll discuss and sing up there.

  360. Jim says:

    4 Time World am player here but going to give Mesquite a shot this year. Im from Vegas and have played most of the courses in Mesquite and there is not a dog amoung them. as far as the weather 100 with no humidity is a lot more comfortable than 90 with 80 percent humidity. Plus the chance of catching rain is literally 100 to 1.

  361. Jerry says:

    It is just 120 days to tee off. Can’t wait to see the first tee of the best amateur handicap tournament in the USA. I have played the World AM in Myrtle Beach for ten years and can say: This may be the second largest Nationally advertised but this is definitely the best. The food is super, the players friendly, side events perfect for the nongolfing spouse and the golf is better than anything else you will ever experience. So if you are on the fence about coming, I would say get off the fence and come on out for a great time and experience.

  362. Dave says:

    What happened to the pictures from last year.

  363. Tom Uszynski says:

    Ok George due to my work schedule I’m on a firm maybe. Put me down as a question mark.

    See you in may maybe

  364. Jerry says:


    Got mine too, stated I would be in first batch notified in the spring. Sounded like a preselect for voluteer applications.

  365. Kerry says:


    Can you give us any numbers on how many bodies have signed up so far?

    1. Christian says:


      We are already over 100 people signed up and more rolling in each day. We are looking forward to everyone signing up!


  366. Kerry says:

    I would like to invite you all to join our golf forum. just a bunch of crazy golfers from around the country & Canada. check it out:

    We have a good time.

  367. Kerry says:


    Got the e-mail today about 2012 Ryder Cup Volunteer.

  368. David says:

    Cannot wait for Cigars Under The Stars you know you can count me in!!!
    David D.

  369. David says:

    like the rest I can not sing I do not even do that in church!!

  370. Kerry says:


    Been there, Done that.
    Ain’t happening again.
    Played Palmer & Canyons this weekend.
    If you have stock in Callaway, You’re welcome.

  371. George Salcedo says:

    You know when the chatter starts the countdown begins. 126 days for me and counting. And with enough adult beverages anyone can sing. G

  372. Kerry says:

    Sorry George,

    Can’t sing, BIG TIME.

  373. Kerry says:


    You know I don’t recall if I got one or not. I think I did. I worked the 2008 US Open, and will be working the 2011 US Women’s Open. I will be a marshal there.

  374. Jerry says:


    Did you get a email return on your preregister for the Ryder Cup? I am working the US Open this year on the Corporate Hospitality Committee.

  375. Al says:

    Sorry George, but the casinos are waiting.

  376. George Salcedo says:

    Thinking about trying to set up a Karaoke night on the sunday prior. Who’s interested.

  377. Kerry says:


    I may be coming to Chicago in September 2012. As I have pre-registered to be a volunteer at the Ryder Cup. See you in Mesquite 2011.

  378. Kerry says:

    Hey Rich that is great. You know I can’t smoke one, But I’ll be there.

  379. willie says:

    Great!!!this will be my 4th time at cigars under the stars.. thanks rich…

  380. Rich says:

    It’s set! Cigars Under The Stars is ON Baby (-:

  381. David says:

    Ok rub it in we are at -2 with win chill -12 this moring here in Chicago I cannot even get to swin my clubs yet maybe putt on the carpet that’s it I want to play soooo bad.
    Have fun I love both courses and hit one for me.

  382. Kerry says:

    I had my room reservation before registration was even open. But then Dad moved to Mesquite. Don’t need that room now. By the way, Golfing the Palmer & Canyon Courses this weekend

  383. David says:

    ourstanding!! have not booked yet but will soon, working on getting back to work first but have money put aside for this.
    cannot wait myself.

  384. Jerry says:

    Just a little info. The “Virginia Virgins” are all signed up, cars, air, room and golf. Can’t hardly wait to get to the finest golf anywhere. Good side events, food and fine friends. I bid a fullsize car at priceline for $11 a day and Hertz accepted the bid for the week. Total price just under $157.

  385. George Salcedo says:

    ok everyone the website for the voluntary skins games is up and running. http://www.tournevents.com/skins2011 is the website and you can enter there. Remember only 124 spots for the Monday net game at Falcon Ridge and 52 spots for the Sunday gross game at the new Conestoga. Hope to see you all there. George

  386. David says:

    Thanks Rich C. lokking forward to your selections and seeing you again in June.

  387. Rich C. says:

    Kerry and David; I’m still working out my schedule and the details with the cigars etc…

  388. David says:

    Lets hope so!! that is a fun night Rich C.
    what’s up!!!

  389. Kerry says:

    Is Rich C. going to be running Cigars Under the Stars this year?

  390. David says:

    Ok now the holidays are over time to focus on getting a job!! have a few irons in the fire lets hope they get hot soon.
    Have a interview this week with a big company wish me well on this one, need all the help I can get boys.

    With the weather so cold in Chicago my golf game is dieing!! cannot wait for it to warm up so I can get some swings in, George I will be in both of the skins games and want to do it in the desert with you soon! along with some cocktails.
    If all goes well?? I will be there!!

  391. George Salcedo says:

    lets see how this year goes and well see. One thing I have learned is that you can never be sure of anything. I love this tourney and the skins game very much so who knows. Till we are “doing it” see ya

  392. Kerry says:

    success. Registration complete. Can’t wait to see everyone. been 2 years since I was at Tournament. #5 at CasaBlanca looked real sad there Sunday after the flood. Please keep us apprised as to it’s condition and repair efforts. George: send me info on Doing it in the Desert. And also George, Are you sure that this is going to be your last year?

  393. George Salcedo says:

    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New year. The Doing it in the Desert website will be up and running soon with this years info on the voluntary skins games. This years venue’s will be the new Conestoga course on Sunday for the Gross game and the great staff at Falcon Ridge will be hosting the Net game on Monday. Hope all is well with everyone. Remember if your not Doing in the Desert your just not Doing it. George

  394. George Salcedo says:

    I am so ready to be “Doing it in the Desert”

  395. David says:


    All right I cannot wait either!!!
    have a great New Year and I hope #5 is ready so we can tear it up!! so to speek.