Cigar Under The Stars

Cigars Under the Stars is going into its 7th year.  Come join us pool side at the CasaBlanca Resort on Wednesday June 1st at 8pm.  Post you and your friends names here if you would like to attend so Rich and team know how many people will  be in attendance.

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481 thoughts on “Cigar Under The Stars”

  1. Rich, count me in. No cigar of course, but I will have an adult beverage to toast Bill. Thanks

  2. Jim Huebel says:

    Please add me to the list again this year. I’ll be proud to raise a glass to Bill

    Jim Huebel

  3. Steven Daniels says:

    Rich, I will be there to raise a glass to Bill.

  4. Kerry says:

    You Know David, Jim & I will be there, as we have for probably all the events. They will raise their glasses, and I will raise whatever I am drinking to Bill. See you Monday Night for the First Dinner, Tuesday on the Course probably, and of course Wednesday Night at Casablanca Pool for Cigars Under the Stars.

  5. Rich C. says:

    My first Cigars Under The Stars was in 2007 at the poolside bar. About 8-10 people who I’d meet on the golf course while smoking a cigar: “Hey, let’s get together at the pool bar this Wednesday after dinner”. Next year I called it Cigars Under The Stars.
    This year I’d like to raise a toast to my best Friends Bill Williams who had helped me since 2008. His passing will make it very different for me to be at The Mesquite Am and especially our 12th Cigars Under The Stars. Please come raise a glass with me this year.

  6. James Garner says:

    Rich – Put me on your list for Wed night. Always enjoy the evening by the pool w/ a great cigar, wonderful single malt & good friends. See you soon.

  7. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    I know you will be asking for names for your night?
    so let me be one of the first to put my name in for the cigars under the stars!
    David D.
    looking forward to your selection again.
    Thank you

  8. Kerry says:

    Please add this Non-Smoker to the Participant list.

  9. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    what are you going to bring for us in May looking forward to your selection.
    let us know the brands.
    looking forward to see you again.

  10. Rich C says:

    Looking good for 2019. I have secured 4 boxes already!

  11. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    looking forward to your selection again for 2019
    cannot wait

  12. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    I am very sorry for your loss we enjoyed seeing him at Cigars under the stars.
    We will toasts to him at or next meeting at the Casablanca pool.
    God bless him and may he rest in piece

  13. Kerry says:

    Sorry for this loss.

  14. Rich C. says:

    Our Friend Bill Williams passed away last week in his sleep. I will iss him greatly helping me at the Cigars Under the Stars. RIP Brother

  15. Rich C says:

    We done did good folks: $510.00 Raised for the Semper Fi Fund

  16. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Again thank you for doing the Cigars under the stars great time and great cigar.
    You prizes will be used well.
    Looking forward to next year.
    Thank you again

  17. Rich C. says:

    Thanks for all that signed up and showed up to get their prizes. It amazes me that people sign up and are eligible for prizes, win some cool stuff and don’t show up.

    It was a very enjoyable evening and it was good to see old friends and make new ones.

    Thanks, Rich C.

  18. James Huebel says:

    Thanks again Rich for a great event. See ya next year!

  19. Rich C. says:

    Again this year, everyone who signed up gets a prize: Cutters, lighters, caps, ashtrays, travel humidors, cell phone extend battery chargers, ear phones, and one really nice desk top humidor!

  20. Rich C. says:

    Event closed for sign-ups. You can still put your name down here for a cigar but the prizes have been drawn.
    See you all soon

  21. Tom McGeehan says:

    Rich, great turn out. Pat Mackey and I look forward to the evening.

  22. Ryan pugh says:

    Please add ryan pugh terry Pugh Kevin Sullivan Kyle Ellenz Steve Wallin and scott wagonstuff.

  23. Rich C. says:

    44+ as of tonight. Tomorrow night around 2200 hrs will be the cut off. I’ll make the official list of attendees and use my random numbers generator to pre draw all the prizes.
    Looking forward to the golf, the dinners, the friends, the cigars, and a Scotch or twelve.
    Rich C.
    I am thankful that Christian has been a great supporter of our event and am proud to help raise money for the Semper Fi Fund

  24. Rich C. says:

    Got you Sherm

  25. Rich C. says:

    By all accounts here on this Cigars Under the Stars thread; This is our 12th Year !!!

  26. Rich C. says:

    Cody and Jim, you are now signed up and eligible for the goodies

  27. Cody Metts says:

    Just wanting to make sure you have Cody Metts and Jim Huebel signed up for Cigars Under the Stars

  28. Rich C. says:

    40 and counting…

  29. Rich C. says:

    Chi Chi and Patric gates, got you signed up

  30. Rich C. says:

    Tim Tyler, I will need the first name and last initial of your guest por favor. I have you signed up and “a guest” but need the name.

  31. Rich C. says:

    A. Strange and J. Campbell, got you in the mix for the evening and the prizes.
    Rich C.

  32. A. Strange says:

    Count me in, and I will also sign up J. Campbell.

  33. Tom McGeehan says:

    Forget my La Gloria Cubana Series R, I prefer the full bodied. I might be the first one there on Wednesday night!

    I am so ready.

  34. Tim C. Tyler says:

    Myself and guest will be attending, this is our first year.

  35. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    You are making it hard to select a cigar to smoke I am thinking of this latest one with a good single malt scotch.
    Save this one for me I am on it.
    Thank you again for putting on this event
    see you soon.
    David D

  36. Rich C. says:

    Final batch of cigars were picked up today, thanks to Jennie:
    Aging Room F55M Quatros and RoMeO’s San Andreas. These are fuller bodied and definably for the serious cigar smokers.
    All being kept at 68% humidity and 72*
    This is thee best selection I’ve ever offered at our Cigars Under the Stars.
    Bring on the premium Scotches!

  37. Tom McGeehan says:

    Rich and Kerry, Pat Mackey and I both prefer the La Gloria Cubana Series R. Rich, save two of those for us.

    1. Rich C. says:

      Tom, get there early and you’ll get them. It’s always a real busy time for me and Bill

      1. Rich C. says:

        and I’ll sign up Pat Mackey

  38. Chi-Chi says:

    Not sure if I’ve already signed up. If not…Chi-Chi and Patrick Gates are in.

  39. Kerry says:

    See you soon Rich

    1. Rich C. says:

      12 days, I start my journey

  40. Sherm Russell says:

    Please add my name to the event. Thank you

  41. David DeRango says:

    Great choices Rich C.
    H. Uppman Bankers, Romeo & Julietta Coronas, Macanudo Inspiratos, La Gloria Cubana Series R, Partagas Clasicos
    Like them both not sure which one I want to have.
    cannot wait.
    Thank you

  42. Steven Daniels says:

    Like the Montecristos. Thanks again for a great night.

  43. Daniel Monico (Boston) says:

    Sweet line-up, Rich; Boom!!!

  44. Rich C. says:

    An up-date: H. Uppman Bankers, Romeo & Julietta Coronas, Macanudo Inspiratos, La Gloria Cubana Series R, Partagas Clasicos, and a few other cigars! Best selection ever. Bammmm

    1. Rich C. says:

      Forgot the Montecristo Clasicos Dbl. Coronas

  45. Rich C says:

    Reminder to bring a minimum $5.00 for Semper Fi Fund to receive your cigar. Prixes will be given to those who have signed up by the deadline.

  46. Rich C says:

    May 22nd will be the cut-off for sign ups for Cigars Under the Stars. I will be headed to Vegas on Friday. Pass the word to anyone wanting a nice night down at the poolside bar with drinks and cigars.

  47. James Garner says:

    Rich – Just checking to make sure I am signed up. Don’t want to miss out on a great night by the pool!

    1. Rich C says:

      James you are! Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for your support

  48. Scott Jeghers says:

    please sign me up for the cigars under the stars

    1. Rich C says:

      Got’cha Scott

  49. Rich C says:

    Looking like a smaller turn out this year. I hope the thread is working

  50. Rich C says:

    Looking like the Cigars Under the Stars thread is fixed. I don’t know how many people have tried to post and couldn’t. If you did and don’t see it, please try again.
    Rich C.

  51. Rich C says:

    I’ll try this from my phone

    1. Kerry says:

      I have to do this on my phone, can’t post from computer.

  52. Kerry says:

    Please add in your Non-smoking Donating buddy.

    1. Rich C says:

      Gotcha already Kerry

  53. Kerry says:

    Your Non- Smoking Donating to the Cause Buddy will be there.

  54. Kerry says:

    Me, your Non-Smoking donating Buddy

  55. Jim Howell says:

    Hey Rich…
    Thought I posted last, but don’t see it on here today.
    I’m a first timer “Rookie” to Mesquiet. Excited about playing. Coming with Daniel Monico.
    I hear great things about “Cigars Under the Stars”.
    Please put me in ( Jim Howell)
    Jim Howell Jeffersonville Ln.

    1. Rich C says:

      Got you Jim Howell

  56. Rich C. says:

    I’ve tried to post several times and it never shows up. We have a problem Houston

  57. Bill Winter says:

    HI Rich,

    Not sure if Meg got to you yet or not, but count me in, as well as, Phil Macfarlane, Jim Trujillo, Brian Cupery, Dave Dolhannczyk, and Rich Shelmo. Look forward to another great evening with everyone. Thanks again for putting this together!

    1. Rich C says:

      My posts are not showing up for quite some time

    2. Rich C says:

      Bill I got your group

  58. Kerry says:

    Hey Rich C.:
    You got me down as a Non Smoker Donating to the cause?

  59. Jim Howell says:

    Hey Rich.
    I’m first time coming to Mesquite. Coming with Daniel Monico. He told me about your Cigar under the Stars.
    Sounds Great……! Can you count me in? Let me know if you can add me to your list.
    Jim Howell.

  60. Kerry says:

    Hey Good Buddy

    You got me down as a Donation Paying Non Smoker?

  61. Rich C says:

    Steve Welsh added

  62. David DeRango says:

    Hey Rich C.
    how is you cigar night shaping up?
    cannot wait.

    1. Rich C says:

      Looking good

    2. Rich C says:

      Our numbers are down but the “thread” has had issues. At 32 at this time but I hope more can sign up

  63. Rich C says:

    Adding Steve Welsh, apparently there is problems finding the Blog Page?

  64. Rich C. says:

    24 so far with some invited guests

  65. Charles Barclay says:

    Please sign me up for the Cigars under the Stars (Charles Barclay) and my playing partner Walt Perscheid. Looking forward to the event once again.

    1. Rich C. says:

      Got you guys down. I’ll start counting later tonight

  66. Michael Hanna says:

    I am signing up for Cigars under the Stars for me (Michael Hanna) and my brother (Ken Hanna). Last year we didn’t get on the list…..hopefully we will make the cut this year!

    1. Rich C. says:

      I appreciate you signing up as requested in advance. Looking forward to seeing you again this year

  67. David DeRango says:

    My donation to the Semper Fi fund will be in memory of my father WWII Navy vet gunners mate first class.
    Miss you every day Dad we are not playing golf together.

    Looking forward to you night Rich C. thank you again.

    1. Rich C. says:

      We’ll raise a glass to your Dad, David

  68. george salcedo says:

    Rich, count me in. No stogie for me though. I will be there to make a donation to the Semper Fi fund. From all Marines past and present, thankyou. STMF

    1. Rich C. says:

      Cigar or no cigar, always good to see you George

  69. Daniel Monico (Boston) says:

    Rich, another year has past. Kudos to you and your “Krewe” once again… Excellent choice w/ the SEMPER FI Fund! Sign me up; I’ll be there…Many thanks!!!

    1. Rich C. says:

      Thanks Daniel

  70. Tom McGeehan says:

    Hi Rich, looking forward to this years event. Pat and I plan to join you for the cigars on Wednesday night.

    1. Rich C. says:

      See you two soon

  71. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    How is the number of cigar goers going?
    I am sure it is filling fast looking forward to it.
    thank you again.

  72. Lance Reiber says:

    Rich, thanks for putting this event together each year. Worth cause and great cigars! I’ll be there

  73. Cody M says:

    Cigars are great, Semper Fi Fund is great, the event is great……sign me up

  74. William Williams says:

    Looking forward again. Great week!!

  75. David DeRango says:

    Semper Fi Fund is just great will bring my donation!!
    How you doing Rich C. we are 96 days out for you night got a few singed up?
    looking forward to it as always.
    Thank you again for doing this event.

  76. Rich C. says:

    A reminder to all: To be on the “swag” list, you must sign-up here on this blog thread! If I have enough extra sticks, those who did not sign-up can wait until everyone has checked in from my list, and then if there is any sticks left…..

    1. Rich C. says:

      Semper Fi Fund will be our charity again this year. Bring a 5.00 donation to receive a cigar

      1. Chi-Chi says:

        Not sure if I’ve already sign up. If not…Chi-Chi and Patrick Gates are in.

      2. Chi-Chi says:

        Not sure if I’ve already signed up. If not…Chi-Chi and Patrick Gates are in.

  77. Marv Moneymaker says:

    Please sign me up for a cigar with friends, old and new. Hard to believe it’s only a few months off. Thanks for setting this up again Rich.

  78. Jim O’Hare says:

    Always enjoy it Rich!! Sign me up please
    Jim O’Hare

  79. Kerry says:

    Your Non-Smoking buddy will be there.

  80. James Garner says:

    Rich – I am looking forward to another evening by the pool w/ friends, a good single malt & a great cigar. Sign me up!

  81. Gary Woods says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to lighting up once again under the stars! Sign me up again! Gary Woods

  82. James Huebel says:

    Please sign me up for Cigars Under the Stars again. Really enjoyed it last year. Thanks!

  83. Kevin Jones says:


    It was Great Night For Me last year. AWESOME CIGAR BOX!!!!! WooooooHooooo.. I’m in…
    Thanks for putting this together!!

  84. Steven Daniels says:

    Rich, sign me up again this year. Always a great event.

  85. David DeRango says:

    Grest to hear from you again
    This will be my 14th year doing this event. Cannot wait!
    Put me in for your night if you have not done already.
    Looking forward to it and seeing you.

  86. Rich C says:

    Signed up for the tourney tonight! Looking forward to another great year

  87. Rich C says:

    David, I have already secured half of the cigars and some serious swag to give away. How many years we been doing this???

    1. Kerry says:

      Hey Rich,

      This is the first post on the Blog here:

      David DeRango says:
      February 7, 2013 at 11:08 am
      Rich C.
      You can count me in on this event, one of my favorite things to do but have not heard from my golf buddies to see if any of them are joining me this year? I will not hold my breath for them, because they are a bunch of sissies and do not like to have any fun, just more for me.
      Thank you again for doing this.
      David D

      And the header at the top is this:

      February 6th, 2013
      Cigars Under the Stars is going into its 7th year. Come join us pool side at the CasaBlanca Resort on Wednesday June 1st at 8pm. Post you and your friends names here if you would like to attend so Rich and team know how many people will be in attendance.

      So, Since 2006?

      1. Rich C. says:

        The first Cigars Under the Stars was actually 2005 but Christian was gracious enough to allow us on the “blog” page the following year.

  88. David DeRango says:

    Hey Rich C.
    What do you have planed for the next installment of Cigars under the stars??
    looking forward to it and let us know the donation amount again to the Wounded Warriors I am all in.
    Thank you doing again.
    Cannot wait!!!

  89. Daniel Monico says:

    Many thxs once again! It was a great night had by all and even a better night for the Semper Fi Fund!
    See ya in 2018; fore-

  90. Rich C says:

    Thanks to all that attended our Cigars Under The Stars. 62 people and many were generous for the Semper Fi Fund. We raised $395.00!
    I even didn’t suck at golf

  91. David DeRango says:

    Rich C
    Thank you again for everything you do.
    I love the night.
    Looking forward to seeing you again.
    And what you bring next year.

  92. Jim OHare says:

    Thanks for putting on another great cigar night!!

  93. james dwyer says:

    please register me for cigar night tomorrow.
    I am playing in mesquite amateur in the super senior palmer division.


    James Dwyer

    1. christian says:


      I would suggest going down to the CasaBlanca Pool area. Rich will be checking people in and one he checks in the folks that pre registered he will check in others. He typically has a few extra cigars.

  94. Will Craver says:

    I’d like to sign up for the stogie under the stars

    1. Rich C. says:

      Will, you too will need to wait until those b who signed up get checked in

  95. Rich C. says:

    Wheels up in 2 hrs. See you all soon!

  96. Rich C. says:

    Steve, Come on down and wait until the people who signed-up by May 20th get through the line and I should have some sticks available. Next year, make sure you sign-up earlier and make the deadline. Thanks for joining us

  97. Patrick Gates says:

    Light’em up

  98. steve welch says:

    I’d likje to join youo at cigar night………..Steve Welch

  99. Rich C. says:

    42 confirmed sign-ups thru our blog thread and 4 more traveling over from Las Wages to join us.
    With Bill and I, we stand at 48.
    If anyone else shows up, we’ll have them wait until those who signed-up get their cigars first.
    Thanks to all who continue to support such a fun evening,
    Rich C.

  100. David DeRango says:

    I hope the numbers are close to last years.
    Looking forward to this event along with the single malt Scott.
    With a beer chaser.
    Cannot thank you enough Rich C.
    Seeyou soon.

    1. Rich C says:

      It will be good to see everyone again

  101. Rich C. says:

    Sign ups closed. I will have a few spare just in case but the Sign up really matters

  102. Ryan pugh says:

    Last guys in. Ryan p terry p Dan h Steve w scott w Kevin s and Kyle e

  103. George Salcedo says:

    Here you go, mike Z, Cody M, Jim H, Todd P, Tyler P, STMF

    1. Rich C. says:

      Got them all George

  104. Cody M says:

    Not sure if my prior post went thru. Can you put Cody M and Jim H down?

  105. Rich C. says:

    Last day to sign up for Cigars Under the Stars!

    1. Jim Huebel says:

      Please sign me up for Cigars Under the Stars. Thanks!

  106. steve welch says:

    Always enjoy the cigar evening.

  107. Jeff Miller, Rick Pershall and Mary Jane and John Austin says:


  108. Ken H. says:

    Not sure my first post went through.
    If not add Mike and Ken

  109. Mike Hanna says:

    Put me and my brother down for Cigars under the stars.

    Mike Hanna
    Ken Hanna

  110. Rich C. says:

    Got you Scott and Kevin

  111. Jim Huebel says:

    Please sign me up for Cigars Under the Stars. Thanks!

  112. Kevin Jones says:


    I can’t be the only Marine who doesn’t attend, sign me up.Cigar Rights Member!

  113. Scott Jeghers says:

    Please sign me up for cigars under the stars. Thanks

  114. Morgan Fussell says:

    Looking forward to attending

  115. David DeRango says:

    Wow Rich that is down but I hope more sign up soon.
    looking forward to you delightful selection
    What do you have for us this time?

    1. Rich C. says:

      David, Too many prizes to list but a very nice humidor, cutters, lighters, etc….
      Some Arturo Fuente 858’s, H. Upmann vintage Cameroon, Romeo & Juliette just to name a few of them.
      Great span of strength and flavor profiles.

  116. Ken H. says:

    You can add the Hanna’s Michael and Ken.
    Looking forward to it and appreciate all the work you do putting this together.

  117. Rich C. says:

    I have also secured a ton of raffle prizes that I think you’ll all enjoy

  118. Rich C. says:

    Secured more cigars for our Cigars Under the Stars today. We’re almost there!

  119. David DeRango says:

    4 days left to sign up all.
    looking forward to it Rich C. what was last years count?
    Thank you again for putting this on.

    1. Rich C. says:

      David, If my memory serves me right, we had just over 70 people show up last year. Our numbers are lower this year but we still have a few days left for sign-ups

  120. fred dear says:

    Will look forward to that night.

  121. fred dear says:

    Will attend

  122. Rich C. says:

    We stand at 28+ as of this post

  123. Charles Barclay says:

    Please sign me up for the “Cigar under the stars”. I look forward to it each year. A good cigar, a good scotch and friends that enjoy the same thing, can’t get any better.
    Thank you!

    1. Rich C. says:

      Gotch ya Charles

  124. Gary Woods says:

    Looking forward to a great night with you again! My friends Charles Barclays and Walt Perscheid

    1. Rich C. says:

      Gary, So you are adding Walt? Gary had responded but not Walt

  125. David Johnson says:

    is it too late to sign up if not count me in

  126. David Johnson says:

    would like to attend

  127. Rich C says:

    Our numbers are way down this year, I wonder why?

    1. David DeRango says:

      HEY all a small donation to the Wounded Warriors foundation for a good cigar, single malt scotch and good conversation with your golf buddies let’s go and sign up you have till May 20th.
      My father God rest his sole was a gunner’s mate first class in WWII and my first single malt scotch I will raise to honor him and what he fought for.
      God bless all of our military and veterans.
      I am in who is with me.

      1. Rich C. says:

        All the way David

      2. Rich C. says:

        Reminder: It’s the Semper Fi Foundation tom assist wounded Vets

  128. Cody M says:

    Put Cody M and Jim H down

  129. Lance Reiber says:

    Rich, Thought I had already signed up but dont see my comment. Anyway, count me in. i think the Wounded Warrior is an excellent choice! lance Reiber

    1. Rich C says:

      Gotcha Lance

      1. Rich C says:

        Lance, we’re supporting the Semper Fi Foundation. Similar in purpose and scope but a better % of funds to Vets ratio

  130. Cody M says:

    Add Cody M and Jim H to the list. Gonna be a good night and supporting a great cause. Getting close

  131. Rich C says:

    BTW: It is Wednesday May 31st

    1. Christian says:


      We will have a nice selection of good scotches lined up again. Thank you!


      1. rich c says:


  132. Lance Reiber says:

    I’ll be there, Great event and great charity.
    Lance Reiber

  133. Rick Phillips says:

    Please ad two of to your list.

  134. Meg Quarrie says:

    Hi again Rich, also please add Rich S. and Glen H. to Meg Q’s group of cigar people. We got a few more guys from the 500 Club to come up this year. Thanks and see you soon!
    Meg Q

  135. Chi Chi says:

    Count me in again this year. I didn’t see my earlier blog, so if this is a dup…disregard.
    See you soon. Great cause! Much respect!

  136. Ron Chi Chi Duran says:

    Count me in

  137. Steven Daniels says:

    Count me in again this year.

  138. Daniel Monico says:

    Sounds great Rich; excellent choice! Semper Fi; Ooorah!!!

  139. George Salcedo says:

    I am in, but per usual I do not want a cigar. I will donate because as a Marine I appreciate the foundation you have chosen. Please donate my cigar to a useful cause. Great job sir. STMF

  140. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Could not think of anything thing better to donate to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.
    You have my name I am in and I will have something close to a $5 bucks??
    Cannot wait.
    David D.

  141. Rich C. says:

    I have changed the charity group I’ll be taking donations for: Semper Fi Foundation. They have a much higher return rate of the dollars received and the amount used to assist wounded VETs

  142. Jim OHare says:

    Rich, count in Jim O. Missed the am the last two years but looking forward
    To seeing old friends and enjoying a good smoke while helping a great

  143. Rich C. says:

    I have researched the Wounded Warrior Foundation and it’s rating of 4 of 4 on the national charity register. Good enough for me and recommended by my Nephew who is a wounded vet.
    I will register our 8th Annual Cigars Under the Stars event and I as a proxy to accept donations on their behalf.
    Keeping it simple and easy, please bring a 5’er or five 1’s (US Dollars, not Canadian -lol-).
    Looking forward to seeing everyone. Please pass along to everyone that you must sign up here on our Blog thread!

    1. Kerry says:

      Are you going to set a sign up Cutoff Date? Expect to see me, just drinking though.

      1. Rich C. says:

        Kerry, The cut-off date will be May 20th

  144. Shaun says:

    Rich please sign up Shaun Benninghove (Fallon,Nv.) Randy Hines (Fallon,Nv.)

  145. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    A donation of $5 not a problem you know we are all in so you have my name I am in matter what
    Thank you for what you do and I will donate to the Wounded Warrior Foundation anytime.
    Cannot wait.
    David D.

  146. Rich C says:

    It is getting harder and harder to secure cigars because of the hoops the FDA is making the cigar manufactures jump thru. I have to align with an established cigar sponsored charity. I am leaning towards the Wounded Warrior Foundation. I will keep you posted. This change in regulations will require a donation of $5.00 to attend the Cigars Under The Stars and sign in sheet stating you’re over 21yrs old. I have lots of raffle prizes already, so we’ll have a great time.
    Thanks, Rich C.

    1. JOHN EDWARDS says:

      before you commit to WWF, I suggest you google the organization.

      1. Rich C. says:

        John, I did look deeper into WWF and found a much better choice that gets a much higher percentage of it’s donated monies into the hands of wounded VETs.
        Semper Fi Foundation to be exact. 94-96% of all dollars allocated to those they assist (all branches of servicemen and servicewomen).

        1. JOHN EDWARDS says:

          I don’t wish to demean charitable veteran groups, but the sad truth is that some people use the plight of our veterans to line their own pockets. I always check out any “charitable” group very closely before donating.

  147. Daniel Monico says:

    Rich C, counting down the days my friend. Plz put me down for one of your famous smokes! Can’t wait to see everyone once again…
    Best, Daniel “Boston”!

  148. Meg Quarrie says:

    Hi Rich, please count in Dave D (Double D), Phil M (Mac), Bill W, and Bob E (new guy) for the Cigars Under the Stars. Will be good to see you again! Meg Q : )

  149. James Garner says:

    Rich C. – Count me in for another great evening of single malts & a great cigar with friends.

  150. Marv Moneymaker says:

    Rich C,
    Count me in. Looking forward to a great smoke and seeing old and meeting new friends.

  151. Rich Messina says:

    Rich C , Count me in for cigar night I am looking forward to it always a special event ( 2017)

  152. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rich C, you can count the Crazy Canucks (aka: Paul & Neil MacKinnon) in for this years “Cigar Nite 2017”.

  153. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    I’m in for another Cigars under the stars night!
    David D.

  154. Gary Woods says:

    I’m ready for another great cigar after a low round!

  155. Kerry says:

    Rich C,

    Is it time to start the count for Cigars Under the Stars, 2017 Version?

    1. Kerry says:

      And What if by some unfortunate circumstance, it is a high round? Still Up for the Cigar?

  156. Canada says:

    C U in 2017

  157. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    Cannot thank you enough for what you do to make that week so much fun.
    Hope we can do it next year with out the government getting there hands in our fun.
    see you next year.

  158. Rich C. says:

    Thank you for everyone who signed up and came down to enjoy a night of cigars and drinks. Various prizes, including the beautiful humidor grand prize, went unclaimed. I will use them at another event here in PHX

  159. Charlie Barclay says:

    Put Gary Woods & myself on cigar under the stars list. We enjoy it every year.

  160. Charlie Barclay says:

    Hope smoke some great cigars tonight. See you there.

  161. Gary Woods says:

    Looking forward to tonight. See you there

  162. Charlie Barclay says:

    See you tonight

  163. Gary Woods says:

    See you tonight

  164. Scott Jeghers says:

    See you there!

  165. Rich C says:

    I will be doing sign-ups for Cigar Rights of America during that evening and maybe at Monday’s tournament registration. $25.00 dollar membership and you’ll get three (3) cigars valued at 27.50. A no brainier to help protect our rights to enjoy cigars and to be able to have events like our Cigars Under the Stars. The FDA is trying to do away with events like ours.

  166. Rich C says:

    BTW: I just got some late arrivals for some additional cigars. Kristoff assortment packs. I’ll make up 4 two packs as prizes to add to the already awesome stash!

  167. Rich C says:

    Randy, As always, it’s great to have you there. The photos are greatly appreciated too.
    Headed out in the morning to get Bill in Vegas.
    See you all soon

  168. Randall Gaither says:

    This is great event and I will be there as backup guest photographer and instagrammer (photowizardrtg)

  169. David DeRango says:

    Rich C

    This is so great thank you again for all you do I look forward to this night just as much and being in Mesquite.
    David D.

  170. Rich C says:

    33 prizes drawn by a random numbers App (same one I used last year but it took too long). 33 winners out of 53 people signed up (Bill and I don’t count). Hats 14, Lighters 11, Savoy Cutters 3, Leather pocket cigar case 1, Ashtrays 2, Travel humidor 1, and One Beautiful Flor De Las Antilles, My Father Humidor!

    Please stay after everyone signs in and I will hand out the prizes.

  171. Rich C says:

    The registration is now closed and I will draw the prize winners presently

  172. Rich C says:

    We’re sitting at 55 and will have some sticks for a few more. The prizes are the best ever. I am going to create a list for the sign-in process and by using the numbered list, use a random number generator to predraw the names for prizes. Good luck to all. See you soon!

  173. Rich C says:

    You’re in James, way back

  174. James Garner says:

    Rich – It has been so long, I can’t remember if I signed up for wed nite, or I have contracted CRS (Can’t Remember Sh**). If I am not on the list please add me. Thanks, Jim

  175. Kevin Jonea says:


    Is it too late. If not sign Kevin Jones, Goody Henderson and Dennis Rasku up Don P. Cuban.


  176. Rich C says:

    You got it Meg

  177. Meg Quarrie says:

    Hi Rich, please put Phil M and Dave D in for the Cigars. See you soon! Meg Q

  178. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Azan natural maduro another great choice looking forward to your night.
    Thank you again and again for doing this.
    see you soon.

  179. Rich C says:

    Too many prizes to list and an awesome grand prize humidor

  180. Rich C says:

    50 and counting! Robert P. Duran premium, Azan natural maduro, and Romeo y Julietta

  181. Bill Winter says:

    Hi Rich,

    Please add me to cigars under the stars, Bill Winter. Thanks

  182. Rich C says:

    I am trying to log in from a different PC

  183. ken says:

    Would you please add Ken and Mike Hanna to your list.
    Thanks APPRECIATE you doing this every year.

  184. Don Allen says:

    Please put me on the list for a cigar. Have always enjoyed the evening around the pool.

  185. jeff miller says:

    rich and team ,

    could you please add rick pershall, mary jane loeffler,and myself to your most aromatic event this year 2016.

    thank you very much

  186. Kerry says:

    Any idea on numbers so far Rich?

  187. Chi Chi says:

    Rich, Sign me and Patrick Gates up.

  188. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Romeo & Julietta double cornoas I have had this one and a very good choice may go with this or I will see what your second delightful cigar will be.
    thank you for doing this again.

  189. Rich C says:

    You got it Ryan

  190. Ryan pugh says:

    The Spokane guys are in. Ryan P, terry p, Steve w,Dan h, Kyle e, Kevin s, Andrew l, scott w. Thanks.

  191. Rich C says:

    First cigar announcement: Romeo & Julietta double cornoas. Mild to medium stick that comes in at a 48g. X 6 1/2″
    More announcements to follow

  192. Stan Mahaffey says:

    You can add Pete Juricic as well!

  193. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey Rich! The Louisiana guys are in ! Jerry, Craig, James & Tammy! Thank you for your efforts, as always! Stan

  194. Pete Juricic says:

    Pete Juricic will attend this event!!!!

  195. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    What delightful cigars have you secured this time, last time I was able to look on line and make a judgement on which one I want to try.

    Thank you very much for putting this on again let me know what you like to drink and I will get it for you.

    David D.

  196. Tom McGeehan says:

    Three of us from Texas, Tom Pat and Scott. See you Wednesday night.
    Thanks again for putting this together.

  197. rich c says:

    Half of the cigars secured. Still working on the rest. Reminder that you MUST sign up in order to have a free stick. Cash bar is available to anyone.
    Thanks – Rich

  198. Shaun Benninghove says:

    Rich please sign me up for this awesome evening. Shaun Benninghove Fallon Nevada. Thanks for putting this on.

  199. Steven Daniels says:

    Please add me to the list. Last year’s event was wonderful.

  200. Bob LaPlante says:


    Please add two more to your list, Bob and Mike Dailey for the cigar under the stars. Thanks again for running this event, we thoroughly enjoyed last year.

  201. Thanks again Rich! Plz add myself, David Sawyer & Mike Camp…C ya all soon-

  202. Marv Moneymaker says:


    Please add me to your list. Looking forward to a great cigar and a chance to see everyone again.


  203. Kerry says:

    I’ll be there Rich

  204. James Garner says:

    Rich – sign me up. Looking forward to another wonderful nite by the pool, w/ great people, cigars & whiskey!

  205. JOHN EDWARDS says:

    Hi Rich,
    Pls sign me up along with Terry Dortman. Thanks!

  206. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Rich, please sign up my 3 friends, Scott Bourquin, Jamie Huth and Rob Chapman. They are rookies to the event and would definitely enjoy meeting everyone at the CasaBlanca poolside Cigars Under The Stars event.

  207. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    You can sign me up for your great night David D.
    But my two golf buds from last year will not be there one his wife will not let him and the order his job is to busy!!! OH boo hoo and the other is P whipped. oh well more cigars for meeeeee!!

    We will have a toast for the Crazy Canucks there antics will be missed.

    Thank you again for doing this it makes the week even better CANNOT WAIT.

  208. Rich C says:

    I’m starting this year’s list. You Must! sign up for the event or you might not get a cigar. Many raffle prizes in hand but the exact cigars are in the “mystery” category (-;

  209. Kerry says:

    March 26th, seems like everything is happening a little slow this year. Only 65 days until Cigars Under the Stars 2016 Edition. Although there is a decent start to the Bruce King Memorial Skins Game for May 30th. Looking forward to seeing you in Mesquite Rich. I’ll be at this years Cigars, but not smoking this year. Just enjoying all the Company.

  210. Mike Dailey says:

    Great time and very much appreciated. Please sign up myself and Robert (Bob) Laplante.


  211. Kerry says:

    You should see if Christian could start a new Thread for Cigars Under the Stars 2016. See you in May Rich C.

  212. Rich C says:

    Hold those thoughts and horses. I don’t want to start signups this early but soon enough

  213. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Rich, please sign up my friends. Scotty Bourquin and his girlfriend Jamie Huth and our other buddy Rob Chapman. It will be their rookie year and they would enjoy a good cigar and meet new people. Under the stars…. no less. It is an absolutely spectacular view down by the pool of the Casablanca with all the stars at night. All I have here is clouds, gloom and doom.

  214. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    looking forward to the cigars under the stars count me in David D. and Perry J.
    for now will let you know if more will be under my name.

    Thank you again

  215. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Rich, what does my buddy have to do to sign up for your event? He is a rookie and he does enjoy a good cigar. This is his retirement party. He retires officially June 1st. He’s 52 years old.

  216. Rich C. says:

    I just secured another awesome grand prize 100 count humidor for next summer’s free raffle drawing

  217. David DeRango says:

    Rich C
    thank you again for your time to put this together it is aways a great time.
    51 weeks till we ate doing this again.

  218. Rich C says:

    Thanks all, another great year!

  219. Sorry we are late! We’d like to attend!

    Phillip Horvath
    Cheryl Horvath
    Gerry Swafford
    Karen Swafford

    thank you!

  220. Rich C. says:

    On the road again……see you all soon

  221. Rich C. says:

    Chick, After those who signed up by Noon, yesterday’s deadline, if there are some extra, you’re more than welcome.

  222. Steven Daniels says:

    Don Pepin Cuban Classic please.

  223. Chick Crosby says:

    I will be there for Cigars Under the Stars

  224. Marv Moneymaker says:

    Rich C

    Tobaccos Baez series F for me too.

    Marv M

  225. Kerry says:

    Tobaccos Baez Series F for me please

    1. christian says:

      They just went up. Flights and course rotation. Thank you.


  226. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    Thank you again for all you do for us night I look forward to this as well.
    I think I am going with the La Duena cigar save me one.

    Your the best.
    Cannot wait.

  227. Rich C. says:

    This years line up:

    Tobaccos Baez Series F- Habano/Nicaraguan – Medium Bodied
    La Duena – Connecticut Broad Leaf – Medium Bodied +
    Don Pepin Cuban Classic – Habano/Rosado Nicaraguan – 3/4 to Full Bodied
    Don Pepin Series JJ – Corojo/Rosado Nicaraguan – 3/4 to Full Bodied
    El Centurion – Criollo Nicaraguan – 3/4 to Full Bodied

    No supper mild or supper strong.
    Tomorrow NOON is the sign-up cut off. No out of pocket cigars this year. I hope you all understand and appreciate needing to sign-up for this.

  228. Kerry says:

    See you soon Rich C.

  229. Rich C. says:

    Billy, Got you in.

    I will have to have the final count by this coming Monday at NOON.

    Last year I had to hand out cigars out of my own pocket because of people who didn’t sign up. Our list is how I can get the actual sticks. They need hard evidence of attendance. They don’t send extras.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


  230. BoominBilly says:

    Rich, two weeks until another great week of golf and best of all “cigars” please add me to the list.

  231. Rich C says:

    David, I’ve got Harvey listed. Thanks

  232. Harv says:

    This will be my first time in Mesquite at your tournament. Dingo, better know as Dave DeRang finally talked me into going. After looking at every thing on the web site I can’t wait. Looking forward to meeting a lot of guy’s.

  233. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    We need to add my buddy Harvey A.
    he was just going to have scotch but he wants in on the cigar too.
    Thank you.

  234. steve polus says:

    steve polus
    tim saboski
    kurt karcher

    we will be there for the fun & frivolity.

  235. Chi Chi says:

    Please add Chi Chi and Patrick Gates, thank you.. See you all soon.

  236. Rich C says:

    What high end Scotches should we expect this year?

  237. Rich C says:

    You got it Bob, added two. Let your cigar loving friends know to sign in also

  238. Bob says:


    Please add two more to the list, Bob LaPlante and Mike Dailey.


  239. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    check out the web page and they all look good I am thinking of the La Duena but I could change my mind by the time I get there.
    thank you again for all you do to make this week just great.
    see you soon.

  240. Rich C says:

    Check out and read all about the cigars we are going to enjoy this year: La Duena, El Centurion, and Don Pepin Garcia Originals.
    Duena = Just over medium in strength, Centurion = 3/4 of full strength, Don Pepin = Full bodied. This will be a great year at Cigars Under the Stars!!!

  241. Rich C says:

    At 61. Pass the word

  242. Ryan Pugh says:

    Please sign up Ryan Pugh, Terry Pugh, Steve Wallin, Dan Hagedorn, Dan Trampush, Scott Wagstaff, Andrew Libsack, and Andrew A. Thanks Rich.

  243. Rich C says:

    Tom, if all the cigars were the same we could but this year will be a variety

  244. Tom says:

    Rich, not sure how to pull this off. How about a long ash contest? If one inch, you win another cigar!

  245. ken says:

    Could you please add two more.
    Mike H. and Ken H,
    Thanks and appreciate what you do.

  246. Bob G says:

    Rich, please save two spots for my wife and I. My second time here, her first. Thanks, Bob & Sandi G

  247. Rich C says:

    Looking like 49 as of tonight. Pass the word and please have them post a first name and last initial to this blog page/topic. Getting closer!
    Long ashes, Rich

  248. Shaun says:

    Hey Rich sign me up please. Shaun Benninghove thanks

  249. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    How you looking for the number of cigar smokers for that night!!
    looking forward to it.

    see you soon

  250. jeff miller says:

    Mr Rich

    Could you please add Bill Miller, Rick Pershall, Mary Jane Loeffler , as well as myself for the wed night smoke .

    thank you

  251. Scott Jeghers says:

    Please add my wife and I for this event.

  252. Manny says:

    Please add my wife and I. this is are first time to this golf tour. The last time I went to one of these smoke under the stars thing was in Colorado, man was I hungry after that one. LOL

  253. Kerry says:

    Hey Rich,

    What are preliminary Numbers Looking Like?
    59 days until we are Smoking Under the Stars

  254. Peach Waller says:


    Can you please include Dan Kinkle and myself for the evening? Dan has agreed to be my lifeguard in case I fall into the pool after too much single malt!


  255. R Cottle says:

    Good to see the “usual suspects” signed up!

  256. R Cottle says:

    You got it Paul. They will have a higher level of spirits than the regular fare they carry in the hotel/casino bars. Being outside, the cigar smoke is easy to handle also. Let your friends know!

  257. Paul Buturusis says:

    Rich, please sign me up, A non smoker but a scotch drinker.
    Thank you

  258. George Salcedo says:

    The only cost you have down at cigars is whatever adult beverages that you buy for yourself. Great night, great time to meet people. STMF

  259. Kevin Sullivan says:


    Kevin Sullivan
    Kyle Ellenz
    Tony Umbach

    Thanks for setting this up Rich.

  260. Paul Buturusis says:

    What is the cost for cigar under the stars for the non smoker?

  261. Meg Quarrie says:

    Hi Rich, please sign up the guys again: Phil M., Bill W., Jim T. (JT), and Dave D. (DD). And I might take a puff or two! See you soon – Meg Q

  262. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    looks like you will have another great turn out this is always a great night after dinner.
    thank you for all you do you make the week even better.


  263. Daniel Monico says:

    Rich C,

    Sign me up; Tks Buddy!

  264. Marv Moneymaker says:

    Rich C,

    Sign me up. Hard to believe it’s been 10 months but really looking forward to another evening under the stars. Thanks for doing this for us Rich.


  265. Rich C says:

    Boutique Cigar Distributors Eric and Jamie are assisting us with a yet to be determined My Father Cigar family’s line of great smokes. Up-date to follow

  266. James Garner says:

    Rich – Put my name down for another great nite by the pool w/ good friends, single malts & great cigars. Can’t wait.

  267. J edwards says:

    Please add Myself and Terry Dortman. Thanks!

  268. Kerry says:

    And Rich, Put my name down, the Hell with what the doctor says, 1 cigar a year, what the heck.

  269. Steven Daniels says:

    Rich, please add me, Steve Daniels, to the event.

  270. Crazy Canucks says:

    The MacKinnon Brothers are in (Paul & Neil). Thanks Rick

  271. Tom says:

    Hi Rich, three from Texas myself, Scott, and Pat will be there to enjoy a nice cigar and some single malt.
    See you in May!

  272. Rich C says:

    Check out their website

  273. Rich C says:

    We are set for some wonderful sticks this year! The exact size or which one in their fine line will be set at a later date. Let’s make sure we get the word out to sign up on this Blog page. Thanks and long ashes, Rich

  274. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    I am making is offical please add me David D. to your wounderful night.

    Plus add Perry J.

    Harvey A. will enjoy Glenlivet but no Cigar he dose not know what he is missing.
    Cannot wait to see you again.
    Take care.

  275. Bill Williams says:

    Looking forward to another great week and of course Cigars Under the Stars!

  276. Rich C. says:

    Can’t let the cat out of the bag yet but we have sticks!!!

  277. Rich C. says:

    Meeting today to secure a supply of great cigars. I appreciate all the presign-up sign-ups. I’ll post the cigars when we have the commitment. I hope all is well and I too am looking forward to our 7th Cigars Under the Stars during the Mesquite Amateur!

  278. George Salcedo says:

    Go ahead and add the boys household, George Salcedo, Todd Peltier, Kevin Flynn, Tim Riordian, Mike Zepeda, Russ Smith. THanks Rich for all you do. STMF

  279. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    When you are ready to take names I will be adding one of my golf buddy from Chicago!!! ( it is about time) the other golf bud only likes single malt scotch.
    looking forward to be sitting on a warm night not this cold CR@#!!!
    Take care.

  280. Kerry says:

    Looking forward to seeing you Rich C.

  281. R Cottle says:

    Looking forward to another great year of Cigars Under the Stars!

  282. David DeRango says:

    Hey Rich C. we are about 21 weeks away and looking forward to your night.
    what will you have instore for us this time.
    CANNOT wait.
    HAppy New Year.

  283. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rich thanks for putting on a wonderful event. I sure hope we can do it again next year.

  284. David DeRango says:


    Thank you for a great night the cigars was great and so was the company.
    see you next year?

  285. Andy Harbin says:


    Thanks for hosting your great event again this year !!

  286. R Cottle says:

    Brian, The cut off was Tuesday evening but come anyway. I always bring a few of my personal cigars and if there are enough, you’re welcome to have one.

  287. brian sleight says:

    myself, david hartwell, and mark novak will be there.

  288. Rich C says:

    Wheels up in 2 hrs! “On the road again”!!!

  289. Rich C says:

    Okay we are officially at 71! I will bring a few extra but not many. I didn’t get the backing this year like years before. Times are tough, I’ll put out a cup and a sign “will golf for cigars”.

  290. Rich C says:

    Opps, Christian I meant to say!

    1. christian says:


      I will stop by to say hello like last year. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


  291. Rich C says:

    The cut off for Cigars Under the Stars sign up will be tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6PM my time (Arizona). let anyone who might be interested know. Cristian, are you going to attend? Any guests?

  292. Rich C says:

    Got you Bob. Are there any others out there who enjoy telling golf stories, having an adult beverage, and while enjoying a nice cigar???

  293. STEVEPOLUS says:

    there will be three of us attending:
    steve polus
    tim saboski
    kurt karcher

  294. Bob Gunn says:

    Rich, I’m a Mesquite Am rookie and the cigar event sounds as fun as the golf.
    Please add me for one. Thanks.

  295. Rich C says:

    Jim, I have your table for three set! Looking forward to our gathering again this year. I’m never ready for golf but always ready for a cigar (-:
    We’re at 70 as of this morning.

  296. Jim mentzer says:

    Rich include me,mark h. And matt r. That’s three more Thanks

  297. Rich C. says:

    Got you counted J. Edwards

  298. j. edwards says:


    If not too late, count me in.


  299. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Ok I have had this one, excellent choice save me one of those.
    You the man thank you again.’

  300. Rich C. says:

    So far the cigars coming: H. Upmann 1844 Reserves

  301. Rich C. says:

    I should have the announcement soon for the cigars we’ll be enjoying this year. Keep checking in for details.
    Cody, I have you down. Thanks for posting. Remind anyone you know who enjoys the leaf to join us by putting their first name and at least the last initial down here.

  302. Cody Metts says:

    Rich can you put me down for one

  303. Rich C says:

    Got ya’ Marv, Thanks

  304. Marv Moneymaker says:


    I posted earlier, but just in case you started over, I’m in for one. Thanks for your work in making this event happen, it’s always a great evening.

    Marv M

  305. David DeRango says:

    WOW good times ahead Cannot wait!!!

    What are we smoking that night??
    I know they will be good.
    Thank you Rich C. for doing this.

  306. Rich C says:

    You got it Kim, I got you for three. David, last year we broke 100 again that night.

  307. Kim Francom says:

    Put Bill Westfall and John Bale on with me as well.

  308. Kim Francom says:

    I missed last year because I forgot to comment. I love the event. Keep bringing the cigars.

  309. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    62 not bad what did you have last year?

    looking forward to it thank you again.

  310. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    if not on the guest list they need to wait in case on some no shows but who would no show to this event!!
    Or at least buy you a single malt scotch!!!
    Thank you again for this event.
    see you soon.

  311. Rich C says:

    My mistake, we’re at 62!

  312. Rich C says:

    Looking like we are at 20 so far. Please pass the word that I need the sign ups on this blog topic to secure the cigars. Last year I had 28 additional people attend and that cost me out of pocket. Looking forward to another great night poolside with a cigar (and Scotch)

  313. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    looks like another great turn out again.
    how may do you have signed up to date.
    see you soon
    thank you for putting this on very year I look forward this such as a great time.

  314. Meg Quarrie says:

    Hi Rich, please put Phil M., Dave D., Bill W., and Jim T. in for the Cigars Under the Stars night. See you SOON! Meg Q

  315. Andy Harbin says:

    Count Harbin in for the great cigar smoke-in.

  316. Daniel Monico says:

    Hi Rich,

    I hear you are the man. Although I am a “Mesquite Am rookie golfer this year”, I’m a novice cigar smoker! ha ha

    I’m in; Best- Tks!

  317. Don allen says:

    Put me down again this year. I will be bringing Kevin Sweeney. Thanks. Always a good time.

  318. Peach Waller says:

    Hi, Rich,

    Hope you’re doing well. Please, put Dan Kinkle, Robert Coley, Dave Fitzgerald (Mesquite Am rookie) and myself on your roster for Wed. night. We appreciate you hosting this fun event each year.

  319. Ryan Pugh says:

    Hi rich. The spokane guys are in again. We really look forward to Wednesday night in mesquite. Please put in terry Kevin Scott ryan Steve Dan John and dan. See everyone soon.

  320. Bill Boggs says:

    Thanks for putting this event each year,
    count me in for a poolside party!

  321. Ron "Chi-Chi" Duran says:

    Rich, There will be three of us (Tommy Cook, Patrick Gates and myself). See you soon.

  322. Phil Jeter says:

    Rich they will be six of us

  323. Phil Jeter says:

    Rich they will be 6 of us

  324. ken H says:

    Rich C.
    Please add Michael H., Mark H., Jim M., Matt R.
    and myself Ken H.
    Appreciate what you do.

  325. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    In joy Holland and be safe.
    talk to you when you get back.

  326. Rich C says:

    I’m glad to see all the early interest! Pass the word. I’ll make a count in a few weeks. Heading to Holland this week for a super vacation. I’ll update when I get back

  327. John Spears says:

    Hey Rich there will be 4 of us again this year.

  328. Jim O'Hare says:

    Rich looking forward to my 4th year of cigars under the stars. Please include Jim O and Vince L.

  329. Rich C says:

    Looking good guys. Welcome all.

  330. Shaun Benninghove says:

    Hey Rich please add Shaun Benninghove and Randy Hines. Thank you

  331. James Garner says:

    Rich – Count me in for this Year. Looking forward a great time under the stars & by the pool. Thanks for putting on a on a wonderful evening. See you soon.

  332. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rich, you can add two Canadians (Paul & Neil MacKinnon) into the mix. Thanks for all you do.

  333. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Need to add one more, Ron Duncan.

  334. George Salcedo says:

    Rich I got a few coming, Myself, Tyler Peak, Todd Peltier, Kevin Flynn and Tim Riordian. Thanks for what you do. Great job. STMF

  335. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Will have 4 for the evening: Glenn Reynolds, Craig Falgout, Jerry Hauck, and myself. Looking forward to it as always.

  336. David DeRango says:

    Your the best Rich C. looking forward to see you again too.

  337. Marv Moneymaker says:


    You do a great job and it is always a great event. Count me in.

  338. Rich Messina says:

    Thks Rich C , can not wait

  339. RCottle says:

    David and Rich, Normally they will start a new thread each year but I got you both down. It will be good to see you

  340. Rich Messina says:

    Hey Rich C count me in ( 1 ) please .

  341. David DeRango says:

    Hey Rich C. is it too early to be the first one to say I am in for the Cigars under the stars???
    If not COUNT ME IN!!!!

  342. David DeRango says:

    Happy New Year Rich C. I can not wait to see what you come up with for 2014 cigars under the stars!!

  343. Rich C. says:

    David, I am looking forward to it also. One of the best events I get to do. I appreciate your support over the years. Thank, Rich

  344. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Can not wait for the new cigars under the stars!!!

  345. Rich C. says:

    Thanks to all those who attended. It was another great Cigars Under the Stars. I signed up a few to the Cigar Rights of America but there were more who showed an interest but I was so busy signing people in, cutting and lighting cigars, nad trying to get a Scotch (or three) that I never got your applications back in my hand. You can email me at:

  346. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rich, thanks for putting the Cigar night on once again. Wonderful event and you did an awesome job. Cheers eh.

  347. Fred M. says:

    Rich C.

    Thanks for the great evening. Great cigar and prizes. Keep up the good work and see you next year.


  348. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Thank you again for putting this on I had a great time and cannot believe it will be another 51 weeks till we are back doing it again.
    Take care and talk to you soon.

  349. Rich C says:

    Welcome to those who just signed up. See you all Wednesday night after dinner.

  350. chris schmahl says:

    sherman russell and i should be at this event as soon as we find our way off of the course and bar

  351. Andrew J says:

    Looking forward to it!

  352. Rick Bergen says:

    Count me and 1 friend in for this event. Loved it the last few years.

  353. John Williams says:

    Please add John Williams and Lance Kammerer to the list!

  354. Cody Metts says:

    Rich can you add Dennis F. and myself. Wasn’t sure if I could make it

  355. Ryan says:

    Please include terry Dan Scott Garth and myself.

  356. David DeRango says:

    Jim drop him a email with you name and everyone else who will be coming with you.
    that is all!! looking forward to this night too.
    Rich C. you are the man!!!

  357. shawn galyean says:

    im probably gonna stop by at some point if thats ok

  358. Jim and Sarah Keith says:

    Would like to attend this— how do I inform Rich?

  359. Al Brown says:

    I’m definately a crazy canuck… so im looking forward to meeting some more crazies!!

  360. Al Brown says:

    Can I register for the cigar event when i get there?

    1. christian says:


      All you have to do is post your name on the blog. The event is free to attend it just gives Rich a count of what to expect that night.


  361. Rick Gary says:

    Rick, 8 of us from Oregon, 3 with wives will be in attendance again.
    Good cigars and Mohitos go together real well.

  362. Richard Flores says:

    Rich, you can add me to the list and 1 Guest.

  363. Charles Barclay says:

    Looking forward to the cigar event again this year. Not may places to go in California to enjoy a good cigar with friends.

  364. Rich C. says:

    56 and getting close!

  365. Rich C. says:

    Jim K. You’re in but I’ll need a first name and last initial of your friend.
    Welcome Jim and Sarah

  366. Jim and Sarah Keith says:

    We plan to attend if upright.

  367. jim krampert says:

    will be attending with my friend who is also in the tourny. thanks and look forward to it

  368. David DeRango says:

    sorry meet SAFE TRAVELS.
    slurring my works again.

  369. David DeRango says:

    Ok Rich C. looking forward to this night as well.
    thank you again for all you do to make that night great.
    as I say all the time CANNOY WAIT.
    save travels.

  370. Rich C. says:

    Looking like 52 signed up as requested. That means we’ll get 80! Always welcome. I just hope Christien get the good Scotches [=:

  371. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    do you have a finial count of cigars under the stars people.
    cannot wait for that night too.
    see you soon.

  372. Michael Kalchman says:

    wish i could bring some cubans from toronto, alas, i won’t risk my nexus being revoked..

  373. R Cottle says:

    Okay Christian and Crazy(ies)

  374. Crazy Canucks says:

    Amber A. is the name Rich for the cigar night add on to the Crazy Canucks team.

  375. R Cottle says:

    Pushing 50 so far, spread the word. Christian, any guests??? Are you going to make it down to our little “Par-Tay”?

    1. christian says:


      I will do my best to attend put me down for a +1 and I will see who I can get to attend with me.


  376. R Cottle says:

    What is his (her) first name and last initial?

  377. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rich, add another person to the Crazy Canucks group for Cigar nite. Thks

  378. Ron D says:


    I have smoked a Galiano Presidente that is mild. I look forward to trying the Trinidad to see how it compares. I was trying to locate some more Galianos but no one seems to carry them anymore. I was hoping to have a few to bring out with me.

    See you guys soon.

  379. Rich C says:

    Opps…. Trinidad Paradox, an Altadis USA product. Fairly new and ah so smooth

  380. Rich C says:

    We have another cigar available for our Cigars Under the Stars: Trinidad Especial. A milder (medium) yet tasty option to the stronger La Aroma de Cuba

  381. Tim OReilly says:

    Looking forward to it. See you there

  382. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Thanks for the update I know what ever you bring will be outstanding.
    see you very soon.

  383. Rich C. says:

    Read all about the La Aroma de Cuba and the El Jeffe cigars on thier website.

  384. Rich C. says:

    So far we’ll have La Aroma de Cuba, “El Jefes” and awaiting the info on the others. I’m going for some medium bodied and some full bodied. The El Jeffes are difinately the latter! More info to come….

  385. Rich C says:

    45 so far

  386. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Michesl

  387. Rich C. says:

    David, I don’t know which sticks we’ll get but always great. I will post the name as soon as I know.

  388. Michael Kalchman says:

    im in…another canadian

  389. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    What did you get?? I am all ready for one now with a adult beverage.
    I looks as if you count is going up were do you stand now.
    Remember I get all the left overs!! LOL!

  390. Rich C. says:

    I got confirmation of our cigars today! I was sweating…

  391. Rich C. says:

    You got it Bob. I’ll need the first name and last initial for your friend.

  392. Bob Wages says:

    I intend to be there with one other smoker…add us in.

  393. Rich C says:

    You got it Peach. Any others in your group?

  394. Peach Waller says:

    Hope you’re doing well. Please, add my name to the Stogie Roster. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  395. Rich C says:

    Ron you need a new doctor!

  396. Michael Kalchman says:

    id offer to bring some cubans down, but I just got my nexus card to avoid customs line ups at the canadian/US border. They specifically told me, do not try and bring cuban cigars through the nexus line, you’ll lose the card, and potentially be blacklisted from going to the USA for a period of time. Of all the things the US Immigration Department told me not to try and bring in, cuban cigars. I woulda thunk drugs or a cow.

  397. Ron Miller says:

    Will be joining for the beverage. Can’t enjoy the cigar. Doc’s orders.

  398. Rich C says:

    Any one who just wants an adult beverage: cash bar! Welcome

  399. Andy Harbin says:

    Rich, do we need to register non cigar smokers – – ones that will be there just for drinks, etc. ?

  400. Rich C. says:

    40 and rolling on (-:

  401. Steve Webb says:

    Please add me to the list.

  402. Rich C. says:

    39…. can I get 45?

  403. Fred M. says:

    count me in again.

  404. Don Allen says:

    Count me in. Don Allen with friend Kevin Sweeney.

  405. Rich C. says:

    36 so far David. Help spread the word out there for those who enjoy the right to enjoy a fine cigar with an adult beverage!

  406. David DeRango says:

    Rich C. how is the count coming??

  407. jeff says:

    can you add two others by the name of jeff miller and rick pershall
    thank you

  408. Andy Harbin says:

    Harbin will be there, hobbled, but there (see “Friends” blog).

  409. Carl Cornell says:

    Thanks for the invite.
    I’ll be there.

  410. James Garner says:

    Count me in again this year, had a great time last year & am looking forward another evening by the pool.

  411. Rich Messina says:

    You can count myself in for this is a special night , this

  412. Jim McClure says:

    Add myself and my wife, Wendy, to the list again this year. Always a great time!


  413. Rich C. says:

    At 28 and counting not counting my group of three. Looking good so far. I have included a link to the Cigar Rights of America web-site.

  414. Jim O'Hare says:

    Rich, Really enjoyed the last 2 years. Count me in

  415. Meg Q says:

    Hi Rich, Count in the 500 Club group – Phil MacF, Bill W, Double D, Jim T, Meg Q, and maybe Dave B. See you soon!

  416. Tom Uszynski says:

    I’m in with one friend

  417. Rich C. says:

    Glad to see the early interest! I am looking forward to another great year of Cigars Under the Stars. I have some additional oportunities available this year; a Cigar Rights of America membership drive. More details to follow but it will be worth while to sign up at our event Wednesday night.

  418. Stan Mahaffey says:

    You can add myself, Ron Duncan, James Yaeger, and Jerry Hauck.

  419. Marv Moneymaker says:

    Had a great time last your Rich. I look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying another great smoke. Gount me in.

  420. Shaun Benninghove says:

    Count me in Rich. Shaun Benninghove

  421. Rob Turnbull says:

    and the 6 other Crazy Canucks from across Canada to attend as well!!!

  422. Crazy Canucks says:

    You can count on the 2 MacKinnon Brothers (Paul & Neil) from Canada to attend this wonderful event.

  423. John Spears says:

    As always my wife and myself will be attending we always look forward to Cigars under the Stars glad you are doing it again this year.

  424. George Salcedo says:

    you can count me in as your non cigar smoking patron. I will take in the bar and the great aroma. Thanks for doing this. STMF

  425. WILL CHOCK says:

    rich c

    Please add me to the list which will be my fifth year,enjoyed the friendship at these events…

  426. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.

    You can count me in on this event, one of my favorite things to do but have not heard from my golf buddies to see if any of them are joining me this year? I will not hold my breath for them, because they are a bunch of sissies and do not like to have any fun, just more for me.
    Thank you again for doing this.
    David D.