Cigars Under the Stars

Thats right folks Cigars Under the Stars is back after popular demand!!   Wednesday June 2nd come join RC and other participants to enjoy a nice cigar and a variety of whiskeys and scotches.  This will be poolside at the CasaBlanca right after dinner.

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81 thoughts on “Cigars Under the Stars”

  1. David says:

    Rich C.
    That night was a great ending to a great day!!

    The Omar Ortez was a fantastic cigars.

    Plus for the 3rd Annual Cigars under the Stars,
    count me in!!

    thank you again, see you next year.


  2. Rich C. says:

    Thanks for everyone that attended the 2nd. Annual Cigars Under the Stars. It was great too see so many familiar faces and to meet some great new cigar smokers.
    I’ll have to have Christian explain why we only had one bottle of good single malt Scotch on hand (the MacCallan 12 yr old that was very good but ran out quickly)!
    Next year I’ll get a better grasp on what we’d like to drink with our quality cigars.

    1. Christian says:


      There seems to been some confusion between the warehouse and the bar. We will be sure to have more quality stuff out there for next year. We think this is a great event and we will have it on the schedule for 2011. Thanks all that attended!!


  3. Kerry says:

    Hey Rich C. Good luck, & Smoke em if you got em.

  4. Rich C. says:

    Just a reminder to all those attending: I will have a sign in sheet to justify to Altadis USA their fine cigars. This is a simple name, address, and e-mail request.
    It will be great to see old friends and make new ones at this year’s event.
    I hit the road tomorrow with clubs and stogies in tow.

  5. Cole Hockett says:

    I am in, looking forward to it.

  6. David says:

    thanks Rich C, see you in a few days.

  7. Rich C. says:

    Sorry that would be Omar Ortez. I’m tired -lol-

  8. Rich C. says:

    The Siglos are slightly less “strong” as comparred to The Omar Ortiz but both are wonderful

  9. David says:

    now they both sound good which one do I smoke??

  10. Dale Kent says:

    It is now 7:00 PM in Midland, TX. that means in 36 hrs the car backs out of the driveway and I am on my way. Is there a skins game in the super senior division?

  11. Rich C. says:

    Wow, the second shipment arrived this morning and we will also be enjoying some beautiful hand crafted boutique cigars from Omar Ortez. The true cigar connoisseur will know his name and will have tasted his cigars, for the rest; these will be a treat!!!
    One week till we burn ’em Under the Stars (-;

  12. David says:

    Rich C.
    that cigar sounds great, but who said anything about coffee??
    just kidding, looking forward to that night.
    thanks again.

  13. Rich C. says:

    Siglos XII, excellent Nicaraguan cigar is our first boxes(2) to arrive. Medium strength smoke with coffee, caramel taste, and a nutty undertone. Rated a 89. More to follow!

  14. Brad says:

    My buddy Dave and I are in. First time for Mesquite. We played in the world in Myrtle Beach and loved it. Really looking forward to the cigars and all of the stories involved with cigars and scotch.

  15. Rich C. says:

    Brian, I didn’t find your name on the list either (but it is late). Did you sign up for the event here on the blog? If not just bring your favorite cigars to enjoy with the group.

  16. Rich C. says:

    Ron W. You are welcome to attend, just bring your cigars. The cut off for a head count was last week (19th) so the request was made for our cigars. The CASH bar will be well stocked and the company is superb.
    Brian, I have not received the cigars from Altadis yet but should any day now. As soon as I get them I will make a post. Last year we enjoyed Monte Cristo Whites and Romeo & Julietta Habano Reservas to give you an idea of a past HERF.
    9 days till we light em’up Under the Stars!!!

  17. Brian says:

    Which cigars will be on hand?

  18. Bill W says:

    11 days and counting… Looking forward to seeing everyone from last year and meeting some new Brothers and Sister of the leaf…
    For those of you golfing, have a great time and see you Wednesday night…

  19. Ron W says:

    Count me in For Cigars under the stars

  20. David says:

    this time I will start with the 15 year old Glenfidditch, and not work my way up as last time!!
    looking forward to the fellow ship!!

  21. Rich C. says:

    The sign-up is closed at this time. The last few snuck in under the wire. If anyone else would like to join us, just bring your own stogies. They do have them for sale in the gift shop and at the local cigar shop on the main drag. Here’s hoping we have some excellent choices for Single Malt Scotches like last year. The Oban 14 year old and the Glenfidditch 15 year old were great with the fine cigars from Altadis USA. See you all real soon!

  22. Rich C. says:

    Sorry that would be Jimmy -lol-

  23. Rich C. says:

    Welcome jimmy and Greg. See you soon!

  24. David says:

    we are all counting the days some are counting the hours!! I for one am ready to leave now!!
    see you all pool side.

  25. Rich C. says:

    Just like last year, I will have a sign in sheet that will require name, e-mail or mailing address, phone number is optional. This is required for Altadis USA to verify the use of all the GREAT cigars we’ll be smoking. Only two weeks until tee time and 15 days till we light’em up again for the 2nd. Annual Cigars Under the Stars!!!

  26. Greg says:

    Count Jimmy and I in on the Cigar event.

  27. David says:

    sounds great Rich, 16 days and I will be in Mesquite pool side enjoying a cigar and a adult beverage!!
    see you there.

  28. Rich C. says:

    David, It’s my pleasure. I really enjoy the cigar life and love sharing with my fellow enthusiasts. Altadis USA is graciously providing our treats that night. As soon as I get my shipping notice of what cigars we’ll have, I’ll make a post here.

  29. David says:

    I for one am looking forward to a relaxing night with a great cigar and some fine scotch that will cap the day of fun on the course. +

    Cannot thank you enough Rich for putting this together again.

  30. Rich C. says:

    The cigars are ordered, so if you didn’t sign up here, you’ll have to bring your own sticks. See everyone at registration, on the courses, or at least at the 2nd. Annual Cigars Under the Stars!

  31. Rich C. says:

    I will be sending in our request for the Altadis USA cigars on May 9th and it can up-dated until May 12th. Get the word out to all your cigar smoking friends. We are now up to 58 with a few PM’s and E-Mails from various Mesquite / Town / Chamber of Commerce guests.

  32. Rich C. says:

    Kerry, God Bless and we hope to see you next year!

  33. Kerry says:

    Rich C
    Withdrew yesterday. Not making trip this year.

  34. Rich C. says:

    Kerry, come enjoy a great Single Malt Scotch with us and just breath deeply (we won’t tell your Doc). We’ll count you as a pseudo smoker none the less.

  35. Bill W says:

    We are not counting you as a smoker… hope you will come by to say hi…
    BTW, there is still time to find a new doctor… just kidding, hope you are feeling OK.

  36. Kerry says:

    Rich C.

    You did remember to remove my name as a SMOKER?

  37. Rich C. says:

    !!! 50 People and Counting !!! We still have room for more. We still have 44 days until the HERF. The cut-off date for the sign-up will be approximately May 12th so I can put in the request to Altadis USA for our premium cigars.
    Pass the word to all your cigar friends both male and female. Thanks, Rich

  38. Rich C. says:

    48 Days till we “burn’em”. Keep passing the word and remind everyone to sign in here on the 2nd. Annual Cigars Under the Stars Blog page.

  39. Rich C. says:

    David thanks for your input also for Paul. We still haven’t heard back if he’s coming or not. What do you think Paul, are you going to join us for Cigars Under the Stars?

  40. David says:


    to answer your question, RC will supply cigars there for us to enjoy plus the bar is open to purchase some fine Scot and just sit and get to know your fellow golfers, which is a great time.

    I enjoyed it last year and am glad RC is doing this again.

    thanks again RC. see you there!

  41. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Don O, Phil C, and Dave T. It’s good to see so many from last year returning for a great evening of Cigars Under the Stars. Pass the word out to your cigar enthusiast friends.

  42. Phil Carrell says:

    Please sign me and Dave Tice up, we enjoyed last year.

  43. Great having this again this year. I enjoyed it last year and I look forward to the same in 2010. It is getting to be a rare point in time when you can smoke with like minded people and I believe this to be unique. Sing me up.
    Don O.

  44. Rich C. says:

    Paul, this is a HERF that we do for like minded cigar lovers. Altadis USA and myself supply fine cigars for everyone’s enjoyment. There will be a cash bar set up by the Golf Tournament / Christian stocked with many fine Single Malt Scotches (and other spirits) to enjoy with your cigars. Last year we enjoyed Monte Cristo Whites and Romeo & Julietta Hanbano Reservas. This is held poolside in a reserved area with plenty of seating. It’s a very social gathering. If you want to savor your own cigar from Cuba, your choice. I’d help you with one myself! So can we count you in?

  45. Tom says:

    Paul, personally, I think you can bring your Cubans. I will meet you by the bar and trade you for an imitation Cuban that we get in the States!
    Tom from Texas

  46. Paul says:

    You are going to have to excuse my ignorance. Fist time player from Canada. What is this “Cigar Under the Stars” and do they sell Cubans there? Oh wait has the USA lifted that embargo yet? If not no worries can I bring in my own Cuban cigars???

  47. Meg Q says:

    Hi Rich, that’s Phil M, Bill W, Jim T, and Dave D for the Cigars … myself? ack, ack! Couldn’t be smokier than the Blackjack table though …

  48. Steve W. says:

    Looking forward to the event again this year. Please also include Shannan W., Tyler P and Mike R.

  49. Rich C. says:

    Hi Meg, How about yourself? Have the guys you listed drop a quick note. I don’t need last names but a last name initial is always nice (especially with bills and daves etc…)

  50. Meg says:

    I know four guys who will definitely want to attend “Cigars under the Stars” – please sign up Phil, Bill, Jim, and Dave from Phoenix. Do you need full names?

  51. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Don D., bring dinero for the CASH bar and enjoy a few fine Altadis USA free cigars.

  52. Don D says:

    Sign me up,this is my first time at this event,cigars and booze,you can’t go wrong

  53. Rich C. says:

    Peach, I’ve got you and Dan on the list. We’ll make sure you have a “designated walker” again this year.
    Boyd, I’ve got your friend Mark C. listed also.
    Keep the word going to all your golf/cigar/adult beverages friends!

  54. Rich C, Mark Charron would also like to attend Cigars under the stars with Boyd Rasmussen.

  55. Peach says:


    Looking forward to another great Cigar Under the Stars with you guys. Please, include me and Dan Kinkle (who walked me back to my room after last year’s soire) with your group.
    Last year, we had the magician but we had the most fun, making the cigars and scotch disappear. 🙂 Peach

  56. Rich C. says:

    Can we have the same bartender we had help us last year? If my memory serves me right, it was Ashley. She was a real help that night and knew her stuff at the bar. Her smile was contagious and I know she did great in the tip jar.
    Let us know,
    Rich C.

  57. Bill W says:

    Looks like a great response already… looking forward to see the ladies and gentlemen from last year and meeting some new friends…

  58. Kerry says:

    Rich C
    Take my name off the list. Doctor says no cigars, not even few and far between. But I may show up anyway, just for the aroma. And of course a stiff drink.

  59. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Pat and Scott. Dale this is a cigars smokers HERF, keep that in mind. Keep the word going to make this a great event.

  60. Dale Kent says:

    This will be my first visit to Mesquite and this sounds like to much fun to pass up, I’m a (X smoker) so will be able to handle this without any problems as long as there is an adult beverage station close by. Please count me in. Thanks Dale

  61. Tom says:

    Rich, the other two are Scott and Pat.
    Let me know if you need any additional information.

  62. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Tom. Please have your buddies post a note with their names also, or you can do it for them.

  63. Tom says:

    Rich, there are two others coming with me from TX. We will probly all be at the Cigars under the stars. Looking forward to the cigars and scotch!

  64. george says:

    Rich I will have 2 with me as well so my group will be 3

  65. Rich C. says:

    It looks like 23 so far. I’m shooting for 75 this year. Pass the word to your cigar friends both male & female please.

  66. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Ryan (8), Ron (2), and Boyd (1). Tom how many cigar smokers will be coming with you? I like the early interest showing up already (-;

  67. Registerd too late last year. Looking forward to this year.

  68. Ron says:


    Have not been to Mesquite since 2006. But I am signed up and coming this year. Will definitely participate in the “Cigars under the Stars”. Will probably bring at least one more from our group of four coming from South Texas!!

  69. Ryan says:

    Our group is coming again. Can’t wait. We have 8 with us.

  70. Rich C. says:

    Just to reiterate: This is a Cigar HERF. A gathering of like minded individuals who SMOKE CIGARS. There will be lots of cigar aroma wafting about the night air. The cigars are provided and should be enjoyed at the event. Bring money for a great Cash Bar with Single Malt Scotches and the usual suspects of liquors.

  71. Rich C. says:

    I will finalize a list from those listed here. That night I will cross check the list to keep the numbers right. Last year we had 68 people and I’m hoping to get 75 this year. Altadis USA provides the cigars. I get to greet everyone, smoke cigars, and drink Scotch! What a fun night and an honor.

  72. Tom says:

    Rich, do people need to sign up for the cigars under the stars, or do we just show up?

  73. Bill W says:

    Looking forward to this again… was great meeting everyone last year and we’ll bring lots of lighters this year…

  74. Rich C. says:

    Ahhhhh…. Cigars Under the Stars! (and Scotch).
    Thanks to Christian for allowing us to “light it up” again this year.
    I hope many of last years attendees will be returning. David, Willie, John, Kerry, Shaun, and Bill; it will be nice to see you all again.
    Maybe we can even get Christian to stop in and relax for 15 mins -lol-
    Welcome to all cigar smokers Ladies and Gents.

  75. John says:

    Count us in we had a great time last year there will be 5 of us in my party. Can’t wait!!

  76. willie says:

    Please count me in again,last year was great and met some great new friends…

  77. David says:

    Rich Cottle,

    count me in for the Cigars under the stars, it was a great time and I meet some great guys.

    I even got a picture of all of us that night and framed it!

    cannot wait, thanks Rich for heading this up.

    David DeRango.

  78. Kerry says:

    That would be Rich Cottle Of the senior men’s, high handicap flight.

  79. I would like to partake in the lighting of the stogies as well. Thanks for whoever is setting it up. George

  80. Shaun says:

    Count me in for Cigars Under the Stars. It was a great time last year, looking forward to it. Thanks alot