Cigars Under The Stars

We are excited to announce that with the 10 year anniversary of the Mesquite Amateur we will be having another year of Cigars Under the Stars.  Cigars Under the Stars will take place on Wednesday May 30th poolside at the CasaBlanca Resort after the Dinner Party (about 8pm).  Cigars are limited so please post your name on this thread to RSVP and Rich can collect names of attendees.  We will have a cash bar available to serve drinks to compliment these great cigars!

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97 thoughts on “Cigars Under The Stars”

  1. Rich C says:

    Thanks Dave

  2. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    thank you again for the fine Altasis cigars and for putting this together, can not wait for next year to see what you bring.
    have a safe summer see you next time.

  3. Rich C says:

    Thank you yo all who attended and enjoyed the fine Altasis Vega Finas.

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks again Rich…. was a great time

  5. Fred M. says:

    Thank you Rich C. for a fine cigar and get-together.

    See you next year.

  6. rich c says:

    Christian, I want to thank you on advance for all you do for us all and your support for the Cigars Under the Stars 4th year.

  7. rich c says:

    Sorry that should have been Marv

  8. rich c says:

    You got it Marc. All packed in the truck except the cigars and Grand Prize Humidor. Time for a Scotch n’s cigar out on the front porch

  9. Marv M says:


    I will look forward to Wednesday night. Sorry to hear about Vince L. but I will enjoy his cigar. 🙂

  10. Rich C. says:

    Jim, Thanks for the up-date, so the numbers will stay the same with marv M. taking the vacated spot. All is well. See you all in a few. Rubber to the road tomorrow AM, cigars and prizes in hand (or in my truck). I should get a Highway patrol Escort (-:

  11. Jim says:

    Rich Vince L. from vegas is a medical scratch that should leave you with one extra….he tried till the last minute to make it but bad vertabraes have sidelined him. I will still be there
    Jim O

  12. Rich C. says:

    As posted Marv M., the cut-off was the 15th and the order was placed. I should have a spare but you might want to buy one at the gift shop to be sure. Plenty of adult beverages to go around at the cash bar though. See you all soon. Rich

  13. Marv M says:

    Count me in for cigars and stars.

  14. Rich C. says:

    A good friend of the cigar industry Stinky, will be letting us use several of his ash trays during our event. Retail for these are $37.50. After the end of our party, they will be for sale used (you dump the ashes) for twenty bucks! Wait till you see them, very beautiful and functional. I had him send me an assortment (royal blue, pure white, jet black, chocolate brown, fire engine red, and his original stainless. They will be available after the prize raffle and me finishing my cigar n’ Scotch. I will have some of his business cards if anyone wants to contact him. Check out his web-site at
    Thanks, Rich

  15. Rich C says:

    We stand at 72 and the order was finalized yesterday for our cigars. 2 weeks until the 4th Annual Cigars Under the Stars and only 12 days until the Mesquite Am!!!

  16. rich c says:

    That should have read “also”

  17. rich c says:

    The Cigars Under the Stars sign up is clossed to finalize the stick count. Anyone can bring they’re own of course. The cash bar should have some for sale Aldo. If not, the gift shop does. Looking forward to seeing you all!

  18. rich c says:

    R Randle, can I get first names and last initials for the drawing please?

  19. rich c says:

    I’ll finalize the numbers in the morning David.

  20. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    sounds like you out did last year, what is the count?
    looking forward to this as always and thank you for putting this together again.

  21. R Randel says:

    Please count our group in for Wednesday night. Reed, Perez, Cooper, Jones, Randel

  22. R Cottle says:

    You got it

  23. Ryan P says:

    Please add Steve W to our group also. A different Steve than the one just listed.

  24. Rich C. says:

    Yeah………. 65 count. See you there Ryan, Terry, Scott, Pete, John, Steve, Shannan, and Tyler

  25. Steve W. says:

    Add Steve W., Shannan W., and Tyler P. to the list please.

  26. Rich C. says:

    Sixty Dos and countimg. Still time to sign up here until the 15th.

  27. I just was able to “clear my schedule” to play. Would love to attend the Cigars event if there is still room.

  28. Ryan P says:

    Please include Ryan P, Terry P, Scott W, and Pete A all from Spokane WA. We have been there every year and really look forward to the event. Thanks for doing it again Rich.

  29. R Cottle says:

    250 cigars. That part will be up to the winner (-;

  30. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    On that grand prize humidor how many cigars does it hold??
    I would look great in my place in Vegas!!!

  31. Meg Q says:

    Hi Rich – Please add one more to Meg Q’s crew: Jim T will be coming also. See you soon! MQ

  32. Kerry says:

    Don’t have a study, but it would look great in the man cave. Oh, that would be the House.

  33. Tom says:

    The Humidor would look great in my study!

  34. Rich C. says:

    Any comments about the grand prize humidor???

  35. Fred M. says:

    Count me in for the Cigars.

    Have fun.

  36. Rich C. says:

    Here’s the link for the grand prize humidor

  37. Rich C. says:

    At 57 as of today. I finalize my order on May 15th at 1000hrs. Spread the word.
    This year’s raffle will be a doozey: various cutters, ashtrays, a Savoy tube flask, and a Lincoln Memorial Humidor! Google the humidor and you’ll be amazed (-:

  38. Jim Andrew says:

    Count me in for cigar night

  39. William Mahina Young says:

    Count me in for Cigars under the Stars.

  40. Mike Dailey says:

    I would love to be included. This is my first year at this tournament and I’m really looking forward to it.

  41. Rich C says:

    Christian, any local dignitaries? Golf pros, Mayor, Council members, casino execs, etc… dog catchers? Final count by the 15th. Also a friendly reminder to secure vast and nice amounts of Scotches!

    1. christian says:


      As of right now no on the local dignitaries. I will try again to come down and say hello. I have put the request in for different scotch’s and whiskey’s. Looking forward to it.

  42. Rich C. says:

    You’re in Jeff. We’re at 54 as of this morning. Spread the word (-:

  43. Jeff Carls says:

    Been away from the desert since ’09. Count me in if still room

  44. David DeRango says:

    Rich C.
    Thank you again I can taste that cigar and the single malt scotch now!
    What is the head count at this point?

  45. Rich C. says:

    Confirmed: European Issue Vega Fina Robustos. Medium strength and very well made! The cut-off for the sign-up is May 15th for the haed count.

  46. Rich C says:

    Gotcha in the mix Kevin. A good Single Malt Scotch makes any cigar better. I think I might know what cigars we’re getting because Altadis is really pushing the revamp of an old time favorite. It’s currently being rated in the major cigar magazines etc… so I kinda suspect. Stay tuned (-:

  47. Bill W says:

    Kevin, not sure what we are getting this year, but they are always great cigars from Altadis.

  48. Kevin Gilliland says:

    Count me in. First time attending and can’t refuse a good or bad cigar.

  49. Bill W says:

    I invited Stinky and he said he will be up and may bring some of the famous Stinky HERF ash trays. So add one more..

  50. Rich C. says:

    Pushing the “50” mark. Help get the word out with your Fellow Lovers of the Leaf.

  51. Rich C. says:

    Peach, I was starting to wonder where you were!!! (-: Welcome again to you and your Brothers of the Leaf (Dan K. Robert C. and Roy P.)

  52. Peach Waller says:


    As per usual, I would like to attend with Dan Kinkle, Robert Coley and Roy Pierson. Hope they have plenty of single malt scotch to go with those great cigars you bring.

  53. Rich C. says:

    42 !!!

  54. Rich C. says:

    Thanks for the up-date Rich M. Welcome Phil C. and Dave T.

  55. Richard Messina says:

    Ok Rich ,that’s one Rich M & one Bill B sorry I left out the initials in yesterdays earlier blog msg

  56. Dave T says:

    Please add Phil c. and Dave T to the list.

  57. Rich C. says:

    We’re at Forty (40) to date. Spread the word to your Cigar Friends.

  58. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Jeff M. and Rick P. Another Rich and Bill will always fit in with this group, welcome.

  59. Richard Messina says:

    Rich , my name is Rich if u remember me – I will be there and smoking & will be bringing along a new person with who’s also going to be smoking ( Bill)

  60. jeff miller says:

    jeff miller and rick pershall to enjoy the cigar event .thank you

  61. jeff miller says:

    count jeff muiller and rick pershall to attend the spetacular cigar under the stars event . thank you for organizing the event this year

  62. R Cottle says:

    Welcome Jim and Jim

  63. Jim Everhart says:

    count me in.

  64. Jim Garner says:

    Rich – Sign me up. Looking forward to another great nite of cigars & single malt.

  65. R Cottle says:

    Welcome Gene and Jim. Anyone else in your parties?

  66. Jim Thiesing says:

    Rich, please sign me up for Cigars Under the Stars – always a great relaxing evening after dinner… A little sippin and some smokin’ and some great comraderie..

  67. R Cottle says:

    We got the final confirmation from Altadis USA this morning to support our 4th annual Cigars Under the Stars! A little later than I’d like but still the same, great news 🙂

  68. Gene Patterson says:

    Hi Rich – I will be attending the tournament for the first time this year and will be attending the Cigar event.

    Thanks, Gene Patterson

  69. Bill B. says:

    Returning for the 10th Mesquite and wouldn’t miss your great event by the pool, count me in again.

    Bill B.

  70. RCottle says:

    I know it’s early but: Scotch reminder, the good stuff! Oban, Glenfidditch, Balvinnie, etc…

  71. Rich C. says:

    We’re at 31 so far. Christian are you going to make it this year again? Any guests from the City, Black Gaming, or the golf resorts? All are welcome to enjoy a fine cigar and a quality adult beverage. Pass the word (=:

    1. christian says:


      I will do my best to stop by like I did last year. I will let you know if we have any others coming down. Thanks!

  72. Rich C. says:

    Tom, It will be good to see ya’ll again. Pass the word (-;

  73. Tom says:

    Rich, four of us from Dallas, Tx.
    Tom M
    Scott R
    Pat M
    Steve V
    Looking forward to another great event.

  74. Rich C. says:

    John, It will be a great night with fine Altadis Cigars! Can you post the first names and last initials of the other three attending? I have to supply a list of names to justify the stogies. City and/or States are just for my personal interest. See you in may, Rich

  75. Stan says:

    Count me in, too. Great time to hang with friends!

  76. John Spears says:

    Hey Rich,
    Glad to see you are doing this again there will be 4 of us attending and we are looking forward to it.

  77. rich c says:

    You got it James. Pass the word (-:

  78. James McClure says:

    Please sign up myself and my wife, Wendy. Thanks!

  79. Rich C. says:

    Andy, That’s why I do this great event! promoting the cigar lifestyle and the relaxation it can bring.

    Meg, See you and your “crew” soon.

    There will be cigars at the cash bar for those who want more than one or don’t have any extras on them. Just a reminder; the gift shop carries a pretty good selection of sticks right in the Casablanca.

  80. Meg Q says:

    Hi Rich, Please count Phil MacF, David D, and Bill W. in for the Cigars under the Stars! Can’t wait! See you in Mesquite, even though we’re both in Phoenix! Meg Q

  81. Andy Harbin says:

    Count me in !! I found a great new cigar at last year’s event (H Upman) and have been smoking them ever since.

  82. Kerry says:

    Hey Rich,

    Count me in as a smoker this year. What the heck, I guess once a year is ok. Don’t tell my doctor.

  83. Jim O'Hare says:

    Count in Jim O and Vince L. both from Vegas..we were there last year
    and had a great time.

  84. Bill W says:

    Looking forward to this once again. Great friends, great smokes and I know there will be some great stories again…

  85. Bob LaPlante says:

    This is my first to the event, count me in.

  86. Crazy Canucks says:

    The MacKinnon Brothers from Canada will be there as well, so you can count 2 more for the Cigar Partee.

  87. I’ll be there and bring extra cigars in case we run out. Very excited for my first Mesquite Am. Thanks

  88. willie says:

    I’ll be there for the fourth time, very great bunch of guys…

  89. Barry Johnston says:

    I’m in. Only smoke a few times each year. This will definitely be a worthwhile occasion!

  90. Shaun Benninghove says:

    Rich, count me in. It’s a great way to end the evening…

  91. rich c says:

    It’s time for the 4th Annual Cigars Under the Stars!!!

  92. Kerry says:


    I also will be there, and like George, will not be smoking. See you in May.
    I am sure we will be golfing together.

  93. David DeRango says:

    count me in and I will take Georges cigar if he does not what it!!
    thank you for doing this again, it is such a great way to end a great dinner, you know I donot say end the day cause it is still to early!!
    see you soon.

  94. George Salcedo says:

    Rich I will be there but will not be smoking. Love the friendships built while hanging out at the pool with the Cigars under the Stars gang. Great your doing this event again and thankyou. George STMF