Cigars Under the Stars is back for 2011!

Cigars Under the Stars is coming back for it’s 3rd year.  Let us know if you are planning on attending.  Come join the fun on Wednesday June 1st pool side at the CasaBlanca Resort at 8pm.

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89 thoughts on “Cigars Under the Stars is back for 2011!”

  1. David says:

    Rich C.

    Yes you are correct it was an outstanding week a big thank you for cigars under the stars. That was a great ending to a great day.

    50 weeks till next time and the 10th will be a big bash so get ready for us??

    have a safe summer see you next time.


  2. Rich C. says:

    What a great weekend. Thanks to all who attended this year’s Cigars Under the Stars. We had 108 there as best as I had counted.

  3. Kerry says:

    You are flying from Phoenix Rich? It is Wheels down for me in about 4 hours. See you all soon.

  4. Rich C. says:

    Wheels up in the morning. Everyone have a safe trip to Mesquite and enjoy your week of fun in the sun. I’m really looking forward to Wednesday night’s Cigars Under the Stars!!!

  5. Rich C. says:

    We’re at 74 now!!!

  6. Allan L. says:

    Sign me up please; looking forward to the evening.

  7. Rich C. says:

    I got confirmation of what great Altadis cigars we’re going to be enjoying: H. Uppmann Sun Grown! These are a great cigar, we’ll really enjoy them (-: Rich

  8. Rich C. says:

    I’ll be seeing you all in 16 days for the Golf and 18 days for Cigars Under the Stars!!!

  9. Rich C. says:

    A few more I didn’t think of right away: Onyx Reserve, Te-Amo, A. Turrent, Gispert, Mi Dominicana, and Por Larranaga.

  10. Rich C. says:

    Ciagrs and swag are odered for 70+ people!!!

  11. Rich C. says:

    Christian, They are the world distributors for Monte Cristo, Siglo, Romeo & Julietta, Omar Ortez, Hoyo de Monteray, H. Uppman, Saint Luis Rey, Trinidad, Don Diego, Palyboy, Warlock etc… I’m sure your stores / suppliers carry many of these. Shoot me your cell number, I can’t seem to find it from the previous years contact (-: Thanks, Rich

  12. Ryan says:

    Hi Rich. I posted some time ago that the 8 guys from Spoakne are in again, but didn’t put all of our names down. Here you go. Ryan P, Terry P, Dan H, Dan T, Scott W, Cole H, Pete A, and Steve W. See you in a couple weeks.

  13. Rich C. says:

    Christian, Could you have the cigars being sold be Altadis products since they’re/I’m bringing the free stuff. Looking forward to another great Cigars Under the Stars HERF. The cut off for my order is May 13 (Friday). As soon as I know the cigars I’ll be bringing, I’ll make a post. A reminder to come enoy a great cigar and beverage to discuss the Cigar Life!

    1. Christian says:


      I don’t know that we have an account with Altadis. Give me a call and I can discuss with you. Thanks!

  14. Rich C. says:

    We’re at 70 and counting…. I can almost taste the great Altadis cigars and fine Scotch(s) LoL

    1. Christian says:


      We will make an annoucment at the Dinner that night as well. We will be selling cigars at the bar by the pool as well.


  15. David says:

    maybe we should ask him on the main blog pape?
    the man could be busy? he has a lot to do with less then 4 weeks.
    I will send him a note on the other page.

  16. Rich C. says:

    David, I guess we’re going to stay on the “unknown second page”, I haven’t heard anything back from Christian )-:

  17. David says:

    That is right Rich C. we must keep our priorities in line such as Golf, a great cigar and good adult beverages.

  18. Rich C. says:

    Is there any way to get our Cigars Under the Stars blog heading back on the first page? Maybe move the two early registration deadlines headings down (since they’re a mute point)? I’ve had contact of people asking me what happened to it and I had to check myself -lol-

    1. Christian says:


      I aplogogize for my delayed response on this. I have put another post up to get it higher on the list so people register. I am sure this will help. #’s are looking good for both the tournament and cigars under the stars!

  19. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Dave P. and it will be great to see a wife named Diane (-: Up to 68!

  20. Mike says:

    Hey Rich,

    Sorry about that. My wife’s name is Diane. We’re all looking forward to a great night of festivities.


  21. Dave P. says:

    Looking forward to joining the group! DaveP. 🙂

  22. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Mike D, and wife to be named at a later date, Jeff, Mike G., Jim M. and wife Wendy R. Our total is standing at 67/68. There is a possible double sign-up but hey, it doesn’t really matter. We’ll call it 67 and still counting (-: Thanks, Rich

  23. Jim Garner says:

    Rich, Have heard what a great night this is. I am looking forward to joining in on the festivities.

  24. Mike says:


    Myself, my wife, and my two golfing partners (Jeff and Mike G.) always enjoy cigars while playing golf, and of course after with some adult beverage is also a plus. You can count on us to be at cigars under the stars.

    Mike D

  25. Jim M says:


    Please count myself and my lovely wife, Wendy R. in for this great event. Looking forward to a fantastic smoke!

  26. Rich C. says:

    61 or 62 and counting. Thanks for all who have signed up so far (-:

  27. Terry says:

    No problem Christian. See you in a few weeks.

  28. Terry says:

    I thought I had registered for Cigars but don’t see it, so I’m resgistering again. I may have been one of the ones Christian deleted.

    1. Christian says:


      I apologize for that. Thanks for following up and hope you enjoy the Cigars under the Stars!


  29. Kristen says:

    Added this link on my site and mentioned I’d be there. Getting closer- excited? (c:

  30. Kathy says:

    Add 2 more to the list–Kathy and Bob
    Can’t wait!

  31. David says:

    We are getting close to this fun event, if you do not get enough to sign up can I have the left overs??? LOL, just kidding.
    Are you still at 59 and holding??
    Thank you!

  32. Rich C. says:

    You got it Christian, that makes 59.

  33. Rich C. says:

    David, We’re at 58 now with Randy and Steve. I’m excited too (-:

    1. Christian says:


      I was going through the posts and I had one to approve for Cigars and I accidentally erased it. I do not remember the name so mark one down as a no name or Christian erase as i am sure they will be there.

      Or if you posted in the last day or two and do not see your comment to joing please re post as it was a mistake on my end. Sorry!


  34. Steve W. says:

    Enjoyed the last two years. Sign me up again!


  35. David says:

    Rich C.

    How is the count coming as of 3/16 you where at 56.

    Looking forward to a great smoke and some adult beverages!!

    Cannot wait!! this is a great way to top off a day of great golf and dinner.

    Thank you for putting this on again.


  36. Rich C. says:

    Randy, I will have my digital camera there and would love if you could take on that duty again. Loved the previous years pics. If you have a better digital camera and can get me copies right away, that might be better for you to use your equipment. Let me know. It will be awesome to see you again. Rich

  37. Randy says:

    Hey Rich and Bill: The semi-official photographer will be there. I will try to bring my camera this year.

  38. Rich C. says:

    Christian, In years past we have had some special guests show up at the Cigars Under the Stars. Though unaccounted for, they are always welcome to enjoy a fine Altadis USA cigar and a drink. Can you check and see if there are any Black Gaming, City Council, Compadres of yours, etc… that might be joining us again this year? I’m just wanting to be better prepared number wise. Thanks, Rich

    1. Christian says:


      Yes I will definately let you know if I have any that are coming. I appreciate you accomodating them!


  39. Rich C. says:

    Welcome Kristen(1), Kathy & Jon(2), and Brad(4)! 56 Yahoooooo!!!

  40. Brad says:

    You can count the lawmen from Sacramento in also. We have added two more to the party(4 total). Looking forward to seeing those fellas from Oregon and Washington.

  41. Kathy Lee says:

    Please count me in for two…Kathy L. and Jon H…Looking forward to it as usual.always a fantastic night..see you there!!!

  42. Kristen says:

    You know I’ll be there, and I expect the strawberry & champagne treatment the night before! (c:

  43. Rich C. says:

    49 attending through here, phone calls, and private e mails!!! Let’s keep it going fellow cigar enthusiasts. Remind anyone who is coning to log in here and sign up with their first name and last initial. It’s always nice to hear where everyone is from too.

  44. Bill Boggs says:

    Rich C.
    count boomin from Walla2 in for cigars under the stars, missed last year with daughter’s graduation, but we are returning this year. thanks for support of the cigar players.

  45. Bill W says:

    Will be myself and David P coming from SL..

  46. Rich C. says:

    Sorry click on my name in the above post to check out Altadis USA. (

  47. Rich C. says:

    Check out their web-site to see all the cigars they distribute / import. I wonder what we’ll be enjoying this year?

  48. Rich C. says:

    44 so far to enjoy the cigar life from Altadis USA. What are we down to, about 11 weeks give or take a travel day or two?

  49. Bob D says:

    Count me in. Bob D from Denver, CO.

  50. Jim O says:

    Rich, count in Jim O and Vincent L. both from Las Vegas.

  51. David says:

    Rich C.
    Yes funny story, I have been to all of the Cigars Under the Stars, and enjoyed the adult beverages and cigars along with the fine people there to enjoy with and your self Rich.
    Plus I always enjoy a good cigar working in the yard and relaxing, and most of all I do not play golf with out a supply of cigars in my bag, golf is not golf with out a fine cigar.
    Thank you again for sponsoring this night.
    David DeRango.

  52. Rich C. says:

    Funny you should ask, here’s the long story: The first year it was fifty and we had 49. Then it was raised to 75 and we had 98!!! So this year I’m bringing my boss from New York to see what this huge HERF “Cigars Under the Stars” is all about. We will have an abundant supply of fine Altadis Cigars that night. The more that sign up, the better. I mainly need to target fellow cigar smokers but guests are allowed of course. I will make a final post/count of attendees about three weeks prior. The cigars handed out will need to be enjoyed while you’re at the event. The cash bar will be flowing with plenty of fine adult beverages to marry with the fine cigars. Come enjoy the cigar life (-:

  53. David says:

    Rich C.
    What is the cut off number for smokers that night?
    David D.

  54. Rich C. says:

    42 future Happy Campers so far

  55. David says:

    Rich C.
    sorry man I cannot get any of my golf buds to join me in Mesquite and for cigars under the stars so it will be just me, they are a bunch of wipped boys!!
    See you soon.
    David D.

  56. Andy Harbin says:

    I havent played in the Mesquite Am since 2007, therefore I’m not familiar with this event, but what the hell, I’ll try anything once, or more, if it’s fun. Count me in.

  57. Jerry says:

    You said the right words. I am definitely in for the Scotch. Jerry and Ruth B.

  58. Rich C. says:

    Good Morning Fellow Golfers and Cigar Afficiandos. We are at 39 attendees and counting. Spread the word and remind those who might have been there in the past. I still need a sign up entry here on our blog page to have an accurate head count. We wouldn’t want to not have enough Scotch (insert your favorite choice here)for our Altadis Cigars would we??? (-;

  59. Tom says:


    Count Tom M, Scott R and Pat M. from Texas in for the Cigars Under The Stars!

  60. Rich C. says:

    Crazy Canuks, How many in your party? Please post first names and last initials. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you again, Rich

  61. Crazy Canuks says:

    The Crazy Canuks will be pool side for Cigar night. Looking forward to this years event as well already signed up for

  62. Peach says:

    You can count on Robert Coley, Dan Kinkle, TC (Token Canadian) Valentini and Peach Waller at the “Cigar Stars” night again this year. Looking forward to seeing you again this year.

  63. David says:

    No problem Rich! we will put on a really big show for your boss, any way I love a good cigar and a good Scott!!

  64. Jim O says:

    A big yes on the cigars. Count me in.

  65. Don Oldham says:

    Please sign me up for the “Cigars” event. Haven’t missed one yet and I don’t want to start now.

  66. george says:

    yes rich you can count me and big todd in.

  67. Ryan says:

    Count the 8 Spokane guys in again. We look forward to the event every year. We will put on a good show for the boss man.

  68. Rich C. says:

    Cool, we are already at 19 cigar lovers and counting! Remind anyone you know from last year, we need to make a good showing like the last two years to show my boss that there are quite a few cigar lovers who enjoy Altadis Cigars (-:

  69. Meg Q says:

    Hi Rich, please include Phil M, Jim T, Dave D, and Bill W in the Cigars under the Stars. They had a great time last year and enjoyed the cigars. See you in a few months!

  70. John S says:

    We love Cigars Under The Stars we have attended every year and this you will be no different. It is exciting to hear its growing we will look forward to seeing everyone again. Rich there will be 6 of us this year.

  71. Bill W says:

    Will be good to see John again and can’t wait to see everyone again…

  72. David says:

    That is out standing Rich this will be a blast.
    We will make him feel welcome.

  73. Rich C. says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, attention please: This years’ Cigars Under The Stars has been kicked up a few notches. My boss and Friend from Altadis USA will be joining us from New York. We will now have the added fun of raffle prizes and more cigars! He wants to come and see how I can get together 90 people at a HERF. He has seen the group pictures and I’ve had him read our blog. He’s aware of the time and effort that Christian puts into our event and wants to join us.

  74. Bill W says:

    Sounds good, can not wait and bringing some for SLC…

    Christian, sorry to lose Ashley… Would Shawntay be available? Another of our favorite Mesquite bar personnel..


  75. David says:

    OOOhhh yah!!
    cigars under the stars would not be complete if Ashley was not there!!

    Let’s do it!!

  76. Dave says:

    Enjoyed the last two years, so sign us up again.
    Phil and Dave

  77. Rich C. says:

    Welcome to all the cigar lovers out there! I’m looking forward to enjoy some fine Altadis USA products again with all those who attend. What do you think: Should we get our favorite barkeep back? Ashley (-:

    1. Christian says:

      Unfortunately Ashley moved and won’t be able to bartend. I am sure we will have another enthusiastic bartender to serve the Cigar Under the Stars participants.


  78. willie says:

    I enjoyed the last 2 years of the event,and you can sign me up for another year….

  79. David says:


    Let’s make this official you can count me in for that night, great people and great smokes
    and let’s not forget the cocktails.

    David D.

  80. Kerry says:

    I will be the Rich. You know I can’t smoke one, but I can enjoy the company.

  81. Shaun says:

    Count me in for the Cigars Under the Stars. It’s been great every year. Shaun from Fallon NV.