Cigars Under the Stars

Join us poolside Under the Stars on Wednesday, May 27th at the CasaBlanca Resort (after dinner party) for Cigars Under the Stars!  You can puff on a stogie and sip on a cocktail with your fellow Mesquite Amateur participants.  Please help us make this event one of the best by providing your thoughts and suggestions. Most importantly let us know if you are ready for Cigars Under the Stars!

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62 thoughts on “Cigars Under the Stars”

  1. randy kolash says:

    had a great time last year,as it was my first time in the tournament. look forward to 2022!

  2. David says:

    Rich C.

    many thanks for Cigars under the Stars it was great fun and got to take to new people.

    l look forward to next year.

    take care.


  3. Rich C. says:

    A big thanks to all that attended the Cigars Under the Stars. I really enjoyed meeting so many great people and it was priviledge to be involved with the Mesquite Amatuer. I hope this is a yearly event. Sincerly, Rich C. PHX

  4. Peach says:

    Rich, Thanks for the great cigars and OMG was that Glenlivet 18 year old great with them! We had so many pictures taken, I thought Paris Hilton-Ho had shown up with her papparazzi.
    Hope we can do it again next year.

  5. Wm2SLC says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone that attended Cigars Under the Stars. Rich did a great job and we appreciate your attendance.
    Thanks again

  6. Rich C. says:

    Sorry Mark, can’t tell if you’re serious but the event is full at the first 50 who signed up here.

  7. Mark Charron says:

    OMG……… Sunshine, scenery, golf, scotch, women and a fine cigar!!!!!!!! What has this world come to????? Can I bring my boyfriend????

  8. Rich C. says:

    We had room for just one more, so you’re IT !!! Congrats, see you there Duane.
    The Cigars Under the Stars is now FULL. Sorry to any late comers but I had to draw the line at 50 for the cigar count. Thanks to all and see you soon.

  9. Duane says:

    Is there still spots open for Cigars under the stars. If so count me in…

  10. Rich C. says:

    Fellow Cigar Lovers,
    Yes I received what I thought we would. Montecristo Whites and Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserves. I have them stored in my humidor so they will be at their premium for the Cigars Under the Stars next week.
    I will have a register to complete to receive your free sticks.
    Looking forward to the golf and the cigars.
    Rich – Altadis VIP

  11. Wm2SLC says:

    Can not wait, have smoked both before and they are awesome and robust smokes… cannot wait…
    Thanks Rich, will be good to see and smoke with you again…

  12. Rich C. says:

    I received confirmation of the smokes we all get to savor at the Cigars Under the Stars:

    Montecristo White, Churchill’s, 54 X 7″
    Medium Strength

    Romeo y Julieta, Robusto’s, 54 X 5″
    Medium / Full Bodied Strength

    Both are excellent sticks that are a premium cigar that anyone would cherish. Enjoy these with your favorite adult beverage at the cash bar. They will ship to me soon and will be kept in prime condition until we light’em up!
    Thanks to all that have expressed an interest and will be joining us soon.
    PHX, AZ

  13. Rich C. says:

    We’re getting close to the fun week in Mesquite, including Cigars Under the Stars. I will be requesting our cigars from Altadis USA today. They will be great premium fresh cigars that we will all enjoy. Usually they select a medium bodied and flavorful cigar for these events. I look forward to a week of golf and fun. Reacquainting myself with old friends and meeting some new. Not too late to add any new cigar enthusiasts, I’ll send my request this evening after 2000 hrs. We are at 48 attendees at this point! Thanks again to Christian for this forum and all the support.
    Rich C.
    PHX., AZ.

  14. Rich C. says:

    Of course any golfing gal is certainly invited. For me it’s a great cigar, a fine Single Malt Scotch, and good company. I only ask that the people who attend the Cigars Under the Stars enjoy good cigars and must smoke on site what will be provided that night.
    Will it be just yourself or are there other Ladies that will be joining us?
    Drop me a note here or at

  15. Brandi says:

    Are golfing gals who love a fine cigar, a stiff drink, and a fun man allowed to attend?

  16. Rich C. says:

    46 and counting !!!

  17. Randy says:

    I look forward to it.

  18. Glen Bjornson says:

    Count me in please!

  19. Rich C. says:

    Hello Fellow Cigar Lovers,
    It’s looking like a great HERF so far, 43 people interested! If you know of anyone else that would light up with us and enjoy a fine cigar, pass this along!
    I’m shooting for one if not two stogies a piece. Looking forward to meeting you all at Cigars Under The Stars,
    Rich C.
    Cigar VIP – Altadis USA

  20. Rich C. says:

    My eyes were getting tried counting the names to see how many cigars we’ll need! Sorry no Scotch, just cracking myself up as usual -lol- Maybe it’s time for a Scotch n’ cigar right now!

  21. robert coley says:

    Hey i will be hanging with peach,T.C, Dan,and roy from the hackers Amateur Tour out of Pensacola Fla. Love a good cigar and maybe a Brandy or Brandi?

  22. Peach says:

    Rich C.,

    Hmmmm, five post between 01:12 and 01:16. Are you getting a head start on us with the Glen Livet?

  23. Rich C. says:

    or Wm2SLC (-:

  24. Rich C. says:

    or Wms2SLC (-:

  25. Rich C. says:

    The previous was for WMslc2

  26. Rich C. says:

    It will be great to share a cigar and a single malt with you. It’s been since Vegas, way too long ago.

  27. Rich C. says:

    This is the Cigars Under The Stars Topic by the way in case you hadn’t noticed -lol-

  28. Ed Tennison says:

    Count me in for a great cigar!!! Ed T, Navy guy from Twentynine Palms, CA

  29. Peach says:

    Hook ‘Em, Sorry, different Peach but you can certainly hang out with my group…The Hacker’s Amateur Golf Tour. We’ll have about 20 guys and 10 wives are the tournament again this year.

  30. Art says:

    This is real – check it out.

    This 900 yard par 3 is in South Africa. The green is shaped like the African continent and completely surrounded by a sea of sand. You hit off a cliff over 1,400 feet above the hole and it takes 26 seconds for your ball to land. You have to take a helicopter to get to the hole. They post spotters around the green to let you know where your ball lands because you can’t possibly see it. Padraig Harrington is the only person to ever par it. He did it in a playoff after a recent tournament there. It is the 19th-hole and only used for playoffs. Watch him do it…with a ‘sandy’ no less.

    Click on the link below or cut and paste it in your browser. When the screen comes up, scroll down to the second major picture in the center column of the page (youtube link). The first picture has an arrow in the center of it, but is not active. The second picture provides the YouTube video.

  31. Hook 'em Horns! says:

    Peach, Can me and mom hang with you guys at the herf? are you the same Peach from the golf channel? Mom thought you guys should have won if your son hadn’t hurt his arm.

  32. Art says:

    Enough of cigars – let’s play some golf. Try this:

  33. Wm2SLC says:

    Sounds great Rich… count me in and it will be good to see and smoke with you again.

  34. Rich C. says:

    Handicap too high to list but I will be playing in the Hass flight/group. It’s looking like the attendance will be great. We’ll need to make sure the cash bar has some good single malt Scotch!!!

  35. Donald Oldham says:

    Please consider me a participant. Two of my favorite things.

  36. Tom says:

    Hi Rich,
    Scott, Pat, and I will be joining you on Wednesday night. We are the three from Frisco TX. We look forward to tasting your cigars, but if you get too many folks, I am sure we could light up anyway. Look forward to meeting you Wednesday night. What is your flight and handicap, maybe we will meet you earlier in the week. Thanks for hosting the Herf!

  37. Peach says:

    Peach Waller here. I’ll be attending with Dan Kinkle, Roy Pierson and Rick Valentini. Thanks.

  38. Scott says:

    Looking for forward enjoying a great cigar and a little scotch to go with it. Great Idea!!!!

  39. erentrils says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  40. Hook 'em Horns! says:

    I am bringin my mom!

  41. WALT says:


  42. Dan K (Florida) says:

    Would not miss it…Great way to end the day or begin the late night activities, Thanks. In any case I will be there.

  43. FJP says:

    Count two more from Colorado Chris & John

  44. Bill B. says:

    Rich, count me in for a good cigar to end the day and rehash all the glory of the day

  45. Steve W. says:

    Sounds great! There will be 4 of us attending.

  46. John says:

    I was the third post and there will be 5 of us attending. We are looking forward to another great year.

  47. Shaun says:

    Rich C. if you haven’t yet count me in I was the first to post. Thanks tons…….

  48. Ron S says:

    Count me in.

  49. wilfred says:

    count me in if you haven’t already done so. wilfred….

  50. Rich C. says:

    14 so far! Please get the word out and post the number attending. I will post a list with first names and number attending when it gets closer. I will need to put a “cap” on attendance because of the number of free cigars I can give away. First come (signed up here), first served =lol=

  51. Dave says:

    Add two more to the list. It sounds like a good time.

  52. walt says:


  53. Walter Ferry Jr says:

    I will definitely be attending

  54. wilfred says:

    I’ve been a cigar smoker for years,but have quit for health reasons. BUT,I do enjoy an occasional smoke, count me in….

  55. David says:


    Cigars under the stars sounds great, count me in. This will be my 5th year and it gets better and better each year. There are times I wish I did not have to wait a hole year.
    see you there.


  56. WALT says:


  57. Rich C. says:

    Wehoo!!! Thanks for helping get this organized Christian. This will be a great HERF event. You can google that term ladies and gents. I’m hoping we have at least 25 people interested. Ladies don’t think this is just for the “Boys”, the cigars will be medium in strength and with a very nice flavor. As soon as I know which Premium Cigars I will be bringing, I’ll make a post here. (The cigars will be fine Altadis Products).

  58. John says:

    Where do we sign up!!! 18 year old scotch & cigars who could ask for more.


  59. Tom says:

    I totally agree with Peach. The three of us from Frisco TX will definitely be joining. See you in eight weeks!

  60. John says:

    Cigars, great golf, perfect weather and good friends I would not miss it for the world. We are so tired of the endless winter up here that we are more then ready.

  61. Peach says:

    Great golf, a great cigar and Glenlivit scotch. What a country! Count me in.

  62. Shaun says:

    I’m all for Cigars under the stars.