Day 2 Results have been posted…

Be sure and check out the current status of your friends and family for the 2009 Mesquite Amateur!

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10 thoughts on “Day 2 Results have been posted…”

  1. Giacomo says:

    The USGA allows adjustment to any score 6 below par or in laymans terms a 66 or better. I have been golfing for only about 20 years and no matter what excuse is given, you don’t shoot 64’s, 63’s, 62’s, 61’s, 60’s, and especially not 59’s, 58’s and 57’s if your handicap is legit. The thing that really blows me away is people who don’t play the courses we play in the Mesquite Amateur, come to a course they haven’t played in a year or maybe have never played there and shoot a 60 or a 62 or even a 59. Not a chance SANDBAGGER!
    As long as the tournament officials are adjusting daily that is all we can ask. No matter where you go to compete in an amateur tournament there is always that Mr/Mrs “59.”
    Have fun, play some golf, have a few laughs and just hope they don’t put you with some A-holes who take it too seriously. It’s a game!

  2. Belayne says:

    PB and J,Great rounds.So proud of you!!!

  3. Kerry says:

    Sue W.

    Congrats on your 3rd place overall
    finish. Hopefully, see you and Dan


  4. David Soutar says:

    Chistian, thanks for putting on a great event.However for 2 years in a row you have had a nett score in the 50,s winning the tournament. The odds on someone with a genuine handicap shooting a nett 59 is near impossible . Golf is a game of integrity but it would seem that those of us with genuine handicaps have no change of winning either Mesquite or the World Am. The tournament committee cannot be expected to find all the baggers in a field of 600 and rely on us to be honest, unfortunately the small minority will always find a way to cheat the system. Its a great tournament and well run and I congratulate everyone involved in the running of the event

  5. Joe Sanders says:

    Horrible case of sandbagging. They should be ashamed to show their face and their names for their obvious dishonesty and lack of integrity which is the true basis and foundation of this honorable game. Take these scores to the Myrtle Beach World am and watch these folks get DQ’d and adjusted faster than they can say lickity split! If the tournament directors have no intent of correcting baggers….you can count me out for future events! A few strokes here or there is one issue, but a net 59, 60, ????? is NOT POSSIBLE! Get a grip people! This event is a mockery of Golf and the handicap system!

    1. Christian says:


      I want to thank you for your post and comments. I wanted to e-mail you directly and then I will be replying to your post as well. I want you to know that me and my tournament committee do everything we can to make the event as fair as possible for all participants. We adjusted 48 players after day one and another 16 after day two. We also adjusted people before the championship round.

      At some point the player needs to take responsibility for them selves. As you said the game of golf is a game of honesty and integrity and it is quite apparent there are more people that are honest and play the game with integrity but it is a small number that put a black eye on the whole situation.

      As a tournament director we will be looking at ways to put a halt to this. As we do after each year we look at things that went well and did not go so well. As every other year handicapping is always on top of the list. I welcome you to contact me if you have anymore questions. Thanks again for your comments.


  6. John Williams says:

    Yes, the results are in and the analysis is interesting. By and large it looks like most flights were pretty well balanced. However, even a GREAT event like the Mesquite Amateur is plagued by an occasional infestation by the dastardly sandbagger monster. Any flight with folks scoring better net than -7 should be examined. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for such fluctuations like having recently had some serious game improvement events, brain transplants, etc but a closer look at the scoring history and a phone call to the home course of the player is certainly warranted at the least. Using the official USGA odds chart for folks shooting under their handicap shows that a few flights had folks reporting scores that are WAAAAY in excess of any reasonable numbers for their reported handicaps. For example, I calculated a few and the worst was 777,000 to 1 and there were over 12 total that had “odds” of over 100,000 to 1. To put this in perspective, if you play 50 rounds a year it would take at least 2,000 years to expect such a wonderful performance! Aren’t we lucky to have been witness to 12 “once-in-2000-year” performances! 12 out of over 600 players is a pretty admirably low number and I’m not complaining here, and I plan on playing in future Mesquite Amateur Tournaments. I’m just pointing out that these folks need to be weeded out of our game so that ALL have a fair chance at competing. Christian, do you have a method or plan to help keep the Mesquite Am a fair event?
    Thanks for all the hard work and keep the great tournaments coming!

  7. Dicksie says:

    Go Sarah! We’re all cheering for you. Dona announced your status at the meeting yesterday and you received a huge round of applause.
    Best –

  8. Kerry says:

    Sue & Dan

    Just saw day 3 results.
    Congrats. Play well this morning’


  9. Kerry says:

    Sue & Dan

    Probably won’t see Thursday’s results until
    Friday Night. Hope you’re playing Friday
    morning. Good luck.