Dinner Parties

If you have any questions on the nightly dinner parties in the CasaBlanca Event Center please post them here.

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72 thoughts on “Dinner Parties”

  1. Daniel Monico says:

    Almost that time again. The food spread has never disappointed. LFG!

  2. David DeRango says:

    Hi Christian hoping we are having our nightly dinners?
    we are looking forward to it!!
    thank you for all you do.

  3. Daniel Monico says:

    The count down has officially started. Looking forward to the fabulous foods and sharing quality time over an adult beverage or 2,3,4,5 or more with all of the Mesquite Am golfers!

  4. Daniel Monico says:

    Another year of delicious food and amazing cocktails- thank you!

  5. Kerry says:

    Golfing not the Problem This Year. Lost 5 of my Front Lower Teeth this week.
    Ice cream, Soup, Mashed Potatoes. Basically anything soft, that does not require chewing.

    1. David DeRango says:

      You will be fine!!
      if you need to cut up the food for you I will!
      your my friend and I will help were needed
      anyone got a blender!!!

  6. Kerry says:

    Still have not golfed yet. May have to request a refund and just be a Dinner Party Person. And assist the Volunteers

  7. Tyler says:

    Blog seems to work…

  8. Paul Buturusis says:

    My wife told me no birthday suit, she doesn’t want me to make the guys feel jealous.

  9. David DeRango says:

    Hey Paul I was told clothes would be nice.
    so I guess I will put some thing on other then my smile that will not go away.
    cannot wait.

    1. Crazy Canucks says:

      Paul where a Speedo like me or if it is above 95F, I plan on just wearing my thong

  10. Kerry says:

    Paul Buturusis

    Country club Casual. Shorts are fine, No Denim. Collared shirt required. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM, YOUR TOURNAMENT PIN. Without it, you will not get in. You will get this at Registration. Guest is required to have their own. In other words, the same as you will be wearing on the Golf Courses you will be Playing here.

  11. Paul Buturusis says:

    What is the dress attire for the dinners, casual, shorts?

    Got to start packing.

  12. David DeRango says:

    Kerry, LMAF no I do not want to behind you when your seam lets go.
    I my self have been needing to lose weight I think I am about 10 lbs down from January it is slow going when you hit that 60 mark.
    I do not want to be the one who has fallen down and cannot get up!
    or up in down in my case! get it a golfing therm!!!

    14 days till I am in Vegas 10 day forecast looks good after Sunday the 10th.
    CANNOT WAIT to be in some warm weather!
    and to be golfing my @$$ off.

  13. Kerry says:

    Dinner, Dinner, Dinner. Must watch the Calories, or like David has said, He does not want to be behind me while I am lining up a putt, and the seam lets go.

    May have to Lay off the Ice Cream, and hit the salad bar instead.

  14. David DeRango says:

    what have you come up with for dinner themes.
    looking forward to the dinners they are always great.
    thank you for all you any your people do for us.
    with a special thank you to the volunteers.
    see you soon cannot wait.

  15. Kerry says:

    The nightly Dinner Parties are always the highlight of the day. Watching the daily videos is always a good laugh. And I was actually in one last year. Palms, 15th Hole, my second shot from just short of the canal on the left side. Yelling at a Cow that was Laughing (mowing) at me before I even had hit the shot. Turns out, the cow could see into the future. It was a terrible second shot.

    Hey Christian, any early release of what the Top Notch Chefs of the Casablanca/Virgin River Kitchens are cooking up for us this year?

  16. David DeRango says:


    43 days till I am in Vegas and some warm weather were I can golf my @$$ off.

  17. Kerry says:

    If you insist. See you at Coyote Springs.

  18. David DeRango says:

    No Kerry you are at my table.

  19. Kerry says:

    Or I can always shift back to having dinner at Dan & Sue’s Table.

  20. David DeRango says:

    OK Paul we have two more sets to fill and I guess that will not be hard to do!

  21. Paul Buturusis says:

    I will join your table if their is room.


  22. David DeRango says:

    ok I get it these are tables of 10 you me and my two golf buds leaves 6 one for Rich, and any one else who wants to join us.
    Fred and is golf bud that will take up 7 just 3 left.
    we will see what I can do with George maybe grab a second table!!

    48 days till I am in Vegas that is were I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

  23. Kerry says:

    David, My Good Man

    My reference to the Bigger Table for Dinner, was at the Tournament Dinners, Not our little Dinner Party Sunday after the Gross Skins of Coyote Springs, and Before the Net Skins Check-in in the Casablanca Lounge.

    56 Days until Coyote Springs Gross Skins Game, Our Little Dinner Party, and Check-in for the Net Skins Game in the Casablanca Lounge.

    Wheels Down and 80 MPH, Not SOON Enough

  24. David DeRango says:


    how many do you think will be there me and you my two golf buds that is 4 and Paul makes 5 who else???
    Hope to be in town before then from Coyote Springs??
    looking forward to it.

  25. Kerry King says:

    Hey David,

    I foresee a Problem at dinner. We are going to need a bigger table. We will have the usual suspects, plus your 2 buddies, and then possibly Paul, also a Chicagoan. I guess we will figure something out.

  26. David DeRango says:


    I look forward to dinner each night food is always great.
    and thanks for keeping us updated.

    see you soon, cannot wait.’

  27. Kerry says:


    As long as you wear something OVER your Birthday Suit, you should be fine.
    Previous Years Mesquite Amateur Shirts have always worked for me.

  28. David DeRango says:


    What are the themes for the dinner parts this year I want to dress appropriately for dinner!!
    Always looking forward to Mesquites hospitality and I want say thank you to all who put in the long hours and hard work to make us fell welcome.
    Just 70 days till I am in Vegas.
    Cannot wait.

    1. christian says:


      The dress for the dinners are resort casual. I have not quite finalized the menus yet for the dinners each night. They will be great just like prior years!


  29. David DeRango says:

    Great Christian looking forward to this trip in just 17 days!!!
    Thank you

    Ho! if you need any help just let me know!!!

  30. David DeRango says:


    Will you be doing the MC for the evening? or is there someone else doing it?

    There is always good food and drink for the night cannot wait for the fun!!

    Thanks again.

    1. christian says:


      I will be doing the emceeing again this year at the dinner parties.


  31. David DeRango says:

    I ask this just about every year, Christian what are the themed dinner parties each night.
    Just so I have the proper attire??

    looking forward to it.

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for the question. We are going to be doing more of a gala type event each night so there will not be a specific theme. Just good food, drink and most importantly great people. Casual attire is perfect for dinner each night.


  32. ddwss1 says:

    I heartily agree David…Christian and the volunteers do a superb job

  33. David DeRango says:

    Christian and the staff always do a great my hate is off to all the volunteers out at the courses that help with score cards and around dinner time.
    this is my 10th year in a row and never ever had an issue.
    Thank you Christian and the staff for everything you do for us.
    51 days and counting.

  34. George Salcedo says:

    Uh ok. 57 days. STMF

  35. Leo May says:

    After 9 years enjoying the event, it would be great if everyone would just let Christian and the staff run the event. It’s a great time for camraderie and fun golf. The price is right – the courses are fine – the food is good, so keep all those good suggestions in mind (and unspoken) for when you run a tournment at your home course.

  36. George Salcedo says:

    Beth, but it has been known to be clothing optional. haha. Shorts and flip flops girl. 67 days everyone. See all of you soon. STMF

  37. Beth says:


    I realize this is a girlie question, but may I inquire as to the dress code for the dinners. Dress to impress, casual, or a mixture? Any recommendations?


    1. christian says:


      Thanks for the question. The dress for the dinner parties is resort casual. We look forward to seeing you at the event this year.


  38. Andy C says:

    The question regarding the Tournament fee –does that include the dinners for the golfers dinners ?

    Thank you,

    1. christian says:


      Yes the entry fee for the golfers does include the dinners each night.


  39. Andres Compise says:

    Our question is the $150.00 fee to be paid for each nite of dinner events
    for the guest and are the dinners included for the players with the
    registration fee? Would like to know–the one time we attended the ?Mesquite
    Tournament @ a few yrs. ago the fee for my wife was $50.00

    1. christian says:


      The guest fee of $150 gets them into all four dinner parties so it is a one time payment for all four.


  40. Art says:

    I’ve played all 10 years and I did not play in 2013 and I am really disppointed in the website. There are no photos/media coverage this year, no player list, very little coverage in the local news. What coverage there was in the paper indicated there was less than 500 participants, probably the lowest turnout there has ever been, except for the first year and that was because it was the first year and there after it just took off. I personnaly was very disappointed with the 10 year anniversary, no effort was really made made to promote the Mesquite Amature for the future. Too bad, this was a great tournament but it appears it has seen better times.

    1. christian says:


      Sorry to hear you feel that way. The participant list is on the website. All the scores were posted everyday and still live right now. As for the pictures I just got from the photographer last week and I was attending a conference late last week so I will be working to put those up very soon.

      If you have any suggestions for the future of the event feel free to contact me anytime my phone number and e-mail are on the website would love to hear your ideas and I can explain the programs we are doing and what we are planning on in the future.


  41. Andy Harbin says:

    $ 150.00 $$$ I paid $ 160.00 to be a guest for the dinners. Is there a misprint above, or did I get overcharged?

    1. christian says:


      Guest fee is $150. I checked your registration and you were charged $150.


  42. Duane Smith says:

    Not sure yet if my wife will be coming with me. Will I be able to register her as a guest on the 27th ???

  43. chuck cole says:

    Is there a guest pass for spouses?

    1. christian says:


      Yes there is a fee of $150 to bring a guest to the nightly dinner parties. If you would like to add someone on you can call us at 888-711-4653.


  44. David DeRango says:

    You and your team do an outstanding job every year and look forward to dinner every night, can you tell me what kind of give aways are you working on?? Thank you again. Cannot wait as always.

  45. Andy Harbin says:

    Hey Christian, I’m starting to get hungry. Are you having themes for each night’s dinners as before, or are you going in another direction. Regardless, is there any type of nightly menu that you can relate to us. I cant play golf this year (hip replacement – March 7th), so I must look forward to the nightly parties. Thanks.

    1. christian says:


      We are going to have a total Gala feel in the event center this year. I have seen the menus and they are looking great as usual!!! Looks like for the awards night we are looking at some great surf and turf again!! Of course we will be having the complimentary drink of the night available as well.

      We are looking forward to seeing everyone at this years Mesquite Amateur!!


  46. Barry Johnston says:

    George, I kind of like the sound of that Karaoke. I’m a horrible singer but enjoy watching folks get up and sing. With enough liquid courage I might even get up myself. If I’ve had enough to drink I’ll at least sound good to myself, no promises to the others in the bar though!

  47. jeff says:

    May i ask ,we bought wine from the casino bar to take in the dinner at night during th etourney ,it was ok’d by some staff but one wait person went balistic when she sayw it on the table .
    so is it ok or is it not ok to bring a bottle of vino into the tent ?

    1. christian says:


      I apologize if there is a miss understanding last year. We cannot have any outside food or beverage brought into the dinners each night (even if it is from the casino). It is part of of our health and liquor codes that we have to follow. The bars have plenty to choose from inside the dinners each night. Always keep an eye out for the complimentary drink of the night! Thanks for your understanding.


  48. George Salcedo says:

    Talking about old things that people had a good time at. The first year I attended, which was the 2nd year, we had the party over at the pool of the oasis and the food was in the room. That first night we had a Karaoke night. It was a blast to see people from all over do their thing with a mike. Now I know the tent is probably not the place for it but you know Monday night is considered dead night in the lounge and theirs no live music there on that night either but the hotel is full. Why not do something interactive in their. I am sure the bar would love the business and I think you might get a lot more people to hang out in the lounge area that night. I’m there no matter what but it would be nice to have company, haha. Just a thought and I think you Christian have some pull with the young lady that runs the lounge. STMF

  49. David DeRango says:

    are you able to get Brian and Bob back this year??
    would be great to see them again.
    they are so much fun and they get golf!!!

  50. David DeRango says:

    Well gald to hear it was not money and just scheduling.
    Get er done Christian.
    time is getting close!
    thank you.

  51. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Agree with George, David & Jeff….Bob Casper (Billy’s son) and Brian Taylor were solid. They do Real Golf Radio http://www.realgolfradio.com. Maybe we should e-mail them.

  52. David DeRango says:

    Jeff I am with you those two were funny, but from my understanding they wanted more money to do this event and in order to keep our cost down changes had to be made. I love the videos as well very funny but I wish they would jump around more of the courses during the day.

    Being a bartender for 26 plus years I have had a lot of banquite food and what they serve at the CasaBlanca center is better then I have ever had.
    My hat is off to the chiefs at the CasaBlanca.

  53. Jeff says:

    Could you please bring back Brian Taylor and his buddy Casper to host the event? Great down to earth fun guys that everyone enjoyed listening to during the nightly party. WE MISS THEM!

    1. christian says:

      Jeff and David,

      Yes we very much enjoyed Brian and Bob. We almost had them last year but it was a scheduling conflict with them. We are reaching out to them to see if we can make it work with everyone’s schedule. It had nothing to do with money it has always been scedule and trying other things. Obviously some things work better than others :).


  54. George Salcedo says:

    I will tell you the buffet is usually very good and the entertainment is hit or miss. 2 years ago they had a couple guys that did different things every night and it was fun and then last year not so much. The nightly video that they play of golf at different courses during the day is pretty good. Just wish it was longer and that they sold copies of everything they video’d. They usually have the same band in the lounge and of course the stories about the 25 foot putt that becomes a 95 foot snake usually make the rounds. haha. STMF

  55. Rob Turnbull says:

    So the Casino seems to be the place to be huh? Are the nightly events pretty good? I looked at the some of the pictures on their facebook page and it looks fun and the buffet looked amazing.

  56. George Salcedo says:

    funny me neither. I always party at the Casa cause then its a short cab ride home. Let me know if you find anything. STMF

  57. David DeRango says:

    That is a good question I hang out at the CasaBlanca the only place I know to drink/dance/party. I have never looked to the locial bars to explore and I cannot think of any I would what to since all the guys are in the Casinos.
    But if you find a place let me know.

  58. Rob Turnbull says:

    So as a first time player/visitor to Mesquite. Where are the best places to have a drink/dance/party other than the Casino?