Doing It In The Desert-Bruce King Memorial Fund

This thread is for the Doing It In The Desert events before the tournament to share information and discuss the Bruce King Memorial Fund.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Just as it says, since they were not in the money, must have been more lower scoring teams.

  2. Well. When a team that has a 10 handicap shoots 66 that’s what happens. Or were you trying to same sonething else with your capitalized letters. Stay safe everyone

  3. Kerry says:

    DeRango informed me that his Palms Scramble Team had a 56 Net. But when I inquired if he was in the “money”, he responded with a Frowny Face. Must have been a LOW SCORING event.

  4. Daniel Monico says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! LFG!

  5. I have one open spot at the Palms, none at Falcon and three at Casa for the skins games. I am going to send out one final invite to all registered players next week and then close up registration on May 8 to get tee sheets to the courses. Let me know if you want in. Stay safe.

  6. Tentative tee sheets have been emailed out to everybody registered to play in the skins games. Please take a look and let me know if you have any issues. thanks. 41 days and wheels up. Stay safe everyone.

  7. Kerry says:

    Mr. Barbas,
    You have Coral Canyon, Conestoga, Falcon Ridge, The Palms, Casablanca and either Oasis Palmer or Canyons each day. The Oasis likes to have one of its courses available to its members. Would love to see Coyote Springs and The Ledges return to the mix. And then yes, they could shoot for 800 Participants again. See you at Chimera G&CC on May 27th. Hoping it is a good time. And hoping for Reflection Bay again for next year’s Friday play prior to Skins & Mesquite Am Games. Will discuss this with P Mac during dinner on the 25th. Or there are so many good courses in Las Vegas/Henderson area, we could play a different course every year. But I am pretty sure that P Mac wants to play Las Vegas National & Reflection Bay.

  8. George, are all the games sold out again? Hope they are since people like my nephew hesitated or procrastinated in signing up. They use one less course than they use to, right? That’s why they cut it at 650. I remember they use to have the limit at 800 which they never reached.

  9. Kerry says:

    Actually, looking back, last year was earlier in March that the Skins were sold out.

  10. Record time! Can’t wait to get out there. Next thing you know we will be seeing the tenetive course rotations and player list. Getting closer! Hope everyone’s travel plans go smooth and we can all enjoy the best week of golf that we look forward to every year!

  11. Skins games are now sold out. I may be able to fit in one or two based on people falling out. Email me if you would like to be on that waiting list. I seem to be able to get in every one that wants in every year so let me know. Stay safe and wheels up in 67 days

  12. Kerry says:

    And with better than 2 months to go. Sounds like you are having a great turn out.
    Less than 2 months till I head to Tulsa for the PGA Championship.

  13. Sat at the Palms and Sun at Falcon are now sold out. I have 6 spots open at Casa on Monday. Stay safe. I am under 70 till wheels up.

  14. Skins update,
    4 spots left in the scramble at the Palms on Sat,
    2 spots left in the Gross/Net game at Falcon on Sun and
    4 spots left in the Gross/Net game at Casa on Mon.

    Link is below in another post. Sign up if you want in. Stay safe.

  15. David DeRango says:

    Add our request for Friday before the skin games we have 3 tee times at Chimera starting at 12:30pm 2 are full and waiting on confirmation from Chris and Lisa. So let me or Paul know if you want to play.
    Safe travels all, CANNOT WAIT!!

  16. Skins update with 77 days till wheels up.
    The scramble at the Palms has 17 spots remaining.
    Gross/Net skins at Falcon has 15 spots remaining
    Gross/Net skins at Casa has 21 spots remaining.

    Get in if you want in. Link is on a previous post.
    Stay safe.

  17. Kerry says:

    Thanks for the link. Have a great Tournament.

  18. All right kids, it is March 1 and as promised the Bruce King pre games skins games are now open to everyone. As of this morning each day is filling up quick so if you want in, get in. The link is below and if you have problems with that just email me at

    Sat May 28 Palms golf course. 4 person scramble, yes we had a blast last year so we are DOING IT again. You can enter as a team or a single, double or triple and I will pair you up. There will be a gross payout and a net payout. Net will be 20 percent of your team total handicap. The cost is 85 dollars and it is all inclusive. As of today there are 24 spots left.

    Sun May 29, Falcon Ridge. individual stroke play skins game. Your handicap will be based on the handicap you have with the amateur and I only allow a maximum of 18 strokes.  You can be a higher handicap to play but the most you will get during the game is 1 stroke per hole. Gross, Net and chi chi par three game is included in your entry. Couple drinks as well. 110 is cost.As of today there are 32 spots left

    Monday, May 30, Casablanca. The big daddy. Gross, Net, chi chi par three, patriotic dress up contest, breakfast , a goody bag and a couple drinks are all included. Your handicap will be based on the handicap you have with the amateur and I only allow a maximum of 18 strokes.  You can be a higher handicap to play but the most you will get during the game is 1 stroke per hole. Cost is 120. As of today there are 39 spots left.

    Here is the link. Click on that or copy to your browser and it should take you to the sign up page.

    Stay Safe, George

  19. Kerry says:

    Just wanted to see the particulars. Thanks anyway.

  20. Kerry says:

    Please send link to sign up for 2022 Skins Games. Thank You Sir.

  21. Kerry says:

    Not feeling the love, just incase I have a change of heart.

  22. Thanks to all of you for making 2021 so special. From those of you who donated raffle items, sold raffle tickets, bought raffle tickets, played in the skins game and just supported us, thank you. It means everything to us, the kids and Bruce who is probably drinking a Bud and looking down. Can’t wait to see you all at either the two man or back “Doing it in the Desert” next year. Stay safe.

  23. Kerry says:

    And 2021 was my last Doing It In The Desert.

  24. Kerry says:

    So George,
    First Skins Game at The Palms is in 24 days. On the registration form you asked us to list who we would like to play with on this day. However, for Falcon Ridge and Casablanca you did not ask us to list who we might like to play with on those days, as you normally do. Some of us do like playing with the same folks, but there are also some that like to play with others, and stimulate or defunct others play. I am sure that you have some formula to put folks together, I guess what I am getting down to, and using lots of words to get to, When do you think that you will have the Weekend Tee Sheets Out for our Scrutiny?


  25. Kerry says:

    Did you send him an email? His email address is just below, a couple of times.

  26. Paul Buturusis says:

    George, could you please pair Todd Dubois, Brent olson & myself, Paul Buturusis together on Monday. Thank you

  27. Kerry says:

    4 weeks until we Tee it up at Palms for the Scramble Skins Game. Looking forward to seeing the Weekend Tee Sheets.
    Hey George, is Palms going to be open early enough for Breakfast? Or is it going to be Dueces or a shortstack at Virgin River?
    My plans have changed, so I will see if all works out.

  28. Tom says:

    Hi George, I am trying to schedule my flight for Saturday so I can join you on Sunday. If you can hold me a spot untill tomorrow, I can let you know. If not, no problem.
    Looks like a good crowd coming this year.
    Tom McGeehan
    email is if you want to communicate directly.

  29. I have 2 spots that just opened up in the Sunday Skins game at Falcon Ridge if anyone is interested. Email me at

  30. I am. Email me at and I can tell you what’s available. STMF

  31. Bob LaPlante says:

    George, are you running the “Bruce King Memorial Skins Game” on Monday before the kickoff? If so, where is the signup link for this event? Thanks!

  32. Kerry says:

    Enjoy the Games

  33. Raffle prizes are coming together. There will be a least 1-2 2022 Mesquite Am entries available every night in the tent.
    56 days till wheels up. Stay safe

  34. Daniel Monico says:

    A must play event(s) for any new golfer(s) attending this year’s tournament!

  35. Kerry says:

    Always a PLEASURE to support this Great Cause. This years donation, 4X : William Murray Flask, Bottle of Shine & dozen Pro V1 Golf Balls, (2 Pro V1 & @ 2 Pro V1x). And don’t remember if I added Symbol Arts Coin. Next Year’s Donation is already in the planning, and will be a repeat of a Previous Year’s, except a Newer Model. Don’t Rack your Brain George, all you need to do is ask, but I think you already know.
    82 Days to Reflection Bay, and hoping to get to Mesquite in time for dinner at Los Lupes.

  36. So, since we did not have this wonderful event this last year, I was thinking that maybe we have some folks that have never heard of the Bruce King Memorial and why is there a page about it. Bruce King was an original Mesquite Am golfer who came to the event for the 1st ten years until his passing in 2012. I was lucky enough to play my very first round of the Mesquite Am with Bruce and we became great friends. Bruce loved Mesquite and was a believer in a good education and upon his passing we started the memorial fund that gives a scholarship to a deserving student from Virgin Valley high in Mesquite. To date we have given over 40,000 dollars to 7 great kids. How do we raise you ask? The skins games raise part of it, donations are welcomed and we hold a raffle each of the first three nights at the dinners in the tent. We have given away some amazing items over the years and this year we have some great stuff coming as well. Hope to see you in the tent this year, fingers crossed, and hopefully you will help us support this great cause. 83 days and wheels up. Be safe.

  37. Kerry says:

    Lance is in possession of all 4 sets of my donation. So he will get them to you for the Raffle at the 2021 Mesquite Am. Play Well All.

  38. Kerry says:

    My donation for the Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Raffle will remain the same, with one exception. I will most likely use the golf balls, so they will be replaced by new ones next year. See you all in May. Unless you happen to be in Mesquite today thru Sunday.
    FS1 is replaying the final round of the 2019 U.S. Open on Sunday, June 21st, please listen for one of Georges’ favorite phrases after Gary Woodland Tees off of #1.

  39. ok so we did not get to enjoy the Mesquite Am this year and that really sucked. I know Christian and his team did everything they could to make it happen but it just did not work out. But on the good side, we were able to still come to town, play some golf and give out a scholarship to a very deserving young lady from Virgin Valley high. I wanted to thank all that donated and helped us out this year. One other good thing, all the tee gifts for next years Bruce King are in, LOL, so I won’t have to worry about that.

    Next question, who is coming in November for the two person. I will be there and I have heard quite a few of you ask questions about it. Let me throw my 2 cents in, yes the courses are in amazing shape and the greens are beautiful and fast. I enjoy the grind of the Mesquite Am but having a partner for a 3 day event is nice, especially when you hit your tee shot onto I-15 and you can say “your hole” and go back and enjoy your adult beverage, LOL. If you are coming I am having a skins game that Thursday Nov 12 at 830am at Falcon Ridge. I am taking only 108, the cost is 100 and it covers everything, golf, net skins, gross skins and the chi chi par 3. You can email me if you want in and I will start a list but I won’t ask for deposits until Sep. Stay safe everyone and just remember, if you are not Doing it in the Desert, you are just Doing it wrong. STMF

  40. Kerry says:

    No Skins Game before Mesquite Am. Maybe I will do better by playing less rounds. Will have to save the Shine for the Raffle next year.

  41. We have had numerous people cancel out of the skins games and I am sure Christian is getting the same thing. I was hoping the governor would open it up but I have not seen anything over the weekend that says he will…. I know Christian is waiting on the same thing. If the tourney is moved to June i will not be there. Work issues. So there will be no skins games. Personally the way it has to happen it just would not be the same. The amateur is more about golf, it is a social event and that is what sets it apart from all the other tournaments around the country. Maybe we will hear something today, maybe not. STMF

  42. Kerry says:

    Under what Christian has stated, don’t see a way for the Raffle. But I know George will figure something out.

  43. Daniel Monico says:

    Positive thoughts peeps! Fore –

  44. Kerry says:

    Everything seems to be going slow. If the Tournament is cancelled, Oklahoma here I come.

  45. Kerry says:

    Well George,
    Just a question I’m sure all Sunday & Monday participants are waiting to here the answer to.
    With Conestoga & Casablanca serving up Breakfast Burritos, at what time will each begin serving these?
    We are now about the middle of March, so we are at 70 Days to the Falcon Ridge Saturday Game.
    Are we really that close to seeing old friends again? And since N Mac has instructed P Mac to look Presentable
    this year, My Hair is still in GROWTH MODE, will be doing the shaggy look this year.

  46. 91 days till wheels up. Goody bag gifts finalized today and numbers look great for 3 months to go.
    Sat, Falcon Ridge, 66 signed up, 14 spots left
    Sun, Conestoga, 104 signed up, 20 spots left
    Mon, Casablanca, 125 signed up, 19 spots left.

    Don’t get left out. See you soon. STMF

    PS, yes Kerry

  47. Kerry says:

    The same Party house?

  48. Rick, I do have you guys paired up with one other golfer in your group.

    Kerry, you can bring them to the house as soon as we check in on Friday. Thanks sir

    92 days baby. STMF

  49. Rick Napper says:

    George, On Sunday there are three of us signed up from the same group, my question is if we can be paired together? The names are Rick Napper, Mike Peery and Zach Adams

  50. Kerry says:

    So, where can I drop off the Raffle Items in Mesquite?

  51. 95 Days until I am wheels up. The skins games are filling up fast. Only a out 20 spots left on each day. Goody bag items have been ordered and raffle items are starting to head towards Mesquite. Can’t wait. STMF

  52. 102 days to go till I am wheels up and the numbers for the pre games look fantastic. For Saturdays game at Falcon, I have 24 spots left. For Sundays game at Conestoga I have 35 spots left and for the big game at Casablanca on Monday I have 38 spots left. Going to be a great year. Remember If you are not “Doing it in the Desert” you are just doing it wrong. See ya soon. STMF

  53. Tim, I have sent it to you. STMF

  54. Tim C Tyler says:

    Hey George I did not receive an email invite and I did play last year. What website are you using for entries?

  55. Kerry says:

    Hoping to be able to golf. Slipped on the ice yesterday, now wearing a neoprene knee brace. Same knee as I had my surgery on 3 years ago.

  56. 109 days to go and I am really getting that itch to be in the desert. Maybe it is because of this 70 degree weather we are having in Va currently. Update on the skins games,

    Falcon Ridge on Saturday 50 signed up 30 spots left
    Conestoga on Sunday 76 signed up 48 spots left
    Casablanca on Monday 92 spots taken 52 spots remain.

    Going to be a great year, can’t wait to see all of you.

  57. Update on the skins games, Sent out the initial email to last years players and we already are half full for Saturday at Falcon RIdge, 55 out of 124 spots are gone at Conestoga on Sunday and 64 out of 144 spots at Casablanca are already claimed. I will put out the website to everyone as of Feb 1st so you veterans better get signed up soon. Can’t wait to see you all in 119 days. Remember if you are not Doing it in the Desert, you are just Doing it wrong. STMF

  58. Ok, finally. Email went out this evening for the skins games. If you played last year you should of gotten an email. If not let me know. I will publish the website in a few weeks after the returnees get a shot to sign up. 134 days till wheels up. STMF

  59. David DeRango says:

    To everyone of my Mesquite golf buddies and ladies have a happy and safe one.

  60. David DeRango says:

    Ok now you two are bringing back old memories which for me is really hard! so do not get mad at me if I am wrong!
    I missed the first two years and only discovered the Mesquite AM that the Chicago golf show at the booth and took home the tape and wanted to go but in 2003 but my vacation was already planed and could not go until 2004, I took 4th place that year my first time ever playing in a tournament and doing that good!! with 16 handicap!
    I first meet Tom Burton and is wife at the first dinner which we sat with them every night.
    Meeting you George was at your skin games the following year with your email blast and I have not missed one since!!
    I know at first it was the big game and then played the others, I know you asked me to help with the raffles sales in 14 and have enjoyed helping ever since.
    Kerry will remember how I met him and Richard I think it was at the skin game back in 06 maybe you can fill me in Kerry and then I met Richard thru you I believe? But have met so many others and made some great friends!!
    Now I CANNOT WAIT 147 days to go and I look forward to this every year!!

  61. Kerry says:

    I remember that day as if it were yesterday. It was also my first Mesquite Am, and I was at Falcon Ridge to play a Practice Round. I remember you walking around calling out “Skins, Skins”. Although I did not partake in your game, this was when we met, making you the first person that I met in the Mesquite Am. And then met Dan & Sue at the dinners at the Oasis Tennis Courts. Who else is starting to feel OLD?
    Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night

    1:25 pm, MST

  62. Kerry, taking me back. This will be my 17th year so the skins game itself will also enter it’s 17th year. It all started with an email to Mark Lynch back in the day. Myself, the family and some friends were coming for our first ever Mesquite Am. We decided to play a practice round at Falcon Ridge and called them and got 7 tee times. I called Mark Lynch and told him to put out an email that I had a couple spots open in a family skins game and if anyone wanted to join us email me. in the next three days I got 92 emails and the Doing it in the Desert skins game was born. The Bruce King started in 2013 after Bruce’s passing in 2012. We gave the first scholarship in 14 and I believe we did the first raffle in 14 as well but oh how it has grown. It is amazing how much support we have gotten, we have not done this alone. This is a Mesquite Am family affair. Merry Christmas everyone.

  63. Kerry says:

    Hey George.
    I have just been reminiscing about the past.
    I know we have been doing the Doing it in the Desert Skins Games for quite some time,
    and the Blog for the Bruce King Memorial Fund was started Feb 2014.
    My question is when was our first Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Skins Game and also Raffle?

    See you Friday sometime. Probably at the Palms.

  64. ok. I know we have 254 days to go till we all arrive again in May but just wanted to give you the lineup for the Bruce King Doing it in the Desert skins games.
    Sat, 8am Shotgun start Falcon Ridge, Gross skins game with side net game. Cost is 80. 80 spots available
    Sun 730am Shotgun start Conestoga, Gross skins game with a side net game. Cost is 100. 124 spots available
    Mon 8am Shotgun start Casablanca, Net skins game with a side gross game. Cost is 120. 144 spots available

    All games will have prizes at the par threes including a Free 2021 Mesquite Am entry at Falcon on Saturday. Sunday and Mondays game include food and drink. Monday will have a nice gift to all entrants. Hope all of you have a nice fall season. If you are coming to the 2 man see you there. Be great. STMF

  65. David DeRango says:

    Well if nothing in Utah maybe something at or Sand Hollow ???
    We have a little time 275 days till we are doing it again.
    Have a good rest of you summer be safe!

  66. Kerry says:

    So hoping to see The Ledges as a weekend course in 2020 vs Corral Canyon. I really could not believe the condition Corral Canyon was in. Made me happy I played down in the 49 & under group and did not have to Play there for the Tournament. Just my Thoughts.

  67. Daniel Monico says:

    Hats off to George and his Krewe – once again…Until next yr-

  68. Kerry says:

    Thank You to George for all he does.

  69. Kerry says:

    Construction Sign in Virgin River Gorge Advertises that Construction will Begin May 29th. So the Skins Game on Saturday May 25th, will not be effected. However, those that will be Playing Coral Canyon Wednesday or Thursday
    During the Mesquite Amateur, May need to rethink what time they leave for the Golf Course.

  70. Daniel Monico says:

    (1) Week out -Lucky 7! Safe travels ppl…

  71. Tim riordan says:

    Rich please put me in for cigars night..thanks

  72. Kerry says:

    Was really looking for a 1C hole on Monday. Gave me a little bit more Bathroom Time.

  73. Daniel Monico says:

    (2) weeks out until the kick-off of Doing it in The Desert @ CC! Thx, GS – boom!

  74. Daniel says:

    (2) weeks out until the kick-off of Doing it in The Desert @ CC! boom

  75. Daniel says:

    (2) weeks out until the kick-off of Doing it in The Desert @ CC! Thx, GS – boom

  76. Dan says:

    (2) weeks out until the kick-off of Doing it in The Desert @ CC! boom!

  77. Due to some injuries I have 3 spots for the gross skins game/net optional on Sunday at Falcon Ridge. Cost is 100. Includes golf, skins game, CTP prizes, lunch and drink tickets. Let me know if you want in. 333 hours till wheels up. STMF

  78. Kerry says:

    Clubs or Camera, both will be in the car on Monday. Since I as well as you George knows someone just forgets, isn’t well enough after Sunday night or just blows it off. It was a good weekend in Mesquite. Temps in the 90’s, Golfed with folks from Colorado Friday, and folks from just east of Alaska, and said “EH” all the time today.

  79. Kerry says:

    I think Casablanca is going to be an Exciting Monday this year.

  80. Kerry says:

    Made it, inside of 30 days until Wheels Down & 80+ MPH

  81. Kerry says:

    Put me as the last person on your waiting list, then throw me in if there is room. Let everyone else go before me. For Monday.

  82. David DeRango says:

    OK 49 days till we leave for Vegas and for the best fun anywhere!!!
    CANNOT WAIT!! Have I said this before???
    Weather warming up in Chicago land but rain is killing the chance to get to the golf course!
    Even the driving range I cannot get to! Grand kids birthday parties this month keeping us busy.
    15 days till we are in Vegas for Easter!
    Golf league starts in 25 days so a lot to look forward to.
    See you soon my Mesquite golf buddies save Travels!

  83. Falcon Ridge on Sunday is now sold out. 2 spots left in Sat round at Coral Canyon and 3 spot at Casablanca on Monday. 52 days peeps. STMF

  84. 2 spots left Sat at Coral Canyon, 2 spots left Sunday at Falcon Ridge and 4 spots left at Casablanca on Monday. Getting close folks. See all of you soon.

  85. David DeRango says:

    Boys I look forward to be with you and play a round of golf many times!!! LOL
    this will be fun and cannot wait.
    will do my best to be at the town home by 6AM.

  86. Kerry says:

    Hey David, Richard & Kim, Looks like we are starting on the #2 Handicap Hole at Coral Canyon. 418 Yards, slight dogleg left. With Ravine & Bunkers on the Left side to deter trying to cut the corner. I remember this hole well.
    And then the #8 Handicap Hole at Falcon Ridge. 325 Yards, down the hill, and then up to green, guarded on the right by Bunkers. We should all be having a great time. Thank You George for these unique starting holes.

    57 Days until Wheels Down & 80+ MPH for Richard & I
    (although he will have to wait until he hits Utah for the 80+ part)

  87. Kerry says:

    Senior Moment, Hugo’s is Closed on Sunday’s.

  88. Kerry says:

    But also remember kind sir, that I did recant my wishes to play Coral Canyon & Falcon Ridge, to which you replied
    “Things seem to Change”. 2 months to go, so please if you need, give them away. I will get David to the Golf Course
    Saturday, then visit with relatives in St. George. And of Course Lunch at Paula’s, My Favorite Mexican Food Joint.
    Took Jim there Last Year, and he enjoyed it. And then Sunday, I will wait on Rand to show, with a possible Early Bird at Gregory’s, or at Hugo’s for some Tomato Basil soup & Spaghetti.

  89. Kerry says:

    Yea, they need someone to kick around.

  90. Ok, getting close to filling up the skins games and getting ready to send out another invite to all that have signed up for the amateur. Can’t believe I am only 61 days away from wheels up.

    Sat at Coral Canyon 6 spots left
    Sun at Falcon Ridge 7 spots left
    Monday at Casablanca 17 spots left

    Website is

    See all of you soon. STMF

  91. Kerry, I think a couple of those guys would not know what to do without you. LOL STMF

  92. Kerry says:

    Got my Tee Sheet. I’m tired of golfing with the same people all the time. I want somebody new.

  93. ok, update time for the pre skins games. We are pretty full but not busting at the seams. Per usual someone will have to drop out so I do go with a waiting list for each day and try and get those on it in.

    Sat Coral Canyon, Gross game with a side net game 79 signed up 9 spots left
    Sun Falcon Ridge, Gross game with a side net game 102 signed up with 6 spots left
    Mon Casablanca, Net game with a side gross game. 127 signed up with 21 spots left.

    If you are looking to get in the link is below. thanks

    Wheels up in 71 days. George

  94. Jim Owen says:

    George, please add me to the Monday round at Casablanco

    Jim Owen

  95. Bill westfall says:

    I have two time shares booked at casa for all week to rent

  96. Kerry says:

    Mar 1st, we should start filling up. Looking back to previous years, you used to open to All Mesquite Am participants earlier than now.

  97. oh my 88 days till wheels up. It is coming fast. Couple rounds in Vegas booked, check. House booked, check. Tee gift for the Monday Skins game ordered, check. Flight, check. Not much left to do but to wait. Update on the skins games

    Sat–Coral Canyon 66 spots of 80 taken, 14 left
    Sun–Falcon Ridge 83 spots of 100 taken, 17 left
    Mon–Casablanca 98 of 148 taken, 50 left

    Will be sending out an invite to all that have registered for the Amateur on the 1st of March so we should fill up quick. See you all soon, STMF

  98. Kerry says:

    Been thinking, like you said, things seem to change.

  99. Skins update. 15 spots left for Sat at Coral Canyon, 19 spots left for Sun at Falcon Ridge and 53 spots left for Mon at Casablanca. Wheels up in 94 days. STMF

  100. Still holding out for your presence Kerry. STMF

  101. Kerry says:

    No Harvey or Perry? Say it ain’t so.
    Going to miss them. Oh well, that’s right, I won’t be there either.
    But I am sure you all will have a great time.
    George throws a great party.

  102. Kerry 6:45 MST says:

    No Harvey or Perry? Say it ain’t so. Maybe we can all get together in Sep 2020, while I’m in the area for the Ryder Cup, I Hope.
    Oh, that’s right, no me either. Got to skip the weekend festivities this year. You all will have a great time.
    George throws a great party.

  103. David DeRango says:

    I know two of my golf buddies Harvey and Perry are not showing up again this year!!!

    George, I forwarded your email to them and Harvey made up excuses why he is not coming again!!
    Plus Perry did not even answer my email at all so you can take them both off your list.

    There is one thing I can count on are my Mesquite friends I have made over the years and all of you are my golf buddies I would tee it up with anyone of you and enjoy a great time!!!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

  104. Ok, the 100 days to go till wheels up update. The skins games are filling up. Sat at Coral Canyon 62 of 80 spots are gone, Sun at Falcon Ridge 77 of 100 spots are gone and the big day at Casablanca on Monday 88 of 152 spots are gone. Will be opening it up to everyone soon so if you are a past participant please sign up soon. STMF

  105. George I have two timeshares booked at casa for the am if any one would likE to rent please leave an email

  106. just got the prototype whiskey glass in that we will be giving away at the big skins game on Monday at the Casablanca. Wish I could post a pic because it is sweet. Thanks Lori D for hooking up the foundation. 119 and counting. STMF

  107. 5 degrees this morning when I got up. Winter sucks. Only thing that keeps me warm is the thought of the desert in 123 days. Wanted to give some updates for the skins games. The Saturday game at Coral Canyon has 43 out of 80 spots gone, the Sunday game at Falcon Ridge has 54 of 100 spots spoken for and the big game at the Casablanca on Monday has 64 of the 152 spots gone. Going to be a great year ladies and gentlemen. See ya soon. STMF

  108. As I sit here watching the snow blanketing my area in Va I long for the days of playing in the Mesquite Am and the Bruce King Memorial. Speaking of the Bruce King, want to give you all some updates. Sat at Coral Canyon is already half full with 42 of 80 slots already gone. Sun at Falcon Ridge is half full with 52 of 100 spots already spoken for and the big Daddy at Casablanca on Monday has 64 of the 152 spots taken. Get in while you can. Contact me if you have any questions. See all of you in 132 days. STMF

  109. Happy New years everyone. Wanted to give an update on the Skins games/practice rounds. The Saturday round at Coral Canyon is about 40% full, the Sunday round at Falcon Ridge is half full and the Monday round at Casablanca has 52 out of 152 in it already. For those of you that have played in this event before, you have until mid Feb then the I open it up to everyone to get it. See you all in 140 days. STMF

  110. Kerry says:

    Loudmouth contest at Falcon is not going to happen. Sure hope no one was looking forward to it.

  111. Kerry says:

    Nice Shirt golfoddball, looks like something a Seahawks Fan might wear

  112. golfoddball says:

    follow this link:

  113. Kerry says:

    I do have a Prize for the best Loudmouth Brand Apparel worn for Sunday’s Round at Falcon Ridge.
    Lance’s Better Half, Katie, will judge, if she is in town. Now I guess I should contact her and ask.
    Imagination is a MUST.

  114. I am sorry that i left out prices for the weekend rounds.

    Sat at Corral Canyon will be 80
    Sun at Falcon Ridge will be 100
    Mon at Casablanca is 120

    Total for weekend is 300

    181 days. STMF

  115. Kerry says:

    I’m sorry George, but not meaning to be a pain, but what is the fee,/cost for Sat & Mon events?
    Or are you still calculating these out?

  116. Wanted to update everyone on the pre games better known as the Doing it in the Desert Bruce King memorial.

    Sat, May 25th we will be invading Corral Canyon for a 9am (utah time) shotgun start. We will be running a gross game and optional net game. Also included in your fee is a CTP on all par three’s. I am sure the Chi Chi par three contest will be an option as well. We will max out at 72 players. 1000 in skins on the line, 80 on each par three for a full field.

    Sun, May 26th we will trek to Falcon Ridge golf course, this will also be a gross skins game with a optional net game. Cost is 100. Included is golf, lunch, some drink tickets and a CTP contest on each hole including an entry for the 2020 Mesquite Am on one of the holes. We will max out at 100 golfers and the payout is 2000 in skins and 400 total on 4 of the par threes with a full field.

    Monday, May 27th is the big daddy at Casablanca golf. This is a net game using the Lowest handicap you have had in the past 12 months or your Mesquite Am handicap. There will also be a optional net game and the Chi Chi par three contest. Included is golf, range, breakfast, a tee gift, skins money, par three contest, drink tickets and of course the chance to see and participate in the annual memorial day costume contest. This year there will be an individual winner and a group winner. A putting contest will also be contested and a picture booth will be up for your enjoyment. With a full field of 152, yes 152, skins payout is 3000 and CTP 300 plus an entry into the 2020 Mesquite Am. This round tends to go slow, so if you are used to zipping around in 2 hours at your local muni this is probably not for you. If you are looking to have a great time with a chance to meet some great people than this is for you.

    I will be opening the website sometime in early January and due to some no shows last year i will be requiring deposits. 185 days till I am wheels up, see all of you soon. STMF

  117. Kerry says:

    I guess that you can forget about the “Sandbagger” comment, since I am only playing in the Gross Games.

  118. Kerry says:


    Got any idea of the weekend warm up courses to the 2019 Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Skins Game on
    Memorial Day, May 27, 2019?

    I remember you mentioned Corral Canyon for Saturday, May 25th. So I guess I’m just wondering about Sunday,
    May 26th.

    And being the “Sandbagger”, “All My Friends” say I am, You’ll only be giving me Half of my HI?

    FYI: Will NOT be playing 9 Straight Days of Golf this year. But am Hoping to Play Las Vegas National again, Richard?
    Maybe before we Pick up David Friday Morning? We will be lunching at Baja Miguel’s before our return to Mesquite.
    Or you, Rand & Tom could return and get the Condo set up for a weeks worth of party time.

    Wheels Down, and 80+ MPH on Monday, May 20, 2019

  119. Kerry says:

    Corral Canyon on Saturday, cool. Sad to say that I will not be playing it.

  120. James Huebel says:

    Great event! Thanks for all that you do George. I had a blast & see ya next year!

  121. George says:

    I wanted to take the time to thank all of you that took the time to help us with contributions and volunteering. It was another great year for the charity. I have already informed the school of our intentions for next year and they were very excited. The board and I do not do this alone and all of you are part of this so thanks from us. Till next year, hit them straight. STMF

  122. George says:

    I am in Chi Chi. All days, all games. Can’t win if you don’t get in. STMF

  123. Chi Chi says:

    Fellow Golfers, I am planning on running the Chi-Chi Par 3 competition Monday for the group and Tue-Thu for the Men’s. Entry fee is $10.00 per player/per day and low aggregate score on all 3-pars combined for the day wins the loot collected (ties split). It is that simple. If you want to play you can catch me Sunday night at the Casablanca or Monday morning at the course. Just ask for Chi-Chi. If you are in the Men’s and want in; then I ask that you pay for all the days you want to play upfront.
    My daughter is graduating this year so I will not be able to run this competition Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, Patrick Gates mentioned that he might want to.
    Anyways, I will miss the pre-tournament fun and the dinner this year but will try to catch up. Hit’em straight and see you soon. Save me some Fireball! Peace out, Chi-Chi.

  124. Lance Reiber says:

    George and the “Doing it in the Desert-Bruce King Memorial” Board of Directors;
    Congratulations and a job well done!!

  125. George Salcedo says:

    Really proud of the board. They took the last month to comb thru the 22 applicants that put in for the scholarship and we came up with a winner last night. I will be sending it over to Christian on Monday and then he will announce it at the awards banquet they have at the school. Great job to Tyler Peak, Todd Peltier, David Derango, Ryan Pugh, Stan Mahaffey, Tim Riordian, Kevin Flynn and Michael Zepeda. Wheels up in 25 days. STMF

    1. Kerry says:

      You all do a great job. I am so proud to be a contributor to this Great Cause.

  126. George Salcedo says:

    I just had 2 spots open up in the Sunday game at Corral Canyon and 3 spots open up in the big game on Monday at Casablanca. Email me at if you want in. First come first serve. STMF

  127. Kerry says:


    33 DAYS

  128. Kerry says:

    38 DAYS

  129. Kerry says:

    Today is a Snow Day. Thanks Shaun.

  130. Kerry says:

    Breakfast at Black Bear Diner @ Bluff & I-15 Sunday before Coral Canyon.
    Good Food & Reasonable Prices

  131. george salcedo says:

    Almost Kerry. Saturday and Monday are sold out. Sunday at corral canyon has 4 spots. Online registration is closed. You must contact me at for a spot. 43 days and wheels up. STMF

    1. Kerry says:

      If someone really wants to play on Saturday or Monday, I can take a break from playing 9 days or 10 days straight. Not giving up my Sunday spot.

  132. Kerry says:

    Waiting for the Post that Announces “All Days Sold Out “

  133. George Salcedo says:

    8 spots left at Corral Canyon, 3 spots left at Casablanca, Falcon Ridge is sold out. The link is below.

    the link to sign up is

    50 days for me. STMF

  134. George says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we had 22 applicants for the Bruce King scholarship this year. I have turned over all the applications to the board members to make the difficult choice of picking one outstanding student out of 22. To Tyler Peak, Todd Peltier, Michael Zepeda, Stan Mahaffey, Kevin Flynn, Ryan Pugh, David Derango and Tim Riordian thanks for the work you are putting in, I know how hard this job is and I know you will do it with greatness. Thanks again.

    1. Chi Chi says:

      I am very proud to know you guys. You are doing a great thing here. Chi-Chi

  135. George says:

    Only 58 days till I am wheels up and the skins game update is as follows.
    Sat at Falcon Ridge is sold out. I am doing a waiting list so email me if you want on the list.
    Sun at Corral Canyon in Utah has 13 spots left. If you have not played in Southern Utah this course is truly beautiful
    Mon at Casablanca 14 spots left here. This is the big day with breakfast and a lot of side games and contests.
    Here is my email if any of you have any questions,
    Good luck to all coming out of winter and getting there games in shape for the greatest amateur tourney in the land.

    See you soon. STMF

  136. George says:

    Falcon Ridge on Sat is sold out. I will start a waiting list if needed. 13 spots left at Corral Canyon on Sunday and 16 left for Monday at Casa. STMF

    1. Kerry says:

      So, it likes like the same 3 people probably signed for all 3 days.
      Congrats on such a great showing.
      60 odd days to go, and it looks like a sellout again.
      Saturday night Chili Dogs, I Cannot Wait.

  137. George Salcedo says:

    I told Stan on the radio show the other day that I would update the games every Mon, Weds and Fri. So here is where we are at after the weekend entries
    Sat Falcon Ridge, 8am shotgun. Gross skins 2man blind best ball entry-80 3 spots left
    Sun Corral Canyon Utah 9am shotgun Gross skins big prizes every par 3 Lunch included entry 100 16 spots left
    Mon Casablanca 8am breakfast, CTP, Net skins, small gift, dress up contest entry 120 19 spots left

    the link to sign up is

    65 days till I am wheels up. See ya soon peeps. STMF

  138. George says:

    Opening up the skins games to everyone today. If you have entered the Amateur you will be getting an invite to play in our pregames that help support The Bruce King Memorial scholarship fund. As of right now I have 9 spots left for Saturday at Falcon RIdge, 26 spots left for Corral Canyon on Sunday and 33 spots left for the Big Game at Casablanca on Monday. My email is, drop me a line if you want in. STMF

    1. Kerry says:

      Hey Folks, If you have Never played in southern Utah, this is your chance. There are 2 Gotta Play Courses, The Ledges, and Corral Canyon. George mixes these with Coyote Springs for one of his day’s during the weekend Gig. I myself am HOPING for The Ledges being in the mix next year.

      FUN FACT: George Salcedo was “THE FIRST” Person that I met at my First Mesquite Amateur.

      1. George Salcedo says:

        And it has been downhill for Kerry since then, LOL. Been a great time with you Kerry. I agree with you on the Utah courses. I might add the Ledges in next year as the Sat course. We will see. STMF

        1. Kerry says:

          Me and my crew are now discussing whether we should have Breakfast at Black Bear Diner in St George Prior to Sunday’s play at Coral Canyon. For any of you that are not familiar with this place, I have always enjoyed them.
          I no longer have to drive 350 miles to eat at one, as their is now one blocks from my house.

  139. George says:

    100 days from today the wheels lift off at BWI and i am on my way to the greatest week of the year. Update of the skins games. 51 of the 72 spots for Sat at Falcon Ridge are spoken for. 75 of the 112 spots at Corral Canyon on Sunday are spoken for and 94 of the 148 spot on Monday at Casablanca are taken. Shaping up to be a great year peeps. See you in 100. STMF

    1. Kerry says:

      Update of the Numbers?

  140. Larry Stokoe says:

    Do you still have openings for 2018

    1. George says:

      yes, email me. STMF

  141. George says:

    Update on the skins games. As of 01/28/18 we have 40 in the sat game at Falcon Ridge, 60 in the Sunday game at Corral Canyon in Utah on Sunday and 80 in the big game on Monday at Casablanca. All games are more than half full and I will send out one more invite to golfers that have played in the past at the end of this week. I am sure we will sell out before the start of April so get in if you want. Remember if you are not “Doing it in the Desert” your just doing it wrong. 115 days and I am wheels up. STMF

  142. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    George! Looks like it’s just two of us coming out. I’m in for Saturday, Sunday and Monday and my friend is in for Sunday and Monday. This is his first year. Put Tim Hinchliffe in with me. I’ll send you a check for both of us in a week or two!

  143. George Salcedo says:

    Update on the skins games, I have over 40 signed up for Sat at Falcon so only 30 spots left. Almost 50 signed up for Corral Canyon, so just under half full. And 62 of the 144 spots are gone for the big game at Casablanca golf course on Monday. 129 days till we tee it up in honor of Bruce. Feeling like we will sell out very early. Now if winter would just stop. LOL STMF

    1. Jeffrey Barbas says:

      George, sign me up for Saturday. I have to pick a friend up back in Vegas at 3:30 that day so it should work out alright. Just a lot of driving. I’ll get back with you on the other two events when I find out what we are doing. There is another friend we are trying to talk into coming, but, he has to check the schedule. We are buried in snow here, too. Makes it harder to work outside when the temps are in the negative with wind chill. Come on Spring time!

  144. George Salcedo says:

    So less than 2 weeks after I sent the invites out to this years Bruce King Memorial tourney we are doing well. Falcon Ridge, 26 of 60 spots are claimed. Corral Canyon, 33 of 100 spots are claimed. And a Casablanca, 46 of the 148 are gone. If you got your invite and haven’t signed up you better do so. Stay warm peeps. STMF

    1. Kerry says:

      Still debating on it. Not going to do all, and not sure if going to do any.
      Baby it’s cold outside

  145. George says:

    Invites have went out to the last 2 years participants in the Bruce King memorial. Check your inboxes for info and get entered. Remember the Monday game last year sold out by April 1 and had over 40 on the waiting list. I will open it up to newcomers on the 1st of Feb. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. STMF

  146. George Salcedo says:

    Had a lot going on in the last month so I am a little behind the 8 ball when it comes to getting my website up and running as I have in the past. First of all, the website I have always used is no longer so I am going to be doing it a bit different this year. I am putting that together now and please don’t send me anything yet. I have a list of everyone that has played in the last 2 years and will be sending invites to those people first so they have a chance to enter first. I will get those invites out prior to the end of the year and those that are invited will have till the end of January to sign up with me. Feb 1 I will open to everyone else. The lineup for this year is:

    Sat May 26 8am shotgun at Falcon Ridge, gross skins and 2 man blind draw net
    Sun May 27 9am shotgun at Corral Canyon, gross skins with a net skins side game
    Mon May 28 8am shotgun at Casablanca, net skins game with a gross skins side game

    More details will come with the email, including cost and what i need from you. 170 days and I will be wheels up. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. See all of you soon. George, STMF

    1. Jeffrey Barbas says:

      Good to hear from you George! Ohio St. vs USC should be a good game! Just a thought…. Could you use this site for your event and update once a week when you get their entry fees add their name right here so they know you got it? And if it makes it easier on you just let us have the option to send the whole amount so registration goes quicker for you? Planning on coming again this year and hopefully talked a new friend into coming.

  147. Stan Mahaffey says:

    As a tournament organizer and recreational golfer, pace of play is always a hot topic. For as many years as I can remember, the number one answer to why a player would not return to the large amateur events has been “Pace of Play”. Most people just cannot tolerate multiple rounds of golf that take 5 hours or more to complete. I am one of those people. However, slow play is not just a large tournament problem, It is a golf problem, and I’m convinced it is getting worse as the years go on.Let’s explore the reasons that attribute to slow play:

    I believe it starts at the top, with the PGA TOUR. What people watch on TV or in person at a TOUR event, gives a false blueprint as to how golfers should go through a round. Tediously measuring distance to the pin and examining putts from 4 angles are important for professional golfers in order to get the absolute most out of every stroke, which could mean the difference between making or missing the cut or winning or losing the tournament.

    However, for me, the difference between 107 and 112 to the flag is negligible and borderline irrelevant. I should be aiming for the middle of every green and hoping I don’t skull it into the green side bunker. Scrutinizing the break of a green from below the hole and inspecting which way the grain is growing are great if you’re a professional, but I’m just trying not to have 5 feet coming back when I miss the putt. And don’t get me started on the marking of putts. I get it…there is a “through line” that you might step on if you putt out. Lets leave that to the people playing for millions of dollars. If you putt it once and you’re near the hole, just keep putting until it is IN the hole!

    This is not meant to be a blanket statement, but I believe it applies to enough courses that it is relevant for all. Superintendents and set up staff do a poor job of setting the course up for amateur play. Its great to say you have greens that are rolling 12 on the Stimp meter, if you have people that can putt playing the course. If you compound your green speeds with tricky hole locations, you’re simply asking groups to spend 5-10 minutes on the green.

    I also contend that the grass in the rough should be kept at a height less than the diameter of a golf ball. This is not for the ability to hit the ball out of the rough, but instead the ability to “find” a ball that is hit into the rough. I shouldn’t need a search and rescue team to help locate a ball that missed the fairway by 3 yards.

    Golf shouldn’t be easy, but it is hard enough without lightning fast greens and super thick rough. Pace can only improve if balls are easier to locate and advance and greens are easier to putt on.

    This will be the touchy portion of my commentary. Just keep in mind that if you don’t know anyone that I’m describing, but you always complain about slow play…you are one of these people.

     The narcissistic golfer is the one that always thinks they’re on the verge of the best round of their life. Even if they start with 4 bogeys and a quad, it was just that one bad kick on #2 that caused the collapse and if they can just make birdie on #6 they will have a chance to make a charge on the back side. Look, we should all always want to make the best possible score on every hole we play; that is the spirit of the game of golf. But there is no need to be testing the wind with grass blades, spending more than 30 seconds to line up a putt or (please, for the love of everything decent) looking for an obviously lost ball instead of dropping another one (in accordance with the Rules) and moving on with the day.

    The entitled golfer is the one that just doesn’t care how slow they are. They paid to play and ‘by golly’, they’re going to play however they want. This is unfortunately a popular sentiment these days. That because someone pays a greens fee, they can play at their desired, leisurely, slo(oooooooo)w pace. I don’t have anything else to add. This is just a sad truth.

    The ignorant golfer is the one that is slow, but doesn’t know it. They feel like they’re going through their round at a good pace, but are really the one that everybody is waiting on…constantly. Whether it is being slow to the tee box, looking too long for balls, not being ready to hit in the fairway, always needing to go back to get another club, reading a putt for too long, etc., this golfer is just a little slower than everyone else and has absolutely no clue.

    This is a major amateur tournament problem. Tournament golf is always slower than a recreational round. A stroke play golf tournament with no maximum hole score is a major issue for pace of play. If one or two people have “blow up” holes, it could set the stage for a prolonged round for the entire course. My advice on this is to play the safest shots once in trouble to avoid a major blow up. My personal take on it is that I would pick up my ball and WD myself before hitting a 12th shot on any hole (NOTE: a player can only WD, the committee is the only entity that can DQ). At least then I can play care free the rest of the week!

    The one thing I see at a lot of tournaments (particularly these large events) is the entire group going to each others ball to watch their shots….WHY?


    Another issue is we ‘sports psychologists’ we have created part of the problem, don’t hit until YOU are ready, visualize your shot, have a pre-shot routine and use it every time, and so many other “mantras”. One point about the article, a player can’t DQ themselves, only the committee can do this, the player can only WD. But the point is, they can still play on.

    The fact is, that slow play is a sport-wide epidemic caused by many factors. The best way to combat the issue and make rounds faster is for every golfer to play faster. You don’t have to rush, just be ready to hit when it is your turn and limit the extracurricular actions surrounding the game to what is absolutely necessary to hit the shot. To reiterate, we should always attempt to make the best score on every hole…we should just take less time to do it!

    Copied with additional commentary

    1. Kerry says:

      An excellent read Stan. Hope to see you in May.

  148. Jennifer Leishman says:

    Where do you find information on applying for this scholarship?

    1. christian says:


      The Scholarship can be applied for through the Virgin Valley HS Counselors office. They will have the information and requirements to apply. Thank you.


  149. Kerry says:

    George has created an event on Facebook for the 2018 “DOING IT IN THE DESERT-BRUCE KING MEMORIAL FUND” Skins Game at Casablanca Golf Course.

  150. Kerry says:

    I know this is your thing George, But how about doing a Utah Course for Saturday next year?

  151. Christian says:

    The 2017 Mesquite Amateur Flight Lists are now posted on the website. We have also posted the course rotation with index range for each flight. We look forward to seeing everyone in just over a week!

  152. JACK BUSHEY says:

    what time is the tourn at coyote springs on sun and how much to play

  153. Peach Waller says:

    Is Stan not playing this year?

  154. George Salcedo says:

    totals for the games are as follows. The big game at Casablanca golf course on Monday is sold out. We are going to stuff 148 golfers in there to have fun and hopefully win some money. The Gross game at Coyote Springs on Sun has 94 golfers going so it has 6 spots remaining. The skins game at Falcon Ridge has 5 spots left. We are shotgunning at 1pm with only us on the course so it should go very fast. Every group will start on their own hole. Please let me know if you want in by emailing me at I have closed the registration on the website to avoid confusion. Remember if you are not “Doing it in the Desert” you are just “Doing it wrong”. 32 days till wheels up peeps. See all of you soon. G

  155. George Salcedo says:

    4 years ago when we started this fund we had 5 kids apply. This year I passed on 26 applications for the board to review to find one winner. The 3 kids that we have selected so far have exceeded my expectations and I am excited to see who we select this year. I pass this on to all of you because:

    1. I wanted to let you know how hard the job of selecting our winner is for the board members(glad I don’t do it).
    2. I want you to know the money you donate through tee signs, raffle tickets, playing the skins games and just straight up donations is being well spent on these deserving kids.

    You are helping us make a difference and I appreciate it. Thank you for helping us.

    George Salcedo and the board members of the Bruce King memorial.

    43 days and wheels up. STMF

    1. Kerry says:

      You and the Board do a bangup job.

  156. George Salcedo says:

    47 days till we are “doing it in the desert” again. Update on the practice rounds/skins games. Monday at Casa is sold out, I have a waiting list going if you want to be on it. Sunday at Coyote has 6 spots left. 49 and under, Sr men and last 2 flights of Sup Sr men you are all playing there and if you have not played there you need a practice round there. Sat at Falcon I have one spot left, starting at 1230pm. I know we are all starting to get your practice in, so good luck. STMF

    1. David Fitzgerald says:

      If you have a open slot for Coyote Springs on Sunday I’d sure like it. Haven’t played it yet but have heard people ‘complain’ about it for the past 3 years.
      Dave Fitzgerald

  157. Christian says:

    The 2017 Tentative Course Rotation and Participant list as of 4/3/17 is now live on the website. We want to remind everyone that the course rotation is tentative so there could be some changes before the tournament. We will be updating the participant list every Friday starting 4/14/17. If you have questions feel free to call us or e-mail us through the website.

  158. Christian says:

    We will be posting a tentative course rotation and the participant list early next week after the March 31st deadline. We appreciate everyone’s patience. Registration is going great and looking like another great field for the 2017 Mesquite Amateur.

  159. george says:

    Just got back from Mesquite. Courses looked fantastic. The greens at Casa were hard and fast. Should make for an interesting day for the Skins game. is the website. I have 10 spots left in the big game at Casablanca on Monday. I have 17 spots left at Coyote Springs on Sunday and I have 5 spots left for Falcon Ridge Saturday starting at noon. See you all in 64 days. STMF

  160. Steven Daniels says:

    George, are you behind in updating the site with payment information? My check cleared on 3/8. See you soon.

    1. George says:

      on vacation, I will when I get back Steve. STMF

  161. Kerry says:

    Out did myself on my Donation to the Raffle this year. Sure hope some one will like it.

    1. George Salcedo says:

      You did sir, thank you very much. STMF

      1. Kerry says:

        Donation scheduled to arrive at my house on Monday. Mine is scheduled to arrive at my house on Tuesday.

  162. George says:

    Updates, I have 21 spots left in the Monday game at Casablanca, 25 spots left at Coyote on Sunday and 10 spots left at Falcon on Saturday. if you want in. 79 days till wheels up. STMF

  163. George Salcedo says:

    Sending out invites to over 200 peeps today that are already registered for the Amateur. Only 35 spots left. If you didn’t get in your just out of luck. 85 days till wheels up. STMF

  164. Jim says:

    I tried to sign up but the link does not work. Is there another way to sign up?

    1. george says:

      For the skins games it is If your trying to do the tourney, I would just call Christian and his staff in the morning. Good Luck. 88 days baby. STMF

  165. George Salcedo says:

    Jim, you have come to the right place. This is my 14th year and I too am a convert from the World Am back in the day. I do have spots left in the games and you can go to to enter and if want any questions answered email me at Hope to see you in the desert. STMF

  166. Paul Buturusis says:

    Jim, this is a great tournament. The food is much better, the courses are great and it’s well worth the trip from Chicago. This will be my 3rd year and I’m from Chicago.

    1. Jim says:

      What are the better / cleaner hotels to stay at?

      1. george says:

        Since all the dinners are held at the Casa Tent it is wise to stay there so you can just walk over. The hotel is nice and literally 5 min from every course in Mesquite. See ya in 88 STMF

      2. Jim says:

        Thanks for the replies. I am signing up this week.

  167. Jim says:

    I need some help as I want to play in this event but never have. Last year I played in the World Am in Myrtle Beach, I had a lot off fun but the weather (rain) was not pleasant. Found this searching for other events but need to know if there are still spots in a Sunday and/or Monday pre tournament skins game. I am in my mid fifties and around a 10 handicap so I should “fit in”. I will be traveling alone so where is the best place to stay? I will rent a car so no issues there. Is this worth the trip from Chicago?

    Can anyone give me a couple of tips?

    1. Dan says:

      Jim, all I can say is this is the finest amateur you could hope to play; weather, courses, food, people, are all wife and I like to stay at the Casa Blanca Resort, cause it is the center of the evening activities, but all lodging is not far away. as far as any pre tourney skins games George Salcedo has very well organized games. I’m sure others will have additional comments

      check out

    2. Dan wolfman says:

      great weather, great courses, great people. what more can you ask for! worth trip from Chicago, I’m come from NY. and going on my 3rd year. George sets up skins games and i think he still has room left.

  168. George Salcedo says:

    The board is back and we are going strong. 110 registered in the big game at Casablanca on Monday, around 70 for the game at Coyote Springs on Sunday and just under 50 for the game at Falcon on Sat afternoon. Don’t get left out. STMF

  169. David DeRango says:

    So glad we are getting golfers signed up CANNOT wait I see you have Kerry and James in my 4 some I was just going to write you George to let you know.

    Even if Harv and Perry come this year which I dough it!
    They said they would play on courses there rotation was on, but I am not worried about them.
    Time to think about my golf game and get ready.

    Let me know if you need me to do anything George else I am hear to help in anyway I can.

  170. George Salcedo says:

    and thats all three days. We are gonna sell out all three days. Great for the charity. STMF

  171. Kerry says:

    So glad to see the high number of Golfers signed up for this year’s event. And with over 3 months to go.

  172. George Salcedo says:

    Worry little my friend. There is always a method to my madness. lol STMF

  173. Kerry says:

    Kind of confused, (what else is new), about a Group 2C for the Monday Game at Casablanca? I realize it is early in the sign up, and these things will get straightened out, just bored sitting around waiting for the knee to say, Get Out and Golf.

  174. George Salcedo says:

    And the flood gates opened. As of today we are at 86 out of 144 for the big game at the Casablanca on Monday. 57 out of 100 at the Sunday game at Coyote Springs and 34 of 52 for the game at Falcon Ridge on Sat. If you are getting in get in. DO IT. STMF

  175. George Salcedo says:

    I am now opening the skins games to all Mesquite Am players. Here is the info below.

    Back for our 14th year
    Doing it in the Desert skins games!
    Welcome back for our 14th year. The Doing it in the Desert skins games are part of the way we raise money for the Bruce King scholarship. The games along with the raffle that is held during the week of the amateur help send a deserving Mesquite high school student to college with some money in their pocket. There are 3 events, one for each day, Sat, Sun and Mon and you can play in all of them or take your pick. All events listed below will have a price with them and the deposit info. Please try and send your deposit with 2 weeks of entering so I don’t have to keep checking on you.

    Saturday May 27 Falcon Ridge golf course. Tee timed event starting at noon. Room for 52 golfers. This is a individual stroke play event with skins (gross) and a blind best ball (net). Cost is 80 dollars and payout is 500 in skins, 300 in team best ball and 240 for charity. No deposit required. Pay day of event in cash. Blind draw will be done prior to event and scores will be done as golfers finish.

    Sunday May 28 Coyote Springs golf course. 830am shotgun start. Room for 104 golfers. This is a individual stroke play event with a gross skins game. Cost for the event is 100.00 Deposit is 60.00. Included, golf, range balls, skins game, CTP contest, lunch and drink tickets. Payout with a full field will be 1300 in skins and 100 each for CTP. Side games will be available for additional cost that day. Net skins game and the CHI CHI par 3 contest. If you have not played here and have it in your rotation you need to come see this gem prior to teeing it up in the Mesquite Am. This game usually sells out.

    Monday May 29 Casablanca golf club. The big Daddy skins game. 144 golfer max and this does sell out. This is a net skins game with CTP contests on each par 3. Your Mesquite Am index will be used and as in the past only 1 stroke per hole will be allowed. So if you have more than an 18 as your index I will only allow you to have an 18 for this game. Cost for this event is 120.00 and it includes golf, range balls, breakfast with burritos and fruit, 3 drink tickets, a small goody bag gift, CTP contests, the annual most patriotic dressed award, a lot of fun and the chance to meet the Crazy Canucks. This is also the course that the Championship round for the Mesquite Am is played on so a great way to get a practice round in. The deposit is 60 and if you are trying to play with your friends make sure they enter with you.

    As we have in the past we will by selling tee sponsorship and will accept any items for the raffle. Please email me directly for that info.
    All tees will be set at or close to the distance your age and gender will play during the tourney. All deposits should be mailed to me at 381 quail ct, Mcgaheysville Va 22840. Make all checks out to Bruce King memorial scholarship fund. I am also on the Venmo app if you would like to use that for your convenience. Till we meet in May,

    The website is

    See you in 114 days. STMF

  176. David DeRango says:

    yes you will even if I have to carry you!!!
    cannot wait.

  177. Kerry says:

    Still under orders to not walk without my walker. But I am told I am doing good. I will be in Mesquite no matter what.

  178. George says:

    With 120 days to go till I am wheels up I am giving an update for the pre skins games. Sat at Falcon Ridge is almost half full, I have about 26 spots left. Sun at Coyote Springs is 1/3 full, I have about 68 spots left and the Big game at Casablanca on Monday already has 50 of the 144 spots claimed. For you veterans of the games you have until Feb 1 to register then I will open to all players. Getting excited. Remember, if your not Doing it in the Desert, your just Doing it wrong. STMF

  179. Doc Henson says:

    Hey George, count me in! Can’t wait!

  180. Doc Henson says:

    Hey George, Count me in! Cant wait!

  181. Kerry says:

    I again have spoken too soon. Sunday 8:00 am Tee Time at Coyote Springs will be like Sleeping In. Tournament Shotgun Start Tee Times are listed to be at 7:30 am each day.

    And getting off track, if you did not watch the PNC Father/Son today, you missed a Great Performance by Little John Daly. He was Great to Watch.

  182. George Salcedo says:

    Tom, no worries, you will get in. See you in May. STMF

  183. Tom McGeehan says:

    George, I know it has been a few years since I played in the Skins game, but want to put me name in early of both the Sunday Gross game and the Monday Net game. I understand that those who have been playing in recent years get first crack and I like that approach. I will reach out to you again when everything starts getting posted on the websites.
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend and I will see you in 175 day

    Tom McGeehan

  184. Kerry says:

    I have a Dinner Date with our 2 Favorite Canadians on Friday, May 26th, up here in Ogden. Hope to make the May 27th Falcon Ridge Game. At any rate, I will be in Mesquite on Saturday. Wow, that’s going to make for an early departure to Coyote Springs on Sunday. But I guess it would be the same as during the Tournament.

    And on a side note, We had Record High Temperatures up here in Ogden yesterday. Thanksgiving in Mesquite is going to be Great. 9:00 am Shotgun Start at Casablanca.

    Wheels down and 80 MPH, Not Soon Enough (2 days)

  185. George says:

    As I sit here watching the first of the snow flurries coming down I long for the desert heat. 176 days till wheels up for me.

    The Bruce King memorial events will cover Sat thru Mon with Falcon Ridge being used on Sat starting at noon, Coyote Springs being used Sunday starting at 8am and the big daddy to be played at the Casablanca on Monday starting at 8am as well. Those that have played in the past will be getting the invite to the website in the coming week and we will open it up for new players sometime in Feb.

    The Sat event at Falcon will be a blind best ball event and open to the first 48 that sign up.
    The Sun event at Coyote will be the gross skins game with a shotgun start at 8am and is open to the first 112 players.
    The Mon event is the net game at Casablanca and will be open to the first 144 players.

    All events usually sell out so please sign up as soon as you know you can attend. Remember if you are not Doing it in the Desert your just Doing it wrong. STMF George

  186. Kerry says:


    Richard Maybe, not sure. I’ll talk to Kyle, let him know we may need a couple to fill our 4some.

  187. David DeRango says:

    Kerry now you have two rang finders maybe use both of them?
    weather hot and humid last word Harvey is 75% in for next year.
    we will see about that.
    looking forward to September do we have two more to play with us.

  188. Kerry says:

    Found my cable to charge my GolfBuddy World. Good thing, cause GolfBuddy no longer sells this particular cable. GolfBuddy just got promoted from Paper Weight.

  189. Kerry says:

    Today was my first time back to Mesquite since the Amateur, and played Falcon Ridge. The last time I played at Falcon Ridge, was during the Doing It In The Desert-Bruce King Memorial Fund Skins Game. I left my Range Finder (Golf Buddy) in the cart. Went back less than 5 minutes, and nobody had seen it. I also checked Lost & Found for the Tournament before leaving after the Final Dinner. Last thing I did today before leaving the Golf Course was inquire about it. And low and behold, it was in the Lost & Found Drawer. Now I need to find a Cable to charge it, as I may have tossed it.

  190. Kerry says:

    Great Job George & Stan. Enjoy the off season.

  191. George says:

    I have room for one in the monday game. Had someone drop out. Need to know by tomorrow. Have to submit my tee sheet. 24 hours and wheels up. STMF

  192. George says:

    Ok peeps only 209 hours till I lift off. All skins games are sold out except for corral canyon. We can fit a few more in there. We have some amazing raffle prizes coming in as well for the raffle. Thanks to all of you that donated. We will take more if you bring it. See all of you soon. STMF

  193. George Salcedo says:

    I have closed registration for the big game on Monday we are full. Sunday has about 3 spots left at Corral Canyon. Email me at if you would like in for that. See all of you soon. STMF

  194. George says:

    Chi Chi thanks for the kind words, Kerry thanks for your work in getting the donation. The big game on monday has one spot left. We are at 143 so a long fun day it will be. 21 days and I wake up in the desert to play Wolf Creek. Great times peeps. STMF

  195. Kerry says:

    Will be heading South this weekend to pick up a little something to donate to the Doing It In The Desert-Bruce King Memorial Fund Raffle, Courtesy of Wolf Creek Golf Club. Ladies Get your Pocketbooks ready for this. Guys, get your wallets out, cause your Lady is going to like this. George, will send you a picture as soon as I pick it up Sunday.

    20 Days and it will be Wheels Down and 80 MPH

  196. Chi Chi says:

    Thanks George for making this my favorite time of the year. See you in 3 weeks.

  197. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Thanks again for all you do, George! This will be a fun week in the Sun!

  198. David DeRango says:

    Cannot wait George first time I am in all skin games
    remember last year when I could not play in Saturdays game you said grow a pair!!!
    But with a help from Kerry getting me around and the wife has a car now I am ready to get out of this cold wet weather.
    see you in 29 days and I will be in Vegas in 27 days.

  199. George Salcedo says:


    FRi–sold out
    Sat–Sold out
    Sunday at Coral Canyon 4 spots left
    Monday at Falcon Ridge 6 spots left

    wheels up in 29 days STMF

  200. David DeRango says:


    Not a problem to endure this because it will be fun and yes I snore!! so you think sleeping on the sleeper bed outside your room I think you will have to endure this one.
    Team competition I think we will be the team to beat this time.
    I let Fred know you are out for Casablanca after Coral Canyon any one else want to play???? We should be at check in about 6pm or so I will let George know that too.
    35 days till I am on my way to Vegas!! CANNOT WAIT.

  201. Kerry says:

    Yes David, we are signed up for the Team Competition. We are Group 4. Is our Friendship going to endure this Tournament? Coyote Springs Saturday, Coral Canyon Sunday, Falcon Ridge Monday. Plus the same courses during the Tournament in the Senior Division. And the Topper, you are sleeping on the sofa bed right outside my bedroom door at Rich’s Condo. And the Kicker, Breakfast with you and Linda Saturday morning when I pick you up in Las Vegas.

  202. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Good job, George! I see you reached the 144. For those out there who didn’t get in yet, remember that he still has openings in the various games. How many left in each game, George? And for all those that did sign up, make it easy on George. Get your entry fee or fees if your in the multiple events in early. It makes it a lot easier on George if he knows your coming.

  203. David DeRango says:


    Kerry are we signed up for the parings???
    and you are my partner???
    if so not a problem.
    37 days till I am on my way to Vegas.

  204. george S says:

    Update on pre games. Fri at Wolf Creek have room for 1, Sat at Coyote Springs I have room for 2, Sunday at Corral Canyon we have room for 20 and the big game Monday at Falcon Ridge has 6 spots left. For those of you that have not played in southern Utah,Corral canyon is an amazing track. I know it’s a drive and a time change but it is well worth the effort. See all of you soon. STMF

  205. George Salcedo says:

    ok getting close, 24 spots left at Falcon on monday, 20 spots left for corral canyon on sunday. Coyote on sat is sold out. if you want in get in. See ya in 48 STMF

  206. Kerry says:


    Web site worked for me just now also

  207. David DeRango says:

    No problem with the web site works for me.
    playing this much golf I am up of it after we Casablanca on Sunday we will have to check in with George and maybe grab a sandwich.
    This trip food is optional drink is important adult beverages more important.
    44 days till I am in Vegas.
    CANNOT Wait!!!!

  208. Kerry says:

    For some reason,, is not accessible. Has anybody else had this problem?

    And George, might as well throw me in for Coral Canyon on Sunday. I don’t want David to be the only Whiner out there.

    So let’s see:
    That’s drive to Mesquite Thursday after work.
    Get settled into Wolf Creek Condo with Rich Friday.
    Breakfast with Linda & David in Las Vegas Saturday Morning.
    Haul David & Myself to Coyote Springs to play Saturday at 1:00 pm.
    Haul David & Myself to St George, maybe Breakfast at Blackbear prior to round of Golf at Coral Canyon. Back to Mesquite and a round at Casablanca.
    All on Sunday. Dinner at Hugo’s hopefully, if there is time prior to Check-in at Casablanca Lounge.
    Monday, the Big Game at Falcon Ridge, and Opening Night Mesquite Amateur Dinner.

    Thought I’d start my Whining Now. All this is the excuse for why I’m coming in last, AGAIN. TIRED LITTLE PUPPY.
    Next Year, Super Senior Flight.

    Oh Yea, just took advantage of the Buy 3, get 1 free, ProV1x’s. With Free Personalization.

    45 Days until I am Wheels Down and 80+ MPH.

  209. george says:

    I got you Bob.

    Big announcement coming soon for the charity. Once finalized we will let the cat out of the bag. See all of you soon. 45 days wheels up. STMF

  210. Bob LaPlante says:


    I signed up for Falcon earlier but wanted to join you at Coral Canyon on Sunday. Please add me to your list for Coral.

    Thanks, Bob

  211. George says:

    Big game on monday at Falcon Ridge has 20 spots left, Sunday game at Coral Canyon has about 30 spots left and Saturday game at Coyote Springs has a couple spots. Reserve your spot and get your deposit in. Remember if you’re not Doing it in the Desert you are just doing it wrong. See all of you soon. STMF

  212. George Salcedo says:

    ok 80 days till I am wheels up and I wanted to give an update of how many we have for the practice rounds/skins games.

    For Sunday out at Corral Canyon in St George we are at 52 golfers for 100 spots.

    For Monday at Falcon Ridge we are at 95 golfers for 140 spots.

    If it plays out like in years past this will be the month that we fill up fast. Let me know if you want in.

    See all of you soon and remember if you are not “Doing it in the Desert” you’re just doing it wrong. STMF

  213. David DeRango says:

    I am at 86 days till we land in Vegas and with the disturbing news that Perry J. will not be coming to Mesquite “AUGH” and I knew that Harv was not coming!!

    Now you tell me the Crazy Canucks are not coming casuse of the exchange rate is making the trip to Mesquite too expensive for them, OMG this is killing me.

    We will talk soon of how I am getting to Mesquite and how I am getting around plus playing a second round with Fred, I will email Rich and see if he wants to play again on Sunday.
    CANNOT WAIT!!! still

  214. Kerry says:

    Well, My Countdown App says it is 91 Days until we are Doing it in the Desert at Falcon Ridge. Which means it is 87 Days until I am Wheels Down and 80 MPH. But it could be 86 Days since Thursday Nights Dinner Plans have changed. 🙁 Oh, By the way, at 10:21 pm, it is 67* in Mesquite. Just love it down here.

  215. George says:

    Ok, 100 days till the first leg of the 3 day pre Mesquite Am festival we call Doing it in the Desert. We have 40 spots reserved for an afternoon tee off at Coyote Springs on Sat. 100 spots reserved for a morning shotgun at Coral Canyon in Utah. And the big daddy, 140 spots for a shotgun AM start at Falcon Ridge on Mon. All of these events are more than half full already. All are practice rounds/skins games of different gross/net formats.

    Website is

    Remember if you are not “Doing It” in the desert your just doing it wrong. 97 days till I am wheels up. STMF

  216. George says:

    ok just an update for all. The Monday big game at Falcon Ridge is more than 60 percent sold out. The gross game Sunday at Corral Canyon is 50 percent and I have already 28 of the 44 golfers for sat at Coyote. If you are getting in you need to think about signing up. Remember if you are not “Doing it in the Desert” you are just doing it wrong. STMF

  217. George says:

    SO with 130 days till the Skins games thought I would put out a reminder that we have sold out the last 5 years at 144 golfers. The website is I already have about 70 committed to the main event and there is events sunday and sat for those arriving early. Get signed up and get ready to have a blast. Remember if you are not Doing it in the desert, your just doing it wrong. STMF

  218. David DeRango says:

    played Casablanca with Christian and Kerry course was in great shape greens were like putting on glass too many three putts.
    great seeing you two again makes we want May to come sooner which is just 139 days away I cannot wait.
    stay safe all.

  219. Kerry says:

    Happy New Year All. 149 Days until we are doing it in the desert.

  220. jim says:

    I have never played this tournament but am considering it. Can some “veterans” comment on things to do, tips, where to stay and skins games. I played in Myrtle Beach last year and had fun so I thought this might be better because of the weather. Your thoughts?

  221. Kerry says:

    Merry Christmas to all the Mesquite Amateur Participants.
    156 Days until we are doing it in the desert at Falcon Ridge.

  222. jim says:

    I played in Myrtle Beach amateur last year and m considering playing Mesquite this year. I am looking for better weather and a fun time. Is this event worth it?

    Where to stay? if I fly in on Sunday morning are there any skins games for Sunday?

    Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated!

  223. Kerry says:

    168 Days according to the Countdown
    Until we are Doing it in the Desert at Falcon Ridge.

  224. George Salcedo says:

    21 already signed up and we are just under 200 days away. It’s gonna be a great year. All right winter come and go. STMF

  225. David DeRango says:


    Your winters are nothing to what we get!!
    We do not have show yet but cold and windy.
    only nice day is Sunday for now but it changes as fast as I change my socks!
    would love to get out Sunday but playing both days last weekend I know it will not happen at all.

  226. Kerry says:

    Hey David,

    I got WINTER HERE. Snow thru Wednesday they say.

  227. David DeRango says:

    One more thing

    Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! winter in Chicago!

  228. David DeRango says:

    Yes I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

    Thanks George looking forward to play Coral Canyon have not played that course since I first played in the Mesquite AM, 12 years ago.

    Great course cannot wait too.

  229. Ok with 205 days to go the website is up. Taking the first 144 to sign up for Monday at Falcon Ridge and the first 100 to go to Coral Canyon on Sunday. I have sold out every year so if you want in get in soon. See all of you in May. STMF

  230. The new website will be up on Nov 1 with invites going out on that date. The schedule for this years event will be Sat the 28th at Coyote at 1pm for a straight up skins game for 36 people, Sunday the 29th at Coral Canyon in Utah for the gross game for 100 people and the big game on Monday at Falcon Ridge for 144 golfers. Sold out all 3 days last year so make sure you get in when you can. Remember if your not doing it in the desert your just not doing it right. STMF

  231. Kerry says:

    Doing it in the Desert 2015 Skins is in the books. Ans still over a year until Doing it in the Desert 2016.

  232. Jeff says:

    Kerry, wouldn’t suck to get a hole-in-one and not be in a skins game? You never know what can happen. Vacation started at 4:00PM when I clocked out! See you real soon!

  233. Kerry says:

    Almost time to be Golfing at Coyote Springs (I got no business golfing in a gross game), and then the Big Skins Game at Falcon Ridge (got no idea why I am golfing here either). Oh Yea, ’cause I just want to donate my money to the cause. Might as well have doing it.

  234. David DeRango says:


    I see the team parings are almost full now it will be serous for some real competition.
    Way to go CANNOT WAIT.
    See you soon on Thursday.

  235. David DeRango says:


    I see the team parings are almost full now it will be serous for some real competition.
    Way to go CANNOT WAIT.
    See you soon.

  236. David DeRango says:


    I know #15 well I lay up all the time on this hole but for the skins game I my go for it on the right!!!
    Looking forward to this day 16 days till I am in Vegas CANNOT WAIT.
    Have a Tee time this Saturday AM lets see how things go!

  237. Kerry says:

    Just did a look see at the Coyote Springs Hole Gallery. Read all the suggested things to do, or not to do. Now I am more confused than ever. The only thing I really know, is, at 8:00 am PDT on May 24th, I will be Teeing Off at Hole #15, With David, Harvey & Perry. And they call this Hole “On Tilt”. You Poker Players will recognize this term.

    But on a lighter note, will be having Dinner at one of my local Steak Houses with Neil & Paul on the 21st.

    If any of you local folks would like to join us, I’m in the book. But [lease give plenty of notice.

  238. Alan H. Sent you an email. Check it and send me something back soon. George 26 days and I am wheels up. STMF

  239. Kerry says:

    Don’t worry David, I will be there.

  240. Alan Hafer says:

    George: Are both skin games sold out. I am late getting in this year, taking a new friend along, and we would like to play.

  241. David DeRango says:

    What Kerry is it something I said???

    Looking forward to you and me showing my Chicago golf buds the ropes!!!
    and what they have missed for the past 11 years!!!

  242. George Salcedo says:

    I appreciate that you would make the offer. It is up to you and I love seeing you there. Lets see how the waiting list plays out. STMF

  243. Kerry says:

    Hey George,

    If some of the folks on your waiting list are first time attendees, I could always FLOP out, and let them see what awaits them for the Tournament. I can Just here the Pool & Hot Tub at the VR calling my name. It is saying something like it has my Bloody Mary waiting for me. David isn’t going to like this, but it may help my play during the tournament. Not so many days of golf in a row. Gross being the first to FLOP on, then the Net, if need be. Give me an email with your thoughts.

  244. David DeRango says:


    The first time I meet you 11 years ago and played your skin game I was hooked it is a good way to get ready for the AM and meet some great people as you George and there is nothing I would rather do then do it in the desert.

    Looking forward to this every year and CANNOT WAIT!!!

    Thank you for letting me be apart of the Bruce King Memorial Fund.

    31 days till I am in Vegas and 35 days till the first skin game.
    safe travels all!!!

  245. George Salcedo says:

    ok so here are the numbers for the pregames. Monday’s game is sold out with a waiting list of 12 right now. Sunday at Coyote is at 89 with 3 spots remaining. We are taking a group to the Ledges in St George on Sat and have 4 spots left there if anyone would like to join us. Started this thing 12 years ago on a whim, never in my wildest imagination did I think it would get this big. Thanks everyone for your support. 38 days and wheels up. STMF

  246. Jeff says:

    George, I talked to David W. and he said he wasn’t getting in until the 24th so he wouldn’t have been able to make the Coyote Springs event anyways. Are you going to have a waiting list for “No Shows” at Falcon Ridge? If you do I’ll see if he wants on that list.

  247. Jeff says:

    So if you haven’t paid George yet please be kind and send it in early so he doesn’t have to wonder if you forgot about it. With everyone paid in he can just worry about collecting the rest at the Casa Blanca on Sunday night.

  248. Kerry says:

    Great News

  249. george S says:

    We are now officially sold out for Falcon Ridge. 144 golfers. Gonna be a great day. STMF

  250. Jeff says:

    George, I know how it is and I’m not suggesting changing any groups. That’s too much of a pain in the butt. If he wants to play he’ll play where you put him. I’ll tell him to get in touch with you ASAP. What time was the Ledges on Saturday? It looks as if my plane lands at 8:32AM. If it’s a morning time then there will definitely be no way I could make it anyways. I might be better off just trying to catch a tee time at Conestoga in the afternoon if I will even be up to that.

  251. Jeff. I will hold a spot for him, but he will be placed in one of the groups that is a threesome. Your group is full already. He needs to get with me today or tomorrow please.

    Gross game sunday at coyote springs. I have 4 spots left. Women and 49 and unders will play this course in the tourney. Good way to see the course.

    Net game on Monday. I have 3 spots left. They are all single spots. I can’t fit a threesome. I could possibly fit a 2some with some wrangling.

    A lot of us are going out to The Ledges on Saturday and I have about 4 spots left if anyone would like to join us. Email me for any questions. 48 days peeps and I am wheels up. See ya. STMF

  252. Jeff says:

    George, David Weems is coming out this year. He was wondering if he could still get in the games. I sent him your e-mail address tonight so hopefully he gets a hold of you soon. By the way, what time is your Saturday event? It sounds like i’m getting in a few hours earlier, but, I doubt it will be in time to catch you.

  253. As Kerry said the Net game is pretty much sold out. I will probably have some openings when some people will fall out for various reasons and I will announce that. For you under 49 men and all Women you are playing coyote springs and I do have 4-8 spots remaining open for the gross day. Stan is running a side net game as well and of course we will have the Chi Chi par 3 contest going on as well. email me at 54 days baby. STMF

  254. Kerry says:

    Well I see that the Net game is a sell out. Sure hope the Gross Game is doing as well. Looking forward to seeing all my Mesquite Am Golfing buddies.

  255. Kerry King says:

    Well, while sitting in Scotty’s and looking out over Falcon Ridge Golf Course, I began thinking of the golf that was going to be played there on May 25th. And listening to the gentlemen at the table behind me was quite interesting. They were going over their League Scorecards for Skins. I believe there were only 2 skins handed out. $200.00 total. And then the best Part, Wanting to be able to play as well as the 84 year old that had just left their table. Apparently he consistently shot in the mid 70’s. Sure looking forward to Coyote Springs & Falcon Ridge.

  256. George Salcedo says:

    on the website it has where deposits are sent. I have already confirmed you. Good timing. See you soon. STMF

  257. John Plemons says:


    We are now signed up for the skins games. Both of them. They are “reviewing” our entry? So when do I pay? It didn’t give me that option. Glad I checked today, we were the last 2 spots open. Whew

  258. John Plemons says:


    My friend Kelly and I are playing in the amateur this year and want to play in both the skins events. I’m just waiting for confirmation from him. Can you pencil us in until tomorrow morning then I will get you the bucks.


  259. George Salcedo says:

    So the skins games are about to be sold out. 3 spots remain in the net game and 7 spots remain in the gross game. I know some of you are waiting for the rotation to come out so as soon as it does, you better jump. 64 days and wheels up. STMF

  260. I see you got in Marv. Pairings are done. I know there will be some changes, add ons and removals, but its a start. 68 days baby. STMF

  261. Kerry says:


    Here is the link to the Skins Games

  262. Marv Moneymaker says:


    I haven’t seen any emails from you yet, but I’m for sure interested in playing in both games so please send me the link.


  263. David DeRango says:

    Filling up faster then last year!!
    lets go people this is a great way to have a great time and meet some new golf buddies.
    see you all very soon!! 69 days till Vegas I cannot FU@$#N wait.

  264. George Salcedo says:

    10 spots left in the monday big game and 22 spots left in the gross game at Coyote. If you know someone that wants in better grab a spot. Gonna be a great year. Can’t wait to see everyone. STMF

  265. George Salcedo says:

    Saturday’s game at the Ledges is 2-fold. Skins game and 2 man blind net game. Should be fun. Course is just beautiful. STMF

  266. Kerry says:

    And George, What have we got for the Saturday Game at the Ledges?

  267. George Salcedo says:

    Ok updates to the skins games. For the gross game at Coyote Springs on sunday we have 92 spots available with 52 spots taken. For the net game on monday at Falcon Ridge we have 111 registered with 25 spots left. 71 and wheels up. STMF

  268. George Salcedo says:

    With 76 days to go till I am wheels up. The Net game is up to 104 people with 36 spots remaining and the gross game is at 50 with 40 spots remaining. When Christian posts the tentative schedule there will be a lot of golfers trying to get in. Don’t lose your spot. STMF

  269. Kerry says:

    I need to change my comment: “And their Fish is not bad either”. Not on the menu, must have been thinking of some other place, Possibly The 19th Hole.

    Had a Denver Omelet for Lunch at Scotty’s today. Excellent.

  270. George Salcedo says:

    Brandon, your in. Send me your email. Gordon, yup. Go to and enter all 4 of you. David, I sent you a message thru FB. I appreciate the wedge very much. I got you and Mark for all three days. You can pay when you get here. Whats up Keith, the only thing that’s been missing from the blog is you. Be in Mesquite in 17 days for some sunshine, golf and getting ready to DO IT in May. STMF

  271. Jeff says:

    I’ll be heading south this weekend as well! Florida that is! Looking forward to seeing my brother and getting out of this cold weather for a spell. Golf? Bad golf is better than no golf. Can’t expect to play any good since I haven’t picked up a club in 3 months. I’m sure it will feel like starting over again.

  272. David DeRango says:

    Must be nice to have that time to play golf in warm weather!!!

    My vacation time is all used from the Mesquite AM to September in Vegas and back to Vegas for New Years eve.
    I need to win the lottery or hit it big in Vegas, yah when pigs fly I will.

    I am stuck here in Chicago with a winter mix of rain, snow and sleet.
    you guys are F@#$EN killing me!!!

    But you know I love you guys have fun and think of me as you play golf in warm weather, I will just be her crying my eyes out.

  273. Kerry says:

    I will be heading south to golf this weekend. FYI, my weekends start at 2:42 Thursday afternoons.

  274. George Salcedo says:

    ok so the pre game updates are as follows. With 90 to go before we tee it up for the gross game at Coyote Springs we have 44 entered out of 100 and for the big net game at Falcon Ridge we have 85 entered out of 136 so 51 spots remain. I will hopefully be putting out a mass invitation this friday to all that have entered the Amateur. If your on the fence you better decide, I will probably sell out. STMF

  275. George Salcedo says:

    Well I will be in Mesquite in 20 days. Doing some pre work for the charity and playing some golf in warm weather. Can’t wait. STMF

  276. Kerry says:

    84 days till we are doing it in the desert Skins Game. Is Falcon Ridge ready for all of us? I hope so, have not seen Brian and the boys in a while. And Especially Cannot wait to have Lunch at Scotty’s. Best Cheeseburgers in town. And their Fish is not bad either. And their Bloody Mary’s are to die for. Use your drink tickets on the course, or use them as I plan, Bloody Mary’s from the bar at Scotty’s.

  277. George Salcedo says:

    ok so the pre game updates are as follows. With 90 to go before we tee it up for the gross game at Coyote Springs we have 44 entered out of 100 and for the big net game at Falcon Ridge we have 85 entered out of 136 so 51 spots remain. I will hopefully be putting out a mass invitation this friday to all that have entered the Amateur. If your on the fence you better decide, I will probably sell out. STMF

  278. Paul says:

    Where do you register for Doing it in the desert?

  279. George Salcedo says:

    Brandon I have written you down. Send me your email.
    89 days. STMF

  280. Brandon Atkinson says:

    I would love to play this. Need to get a PO from the wife.

  281. David DeRango says:

    I would be there if I don’t have to keep the wife happy.
    Yes I have to give George my man card.
    happy wife happy golfer who can shoot lower scores.
    see you all at the skin games in 95 days.

  282. George Salcedo says:

    YUP Just like last year. Well worth the trip though. STMF

  283. Kerry says:

    Allow extra time to get to the Ledges, Construction in the Virgin River Gorge. Rebuilding Bridges.

  284. Brandon Atkinson says:

    Ledges George sounds awesome. I would also like to play that…

  285. Gordon Kaplan says:

    Hi George,
    We played in the skins game last year on Monday & this year I’m bringing 3 buddies with me & we all would like to play on Monday. Where do we go to sign up& can we play together on that Monday? Thanks, Gordon

  286. David Corhn says:

    George I don’t know if you got my message on Facebook. I have a 56 deg Titlest Vokey wedge for you faffle. I will pay for the skins game after the Vegas AM. and if there is room add myself and Mark to any rounds you have set up for Saturday please.

  287. Keith Pluto says:

    Is the blog working anymore? Haven’t seen an entry in a year.

  288. Kerry says:

    Would love to play Ledges George, let me think on it.

  289. George Salcedo says:

    112 days till wheels up and we are starting to really fill in on the skins games. I am up to about 40 of 92 for the gross game out at Coyote Springs and at about 70 out of 136 for the net game out at Falcon Ridge. Playing Sat at the Ledges if anyone out there is interested. STMF

  290. ALLEN STEWART says:

    Have not seen any information on this years Skins/games, so could you please send me anything you have todate?


  291. David DeRango says:

    If nothing has changed I will be selling the raffle tickets again this year!
    so everyone make sure you see me at dinner each night to purchase your raffle tickets.
    We have even better golf stuff to give away which is going to a great cause.
    every $$ goes to this cause.
    So see me I will be selling them on the courses too! Make sure you find me and I will have that smile that will not go AWAY!!!!

    As long as George gives me the Responsibility I will do my best for him!!!

    Thank you for eveyone how purchased raffle tickets last year!!!

  292. David DeRango says:

    That is Right Kerry,

    George please put Perry and Harvey in our foursome.
    I got them to sign up for both skin games this is a realy good way to get them acclimated to the Mesquite courses which will be a real shocker they look so beautiful and yet so deadly.

  293. Kerry says:

    As David got some of his Chicago Golfing Buddies to come and enjoy the Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament, and the Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament, They should join David’s Dysfunctional 4some. So a Warm Welcome goes out to Perry Johnson and Harvey Amen. I am positive you will enjoy Falcon Ridge Golf Club. I have been playing it since it opened. It is such a great course, I keep coming back even after getting a triple par and then a birdie on the next hole. And we will not talk about the triple par +1 on the next hole. 15, 2, 13, nice little 3 hole stretch. Perry & Harvey, I know you will enjoy yourselves, and all the Golf and Festivities abound at the Mesquite Amateur. And Again, Welcome. Oh yea, number 6 is a birdie hole.

  294. Kerry says:

    Just going to put this out there. I see that David and I are in group 06A, is there anybody out there that would like to join our dysfunctional group, and start with a relatively short Par 4, elevated Tee Box, and the most important aspect of this hole, Water on the right? Just let George know.

  295. Kerry says:

    Well, I was just looking at the Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament Web Site, And it appears to be Up and Functioning. A Great Cause, See you all there, I hope.

  296. David DeRango says:

    Not bad news to me!!!

  297. Kerry says:

    And now the bad news, I believe I will be playing in David’s foursome at Falcon Ridge on Monday May 25th.

  298. Kerry says:

    I have secured a Tee Time on the Oasis-Palmer Golf Course for Sunday, Nov 23rd. And then on the Palms for Monday, Nov 24th. Total cost for both rounds is less than $73.00. Not bad for November in Mesquite.

  299. Jeff says:

    Got my last swing of the stick in yesterday, George. I think that is it around here. Unless you like freezing your Titleist’s off! I don’t get very much enjoyment out of that myself. I’ll take 90 to 110 over any temperature they have to calculate wind chill! I have to work in it all day, I still don’t like playing in it.

  300. Kerry says:

    I have secured Vacation Time for the week of the Mesquite Amateur. With any luck, I may even be able to secure the Finances. I know this will be a complete Disappointment to someone, as I will be taking away their chance to finish last.
    Weather is Great here in Mesquite this weekend.

  301. George Salcedo says:

    Hey everyone, we are exactly 201 days away from our annual trek to the desert. I was fortunate enough to get to play the Palms, Falcon Ridge, Coyote Springs and Coral Canyon this last week and the courses are in great shape. For those of you that played in last years event I will be sending out invites in the next 2 weeks and for those of you that will be new to the event this year, first, welcome and second I will be inviting you to join us after you sign up for the amateur. Hope all of you in the north have one last chance to swing the sticks, see you soon. STMF, George

  302. Phil Jeter says:

    My first time player had a great time plan on being back don’t agree with the 150 for my wife. So be eating in the casino next year

  303. George Salcedo says:

    I have 2 spots that just came open in the skins game on monday at Falcon Ridge. First 2 to email me at gets them. STMF

  304. David DeRango says:


    I do not mind driving at all but I like to smoke and drink at the same time as long as driving with my knees are not a problem with you we will be fine.

    Yes we will have a great time! how about a little game I play with my PW golf buds ( that will not join me in Mesquite) we could do closest to on all the par 3’s who is closer wins 2$ a man but if you do not par the hole and three putt you owe each man 1$. Just an idea looking forward to this trip in 17 days! CANNOT WAIT!!!

    1. christian says:

      The Mesquite Amateur is proud to announce a great partnership with Callaway Golf and Taylor Made for this years event. This year our top 10 flight winners will have a choice of going with a Callaway Gift Card or a Taylor Made Gift Card. Payouts will be the same as last year.

  305. Kerry says:

    Hey David, Rich W and Jim G,

    We should all have a great time Monday at Falcon Ridge. After all, it will be the third day in a row that Rich, Jim & I will be Golfing together. David, I have decided to let you drive the Golf Cart. More time for me to use my free drink tickets. And you know me, Don’t like to drink & Drive.

    3 Weeks seem like such a long time away. And I still have a trip to the Seattle area before going SOUTH.

  306. George Salcedo says:

    John, you can pay at the course. Thanks. See you in 23 days. STMF

  307. John Williams here. Just signed up for the Sunday Gross Skins at Coyote. How do yo want me to pay? Send check? Pay at course?
    Wish to play in same foursome with Randall Gaither.

  308. George Salcedo says:

    I am proud to say that the Bruce King net skins game at Falcon Ridge has sold out with 1 person still on the waiting list. We still have about 6 spots in the Gross game Sunday at Coyote Springs with a net side game as well. If you want to get in the Gross game at Coyote on Sunday you can go to and enter and in the address box just enter gross game only. See all of you in the bar in 33 days. STMF

  309. Stan Mahaffey says:

    The website for the Team Competition is Just click on Player Sign up and fill out the form, enter the name of your Partner in the space provided if you don’t have a partner, leave it blank and you will be placed in the SINGLES, be sure to check your age group. When you get to the bottom of the registration form be sure to click the correct confirmation button. Add a Single Player if you are a single OR Add First Player of Team if you have a partner. Please e-mail if you have questions

  310. Disclaimer: This event is being offered independent of the Mesquite Amateur and it’s staff and sponsors, they assume no responsibility for it’s operation or results. Your participation is elective and by your registration and participation you agree to the rules, results, and decisions of the operating members of this event.
    •The Team Competition will be contested over 54 holes by two-person teams consisting of any two Mesquite Amateur participants, regardless of handicap, age, or sex. Both team members must be competitors in the Mesquite Am.
    •There is a space on the Team Competition Registration page to register as a “SINGLE” and you will be randomly paired with another “SINGLE” registrant. A competitor may only register with ONE TEAM for the competition. Both players on a Team MUST be registered and confirmed.
    •SCORING will consist of the combination of both players NET scores over 54 holes in relation to the daily course played in order to compute the team total. If either member is disqualified or otherwise does not submit a daily scorecard, the Team score will be ONLY the remaining members net score with a low net score of 100 for the disqualified player. No refunds will be given to either party because of disqualification. All decisions of the Team Competition committee are final. Scores/standings will be available at the nightly dinners.
    •For purposes of the Team Competition, there will be one division for all teams. The two-person teams may consist of female/female, female/male, or male/male.
    •For purposes of the Team Competition, the handicap index used by each participant to compete in the Mesquite Am will be the handicap index used for Team Competition. In the event that the Mesquite Am Tournament Committee makes adjustments to a competitor’s handicap during the event, said adjustments will be included in the NET scores for the Team Competition.
    •Prizes will be awarded to the overall top 20% of the teams entered in the competition. All entry fees will be distributed to participants, less expenditures. In the event of ties in the final standings, the following sequence will be used to determine standings: low team NET from round 3, low team NET from round 2, and finally, low team NET from round 1.

    •ENTRY FEE COLLECTION: The Entry Fee is $20.00 per player. Entry fee must be paid in CASH!! Entry fees will be collected from ALL participants in the Lounge at the Casablanca Resort on Sunday evening, May 25, 2014 from 6-9 pm or at the dinner on Monday night, May 26, 2014 from 6-8 pm. If you are unable to make these time periods, please call, text, or e-mail the Team Competition staff. Contact info is included in your confirmation once you register.

  311. George Salcedo says:

    Quick update, there are only about 8 spots left in either skins game. Once the rotation’s come out this week I know I will fill up, so if your on the fence you might want to get in. 40 days peeps. STMF

  312. George Salcedo says:

    An update. The big game on monday has over 110 entered and we are gonna take about 22 more. As soon as I get another invite out we should be close to filling up. The gross game on sunday at the Chase is at 49 players with 11 spots still up for grabs and if anyone is in town Sat and wants to play, there is about 30 of us going up to Utah and playing at Corral Canyon. Email me at if you want in. See you all in 49 days. STMF

  313. George Salcedo says:

    Gross skins start at 8 am and we are going to be able to do a shotgun start. STMF

  314. Marv Moneymaker says:


    What’s our start time for the gross skins game on Sunday? I’m trying to decide if it makes sense to stay in LV on Saturday night.

    Marv M

  315. George Salcedo says:

    Just an update, we are now over 110 golfers in the net skins game on monday and just over 50 in the gross game on sunday. I am sure once the rotation’s come out we will fill up. So if your interested please sign up soon.

    Some new items from Taylor Made were added to the raffle courtesy of Mr Tyler Peak. A white hot Taylormade putter, 1 RBZ 3 wood, 1 RBZ driver and a TaylorMade R1 driver. And yes everyone can purchase tickets for the raffle.

    An update on the scholarship. 6 students from the high school have submitted applications to this years board. They will have a month to rate the students and send the info back to me. We will notify the school and the student mid May and we will do the presentation at one of the dinners.

    55 days for me. Can’t wait to see all of you. STMF

  316. Kerry says:

    Hey George,

    You know the old saying: Checks in the Mail, NOT. It is still sitting on the coffee table. But it is in an Envelope, addressed, and even has a stamp on it. And since there is no food in this house, guess I will have to go out. So I will take it to the post office and get it “In The Mail”. See you all real soon.

  317. George Salcedo says:

    Just letting everyone know that the skins games are filling up. I have about 50 of 64 spots full in the gross game at Coyote Springs and 75 of 124 spots filled in the net game at Falcon Ridge. This is before I get the list to email invites. I am sure they are gonna fill up so if you are interested sign up at 67 days and I am wheels up. See all of you soon. STMF

  318. George Salcedo says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend David. Be well my friend. STMF

  319. David DeRango says:

    George and to all as of last night I lost a very close friend and golf partner to cancer, I knew Jim for over 16 years as a business partner and friend.
    Cancer is an ugly word and I have seen too many family and friends loose there life to this word, this year I will Dedicate the Mesquite AM in his name and do what ever I can to help you out George you are doing God work here bless you.
    Jim was a fun loving person and great to be on the golf course with I will remember him by having a great time in his name.
    Thank you all for being my friend and I pray for good health for everyone.
    Cannot wait to see you all again, be safe.

  320. Kerry says:

    And as usual, I will be by David’s side assisting him.

  321. George Salcedo says:

    Got it Dave. Just for everyones info, we have added 3 clubs from Callaway to the raffle. A putter, driver and a hybrid. Also we have a gift certificate for Vibram FiveFingers Golf Shoes. Stuff is starting to really come in. Got to thank my guys, Stan, Tyler and Kevin for helping me with this stuff. Remember you do not need to compete in either skins games to buy raffle tickets. My man David D will be selling them each night from sunday to weds night like he did last year. We will do the raffle in the tent right after the festivities on Weds night. See all of you soon. STMF

  322. David DeRango says:

    Check is in snail mail, like you have not heard that one before.
    Let me know if you do not see it by next week.
    Counting down the days to Coyote and Falcon.
    Take care.

  323. Brandon Polanco says:

    Rick Herman,

    The additional information on the link at the start of this blog. For convenience, I just cut and pasted it for you: . There’s details there about the tournament and how to sign up.

  324. Rick Herman says:

    Hello George

    Can you email me at I would like to know more about
    the two pre tourneys on Sunday and Monday. I’m coming in with Jack Jackson. Need some more info.

    Rick Herman

  325. Jack Jackson says:

    Hey George,
    I will be with you at Coyote and Falcon. What’s the plan for Saturday?? I have a buddy entering the Am and I’m sure he would like to join in on the pre-events as well. Thanks for all you do.

  326. David DeRango says:

    It is the same as last year if you need me to do anything, anything at all just ask I do not mind helping you.

    I just found out a good golf bud of mine that I have played golf with and done business with for 20years is fighting Cancer and it does not look good.
    So you need me to do the raffle I am in.

  327. George Salcedo says:

    Be good to see you Brandon. Just sent you a text about some info for you. STMF

  328. Brandon Polanco says:

    Hey George (All others)–I might be making it this year! I will definitely participate in the memorial for our good ol’ buddy Bruce (RIP). Hope all is well! #I’mAlwaysThirst #JustNotForBeer #LoL

  329. george Salcedo says:

    Raffle prizes are starting to come in. We will have some Taylor Made woods and hybrids, some gift cards from dicks, a free entry into one of the other amateur tourneys in the country and of course the 2 entries into the Mesquite Amateur. Thats what we have so far and I am sure the list is gonna start growing as we get closer. 88 days and wheels up. Just remember if your not Doing it in the Desert your just not doing it right. STMF

  330. Ron "Chi-Chi" Duran says:

    Okay the Chi-Chi Par 3 game as George has put it; is a game we play at our local course. It is a simple aggregate score of all 3 Pars on the course of the day. The golfer with the lowest score total of all the 3 Pars of the course being played that day wins the pot (ties split). This is a gross format and adds a little fun competition within the big competition. It costs $5.00 to enter and George or I will be available for your entry before play begins that day. See you there…inside 100 days now. So stoked!

  331. George Salcedo says:

    Just to give an update. The students at Virgin Valley high are now doing the application for this years scholarship. The deadline is April 1 and then our board of directors will go thru them all and select the winner of this years 2500 dollars scholarship. Hopefully Christian will have some time during one of the dinners to let me up there to introduce our winner. As for the 2 skin games. I have already got over 40 signed up for the 68 spots for the sunday gross game at The Chase and I have about 65 or so signed up for the big net game on Monday at Falcon Ridge. 93 days for me and I am wheels up. See all of you soon. Safe travels to all. STMF

  332. Rich Messina says:

    George’s Monday skins game on falcon Ridge is my favorite I highly recommend this to any newcomer

  333. Todd Peltier says:

    We are getting close, if you want to say 90+ days close. For those of you who have played in George’s game before and knew Bruce, you KNOW why we do this and I can’t wait to see everyone. For those who have not played or are first timers to this tourney, this is a great way to get ready for the tourney, possibly win some cash and for sure meet some great people. The games are played on courses that are in the rotation so first timers its a great way to check out the course and play with a little pressure of a possible skin, because you know there will be pressure on three foot putts in the tourney. I can’t think of a better way to start the week, so if your thinking about it, then do it, I truly believe you will not be disappointed. This is my 9th year and have played in every one. Travel safe everyone!!!!

  334. george Salcedo says:

    i Have a bunch of checks that have come in that I have not done anything with yet but will on weds. yes we will be doing the raffle and yes we welcome all gifts. Thanks. See you soon buddy. STMF

  335. george Salcedo says: check out the website and we will be updating raffle items soon. thanks and only 95 days and wheels up. STMF

  336. Shaun Benninghove says:

    Hey George just checking to see if you recieved my money. Also are you doing a raffle? If so let me know and I’ll donate something. See you soon my friend. I think I have a couple guys coming down this year from Fallon….