This thread if for people looking for friends in the tournament and reconnecting with friends they met at the Mesquite Amateur.

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  1. Kerry says:

    I have known about only 3 courses and about 300 folks since Labor Day weekend. Surprises more didn’t know.

  2. george A salcedo says:

    Ron, courses probably just wanted to do their own thing. Maybe they think they will get more play than we give them, who knows. I think it is a mistake on their part, but it’s not my company. Let the countdown begin. 173 days till wheels up. Stay safe everyone

  3. Kerry says:

    Hotel Reservation has already been made for Mesquite Am Week.
    Ron Lane, that is something that the Mesquite Am Folks would need to address.
    I am surprised that George is using a non-Mesquite Am course for one of his skin’s games. But it is his choice. I have always thought of the Skin’s Games as a kind of Practice round for the Tournament.

  4. Ron Lane says:

    So anyone know why they lost the courses and had to cut the Mesquite Amateur field in half this year.

  5. george A salcedo says:

    With yesterdays email I thought this board would be humming. Guess everyone is still full of turkey. LOL With the news of the smaller field coming out I have decided to take one day of the skins games away. So this year we will be playing the Sunday game at Falcon and it will be a scramble. The Monday game will be at Casa and it will be the big gross and net skins games with all the other added attractions. I will be opening it up to players that have played in the past 2 years of games first and then around Feb I will open to others that are lucky enough to get in the Mesquite AM. Good luck. Pay attention to when the registration opens. Stay Safe.

  6. Kerry says:

    Eagerly Awaiting the Friends Blog up and working. Also, Registration opening for the 2023 Mesquite Am.

  7. Crazy Canucks says:

    Off to the Caribbean and golf clubs not in tow. Speedo is though

  8. Crazy Canucks says:

    Been a while since I’ve been on the Blog all because I wasn’t in the 2 man. Checked out the leaderboard as I was watching quite a few teams to see how they did. Jeff, just a heads up that I will be supporting the Canadian Speedo or Thong by day in a few weeks as I am off to the Dominican Replubic on the 28th of November. Golf clubs will not be in tow as I have heard horror stories of clubs going missing and my babies are worth a few dollars. Babes, Beach and Booze is on my agenda for this vacation. Oh and just a heads up, Mullet is gone and I am now donning a crew cut. The chrome dome just might make it to Mesquite next year. I send a picture to DeRango, he didnt recognize me, told me to grow the hair back πŸ™‚ Take Care and Be Safe

  9. David DeRango says:

    2 man tournament was great, want to thank Rand my partner for carrying my game we had fun some highs and too many lows.
    Now on to Mesquite AM 187 days till the first skin game of George’s.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday all be safe see you all soon.
    Will look at a pre skin game before the skin games as we did last year and one wants in let me know.

  10. Thanks George. Right now I have a Chevy Colorado 4 door booked for $775 for 2 weeks. As most small rental cars are right around $350/week or more. I’m happy with finding something with a little space for the trip we are taking. Might even do a little off- roading in Sedona, AZ when we are there.

    Can’t wait to hear what changes you have for the Pre games! 2-person scramble for Saturday? Blind draw possibly? Courses? Curiosity is killing us!

  11. George Salcedo says:

    So the 2man comes to an end. Lots of should of, would of and could of’s from me and my partner but we had a blast and again our best round was the alternate shot. Go figure. Christian and the staff put on a great show and although it was a little cold it was great. Jeff, Turo worked out really well. They dropped it off at Bali Hai for me and I got to drop it at short term parking at the airport. Super convenient. Already booked for May. Skins game info will drop around Christmas time. Going to be a little different this year. The golf bag should be back in a few days from Ship Sticks but they just go in the shed for about a month. Hope everyone has a great winter. I hope to get in at least 6 rounds between now and March. Maybe, maybe not. Stay safe everyone.

  12. David DeRango says:

    Still not working

  13. David DeRango says:

    Testing so far nothing is going thru

  14. george salcedo says:

    The 2 man was a great time. Christian and the staff did a great job. Courses were fantastic. Food at opening and closing ceremonies was great. Can’t complain about anything excepts that it is over. Jeff, Turo worked out really well. They dropped it off at Bali Hai for me and I parked it in short term parking when I was done. And it was about 200 cheaper than if I would of booked it through the big guys. I have already booked for May. 6 months, 10 days and 6 hours till wheels up. Have a great winter everyone.

  15. 181 Paul! 181days until everyone sees you strutting around the Casablanca pool with your Canadian thong in full bloom. Kids screaming for their mothers and a Baby Ruth floating in the pool!

  16. David DeRango says:

    FYI flight “A”
    Sorry forgot

  17. David DeRango says:

    2 days everybody Cannot wait!!
    See you at the skin games if you are in.
    Or at the welcoming dinner when you pay me for the skin games.
    I will be paying out the skins in our rotation. Safe travels all.

  18. David DeRango says:

    6 days till I will be heading in Mesquite for the skin game.
    Getting another round in with the brother knights at Revere golf club
    See you all soon. Safe travels all.

  19. David+DeRango says:

    LOL Jeffrey I didn’t need anyone work then I have.
    9 days till the skin game.
    Be safe all see you soon.

  20. Kerry says:

    Pool was open yesterday. Today the signs say Pool Closed for the Season. At Casablanca.

  21. Kerry says:

    Hoping to arrive in Mesquite Wednesday November 9th before 4:31pm Sunset.

  22. 191 days! Got a rental reserved for two weeks. $775. If you can find a decent rental car for under $400 for the week you done good. And by decent I don’t mean a Chevy Spark. I wouldn’t even feel safe driving one of those. In about 6 more years I hope I can just take my time and drive out there. Can’t wait till we get to sign up for the AM and for the Pre games! 4 months of time change and winter depression coming up for me. Hope winter goes fast for everyone and see you next year.

  23. Jeff, I am using Turo on this trip to Mesquite. I will let you know how it goes. 12 days peeps. Stay safe.

  24. 193! Wife is booking our week before Mesquite week. Already have a little house booked in Sedona, Arizona for 5 days. Looking for a rental car already. Cheapest I see is a Chevy Colorado for about $850 for two weeks. I can see a few on Turo that will be cheaper, but, little unsure about the process. David DeRango should start a business like this. Buy a bunch of cars and let everyone else make your payments and make a killing. Maybe that will be George’s ticket to getting out there to live. It’s a great idea.

  25. Crazy Canucks says:

    196 days till “Doing it in the Desert”. I knew Barbas would have that number in his head. Shoot better book my vacation so I can attend and sign up ASAP as last year quite a few Lads missed out due to overwhelming attendance. Any thoughts on what track to play in Vegas as a pre warm up like last year?? Just throwing it out there. Snow here in Calgary Alberta Canada and my golf season is done till late April 2023. Have fun at the 2 man everyone. Ski season is about to begin, well in a few months anyway.

  26. Kerry says:

    Weather outlook for my excursion to Mesquite Friday is High 60’s, then 70’s Sat, Sun & Mon. Sure beats the 40’s we have here now.

  27. David DeRango says:

    15 days till we tee it up and the Palms.
    Weather outlook seems to be cool at tee time then warm up to high 60’s low 70’s but as we all know this can change.
    Cannot wait see you all soon be safe all.
    Jeff sorry you didn’t get in the 2 man say hi to the wife for me.

  28. 196 days until the “Doing It In the Desert” skins games begin!

  29. Kerry says:

    You are most welcome.

  30. David DeRango says:

    Yeah you are right will set the alarm so I can be out of the house by 5am.
    20 days till we tee it up for the skin game.
    Cannot wait.
    Be safe all in your travels

  31. Kerry says:

    DeRango, if you wait to leave until Sunrise, you will be late. Remember, as George has already mentioned, Daylight Saving Time is ending. So, we will say your current Sunrise is 6:00am. (just an example) On Nov 10th, this will be 7:00am. Guess you will need to leave before O’ Dark Thirty. Breakfast at VR?

  32. David DeRango says:

    I will be leaving Vegas at sun up on Thursday and meeting my partner for breakfast along with Richard and James.
    Will be able to get a few more rounds of golf in before then.
    Cannot wait and be safe all.

  33. Good to know on the construction. Once we finish playing we are on our way to Mesquite with no time table. Probably a dinner at Los Lupes after we check in at the Casa. Then maybe, just maybe a few adult beverages as all the crew arrives throughout the night. Stay safe everyone. 22 days till wheels up.

  34. David DeRango says:

    No problem brother understand looking forward to see you again everyone again.
    FYI road construction is east on 15 about 10 miles outside of mesquite hope it will be done by then but give yourself more time to get into town.
    Safe travels all Cannot wait.

  35. We have actually switched to Bali Hai. Closer to the airport and hopefully we get between 14 and 18 holes in with darkness. Have 4 flying in at same time so we will see. 24 days till wheels up. Stay safe everyone.

  36. David DeRango says:

    28 days till we are playing golf with George at the Palms.
    Cannot wait!
    I will play Durango hills with you if you like.
    Be safe all and in your travels
    See you soon.

  37. Kerry says:

    Dinner tonight with Richard Wilds, then golf tomorrow.

  38. David DeRango says:

    38 days till the skin games.
    Yeah I don’t think I will be able to play in the spring 2 man because of the mesquite am later that month.
    George you will like Durango hills, I have played it a number of times.
    It has improved my short game greatly. Would love to join you as long as the wife doesn’t have be busy.

  39. Speaking of games, how soon will you have the Mesquite Am skins games finalized? Already in the process of looking for a rental car and trip planning for 2023. The wife wants to do the AZ trip again next year. Play well, George!

  40. Inside of 40 days till wheels up. 122 signed up for skins game. Landing in Vegas on 9th with enough time to try out Durango hills executive course. Damn daylight savings time. Stay safe everyone.

  41. Good luck, I will probably never see that tourney. Wedding anniversary falls in that time frame. Good job Christian. LOL Stay safe everyone, 41 days and wheels up. STMF

  42. Kerry says:

    Making Plans for the Spring II-Man in May 2023. I think this will be a Great Time. Palms: Scramble, Falcon Ridge: Best Ball, Casablanca: Modified Alternate Shot. And best part, not knowing who my partner will be. As I will be Registering as a single needing a partner.

  43. David DeRango says:

    This was the first time the mesquite am was sold out that I know of. There was close to 700 players one year?
    46 days till we play the skin game of George’s cannot wait!
    Let’s hope Christian Let’s more players sign up.
    Be safe all.

  44. I believe it will open either first week of Nov or right after the 2 man.

    Speaking of the 2 man, only 49 days till I am wheels up. 112 right now in the skins game. I will take 124 and will be sending out one more invite in about a week. Want to have tee sheets done by Oct 28. See all of you soon. Stay safe.

  45. When does registration open for the 2023 Mesquite Am? Lol Don’t get locked out next year. Sign up early. It was sold out by Mid March this year, wasn’t it?

  46. David DeRango says:

    58 days till the skin game before the 2 man tournament anyone what to play and round in Vegas before the skin game let me know and it will set something up.
    Cannot wait.
    Be safe all

  47. Thanks Greg. It was nice to get paired together with you. My anniversary is May 27th. Every year it falls during Mesquite Am week. This year we flew into Phoenix. Stayed in Scottsdale a few days. Then we went to Sedona for a few days and then to Las Vegas. My wife loves Sedona, AZ the most. Went on the train ride. Verde Canyon Railway. Took an open top bus ride tour around Sedona. Great guide that gave us the history of the town. They have jeep rides threw the trails, too. Pink Jeep Tours. I dropped my wife off at the airport before I made it to Mesquite. You can always take her on a tour of St. George. Awesome views. Stop by Wolf Creek for dinner and show her the view of the course.

  48. Greg Carr says:

    Jeff, you know I am for a late summer Mesquite Am. Good to see you in Myrtle Beach and good playing. I have only been out to Mesquite once (2019) compared to the World Am nine times but I do believe Mesquite is an all around better tournament. I am still trying to figure out how to get my wife on board since our anniversary is May 24th!!

  49. Just a thought….. what if Mesquite tried to throw another Mesquite Am at the end of summer during the same time frame as the World Am? There are lot of people disappointed with the World Am. If I had to make a choice I will head to Mesquite at the end of August. Any thought to bring back the Ledges in St. George to the rotation? Can’t wait for next May! Wife is starting to plan next years vacation already.

  50. 73 and I am in the air. Enjoy the end of summer and the greatest golfing season of them all, FALL Stay safe everyone.

  51. David DeRango says:

    79 days till the 2 man tournament looking to play the day before the skins game.
    Who is would like to play in Vegas.
    Be safe all.

  52. David DeRango says:

    Played Coyote Springs Saturday and it was in the best condition ever.
    A lot of rain has been hitting them course was soft greens were sofe and slow.
    Get time playing still shot my second best score.
    See everyone at the 2 man tournament. Be safe all.

  53. David DeRango says:

    Getting to play more golf since retirement has improved my game
    My index is now 12.2 looks like I will be moving into a new flight.
    90 days till the skin game cannot wait.
    Be safe all

  54. 90 days till wheels up. Stay safe and cool everyone.

  55. 100 days till wheels up. Stay safe everyone

  56. David William DeRango says:

    111 days to go cannot wait!
    New Driver is to be delivered today! Will get to work and start using it and get ready for the two man.
    Be safe all.

  57. Over 100 in the skins game in November. Filling up fast. Stay safe everyone.

  58. David DeRango says:

    Well surprise, surprise my driver has shipped.
    I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
    I will get to use it before the two man tournament.

  59. David DeRango says:

    George they are discontinuing the big bertha driver for next year’s model.
    Wish they would of said that on the site.
    Kerry you are right I have not had trouble before with callaway.
    Yes would of liked be in mesquite but had a get time at Circa hotel.
    114 to the 2 man cannot wait.
    Be safe all.

  60. Kerry says:

    DeRango, I have made several orders with Callaway Golf. And have always had my clubs within a week’s time. Sorry you have to wait so long. Which Driver are you looking forward to Playing? Mesquite is great this week. High Score for the week was today at Falcon Ridge, a 101. 99 on Canyons Monday and 99 on Palmer Tuesday. Sure, wish you could have made a trip up for a visit.

  61. David, that is why you stick with Taylor Made. Ordered my new wedges and driving iron the week I got back and have already played 4-5 rounds with them. Stay safe everyone

  62. David William DeRango says:

    If anyone got a Callaway gift card for making it to the top 10 and you want to order clubs of some kind, I was told 7 to 10 business days for my new driver to ship!! But now it is telling me January before I see it!!!
    Talked to customer service and they said they would get back to me but nothing yet!! Way to go with customer service.
    121 days till the 2 Man looks like I will not have the new driver by then!!
    Be safe all

  63. Crazy Canucks says:

    Just throwing it out there. LIV golf rules. I don’t care what the general public say. I’m a golf fan. 14 tournaments for the year 2023 and they are changing the LIV name to something else. Sure hope they come to Canada and play. See ya in May 2023

  64. Kerry says:

    Mesquite Sun the 10th and leaving Thu the 14th. Lowest low temp of 85*. Lowest high will be 107*, on the day we arrive. Hoping to be off the golf course before 11:00am. All rounds FREE with my Golf Mesquite Pass. May also have to go to Las Vegas to pick up some Soju for the wife, that is if Lee’s does not have any.

  65. 72 already in for the skins in Nov. 127 days to go till wheels up. Stay safe everyone and have a great summer of golf.

  66. Kerry says:

    Falcon Ridge is going to have temporary 18th Green this summer.

  67. I meant Nov. My mistake. Stay safe everyone.

  68. One day and half the spots for the skins game in May are already gone. Going to be a great day. Stay safe everyone.

  69. I will be sending out invites for the skins game in Nov today. Going to take 124 golfers. At the Palms this year. 135 days till wheels up. Stay safe everyone.

  70. David DeRango says:

    136 days till the 2 man in November.
    I don’t think the numbers will change for the AM in May I believe all who play the AM will always got to it.
    May 2 man is still a question for me.
    Be safe all see you in November.

  71. Kerry says:

    Looking forward to possibly playing in the May II-Man and meeting new people. And cooler Temps.

  72. I think you are right Dan. We will see. I think age and time will affect the Am as well. Hopefully not. Stay safe everyone.

  73. Dan Walters says:

    llMan, in May is just too close to the AM. probably affect Am participation numbers also

  74. David DeRango says:

    May 2 man not sure on that one yet.
    Too close to the AM.
    Have to think about it.
    Working on getting ready for November 2 man.
    See everyone in November cannot wait.

  75. Yea no may 2 man for me. Too. Close to wedding anniversary. Stay safe

  76. Yea no may 2 man for me. Too. Close to wedding anniversary. Stay safe

  77. Kerry says:

    May II-Man? Kool

  78. Car booked, room booked, contract signed for skins game and flights are taken care of. Now just the waiting. A lot of golf between now and then. Member/Member coming up this weekend. See you in 144 days. Stay safe everyone.

  79. David DeRango says:

    George the skin game before the 2 man tournament, you know I am in.
    See you then.

  80. David DeRango says:

    Gary that is how I got hooked and that was 17 years ago, I look forward every year and I have made so many friends.
    Check out the skin games from George it is a great way to learn the course.
    150 days till we are doing the 2 man tournament. Cannot wait be safe all.

  81. Gary (Benj) says:

    What a great event! Being that it was my first time I cannot say enough of how impressed I was with the courses and organization as a whole. To all the guys I played with, two thumbs up I had a blast!! Special shout out to AJ from Utah who ended up in a playoff on the last day…..congrats I know how much you love the game. Looking forward to next year already.

  82. Crazy Canucks says:

    Being an “International Player” it sure was nice to have a bunch Canadian Players come on down. I figured there was about 25 Canadians that showed up. Nice to be able to return the Mesquite Am. Had fun and it was good to connect with my “Brothers from another Mother”. Until next year Lads. Take Care of yourselfs and I might have another “Crazy Canuck” come down with me next year. Had a lot of compliments with my table place setting (Canadian Flags ensemble). Some people thought it was an “All Canadian” table so they were hesitant to sit with us. But we told them “We welcome anybody to join us for dinner”.

  83. for those coming to the 2 person in Nov, I will be running a skins game on the Thurs prior. I will send the invites out for those of you that are signed up as soon as I get the list. See you in 155 days. Have a great summer. Stay safe

  84. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey sorry we could not meet up for dinner. But we can try next time, 354 days till we tee it up with our annual per skin game to the skin games.
    see everyone at the 2 man tournament.
    My handicap has dropped to 15.4 will be working on bringing it down more.
    Be safe all. Keep in touch on the blog.

  85. First day back to work today. 362 days until the 2023 Mesquite Am. Great job as always by everyone involved. I think David DeRango would agree, can’t wait til next year!

  86. It takes so long to get here and poof it’s over. What a great time. Could not have asked for a better week. Golf good, food good, Cigars good, friendship good. What more could you ask for. The Bruce King scholarship had a great week and we will “Do It Again” in a year. Hope everyone got home safe. If you are in Virginia and want to tee it up, drop me a line. Till next year. Stay safe

  87. David DeRango says:

    Christian I want to thank you and your staff plus all the volunteers for all you do to make this the best time of the week, courses were in great shape and the food was awesome.
    Linda loves coming to the lunch-an see enjoys the restaurant and the food.
    This is why I look forward to this tournament every year.
    See you in 5 months for the 2 man or over the summer for your $45 golf deal.
    Thank you again.

  88. Gerald Bryan says:

    Amazing. Congrats Tom. Four straight days a twenty plus handicapper shooting net par or better. Absolutely amazing statistically.

  89. Kerry says:

    Received a picture today from Falcon Ridge. So glad to see that someone is Sporting the Seattle Seahawks Colors in my absence. And doing it in Spectacular Fashion. Really would like to receive pictures of Monday’s Fashions. And of course, of the WINNERS of the Memorial Day Dress Contest.

  90. David DeRango says:

    Day 2 of the skins games great times and great job George everything has been fun.
    looking forward to Monday at Casa and the day.
    Thank you too all I have played with we had a great time.
    Jim, Richard, and Allen we rock today.
    Play well for the tournament.

  91. David DeRango says:

    4 hours to tee time.
    Yesterday at Rhodes Ranch was awesome great course enjoyed playing with Chris and Lisa.
    Our week starts today.
    Looking forward to it

  92. Kerry says:

    DeRango, Tee Times at Chimera in Less than 28 Hours. Play Well. Met P Mac and Gary for drinks last night.

  93. Kerry says:

    I would actually call it 47 hours from now DeRango.

  94. David DeRango says:

    24 hours till we tee it up with our group at Chimera golf course.
    So glad I don’t have to fly into Vegas anymore more .
    Safe travels all.
    Cannot wait.

  95. Kerry says:

    Wheels Down, and Firmly Fixed to the ground in my driveway, unrolling until I leave for the Doctor’s Office and Cleaners. And then again, until I leave for Dinner with the Crazy Canucks 2.0 tonight. Will also wash off over 2700 miles of road grime. Stay Safe All, and Play Well.

  96. 60 mins till wheels up. Stay safe and see you there.

  97. David DeRango says:

    We are at 2 days till we tee it up for the best week of the year.
    need to get away now that I am retired to much of being around the house.
    Thursday is a pre game to our pre skin game before the skin games
    Safe travels all and be safe.

  98. Kerry says:

    Thinking about heading south Thursday morning to end my vacation.

  99. the week has arrived. I know a lot of you will be leaving home soon for the best week or so of the year. Be safe. I am wheels up on Weds, have some running around to do in Vegas on Weds and then will tee it up on Thursday at Cascata. Then it is on to Mesquite where the shenanigan’s will begin. See all of you soon. Be safe

  100. David DeRango says:

    Chris Moon and Lisa are in Vegas we are going to start early and play Rhodes Ranch golf club Thursday.
    Temps will be 102F course looks awesome. Cannot wait.
    See you all soon.

  101. Kerry says:

    Welcome my friends from Canada. Preparing to leave Oklahoma myself. See you Wednesday evening for dinner. And the rest of you, PLAY WELL.

  102. Crazy Canucks says:

    We are out of here. Here come the Crazy Canucks 2.0. We will see some of you Monday night in SLC, others on Thursday at the Casablanca and then more of you in Henderson NV. Then the party begins. Take Care everyone. Safe Travels. See y’all soon. Hello Uncle Sam

  103. David DeRango says:

    5 days till we tee it up at Chimera golf course.
    Looking forward to the best week of the year starting soon.
    81 at wildhorse and 67 at Durango short game is coming around will play at Las Vegas golf center with George this week and get more work in.
    Safe travels all see you soon.

  104. Kerry says:

    My work at the PGA CHAMPIONSHIP is done.

  105. David DeRango says:

    Yes Kerry the wife does have her input to my golf outfits. That is why I have not put everything in the suitcase yet she my make some changes. LOL.
    6 days all our tee times are set for Chimera golf course first tee time is 12:30pm.
    Cannot wait. Safe travels all looking forward to seeing everyone.

  106. Kerry says:

    3 days until I head back home. A bit Breezy today.

  107. 5 days till wheels up. Hydrate, Hydrate and hydrate peeps. Skins games tee sheets have been submitted. See all of you soon. Stay Safe Everyone.

  108. Crazy Canucks says:

    3 days till Hello Uncle Sam

  109. David DeRango says:

    Our skin games will be gross only no use of handicaps.
    Birdies or better and show me your offical score card. I will be early at CasaBlanca course for our first round and will collect $60 US dollars for all 3 days also will pay out right after all score cards are turned in.
    If I miss any winners I will get it to you the next day or see me at dinner.
    6 days and counting cannot wait.
    Safe travels all.

  110. Paul Buturusis says:

    David ,
    Are the skins going to be net ,gross or both?

  111. Kerry says:

    David, we all know that your wife color coordinates your outfits.
    Daniel, might have seen him looking around the checkout area, wearing a flag shirt? But it was a busy time.

  112. David DeRango says:

    Looks that way Paul, I have all my golf outfits set and ready to put in the suitcase.
    May make a few adjustments before I finish.
    Cannot wait looking forward to see everyone one again.
    7 days and counting.

  113. Crazy Canucks says:

    Shoot am I the only not packed yet. Talked to 3 Mesquite Am players tonight (05/18) and they are all packed and ready to go. I have dug out my suitcase and that’s about it. Better track down that Speedo and Thong πŸ™‚ as it isn’t a vacation without those pieces of clothings or lack of.

  114. David DeRango says:

    Great ready for it Paul forecast shows the week starts out in triple digits then fall to high and mid 90’s.
    Hydrat my Canadian brother.
    Safe travels and 8 days till we tee it up.
    Cannot wait.

  115. Crazy Canucks says:

    The adventure begins on Monday May 23rd 2022 when I make the trek to Mesquite. Weather has changed and we are back to the 40’s. Brrr is all I have to say. Better be warm in Mesquite when I get there πŸ˜‰ Anything over 72F would be ideal.

  116. Daniel Monico says:

    Thx Kerry, I will let him know. You’ll probably hear him before you see him! Haha

    Enjoy the PGA Championship Tournament!

  117. Kerry says:

    Daniel, I will be working as a cashier/bagger in the PGA Store, A/C, 11am – 3:30pm Wed 5/18/2022. And then same hours on Fri & Sat. Thurs my brother and I plan on camping out on the 1/10 Tee Box Grandstand. 7am and 7:05am off 1 then 10. 11-minute intervals. Then the afternoon groups start at 12:00pm and 12:05. Same scenario.

  118. David DeRango says:

    Weather has been nice and warm here in Las Vegas for all you Northern friends you will enjoy being in mesquite.
    8 days till we are doing it in the desert.
    Cannot wait. safe travels all my Canadian brothers.

  119. Daniel Monico says:

    Kerry, enjoy your time in OK! Dave Sawyer is from Edmond, OK and is headed up there tomorrow. Not sure if you remember Dave but he has played in the same flight as you in the SS Flight in years past. Are you assigned to a specific hole? If so I’ll let Dave know…Stay hydrated! Best –

  120. Kerry says:

    Having a great 80+ degree day at PGA CHAMPIONSHIP at Southern Hills.

  121. Crazy Canucks says:

    OMG well it is one week to go and the Crazy Canucks 2.0 enter the USA. One week today we will be hooking up with AJ Thompson and Tommy Cook for a beve. That’s our first meet of many on our way down to the Mesquite Am. Weather was looking sweet for the Tourney: High 30’s low 40’s that is in Celsius Lads after all I am from Canada. See you soon

  122. David DeRango says:

    Dan M.
    I am running the skin games for all 3 flights for the supper seniors SARAZEN, HOGAN and TREVINO.
    One flight does not make the pot big.
    But you will do fine.
    13 days cannot wait.
    So many things to do! Before we play Chimera golf course. Be safe all.

  123. Kerry says:

    Hope everybody has a GREAT TIME at ALL the Mesquite Festivities.
    11 Hours till Wheels Down. 18 hours till lunch with Mr. Wilds.
    Be Safe All & PLAY WELL.

  124. Daniel Monico says:

    Info for the Senior Flight (50-59); Zoeller Flight! Skins Game info!

    Unfortunately, the last couple of years in the Stadler & Zoeller flights no one ran the skins games. They only had it for the Watson Flight. So I told everyone last year that if no one steps up I’ll do it this year. I haven’t heard of anyone yet stepping up so I will run it this year for the Zoeller Flight. I’m assuming the same guy will run the Watson Flight as in years past. It will be a gross game only. Birdies or better with 100% payout. $20 a day and I would prefer if you would just pay me the $60 for all three days on day one. I certainly will be there early enough for anyone interested in partaking. I will need to see your official scorecard at the end of the round. I will be in the bar. Once all scorecards are in to the officials the skins results are closed and I will start paying out. If you can’t stick around for the payout I will give it to you that night or the next day. If needed the daily pot will carry over to the next day. In the event that there are no skins (or all skins cut) on the last day, I will conduct a random drawing with everyone’s name who played in our skins game. I will pull (3) names and divide the money up evenly into thirds! LFG!

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

  125. Crazy Canucks says:

    7 days till the “Crazy Canucks 2.0” party begins. It should be a good time. We start at my home track with a 4 Man Scramble next weekend, then enter the USA. And we go from there. Golfing with the Air Force Lads, then dinner with King and somehow I need to swing in to play this Top Golf in SLC as well before we make the trek to Mesquite NV.

  126. David DeRango says:

    Played Durango hills golf course today a par 59 shot 67 short game coming around.
    Monday playing Wildhorse with some of my brother knights getting ready for mesquite in 14 days. CANNOT WAIT.
    safe travels all see you soon.

  127. Always happens, I have had someone drop out of the skins games. I have 1 spot on Sat at Palms and Mon at Casa. Let me know.

    Stay safe, wheels up in 309 hours

  128. Crazy Canucks says:

    For the Mesquite Weather as long as it isn’t snowing I’m good. Snowed 2 days ago in Calgary AB but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. 12 days or 288 hours or even better yet 17,280 seconds until I enter the US of A. And then the fun begins. Looking forward to this year as the Flights came out and I a have a bunch of guys I know in my Flight so it should be a great time. I just hope I get to play with them during the Tourney. I will see you “Yanks” soon.

  129. David DeRango says:

    I do not know where everyone is getting your weather forecast.
    The long range weather for mesquite is showing mid 90’s and sunny.
    But I will keep an eye on the weather as we get closer to playing at Chimera golf course.
    16 days cannot wait.
    Be safe all.

  130. Long range weather shows it to be 94 the day I arrive. You are right Dan, the hotter the better. Weeds out half the field. LOL Stay safe everyone.

  131. Daniel Monico says:

    I’m hearing it’s in the 50s-70s. Turn up the HEAT! I hope it gets into the 70s-100s by Tournament week. The hotter, the better! It’s been a long, cold winter for most of us! LFG!

  132. Rich Cottle says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying a cigar with those who partake.

  133. David DeRango says:

    Paul is you are right! I am not a 15.4, I am and have been 18.4 for the past 12 months this is no joke or being a sandbager I am having trouble braking this index. So if they are putting me at my 2 year low it will be hard for me to break in the top 10!!
    But cannot wait. Safe travels all.

  134. David DeRango says:

    Kerry check the link of the course we played the photos are the same as it looked when we played.
    And no I didn’t get any legal stuff.

  135. Crazy Canucks says:

    Neil & I were just checking the participants list and handicaps have been assigned to each player. So go check your handicap. Mine dropped a few pegs but I guess after texting a few buddies of mine, they mentioned to me that the Mesquite Am takes the 24 month low handicap and not the one you sit at now. So that would make sense on my where the Committee has landed my handicap. Flights should be out soon. We also checked to see who we know, have played with, people we have heard of but never played with, people who will be carrying sand with them for the week, etc., etc., etc. 15 days till I arrive in the US of A.

  136. Kerry says:

    Pahrump, lush beautiful course. Isn’t that also the closest area to Las Vegas where you can find Legal Pro’s? So I guess your description fits.

  137. David DeRango says:

    19 days till we we are playing Chimera golf course for our pre skin game.
    Cannot wait. Playing with my brother knights in Pahrump course what a lush beautiful course.
    Next course this Thursday playing my course call Durango hills. Happy mothers day to all.

  138. I wish I could put a picture of a custom putter that was made just for the raffle. It is so cool looking. Stay safe everyone.

  139. Crazy Canucks says:

    In just 2 weeks Neil’s replacement will be landing in Calgary AB. Our first pre tourney is a 4man Scramble at my home track. A 2 day event then we hit the road for the US of A. Then the golfing adventure begins. Its going to be “The Crazy Canucks 2.0 Adventure”. Keep the stories clean when you all meet Gary or “Benj” as he goes by. Benj and I have had previous adventures together when I lived back East: both golfing and bar episodes. So if you thought Neil was fun wait till you get a load of this guy. I just might need the front desks assistance to find my room like I did some years ago. Man that was a fun night. How many of you guys can say that you got so ripped you needed the front desk to walk you back to your hotel room because you couldn’t find the elevator. I can take that one off my bucket list. Getting excited just like David DeRango is doing.

  140. So we are down to 18 days till I am wheels up. We will probably see the flights come out this week. I am assuming that it will take till the 10th to get all the indexes updated. Once that happens I will get my tee sheets for the skins games over to the 3 golf courses and we are counting hours. The student that we picked this year was a great choice by the board to receive the scholarship. Can’t wait to introduce them to everyone. Start hydrating folks. The long range weather forecast only has it in the low 80’s up to the 21st. Hopefully it gets much hotter. Stay safe.

  141. Gary (Benj) says:

    Well this is the third attempt at posting on this blog lol. Let me introduce myself, my name is Gary Benjaminsen (Benj) and I am one of the original Crazy Canucks , yes thats right I am coming down with Paul D Mackinnon and I couldn’t be more excited! Paul and I go way back and have played many times at the Armature in SC, he has raved about this tournament since moving to AB for years and I am finally going to be joining him to experience the comradery and fun that he has talked about. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!

  142. Benj (Gary) says:

    Fellas I am the original Ugly Canuck with my friend Mac, we haven’t played in an event together since 2008 in SC . He has been talking about how great the venue is and how great the people are for years. I can hardly wait to come down and meet everyone and have a blast. I am not as limber as I was in 2008 but I still can swing a club after keeping up with Mac all night long. We will be travelling down south on the 23rd and i am excited to play my first desert golf events, cigar night will be exceptional and I am looking forward to a good scotch!

  143. Gary B says:

    Well I am posting my first comment. So excited to be getting back in the swing of things with my Crazy Canuck, its been over 13 years since our last event (40 year old Virgin). Mac has been talking about how much fun and how great the friendships are at the Mesquite. I am also looking forward to the drive down south from Canada, it will be a great road trip! Giddy Up!!

  144. David DeRango says:

    Yes the phone is a pain but I will be the first to say my spelling sucks some words look the same, had to deal my hole life like this so I mean no disrespect.
    Anyway 20 days till we are teeing it up at Chimera golf course cannot wait.
    Be safe all.

  145. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry, yes that is the plan. Just booked the tee times. Oasis Palmer is at 1300 on Thursday May 26. I booked for a 2some, don’t know if they hooked me up with another 2some or not. And got one of the last times for Conestoga for Sunday May 29th @ 0830. They asked me how many players I said 2, so I am assuming they hooked me up with another 2some. Guess I had some pull when I mentioned I was calling from Canada.

  146. Kerry says:

    Should anyone else be interested in joining this small band of rebels, the 12:22pm (tee time prior) is still open, and the 1:00pm (tee time after) is also still open. But I would recommend contacting Mr. Gates (Patrick), as he would need to talk to the course for the same great rate, he got us. Uniform & Credential pick up in 10 days. Lunch at Tequila Family Mexican Restaurant with Mr. Wilds (Richard) in 9 Days. Dinner with P Mac & Gary in 20 days. Golf with a Small Band of Rebels in 22 days. Scramble Tournament in 23 days.

    David, I do this on my phone all the time. And yes, it is a pain in the a$$, but it is not impossible.

    P Mac, May 26th golf? Oasis Palmer still a plan?

  147. David DeRango says:

    Yes sorry for my typos doing this on the phone is not easy. Yes should proff read.
    Also sorry guys for messing up your names not like they spell my last name wrong from Durango or derango.
    So forgive this person.

  148. Kerry says:

    And P Mac, I informed him of the spacing that is used by this golf course, 7 or 8 minute spacing. So, the tee times will be: 12:30pm, 12:37pm, 12:45pm & 12:52pm.

  149. Crazy Canucks says:

    Please forgive David for his spelling errors as we all know just how excited he really is. Barbes should be Barbas & Boody Henderson should be Goody Henderson. So Goody I guess your nickname for the entire Mesquite Am will now be “Boody”. You can thank DeRango for the one. See y’all soon. We know its getting closer as David is making typos so watch for them in future posts

  150. David DeRango says:

    I believe we are set for our tee times on May 27th below are our pairings for that day.

    Kerry King
    Jeff Barbes with wife ride along.

    Paul Mac
    Gary Benjamisen
    Chris Moon and Lisa

    Tommy C
    Chi Chi
    Shawn Bones

    Kevin Walter
    Kevin Jones
    Boody Henderson
    Looking forward to the start of our week of golf.
    Cannot wait!

  151. David DeRango says:

    Ok we are at 22 days till we are playing Chimera golf course our pre skin game before the skin games.
    I will be sending Patrick the list of players so we can lock in the tee times.
    Safe travels all. See you soon.

  152. Crazy Canucks says:

    Oh my in 20 days I’m a leaving on a jet plane well actually a GMC Sierra truck. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Well actually I do. June 3rd. πŸ˜‰ Getting closer by the day.

  153. David DeRango says:

    Update for May 27th a group of players I thought were out are in so 3 spots filled 1 spot left.
    Wednesday I will cut this off so we can get the list if players into the club house. So last chance to get in let us know.
    25 days and counting cannot wait.

  154. David DeRango says:

    26 days till we play the skin game before the skin games, LOL!!
    Update we had a few fall off so we have confirmed 12 players and 1 ride along.
    Which we now have 4 spots open let me know if anyone wants in.
    4 Tee times start at 12:30pm on the 27th at Chimera golf course, right now it is 4-3 somes.
    Let me know soon, CANNOT WAIT!!
    Safe travels all.

  155. I am confirming with one person, but after that I am all sold out. As soon as I get handicaps from Christian I will send the tee sheets to the golf courses. 24 days and I am wheels up. Stay safe and see you soon.

  156. To all my Mesquite friends and fellow competitors. I have made the decision that after not playing golf in very high temperatures for over 2 years and driving on long trips I will not be returning for this wonderful tournament. I played in all of the first 17 and was hoping to do 20 before I hung them up but Covid cancelled 18 and closed borders for 19 and this year when I finally could return I realized its best I hang them up. It was a very difficult decision and the golfer in me wanted to go but common sense says best to stay home. I saw that the max entries filled in record time and that says so much for this fun and enjoyable tournament and I wish you all more good times in future years. For those who remember me thanks for your friendship and continued good times for you all.

  157. Crazy Canucks says:

    Hurray Hurray it’s the first of May, the Mesquite Am begins this month. Well technically June 1st, but the practice rounds and skin games begin this month. 23 days till I hit the road, aren’t you guys lucky. Playing in a 2 day 4 Man Scramble up here at my home course before I make the trek. I figured what the hay it will be a practice Scramble before I play in the 4 Man Palms Scramble on the 28th of May. See ya soon and Speedo in tow πŸ˜‰

  158. Kerry says:

    I read someplace Mr. D. W. DeRango that he was going to cut off on May 8th so he could get Tee Sheets to the Golf Courses. Leave in less than 14 days to have Lunch with Mr. Wilds on my way to 2022 PGA Championship. 25 days until Dinner with P Mac & Gary at The Timbermine here in Ogden. 27 Days until Golf at Chimera G&CC in Henderson. And Maybe, just Maybe a round of golf at The Palms in 28 days.

  159. David DeRango says:

    Hey George are all the skin games filled?
    Cannot wait.
    27 days till we play Chimera golf course.
    Be safe all.

  160. Kerry says:

    Volunteer Registration for 2023 U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach has just been COMPLETED.

  161. Kerry says:

    Looking for the 80’s and higher. Love the rest areas in the center of the Toll Roads. And yeah, I driven them several times. Enjoy your wait.

  162. David DeRango says:

    Kerry drove through Oklahoma on
    My way to Illinois hope the weather is warmer for you.
    Turn Pikes are tolls if plan on using them.
    Be safe and see you at Chimera golf course. 29 days to go cannot wait

  163. David DeRango says:

    Kerry drove through Oklahoma on
    My way to Illinois hope the weather is warmer for you.
    Turn Pikes are tolls if plan on using them.
    Be safe and see you at Chimera golf course. 29 days to go

  164. Kerry says:

    But before Dinner with The Canucks, Lunch with Mr. Wilds on the 14th, on my way to Oklahoma and the 2022 PGA Championship. Someplace Called “Tequila Family Mexican Restaurant” outside of the Greater Denver Area. I then have another 5 or so hour drive. Good thing it will just be me. How I love my Enchiladas.

  165. Kerry says:

    Looking Forward to seeing you again Paul, been awhile, and meeting Gary. Hoping for a great dinner at The Timbermine on the 25th.

  166. Crazy Canucks says:

    Weather going to be in the 70’s up here in Calgary AB next week. Can you say Hello practice rounds before the Mesquite AM. 26 days and its Hello Uncle Sam or as you Yankees say, Hello USA

  167. Wow, 30 days from now and I will be hopefully playing Cascata to start my golfing vacation. Time will start to fly from here on out. Excited for some 90-105 degree weather. Start getting used to hydrating folks. Remember, one adult beverage to one water. Stay safe everyone

  168. David DeRango says:

    Played golf with Chris Moon and Lisa at wildhorse, course was in good shape greens were hard and fast, had a great time.
    Dinner with them on Sunday night at MI Casa in Silverton casino.
    30 days till we are playing Chimera golf course still have a spot open.
    Be safe all.

  169. Nope, too cold and too many other issues in Washington. I will take the heat and wind everyday of the week. I still have 7-9 years to decide. Might look into Albuquerque with how the Mesquite prices are going. Half a million for a track home. Craziness. Stay safe everyone.

  170. Kerry says:

    As Nice as it would be to live in the middle of the Desert, just don’t know if I would want to live in the wind that they get out there. And the middle of Washington State is still looking like my retirement location. Close enough to Civilization, but also far enough away from it.

  171. That would be good for them. I think they need a gas station and casino/eatery first. Would be cool. With the property in Mesquite so over priced that might be the place to look. Who knows. Stay safe everyone.

  172. David DeRango says:

    Wow looks like Coyote Springs is going to start building homes soon according to Google News?
    This could change how we get to use the course moving into the future.

  173. Jeff, that will come out in the coming weeks. They will do handicaps starting on May 1 and then set up the flights. When I checked a few weeks ago there was over 85. So with seeing that we have 3 flights in the rotation set up I am assuming that we have that plus more. Stay safe everyone

  174. Jeff Barbas says:

    George, how do you find out who is in the 49 and under?

  175. Kerry says:

    I did not see Tyler Peak on the list.

  176. I came up with 660 on the list and one interesting name was Bear Bryant. I want to play with him.

    For the mens 49 and under flight I will be running a all inclusive skins game for all three flights. 20 a day for three days so 60 bucks is what you need on Tuesday morning. Cash, no “i’ll get you later’s”. Looks like over 85 in the 49 and under so should be close to a grand every day in the pot. All gross no net. Stay safe everyone.

  177. Well Kerry he will most likely be in one of those three flights. You know, the older than dirt flight. LOL 32 days and wheels up. Stay safe everyone

  178. Kerry says:

    Mr. D. DeRango,
    How do you know what flight you are in? The Flights that I saw were from last year. I know this ’cause I was listed.

  179. David DeRango says:

    Now that the list is out and for all of you who know me and those of you who don’t. Your lucky.
    I run the skin games for out division SARAZEN, HOGAN and TREVINO
    It will be $60 for all three days and I will pay out each day birds or better gross scores only. I will collect at our first day at CasaBlanca.
    Cannot wait.
    Any questions let me know 35 days.

  180. Crazy Canucks says:

    Participant List is out

  181. Daniel Monico says:

    Awesome- Thx, Jeff, Paul, Kerry & George! Appreciate the info…

  182. Dan the St George Shuttle, It leaves the airport at 550, 650, 750, 950 and 1130 pm every night. I have taken it and so have some others I know and it is good to go. Drops off at Eureka. Stay safe everyone

  183. Kerry says:

    St. George Shuttle. Runs between Las Vegas Airport and St. George, Ut. With stops at Casablanca & Eureka Casinos. Cost is $20/$25, around there. Or just google St. George Shuttle.

  184. Crazy Canucks says:

    Dan, it is That is the shuttle your buddy is looking for. Las Vegas Airport to Casablanca, cost is about $38. My buddy will be using it if he can’t find a ride back to the airport on the Friday.

  185. Jeff Barbas says:

    I looked it up, Dan! Have him go to to find a shuttle bus from Las Vegas Airport to the Casablanca. Cost ranges from $25 to $40. They have several different times that they leave so he shouldn’t have that difficult a time getting there. They show 8 different times they leave for Mesquite on that Monday. St. George Shuttle goes to Eureka. Also several times that day. A little more expensive. $40 – $50.

  186. Dan, that’s a good question. I don’t have an answer for you. I’ve heard of a shuttle but never seen or used it myself. Anybody else know anything about this?

  187. Daniel Monico says:


    Do you have any information on the shuttle bus that runs from the Las Vegas Airport up to Mesquite (Casa Blanca Hotel)? Thx!

    One of my buddies (rookie) is coming in last minute on Monday (early afternoon)! He might have to catch a ride or he’ll be waiting a long time for my ass! Told him to play the airport slots until he wins enough money for a private limo! Haha. Talk about poor planning! Ugh

    Looking forward to seeing everyone and another great year!

  188. David DeRango says:

    35 days till we play Chimera golf course we still have 1 spot open let me know if anyone wants in.
    We have a few more weeks to lock in the number of players.
    So happy to be back in Vegas weather is awesome and Sundays round with Chris and Lisa at wildhorse weather will be great. CANNOT WAIT
    see everyone soon be safe all.

  189. Paul, you might want to give the old Crocodile Dundee grab when you meet these ladies in the states. You never know what your in for these days. Two Canadians with their beer goggles on might get more than they bargain for. See you in about 5 weeks!

  190. Crazy Canucks says:

    Just got nailed with 5″ of snow last night so my tee time for Thursday / Friday are history. Might get lucky and my Saturday tee time will still be manageable. Lets hope so. My buddy Gary lands in 30 days in Calgary. Then we go drinking one night, play golf the next day and then hit the road to met up with TC (Tommy Cook) / AJ Thompson. After hanging with the Air Force Lads (they better not get their Commanding Chief to cut my hair, this ponytail has been in the works for months) we hook up with Kerry King. After that the World is our oyster. Watch out Cougars [or as the ol’ saying goes: cut your age in half and add 7. So that would be Hello 34 year old’s and up. Shoot I sure hope they know what a tape cassette is πŸ™‚ ] as 2 middle aged, beer gut, Canadian Homies will be on the prowl in the United States of America looking for our Alien Status. I just have to remember to order a “Rye” & ginger, cause if I order a “Whiskey” & ginger I will end up with that Bourbon crap in my drink like a few years ago. See up here if we want Bourbon we ask for Bourbon. See ya soon Gents. Take Care and Safe Travels.

  191. My spot at Palms is now spoken for, but might be available again, LOL Still 3 spots at Casa. Stay Safe everyone

  192. I have one open spot at the Palms, none at Falcon and three at Casa for the skins games. I am going to send out one final invite to all registered players next week and then close up registration on May 8 to get tee sheets to the courses. Let me know if you want in. Stay safe.

  193. Kerry says:

    More times than not, your Pickup/Dropoff times have a major factor in the price paid. That extra 5 hours that you are requesting could put you in an altogether Price Point. And since you have stated that you have pre-Paid, change is probably not going to happen. See you on the 27th at Chimera G & CC.

  194. I’m good for Friday. The problem is Saturday morning. Because I prepaid and my original pick up time said 11:00 a.m. they won’t budge on the pick up time. I got my rental for that week in September. Didn’t get airline tickets until January. How the heck am I suppose to tell what time I would be picking it up back then?

  195. David DeRango says:

    Jeff are you still in for the 27th at Chimera golf course?
    It sounds like you are having issues with your rental car?
    Safe travels

  196. I have 3 spots open in the Monday skins game at Casa. Let me know if you want in. Stay safe everyone.

  197. You ever do something and completely forget you did it? My wife was going thru our saved mail. Apparently last September I found a deal on rental car. I even prepaid for it. I ended up getting a Cadillac Escalade for the week for $379 for the week of Mesquite. Here is the bad part. I have to drop my wife off at the airport at 6:00 a.m. Here is the dilemma, my agreement for the Escalde has me picking up at 11:00 a.m. For some reason they won’t allow me to pick up the car at 6:00 a.m. So I will end up dropping the wife off at the airport, driving to Mesquite to play in the scramble at the Palms. Then driving back to Vegas to change cars. Then driving back to Mesquite to get my room. It’s going to be a long day!

    George, I didn’t forget you asked about picking up Stephanie if you needed me to. Looks like she has two chances to get a ride to Mesquite. Unless I can get the rental car place to budge on the time.

  198. Crazy Canucks says:

    DeRango would you some cheese with that “Whine”. What do you think I am doing here in Canada. My courses don’t open till next weekend. If I wanted to I could go skiing in the morning and then come home for the afternoon and get a quick 9 in before the sun goes down. 38 days to go.

  199. David DeRango says:

    Let’s get one thing clear, in Illinois visiting our grandkids and my sons plus friends for almost 2 weeks weather for the most part cold wet and rainy. As much as I will miss my sons and the grandkids I cannot wait to get back to Vegas for the sun and 80’s.
    41 days to go CANNOT WAIT.

  200. Kevin Jones says:

    Good Afternoon

    We have 2 condos open at Oasis Destination, Sun to Sun 29 May to 5 Jun.
    1 Single Condo, Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen Total $250
    1 Two Bedroom Condo, Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen. Total $300(Split $150 Each)

    Let me know

  201. Ron Luttrall says:

    As usual I scrolled down and saw I am a day late and a dollar short on course assignments.

  202. Ron Luttrall says:

    Tentative course assignments are out.

  203. David DeRango says:

    Just received the email to register for cigars under the stars.
    All signed up.
    Cannot wait

  204. David DeRango says:

    All good George unless who I am with want to jump ship.
    One more thing my last name is spelled DeRango.
    42 days till our pre skin game before the skin games.
    Be safe all

  205. Tentative tee sheets have been sent to everyone that is registered for the skins games. Please take a look and let me know if there are any corrections. 41 days till wheels up. Stay safe.

  206. I have seen some pics from there. they look like they are in great shape. One of my favorite courses around. Would of rather gotten that then Oasis Palmer but I do not mind having to leave Mesquite. In the pool earlier everyday. 42 days and wheels up. Stay safe everyone.

  207. David DeRango says:

    You are right I could do that but I believe I will keep the hand I am given.
    Don’t think I will get lost will leave earlier and us my GPS.
    Since it has been under new management let’s hope it is in better shape.
    Cannot wait. 43 days and counting.

  208. Kerry says:

    Hey DeRango, you could always jump into the 49 & under Division and give P Mac a run for his money. And not have to worry about getting lost trying to get to Coral Canyon. You know that if I was there, that is what I would be doing. Have not been back to Coral Canyon since Richard’s accident. Don’t know if I will ever be able to go back there.

  209. Crazy Canucks says:

    Good thing I signed up for the U49 group. Like the courses better than the 50-59 Group. 3 Flights in the U49 and 2 Flights in the 50-59 Group. U49 = Oasis Palmer, Casablanca and Conestoga: 50-59 Group = Falcon Ridge, Coral Canyon and Casablanca. Can’t wait till I get there.

  210. David DeRango says:

    With the tentative course rotation Coral Canyon on the last day
    Could be a challenge. But looking forward to the fun.
    Cannot wait.
    Safe travels all.

  211. Kerry says:

    And with the tentative course rotation that is out, you would be right George. Men 49 & under looking like Oasis-Palmer, Casablanca & Conestoga. Enjoy your easiest courses in Mesquite.

  212. Kerry says:

    Sorry George, working Overtime that day.

  213. I have an opening in the Monday skins game for either 2 singles or a twosome. Let me know,
    Stay safe

  214. Good update. Have a feeling once I pull into Mesquite the evening of the 26th I won’t leave again till June 3rd. Going to be great. Stay safe everyone.

  215. David DeRango says:

    Great update on highway construction so everyone will need extra time to get where your going.
    Be safe all Cannot wait.

  216. Kerry says:

    Having just returned home from Mesquite, let me give you a Construction on I-15 update. Around the I-70 junction, just minor sign work on the shoulder. Major work is in Arizona at Virgin River Bridge #1. About mile markers 8-10. At this time, it is the Northbound side that is under construction. (Being Rebuilt) So each direction is down to 1 lane utilizing the Southbound lanes. And the Speed Limit is slowed down to 45 mph. Just a slight addition to time for getting to Coral Canyon, up at Exit 16 in Utah. Everybody enjoy the 2022 Mesquite Am.

  217. David DeRango says:

    Yes we just add AJ’s friend Shawn.
    So with Kerry we only have one spot open.
    With only 45 days left. CANNOT WAIT.
    George, I will be doing a liquor run before headed home. After I had shoulder surgery in January last year I had to wait till April before I could swing a club.
    Chris Moon and Lisa are coming into Vegas for a round of golf looking forward to playing then.
    Be safe all and safe travels.

  218. Crazy Canucks says:

    We have 1 spot left for Chimera G&CC just incase somebody is interested. Tee times are 1230 1240 1250 1300 for Friday May 27th. 43 days till I am on the move.

  219. Kerry says:

    Hoping to be finished with the golf game and checked in to the VR in time to see the finish of the Masters.
    35 days until wheels down and heading to Broken Arrow, Ok and the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Ok.
    Got my Invitation for early priority Volunteer registration for the 2023 U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach.
    Looking forward to dinner with P Mac and Gary on May 25th at Timbermine here in Ogden, Ut. Locals welcome.
    Golf at Chimera G&CC on Friday May 27th should be a blast. 4 Tee Times starting at 12:30pm, WOW, twice as many players as last year at Reflection Bay. Hoping to be able to stop by The Palms on Saturday to say Hi before heading home and back to work.

  220. Watching the Masters and expecting a great finish between Sheffler and Smith. I love this time of year. We got the Masters, usually a couple days after that we get the participant list and rotations and then 5 or 6 weeks later it is wheels up. Been 6 weeks since the neck surgery, I get to putt and chip now and should be able to play in the next 3-4 weeks. Excited to see everyone. Stay safe.

  221. David DeRango says:

    Sorry we are missing a few people due to the cut off.
    We are at 50 days and counting Cannot wait!!
    Paul let me know who wants in, I will send out the list of players when we are 3 weeks out from the 27th.
    Be safe all and safe travels.

  222. Crazy Canucks says:

    Courses are starting to open up here in Alberta. 47 days to go. Yabba Dabba Do

  223. Rental car rate dropped today. Still higher than last year for me, but, I’m picking up in Phoenix and dropping off in Vegas. 2 week rental. Mid size SUV for about $450/ week. It was around $600/week.

  224. Crazy Canucks says:

    Dooh, that would be Friday May 27th for Chimera G&CC

  225. Crazy Canucks says:

    So we have 2 possibly 3 spots for Chimera G&CC (Henderson NV) for Friday May 26th if anyone is interested. Due to the Cut Off for the Mesquite Am, a player didn’t get his entry in soon enough so he is out. So if anyone wants a Pre Tourney Round before George’s Skin Games you are more than welcome to join us. Tee Times are 1230 / 1240 / 1250 / 1300. Feel free to Google the course as she looks pretty good and Patrick Gates is a member there so we know it is a good warm up for the Am. If interested in joining just leave a note on the Blog as David or I will see it. 50 days till I make my Trek Southbound.

  226. Kerry says:

    So, with Chris Linton missing the Am Cut, does this also mean that he will miss out on the May 27th Play at Chimera? Mr. Barbas could you please Find this information out?

  227. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeff, Yes I am playing in the Monday Game, not the Sunday game. My buddy (Gary) and I will be playing Conestoga on Sunday. Chris is a causality of the cut off. Sorry to hear that. I’m sure there are other players that are in the same boat. I know I didn’t think that we would max out at 650 before March 31st. See ya soon

  228. Paul, your not in for Sunday at Falcon Ridge or Monday at Casablanca? Sorry buddy. You have another friend that was coming down from the land up north, right? I was talking to Kevin Jones. He told me Chris Lenton will be a casualty of the 650 cutoff. Not sure if he will be on the waiting list. Consider him out for now.

  229. David DeRango says:

    Jeff I am sorry about your nephew maybe he can get on the waiting list?
    I always sign up before the end of February, it drives the wife nuts but I tell so I don’t miss out on the discount.
    She likes that, LOL.
    Looking towards our first tee time at Chimera golf course in 55 days.
    Cannot wait.
    Safe travels all. Be safe.

  230. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeff, since your nephew isn’t coming anymore and you have paid for his skin games. How about helping out a neighbor to the North. You can pay for my skin games πŸ˜‰ I mean you have already handed out the money and it saves me from converting my Canadian into American. You would be such a peach if ya did that for me. Anyway we can discuss this minor detail at Chimera on the 26th. Unfortunately I will not be playing with you on Friday’s round, DeRango & I have come up with a tentative foursome sheet on who is playing with who. Subject to change of course. See ya soon Mate.

  231. I dont think it adds time to the round. 650 divided by 6 course used per day is only 108 per course. I know the men’s flight is never out there more than 5. The other divisions I have heard are much slower. Lol. Stay safe

  232. Crazy Canucks says:

    WOW is all I have to say. A full Field. Can you say 6 hour rounds. Oh my.

  233. I think my nephew got locked out. The little punk kept asking me when was the latest he could sign up. We planned this trip months in advance. The last couple of weeks he started pulling out the excuses. “I will have to look at my work schedule.” That was his last excuse. He works for himself. Work would be there when he got back. His lose. He did piss me off though. Planned this trip from last year after the Am ended. When he said he was coming back to this every year to hesitating to sign up? Had my wife buy him an airline ticket and I paid for his golf at George’s events. I’m about to have a Will Smith moment with him!

  234. David DeRango says:

    650 golfers Daniel, Wow thanks for the update.
    Well I see a very slow play on the courses, 5 plus hour rounds!
    Let’s be aware of this and try to keep the round moving!
    Remember to hydrate, temps will be hot!
    Safe travels all and looking forward to seeing everyone again.

  235. Daniel Monico says:

    Looks like Registration is closed! Wow – 650 golfers are ready to take on the desert! This is awesome! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Best & Safe travels!!!

  236. David DeRango says:

    Paul was looking forward to playing a round of real golf with you niece!
    Hope someday she can come to Mesquite.
    George I have all the raffle prizes that I am getting from my suppliers since retiring not as much as I hoped.
    56 days till we are at Chimera golf course before the skin games.
    One spot remains if anyone wants in just let me or Paul know.
    Be safe and healthy Cannot wait.

  237. Good to hear Paul. I think we got your cold weather down here in Va. Last couple days its been in the 20’s and 30’s with some snow. Thank goodness I am going to Houston to see the boys tomorrow. 56 days and wheels up. Stay Safe

  238. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well everything is now in the 50’s. 50 something days till I depart for the United States. It’s been two years. Temps up here are starting to be in the 50’s. That is Fahrenheit people and that’s a respectable temp to play golf in. Nothing like warming up in a turtleneck, wind shell / sweater / pullover for the Mesquite Am. Courses should be opening up around the Master’s. And that would be awesome because it gives me a month and a bit to get a swing down. My niece with the 3 hdcp will not be joining me for the trek as her work place will not give her the time off πŸ™ However my buddy Gary will be joining me. We used to play in the World Am together when I lived in Eastern Canada. Got a couple of rounds booked in Utah just because I have to play on my way down, dinner with King on the 25th, then be in Mesquite for Thursday the 26th to play a round on a course that is in my rotation. Then off to Henderson NV to play Chimera G&CC, back to Mesquite for some beves and then the fun begins. See ya soon

  239. David DeRango says:

    61 days till we are playing Chimera golf course the Friday before the skin games.
    I have one more spot open let me or Paul know if you want in.
    Will be taken a trip back to Illinois to visit the grandkids and the sons.
    I will be keeping an eye on the blog.
    Be safe all and safe travels.
    One more thing Cannot wait!!!

  240. Kerry says:

    Enjoy, I will have to look at my deleted/spam folder. Don’t remember seeing that.

  241. Ok 60 days to go. I have heard that past participants that had not signed up yet got an email this week saying the Amateur was about to sell out. Great news right. As for the skins games. I have had a few spots open up to due cancellations. Below is what I have, if you are interested get a hold of me to grab a spot.

    Sat scramble at the Palms, I have 3 or 4 spots. All singles or 2 twosomes.
    Sun Gross/Net at Falcon, I can fit have 5 spots and can take up to a 4some
    Monday, Gross/Net at Casa, I have one spot left.

    Wheels up in 60 and in 61 will be playing Cascata and beginning my 9 days of fun. Stay safe everyone.

  242. David DeRango says:

    6 days before the discount ends better sign up soon if you are in for the Mesquite AM or you will be paying the higher price. Still worth every penny.
    Our Friday before the skin games on the 27th at last count we have 15 players and one ride along. Let me know if anyone wants in?
    We are playing at The Chimera golf course Patrick has 4 tee times set with the first tee time at 12:30pm.
    Cannot wait. Safe travels all.

  243. David William DeRango says:

    George, do not rush therapy take you time you will be in good shape by May, cannot wait to be doing it again in the desert!
    Paul since you are playing golf with me on Friday no need for me to stop by the lounge.
    But will stop by on Friday night after dinner to have a few more with you!
    63 days till our Friday before the skin games, CANNOT WAIT!!
    I am sure before the cut off the number of golfers will pushing 600.
    Looking forward to the list and the rotation, be safe all.

  244. If I was a betting man I would say Corral is no in the 49u rotation this year. I have heard it is in much better shape that years past and it has always been one of my favorites in the rotation. A few of us are arriving that Thursday night so we will see you in the lounge. Stay safe

  245. jim hoshaw says:

    Paul Buturusis – I have used Turo and like it. Please reach out if you have any questions.

  246. Crazy Canucks says:

    Hotel booked. Landing on Thursday May 26th in Mesquite. Could Coral Canyon be a course to play before I land. Heard it is under new ownership and they have improved the course layout. Maybe if it is in my course rotation I will play it, if not guess a practice round at one of the courses in my rotation for Thursday is in order. If you see me in the Lounge on Thursday, come say Hi after all its been two years.

  247. Pretty sure you will see a list come the end of the first week of April or maybe the second. A lot of golfers wait till that 3/31 date to enter. I know they were over 500 last week so I am thinking 550-575 by Mar 31. 63 days till wheels up and 64 till my round at Cascata. Have the one month checkup for the neck today so hopefully the doc releases me to half swings and chipping. Stay safe.

  248. David DeRango says:

    Thanks George Will have them all in the car.
    My car that is, since no has to drive my happy butt around anymore.
    66 days till our little group plays Chimera golf course.
    Cannot wait. Safe travels all.

  249. Crazy Canucks says:

    Wonder if the Mesquite Am Committee will give us numbers on how many entries took advantage of the Early Sign up discount. Hopefully on April 1st they will give us an update on how many are registered of the 2022 Mesquite Am now that the Internationals can play and the borders have opened up for Leisure Vacations. 63 days till wheels down and doing 80 mph on I15 South.

  250. You can bring me all raffle items on Sat at the Palms. 65 days and wheels up. STMF

  251. David DeRango says:

    George I have received a few more gifts for the raffle.
    Besides the 2 portable BBQs
    Vendor donated items.
    I have a dull size backpack and one smaller one too.
    Plus some little chockee items.
    Let me know how you want me to get these items to you.
    Be safe all see you soon

  252. Kerry says:

    Congrats George

  253. george A salcedo says:

    Skins games are now sold out. I may be able to fit in one or two based on people falling out. Email me if you would like to be on that waiting list. I seem to be able to get in every one that wants in every year so let me know. Stay safe and wheels up in 67 days

  254. Kerry says:

    Looking forward to our Dinner at Timbermine on Wednesday, May 25th P Mac & Gary. And hoping for B Mac also.

  255. Jim Hoshaw says:

    Paul – I have used Turo number of times and had great luck. Make sure you read the reviews. Feel free to contact me at if you have questions.

  256. Crazy Canucks says:

    As Canadians, we have waited with baited breath for the good news, as of April 1st Canada can now travel freely into and out of the United States of America as long as we are vaccinated. So after a 2 year absence its looking like The Crazy Canuck will return with other Canadians making the trip south for the Mesquite Am. I know y’all missed me πŸ˜‰ Canadian Beer on the way in 70 days. America beware, here come the Internationals.

  257. David DeRango says:

    Whoops missed one have one maybe update coming soon.
    Total is 15 for now but will update as changes happen.

  258. David DeRango says:

    Update for May 27th Friday before George’s skin games.
    We now have 4 tee times starting at 12:30pm at Chimera golf course.
    With 14 spots taken if anyone is interested just let me or Paul know.
    70 days cannot wait.
    Safe travels all.

  259. Kerry says:

    And with better than 2 months to go. Sounds like you are going to have a great turn out.
    Less than 2 months till I head to Tulsa for the PGA Championship.

  260. Crazy Canucks says:

    71 days till Chimera. Good thing March Madness is now on. This will give me something to watch while I wait for the golf courses to open up. Hopefully this warm weather keeps up and the courses open up Mid April. That would be nice. Looking like 4 4somes for the Friday game at Chimera G&CC. Sweet. Can’t wait to start the 2022 golf season under way.

  261. Sat at the Palms and Sun at Falcon are now sold out. I have 6 spots open at Casa on Monday. Stay safe. I am under 70 till wheels up.

  262. Kerry says:

    So, May 27th has: AJ, Tommy, Chi Chi, Patrick, Jeffrey, Paul, Gary, DeRango, Kevin J., Goody, Kevin W., Chris M., Lisa & Chris L. And possibly Brooke. And Kerry? Who Knows. Hope Patrick can come up with another Tee Time or more.

  263. David DeRango says:

    With 72 days till Fridays the 27th at Chimera golf course.
    We have 14 stops filled with Paul’s sister is now a maybe?
    Waiting on Patrick to see if we can get a 4th tee time.
    Will keep everyone posted.
    I really need this week of golf, safe travels all.

  264. David DeRango says:

    Thanks for the update Jeff I sent out a text to Patrick to see if we can get another tee time.
    I also texted Chris to get his confirmation if he and his girlfriend ate in for May 27th.
    Be safe all Cannot wait!!!!!!!!
    73 days till then.

  265. Kerry says:

    After Playing Legacy in Las Vegas with DeRango again on Sunday, am so glad the May 27th play location was changed. The condition of this course is absolutely terrible. This is my opinion. But having played several Las Vegas courses and in Mesquite, it reminds me of playing on the Buffalo Grass course I played in Plainville, Kansas years ago. Nice Jeffrey, will need to add another Tee Time.

  266. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeff, excellent. I will get a hold of Gates. 73 days till Chimera G&CC.

  267. Paul, I talked to Kevin Jones and he said he lands in Vegas at 10:40 a.m. He is interested in playing. Him, Goody and Kevin Walters. Maybe Chris Linton as well. I will keep you posted.

  268. jim hoshaw says:

    Paul Buturusis – I have used Turro and have had great luck in Vegas, Charleston and Phoenix . The key is doing your homework and making sure you use a well reviewed renter.

    If you want to reach out tom me directly my email is

  269. jim hoshaw says:

    Paul Buturusis – I have used Turro and have had great luck in Vegas, Charleston and Phoenix . The key is doing your homework and making sure you use a well reviewed renter.

    If you want to reach out tom me directly my email is

  270. Ron Luttrall says:

    Ok, glad you did.

  271. Paul Buturusis says:

    I found a partner

  272. Ron Luttrall says:

    Looking for a partner in the 2 man in November.

  273. Ronald Luttrall says:

    Paul, I would be interested in the 2 man with you. Second time I am trying to post.

  274. Ronald Luttrall says:

    Paul, I would be interested in playing the 2 man with you. I play in the masters division.

  275. Paul Buturusis says:

    Has anyone used Turo to rent a car? Please give me some feedback.

  276. Crazy Canucks says:

    Another spot has been taken for the Chimera Fridays round. So that makes 3 threesomes now. 9 players.

  277. And in one day a lot of spots were taken in the skins game. Here is whats left,
    Palms scramble on Sat–8 spots
    Falcon Gross/Net skins on Sunday–5 spots
    Casa Gross/Net on Monday–11 spots

    Link is on the Doing it/Bruce King thread. Stay safe, wheels up in 77

  278. David DeRango says:

    As George said 77 days to the AM.
    For our Friday before the skin games we have 3 tee times at Chimera starting at 12:30pm 2 are full and waiting on confirmation from Chris and Lisa. So let me or Paul know if you want to play.
    Safe travels all, CANNOT WAIT!!

  279. Skins update with 77 days till wheels up.
    The scramble at the Palms has 17 spots remaining.
    Gross/Net skins at Falcon has 15 spots remaining
    Gross/Net skins at Casa has 21 spots remaining.

    Get in if you want in. Link is on a post in the Bruce King thread..
    Stay safe.

  280. David DeRango says:

    Ok found out the 2 man is over 50% full I have now registered and so has my partner Rand.
    Did not want to lose out looking forward to this too but the AM is first
    Be safe all.

  281. Paul Buturusis says:

    Looking for a partner for the 2 man in November, anyone interested?

  282. David DeRango says:

    Ok thanks we will hook up so I can drop off the raffle prizes or I can meet you early for the welcoming dinner.
    79 days cannot wait
    Be safe too.

  283. Yea I knew about that. Like Kerry said those are the remaining rooms from the Oasis. They could not tear those down because they were deeded time share units. I’m staying somewhere else this year. Not the house though. Stay safe.

  284. Kerry says:

    David, those are the converted remaining rooms of the Former Oasis Resort & Casino.

  285. David DeRango says:

    Did you see this blog from Kevin? just throwing it out there?

    We have a whole 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo available at Oasis Destination that’s within walking distance to Casablanca if anyone wants it. $400 Total from Sunday to Sunday. It has a living room, full kitchen and did I say its $400 Total. If you’re interested shoot me a email at

  286. Paul, if you don’t get a ride for him. Look into the St George shuttle. I and many others have used it. Picks up at Eureka and Casa and drops right at airport. 80 days till wheels up. Stay safe

  287. My wife and I are fully registered for both the AM and the II Man. Took the email seriously.

  288. Crazy Canucks says:

    Got nervous with that last email from the Mesquite Am about filling up and of course the discounted rate before March 31st sign up. So Done, Done and Done. And I am pleased to let all of you know my buddy from Ontario (its a Province due North of Michigan, Erie and New York) has registered as well. Back in the early 2000’s we used to go to the World Am in Myrtle Beach SC. He lands in Vegas when we are playing Chimera G&CC. So he has a chance of playing the back 9 we us. I told him to Uber / Taxi it to the golf course. Its a 30 minute boot from the airport. Btw just throwing it out there. He will be needing a ride back to Vegas on the Friday if anyone has room in their vehicle. I drive down so I will be heading North from Mesquite homeward bound. 83 days Chimera. Giddy Up

  289. 2 man registration is open. Last year it was sold out by Aug/Sep with over 50 teams getting shut out. Don’t wait. Stay safe.

  290. ok kids 83 days till wheels up. A week or so since my neck surgery and I am excited and feeling great. Skins are filling up fast. If you need the link, go to the Bruce King thread and it is there for you. Updated numbers.
    Sat scramble at the Palms–60 spots gone 20 remain
    Sun Gross/Net at Falcon–78 spots gone 26 remain
    Mon Gross/Net at Casa–112 spots gone 24 remain.
    I am still about 8 weeks out from swinging a club but the excitement is there. Can’t wait to see all of you.
    Stay safe.

  291. David DeRango says:

    Hey Paul that is how I felt living in Illinois golf ended in October and could not get to a course until April.
    So glad I live in Vegas and so does the ground hog we really never have winter, ROTFLMAO.
    see you and everyone soon be safe and healthy CANNOT WAIT!

  292. Crazy Canucks says:

    Wildhorse tee times have been canceled. We are playing Patrick Gates’ home course of Chimera in Henderson NV. So no bets against Gates as he will be the ringer since he knows where to hit the ball, leave it below the hole, avoid certain bunkers, hit the correct side of which fairway, etc. etc. See ya in about 80 days, give or take a handful. George glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to play golf until May. Actually no I am not, cause now you will feel my pain as that is when I can play my first round of the year. No wonder I can’t win the AM. I get a late start by the time the Tourney comes around. Stay Safe Lads and for those of you that are already playing I hope you are shooting over a hundred πŸ™‚ I hit the ski slopes the other day. Warm Spell over, back to normal temps. that furry little rodent was right. Winter is still here in Canada.

  293. Sorry to hear about the surgery, George. Hope you heal up for Mesquite. Sucks getting old. I seem to be getting more pains all the time. Knee is acting up and I have no idea what brought that on. Back is a constant battle. Wrist, shoulders and neck hurt as well as my hip joints. And I’m only 52. What kind of pain will I be in when I retire? Time is not my friend.

  294. David DeRango says:

    Ok everyone we have confirmed golf course for Friday May 27th, thanks to Patrick tee times starting at 12:30pm we have 3 tee times locked in, should anyone want to join us, let me or Paul know.
    Price is $75
    Course is Chimera
    901 Olivia Pkwy, Henderson, NV
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Cannot wait.

  295. David William DeRango says:

    It is official I have registered for the AM, and do not need a rental car anymore also have purchased my golfing cigars. The ones Kerry hates.
    Next will be the selection of cocktails for the condo!
    87 days to go till we start the week of golf at Wild horse or if Patrick gets us a better deal, I will keep everyone posted and if you want in just let me or Paul know.
    Be safe all see you soon.

  296. Kerry says:

    Sorry George don’t sing or dance.

  297. LOL, Kerry, I think we have heard this song and dance before. It’s not May yet. Stay safe.

  298. Kerry says:

    Hey George, take my strokes as I will not be needing/using them this year. Hope you are doing good.

  299. David DeRango says:

    Almost forgot 88 days till we tee off at wildhorse or another place.

  300. David DeRango says:

    George God bless you are better my brother we will keep you in our prayers.
    Last year I could not swing a club till April after shoulder surgery.
    My game is coming around it is a slow process because we are getting older.
    Wildhorse is locked in but waiting on Patrick to see what he comes up with.
    I or Paul will keep you posted.
    Be safe all Cannot wait.

  301. Just sent out the invite to all that are registered so the skins games should fill up rather quickly. Getting more excited as the days go by. Found out a couple weeks back that I had a ruptured disk in my neck. Had surgery a few days ago and all is well except for the Columbian neck tie scar across my neck. My first round of golf this year will not be until May so i will get to know how our Canadian peeps feel. LOL. Either way, all is well. Pain is gone and I need strokes. LOL Stay safe everyone.

  302. Fox rental car has cars in the high 300 and low 400 for that friday to friday. It is a pain to get to but worth it. I use them all the time. Stay safe

  303. Paul, they don’t seem to exist anymore. All you can do is keep checking every day in the hopes they come down. Grab something in the meantime that has no penalty for cancellation. $500 – $600/Week seems to be the average. Cars that are advertised for $18/day still end up at $500/week?!!!!!!

  304. Paul Buturusis says:

    Has anyone found reasonable car rental rates?

  305. Crazy Canucks says:

    It is with sad news that Legacy will not be the course that we play on May 27th. They have a tournament on that day. So we have looked at other courses and came up with Wildhorse in Henderson NV. Wildhorse Golf Club
    2100 W. Warm Springs Road, Henderson, NV 89014 (702) 434-9000. Tee times are booked for Friday May 27th at 11:18 and 11:27. So we have 2 tee times back to back. Green fees are $69 with cart. If anyone else wants to join let DeRango or myself know on this Blog. If someone comes up with another course with a reasonable green fees we have till May 26th to cancel these tee times. Take Care and see you soon

  306. Kerry & Crazy Canucks, As much as I want to say yes I can join you at the Legacy its just not possible right now until as CC says we have to wait to find out about our travel from and back to Canada. I am hoping that things will be better and a negative Covid test is not required for me when I return home and it that is the case then I will see if you still need any players. If it turns out you are full then not a problem but what you are doing does interest me and this if I go could be my last Mesquite AM as I am getting older, hate to fly so always drive and long trips just might be more than I can handle down the road. I also do not plan on registering (if I do) until the end of March or even later just to be sure. Your little Legacy venture sounds like fun and I can only hope and I am sure you all will have a great time with or without me.

  307. Crazy Canucks says:

    The course that Patrick Gates is trying to get us on is Chimera G&CC if any of you want to check it out. Gates has to match the $99 green fee or beat it. I’ve checked this club out and looks nice. I will be making the tee times around March 10 as this is when Canadians will find out the travel situation into the United States (as in if we still need Covid tests or not to enter) and other parts of the World. As DeRango has mentioned that he will be signing up for the Am on the first of March. I will be waiting closer to the end of March before I sign up. Stay tuned as I will be announcing when the tee times are on May 27th on the Blog. Like I mentioned before I am shooting for tee times at 1200 / 1210 / 1215. That way you have time to get back to the Casablanca for dinner ( about a 90 minute drive) and last call πŸ™‚ Temps are now getting above 0C (32F) now, hopefully Winter is over and the snow starts to melt so I start swinging a club again.

  308. David DeRango says:

    90 days till May 27th!
    We have a total of 9 golfers for Legacy Golf club or we maybe changing to another course if Patrick can get us a deal at his golf course.
    Any one wants in let me know, AL you are in and in the count we will be setting tee times by March first.
    I will be registering for the AM on the first. Cannot wait.!
    Be safe and see you all soon.

  309. Kerry says:

    Oh, P Mac, yes this is sad news that I have given you. And do not worry, you will not be missing my Loudmouth Shorts. I outgrew them years ago and donated them to charity. And as for your attire, save the Canadian Draws for the Monday, May 30th Bruce King Memorial Golf Tournament. You need to give those Young Bucks a run for the money for the Best Dressed Contest. And I too am looking forward to our dinner on May 25th. 91 days till dinner at Timbermine here in Ogden. Would be great to see others there that live local.

  310. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry it is with sad news that you will be not joining us on Friday May 27th for a round of golf. I will surely miss those Loud Mouth shorts of yours. Haven’t decided what I will be wearing quite yet. Either my Loud Mouth USA pants or the infamous Canadian ones or maybe I will change it up this year and wear Knickers. Well I have 93 days to decide my wardrobe πŸ˜‰ I will see you on Wednesday May 25th for dinner.

  311. Crazy Canucks says:

    Al Stewart, I am like you and holding off Registration as well. Until I know that I to can drive down (Calgary AB) to Mesquite, with some stops along the way to get my game into shape. I have confidence that by the end of April everything should be back to normal or what normal will look like moving forward. I see that Kerry King has somewhat answered your question. Legacy G&CC, 130 Par Excellence Dr. Henderson NV. Google it and maybe we will see you Friday May 27th. Henderson NV is only 1 1/2 hrs (97 miles) South of Mesquite so no need to stay in Vegas over night. You can make it back to the Casablanca before last call πŸ˜‰ AB will be lifting the mask mandate on March 1st and removing other restrictions as well.

  312. Kerry says:

    Mr Stewart
    The play date is Friday May 27th. And it is the Legacy Golf Course in Henderson, Nv. As of now we have 9 players. And 1 observer. We can always use more players. The course is on Wigwam, North side of the street, just east of Green Valley.

  313. Crazy Canucks, where is the Legacy Golf Club and when are you playing? I like you am hoping to finally return to the Mesquite AM after two years of absence but will hold off registering until I know I can go without travel problems as I drive down and back from Vancouver Island. Your Legacy golf sounds interesting and if its the one in Phoenix then where does everyone stay?
    Al Stewart
    Sidney, BC

  314. Crazy Canucks says:

    Guess I have 2nd rate intel. I need better foot soldiers in the USA. Guess everyone reading this Blog has till Feb 26th to decide.

  315. Kerry says:

    And my intel tells me that you need to wait until Feb 26th before you can make this Tee time. 90 days out is the soonest. Will be waiting for 2 weeks out to check out the Daily Deals. So that would be on May 14th. So, Tee Times could change, and Rates could get cheaper. Dinner anybody? May 25th, Timbermine Steakhouse, bottom of Ogden Canyon.

  316. Crazy Canucks says:

    Alright Lads, my intel in the United States tell me that I can now book tee times for Friday May 27th. Last count we had 7 or 8 people that are playing Legacy. So tee times after noon (1200 pm) green fees are 99.00$. I will be calling Legacy next weekend to book two 4somes with the tee times as close to 1200 pm as possible. So if you are interested in playing Legacy on the Friday May 27th before George’s skins game leave a message on here or contact Dave DeRango as I will be in touch with him before I make the call to Legacy G&CC. Barbas, yes when I call I will see if your wife can come along as a non player and keep you company in the cart. I will tell them that a guy’s wife is so in love with him that she wants to see just how mad her husband can get on the golf course. Not to mention that it is their anniversary as well. Less than 100 days to go. Play Safe, Stay Safe and enjoy your rounds when your courses open up. I’ll see y’all in May.

  317. David DeRango says:

    Whoops sorry had the wrong number of days 96 count down

  318. David DeRango says:

    You are right Kerry that day was awesome weather absolutely beautiful. Yes legacy was a bit ruff but hopping by May the course will be back in shape.
    George skin games looking good will get my money to you first week in March.
    86 days to Friday at legacy, cannot wait be safe all.

  319. Kerry says:

    Had an amazing day of golf with DeRango at Legacy Golf Club on Wednesday. Liked the course but was not thrilled with the mostly Dormant Grass Fairways. And Greens. And after playing The Palms, Oasis Palmer & Oasis Canyons in Mesquite Sun, Mon & Tues, all in great condition, couldn’t understand why these were dormant. But David and P Mac assured me that they should be green by May 27th.
    So, calling it, 98 days until Legacy Golf Club Outing.
    But more importantly for me, 96 Days until Dinner with B Mac & P Mac at The Timbermine here in Ogden.

  320. Well if I did the right computing, I am 89 days from wheels up. The skins games are filling in and I will be sending out the mass invite to all that have signed up for the am in early March. As of right now,
    Palms has 55 of 80 spots filled
    Falcon has 65 of 108 spots filled
    Casa has 84 of 140 spots filled

    See all of you soon. Stay safe

  321. Kerry says:

    David, I have never told you that you could not smoke your little turds. De smoked her own little turds Sunday, and they smelled a whole lot better than yours. The 6 folks under my post in Cigars Under the Stars are her group from Washington. See you in a day and a half.

  322. Dave, get my number from Crazy Paul and text me so I will have yours. The nephew was on the 16th hole at the Waste Management PGA event in Scottsdale this Saturday. Place went crazy when Sam Ryder hit the hole-in-1. Justin said he got drenched in beer. He was in the second row to the right of the green. He said it was a blast! He wants to go back next year. He had a job out there for the week.

  323. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey let me know when you are in Vegas the wife and I can meet up with you 2 at South Point hotel for a few cocktails.
    I am keeping my mask off unless some places still want you to keep them on.
    Be safe all Cannot wait.
    Kerry keep your mask on! You don’t like when I smoke cigars on the golf course.

  324. Hard to believe….. 98 days until I land in Phoenix and gradually make my way to Mesquite!

  325. How many people will still be wearing a mask the rest of their life after all the mandates are lifted? Probably all the people you see wearing a mask in their car while driving by themself.

  326. Kerry says:

    Nevada Gov removes Mask Mandate effective immediately (yesterday). Just in time for my stay next week. Only Downfall in this, I will have to see DeRango’s entire face.
    93 days until I am Wheels Down and heading to Oklahoma and the 2022 PGA Championship.
    104 days until I am sitting down to dinner with P Mac & B Mac.
    And 5 days until I am playing a friendly game at Legacy with DeRango. Mask Free

  327. As we get closer the excitement is starting to build. Only 104 days for me till wheels up and 105 till I am playing Cascata. Skins update, Palms 50 of 80 spots gone, Falcon 60 of 108 gone and the big daddy Casa, 75 of 140 spots taken. See all of you soon. Be safe

  328. David DeRango says:

    Paul I gave up skiing long time ago.
    Took up golf less chance of killing myself.
    I would rather golf in the winter than sky!
    I will confirm the count of players when you are ready to lock in the tee times.
    Cannot wait. Be safe my golf buddies.

  329. Kerry says:

    If I should play, that’s 9. But we shall see .

  330. Crazy Canucks says:

    OMG 2 4somes for Legacy G&CC. Yippee Kai Eh. Can we get at least 1 more as 3 3somes would make the rounds go faster than 2 4somes or another 4some. 107 days till Legacy. We are still in ski season up here North of the Border. I’m not as young as I used to be. Can’t do those Double Black or the Black Runs anymore. If and when I wipe out it takes me a few days to recover. Restricted to the Blue / Green Runs now, that way if I get cut off by some snowboarder and wipe out the recover time is a lot quicker. Attempting to get into shape as I will be playing in the U49 group as I’m pretty sure it is the same yardage as 50-59 group. I’m thinking that Conestoga should be in that rotation and I love that course. To me that’s the best in the rotation. And for all those that have missed me over that past 2 years, no need to worry Speedo will be in tow. Hello Ladies and Hot Tub πŸ™‚ Canadian beer will be served πŸ™‚ “The Thong” is a given πŸ˜‰ Hello Lounge

  331. Kevin Jones says:

    We have a whole 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo available at Oasis Destination that’s within walking distance to Casablanca if anyone wants it. $400 Total from Sunday to Sunday. It has a living room, full kitchen and did I say its $400 Total. If you’re interested shoot me a email at

  332. Great looking out Kerry. Going to sign up now for my non cigar smoking night. Always a great time. Stay safe

  333. Kerry says:

    Hey folks, don’t forget to sign up for the Wednesday Evening Cigars Under the Stars. You do need to sign up to be registered and get your Cigar.

  334. Kerry says:

    D W DeRango, as you have stated, I too am looking forward to playing Legacy with you on the 16th. And I will be watching the Daily Deals as they become available. Would be great to get you all the Great Deal that I got us. The Tee Time that P Mac acquires early, may change to the Daily Deal that I am able to acquire later. Or you could also acquire the Daily Deal. Does not matter that you are a local for these. And I am still on the schedule to play Legacy on May 27th. And possibly Mesquite Am. But not George’s Games.

    107 Days till Wheels Down and 80+ MPH, Possibly

  335. David William DeRango says:

    108 days it we play at the Legacy Golf Club May 27th, Cannot Wait!!
    So anyone wants in we have 2 foursomes now, we can add 3 just let me know.
    Crazy Canucks will be making the Tee time, I think Paul will be setting it up for about 12:30 or 1pm I will advise everyone as we get closer to the day.
    Looking foreword to play that course with you Kerry.
    Be safe all and see you soon.

  336. Crazy Canucks says:

    True she is a 3.0 handicap. Her college career is over now and back to reality for her. She is trying to get into Med School up here so I figure to bring her along because if she gets into Med School her next 4 years will be books / studying / internship and golf will be the farthest thing on her mind. So be nice to her and absolutely NO STORIES about me. She thinks I’m the Cool Uncle. That’s right she thinks I cooler than Neil. So I guess my TuTu will be left at home this year πŸ™ I was planning on bringing it to play Legacy and on the Monday Skins game but no worries Speedo will be in tow πŸ™‚

  337. Kerry says:

    DeRango and I will be playing there on Feb 16th. Daily Deal for $76.00 for 2 players. Denim shorts in tow for me. Callaway shorts will be in the Highlander, ’cause you never know. But George, a reminder, one of those canucks is a 3 H. I. young lady. Played on her college golf team in the Northeast of the US of A. So, I am giving her a pass for being P Mac’s niece.

  338. Pretty sure that goes without saying Kerry, but you do have some canucks in the group so good looking out, LOL

    Skins update.We are more than half full in all the games. Starting March 5 I will be inviting everyone that signed up for the Am, so if you played before you better get in.
    Palms 48 of 80 spots gone
    Falcon 56 of 108 spots gone
    Casa 72 of 144 spots gone

    stay safe, 109 days till wheels up

  339. Kerry says:

    Copy & Paste from Legacy Website:
    Legacy Golf Club strictly enforces proper golfing attire and does not permit tank tops, cut-off shorts or tee shirts on the course. Denim is allowed for both men and women when accompanied with a proper golf top. Golfers arriving to play, that are not in compliance with our dress code, will be asked to change prior to teeing off.

  340. Kerry says:

    Person I talked to at Legacy did not seem sure but, did say there was a Military/Veterans discount. Amount would depend upon time and day.

  341. As we have been under snow the last 3 weeks and some single digit temps this weekend, really looking forward to Mesquite. Desert golf, heat and no one asking what the wind chill is.
    Paul, I will be more than happy to lose a few golf balls in the pool. Maybe we find your Canadian thong on the right turd cutter!

  342. Rick Napper says:

    George, Sounds like sign ups are going well. It’s a great cause you support.

  343. Great choice on Legacy. You guys will enjoy that one. Weekly skins update.
    Palms has half the spots gone already.
    Falcon has 50 of 108 spots taken
    Casa has 58 of 140 taken already.
    Can’t wait for the 117 days to pass. So you all soon. Stay safe

  344. Crazy Canucks says:

    Good call on the Legacy course David. I googled those 2 courses (Legacy / Wildhorse) and Legacy to me had the better course layout. I see there are some swimming pools for Barbas to hit. Oh btw Jeff if you are playing with me and you hit a pool. Forget the OB its a water hazard and that is stroke and distance. Don’t forget the 2 club lengths so you will still be in the rough πŸ™‚ Looking forward to playing. Calgary is enjoying a heat wave at the moment 7C / 45F soon to be -12C / 10F for next week. Brrrrr is all I have to say. 120 days till we are teeing it up at Legacy πŸ˜‰

  345. Put me in for Friday at Legacy, David! Looks great! Just let me know what time so I can get my Anniversary Dinner plans for the the Silverado that night. Don’t forget to ask the course if my wife can tag along.

  346. Thanks David very much. Not to worry Kerry, most people that fly in don’t put in to win prizes they have to transport. Good looking out though. Stay safe

  347. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey I have played The Legacy Golf course good layout and fast greens.
    You will like it are you in?
    This course is in a high class part of town.
    Cannot wait be safe all.

  348. Kerry says:

    BBQs for a raffle prize? Sure hope that the winner wasn’t someone that flew in.

    P Mac

    Not to worry, won’t be there.

  349. I always worry when I hear the name “Legacy”. We have a hotel named that in the town I work in. The police are always driving thru it scanning license plates for parole violators and escaped convicts and the place is full of bed bugs and ferrel cats that have pissed and pooped all thru the crawl spaces of this joint. Makes the trailer park look like the Garden of Eden.

  350. Crazy Canucks says:

    Dave, just looked at Legacy G&CC and Wildhorse G&CC. Either Or will do, however it looked like Legacy had the better course design. But what do I know, I am just going on people’s pictures. You are the NV resident and I’m sure you have better feed back than some Hack out of Canada, who’s handicap is alcohol and women. Less than 120 days Lads. Can’t wait. Oh one more note: Kerry since Las Vegas National might be out now, all “Shotgun” bids on players are now out. We will just figure out who to play with on that day. This is going to be great. One giant game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is on the way to see who plays with who πŸ˜‰

  351. David DeRango says:

    George for the raffle I have 2 small portable BBQ charcoal grills.
    Should bring in some sales.
    Be safe brother see you soon
    Cannot wait

  352. David DeRango says:

    Kerry We have Chi Chi, Patrick Gates, Tommy C, AJ. Paul Mc, B Mc. And me. Not sure about Richard or James.
    Or I think Jeffrey is in to that makes 8.

    Hey Paul just throwing this out for consideration we can also look at The Legacy Golf club or even wildhorse.
    Cannot wait 121 days to go.

  353. Thanks Kerry. Not a fan of the Palmer course. I think it is the worse design in the valley. I do like the Canyons course though. Hopefully that is the one in the rotation. Thanks for the 411. Stay safe

  354. Kerry says:

    Who are the 7?

  355. Kerry says:

    Palmer was in great shape Sunday. As was the Canyons on the previous Sunday.

  356. Yes, you are lucky David. Good weather and no more plane tickets or rental cars. Someday I will be able to say that. If Vegas national doesn’t give you a break call around. Most courses offer military discounts and will work with you if you have 2 foursomes or more. Thanks Kerry, I will try. Just need to get this snow off the ground in Va so we can think warm thoughts. LOL Stay safe.

  357. David DeRango says:

    Las Vegas national will be fun to play I am not worried about the cost It will change I will see what I can work out for us with 2 or 3 foursomes.
    We have 7 right now so let me know if you are in we can add another group.
    Living in Vegas no more worries of air fare, rental cars, and rooms. CANNOT WAIT. 123 days be safe all

  358. Kerry says:

    Sounds like a fun time for you George. Enjoy.

  359. Plane tickets bought. Condo’s rented. Car is rented. First five days of golf are set.
    Thurs– Cascata, so excited for this round
    Fri–one of the Oasis courses
    Sat–Palms, scramble
    Sun-Falcon, skins game
    Mon-Casa, Skins game
    Now to guess the rotation. After looking at the last couple of years, I am guessing Corral, Conestoga and one of the Oasis courses for the 49 and under group. I can hope right. Stay safe.

  360. Kerry says:

    As per P Mac’s instructions, I have to call “Shotgun” first, then I can Claim the Low Handicap Index, B Mac. And I have to do this on the Blog. So, I call Shotgun & B Mac here on the Blog. This of course is contingent upon if I play.

  361. Crazy Canucks says:

    The Crazy Canucks are in no matter what golf course we are playing. If we are playing Las Vegas National I’m calling “shotgun” and playing with DeRango as he is the member and can tell me where the trouble is. No take backs either.
    125 days till LVN πŸ™‚ I am liking that noon tee time myself.

  362. Kerry says:

    Las Vegas National: May 27th; 5:30am – 11:50am, $139.00. 12:00 Noon till closing, $99.00. Discounts: Locals. Vets/Military, depends on who you ask, and who checks you in. So don’t count on one.

  363. David DeRango says:

    Regarding Kevin Jones blog below regarding Reflection Bay.
    If this happens we will setup at the Las Vegas national.
    We have 5 confirmed and 3 tentative.
    Will update on changes as I know and let everyone know, if anyone wants in.
    Let me know
    Be safe all.

  364. David DeRango says:

    Kevin thank you for the update.
    Kerry’s suggestion is another good one.
    We will check again when we hit 120days if nit then we will make the change.

  365. Kerry says:

    Should Reflection Bay be Unavailable, Las Vegas National has been suggested as the alternative for the May 27, 2022 pre-game to the Skins/Mesquite Am.

  366. Kevin Jones says:

    David we called Reflection Bay for a possible early Saturday morning round, and the pro said he wasn’t booking it right now because we weren’t 120 days out and the course is making a decision on whether to shut it down to replace all the greens…Just FYI

  367. David DeRango says:

    Glad I signed up! They are going fast.
    Cannot wait anyone who wants in for Reflection Bay on Friday before the skin games let me know as of now we have 5 spots open but can expand to another foursome we have time to lock in tee times.
    Be safe all.

  368. Skins games updates
    Sat at Palms 30 of 80 spots gone
    Sun at Falcon 43 of 108 gone
    Mon at Casa 51 of 140 gone

    121 days till wheels up
    Stay safe

  369. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey forgot one more restaurant in South point Silverado Steak House
    This is good to priced right

  370. Kevin Jones says:

    We have a whole 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo available at Oasis Destination that’s within walking distance to Casablanca if anyone wants it. $400 Total from Sunday to Sunday. It has a living room, full kitchen and did I say its $400 Total. If you’re interested shoot me a email at

  371. David DeRango says:

    For stake the wife and I love the Primarily Prime Rib restaurant in South point as well as DoVito in the same place.
    Italian just up the street on Las Vegas Blvd is Bootlegger get food good price.
    We stay away from the strip too and eat were the locals do.

  372. David, since you have lived in Vegas for a bit now what are the best places to eat out there? I think everybody knows by now that on the strip is over inflated prices and off the strip is normal people land where the prices aren’t so ridiculous. I do like Gilley’s on the strip for BBQ. Tell me what you have found. I am more of a steak person. Italian is good, too.

  373. All skins games are over 30% full. If you got the invite, make sure you register to reserve your spot. Stay safe.

  374. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey didn’t know your were staying at South Point hotel we live right down the street, we should get together with the wife’s and have a few
    129 days till reflection Bay.
    Might as well send out the notice, if anyone wants to play Reflection Bay on Friday May 27th before George’s first skin game let me know we are putting together at least 2 foursomes.
    Cannot wait to see you all again.
    Be safe and healthy.

  375. For those looking for good deals on car rentals. Fox has updated their page and I got a standard SUV for 9 days for 434.00. They are a little bit of a pain to get to but well worth it. Stay Safe.

  376. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeff, we are on standby right now to see if we can participate in this years event. Us, Canadians have a few hoops to jump through to get into the Grand Ol’ US of A. We need documentation saying that we have had all our shots and need a Covid test report within 24 or 48 hours (can’t remember) before entering the USA saying that we are negative. Not to mention we need one to get back into Canada as well. Hopefully you are right and all this Ca Ca will be done and over with by Spring. I have signed up for the Monday Skins game so far. I will be registering for the Am in late March / early April as I am awaiting on what’s going to happen. Don’t really want to sign up if I can’t go. So it is a waiting game right now. Neil will not be attending but I do have a replacement for him. So all is good and Yes I am bringing another Canadian, just so I can understand them πŸ˜‰ Not knocking you Americans but some of you have brutal accents and for the life of me I just cant understand y’all. I’m guessing around somewhere close to 130 days till we tee it up. God Bless, Stay Safe and be careful out there.

  377. Sent out the first invite for the skins games. A lot of peeps already signing up. Good to see. 130 days till wheels up. Stay safe

  378. Kerry says:

    Update to my Dec 21, 2021 Post: The 2023 Women’s U. S. Open has been rescheduled to July 6 – 9, 2023. No longer in conflict with the 2023 Mesquite Am.

  379. Jeff, got mine thru Fox. It was a great deal. Stay safe

  380. Good to hear, George! The wife is already getting our trip plans together. Doing a few Airbnb places this year. One in Scottsdale and one in Sedona. Will be at South Point Casino in Vegas on Thursday & Friday night. That is of course if everything goes well. Are the Crazy Canucks on lock down again? Hopefully all this crap is over with come spring time.

    For those getting rental cars keep us posted if you see any deals. Looks like the prices doubled from last year.

  381. I am a little behind with the invite to the skins game. I will have it out by this weekend. Everyone will get the invite and it will be up to YOU to enter. LOL…… I know Christian and the crew are starting to get a lot of entries in. Stay safe. 134 days and wheels up.

  382. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey right now you and your nephew me and two crazy Canucks. 5 now but will send a blast out and get a count soon.
    I am staying in the supper seniors but that could change depending on the course rotation.

  383. Thanks David. 138 days. George should be on here soon to give everyone the skinny on this years events. Count me and my nephew, Justin in for Sunday and Monday. How many in the group still staying in the 49 and under, George? A lot of us could have jumped some time ago. Let me when Stephanie is coming, too.

  384. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey you can always count on me to give you a count down.
    141 for Reflection Bay.
    Living in Vegas golf is available year round.
    This Saturday I am play golf with my brother knights at The Legacy Golf club will let you know how that course is.
    Be safe and healthy see everyone soon. CANNOT WAIT

  385. Kerry says:

    Count Down is 130 Days until I leave for the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  386. Getting to that long wait until golf season. Football season is over around here. My Browns stunk up the whole season and are finally eliminated. Buckeyes are over. Glad to see commercials for The Masters. Played golf here in Ohio all the way to New Years Eve. About 6 rounds in December. I think we are done. Forecast doesn’t look good in January. Fun while it lasted. Somebody set the countdown!

  387. David DeRango says:

    Hi Jeffrey you wife can tag along will be fun.
    Richard may not be joining us but we have time. I will be sending out a blast to see who’s in and get you a count sometime in March.
    Happy New Year all be safe and healthy all.
    Cannot wait.

  388. Crazy Canucks says:

    Happy New Year everyone. 150 days till Reflection Bay. If you want to play (Friday May 27th) just leave a message on the Blog or let Davey DeRango know. Last year was the first inaugural event. There were 7 players that attended. I couldn’t attend due to this World Wide pandemic. This year I plan on attending. Neil will not be coming (he is having a tough time getting his strength back, guess that is what open heart surgery does to you. His health is fine, it is his muscle co ordination that he is having trouble with. He played 18 holes and was completely wiped out even with a power cart) this year however I will be bringing another Canuck with me. We used to play in the World Am (South Carolina) together when I lived in Easterner Canada. Please go easy on him. We will be shooting for Tee times around 1030ish for those interested in playing “Jack’s Course” in Henderson NV. See ya in 150 days, some of you I will see early.

  389. David, I will be in town with the wife that Friday. That is our 33rd anniversary. She likes to tag along for the ride for the views out there if that’s ok? Save us a spot.

  390. Kerry says:

    On this 25th Day of December 2021, I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year. Hope you all get LOTS of Players for Reflection Bay on May 27, 2022. The Annual Bruce King Memorial Skins Golf Tournament I’m sure will be another Spectacular 3 Days of Golf and Fun. And I am sure Christian will put together another Great Mesquite Am in May/June 2022. As well as the II-Man in November 2022. Happy Holidays and Be Safe.


  391. David DeRango says:

    Merry Christmas to all of my mesquite golf buddies and to your family’s
    May you all have a blessed day of health and safety.
    Jeffrey if you and anyone else want to play reflection Bay just let me know. Paul will book the tee times about 2 months out. I will get confirmations from Richard, James and Rand along with Chi Chi. AJ and anyone less who was with us last year.
    153 days till then cannot wait. See you all soon.
    I sign up about mid February?
    Be safe all and healthy.

  392. No Tommy? Visitors? Tell them to come back later. This is Mesquite Week! They sent out the registration e-mail today so I’m signed up already. Got two return tickets from Vegas already. Have to plan out the rest of the vacation yet. Approved for 2 weeks. I have 36 vacation days banked already. I max out at 50. Only reason I have so many is because I haven’t used all the days because of Covid. I’m not a big fan of staycations so I don’t waste days just to stay home.

  393. Kerry says:

    Good Bidding P Mac. My Vacation Bid was 2 weeks, week for PGA Championship, and the week after. That week for returning home from Oklahoma. Also hosting P Mac & B Mac & Friend for dinner at Timbermine here in Ogden. And then my 3rd is Thanksgiving week, as always. No Mesquite Am, No II-Man for me. Reflection Bay? Not sure yet. We had 7 players last year. Tommy, AJ, Chi-Chi & Patrick. And then David, Richard & I. No Tommy for next year, as he told me that he will have visitors in town. The 12:30pm, 12:45 Tee Times was to accommadate David. He was still working. He has stated Retirement will comence end of Febuary, Linda turns 65. Earlier Tee Time, 10ish am, would be better. As for me, 2023 will see me in Pebble Beach for the 2023 Women’s U. S. Open, which happens to fall in the same week as the Mesquite Am. Jeffery, Reflection Bay game is set for Friday, thought you were not going to hit Las Vegas until Saturday? You will get me thinking if you are thinking of attending.

    Hit Tulsa, Oklahoma area May 15, 2022. 146 Days
    Dinner with the Mac’s & Friend on May 25, 2022. 156 Days
    Reflection Bay on May 27, 2022. 158 Days

  394. Crazy Canucks says:

    πŸ™‚ vacation bids just came out for the company I work for and got the Mesquite Am week off and as a bonus I got the week of the 2 Man off as well. So that means the 2 Man will have another player to add to the roster. Now I will have to find a Canadian to come with me. I think I can swing that. Reflection Bay baby, here I come πŸ˜‰

  395. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeff, no numbers as of yet. But DeRango, myself, B Mac, King, and I think 2 others. Davey is going to through it out there come Feb 2022 when this site gets a few more looks. Last year they had 8. Since I am out of State I can book more than a month out for tee times. They didn’t have a problem getting back to back to tee times last year. Probably tee it up around 1230ish since I will be coming into Vegas on the 27th morning.

  396. How many you have for Reflection Bay?

  397. David DeRango says:

    So what happened to the delta veranda? It was to be really bad too.
    Yeah more fake news from them.
    Did I say 159 days till reflection Bay.
    Cannot wait be safe all.

  398. Paul, just move in with David Durango for the next few months so you don’t have to worry about the closing of the border. Can anybody explain why they close your border but they let everyone come across the other? Are they that scared of you Crazy Cunucks?

  399. Crazy Canucks says:

    This new Omicron variant better not shut down international travel. It’s been 2 years since I have made an appearance. Heard 89 Countries have detected the Omicron and cases are doubling fast. Guess only time will tell of the situation at hand. Fingers crossed that I can make the Am for 2022. 161 days (hopefully) till Reflection Bay πŸ™‚

  400. Starting to plan for the Mesquite trip. Got a return flight booked for home for me and my nephew. The wife and I may fly into Phoenix the week before and wander around Arizona for the week. Might have her mom coming out as well. A little time in Scottsdale. A few days around Sedona. Maybe a trip to Grande Canyon and off to Vegas. Drop the wife and her mom off at the airport on Saturday and pick up the nephew coming in for Mesquite. Takes a lot of planning sometimes. Rental cars are not very cheap right now. Thanks Joe! The wife is finding that it is cheaper to get the rental car in Arizona and return it in Vegas than it would be to pick up and drop off in Vegas. For the 2 weeks it was around $400+ cheaper. I wouldn’t have thought that to be the case. And it isn’t easy to find a decent size car for under $500/ week right now. They usually come down, but, there is no guarantee of that this year. It is what it is. Still looking forward to seeing everyone in Mesquite. George, the nephew and I will be in for Sunday and Monday’s events. Looking forward to “Doing It in the Desert!” 2022!

  401. Crazy Canucks says:

    Dave, yes I can do that. I figure 30 days out will be fine. My how time flies 178 days to go. Looking forward to getting back to the Mesquite Am. Been a while. I think we can fill 2 4somes for sure.

  402. David DeRango says:

    Sorry forgot one more thing!
    CANNOT WAIT!! πŸ™‚

  403. David DeRango says:

    Happy post Thanksgiving day hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends.
    Let’s go thru the list.
    1. Tom Burton a long time ago player of the AM, could be joining us at Reflection bay, skin games and the Mesquite AM.
    2. George you know I am in for all skin games.
    3. Also starting to round up some items for the raffle gifts!
    4. 178 days till reflection bay, Paul since I am a resident of Las Vegas and cannot make reservations that far out, you may want to call and set up two foursomes for that day and what time you want to make the tee time for? We can get a head count closer to the day, which we have time.
    Be safe and wishing the best for everyone on Christmas and the New Year!

  404. Happy Turkey day everyone. Hope you and yours have a great Turkey day. Stay Safe

  405. Crazy Canucks says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Brothers out there. Hope you enjoy your time with Family and Friends this weekend. I will see you all in May 2022 now that the Borders have opened up. 184 days till Reflection Bay.

  406. Kerry says:

    And as George has always told me, you can win a skin as a High Handicapper. Proved it, James & I picked one up each day. I would like to wish all of you a Happy Turkey Day and a Merry Christmas. And Please have a Grand Time at the 2022 Mesquite Am along with George’s Pre-Tournament Skins Games. And George, Ms Claus is always good to me.
    Be Safe All.

  407. ok kids, the 2 person was fantastic as usual. Christian and the crew really put on a great tourney. Now we turn our attention to the Main Event. LOL. Some dates of interest. Jan 10, I will open registration for all the skins games. We our doing the same thing this year, Scramble at the Palms on Sat, Gross and Net skins at Falcon on Sunday and then the big daddy. Mon at Casa the gross and net skins with the all the fixins. May 1, closing registration. I want to have some time this year to get my tee sheets ready and give the course time to set everything up. By how registration went last year and how the 2 man sold out 3 months in advance I would not wait around to register for the amateur. Have a happy turkey day and I hope Santa is good to all of you. Later peeps. Stay safe.

  408. David DeRango says:

    Hey Paul, is Neil coming along for the ride?
    Looking forward to seeing you again.
    We can make the tee time earlier because I will be done working and retired. So it will be you 2, me, Richard, Rand, Kerry maybe James.
    Tommy C. Is out AJ or Chi Chi could be in. But we can send out notices to get a real count?
    Be safe and cannot wait.
    Oh yeah happy Thanksgiving!

  409. Crazy Canucks says:

    191 days until Reflection Bay. Found a course to play while on my way down. South Mountain in Draper UT. Home of the 2003 Masters Champion Fellow Canadian Mike Wier.

  410. David DeRango says:

    Another great 2 man tournament is in the books, congratulations to all the winners and winners of skins.
    First want to thank Christian and his crew for doing a great job of taking care of us.
    Courses were in great shape, especially Conestoga which kicked my BUTT!!
    George thanks you for putting on the skin game at Falcon Ridge.
    Great seeing everyone again along with Richard, Rand, James, Glen and Kerry! save ride home boys.
    Now on to the Mesquite Amateur 193 days till we play Reflection Bay Cannot wait.
    Looking forward to play some winter golf in Vegas that I cannot do living in Illinois.
    Be safe all and see you again soon.

  411. David DeRango says:

    I sent a weather update, day time temps are in the mid to upper 70’s.
    Have not packed yet so shorts are in pants are out!
    see you in about 18 hours.

  412. Kerry says:

    Golf This Morning with James at Oasis Canyons. Have seen several folks from Mesquite Am that I know. And it is SHORTS WEATHER, David.

  413. David DeRango says:

    Less then 62 hours till I leave for Mesquite.
    Played Highland fall in Summerlin beautiful course and in great condition greens where fast.
    Shot well and ready for the two man, safe travels all see you soon.
    Cannot wait.

  414. Kerry says:

    70 hours till departure for the 2-Man.

  415. Crazy Canucks says:

    Why hello everybody. Just want everyone to know that it is 9 days till the 2 Man. Now that the borders have opened up for causal travel, I will be waited with baited breath until we can sign up for the Mesquite Am sometime in the New Year. 205 days till Reflection Bay and to use a quote from another Mesquite Am participant “I can not wait”. Might have another Canadian coming with me this year. A buddy of mine from Eastern Canada, that would be Ontario for those of you that live in the Northeast part of the USA. We used to go play in the World Am when I lived in Ontario. If he comes along he will be playing Reflection Bay with those whom choose to play. Neil is out for this year as he has only played just once this year and didn’t hit the ball really that far. He doesn’t want to pay all that cash and not play to his potential. He plans on a 2023 return. As for Neil, he is recovering slowly but surely. Walks a half mile a day and is using cowbell weights daily. We have set up a bike in the house so he can use that as well to get his heart somewhat back to normal. So as of now we have the following “Crazy Canucks” coming: P Mac, B. Mac, and Gary Benjaminsen (yes he is of Dutch decent). I will meet Gary in Las Vegas as that is where he will fly into. Gary is over 50 but I will have to talk him into coming to the U49 group. So I will see some of you in 202 days, others in 205 and the rest in 208 days. The Best of Luck to all those playing in the 2 Man. Take Care and for the Love of God, behave yourselves at the 2 Man

  416. David DeRango says:

    Well I played a round on Saturday and hit some quality shots but could not finish the hole, and got on that bogey and double bogey train and could not get off.
    Boy I hope my partner has a strong back to carry my happy butt for 3 days!!
    Will see if I can redeem myself next Saturday?
    9 days till the skin game CANNOT WAIT!!
    Safe travels all!
    See you Kerry and the boys at the VR for Breakfast Thursday morning!

  417. Kerry says:

    Well, I am going to be doing something that I had planned on NOT DOING. Someone’s Partner for the 2-Man got hurt. So I am taking his place. So I guess I will see you all soon.

  418. David DeRango says:

    Got back last night, so glad to be back in Vegas where it is warm and dry.
    Illinois weather wet, cold and damp so happy I moved out!
    13 days till skin games! CANNOT WAIT!!
    I will be working on my game for the next 13 days and get ready to still talk smack!!
    Safe travels all, see you soon.

  419. Kerry says:

    First David, you will need to get back from Chicago. Stay Dry.

  420. David DeRango says:

    14 days to the skin game!
    Cannot wait

  421. David DeRango says:

    Back in Illinois for personal family matters, weather sucks cold and raining all week, now I know why I left Illinois besides the over taxing and corrupt government, cannot wait to back to Las Vegas.
    16 days before the 2 man and the skin game.
    Cannot wait, be safe all and safe travels.

  422. David DeRango says:

    Thank you for the offer Kerry, but will be spending Wednesday dong things with the wife, then early to bed and take off about 5am for Mesquite!
    But Breakfast with everyone is a great idea, VR at 6:30am is ok by me what about the rest of everyone?
    19 days till then CANNOT WAIT!!
    Be safe all and travels.

  423. Kerry says:

    Should you want to come up to Mesquite Wednesday, you are welcome to bunk with me that evening. Still not committing to any golf. (Skins Game)
    David, Richard, Rand, Jim Thursday morning breakfast? Or for that matter, Wednesday night dinner?

  424. David DeRango says:

    George, you should be only one down now? My partner Rand M has signed up for the skin game?
    22days till leave for the skin game.
    Can’t wait!

  425. I had a couple people drop due to not getting in off the wait list. I have 2 spots in the skins game for the day prior to the 2man. Let me know. 22 days till wheels up. Stay safe.

  426. David DeRango says:

    Always happy to see my Canadian Brothers again, looking forward to see you and I hope Neil only if he comes to visit along with B Mac! I understand she is a real golfer!!
    Tommy and AJ, I hope you two and Chi Chi will be down for a round a Reflection Bay?
    Looking forward to see you boys at the 2 man!
    Be safe all, 26 days till the skin game, Cannot Wait!!

  427. Crazy Canucks says:

    It looks like the Crazy Canucks will be there for the Mesquite Am in May 2022. Looks like Sleepy Joe has opened up the borders for non essential travel by land on November 01 for fully vaccinated people. And I happen to be one of them. After a long 2 year hiatus I will be returning to see all your smiling faces. First Stop will be to play with Tommy Cook / AJ Thompson at their home golf course. Then the following day to have dinner with Kerry King, then off to Reflection Bay before I settle in for the skin games. Golf season is done this weekend as my golf course is shutting down. Ski season will be up and running mid December, so it is looking like hot tub season for about 5 weeks. That’s right Barbas, I’m testing out the new Thong to make sure it is Mesquite worthy. Take Care and for those that are playing in the 2 man, all the best. See y’all in May πŸ˜‰

  428. David DeRango says:

    Glad to hear you are taking the shuttle to Mesquite, would love to be able to help! But working all day and not getting into Mesquite till 6:30am Thursday morning.
    Well if someone would stop this vaccine mandates there would be less problems.
    Anyway hope to see you at the checking or playing the skin game at Falcon Ridge.
    Safe travels and be safe all.
    25 days till we tee it up! CANNOT WAIT!

  429. Paul Buturusis says:

    I’m taking the shuttle. I’m worried about all the flight cancellations by Southwest, hopt that gets cleared up. I read it could go into November.

  430. David DeRango says:

    Paul, did you get your ride into Mesquite?

  431. Paul Buturusis says:

    When will the flight information come out?

  432. Kerry says:

    Snow on the Mountain Tops today. Rain in the Valley. Golf was Great.

  433. David DeRango says:

    30 days and I am on my way to Falcon Ridge!! CANNOT WAIT.
    Who is ready for some smack talk!!
    I will start! Rand and I will be the team to beat!! in our flight!!
    see you all soon.
    safe travels all!

  434. 30 days till we invade the Casa. Stay safe everyone

  435. Crazy Canucks says:

    214 Days till Reflection Bay. just saying πŸ™‚

  436. David DeRango says:

    32 days till I head out to Mesquite for the skins game!
    Looking forward to see everyone again! bring your game everyone we are going to have some fun.
    Be safe all and in your travels!

  437. Richard Wilds says:

    Had to move our Nov 15 round from Sand Hollow to Copper Rock. We are still looking for a 4th to join us at Copper Rock at 8:50am Utah time. Let me know if you can join us.

  438. David DeRango says:

    George, Getting in to Mesquite about 6am, and will be checking on Thursday morning at Falcon Ridge with you.
    No room at the in to come in sooner!
    see you soon.
    35 days cannot wait.

  439. My crew will all arrive on weds evening. After checking into our house we will probably make our way to the casa for some drinks and celebration of the Marine Corps birthday. Early morning thursday for skins game and then check in for tourney. Wheels up in 5 weeks. See all of you soon. Stay safe

  440. Kerry says:

    But still not really committed to anything.

  441. Kerry says:

    Hotel Room Has Been Booked for Awhile Now. See Some of You Wednesday, and Some of You Thursday.

  442. DAVID DeRango says:

    Hotel room is booked going to come in on Thursday morning about 6am, but still up in the air.
    Should I have some free nights I will come in on Wednesday night after work, but will check on this in October.
    40 days till we start the skin game, which I know it is sold out.
    CANNOT WAIT, sorry Richard, I have to be back in Vegas on Sunday night so I can get up for work! (someone has to do it)! Wildhorse has my tee time for tomorrow and will be getting some work in, or should I say a beautiful day in tomorrow will be in the high 80’s and no rain, not like in Illinois they have a rain for the weekend! So glad I do not live there anymore! Be safe all! and see you soon.

  443. Richard Wilds says:

    Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy while practicing for the 2-Man. We are looking for a 4th for Sand Hollow the Monday after the 2-Man. We are going to try and get off early so the Colorado boys can get back home. Let me know if you want to play Sand Hollow with us.

    Only 40 days left.

  444. DAVID DeRango says:

    My Canadian brothers, should Stumbles change his mind “what” ? best take a trip south and come in via Texas or AZ, you can just walk right in!! LOL
    Look forward to meet your Crazy Canuck better half!
    You tell Neil just get stronger I will be looking forward to see him again even if he just comes for the nightly dinners, and give him a big hug from me!
    Bless you all and be safe.

  445. Crazy Canucks says:

    Good day Lads. Nice to see that I have stirred up some interest in the Reflection Bay outing. 246 days if anyone is counting. As for the Crazy Canucks Neil has only played a total of 27 holes this year and there is a 95% chance he will not be coming. However I do have a replacement for him and that would be B Mac. Kerry will be the first to meet B Mac. Tommy Cook & AJ Thompson will be the first ones from the Mesquite Family to play with B Mac. Oh by the way B Mac is a 3 handicap and a way better partier than N Mac. Should be a fun time if us “Internationals” are allowed to go. Who knows what Biden will do for “Non essential Travel”. Biden has already backed it up to October 21st and will re look at it then. Good thing I didn’t sign up for the 2 Man. For everyone that is playing in the 2 Man, have fun and make sure that Shaun Benninghove doesn’t have to many Manhattan’s this year, heard that was his downfall last year. See ya in May 2022, fingers crossed of course

  446. DAVID DeRango says:

    I know Paul was not sure if Neil would be coming? We can always add him in should the time come my man Neil will be ready!
    Keep us informed Paul!

  447. Kerry says:

    David, you have left out the most important “Mac”, N Mac.

  448. DAVID DeRango says:

    49 days till the 2 man tournament! cannot wait.

    Paul, we have some time yet till reflection bay, I will send a bunch of emails around to get a count right now it is you and B Mac. Me and Richard, I will confirm with Kerry? and anyone else.
    2 months out is good will let you know in the new year.
    Be safe my Canadian brother.

  449. Sorry, Kerry, I won’t get in until Saturday. Friday the 27th is my 33rd Anniversary and will still be home with the wife. The nephew is coming out with me once again. Not sure if we will have anyone else coming with us yet. His friend is talking about coming out.

  450. Kerry says:

    Jeffery my good man,
    Did you perchance make your time in Mesquite include Golf at Reflection Bay on Friday, May 27th with the Crazy Canucks and the rest of the Gang? Last year was a great time there. Next year should be better.

  451. Just booked my rental car threw for the 2022 Mesquite Am week. They had Cadillac Escalade’s or similar advertised for $30 a day $372 for the week. Decided to go ahead and book it now. It is with National. Let the countdown begin!

  452. yea Jeff, always hit or miss with the World Am with courses and weather. I played in it for about 5 years and had great courses and bad weather and had ok courses and great weather. Always a good time though. It is how I met big Todd and Stan. If this years 2 man sell out is any indication of next years amateur I am sure it is going to be great. 51 days till wheels up. Stay safe

  453. Talked to few guys from my area that also played in the Myrtle Beach World Am. They were pretty disappointed. Courses sucked for their flight. Mine wasn’t a bad draw except the greens were slow on all my courses. We did play in the worst time of year there. Anyways, I think I have talked their group into coming out to the Mesquite Am next year! Hopefully 5 or 6 of them. We will see.

  454. 4 spots left in 2 man pre skins game. STMF

  455. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry, glad to hear that “The Mac’s” are still on schedule for Timbermine Steak house on the 25th of May. David, someone will make sure that a reservation is made for Reflection Bay on Friday May 27th. If need be I will make it from up here in Canada about 2 months out if they will accept a 2 month phone call. I will assume a tee time around noon will work like you guys had last year. You can go fishing for the head count early in the New Year and like last year I am assuming there will be 8 of us. 255 days till some of us will be teeing it up at Reflection Bay. Giddy Up

  456. 5 spots left in the skins game for the 2 man. Stay safe

  457. DAVID DeRango says:

    2 man tournament is sold out hope everyone who wanted in got in?
    Do not know if I want to leave right from work on the Wednesday night, or first thing in the morning on Thursday?
    57 days till I am headed to Mesquite Cannot Wait!!!
    Be safe all and see you soon!

  458. DAVID DeRango says:

    2 man tournament is sold out hope everyone who wanted in got in?
    Do not know if I want to leave right from work on the Wednesday night, or first thing in the morning on Thursday?
    57 days till I am headed to Mesquite Cannot Wait!!!

  459. DAVID DeRango says:

    Paul, no more worries of snow in my life! that dose not happen in Vegas! I will be able to get so much more work in then ever before.
    Looking forward to Refection bay, but as a resident of Las Vegas I cannot make reservations more then two weeks out. Once I know how many are playing, someone other then me will have to call at least a month or so to book the tee time! But we have sometime to go, after the first of the year I will start getting a head count.

  460. Kerry says:

    And Paul, am I still hosting the “MAC’s” at the Timbermine here in Ogden 2 days (Wednesday May 25th) before you and the Croonies play Reflection Bay?

  461. 18 spots left in the skins game prior to the 2man. 57 days till wheels up. Stay safe

  462. Keep that white stuff up there a little longer Paul. As for the skins game at Conestoga, lets just say I don’t think everyone would want to pay that much for a skins game. Thinking of bringing back Coyote Springs though. We will see. Stay safe. 61 days till wheels hit the ground in Vegas. See all of you soon.

  463. Crazy Canucks says:

    Not to much chat on the page as of late. Thought that there would be some chatter about the 2 Man coming up. Well a little update here in Calgary Alberta. The other day I played in a turtleneck and long pants, winter is coming quick and I would say I have about 30 days left in my golf year. Early morning tee time weather is around 48F and she warms up to around 72F in the afternoon. She is getting dark earlier these nights, just another sign that Ol’ Man Winter is just around the corner. Around 261 days till we play Reflection Bay as Davey DeRango says “Can’t Wait” and that will have to keep me sane while my golf season comes to a close. Ski season will soon be upon us, so that should will keep me active during the winter months. All the best to all who have entered the 2 Man and I will see some of you at Reflection Bay and the rest of you, well that would Mesquite. Hopefully George can land a skins game at Conestoga G&CC. That would be awesome. Take Care Gents and Stay Safe

  464. Kerry says:

    Still going to suggest St George Shuttle as your transportation from Las Vegas Airport to Mesquite. With Check in on Thursday, and the Tournament starting on Friday, unless folks are playing in George’s skin game, they may not be arriving to drive up until Thursday. And those playing in George’s Thursday morning game may not be arriving until Wednesday afternoon or evening. Don’t see a Tuesday ride here. Luck be with you.

  465. Paul Buturusis says:

    still looking for a ride to mesquite on Nov 9 . I am arriving at 4:00 PM from Chicago looking for ride to the Casablanca for the 2 man if anyone is going that way I sure would appreciate a ride.

  466. DAVID DeRango says:

    I have no logic? You do not know that by now?
    My logic is I do not have to, book airfare, or get a rental car, and that the wife will be getting her own car!!
    I do not have to bother anyone else, but I can help anyone who needs a ride?
    That is my logic!!
    75 days till Georges skin game on the 11th Cannot Wait!!
    Be safe all.

  467. Kerry says:

    Still trying to figure out your logic. Just how is driving 30 minutes better than a 4 mile (6 minute) drive? And as for the drive to Mesquite, have a great drive, cause I am not doing it. So let’s see, you: 90 minutes (one way). Me: 12 minutes (roundtrip).
    Drive safe & Play Well

  468. David DeRango says:

    I think I have that beat, for me reflection bay is only 30 mins from the house and about one hour drive to Mesquite.
    Thank God I do not have book airfare, get a rental car! Just bring a good bottle of bourbon and by Richard dinner!
    Then my room is booked!
    276 days not counting today! Also do not forget 79 days till the first skin game before the 2 man!
    Cannot Wait!!
    Be safe

  469. Kerry says:

    Let’s see, No Wheels Up, No Rental Car & my drive is only about 4 miles to the Best Steak Around. Looking forward to seeing P Mac, N Mac & meeting B Mac.

  470. 278 for me till wheels up and I have already booked my rental car. LOL Beat that. Stay safe.

  471. Kerry says:

    So I guess that would make it 278 days to Dinner at Timbermine in Ogden, P Mac? And I will be rushing back from the PGA Championship for it.

  472. Crazy Canucks says:

    While most of you Gents are counting down to the 2 Man. Here in the Great White North I’m counting down to the Reflection Bay outing πŸ™‚ Just to let you know, if anyone is interested – 280 days πŸ˜‰

  473. DAVID DeRango says:

    Wow, so glad I did not wait any longer to sign up!
    Looking forward to that week, Cannot Wait! Correct on the number of days George? LOL.
    Be safe all!

  474. Looks like the 2 man is sold out. Going to be a great week in the desert. 82 days till wheels up. Stay safe all.

  475. Paul Buturusis says:

    I am in the skins game and no ride yet. Looking forward to golfing.

  476. David DeRango says:

    Paul let me know if you cannot get the ride, I can switch and go in after work on Wednesday.
    Are you in the skin game on Thursday?
    86 days not counting today.
    Cannot wait!! be safe all

  477. Paul Buturusis says:

    I have a ride already back to the airport, thanks

  478. Kerry says:

    Just thinking about your return trip also.

  479. DAVID DeRango says:

    I am working all day till about 4pm that means you will have to sit at the airport till then?
    Time I get to the to you it would be about 4:30 ish!

  480. Paul Buturusis says:

    I was hoping to find a another golfer going that way about my time and pick up a $20.00 spot.

  481. Kerry says:, I am mistaken, says it goes to Eureka. About $40.00 round trip
    Hope this helps Paul.

  482. I have rode the shuttle to and from. It works out well. Stay safe.

  483. DAVID DeRango says:

    Paul, I forgot about that Shuttle! Kerry’s right!
    I am not sure what day I am headed to Mesquite for the 2 man tournament?
    Maybe right after work on Wednesday and check in or I leave first thing in a AM so I am in time for breakfast at VR?
    Then check in to the hotel after the skin game?
    It is all up in the air right now but keep us posted if the Shuttle dose not work out?
    91 days till the first skin game not counting today. πŸ™‚
    Be safe all CANNOT Wait.

  484. Kerry says:

    Look up the St. George Shuttle. It runs from Las Vegas Airport to St George, with a stop at Casablanca Resort and Spa.

  485. Paul Buturusis says:

    I am in need of a ride to Mesquite on Nov 10th. I arrive via Southwest from chicago at 12 :15 PM if anyone is going that way I would appreciate a ride. Rental cars are scarce and expensive.Thank you

  486. DAVID DeRango says:

    George, boy I wish you were right about being inside 90 days, but you are not! excluding today we are at 97 days till the two man!!
    I am happy to be living in the desert because I can play all the time!!
    Winter will be great for working on my game since I cannot do it in Illinois! So glad to out of that state!
    Looking forward to the two man, we are 294 till we are doing Reflection Bay before the skin games!
    Be safe all.

  487. Inside of 90 days till the two man. I am sure the number of teams is above 100. Can’t wait to be back in the desert, mask or not. Stay safe everyone.

  488. DAVID DeRango says:

    You are correct! it’s all these visitors coming in not vaccinated and not wearing Masks!
    But I am not worried about it I will put my Mask on in any place they tell me!
    But will not put one on when I am playing Golf.
    104 days to the 2 man and 305 till we are doing in the desert!! Cannot Wait.
    Be safe.

  489. Tom Uszynski says:

    I here Nevada is back to mask mandate tomorrow

  490. After a blistering hot July for Virginia we move into a very busy golf month in Aug. I start my club champ matches first week, a two person weekend money tourney the first weekend and end it with another club championship in the last weekend. Hope it cools down a bit. 108 days till wheels up for the two person. Stay safe everyone.

  491. DAVID DeRango says:

    Yes, I understand about golf course closings, the one in Illinois called Indian lakes CC in Bloomingdale closed a few year ago and left to grow over, it was sad to see this happen to this course because my father took me there for the first time ever to play my first round of golf, It holds such fond memories for me playing golf with my dad I miss that!
    Plus it was my first golf course I tried out for the High school golf team, I made it to the last round before getting cut!
    Also worked that the Indian lakes CC for 26 years as a bartender, and I was able to play golf for free as an employee.
    It was a beautiful course with 36 holds, makes me sad they closed it!
    Anyway 114 days till the 2 man and to play some beautiful courses in Mesquite and see some old golf buddies.
    I get 311 days till we are doing it in the desert! CANNOT WAIT!

  492. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeff, funny you mention that a golf course close to you is closing. The one in my town, the owners have potentially sold it to some home builders. 200 acres. Guess the home builders haven’t gone to city hall with their plans and there is a petition out there to save the course. The mayor has come out recently and said that the home builders (if they buy) will not be getting a re zoning for the golf course in order to build homes. It will remain “green space”. Word is the City is going to buy it. Hopefully if the City does buy it, they should consider giving us “locals” a deal to join the golf course. Ya know to pump money back into the city rather than join elsewhere and give it to another city. I didn’t join that course as it was cheaper to be a member at another course 20 minutes down the byway. 313 days till Reflection Bay πŸ˜‰

  493. Found out this week that we are losing another golf course in our area. I will play it for the last time on Saturday for our County Am. They are turning the property into a big Amazon warehouse. And then I heard that the course closest to my house is going to be closing up after this year as well. Use to be my home course. I haven’t confirmed that one yet. The first is a done deal.

  494. Paul, I said to that guy, “Hey there Sugertits!”

  495. DAVID DeRango says:

    Jeffrey, from my count he was hitting 11 out of the bunker, if by chance he hit the green and two putted score could of been a 13??
    Trust me I know this guys pain! I had more then one of those melt down holes too, number 12 at Falcon Ridge I took a 12 with three balls in the water!! and did it at a few holes at Conestoga over the years, not fun.
    I would like to see these guys ensemble, you should of taken a photo of it sometimes we all need a good laugh!!
    That is a bet I would never take! would rather buy around then dress like that!
    122 days till the 2 man tournament! cannot wait!!

  496. Crazy Canucks says:

    Barbas, you were probably thinking, now where can I get an ensemble like that guy was wearing πŸ™‚ 320 days till Reflection Bay

  497. Got to the course today for a tournament. As I walk up to the putting green there is a guy in a skort and floral print blouse, pink socks and rather fashionable women’s hat. Rather intimidating. Lol. Story is he lost a bet. He went the whole round wearing it. He was in the group behind me. A guy a couple groups in front of us tees off. First 3 balls went O.B. Comes back to the tee box and dubs one off the tee. Then he hits that O.B. He falls to ground in disbelief. Drops another ball and puts it in the fairway bunker. I think the other guys felt sorry for him or lost count because they gave him an 11. We were talking to the pro as we signed our cards and he said it was probably way more than an 11 but at that point he wasn’t going to make the cut anyways. And either did I. Nothing was working today. That’s golf!

  498. David DeRango says:

    OK everyone all signed up for the 2 man looking forward to it.
    123 days Cannot wait George and you have in your skin game for the day before.
    be safe all.

  499. Kerry says:

    7/18, 9:00am, Oasis Palmer. 7/19, 7:00am, Oasis Canyons George.

  500. 123 days till wheels up for the 2 person. Hot here in Va right now. I will trade our heat and humidity for the heat in Mesquite anytime. Stay safe and hydrated peeps.

  501. DAVID DeRango says:

    Hey Jeffrey,
    I understand your frustration, the way I would of taken care of the situation by informing the club house that my group was going to jump ahead to number 11, then when finished with 18 go back and play number 10.
    As long as the course was not busy and you could get in line for number 10?
    Are you playing in the two man tournament? 127 days till Georges skin game!
    But looking forward to play with you next year at Reflection Bay before Mesquite!
    325 days till then CANNOT WAIT!!

  502. While golfing yesterday we get to hole 6 and there are 6 guys playing together. They were a 4some and a 2some. Next hole we are waiting for the 6 to get out of the way. I finish the hole and confront them on the 8th tee box. They say they joined up to speed up play. WTF momment. They split up after a call to the clubhouse to have them split up. Then we finish the front 9 and there are now 8 of them standing around getting food while their other two buddies join them. A couple of my guys went and got a drink and we head to the 10th tee. Now we got 8 guys standing on the tee box in front of us. There is no one in the fairway or on the green in front of them and I don’t even see anyone on the next hole in front of them which is visible from the tee box because it comes back our way. Needless to say I lit into them. We had a group of 12 playing together. Amazing how oblivious some people are about how they are screwing up the pace of play. Unfortunately the courses don’t have anyone monitoring play like they did in the old days.

  503. DAVID DeRango says:

    Paul, I use that CANNOT WAIT!!
    Yes you are right cannot wait!!
    139 days to the 2 man tournament…

  504. Crazy Canucks says:

    336 Days to Reflection Bay πŸ˜‰ can’t wait

  505. DAVID DeRango says:

    Happy Fathers day to all my Mesquite golf buddies!!
    142 days to the 2 man tournament hope you have your partner?
    Cannot Wait!!

  506. DAVID DeRango says:

    Kerry’s right congratulations Paul!
    I just wanted to see the winner of the Mesquite am, I see you live in Roselle IL, I lived in Roselle too! got married an moved out in 1979.
    My street address was on E. Bryn Mawr ave.
    Let me know would like to meet up with you next year or in the 2 man tournament?

  507. Kerry says:

    Since nobody else has done it, I guess I will. Congratulations to Paul Hart, our 2021 Mesquite Amateur Champion.

  508. DAVID DeRango says:

    You know I am in George!!
    Next I will be getting signed up for the II man!
    Fathers day is Sunday going to be my day for the first time in years!!!
    First, I have a 6:40 am tee time at Las Vegas National, then going to do a little BINGO, dinner at Casa Di Amore and a show at South Point Hotel. Looks like a great day.
    Going to send out a Early Happy Fathers day to all my Mesquite golf buddies! just in case I forget!! LOL!!
    148 till the II man! Cannot Wait!

  509. 50 already signed up for skins game in Nov. Better get in if you want in. Stay safe.

  510. Kerry says:

    Turns out, it was the system. It didn’t like me.

  511. Kerry says:

    I would be there Hanging out and golfing some place during the II-Man, But somebody must really not like me, as they Cancelled My Hotel Reservations for that period. Hoping to see Tyler in Oklahoma next May during the PGA Championship.

  512. DAVID DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks, great to hear from you and looking forward to see you at Reflection bay. I to will be on the blog from time to time, hope to read about your summer and how Neil is coming along.
    Kerry my friend, sorry to hear you are just only playing recreational from now on Mesquite AM will not be the same, but I understand.
    Checking with the Colorado boys, I believe Rand will be my partner for the 2 man tournament? Looking forward to it only 150 days till then, Cannot Wait!!
    Paul glad you have a partner looking forward to see you again and all the rest of my Mesquite golf buds.
    Be safe all and see you soon.

  513. Paul Buturusis says:

    I found a partner for the 2 man but my wife is looking for a female partner to play golf and enjoy herself

  514. Awesome Dan, can’t wait to see you again. This time with your better half. LOL Stay safe

  515. Dan Walters says:

    Sue and I are registered for the llman

  516. Crazy Canucks says:

    Hello everyone. Just want to let you all know it was fun watching from the side lines this year checking up on daily scores during the Am. Neil and I had little wagers on what the low round of the day would be; Would we know the Division Leader; Did we play with said Leader. We did that for all Divisions and Neil ended up with the most points. Congrats to all the Winners and us “Internationals” will be back for the 2022 Mesquite Am. We all know you missed us International Players even though you wont admit it. So Kerry you are retiring from Tournament Play and just want to “Go Play and have Fun again”. Good for you and by the way, I am not giving you any putts when we play Reflection Bay in May 2022 πŸ˜‰ (350 days to be exact). I will be popping in every now and again here to see if anyone posts anything as I know this page goes pretty dormant after the Am is over. DeRango and King seem to keep in touch on the Blog during the year. Well that’s it Gents. Take Care of yourselves this summer and I will see you in 353 days, some of you in 350 days at Reflection Bay and others will be around 347 days as i play my down to the 2022 Mesquite Am. This is “The Crazy Canucks” signing out. God Speed.

  517. Kerry says:

    David is mistaken. He is free to play in the II-Man Tournament with you. I am retiring from Tournament Golf. I had much more fun when I was just playing to have a good time. You all are too serious about this stuff for me. Recreation Golf is more enjoyable. So everybody enjoy your Tournaments, and I will just go out and ENJOY myself.

  518. David DeRango says:

    I am in the 2 man with Kerry, but will keep an eye out for anyone looking for a partner.
    Going back to work on my game more since shoulder surgery set me back!
    Driving range one week to work on the mechanics then hit my home course of Las Vegas National to put the work to a test!
    124 days till the 2 man! let the count down begin! and no I will not be doing this everyday!
    351 days till I start my week of golf CANNOT WAIT!!
    Keep in touch all what to see how your year is going? stay safe and healthy.

  519. Shifting gears, Team George and Ryan are registered for the two man. 125 and wheels up. Stay safe

  520. Thanks for all you do, George.

  521. David DeRango says:

    Ron, you have been busting my balls for the 5 years over you using my Driver by mistake and you said I knew about it.
    Which only cost you a stroke!
    Fact check! when we pull up to the next tee box, I got out to wash my golf balls.
    I turned around and went back to my bag to get my driver out, and saw it was missing! At that time you had already hit your tee shot! That is went I said you just used my diver! I never knew you had it till then. Remember I was not in the cart when you got the driver I had my back turned! Get over it!
    see you next time, and my driver is a Callaway razor black and green! just in case you are in my foursome! LOL

  522. David DeRango says:

    What a great week! I am on a Golf hangover! Looking forward to the 2 man tournament!
    I want to thank a few people, first Kerry for moving my happy @$$ around, Richard for your condo use and Rand great to see you again, along with everyone friend ships.
    Doug, it was great playing the last round with you, long time no play golf with, and everyone else that was in my foursome’s in the tournament all were great people!
    George, and the rest of the board we could not of picked the prefect young lade to receive the BK scholarship! Great job.
    Just a short 353 till we are doing in the desert again!! Cannot wait!
    Be safe all and healthy.

  523. So back at home and had a little time to reflect on the past week in Mesquite. What a great fricken time. Golf courses, great. Food, great. Weather, great. Seeing old friends, fantastic. Raising enough money to give the young lady a little extra, phenomenal. Having golf mesquite kick in for next year, amazing. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the week and how glad I was to see all of you. 157 days till the two man. Hope to see a lot of you for that. It is a fantastic event and yes i will be having a skins game the day prior. Thanks to all of you for being part of this and making my week so amazing. Till we meet again, live your best life. I do. Stay safe

  524. Paul Buturusis says:

    It’s suppose to say teens handicapper

  525. Paul Buturusis says:

    Looking for partner for the 2 man tournament I’m a high
    teeter handicapper that took 3rd in last years A flight looking for low handicapper, anyone interested?

  526. Kerry says:

    Last day is in the books. Good Night Gracie.

  527. Les Robison says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff Barbas!

  528. Les Robison says:

    Kerry, David, Richard…hope you are enjoying your round at Reflection Bay. Wish that I could have joined you. Just got in a while ago. I’ll catch up to you on Sunday.

  529. Crazy Canucks says:

    It seems that the website has quieted down. Guess everyone is on their way to Mesquite for the Skins games before “The Dance”. That is of course after their pre game warm ups in whatever State they are playing in. No need to worry about us “Internationals” as we will be ready for the 2022 Mesquite Am. There might be 3 “Crazy Canucks” attending next year. B Mac, P Mac and N Mac. Neil is going to play golf this year and if he finds his game to be competitive enough he will be joining, if not the 2023 Mesquite Am for sure. Kerry King, looking forward to that steak dinner at Timbermines next year on my way down. Davey DeRango, looking forward to seeing you (hopefully) at Reflection Bay on the Friday before the Am. I will be playing that course as a warm up for Mesquite. Barbas, hopefully you make the podium this year as I will be watching the scores. If not I can see one Shirley Temple coming your way next year. Play well Gents and I will see you in 365 days.

  530. Kerry says:

    Richard & I are planning on Breakfast approximately 9:30 at Southpointe, Then heading over to David’s to watch him scramble to get ready. Haven’t seen anybody I know yet, here in Mesquite. Travel Safe & see you all SOON.

  531. David DeRango says:

    23 hours and counting to let the games begin!!
    I will be very busy tomorrow morning some running around before pick up at 11am, will have everything packed and ready to load up in the car.
    CANNOT WAIT to see everyone again I know some are already in Vegas and in Mesquite!
    Be safe all CANNOT WAIT!!! Whoops I said that already!!

  532. Rich Cottle says:

    Looking forward to getting back to Mesquite this year. I will do the automated drawing of the raffle prizes this Saturday and close out the registration for Cigars Under the Stars. Heading out Sunday. See you all soon

  533. David DeRango says:

    Dinner with Richard tonight at Bootlegger Italian Bistro, by the way any of my Mesquite golf buddies what to have a real good Italian dinner and not over priced! This is on the Las Vegas strip South of the Air port, a must try.
    50 hours till pick up for the start of a week of golf CANNOT WAIT!!
    Thank you to the Kerry and Richard who will be putting up with me in the car and the town home.
    Looks like the wife will be getting her car by the end of summer and you boys will not have to drive my happy @$$ around!!
    Be safe all see you soon.

  534. Kerry says:

    call for one slot, 12:45 at reflection bay. 702-740-4653

  535. Kerry says:

    Breakfast with Richard, then I call Reflection Bay with my NUMBERS UPDATE. I will check here “1” last time after breakfast. Coyote Springs, here we come.

  536. Kerry says:

    DeRango, I also will be playing Reflection Bay the Friday before the 2022 Mesquite Am. So yes, Please take lots of pictures. This will be after I host The Crazy Cunucks at the Timbermine Steakhouse in Ogden, Utah sometime during this week. And to the person who may be getting this Single King Room at the Casablanca, I will be leaving it to the Cleaning Crew about 8amism on Friday, May 28th. Enjoy.

  537. Kerry says:

    This Place is pretty busy

  538. Crazy Canucks says:

    DeRango, feel free to text me photos of the trip especially Reflection Bay. I will be playing that course the Friday before the 2022 Mesquite Am.

  539. David DeRango says:

    Yeah, my time was off was not counting Thursday, so we are at 75 hours till pickup for Reflection Bay.
    As my good Friend Kerry said we have one spot left, please let us know if anyone wants in, time is running out!
    Other then that I just need to finish packing and pulling everything together.
    Crazy Canucks, I will truly miss you all, and will toast to your good health as many times as I can, God bless you all my Canadian Brothers. Paul I will text you some fun photos if you like.
    Skin game reminders, to everyone in the bottom 3 flights in the supper seniors! see me as soon as you can on the first day.
    see you all soon be safe.

  540. Kerry says:

    Damn Straight Robin. 1 HOUR till WHEELS DOWN & 80+ MPH.

  541. Holy S%%t Batman. 31 hours and I am wheels up. Can’t wait to see everyone. I still have one spot in the Monday round if anyone wants in. Email me at Stay safe

  542. Kerry says:

    In reference to the “1” SLOT we do have for the 12:45 Tee Time at Reflection Bay on May 28th: As I have been Harping, My Deadline to give the Golf Course the Numbers, is May 26th. And as I will be golfing Coyote Springs, and do not get cell service out there, I wll be giving them a call before I leave. 7am PDT. Approximately 37 Hours from now.

    May 24/ 6:00pm MDT, 5:00pm PDT

  543. Kerry says:

    You playing at Reflection Bay On Thursday?

  544. David DeRango says:

    74 hours till pick up time and on my way to Reflection bay.
    We also have one tee time left anyone is interested!! to complete our two foursomes.
    Let me know.
    See you all soon.

  545. I have an opening for the Sat scramble at the Palms and the Monday skins game at Casa. Please email me at

  546. Kerry says:

    188 1/2 hours to the first of 4 Great Nightly Dinners. Cannot Wait.

    May 23, 9:40pm MDT

  547. David DeRango says:

    Well Kerry and Richard I have 89 hours till Friday pickup time.
    I will be packed and ready, single malt scotch for us who like it. Yes Kerry your beer we will pickup on the way into mesquite.
    Golf bag will be ready, power aid packed, George’s raffle prizes packed.
    Plus the rest of what is needed for a week of golf.
    Be safe my friends see you all soon.

  548. Kerry says:

    Since Richard has 43 hours, I must have 46.

  549. Crazy Canucks says:

    πŸ™ I can’t make it this year. But reading the Blog makes me happy and it sure is nice to know that everyone is on their countdown to Mesquite. I am also on my countdown to Mesquite as well. It is just a wee higher (ah, who’s kidding who) it is a lot higher than your counts. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE days till “wheels down” πŸ˜‰ Play well and I will be following the scores. Until we meet again, Happy Trails

  550. Richard Wilds says:

    Jeff, thanks for the update on the rental car rates. We can increase what we charge David for dragging his clubs through the desert.

    3 years since I’ve played the AM. Can hardly wait to see everyone. Snow chains and scrapers out of the car. Rain gear out of the golf bag. 43 hours until I’m on the road to Mesquite and Vegas.

    Everyone have a safe trip.

  551. David DeRango says:

    Guys, I am so glad I moved to Las Vegas and don’t have to deal with that anymore, or air fare.
    Just have to get my wife a car so I don’t have bother my friend’s to pick me up.
    Or have my wife drop me off.
    5 days till tee time at reflection Bay, CANNOT WAIT.
    Be safe all see you soon.

  552. Kerry says:

    Jeffery, If I remember right, in my last year of the AARP Division, I played in the Under Division. And for the Skin’s Games, I played the Division Tee Box for which I was Playing in the Am.

    Alan, Friends? Me?

  553. George isn’t kidding about the rental cars! The cheapest I seen was in the $700’s for the week on the AARP website. Got my car back in Jan. for $350 for Nissan Pathfinder or similar. What’s up with that? Thanks Joe Biden. Hey George, just had a question about the skins games. What tees will the 50+ players play. I’m in the AARP group now. Reason I ask is that it would change the strokes we get for net games. Still playing with the young bucks especially since I am coming with nephew. He is in the second flight of men.

  554. Allen Stewart says:

    Kerry, I really enjoy the Wildhorse course as well as the resort and casino and on my Mesquite trips I always stop there both ways. I have played it many times over the years and it has gotten better conditions wise every year and don’t think you would be disappointed if you stopped. I also am in contact with Mark Lynch through email and Facebook and for 4 years in a row I joined his annual 40 plus group trip to Bandon Dunes which was around the last week in March and those trips were great. Mark and Dannelle are now on the road from their last stop near Twin Falls, ID on their way to Tacoma where they will have the RV shipped to Anchorage and I suggested that they stop at Wildhorse as they have a very good RV area as well. I definitely will miss being a Mesquite this year and it breaks my playing them all, but its the way it is. Thanks for the reply and do enjoy Mesquite and all your friends.

  555. Glad I booked my rental car back in Nov. Prices are insane if you book today. Stay safe. 95 hours till wheels up.

  556. Kerry says:

    Alan, I have observed the Wildhorse course several times from up high, but have been on a schedule that precluded me from stopping. How is that course? And I have played the course in Jackpot, but it has been a while. So which you could be here. My last time in Mesquite, Jan and I talked about you and Mark Lynch. Going to miss All the Canadians.

  557. ALLEN STEWART says:

    Well if the borders were open tomorrow I would be starting my 6 or 7 day drive to Mesquite with some 2 night stays along the way at Wildhorse in Pendleton, OR and Cactus Petes in Jackpot, NV so I can tee it up a few times which I have done most every trip. Unfortunately not happening this year and I know the Crazy Canadians are just as disappointed as I am with not being able to be there and hopefully we all will be back next year. For those attending I hope it goes well for you all and any new first timers I hope you become regulars like so many of us have done. Its a great tournament so do enjoy!

  558. Kerry says:

    3 1/2 days, 84 hours, 5040 minutes Until Departure Time. I CANNOT WAIT

  559. Kerry says:

    Had the A/C on yesterday, Windows open last night. I get home from work, Time to Crank on the Heater. And the car looks like CRAP after the rain all day.

  560. David DeRango says:

    171 hours till we are doing it in the desert starting with Reflection Bay!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!
    Looking forward to see everyone again and if I forget your name it is not because I do not remember you it is because I am BAD with names!! and I will apologize now.
    Be safe all see you soon!
    Remember we still have one spot left for Reflection Bay on Friday 28th.

  561. Les Robison says:

    8 days until balls in the air. Can’t wait!

  562. Kevin Jones says:

    Sitting here with my wife sipping on a 1858 Napa Valley Cabernet… Counting down the days to see my friends, my devil dogs and my pigeons that are going to pay for my trip… Flying from Orlando, literally across the country, to play with you guys. Can’t wait!!!!

  563. Kerry says:

    I’ll wave to you as we pass each other on I-15, going opposite directions. As I will be going to Las Vegas to play Reflection Bay with Tommy, AJ, Chi Chi, Patrick, Richard & David. But since you will be in a rental, guess I will not know which vehicle is yours. So if we get to Mesquite in time, maybe we’ll see you at Los Lupes during dinner time.
    My Thursday is still up in the air, as Richard has not responded to what he may be doing that day.
    Guess I am down to single digit days.
    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH in time to get to Mesquite for my Pedicure Tuesday.

    May 20th/12:44pm MDT

  564. the last spot for the skins game has been taken. We are full and ready to party. Can’t wait to see all of you starting next Friday at Falcon Ridge. Stay safe travel safe

  565. Kerry says:

    You will need to post here by 7:00 am PDT on the 26th if you want in. You will be in the Group with David, Richard & I at 12:45.
    Sadly, Les was unable to make it.

  566. David DeRango says:

    We still have one spot left for Reflection Bay on Friday 28th.
    Let me or Kerry know if you want in.
    8 days and 11hours it then.
    Cannot wait. Be safe and see you soon.

  567. Kerry says:

    For Reflection Bay May 28th

    *Please note that booked twosomes and threesomes may be paired with other players at the discretion of the facility*

    Check in 30 minutes prior to your tee time.

    Cancellation Policy: Please contact us 48 hours in advance to cancel or reduce the numbers of players in your group. No shows or cancellations within 48 hours of your tee time will be charged the full amount per player to the credit card used to make the booking.

    This would make it May 26th. And I will be playing Coyote Springs this day, and I do not get cell service out there. So I will be making the call early, before going out there. So if you have said you are going to be there and you are not, I do not take the hit. You will be paying me for your NO SHOW. $100.00.

  568. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks you do not know how upset this makes me. I truly will miss you and please be safe give Neil a big hug from me.
    I will definitely have a few beers in your name, and will not get political.
    See you next year or maybe the 2 man tournament?

  569. Kerry says:

    Yes P Mac, we will play Reflection Bay Next Year. P Mac, N Mac, B Mac & Kerry make a 4 some. The others will just play with themselves. Watch the scores, I feel like doing good this year.

  570. Kerry says:

    Only 1 slot Left at Reflection Bay for may 28th. Patrick Gates is joining us. So Les, if you are interested, you need to jump on in. Let us know here.

  571. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well, it isn’t the news that I was hoping for but it is now OFFICIAL, the Canada / USA border has been extended to June 21st. πŸ™ it’s a sad day for me as I was hoping for pixie dust and fairies to make this Mesquite Am happen. For all those that are playing in the Reflection Bay warmup I sure hope we can do this in 2022. I know, that I will be playing RB in 2022 with or without other people joining me. Gentlemen, I wish you all the best in the Mesquite Am this year and I will return in 2022. I now have to go cry in a rye / ginger or a scotch πŸ™ Oh one other thing, 371 days till “Wheels Down” & 80 mph πŸ˜‰ Take Care & Be Safe out there. Until we meet again, Happy Trails

  572. Kerry says:

    David, George and Everybody Else,
    At this time next week, Richard & I will be sitting in Gregory’s, inside the Eureka Casino, enjoying a nice Steak Dinner. Really, I think that is all I need to say.

  573. David DeRango says:

    238 hours till we tee off at Reflection bay and so far we still have 2 spots left unless our Canadian bothers and sisters can come in?
    After last week and the start of this week, I will say this again and again, “I CANNOT WAIT”!!!
    I have been excited for the Mesquite AM before but this one I am the most excited for!! I really need this week of golf.
    Be safe all and see you soon, Crazy Canucks I am with you all the way.

  574. Still got one spot for the Monday skins game at Casablanca if anyone is interested. Email me at if you want it. Wheels up in exactly 200 hours or 12000 minutes. Whichever you prefer. LOL Stay safe

  575. Kerry says:

    49 & Under 71
    Senior 85
    Super Senior 195
    Masters 131
    Women 145

    Total 627

  576. Crazy Canucks says:

    4 more days till I find out my fate. Very slim chance borders will open as only 18.4 billion Canadians have been given at least one shot of a vaccine. Just brutal for a Country that thinks its a G7 Country, considers itself First World Country, and Member of NATO. Canada should be ashamed of itself and our Leader should step down and resign for doing such a terrible job in getting this Country vaccinated so slowly. It ain’t official till the 21st of May. Fingers Crossed

  577. Kerry says:

    Yes, I did beat David, NET.
    Now to answer a question that I was asked. At Oasis Canyons the Pin was in the hole correctly. Pulling was fine. There were RAKES in the Sand Traps. At this course, There NO WATER STATIONS. By that I Mean, The apperatus that the 5 gallon water jugs would normally be in, were not in place. They had been removed.
    Stay Safe & Travel safely.

  578. David DeRango says:

    Got to play the Oasis yesterday with Kerry, did not play to bad shot an 88 for just my second time out after shoulder surgery, YES! Kerry you bet me!! and the weather and course were beautiful. “FYI” greens are not in the best shape!
    Makes you want to come back every time, 266 hours till Refection Bay! and we have 2 spots open just let us know if you want in.
    CANNOT WAIT!! be safe all

  579. Kerry says:

    1:00 Tee Time is now unavailable at Reflection Bay on May 28th. Hoping the 12:15 & 1:00 folks are Mesquite Am players. Have not heard anything from anyone, so we have 2 slots open. First 2 people to leave us a Message here are in.

  580. Kerry says:

    Ta = Taken

  581. Kerry says:

    Friday May 28th, Reflection Bay, 12:15 Tee-time has been ta.1:00 Tee-time has 2 spots available.

  582. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey, Ever since I moved to Vegas I never worry about the weather when I make a tee time.
    I just look to see if it well be windy, from living in Illinois you never know what the weather is going to be and your lucky to have 3 good months of golf weather. I could of played golf all winter but had shoulder surgery which took 4 months to be able to swing a club. 12 days and counting cannot wait. Be safe and see you soon.

  583. Kerry says:

    What APP do you use for the weather? Mine only goes out 10 days.

  584. Still got one spot for the monday skins game at Casablanca. Let me know. Stay safe

  585. Thanks George! Getting closer! They have the weather forecast out for Friday the 28th. 99* and SUNNY!

  586. Kerry says:

    David meant to type TREVINO

  587. David DeRango says:

    Les, your index puts you in Sarazen flight I will see you there! Also let us know if you are in for Friday Tee times at Reflection Bay! Looking forward to meet you.
    Rotation has been updated with all index’s now you can see what flight you are in.
    Ok, now I know my flight, so I will be doing the skins games gross only! For the Super Senior men! Hogan, Sarazen and Trevion.
    With about 100 players I will be wanting $60 for all 3 days to make things easy, if we have a lot of players I will do each flight, less players I will group us all in one pot.
    Be safe all see you soon.

  588. Monday skins sheet has been emailed out. Getting closer. Stay safe.

  589. Kerry says:

    Okay folks, I have been given May 26th as the day I must give Reflection Bay my final numbers. As of now, instead of having 2 4somes, we are down to 2 3somes. My Canadian Friends are unable to attend. So Les has showed an Interest in playing. So if he is a go, that leaves 1 more spot. Again, our Tee Times are 12:30 & 12:45 on Friday, the 28th of May. David and I will be meeting up Sunday May 16th, for Breakfast at Virgin River and then a Round of Golf at Oasis Canyons. (in our rotation) Enjoy the rest of your Anticipation for the Mesquite Am.
    Be Safe and Travel Safe

  590. I have one spot for now for the Monday game. is the email. Hollar. Stay safe

  591. David DeRango says:

    Les, looks like we will have at lest 2 openings for Reflection bay on Friday!
    Stumbles and the Canadian government may not be opening the borders! (Heaven knows the southern border is open) sorry!, sorry.! didn’t mean to get, you know?
    Kerry, you may on the last day give them the finial count for our two tee times.
    Crazy Canucks if this is true it will be a sad day I do not get to enjoy your company in Mesquite again.
    We still have a few days yet? never know!
    Be safe my Canadian brothers and sisters.

  592. Kerry says:

    P Mac my good buddy, this is sad news you speak of. But I do think we really expected this. Next year we will do something special prior to the AM. Dinner at Timbermine definately comes to mind.

    Mr Jones, we have been aware of what is coming at Reflection Bay, we did discuss it, and made the decision to go ahead and play there. The Tee Time before us, and the Tee Time after ours are still open. We are at 12:30 & 12:45.

  593. Crazy Canucks says:

    πŸ™ as we get closer to the date of May 21st for the official word on the Border Openings, things are looking pretty bleak up here in the Great White North. Golf Courses are closing down, Restaurants have closed, curb side pick up only, business’ are only allowed 10% of their capacity. I have backed out of the Monday Skins Game so George can get the crib sheets out so all you eager beavers (King / DeRango come to mind) out there can see who you are playing with, what tee you are on, and get to see the others players as well. I will post again on or close to May 21st when our Govt’s decide on what is going to happen. Maybe with some Divine Intervention people with at least one shot could be able to cross. I have one shot in me. Until my next post, take care & be safe.

  594. Kevin Jones says:


    Reflections Bay is punching 1/2 inch holes on the 19th. We switched to Bears Best because they’re punching 1/4 inch holes.

  595. David DeRango says:

    362 hours till we are teeing it up at Reflection Bay, and starting my week of golf! CANNOT WAIT!!!
    Plus this weekend playing a round with Kerry at the Oasis Canyons.
    Have not played this course in years, if I remember this course correctly it eats my lunch and gives it back!! I know my golf buddies of Mesquite they know what I am talking about! πŸ™‚
    The best I have ever done on the Canyons is an 88? but will have to go back to all my score sheets to see if I am right?
    Being a little rusty after shoulder surgery is going to make playing this course very challenging, on Sunday and the tournament!
    Be safe all see you soon.

  596. Kerry says:

    6 Regular and 2 Overtime Days of work until Departure for my annual 2 week Vacation to Mesquite. Last year no Mesquite Am, but played in a small Tournament. Came away with just over half the entry fee returned to me by winning the Blind Draw Twice, must of had a Damn Good Partner. And 1 or 2 skins. This year at The Palms Scramble, my new found distance with my driver will be useless. As my 3 Partners will have me outdriven by 50 – 100 yards. So my ussually decent short game should come into play, not making me feel like I am just tagging along.
    12 Days till Wheels Down & 80+ MPH
    Stay Safe and see you all soon

  597. Kerry says:

    101 until David and I tee it up at Oasis Canyons.

  598. David DeRango says:

    405 hours and counting till tee time at Reflection Bay!
    Cannot wait!!

  599. 365 hours baby till wheels up. Stay safe.

  600. Kerry says:

    Les, If you end up playing you will be welcomed. We actually have 2 times. 12:30 & 12:45. Players are: Tommy Cook, AJ Thompson, Chi Chi Duran, Richard Wilds, David DeRango & Myself. The 2 Hopefuls are coming from Canada. Should the Canada/US border not open, We will have 2 open slots. You are more than welcome to join us. And if you should be a Veteran, bring proof for a 20% discount. The current Mandate for the closure goes until May 21st. I did just look at the Reflection Bay website, and the Tee Times either side of ours are open. So if you should want to play, and Paul & Brooke are able to come, there is that possibility of you getting a Time then. May 26th is the day I have to keep all times, or release slots back to the golf course that will not be used. And hey, Richard and I will possibly be doing breakfast 9:00/9:30 or so. You could join us. But not sure on that yet. This will be your chance to meet Long Time Players of the Mesquite Am. And get an early start to the Desert Golfing fun. Hope to see you on May 28th

  601. Les Robison says:

    Thanks David…please keep me posted.

  602. David DeRango says:

    17 days and counting CANNOT WAIT!!!
    Looking forward to play Oasis on Sunday with Kerry, I want to get into some real desert golf in.

    If you want to play Reflections bay on Friday we have 12:30pm tee time that could be open if our Canadian brothers and sisters are not allowed in the US, we will know more about 5/20.
    I will keep you posted.

  603. Kerry says:

    Only took a couple minutes Rick. Honest anyone could do it.

  604. Rick says:

    Thanks for the count.

  605. David DeRango says:

    I run the skins games for the Super Senior men! But not sure what side I am on yet? Player or Hogan? Depending on the number of skin players I will either group or have each flight. It is a gross game and $20 a day, but I would like $60 on day one for all 3 rounds makes things easy! I want to see your official scorecard at the end of the round, I will be in the bar or by the officials table. Once all scorecards are in to the officials, I will start paying out. If you can’t stick around you can find me at dinner or I will pay you the next day. If you have a birdie or better it would be wise of you to make sure you see me before turning in that card!!
    Be safe all see you soon.

  606. Kerry says:

    Super Seniors,
    Refer to what George just posted for the Skin’s Game, For flights: Hogan, Sarazen & Trevino. You will need to see one Mr David DeRango. I promise to “TRY” and have him at our First Day Course, The Palms, early enough (6 AM) for him to collect your Money. Same as George, $20.00 a day, just easier to pay $60.00 for the 3 days at the same time. And just a side note, he does like to warm up & hit balls on the range before we head out. So please be early, so I don’t have to listen to him complain about not being able to warm up. Everything I have spoken of, I will chat with about during Breakfast Sunday, May 16th at Virgin River. He will probably agree to all, except may Balk at the 6 AM time.
    And agreeing with George, Stay Safe and See You Soon

  607. I will be running the skins games in the mens 49 and under flights. As we always have we will group both flights into one skins pot. It is a gross game only. 20 a day and I would prefer if you just pay me the 60 on day one. Day one you will hear me yelling skins game, the other 2 days you will have to find me. I ask to see your official scorecard at the end of the round, I will be in the bar. Once all scorecards are in to the officials at the table the skins results are closed and I start paying out. If you can’t stick around for payout I will give it to you the next day. If you have a birdie or better it would be wise of you to make sure you see me before turning in that card. Stay safe everyone and see you soon.

  608. Kerry says:

    49 & Under: Up 1
    Senior: Down 1
    Super Senior: Unchanged
    Masters: Down 1
    Women: Up 1

  609. Kerry says:

    49 & Under 67
    Senior 78
    Super Senior 200
    Masters 136
    Women 142

    Total 623

  610. Kerry says:

    Easy enough to count Rick. Easier to count using the tee sheets.

  611. Rick says:

    14 days and I’ll be on the road West. Time seems to be slowing down. Any new numbers on how many total players?

  612. Kerry says:

    Change of Plans, David and I are going to play Oasis Canyons next Sunday. It is in our Rotation. Besides, we do play The Palms quite a bit already.

  613. Kerry says:

    19 Days till Golf at Reflection Bay.
    17 Days till Golf at Coyote Springs with Richard.
    16 Days till Golf at Oasis-Canyons, Pedicure & Dinner with Richard at Gregorys in the Eureka.
    7 Days till Armed Forces Day Tournament at The Palms.
    9 Hours till 5 more hours of Overtime, got to pay for all this Golf.

    5/9/21, 6:56am

  614. Tee sheets for Sat and Sun skins games were just emailed out. Hoping to get Mondays out by Wednesday. Stay safe.

  615. Les Robison says:

    I believe that you will be able to see exactly what flights you’ll be in tomorrow.
    Update…I was given wrong info.

  616. Les Robison says:

    I believe that you will be able to see exactly what flights you’ll be in tomorrow.

  617. Les Robison says:

    Good day all. I’m set to arrive in Vegas on May 28 at 8:40 am.
    Can’t wait to be there!

  618. Kerry says:

    Happy Friday Morning. Only 2 more Fridays before I depart for Mesquite Am.

  619. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks,
    I do not understand? Nevada is less then 40% vaccinated and some hotels are allowed at 100% and everything else is at 80%. I am praying that we can let our Canadian brothers and sisters in who have been vaccinated!!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone! Be safe and work on your game heaven knows it needs it! πŸ™‚
    504 hours till I start my week of golf CANNOT WAIT!!

  620. Crazy Canucks says:

    πŸ™ things are not looking to good up here in the Great White North. Alberta just went on lockdown, other provinces (you call them States, same thing different name) are locking down as well (Ontario, British Columbia) are not allowing inter provincial travel. Golf courses remain open which is nice so I can tune up my game in between low temps, rain/snow/hail, and other elements. Neil and I are lined up for our vaccine shots this Saturday (05/08) we are getting Pfizer. Fingers still crossed that something miraculous will happen so we can attend this years event. Stay safe and hope to see you in 23 days.

  621. Tee sheets will come out for the skins games soon. I have had to make some changes due to some peeps having to drop out. I will release Sat and Sun this weekend but will be holding Mon until the 15th due to our north of the border peeps. I think by then we will have an idea of what is going to happen. Fingers crossed. Be safe. 486 hours until wheels up.

  622. Kerry says:

    Good Thursday Morning

    David, the golf course will need to know soon. As the other 2 folks may change their minds and do something else if they are not contacted about having a full team. And I don’t know who they are.

  623. David DeRango says:

    Kerry, I believe I am in for Armed Forces Day Tournament at The Palms on May 16th.
    Just making sure the wife dose not have anything planned that day??
    Hope to let you know soon.
    Les, your handicap is close to mine so we could be in the same flight? and I normally do the skin games for the 3 flights, come see me!
    $20 for each day $60 total and it will be Gross score, birdy or better to win the hole!
    22 days till I start my week of golf and I CANNOT WAIT!!!
    Everything is ready just need to pack, plus have some golf raffle items to get from one more supplier.
    Be safe all.

  624. Kerry says:

    That would be the Armed Forces Day Tournament at The Palms on May 16th. Patriot Day Tournament is not until Labor Day weekend. Or there abouts.
    23 Days until Play time at Reflection Bay, 21 Days until Richard & I play Coyote Springs

  625. Les Robison says:

    It looks like I’ll be in either super senior flight 4 or 5 going by the handicaps.

  626. Kerry says:

    The senerio of which I spoke of, is if you are in one of the top 3 Flights of the division, and I am in the bottom 3. We would be going to different courses. But if you are still in one of the bottom 3, we will have the same rotation.
    You think you will be able to make the Patriot Day Tournament on May 16th? Would be a good Scramble Round Tune up for us at The Palms. Except it is a Shamble. We take the best drive, then we all play our own ball from there to the hole. And take the best score. I Believe.

  627. Crazy Canucks says:

    I’ll tell you what. I will just bring the Canadian beer to the Monday skins game if I have any left. Cause that is what I drink during my warm up courses while I play down to Mesquite. And walk around the Casablanca Motel as you know from previous years. Hopefully the beer will be a Reflection Bay this year πŸ™‚

  628. David DeRango says:

    No Kerry, I will just get a ride with either Richard or Rand!
    Or I can always get Fred to give me a ride.
    Paul Mac, no problem buying you a beer! But Mesquite does not sell Canadian beer?
    But you and Neil always bring beer for the skins check in and since we do not do that anymore you will just have to bring over the garbage bag full maybe to Richards condo??
    23 days and counting be safe all oh and you to 1% Paul LOL.

  629. Kerry says:

    Should David end up in one of the top 3 Super Senior Flights, I will no longer be providing him Transportation. So the Super Senior Division may lose one Player, and the 49 & Under may gain one. And with Coral Canyon being under New Ownership, hopefully it will be in much better shape than the last time we played there. Richard’s Accident Day.

  630. Kerry says:

    P Mac, this is not how I remember this at all. I remember you bringing into the country as much Canadian Beer as legally Possible. For the purpose of distributing to us Americans in hopes of making friends with us. I even remember you paying for my Steak Dinner at my Local & Unique Steakhouse. But all Jabbing aside, Yes, I also am hoping on our Canada/America Border opening so our Neighbors to the North can attend the 2021 Mesquite Am.
    I am on the road in 21 Days? Safe Travels All.

  631. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry King / Dave DeRango, you are both full of horse pucky. I put both of you in that 1% that Dave is talking about. The only reason I hang out with you is because you guys have bought me a beer or three πŸ˜‰ over the years and I am trying to get a fourth out of you. And when a Canadian can an American to buy them a beer, friends for life no matter what. That’s how Canadians role. We don’t judge people. We just see who will buy us a beer πŸ˜‰ Now on a serious note: I just hope that the borders open up so I can join in all the fun that will happen that week. If not we are going to have to do this Reflection Bay pre Mesquite Am in 2022. Fingers Crossed that I can attend. Hope to see y’all at the end of the month. Take Care and Be Safe. 26 Days till Reflection Bay

  632. Kerry says:

    Les, don’t listen to My Man David. I don’t think either of us know that 1%. David sleeps on the other side of the wall of the “B” Unit (Queen Bedroom), on a Pull Out Sofa Bed, of Richard’s Wolf Creek Condo during the Mesquite Am. I have stayed at his Townhouse in Las Vegas when I drove down to help celebrate his wife’s 60th Birthday. Richard lives in the Denver area, David is originally from Chicago area, and I live north of Mesquite above Salt Lake City. And None of us knew each other until the Mesquite Am. Now, all you here is us Bickering about each other. George can attest to this. Keep coming to the Mesquite Am, and you also will have lifelong friends that you may only see once a year, but chat with constantly.

    Now for the “Inside 4 Week” Stuff. But I may be the only one inside 4 weeks. Richard will be one day behind me. This is more for Newcomers to the Am than for Repeat Offenders. Dry Desert HEAT, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. We all like to have our Adult Beverages out on the course, But sometimes that bottle of water or gatorade is a much better choice. And of course, SUNSCREEN. Repeat Offenders, PLEASE CHIME IN with addition cautions.

  633. David DeRango says:

    No Les. Kerry is the 99% I like to talk about.
    I fall into that 1%, just ask anyone who knows me!
    But I will be easy to find, I have the smile on my face that does not go away!

  634. Kerry says:

    I am the one you will need to watch out for, I am the 1% of which David doesn’t talk about.

  635. David DeRango says:

    Les, you are in for a treat! 99% of everyone are great people, I hope Allen can come in to the USA.
    You will love desert golf I have been coming for 17 years and looking forward to this tournament every time.
    I am hoping our Canadian brothers and sisters are let in they are great people.
    Looking forward to meet you at the skin games. I will be the one in charge of selling raffle tickets at dinner.
    CANNOT WAIT!! Be safe

  636. I’ll bet half or more of the 66 in the 49 and under are over 50. Stay safe

  637. David DeRango says:

    Wow Kerry us super seniors make up a third of the participants!
    Looking forward to it 27 days till reflection Bay. CANNOT WAIT.
    be safe all

  638. Kerry says:

    49 & Under 66
    Senior 79
    Super Senior 200
    Masters 137
    Women 141

    Total 623

  639. Allen Stewart says:

    Les Robison, I unfortunately cannot be there this year with the borders closed between our countries, but I have played in every Mesquite Amateur and for me its been the best ever tournament that I have played in. I have met many new friends and some great guys to play with over he years and I found that being there every year was more important than playing well. I wish you a great time and that you become a regular like I have been for 17 years. Good luck and play well and most of all enjoy!

  640. Kerry says:

    Yo Bob,
    Chi Chi, Tommy, AJ, Richard, David & I, with a hopeful for P Mac & B Mac have the 12:30 & 12:45 Tee Times at Reflection Bay on the 28th.
    Maybe we’ll see you as you are finishing up.

  641. Rick, 730 am. Stay safe

  642. Bob Uszynski says:

    I have an 8:30 tee time at Reflection Bay on Friday, May 28 with one spot open. If you’d like to join us let me know.

  643. Rick Napper says:

    Does anyone know start time for skins game at Falcon Ridge on Sunday?

  644. Les Robison says:

    Thanks David…looking forward to my 1st Mesquite Am.

  645. David DeRango says:

    I believe I should be Hogan? I am a 15.4 handicap and over the past few years my index has been higher and I was in Hogan and Sarazen.
    But with 623 participants who knows how Christian will do it! each flight will have about 31 players!
    But looking forward to it, 27 days or 648 hours to Reflection bay tee time!!
    be safe.

  646. Les Robison says:

    David…Do you know what super senior flight I would be in with a 14.7 handicap?
    Thanks, Les Robison

  647. Stoked is the word. Day 1, Falcon Ridge. Just got to walk across the parking lot from the house and have some breakfast at Scotty’s prior to the round. Day 2, Corral. One of my favorites in ST George and we can hit In An Out on the way back. Day 3, Casa. Nice to play the course I will play on Championship Friday the day before. LOL… Great draw. 216 hours till wheels up. I got 2 matches and one 2 day tourney in between so should be ready. Stay safe

  648. Rick Napper says:

    George, This is Rick Napper and would like to fill one of the spots if they are still open. I’m in the super senior flight. HC 8.1

  649. Kerry says:

    So, let me see if I can figure this out. Wed May 26th, Coyote Springs. Fri May 28th, Reflection Bay. Sat May 29th, Palms. Sun May 30th, Falcon Ridge. Mon May 31st, Casablanca. Tue Jun 1st, Palms. Wed Jun 2nd, Oasis Canyons. Thu Jun 3rd, Falcon Ridge. Fri Jun 4th, Casablanca? Guess maybe I’ll play Oasis Canyons on Tue May 25th just for fun.
    24 Days for me until it is Wheels Down & 80+ MPH

  650. Kerry says:

    I would add my 2 cents worth, but we all know what that is worth.

  651. David DeRango says:

    623 participants, I believe it’s the top 5 of golfers coming to Mesquite, I also like the rotation for us Super Sr men!
    I know there will be some friends I have not seen in a while, I am looking forward to this.
    Palms, Oasis and Falcon!
    4 weeks, or 28 days, or 670 hours till I start my week at Reflection Bay CANNOT WAIT!
    Be safe and see you soon.

  652. I have 2 spots that just opened up in the Sunday Skins game at Falcon Ridge if anyone is interested. Email me at

  653. Crazy Canucks says:

    Dooh, yes I meant May 21. I also love the U49 rotation. Quite a lot of players this year. What shocked me was the amount of players in the Masters Flight (70+) I think I counted close to 150 players. Hopefully the over all number increases by at least 2 players. And I’m sure other Canadians will join as well, last minute of course.

  654. Paul if they are lifted by June 21 you would have missed it. I think you are shooting for May 21. Just watching what they are doing to your hockey teams, does not make me feel good about it. Fingers crossed. Stay Safe

  655. 622 participants, list is out. Rotation is out and I love the 49 and under rotation. 27 days till wheels up. Stay safe

  656. Crazy Canucks says:

    Oh my “The List” I will not be surprised if my name isn’t on, as I will be a very and I mean a very last minute add on πŸ˜‰ I would really like to see what courses are chosen and who is in. With 600+ I would really hate to miss this years event but the Worldwide pandemic has but a hold on International travel πŸ™ Hope Covid restrictions are lifted by June 21 so I can attend. Fingers crossed that a miracle is in the works and hoping to see you all in 30 days.

  657. David DeRango says:

    Rick, it should be out by now?
    I do not know what the hold up is, but I know Christian has been busy and we should see it soon.
    Rumor has it we are over 600 participant? Which will make for a great Amateur!!
    4 weeks, or 28 days, or 672 hours till I start my week at Reflection Bay CANNOT WAIT!
    Be safe and see you soon.

  658. Rick Napper says:

    When do we typically get the participant list and course rotation? Ya miss a year and the memory begins to fade.

  659. Kerry says:

    I also have that Towel still. I use it to cover the steering wheel in the car on those hot days in Mesquite.

  660. David DeRango says:

    I believe I have everything ever given to me over the years of going to the Mesquite AM!
    The only one item missing is the 10 year anniversary golf towel, lost it on the course a few years ago!!! πŸ™

    George, I have the big towel you gave as a tee gift with “doing it in the desert”, it is great at the pool or beach!!
    But love that rock glass for your special drink!
    29 days and counting CANNOT WAIT!!!
    be safe all.

  661. Nope, don’t have it. I don’t think I have any thing except the big towel. Stay safe.

  662. Kerry says:

    I guess that should be Scored vs Allowed

  663. Kerry says:

    David, just make it a 12 pack of Ultra for the Condo. We can pick it up at Lee’s on the way to the Condo. Picked up Voucher for Reflection Bay for Richard & I. $169.00 for 2 rounds and 2 sleeves of ProV1’s. If P Mac & B Mac are able to attend, will pick up another one.
    Got whipped by the wind this past Sunday in Las Vegas playing with David. Round was so bad, I was adjusted by double digits. Posted vs Allowed.
    See you all Soon

  664. David DeRango says:

    Yes George it is getting real, today I am at T minus 30 days and counting for Reflection Bay.
    Cannot get it out of my mind, with getting wardrobe planned. But I have everything else ready! The special bottle of single malt scotch for us to enjoy, and yes Kerry you like Bloody Marries, I will buy you some.
    Cigars, and power aid for the course, plus my donations for the Bruce King raffle.
    Got my first round in since shoulder surgery in last Sunday, which was windy, at 20 to 30MPH the wind sure plays havoc with your swing, and I was rusty need I say more! need to get work in to hone the game.
    Be safe all see you soon.

  665. David DeRango says:

    I still have mine but the second hand fell off, I believe it was in 2006?

  666. Kerry says:

    Ok, calling all you past participants with the Bada$$ Memories, in what year did we recieve the Bag Watch?

  667. Rich Cottle says:

    Please go to the Cigars Under the Stars thread and sign up if you’re so inclined

  668. So tomorrow is 30 days out for me, S?&$ gets real tomorrow. Start hitting balls everyday, start thinking about packing, getting tee sheets out for the skins games, ordering special adult beverages from lee’s, getting banners made, getting inventory of all raffle gifts to my excellent helpers, ordering raffle tickets and preparing my liver. LOL Although I did go to Mesquite last year, I really miss the amateur and seeing all of you. Stay safe.

  669. David DeRango says:

    Allen, we are all hope for the border to open, Stumbles just doesn’t get it, our Canadian brothers and sisters get their shots and should be let in.
    Let’s hope it will open on May 21ts.
    Be safe hope to see you.
    33 days till reflection Bay cannot wait!

  670. Allen Stewart says:

    I received a email reply from Christian and he said the there are 620+ entered which I think is great, but would be better if I could be one of them, but I really am doubting that the borders will open in time and I would not chance registering until I knew they would for sure. I have played them all and will miss being there with you all this year, but hopefully next year. I wish everyone a great and enjoyable tournament and reconnecting with friends.

  671. As on the black jack table, cash plays. 34 days. Stay safe

  672. Kerry says:

    George and I sort of have an agreement. If I give him the cash, he may let me play.

  673. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey, Yep I am paid in full!

    The only thing I will need cash for is the casinos, cocktails, food and other skins!
    Hoping to see the course rotation and participant list soon, we are down to 35 days till I start my week of golf!
    Be safe all see you soon!

  674. George! Time for an update. Getting close to the end of April. Everyone taking care of their entry fees for you?

  675. David DeRango says:

    The governor has relinquish control of covid restriction to the mayors of each city in Nevada!
    The only restriction he is keeping in place is the masks!!
    So I am not to worried about the eating arrangements yet?
    Got to the Las Vegas golf center and hit a medium bucket of balls, everything felt great, looking forward to playing my first round since December and shoulder surgery at Wild hours on Sunday with the King man!
    36 days till we kick off our week of golf at reflection bay I CANNOT WAIT!
    Be safe all looking forward to seeing everyone again, which I am just a short ride from Vegas to Mesquite!
    Yes I know if Kerry or Richard were not picking me up on Friday the wife would be dropping me off in Mesquite!

  676. Kerry says:

    P Mac, and from where did you get this information about the Skin’s game from? George told me that I would not see this info for quite some time yet. His Post from April 17th. And the Latest Change Date that the folks at Reflection Bay have given me is May 26th, So No Changes will be made by me until then.
    Will be playing a round of golf with David at Wildhorse on Sunday April 25th.
    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH Soon

    4/21/2021 2:44am

  677. Crazy Canucks says:

    Barbas, over SIX HUNDRED OMG

  678. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well somewhat of good news. The Canada / USA Border crossings have been set back till May 21 which was expected. As of today 10 million Canadians have been vaccinated, Canada has a population of 35 million, so a third of us have been given at least one shot. Vaccinations have been given the OK for those 40 years of age and up. So here’s hoping that more Canadians get the shot as well as Americans so that our Countries once again can be BFF’s πŸ˜‰ So don’t put a fork in me just yet as I am not done. I just received my reimbursement cheque from the 2020 Mesquite Am. I just hope that IF the Borders do open up, the Am Committee let’s us “Internationals” pay the discounted rate and not the full Monty. I know that Christian and Company are keeping their eyes on the Border Openings as they would love to have Internationals come in and take a shot at you “Americans”. So King / DeRango don’t count out P Mac / B Mac quite yet for Reflection Bay. I have been placed in a 5some for the skins game that I/we have entered which is no problem because it’s a 6 hour round anyway and my group knows how to play “ready golf”. Ya just don’t steal the Honors from a Birdie or better, that’s the only rule NOT to be broken. Fingers crossed that somehow, with a little luck, yes that includes pixie dust and fairies, (where’s TinkerBell when you need her) that the CAN / USA borders open up in time for the Mesquite Am. Hoping to see y’all at the end of May 2021

  679. Heard it through a reliable source that we have over 600 signed up this year! People want to GOLF!!!!!! Just an idea for this year if it can happen. And it all comes down to numbers. It would be nice to have the first group of the Seniors play on the same course as the 49 and under. Would like to see the Tuesday thru Thursday skins games all together. Just a passing thought.

  680. Jim OHare says:

    Casinos and restaurants are going to 100%, however large groups of over 250 need pre approval 120 days in advance.
    The tent in the parking lot is neither a casino or a restaurant. It holds about 400 people and approval would have to be given.
    I’m sure Christian is on top of it and maybe they can have two different settings of a couple hundred each.

  681. Kerry says:

    Hoping for 33 Days and Wheels Down @80 MPH for Young P Mac. I guess we should find out something tommorrow.

  682. 36 and I am wheels up. Stay safe everyone.

  683. Kerry says:


  684. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey they have Texas Hold ’em tournaments in the casinos but you are boxed in by plastic walls.
    I am sure the tables will in Mesquite will be like that? Yes I have not played in the Texas Hold ’em tournament the last few years, no luck!!!
    see you soon!

  685. Kerry says:


  686. Bummer! No Texas Hold ’em tournament advertised this year. That was always a fun night during the tournament.

  687. Kerry says:

    The KEY WORD in what David has said is “CAN”. I just read and watched some video from Las Vegas’s local CBS news station.

    Copy & Paste

    LAS VEGAS (KLAS) β€” Clark County will begin following its own reopening plan on May 1 when the state relinquishes authority to counties.

    Gov. Sisolak set a goal Tuesday of having every Nevada county reopen to 100% capacity by June 1, but for that to happen, local health officials encourage Nevadans to get vaccinated and wear face masks.

    Clark County has released its proposed local mitigation and enforcement plan that, if approved by the Commission, will take effect May 1. You can view the full proposal in the file below. The Clark County Commission will vote on the plan on Tuesday, April 20, at 9 a.m.

    Full Clark County proposed mitigation and enforcement planDownload


    Capacity limits at Clark County restaurants, gyms, spas, private gatherings, and places of worship will remain in accordance with the current statewide standards, which is at 50%.

    Sisolak sets goal to reopen to 100% capacity by June 1; Clark County releases proposed mitigation, enforcement plan
    PROPOSED REOPENING PLAN (effective May 1, if approved):

    Below are a few of the local measures in Clark County’s plan:

    Large gatherings (groups of more than 250 individuals) can be approved 120 days in advance if there are less than 1,250 reported cases per week and the 14-day average percent positivity is less than 6%
    Seating at restaurants and food establishments may increase to no more than 10 people per table with social distancing requirements
    Buffets may open if: 1) each station is supervised by an employee; 2) hand sanitizer is offered to the patrons prior to obtaining tableware; 3) service utensils are changed out every hour
    Food sampling at grocery stores can resume if face coverings are replaced as soon as sample is consumed
    Adult entertainment establishments may operate under strict social distancing requirements and at no more than 50% capacity occupancy based on applicable fire code
    Nightclubs and Dayclubs may operate under strict social distancing requirements and at no more than 50% capacity occupancy based on applicable fire code
    Congregating areas can open for pool tables/arcade games with limitations
    Gaming/Casinos: Right now, gaming floors are limited to 50% capacity. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will continue to set the rules for gaming floors and casinos.

    While counties will take over authority in a couple weeks, there are still essential baseline mitigation measures that will remain in place throughout the state:

    Mask mandate
    Social distancing and hygiene considerations
    School reopening and operational requirements
    Crisis Standards of Care
    Industries regulated by the state, whether through professional licensing boards covered in Title 54 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, through state agencies, or through independent regulatory bodies such as the Gaming Control Board, will continue to follow the statewide baseline standards for COVID-19 mitigation measures and any mitigation measures promulgated by their respective regulatory bodies.
    Clark County Commission Chairwoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick says that the counties are working together β€œto ensure that each county, based on their needs, can get going” on reopening to full capacity.

    β€œRemember that Clark County is the engine that drives the train, economically,” Kirkpatrick said during a news conference Wednesday, April 14. β€œWe do not want to shut back down so we need a measured approach so we can continue to stay on top of it.”

  688. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey not to worry the governor of this great state is lifting restrictions and all restaurants hotels and casino can be at 100%. So that means the mesquite am dinners are on! Just keep your mask on.
    Look how this virus is magically going away!!
    39 days till reflection Bay CANNOT WAIT. be safe all.

  689. Kerry says:

    Marshals are still needed for Ball Spotting. Shotlink is still being done for distance. Scoring is still done. Course setup is still done. watch a tournament, and the ropes are still up.
    But my purpose for mentioning was a marketing thing. Nothing for this year really, but for next. Alot of people have not attended a Tournament (PGA, LPGA) of any kind. This Tournament is now played the week prior to the U.S. Women’s Open. So most of the Big Name Women will be there. What I was thinking, Spectators who come from everywhere, spend this week in Las Vegas at this tournament. And then progress to Mesquite and play in the Best Amateur Tournament in the West. But not being in Marketing, I probably don’t have a clue of what I am talking about.

  690. Kerry, that new tourney. What the heck do they need volunteers for without spectators. Stay safe.

  691. Kerry says:

    Mr Barbas, looking forward to seeing you again. Who knows, maybe George will put us in a 4some together for one of the skins games. Hell, last time we played together, I birdied the first hole. And on a golf course none of us had seen before.

  692. I feel a little better now. But that is from the pills! And you, George! Glad to see we are coming back to the desert! My nephew is going to have a blast!

  693. Kerry says:

    May 26-30, New Tournament in Las Vegas, LPGA. Match Play. Bank of Hope at Shadow Creek. No Spectators. Volunteers only.

  694. Kerry says:

    Now George, you know that I would never request changes. lol

  695. Kerry, those are not coming out for a while. Less time for you tell me to make changes. LOL Stay safe.

  696. You need a website to feel better about your future. LOL. I will make you feel better. In 42 days you are going to board a plane for Vegas. You are going to play golf for 6 or so straight days. It is going to be warm and every night you will probably have a great meal. There, doesn’t that make you feel better. LOL. Relax, patience. We are going to have a great time. 39 days and I am wheels up. Stay safe everyone.

  697. Kerry says:

    What I am most interested in is George’s Tee Sheets for Saturday, Sunday & Monday. The Ideal Tee Sheet for Friday, May 28 at Reflection Bay is 12:30: Tommy, AJ, Chi Chi & Richard, 12:45: P Mac, B Mac, David & Kerry. Richard & David are interchangable in this scenerio. The likely will be 12:30: Tommy, AJ & Chi Chi, 12:45: Richard, David & Kerry. The Golf Course will probably add singles to our groups. Oh, and everybody will have their own Golfcart as of now. And check in at least 30 minutes prior to our Tee Times.
    37 Days until I arrive in Mesquite, and 41 days until we play Reflection Bay.

  698. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey, FYI Christian is on vacation this week!
    I am hoping next week we see something!

  699. Man! No news on a course rotation or a participant list? Sure could use some kind of activity on the website to make us feel a little better about the future. Just sayin’!

  700. David DeRango says:

    Same with me Paul Mac, cannot wait to see you again!!
    Mesquite is not the same without you, I miss Neil and pray for him, hope to see him soon too!
    Be safe and healthy.
    I have not swung my clubs since mid December, since shoulder surgery put me on the sidelines.
    But tomorrow will hit the range to see how it goes! with a little work there then off to my course for a trial run!!
    41 days till we hope to see you Crazies’

  701. Kerry says:

    Sure hoping to see all the Crazy Canucks (P Mac and B Mac) in 41 days at Reflection Bay.

  702. Crazy Canucks says:

    Yea, my golf course opened up today. Now time to prepare for Reflection Bay / The Satchel of Richard / Mesquite Am and the Skin Games. My course tells me that we have permanent greens and aren’t playing on make shift ones. Not to shabby since we had snow 10 days ago. Time to crack out the clubs and see if this “young buck” has a swing. Haven’t played since late September 2020. Hopefully the borders open up or at least we get some sort of good news. Just waiting for the news on April 21 to hear what “Stumbles / Sleepy Joe” and “Pretty Boy Trudeau” have to say about our 2 great Countries. Take Care, Be Safe and God Willing I will see you at the end of May

  703. Kerry says:


  704. David DeRango says:

    A previous Mesquite AM participant Tom Burton is in Las Vegas for a few days, to bad I did not have any time off left or I would be on the golf course with him today!
    But the wife and I are going to meet up with him and his wife for cocktails of Friday night! Maybe I can talk him into coming to the AM this year!
    42 days and counting CANNOT WAIT!!

  705. Kerry says:

    I lied, it’s overcast and has been either snowing or raining all morning.

  706. Kerry says:


  707. David DeRango says:

    Only the week of Mesquite!! and I check the blog page at lunch time so I missed your good morning!

  708. Kerry says:


  709. David DeRango says:

    You know Kerry I will miss you and your good morning sunshine! very much? πŸ™
    Jeffrey, I get Amp’d up for the Mesquite AM right after The new year!! now that I live in Vegas I can play all year round
    in hopes to improve on my game! which will be in crunch mode after shoulder surgery.
    Tell your Nephew I was that too on my first time coming to Mesquite, but he will meet some great people and will want to come back year after year!
    44 days till Refection bay cannot wait!! be safe all

  710. Looks like he likes his new Mizuno Hot Medals so far. You know the way that goes though. Right before we leave for the Am he will get over excited and won’t be able to hit them. He started asking me the other day about another driver head I had. It’s in Florida now. I said I can’t hit this driver. He was hitting it good the last time we played. I said, “You know these have all types of adjustability, right?” He has my old M5. It’s the swing. Had a friend of ours tell him the shaft was too stiff. It’s an X but plays way more toward a stiff. It’s a marsh mellow shaft. The only thing that will make him do is hit straighter. He is starting to get too AMP’d up for the Mesquite!

  711. Kerry says:

    Well David, again, I withdrew from this years Am. For which I have reasons, and will not be devulged. Nothing has been said about future Am’s, except perhaps the 2023, which coincides with the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach.

    Jeffrey, Any word about your Nephew wanting those Callaway Rogue Pro Blacks?

  712. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks, I have been in politics too long to believe anything they say!!!
    Yes, I believe in miracles too, but not with what has been going on who knows, I will hope and pray we get to see you in 45 days!!
    Kerry, you gave up on the AM so I though you gave up on golf! LOL
    I took my first dozen swings with my wedge and it felt great, going to hit the range this week!!
    So do we have two full foursomes or not!! only time will tell!!
    Be safe my Canadian Brothers and sisters, see you soon! and the rest of my Mesquite golf buddies the same to you as well!! anyone interested in joying us at Refection Bay let me know I will put you on a waiting list!!

  713. Kerry says:

    You Tell him P Mac. He needs to really read stuff. I have been trying to figure out where he got that I was not going to be playing golf anymore. I just shot my 7th straight round under 100 today, at Oasis Canyons. 50/47. George said it was net par. Maybe I could have been playing on Friday should I have not withdrawn from the Tournament. But the Pressure probably would have gotten to me.

  714. Crazy Canucks says:

    Dave don’t count me out just quite yet for Reflection Bay, after all it is 45 days away. Things could go in my favor. I do believe in miracles.

  715. David DeRango says:

    45 days till Reflection Bay, and the start of a week of golf! CANNOT WAIT!
    Kerry I guess you are out of Reflection Bay too?
    With the northern border that could not be open for our Canadian brothers to play in Mesquite we have openings for our Friday the 28th
    So anyone interested in playing send me a note and I will pencil you in.
    Be safe and healthy see you soon.

  716. Kerry says:

    Plans Changed for tommorrow. Will be playing Oasis Canyons instead of Casablanca.
    Jeffery, All is good with me. I’ll be watching for 1st round scores. Play Well.

  717. What’s going on, Kerry? You have been doing this a long time to just up and quit.

  718. Kerry says:

    Yes Jeffrey, done and done.

  719. Kerry? Withdrawing? What gives?

  720. David DeRango says:

    Stan my boy how are you, I am so glad to hear from you.
    Hope you are well? And you are coming to mesquite looking forward to see you again!.
    47 days to Reflection Bay cannot wait!
    Leaving Chicago weather and back to Vegas and to warm and dry. Plus to start getting my swings in.
    Be safe and healthy all.

  721. Kerry says:

    My email request to withdraw from the 2021 Mesquite Am has been sent. Enjoy your games everyone.

  722. Kerry says:

    Jeffery, Ledges is a Public course. And yea, it has been a while.

  723. The Ledges!? Haven’t heard about that course in a long time. Are they still public or did they go private? That was a great course. What was the other course we played over there that went private that had the lava holes? Oh, yeah, Entrada. That was an interesting layout.

    Good to hear from you, Stan. Things going alright with you?

  724. Kerry says:

    Stan, glad to hear from you. Hope that you are making the trip this year. Look forward to seeing you again, and possibly playing a round with you sometime. The last time was at The Ledges, years ago.

  725. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I had Christian on my golf show on 24 March & he said the head count was over 450 with a week left in early registration.

  726. Jim, I can probably answer 1 and 2. It will be shotgun starts with Nevada’s current rules. Single carts will be offered but there is no way everyone can have one. No course has enough carts to do that and can’t borrow from others due to use. Only reason I know this is because of my skins games. I imagine we will see a participant list in the next week or so with a course rotation following. Hope this helps. Stay safe and do your part. 49 days till wheels up

  727. Jim Owen says:

    Christian, i hope that you are reading this Blog. We haven’t heard anything from you, so I’m sending this message. First, everyone is anxious to know how many players have signed up, but also based on prior history how many more people would you expect to signup? Then I have a number of questions about how the tournament will be run.
    1) Will it be shotgun start or Tee times?
    2) Will it be one to a cart or two?
    3) Will we be having the nightly dinners at the event center? If so will it be one setting or maybe two?
    4) When do you expect to publish a tentative course assignments list?

  728. David DeRango says:

    Thanks Kerry. it will be rain and 60’s moving in on Thursday thru Saturday and the day we leave back home! will be glad to get back to Vegas were the weather is the same all the time sunny and warm!! Plus I can get to the range or the golf course and not worry about the weather anymore! got to get my swings in soon.
    51 days till Reflection bay CANNOT WAIT to see everyone again and get some fun in!
    Be safe and healthy all!!

    George, did you get my check yet?? let me know.
    Thank you

  729. Kerry says:

    Richard and Rand are not going to like me. My Snow from this morning is heading their way. And I sure hope David took some warm clothes to Chicago with him, cause he is getting it next.

  730. Kerry says:

    Jeffery, $900.00 would be a $200 loss for me, but we can start from there. Don’t really know why I bought them. Investment?
    Washed my car after my errands this afternoon. And as with almost every other time recently, Rain and possibly snow by the am.

  731. Kerry, how much do you want for those Callaway irons? Who knows? He might be interested.

  732. Kerry says:

    Glad you were able to get out and golf Jeffery. Glad your nephew is looking forward to Mesquite. Hope he gets the new clubs and gets a couple of rounds in with them prior to the Am. If the worst happens, I do have a set (4-AW) of Callaway Roque Pro Blacks that I have not used. Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound Red/Gray Grips. True Temper XP 105 ST15 Stepless S300 Black Shafts. I could bring them down and offer them up for sale should he like/need them. Or anybody else who may show interest? Weather is supposed to be 80’s for this coming Sunday’s round. Be Safe, Stay Safe & Travel Safe.
    48 days
    4:49pm MDT

  733. Amazingly we got to golf this weekend. We had weather in the 60’s to near 70 last weekend. Snow and 20’s just this last Thursday and it is supposed to be in 70’s again tomorrow. Golf was rough.20MPH winds makes for a tough day. Looking forward to seeing everybody in Mesquite. Nephew is getting excited. He has never seen desert golf so he is in for a treat. George, I sent you a check for him. Let me know when you get it. He ordered some new irons and they were suppose to be on their way. He heard about the ship that caught up in the shallow water. His clubs got put on back order. They must have been on that ship he figured.

  734. Happy Easter and 52 days till wheels up. I am sure we are going to see the participant list and course rotation in the coming days. I think we will be surprised to see the numbers that will be attending. I know the lists I got to send out to invite to the skins games were bigger than I expected. Deposits for the skins games are coming in and the Monday game is sold out. I can take a couple more on Sat, Palms, and Sun, Falcon. Email me at Doingit25@GMAIL.COM. The raffle keeps getting items added to it. We have balls, clubs, wine baskets, moonshine, Moji smell good baskets, shirts, foursomes at various clubs in the area and of course entries into the 2022 Mesquite Amateur. Can’t wait to see you all. Be safe, Stay safe and do your part.

  735. Kerry says:

    Seriously thinking of Withdrawing from The Mesquite Am.

  736. David DeRango says:

    Well I guess I misunderstood one of your messages.
    I am sure the closer we get to May the less tee times will be available.
    But want to say happy Easter to everyone see you all soon.
    Be safe and healthy, 53 days till then tee time! CANNOT WAIT.

  737. Kerry says:

    David my dear friend knows not of what he talks about. Our 2 tee times at Reflection Bay are 12:30 & 12:45. There are Tee Times either before them or after them. As of now, we have 2 4somes. Should P Mac & B Mac not be able to attend, we will have 2 openings.
    David, enjoy the Home Land & the Grandkids.
    Looking forward to Saturday Game at The Palms, Scramble format with Handicap is sure going to be interesting.
    Jeffery & Daniel, sorry about your cool weather, been thinking about turning on the A/C here.
    David says 58 days to Reflection Bay, so must be 54 days till I head south.Stay Safe All, and since George has not been using this, I will. STMF

  738. David DeRango says:

    One more week and I can start to swing the clubs! CANNOT WAIT!!
    Weather here in Vegas is awesome starting to be in the upper 70’s and low 80’s, to bad I will be in Chicago next week but we do have some grandkids birthdays to celebrate and see my son’s for Easter, looking forward to that!
    Happy Easter all see you soon be safe and healthy.
    55 days till Reflection Bay, sorry no more tee times are available, only if the Canadian border is not open!!
    Then we will have two spots open for Friday the 28th, lets hope stumbles opens up the border soon.

  739. Daniel Monico says:

    I hear you Jeff! 25 degrees this am in Boston! WTF – Frost delay! And I don’t mean golf. Rolled back over and caught a few extra hours of beauty sleep! Come’ on Mesquite!!!

  740. Opening day of golf season and we had snow! Can’t wait for Mesquite!

  741. Les Robison says:

    Great to hear Kerry…keep that ball rolling!

  742. Kerry says:

    Increasingly more consistant each round this trip.

  743. David DeRango says:

    58 days till Reflection Bay with the boys cannot wait!!
    Paid for the skin games today, tournament is paid, now I have to do is get to Mesquite for the fun.
    But first a trip back to Chicago to see the grand kids and my sons.
    After I am back time to get me swing down and ready to play golf.
    see you all soon, be safe and get your shots should you need to.

  744. Kerry says:

    Thought today’s round was worse than yesterday, but after the score was added up and posted, it ended up being better. Thank You Mr. Salcedo.