This thread if for people looking for friends in the tournament and reconnecting with friends they met at the Mesquite Amateur.

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  1. Wife just gave me the news. Is it true? They just shut down all the golf courses in Nevada? Really? So I’m still going to looking for airline tickets just in case this can happen. One of the big questions which will probably be answered soon is if they decide to postpone the event, when are we thinking about moving it to? Any ideas? Sorry no good news here, David. All this crap is adding the depression of all of us. Starting to feel like the little kid who’s been grounded and sent to his room. “And don’t come out til I tell ya!”

  2. David William DeRango says:

    Well we all are full of good news right!
    Still waiting on the Mesquite AM, and we could be starting up the economy at the end of the month if that happens the AM could be on!! lets pray for that, heaven knows we all need a good time!!
    Looks like I will be moving to Vegas sooner then later! Because I just got let go!!
    So it is time to retire! get my Medicare part B going and find some insurance for the wife.
    Putting he house up for sale this Monday and get the “F” out of Illinois!
    So everyone stay safe and healthy becasue I want to see everyone soon.
    41 days to be in Vegas AM or no AM.

  3. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well I guess after the email I got from the Mesquite Am, May 01 2020 is when we find out if the Am is go or not. Here’s hoping its a go. My next post will be May 01 unless I have something to say like “The snow is gone and golf courses have opened up” Take Care Stay Safe

  4. I was coming out the 16th of May, but, Southwest cancelled that flight out on me. So the wife is definitely not coming out for our vacation which would have been the week before. So now I have to try and find a flight out of Cleveland again. They haven’t cancelled my return flight from Vegas yet, but, that doesn’t matter much if I can’t get out there. Time to start looking at flights again in the hopes that we are still playing.

  5. David DeRango says:

    All the golf courses I have called no one answers!! I just want to play some golf!! even the driving range would be nice.
    I know our league course is closed till May 1st where we play golf, our league we all practice the 100ft rule cause we suck so much we are rarely on the green together LOL.
    But this being stuck at home working and not going anywhere is taking some time to get use to.
    I will tell you one thing I found this women living in my house and have no idea who she is?? she seams like a nice person and we sleep together to, how nice is that!!! πŸ˜‰
    I want to say 45 days till I am in Vegas before the AM and I Cannot wait as I always do, but until I know we are still coming to Mesquite I will hold my excitement, just bracing for a let down!! Yes I am a Debbie downer!
    Be safe all my golf buddies hope to see you all soon.

  6. As the late great Chris Farley said in Tommy Boy, “Brothers don’t shake hands. Brothers gotta hug!”

  7. Crazy Canucks says:

    News from Canada. That would be the huge chunk of land North of you Yankees πŸ™‚ That was for you Barbas πŸ˜‰ Here is what the golf courses are doing up here for the ones that are open. They have raised the cup so you ball doesn’t go in the hole. You hit the cup consider your ball in the cup. 20 minute tee times now and just like the US of A we have 1 person 1 cart rule. 1 person in the tee box at a time, 6 foot rule and as for the greens, only 1 person at a time. So Jeff when you 4 putt from 10 feet you have an audience. Then you leave the green and the next person goes to the green to finish out his putts and so on and so on till everyone has finished putting. As for the dinners and someone mentioned about 600 people mostly 60+ in age converging in a tent. My thoughts are 4 people per table instead of the 8 they usually have. Not to be “Negative Nancy” but I can see attendance down for this year due to the Virus. Canada is waiting till May 01 to make any decisions on anything, so we are basically on lock down as well. I just hope when the weather turns warm this virus will kill itself and I sure hope the Borders open back up so I can attend this wonderful event. For some crazy reason I miss you guys, probably due to getting kicked in the head by a mule back in my younger days. Take Care, Stay Safe and no hugging Jeff Barbas. Hope to see y’all in May

  8. Kerry says:

    My life has drastically been changed in the past few days, I’ll get back to you all next month.

    5:15 pm/ MDT

  9. Problem I might have right now is they are canceling out half the flights on Southwest Airlines. Will mine be one that gets it? Don’t know yet. It’s still too early to panic about anything. Golf season is here in Ohio! But, some courses aren’t allowing carts. Only one person to a cart for the courses that are using them. Pins must stay in the cup and have a foam liner in it so you can pick your ball out without touching anything. Driving ranges and putting greens are to remain closed. Tee times are spread out farther. So if I want to practice my short game it will have to be in my own back yard. That’s good for about 30 to 35 yards and a few broken windows! Can’t wait for all this crap to be over and we can get back…….. I’m doubting we ever get back to normal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more people in a panic than right now. Never knew there were this many germaphob’s. And that is just a small part of the problem. Crazy that gas $1.44 a gallon here and you either can’t afford to drive anywhere or you have the order to stay home. Hope everyone makes it threw this mess and we see you in Mesquite for the Am. Like I said, we are trying to stay positive that this will still happen. But we really won’t know anything until at least May 1st. When you hear they are finally opening up the casino’s then we can breathe. Unless your in Florida. Because you can’t breathe without a mask down there from what I’m hearing. I’ll have to give my brother a call and see if that’s true or not. Can you imagine getting a $1,000 fine if your caught not wearing a mask or at least have your face covered? I mean I agree with it if they are talking about the Crazy Canuck’s because they are just plain ugly! Just kiddin’ Paul!

  10. David DeRango says:

    I agree with this idea but any way we look at it we will not be practicing the 6 foot rule some many places we will be close to each other Casino’s, other dining venues, bars, and golfing.
    I just hope they come up with a better cure soon, just do not want to see anyone get sick.
    Hey! maybe we all get tested when we arrive in Mesquite and if you are clear we are good to stay if not have to leave!
    just a thought.
    Be safe all

  11. Rick Napper says:

    I guess as we move forward we begin to realize just how special this event is to all of us. Terms like friends, fun and golf take on a whole new meaning when it is in jeopardy. Christian needs to hear from all us just how much we appreciate him and his staffs efforts. Jeff and Jim I couldn’t agree more about how to handle this year. I know if it is at all possible I would love to see the tournament move forward and I am confident that Christian and others will do their best to make it happen. Can’t wait to get there. More than getting to play I am hoping everyday that all our friends are safe and well throughout this time. Let’s get ur done.

  12. Jim OHare says:

    Sounds like a great idea. You don’t really need everyone to agree, just Christian.

  13. Just a thought. Remember when we had the dinners at the Casablanca poolside? Well, maybe skip dinners this year. Have us go out to eat and take care of our own feeding for this year. Whatever it cost to feed us just add that to the gift card. Just have drinks and dessert out by the pool area. Shorten it to 90 Minutes or an hour even for door prizes and raffles. We will never get everyone to agree on this, of course. I would hope most of us are there for the golf & friends and fun. Food really isn’t the motivating factor that I have been coming out every year. I missed the first two. Hopefully we won’t miss out this year because of this virus. This is one of the best weeks of the year, if not the best! Hope we see everyone there.

  14. Jim OHare says:

    Hate to be a negative Nancy but knowing Nevada and our govener here is the problem. If casinos such as the Casablanca are up and running by the first week in May, here’s the problem.
    Three weeks later are they going to allow six hundred mostly eldery golfers
    have a buffet in a tent?
    And have those six hundred people do it four times and then spread out to about forty different states?
    Any thoughts?

  15. Jim OHare says:

    Nevada governor just extended casino closures until April 30.

  16. David DeRango says:

    Golf range is closed hoping to open on April 8th I hope? But now our governor is telling is April 30th I hope they open up??
    Our golf course is closed till April 30th now and our golf league starts on May 4th? I hope so?
    WOW is my game going to be S#!T by the time I get out!
    I cannot even work out my Bionic knee at the gym it is also closed, I can just walk!!
    This sucks I am right with everyone praying this ends or we come up with a cure or something soon.
    Looking forward to some desert heat to melt away this stuck in the house working from home blues.
    Take care all be safe and healthy.

  17. I hear that, Kerry. They came and told us that we will get the same pay check we would normally get for 40 hours no matter what we end up working. Worked 6 hours today. Didn’t come in at all yesterday. 3 1/2 hours on Monday. Two more days for me this week and who knows how short they will be. I’m sure I’ll be heading home before noon.

    It’s April 1st. Ohio golf season has officially started for posting today. I’m not really all that excited about golfing right now. Still on the cold side.

  18. Kerry says:

    I feel so lucky to still be working, although next week we will start with a reduction in service. So instead of working 4/10’s, I will be working 3/10’s. Most others will be working 4/8’s. But we will be receiving 40 hours pay. Yesterday before leaving work, I was given a letter from our Attorney General stating that I was Essential Personnel, and was allowed to be out. Now as for Mesquite, I don’t know about Wolf Creek, but all other courses except Casablanca are open, with limited services. 48 Days until my Caboose is sitting in the Hot Tub at Casablanca, see you all soon.

    2:23 am MDT/ Apr 1st
    Happy Birthday to my wife

  19. I think we all hope this thing passes quickly and we get back up and running by May 1st. I know Ohio is shut down until at least then. We are working skeleton crew for some of our days. I worked yesterday for 3 1/2 hours. I didn’t work today. I work tomorrow and probably the rest of the week but we go home home when we get our essential job or jobs done. I heard a prediction that this will hit its height in two weeks so hopefully we will be back to functioning normal before the Am. Trying to stay positive. Stay safe everyone and hope to see you in Mesquite! BTW they have reopened our golf courses, but, either one to a cart or your walking. I have flat feet so I can usually only handle about 9 holes walking. Don’t touch the flag sticks and stay 6 feet apart.

  20. Rick Napper says:

    Let’s stay positive, hope is not a strategy. We WILL see you in 53 days. I can’t wait. The Am is always such a positive experience. I’m putting in my thoughts to the man upstairs for our Canadian friends to get there as well. I’ve decided to drive instead of fly just to take some extra time. Enjoy your days up to departure and let’s keep this blog fired up. It is great to break up the day when β€œsheltering in place”.

  21. David DeRango says:

    So far Illinois is still locked down till April 8th but Trump has extended it till the end of April!
    Lets see if our governor will obey or not, I would rather go back to work on the 8th.
    Working from home is not easy small laptop were I had two big screens and all my files are at my office!!
    Then not shaving, bathing or even changing my closets!! YES I know what else is new with me!! LOL
    Just using some humor!!
    I want to say CANNOT WAIT but who knows now!! I will not be happy let me tell you that right now!!! πŸ™
    Stay safe everyone hope to see everyone in 53 days?????

  22. Virginia is now shut down, well except for golf courses and liquor stores. LOL. Stay safe everyone. STMF

  23. David William DeRango says:

    Happy my company is an essential need because we supply the feds and banks with our products.
    53 days till I am in Vegas no matter what happens!! NO Mesquite AM I will be one BIT@# to live with!!!
    Tired of this cold, wet and wind in Chicago not to many courses are open yet just becasue of the season in Illinois.
    Hoping the driving range opens up on April 8th need to keep working my game, putting in the house dose not really do it for me.!!
    I am praying for safe health to all my Golf buddies from Mesquite and we get together in safety and health.

  24. Crazy Canucks says:

    Borders Closed not good. Hoping the Am is still a go and Borders re open.

  25. Jim OHare says:

    Everyone laid off statewide. Some casinos paying thier people for 30 days. Others like mine for 2 weeks. The strip is deserted and looks pretty Erie. Hope we’re back up and running by end of April.

  26. Kerry says:

    Well, my new days off are Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Working 3 days for about 10 hours each. But as stated earlier today, will still be paid 40 hours a week. I’ve had Sat, Sun & Mon off for sooooooooo long, I’ll probably forget to go to work Monday. This work does not start until Sun, April 5th, so please do not call me Monday Morning to wake me up to say
    “YOU’RE WELCOME”. And I will be starting 2 hours later than I do now.

    So Mr OHare, I remember you mentioned that you work at a Casino, how you doing during this Statewide Closure?

    8:14 pm MDT

  27. Jim OHare says:

    About half of Las Vegas courses are open with safeguards in place. All casinos closed till April 18 at least.
    If casinos somehow are allowed to open by May I fear our govener may place restrictions on public gatherings.

  28. Paul Buturusis says:

    Disney golf courses still open , still in Florida enjoying golf for one more week than back home.

  29. Well we are at essential peeps as well in Va. I am lucky enough to be essential. Golf courses are open for the most part, some are closed. Same thing, one to a cart, foam in the cup, virtual high fives on great shots. I think the new norm is going to be what we make it. 55 days is all I know and I hope we are a go. STMF

  30. James Garner says:

    I am in the same boat as Kerry, public transit, but in a ski community. Service has been cut back since the Governor closed all of the ski resorts. The regional bus service just announced that they are going to bare bones service starting Monday, ridership down over 80%. I work for the Town of Snowmass Village & we have a number of residents that rely on public transit so still working a full schedule, for now. The few courses that were able to open (home course just opened all 18), are now closed, per Governor. Set up hitting net in back yard, but just got 5″ of snow! Back in the 60’s next week! Be safe & looking forward to seeing everyone in Mesquite.

  31. Kerry says:

    Jeffery, David and the Mesquite Am Community

    Utah’s Governor has put a Directive of Stay Home, Stay Safe in place. Not an Order. Essential Personnel Except.
    So that includes me, your Local Transit Bus Driver. Ridership has gone down 70% or so during these times. So we are Implementing an Emergency Reduction of Service starting April 5th. So this afternoon, I will be reporting to bid for my work. There are several different options available, but the short story is work 3 or 4 days, about 30 hours a week, and still get paid the 40 hours. So Luckily, no real Hardship for me. Except lack of being able to golf here, snowed again last night. But there are some Mesquite Golf Courses still OPEN, and offering great deals. DAY TRIP?

    Looking forward to seeing EVERYBODY come May.

    Oh Yeah David, When Working at HOME, PANTS are not an OPTION.

    8:28 am MDT

  32. The wife and I fall under the essential job class. So thankfully we can still go to work and make a pay check. I know a lot of people who have been shut down. Can’t go to work. Aren’t making any money. For those that fall under that situation I hope this doesn’t last long and everyone makes a speedy recovery. Health and wealth wise. We all want to see it get back to normal. Normal……. there will be a new normal that comes out of this. All it took was this to see how weird people can get. It’s going to be a long time until people will be able to do a hand shake or a bear hug. Right now everyone looks at everyone else with a lot of distrust like you have the virus. People buying up toilet paper and masks, most of which would not prevent you from getting the virus anyway. Absolute insanity.

    We have our Ohio Governor come on every day like every state is probably doing. So, golf courses were exempt from the shut down. As long as you followed a better protocol. Keep your distance from other players, put a foam liner in the cup so the ball is easily retrieved from a pin that isn’t touched. One person to a cart. But things are rapidly changing from day to day. Some courses that were open yesterday are shut down today. If your County Health Dept. makes the decision that they don’t want anyone outside, your golf course is shut down and so are your parks. I played Thursday at one course, they are shut down today. Played 9 holes yesterday with the nephew. Carts were out, we walked. Raining today. My friend got one of the last few tee times for Sunday. They had a 2:45 or a 3:00 and that was it. And we have to walk. No carts allowed. By Monday, who knows what the rules will be?

    I just hope this gets done quick so we can get back to normal….. or the new normal whatever that is.

  33. David DeRango says:

    Hope everyone is safe and healthy.
    Being stuck in the house and working from home really makes your appreciate the outdoors when you are on the golf course.
    Hope to getting out and at least get to the driving range after April 1st.
    57 days Cannot Wait.
    Be safe all

  34. Patience everyone. 63 days. STMF

  35. Kerry says:

    All is well here Dan. I was working, and did not even know that we had had an Earthquake.
    Now, what about this golf Tournament? Looking forward to seeing you all in just about 60 days or so.

  36. David DeRango says:

    Jim OHare
    Thanks for the course update but with all the virus talk and everything shut down the wife and I are canceling our trip to Vegas next week! which really pisses me off.
    With reading the announcement on this web page I will lose it if they cancel our Tournament!
    62 days and counting no madder wait still coming to Vegas.
    cannot wait??????
    Be safe all.

  37. Jim OHare says:

    David let me know when your coming and I’ll let you know what courses are open. They just shut the Paiute for 30 days and it’s on Indian land and not subject to governor’s order.

  38. Daniel Walters says:

    Kerry , just saw news about the earthquake. Hope everything is well

  39. David DeRango says:

    Yeah I get it understand why everything is closed! for 30 days this will be fun!!
    I am still coming to Vegas at the end of the month weather I sit at our pool all day or cocktail at home.
    If the airlines shut down I guess we will drive to Vegas.
    Be safe all

  40. Jim OHare says:

    All Nevada Casinos just got shut down for 30 days. Governor will re evaluate then.

  41. Paul Buturusis says:

    Down at Disney area for the winter, was enjoying the parks and pool and golf. Parks just shut down, resort pools closed, the wife says should we go home? I said as long as we can golf we will stay until April, she said ok.

  42. David DeRango says:

    The world has gone nuts!!
    I could not find any allergy medicine what do people think allergy medicine will stop the Virus??
    Just remember this Virus one of it systems is you do not Poop yourself!! So TP dose not save your life.
    I still hit the range on Sunday fixed a few problems getting closer to having the mechanics down!
    Be safe out there everyone when you are on the Golf course.
    11 days till I am in Vegas for the spring break ” I hope”
    62 days till the AM “We hope”

  43. Crazy Canucks says:

    Barbas, same thing up here in Canada. Everyone is buying up the TP as well. Shoot we had SARS back in 2003 that went Worldwide and it never came to this. I’m wondering if I can make it to Florida this April. I know Disney theme parks are closed World wide, but I wasn’t going to go there anyway. All I want to do is get some warm up rounds of golf played so I can attempt to beat some good ol’ American butt when I get down there at the end of May. Ya think “The Don” (Trump) will grant me clemency so I can enter the United States πŸ˜‰ If need be I will tell him that I will go play one of his courses while I’m there. I’m thinking The Blue Monster at Doral.

  44. Just got back from the store to shop for food since Ohio is now going on lock down!!!!! Restaurants will only be open for carry out and will be closed by 9:00 P.M. It’s easier to score drugs than it is to score some toilet paper in any of the stores. STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Crazy Canucks says:

    Barbas, don’t be jealous that you cant model that Canadian Thong as well as I do. Kerry as for dinner at Timbermine on Thursday, I will not be able to make it as I will be in West Valley City playing Stonebridge G&CC and then right after golf heading to Hurricane / Washington UT as I have a practice round at Coral Canyon on Friday morning and then arriving at the Casablanca on the Friday night. Thanks for the offer though. 66 days till I start heading Southbound πŸ˜‰

  46. David DeRango says:

    I do not have any hair to have a shaggy look!!
    Just as always I will be neat and conservative which I know drives George nuts.
    But for the skin games I will spice it up a little just for him.
    Kerry and Richard I know how they will dress, Kerry very colorful and Richard will have nothing but Bronco colors and Oh yeah missing one Polo!!!
    Cannot wait 66 days till I am in Vegas before the AM.
    Safe travels all and no Corona’s. LOL

  47. Kerry says:

    We are now about the middle of March, so we are at 72 Days to Tournament Registration at Casablanca Ball Room.
    And our Welcome Dinner in the Casablanca Events Tent. Are we really that close to seeing old friends again?
    And since N Mac has instructed P Mac to look Presentable this year, My Hair is still in GROWTH MODE, will be doing the “Shaggy” look this year. Coincidentally, the name my Drill Instructor gave me way back in ’75.
    And with a Mesquite Golf Pass Tournament on Monday, May 18th at Falcon Ridge, I am changing my
    “Week Before” plans. Hey P Mac, would you and B Mac be receptive to Dinner at Timbermine on Thursday Night?
    Of Course, Tommy, AJ & Chi Chi, you would also be welcome to join us. Along with any other Northern Utah local.
    I would then be leaving EARLY Friday to head to Las Vegas to pick up David and Haul him to Mesquite. Of course after Lunch with the Darling Linda at Baja Miguel’s. No Golf Friday. The change is actually necessary do to having had to use the Days Off I had scheduled for Tuesday & Wednesday for other Issues. Richard, will I be picking you up in Mesquite Friday on my way through for lunch in Las Vegas?

    10:00 am MDT

  48. Kerry says:

    I would like to add Teeter & Kimball to my list of would like to play with.

  49. Keep your hands and clubs clean. And for the Crazy Canucks, please wash your balls! Especially if your going to be wearing the Canadian Thong!

  50. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks this will be my 16th year and right where has the time gone? Yep have never play a round with you looking forward to it hopping to see Neil as well.
    By the way how is my other Canadian brother doing??
    I have play one round with Cook and Chi Chi a few with Chris Moon among others I cannot remember names.
    I know I have never played a round with George!! Buy many rounds with my golf buds Kerry and Richard! always a good time.
    OK we are at T minus 68 days till I am in Vegas CANNOT WAIT.
    14 days till spring break in Vegas!
    Stay safe all and keep washing your hands!!

  51. Kerry says:

    P Mac, so glad we will be playing together, Finally. David & I will also be playing with Vicki & Sharon on Sat, while you will be playing with them on Sun. Looking forward to future Skin’s Games, and playing with other folks besides the regulars. Cook, Thompson & Duran come to mind.

  52. Crazy Canucks says:

    Barbas, up here in Canada, we think the Corona beer is the ANTI virus. There has been a run on the beer, its sold out everywhere πŸ™‚ I happened to snag a couple of cases myself. 69 days before my trek begins Southbound and down to Mesquite NV. My golf course I played at last year has gone into receivership this year. Not good, now looking for another course to call home. Word is the Owners were “cooking the books” “skimming off the top” “living the high life”. Just might have to become a “PCP” which stands for Public Course Player. Oh well I have time to decide as we are still skiing up here and courses ain’t opening for a while yet. Early May if I’m lucky. Good thing I’m playing my way down. Looking forward to playing with D DeRango / K King in the Monday Skins game. My brother and I have known those lads for close to 10 years now (Wow a decade, my how time flies) and I have never played a round with them. Take care of yourselves and I will see you soon.

  53. Jim OHare says:

    Viruses can not survive warm temperatures so Mesquite in late May will only have Corina in bottles with a lime wedge!

  54. David DeRango says:

    You boys are so right I am not going to stop living over this!
    Right Jeffrey common sense wash hands all the time, stop kissing women!
    But make sure you have hand sanitizer which a bottle is going for $100 to $200 a bottle on line!! Time to get in to a new adventure!! LOL
    My clock is telling me 70 days till I am in Vegas and 16 days till I am in Vegas for spring break!
    Cannot wait!!

  55. Amazing how people get in a panic over everything. 38% of people said they would stop drinking Corona Beer because of the the virus. ????? Just use common sense and keep your hands off other peoples clubs.

  56. Kerry says:

    Having been in Mesquite this past weekend, REALLY Ron?
    And George, Pink will be on the way today.
    And everybody else, We still have 1 available slot at Las Vegas National on March 29th @10:10am.
    Playing with David, Richard & Myself.
    Richard & I will be having Mimosa Buffet at Casablanca, approx. 7:00am, and then heading to Vegas
    to meet up with David for golf. And then probably an early dinner at Baja Miguel’s in South Point Hotel & Casino.

    3/9/2020, 9:30am

  57. Stop thinking bad thoughts Ron. I’m going anyway. Gotta just keep living.

    The countdown clock says 74.52 days left. That’s 1788 hours or 107, 308 minutes. But who’s counting. STMF

  58. Ron Luttrall says:

    Just wondering what the odds are that tournament will get cancelled because of corona virus. Hoping it doesn’t.

  59. Kerry says:

    Volunteer Registration has just been completed, for the 2021 U. S. Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego.

  60. David DeRango says:

    76 days till I am in Vegas before the AM.
    21 days till I am in Vegas getting at least one round of golf in on nice weather and to give my bionic knee a real try.
    With Kerry and Richard cannot wait.
    Weather in Chicago not to good yet this Sunday will be warm but no golf course open yet!!
    Looking forward to some desert heat CANNOT WAIT!!
    Travel safe all

  61. Crazy Canucks says:

    I’m in. So Barbas you know what that means: Speedo, Banana Hammock and golf clubs will be in tow πŸ˜‰ May 19 when I leave this beautiful Country of mine. Playing my way down as well. At least 3 rounds planned before I hit Mesquite on Saturday May 23.

  62. 72 days til I’m outta here and stepping out into the desert! it will be here way before my game is ready. As usual. Looking forward to the fun and games anyway! How’s everything coming along, George? I’ll be sending you another check soon for my nephew. Hope your and everyone else is doing well!

  63. Crazy Canucks says:

    We are getting close now. 46 days till I’m in my happy place. Nope not Mesquite NV but WDW in Orlando FL. Yes golf clubs will be in tow and I plan on playing a few Disney courses (if they are not booked up) if I can. If not will be my best friend. Maybe Lake Buena Vista golf course will be a stop for me πŸ™‚ 74 days till wheels up for Mesquite.

  64. Kerry says:

    Fly safe my friend.
    72 and Wheels Down

  65. Kerry says:

    Hey P Mac,
    Will be Brooke be joining us on Monday at Casablanca? Looking forward to seeing you all, and meeting Brooke. And as it happens, I do have a Travel Mug for Brooke also. And a Big Welcome to the Mesquite Am to Brooke MacKinnon.


  66. David DeRango says:

    P Mac.
    Well you did one thing right and you are with me and Kerry on Monday, I for one am looking forward to play a round of golf with you the first time ever!!!
    Now get your Canadian Butt in gear and get the rest done.

  67. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well look at you go DeRango. I have absolutely nothing booked except my spot in the skin games πŸ˜‰

  68. David DeRango says:

    Airfare booked and paid for! Check
    Hotel booked and a payment of one bottle of Bourbon! Check
    Payment for the Mesquite Amateur booked and paid for! Check
    Rental Car not booked yet!
    Travel companion to tote my happy butt around Mesquite payment will be made in Beer, cocktails and dinner on the days of travel!
    79 days till I am in Vegas before the Amateur CANNOT WAIT!!!

  69. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well it is March 01 time to sign up for the Am this month and save some dollars. 3 months till we all get together and tee it up. Golfing here in Alberta Canada probably will not start till mid April πŸ™ Copper Rock you say eh Kerry. I will check this one out as I had on playing Coral Canyon (Hurricane UT) on my way down this year as it might be in my rotation this year, but if Copper Rock (Hurricane UT) looks nice maybe I will switch it up. See you soon Gents.

  70. Kerry says:

    New Course just opened in the Hurricane, Utah area. Near the Sand Hollow Complex. Copper Rock Golf Course.
    I will be golfing there next weekend, will let you all know how it is. But just an FYI about it, it already has an LPGA Symetra Tour Event scheduled for September 2020.

  71. Kerry says:

    I see that I have 12 Monday’s, counting my arrival Monday to Mesquite Am and Pre Mesquite Am FUN. But I may change my arrival until Thursday, with really not as much being planned for beginning of the week.
    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH sometime in the near future. Golf with David & Richard on March 29th.

  72. David DeRango says:

    12 Mondays for you 11 for me!! Cannot Wait!!

  73. Only 12 more Monday’s until the best 7 days of golf!

  74. David DeRango says:

    P Mac glad to hear Neil is doing better give your brother a big kiss for me and tell him I am looking forward to see him again.
    It was 48F in Chicago land over the weekend and I hit the golf range,”along with everyone else”!!
    Started out slow a few wedge shots that felt good moved up to mid irons then the fairway woods taking full swings all was good but my direction was off a bit, the knee felt good no pain just a little tired.
    Now I can get down to work and get me game back.
    86 days till I am in Vegas before the AM CANNOT WAIT.
    Whoops forgot to pay my entry fee over the weekend so I will get it done before the end of the month.
    see you all soon.

  75. Kerry says:

    P Mac,
    Sign inside the Cashier’s cage at Casablanca said Canadian Exchange Rate: 70%.

  76. Crazy Canucks says:

    Geez Louise I better not forget to sign up before March 31 in order to save money on the Am entry fee. Some of you are asking about Neil, well he is slowly coming along. As of now he doesn’t have the strength yet to lift very much. He hasn’t swung a golf club yet however he is practicing his putting in our house. So good sign there. He isn’t using his walker as much as he used to {another good sign}. His doctors haven’t given him the clearance to leave the Country as of yet however he does have another appointment with his Doctor in early March. He will ask again to see what the professionals say about him leaving the Country into the heat of the Nevada Desert. Other than that, Thanks Dave DeRango for the heads up on Cigar Nite. I will add my name to it as that is an excellent night for a drink, cigar and to shoot the breeze with fellow Am members. Take care Lads as I will see y’all real soon.

  77. 91 days till wheels up. Goody bag gifts finalized today and numbers look great for 3 months to go.
    Sat, Falcon Ridge, 66 signed up, 14 spots left
    Sun, Conestoga, 104 signed up, 20 spots left
    Mon, Casablanca, 125 signed up, 19 spots left.

    Don’t get left out. See you soon. STMF

  78. David DeRango says:

    Yes Jeff we are going to get into the mid 40’s on Saturday and low 50’s on Sunday and I will be headed to the range to get some swings in on my bionic knee and start my come back.
    But all good things come to an end!!! Winter returns on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a vengeance!!
    In Chicago we take what we get because it does not last long.
    89 days till I am in Vegas before the AM then 34 days till I am in Vegas for spring break plus getting a round in with Kerry and Richard.

  79. Kerry says:

    Jeffery, as per your last comment, do you remember seeing this Utah License Plate: IH8WNTR ?
    Heading to Mesquite to golf this weekend.

  80. Looking forward to an updated Mesquite Am website! I’m sure we all want to see who’s playing and where? I’m sure they will have it updated sometime in March. Looks like I might be able to get out and swing the clubs this weekend. This is BONUS GOLF for us in Northeast Ohio. Probably be under snow March and April this year. They predicted a lot of snow for us this winter. I’ve only used the snow blower once this year. We haven’t had more than 3″ of snow on the ground at any one time and it’s melted away within a week. Suppose to be in the high 40’s this weekend both days. We have to take advantage of anything we get here. You never know when your going to be able to get out next. 86 days til I set foot in the desert! Don’t like to wish it away, but, I hate winter!

  81. David DeRango says:

    Cigars under the Stars Rich C. has asked to pass the word so I am, what a great night to sit with good friends and good whisky. Sign up on the Blog page.
    92 days till I am in Vegas before the AM.
    38 till I am in Vegas for spring break.
    Cannot wait!
    Paul will enjoy your Canadian Beer I am sure weather will be warm and the beer will be cold.
    looking forward to it how is Neil doing?

  82. 95 Days until I am wheels up. The skins games are filling up fast. Only a out 20 spots left on each day. Goody bag items have been ordered and raffle items are starting to head towards Mesquite. Can’t wait. STMF

  83. Kerry says:

    Well P Mac, I still have those Travel Mugs for you and N Mac. I will try to get them to Mesquite this year, forgot them last year. As for attending U.S. Opens, I have been to several. Men’s, Senior & Women’s. Just think, Houston during the Summer, Hot & Humid. Oh, and it is really not Summer yet, which starts on the 20th of June. And next year is another Conflict with the Women’s Open, as it falls during the Mesquite Am. And it is at The Olympic Club in San Francisco. A week break, then the U.S. Open ending on Father’s Day at Torrey Pines. San Diego in Mid June. Can’t beat that. Was there for the 2008 Open, Beautiful Weather. Remember who won? Without looking it up? So as you can see, next year is up in the air as to my attending the 2021 Mesquite Am.
    Yea, Bring on that Canadian Beer. And another FYI, No More 3.2 Beer in Utah.

  84. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry King so sad you wont be there this year. Off to the US Woman’s Open in Houston. Good call. I have only attended one US Open and that was the Men’s back in the 90’s when it was played in Michigan. Guess DeRango will have to put up with me for 18 holes. No worries DeRango I will have Canadian beer for our 4 1/2 + hour round. Less than 100 days before I enter the Land of “Liberty and Justice for All”

  85. Kerry says:

    I have officially withdrawn.

  86. David DeRango says:

    Well a big 97 days till I am in Vegas before the AM and 43 days till we are in Vegas for spring break CANNOT WAIT.
    The Bionic Knee is coming along fine about 95% ready, weather in Chicago does not let me out yet but as soon as is it gets above 40F I will hit the Range for some work!

    George let me know if I need to pick up anything when I am in Vegas before the AM or if you are in town on Friday the 22nd I am going to have a tee time at the Las Vegas National in the morning for Me and Kerry and maybe Richard so anyone wants to jump in let me know.
    Crazy Canucks you wish taking home a trophy?!!? πŸ˜‰

  87. Crazy Canucks says:

    105 days till the Am begins and less than 100 days before I enter the US of A and the border patrol says “Welcome to the United States of America and have wonderful time while playing in the Mesquite Am and this year bring home the trophy” And my reply will be “Ya Baby” πŸ˜‰

  88. 102 days to go till I am wheels up and the numbers for the pre games look fantastic. For Saturdays game at Falcon, I have 24 spots left. For Sundays game at Conestoga I have 35 spots left and for the big game at Casablanca on Monday I have 38 spots left. Going to be a great year. Remember If you are not “Doing it in the Desert” you are just doing it wrong. See ya soon. STMF

  89. David DeRango says:

    I hope you can join us I have never played golf with you before and would look forward to it.
    The week before I come into Vegas around the 21st of May I will set the tee time for the number of players.
    Here’s hoping for a foursome!!
    107 days till I am in Vegas cannot wait!!
    Plus 46 days till spring break in Vegas Still cannot wait!!

  90. Kerry, we are still in the planning stage of our vacation. The wife is coming out again the week before Mesquite. Planning on heading down to stay in Sedona, AZ for part of the week. I have a previous commitment on the Friday before I head to Mesquite. We will see about the rest.

  91. Kerry says:

    Mr. Barbas
    Good to hear from you. I am planning to arrive in Mesquite on May 18th. Casablanca Reservation has been made.
    Only solid round of golf planned right now is Friday May 22nd at Las Vegas National. David, me, and hopefully Richard.
    Please feel free to join this merry group. Or if you would want to try a different track, I’m sure that David & Richard would not have a problem with that. I Hope. As for golf Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, just let me know.

  92. My count down is now at 99! Landing in Vegas May 16th. Looking forward to some heat! Hope to see all you guys when I get to Mesquite!

  93. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well February 2nd (Groundhog Day) has come and gone. Up here in Canada this is a huge day for us as we put all our faith in a furry rodent to see if we have 6 more weeks of winter or if winter is over. 5 of the 6 Infamous Gophers did not, repeat, DID NOT see their shadow and that means Winter is OVER πŸ™‚ So with 111 days before the Tournament begins I better start praying for the warm weather to melt the snow so I can practice. Bought a new 56 degree Cobra MIM wedge this year as my other 56 wedge got damaged last year when I decided to hit it out of the desert. If it works for Fowler I’m sure it will work for me πŸ˜‰ Still deciding on which putter to bring (4 to choose from) and once the snow melts I will start chipping in the backyard. 111 days till the tourney, 105 days till I enter the US of A. Btw -18C (-4F) is the temp today here in Calgary AB, just a wee nippy for golf

  94. 109 days to go and I am really getting that itch to be in the desert. Maybe it is because of this 70 degree weather we are having in Va currently. Update on the skins games,

    Falcon Ridge on Saturday 50 signed up 30 spots left
    Conestoga on Sunday 76 signed up 48 spots left
    Casablanca on Monday 92 spots taken 52 spots remain.

    Going to be a great year, can’t wait to see all of you.

  95. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks
    I would be an honor to play with my Canadian brothers if they are so incline!!
    How ever what shakes out I will look forward to play golf with anyone it will be fun!
    Kerry and I need new blood in our foursome!! but if Kerry jump ship and go to the 2020 U.S. Women’s Open in Houston that would break my heart!!!
    I guess I will need someone to fill in for him or will I???
    109 days till I am in Vegas CANNOT WAIT

  96. Kerry says:

    P Mac, Saturday at Conestoga we have only the 2 of us so far. Or if your “Friend” is a no show, Monday at Casablanca we have a spot. Hell, I’ll even jump over to ride with Rand so you can be Cart Mates with Davey D. I’m sure TC & AJ wouldn’t mind sharing the love and let you play with us. Or if none of this works out for you, Maybe George could just throw the New Guy, Les Robison into the fire and play with us. We are hoping for Richard on Sunday, but still not sure what he is planning to do. I’m sure that Rand might not even mind being shifted to playing with Jim & Dennis on Monday if need be.
    Of course this is all speculation, as I am still split on attending this Great tournament, or the 2020 U.S. Women’s Open in Houston, Texas.

  97. Crazy Canucks says:

    Davey, you and Kerry always seem to have some of your buddies play with you. However your dream may come true as there is a chance that someone might be coming with me. So if this does pan out I will see if George can do some of his magic like he does every year and place me and possible partner with you and Kerry. 115 till the Tourney begins.

  98. David DeRango says:

    OK we are that the 110 day mark before I leave for Vegas.
    Chicago weather sucks cannot get to the driving range but before I do that I am waiting for February 5th to see the doctor to get the OK to toque on my new knee!!!
    56 days till I am in Vegas for spring break CANNOT WAIT at least I will a round in at the Las Vegas National!
    Hey Paul how come you do not want to be with Kerry and myself in the skin games I have never play a round with you or your brother!!
    See you soon my Canadian brothers.

  99. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry King, you are the greatest. It is now fixed and I am in for the Sunday and Monday skins game. I wouldn’t know what you Americans would do if the “Infamous Canadian pants” didn’t make an appearance on Memorial Day. And I’m in with the 3 clowns who I played with last year (Kelly Davis, Tommy Cook aka “TC”, that’s for you Magnum PI fans from the 80’s and AJ Thompson) Practicing putting on the Shag these days. cant wait till the snow breaks. Hopefully this year it is April and not May like last year. See ya soon you “Hosers”

  100. Kerry says:

    P Mac, you are listed as playing at Falcon Ridge on Sat, and at Conestoga on Sun. You are not on the Tee Sheet for Mon at Casablanca.

  101. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks
    How can you be bored the Pro Bowl was on and Farmers Insurance Golf tournament was on.
    Or you could of been like me stuck in house with the mother in law and the wife doing laundry, shopping and working on Taxes!!!
    I am very much looking forward to seeing you and your brother in Mesquite 115 days for me and CANNOT WAIT!!
    Safe travels my Canadian brothers.

  102. Crazy Canucks says:

    Bored today so I was just checking in. I hope you get good news Davey as the Am wouldn’t be the same without you. I will see you the Sunday or the Monday at the skins game. I am not playing in the Saturday one at Falcon Ridge. However I will be playing down on my way to Mesquite and Coral Canyon in Hurricane UT will be one of the stops. 85 days till Walt Disney World and 120 days till Mesquite (115 till “Wheels Down”)

  103. David DeRango says:

    Next week is my 17 th week after knee replacement surgery I will get the final word on can I put a full torque on my left knee to play golf???
    Once I get that it will be game on to get back in shape on my golf game!! Look out my Mesquite golf buddies I am coming for you!! ” with love and respect” πŸ™‚
    115 days till I am in Vegas before the AM
    60 days till I am in Vegas for spring break to give my knee a real test becasue Chicago weather will still not be good for golf.

  104. Les Robison says:

    Thanks George for the reply about the skins game! Look forward to meeting a lot of fellow golfers!

  105. george A salcedo says:

    Update on the skins games, Sent out the initial email to last years players and we already are half full for Saturday at Falcon RIdge, 55 out of 124 spots are gone at Conestoga on Sunday and 64 out of 144 spots at Casablanca are already claimed. I will put out the website to everyone as of Feb 1st so you veterans better get signed up soon. Can’t wait to see you all in 119 days. Remember if you are not Doing it in the Desert, you are just Doing it wrong. STMF

  106. Les, thanks for asking about the pre tournament events and welcome to the Mesquite Am. I run them and at this time the golfers that played in the last years events have first crack at signing up. On Feb 1, I will get the emails of the people that have signed up for the Mesquite Am and start inviting them. Hope to see you, George

  107. David DeRango says:

    Happy Birthday Jack!!

    Airfare booked, Just need to book a rental car for the wife, Town home do not need a hotel!! But booked into the
    “Sha La La Wilds Hotel” in Mesquite so I need to get payment ready which is as bottle of Bourbon!!

    120 days till I am in Vegas CANNOT WAIT!!
    65 days till I am in Vegas for spring break!!

  108. Kerry says:

    Happy 80th Birthday Jack.

  109. Les Robison says:

    I will be playing in my first Mesquite Am. Where can I find info on the pre tournament events?

  110. Ron, just sent it to you. STMF

  111. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks well thanks for the snow, rain and cold temp’s I will be getting over the weekend and the weather is going to suck!!
    Would rather be in Vegas at least temp’s their are in the mid 50’s F I can play golf in that weather!
    All signed up for the skin games, Airfare booked just need to get a rent a car!
    Looking forward to get out of town.
    125 days till I am in Vegas and 70 days till spring break in Vegas just CANNOT WAIT.

  112. Ron Duncan says:

    Hey George,

    Did not see an email from you on the skins game.

  113. Crazy Canucks says:

    May 2020 cant come fast enough. Here are the temps for the week of January 13th here in Calgary AB Canada. An artic cold front rolled in and is staying with us till Sunday Jan 19th. Mon -30C (-28F) Tues -32C (-32F) Wed -33C (-34F) Thurs -29C (-26F) Fri -26C (-20F) Sat -21C (-10F) then we are having a heat wave for Sunday -9C (14F). It is so cold that the ski hills have shut down do to extreme cold weather conditions. How many days till the Am?? Oh ya 131. On a positive note I signed up for the Saturday (Conestoga) and Sunday (Casablanca) skins games. And got 2 of my putters regripped, so all I need to do now is decide which putter to bring. I know it is early but does anyone know if the Casablanca is bringing in another band for the Saturday night before the tourney like the did last year. That was an awesome night.

  114. Crazy Canucks says:

    Just saw George’s post on the skins games. I thought it was going to be Conestoga (Saturday), Falcon (Sunday) and Casablanca (Monday). I was wrong. Conestoga and Falcon got switched. So much for me taking Sunday off. I will be playing Sunday (Conestoga) and Monday (Casablanca). Saturday will be my day off rest. I have already chosen a course to play in SLC. Stonebridge Golf Course in West Valley City UT on my way down. 27 holes looks pretty good.

  115. David William DeRango says:

    Kerry not sure what the new owners will be doing?
    We are playing it by ear it could be 6 months and year
    If not I retire in 2 years!
    But March vacation is booked and so is Mesquite AM airfare booked.
    I will sign up for Mesquite in late February.
    75 days till we are in Vegas for spring break! CANNOT WAIT!

  116. George says:

    Ok, finally. Email went out this evening for the skins games. If you played last year you should of gotten an email. If not let me know. I will publish the website in a few weeks after the returnees get a shot to sign up. 134 days till wheels up. STMF

  117. Kerry says:

    So David DeRango,
    Will that be actual Vacation, or will it be you are RETIRED?

  118. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks

    Vacation request is in for both times in Vegas end of March and Mesquite AM.

    I am still glad I am not at Casablanca, Brazilian Wax or bushy squirrel, I do not want to see you in a thong!!
    Paul you have to figure in inflation form the 70’s so the $6 Million dollar man is about $50 million or more today.
    so I think my bionic knee should be about $16 million let’s just hope my golf game is worth the money! πŸ™‚
    132 days Cannot Wait!!

  119. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeffrey Barbas, Two words: Brazilian Wax πŸ™‚ #mulletwillreturn #longlivethethong πŸ˜‰ In order to get my game in gear I’m off to WDW in Orlando FL in April so I can at least get some rounds b4 Mesquite. DeRango shall we call you the 2.3 million dollar man since you didn’t have as much work done as Steve Austin (The 6 million dollar man) did. Only the young lads who grew up in the 70’s would get that reference. Canada Rules

  120. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks,
    Paul so glad I am not saying at the Casablanca do not want to see Maple Leaf thong walking around the pool and the hotel!!!
    But happy to hear Neil is on the mend and very much would like to see him again play, but I hope he can play.
    As I get my bionic knee ready for the golf season I will be praying for Neil to get healthy.
    133 days till I am in Vegas for the AM and 79 days till I am in Vegas for spring break CANNOT WAIT!

  121. Oh, God!!! Not the Canadian Maple Leaf thong with the bushy Squirrel hanging out the sides again! See you in May, Paul. Hope Neil can make the trip and play.

  122. Kerry says:

    So Paul, I’m guessing you are going to be Sporting the SPEEDO around the Casablanca pool?
    Not a sight I want to see.

  123. Crazy Canucks says:

    Happy New Year to everyone. 146 days to go as of January 01. Good news for you players in the U49 group. I shall return to that group for 2020. I figure it will be the same courses I played last year (2019: 50-59 group) so I have them under my belt already. As for my partner in crime (Neil) we will just have to wait till the snow breaks to see what condition he is in for playing. Once the snow breaks my plan is to get him to play from the 150 yard marker for the first few rounds to see how his muscle coordination is. If he has regained all / most of his strength I will put him on the tee markers. Fingers crossed he will be there for 2020. Take care Gents and may the new decade be a wonderful one. I plan on playing in only 2 skin games this year. Saturday at Conestoga and the Monday at Casablanca. Sunday I will take off as even God needed a day of rest πŸ™‚

  124. David DeRango says:

    To everyone of my Mesquite golf buddies and ladies have a happy and safe one.

  125. David DeRango says:

    Merry Christmas and a Great New Year to all my Mesquite Golf Buddies!!

    Richard just keep working at it you sound normal what ever normal is for you? πŸ™‚
    Your condo will be the walking wounded all of us cut up in one way or another so we will be the guys to bet !!
    I have not swung a club since October and it looks like January 2020 is when I will be going to the range ” weather permitting” I will not see a course till I am in Vegas for spring break last week in March and will get to the Las Vegas National for a round to see what the knee can do??
    CANNOT WAIT!! 150 days till we are doing in the desert!!

  126. Richard Wilds says:

    Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. While it has been a tough year for some it is always nice to know we have such great friends from the Mesquite Am. Sorry to hear about David Corhn. We had some great rounds and he was always a lot of fun. Neil get better soon, two Crazy Cunucks are better than one.

    I’ve finally started working out (mostly walking) about an hour 4 or 5 days a week. Next year I hope to start swinging a club. Then by March get a round in. I tried playing in Oct and it took me 3 days to recover. So whether I’m able to play 3 days in a row by Mesquite Am time we will have to see, but I will be there to thank all of you that helped and supported me.

    Besides with David and Jim getting new knees to the Kerry and Rand’s past surgeries, I’ll have the only unscarred knees in our condo.

    So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

  127. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks
    Paul thank you for the update on Neil, and give your bother a big kiss from me and I wish him well and the wife and I pray for him to get stronger and hopes he can make it to Mesquite either way.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your hole family.
    See you in 153 days CANNOT WAIT.

  128. David DeRango says:

    To the Corhn family Linda and I are so sorry for your loss our prayers are with you David will be missed.

  129. Crazy Canucks says:

    Just dropping in to see what’s happening in the Mesquite Am Blog World. Well vacation bids are out for me and I am happy to say that I landed the week of the Mesquite Am off. So Gents it looks like you get to see me again in 2020 and my beautiful pants for the Memorial Day Skins game. Now as for my partner in crime (Neil) he had a set back last week as I rushed him into the Emergency ward as his heart rate was 140 beats per minute. You see some doctor decided to change his meds and this was a reaction to the medication. The doc at the Emergency ward changed his meds back to what they were in the first place. Neil was in the hospital for a few days for observation. He is out of hospital and has headed back to Ontario (that’s another province up here kinda like your states πŸ™‚ ) to see his other siblings for Christmas. The Clan MacKinnon’s are attempting to have a mini family reunion in Orlando FL this April. Yes Walt Disney World is on the list along with playing some of the WDW golf courses. I hear some of them are now on We will see if Neil can leave Canada to attend; we need confirmation from the Doctors if he is free to travel outside this wonderful Country of ours. So if by chance Neil is not able to make it to Mesquite for 2020 (and yes George I have told him you have a job for him if he attends and cant play two days in a row) I may have his replacement: my niece. She is on a golf scholarship at the University of Hartford. If she cant go it is another solo trip for this guy and George don’t worry I will be back in the U49 group this year. Well that’s the update for now. Merry Christmas to everyone out there in Blog land and a joyous New Year to you and your families. See you all in May 2020.

  130. The Mesquite Am family lost a great person yesterday. David Corhn was always such a fun guy to play golf with or hang out. Please have a nice thought for David’s family.


  131. David DeRango says:

    6 days till Christmas I hope everyone is ready for the big day??

    Greg after getting my Bionic Knee I have not had a chance to swing a club since October and will be about February till I get to a range to hit a ball with Chicago weather it will be hard to just get to the golf range to swing a club.
    But will be in Vegas for spring break and try out the new knee for the first time in a course.
    Enjoy Cancun see you in 2021.
    154 days till I am back doing it again in the desert CANNOT WAIT!!!
    Merry Christmas all

  132. Greg Carr says:

    We had some good golf weather in Oklahoma for November & December. Hopefully it will hold on throughout winter as I will be playing the Plantation Course at Kapalua for my 50th birthday the first week of February. I will miss the Mesquite Am this year as we will be in Cancun. But I will be heading back to Myrtle Beach for the World Am to play as a young guy again in the 50+ age group. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  133. Dan Walters says:

    looks like registration is open

  134. Ron Duncan says:

    Well guys, I am not hanging my clubs up for the winter. Weather here in Myrtle Beach is sunny with a temps in the mid 50s. Played a couple of rounds down in Biloxi over Thanksgiving. Weather was great. Headed to Memphis this next weekend and will be playing Tunica National while I am there. Also playing in the Myrtle Beach Pre Season Classic Two man tournament the end of January with Doc Hensen.

    I will be eligible to move up to the Masters for the Mesquite Am. Not sure if I will move up yet.

    Everyone have a wonderful holiday and will see you in the spring.

  135. David DeRango says:

    Yep I am double box cars!!! Thank you to you Kerry and everyone’s well wishes on my birthday.
    No Kerry I will not play in the Masters I am not older the the stone age, I will play in the Supper Seniors or Seniors
    until I cannot keep up with them!
    My bionic knee will help me to keep up with the younger players.
    I am just waiting for clearance to start swinging my clubs πŸ™‚

  136. I will arrive around midnight weds and usually take Thurs to play a round and get used to the heat. Friday, I usually hit balls in the morning but do not play a round. 7 days in a row is enough. LOL… I also take the time Friday to pick up whatever raffle prizes I might be getting in Vegas. Thanks

  137. Kerry says:

    Well, it is that time of year again. Only 4 years until David joins the Masters Division. That being said,
    Happy Birthday David.

    12/09/2019, 8:00am MST

  138. David DeRango says:

    George you must have gotten a good price for air far?
    Have not purchased air far yet! price is to high right now wife is holding out!!! and of course my Bionic knee bills need to be paid!!
    End of March is our first trip to Vegas for the week and still have not got air far yet either!
    Kerry do not hold your breath for Harvey and Perry I keep getting excuses of why they cannot go.
    Yes the plan is to get into Vegas by Thursday night!!!
    164 days till we are doing it again! CANNOT WAIT.

  139. Kerry says:

    Arrival Date?
    David wants to play Las Vegas National on Friday, May 22nd before heading to Mesquite for the week.
    We will also probably hit up Baja Miguel’s at South Point prior to leaving for Mesquite.
    Snow still on the ground here, and expecting more.
    Perry & Harvey? Would be great to have them here again.

    3:11pm MST

  140. Tickets bought for May. 3984 hours till wheels up. Gotta do something as the cold sits in. LOL STMF

  141. David DeRango says:

    I see we are updating the Mesquite AM web page cover has the new dates but the schedule is not do yet.
    That is OK is now making me I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!
    The Bionic knee is getting better and soon I will be swinging my clubs!!
    168 days till we are in the desert doing it again!!!
    115 days till spring break and I get to take my knee for a test run in Vegas!
    See you all soon πŸ™‚

  142. David DeRango says:

    Kerry you did say you would retire before me πŸ™‚
    Hope you are feeling better?
    keep us posted on your progress.

  143. Kerry says:

    Out of the hospital, but will not be back to work for at least 6 weeks. I may just go ahead and retire.

  144. Get better Kerry. Happy Turkey day. STMF

  145. Kerry says:

    From my Hospital Room, I would like to wish all the people from around the country & the world that I have met at my varies Mesquite Am’s, a Very Happy Thanksgiving. Hoping to see you all in May.

    4:20pm, MST

  146. David DeRango says:

    To all my Mesquite golf buddies I want to wish you and your families a Happy and safe Thanksgiving πŸ™‚
    Chicago weather makes me wish I still had some vacation time left and should be spending it in Vegas!!
    But I will be in Vegas for spring break 124 days to go and CANNOT WAIT for the Mesquite AM in 177 days.
    You are right Jeffrey I cannot stand winter any more!! The cold just goes right thru me.
    I am into my 7th week after my bionic knee was installed small set back of a small infection got that knocked out!!
    Therapy going on for another 4 weeks, January I should be starting to swing the clubs again only at a heated driving range! See you all soon.

  147. Great to hear, George! I’m already sick of winter and it hasn’t even started yet. Can you post your website on here? I talked to a few guys in the Myrtle Beach Fall Classic and they are really interested in coming out for the Mesquite Am. I told them about your skins games as well. I think they are in the 60+ range. I have to say it’s the coldest feeling November I remember. Probably because we had no gradual weather change. I think we had 85 degrees in late October an then…BAM! Winter! Maybe it’s because I’m getting old or just because I’m experiencing significant shrinkage. Whatever it is, I don’t like cold weather. Looking forward to the 2020 Mesquite Am. Can’t wait for it to get here, and then, I wish it wasn’t over!

  148. OK Boys and Girls, we have broached the less than 6 month to go time frame. We are at 179 days till I am wheels up. The 2 man was great. If you have not come to Mesquite for that yet, you should. Golf courses are totally different than what we play in May. Clubs are officially put up for the winter. Probably start taking them out in January for some simulator time. I will be, and when I say I, Stefani will be working on the website over the Thanksgiving break and should be opening it up for signups for the skins games by mid December. I hope all of you have a wonderful Turkey day. Remember if your not “Doing it in the Desert” you are just Doing It wrong. See ya STMF

  149. David DeRango says:

    Thanksgiving is two weeks away and the bionic knee is getting better but still not letting me get much sleep at night!!
    Therapy is ruff after my work out I need extra strength Tylenol of course I been popping Tylenol like chick lets!!
    Have not been able to swing a club yet but been cleared to go back to the gym but only if I am sitting in the machines and I work the top half!
    So to all of my Mesquite golf buddies have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!
    137 days till I am in Vegas for spring break and 190 days till I am in Vegas for the AM.
    How about this 838 days till retirement πŸ™‚

  150. David DeRango says:

    I have been playing with the idea of doing the 2 man tournament too! We could team up?
    As for retirement I have 2 years and 4 months to go!
    206 days till I am in Vegas for the Mesquite AM. But 150 days till I am in Vegas for spring break!!
    plus I get to try our my bionic knee!!

  151. Wish I was coming, George. Opted for Myrtle Beach the week after your tournament. 10 hour drive, not so fun. Playing with John Wolf. He looks just like Ron White. I call him “Tater Salad!” One of these days I will try and make it to the Mesquite 2 man. I have 9 years and 5 months until I will be on permanent vacation! That can wait though. Hope you make it on the leader board! Drop us a line when you get plans ready for the 2020 Mesquite Am. Doesn’t even seem possible. 2020? Weren’t the Terminators suppose to take over by now?

  152. Kerry says:

    Hey George
    Just wondering, did you take into account Falling Back from Daylight Saving Time
    to Standard Time Next Sunday Morning? As this would ADD an Hour to your time.

  153. Kerry says:

    I will probably golf Falcon Ridge Friday, Canyons & Palmer Sat & Sun.
    See you all Friday after golf.

  154. Kerry says:

    Dinner Friday Night George?

  155. 9 days and 9 hours from now I will be landing in Vegas with a great 5 days planned to end my season. Weds, Bali Hai on the strip. Thurs, Falcon Ridge skins game. Fri, The Palms first round of the 2 man. Sat, Conestoga for the second round of the 2 man. Sun, Casablanca for the final round of the 2 man. So looking forward to this. See you soon Mesquite. STMF

  156. David DeRango says:

    Anybody notice that Memorial day 2020 is on the 25th and last year was the 27th!
    2 days sooner!!!
    So it is just 210 days till I am in Vegas CANNOT WAIT!!
    My bionic knee is getting better no longer purple and swollen just aches, just 3 more weeks of Therapy.
    looking forward to start swinging a club soon and getting my golf game back.
    have a great weekend all.

  157. Kerry says:

    Well, this Friday is the day I Bid for my Winter Work. Dec Thru Mar. It is also the day that I Bid for next year’s Vacation.
    May thru Dec 2020 due to my Hire Date. I can carry over to use Jan thru Apr. So many things planned, not enough Vacation Time to due it all. 4 1/2 days to decide what I am going to do, and what will need to be scratched. Non-Refundable hotel reservation already made to attend/volunteer for Albertson’s Boise Open in August. And I have been accepted as a Marshal for the 2020 Women’s U.S. Open in Houston. Beginning of June. This would need to be 2 weeks due to Travel & Tournament. A week at Richard’s in Sep for Ryder Cup Party. And I take 2 weeks as SDV’s to take time off as needed. Already this is more time than I get. Now what to toss.
    11.39 am, MDT

  158. David DeRango says:

    Well Kerry I would be your team mate but used up all my Vacation time and of course by bionic knee is on the mend.
    No not mixing pain meds with alcohol stop taking the pain meds do not like them just using extra strength Tylenol!

    ok so Richard is having a Viewing party for the Ryder Cup long way for me to go to watch Golf.
    not that I would not want to make the trip but is he sending out formal invitations?

  159. Kerry says:

    You mean you are not mixing your Pain Meds with a Little Alcohol? Just remember, Richard has
    gone without Alcohol longer than you.

    End of March? Maybe Richard will be able to join us. We can hope he is back to his Ornery Self.

    And with no 2020 Ryder Cup Tickets, He said he was planning on Buying a NEW Big Screen,
    2020 Ryder Cup Viewing Party Sept 2020.

    Spooktacular Next weekend. Hoping for Chili for Lunch. II Man in a few weeks.
    (I am not playing, but will be there).
    Well, I will be playing Palmer, Canyons or Falcon Ridge probably.

    Goobler Classic the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. Swinging with Santa the weekend
    before Christmas. Love playing these Scramble & Modified Scramble Tournaments.
    And always looking for Teammates.

  160. David DeRango says:

    Holey Crap 2032 I will be 77 and in the masters of the Mesquite AM if I can still swing a club???
    Well we are at day 10 after surgery and let me tell you game on with pain!!!
    Plus Therapy everyday after work which is another venture into pain!! But have not been able to have a cocktail yet!
    But thank God for this ice machine keeps the swelling down.
    Sleeping is another non thing I do not get much of!! 10/21 they take off the sip bandage and I will really get a good look at my new SCAR!!
    161 days till I am in Vegas for spring break and I get to try out my new bionic knee!!!
    Kerry that is 3/27/20 we land Friday night! so Las Vegas National will be my first stop not sure what day but will get one set up.

  161. Kerry says:

    2024 Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black, Quite a distance from me. 2032 Ryder Cup at The Olympic Club in San Francisco, a might closer. I was there for a recent U.S. Open, hope my wheel chair will be able to traverse this hilly course.

  162. Kerry says:

    No go for Ryder Cup tickets. 2024?

  163. David DeRango says:

    Thank you for the well wishes.
    First week after surgery and back at work resting my bionic knee as I set at my desk plus with the ice machine going.
    It is a little uncomfortable but should be ok.
    I have been doing Rehab since the second day after surgery and everyday for another week! Fun!
    I told the Therapy office about golf and that is what we will be working on soon.
    221 days till we are doing it again in the desert CANNOT WAIT!!!
    158 days till I am in Vegas for spring break and will try the knee out for the first time too!!
    Have a great fall see you soon.

  164. Kerry says:

    Mr. Barbas,
    I chatted on the Phone with Mr Wilds the other day. He played a round of golf the other day. He has felt better.
    But mostly what we chatted about was attending the 2020 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straights.
    Anybody else have a chance to Purchase Tickets?

  165. David, hope you have a speedy recovery on your knee. Just keep up on all the rehab they give you and hopefully you will be ready well before Mesquite Am time. Anybody heard from Richard Wilds in a while? Richard, drop us a post on here and let us know how your doing.

  166. David DeRango says:

    I am in the skin games no matter what!! George has me signed up already!
    230 days till I am in Vegas and 167 days I will be in Vegas for spring break trying out the new knee!CANNOT WAIT!
    I have to think of something like Mesquite AM because on Monday the 7th I get my bionic knee!!!
    Had my 4 hour orientation yesterday and it made it a little easier but not looking forward to the pain after surgery!
    But that will only last a few weeks happy to get ride of the pain every time I walk.
    The doctor told me I could swing a club in about 4 weeks!! We will see!
    I am looking forward to playing golf back at my lower handicap so do not call me a sand baggier next year if I am shooting lower scores! LOL!!

  167. Kerry says:


    I will be watching for the “Games” Website. Besides Last Year’s Pictures and Registration Page, Will it also
    have the list of Registered Participants? So glad you enjoyed your west coast swing. Not sure when I will be able
    to make my presence at the !!-Man.

  168. David DeRango says:

    Super seniors is what I will be shooting for after knee replacement surgery on Oct 7th?
    I go where you go since the wife will be coming in with me and she will have the car then coming in for the luncheon at Kathrine’s and either take me home that night or spend the night??
    Who knows, all know is my handicap is now at a 18.3! I could be labeled a sandbagger once I get my Bionic knee!
    She said she is giving up the crossing guard job so leaving on May 21st should not be a problem we will see!!!
    I have not heard from Richard on his thoughts about Friday or any update on how he is doing?
    CANNOT WAIT as I always say!!! πŸ™‚

  169. 36 days till I am back in Mesquite for the 2 man and then 233 till wheels up for the Amateur. I will have the website up sometime in December for the games. I will also post all the pictures taken on the days of the games at that time. Paul, you let Neil know I have a job for him on the days he does not feel up to playing. I think it is right up his alley. Fall golf is here with the beginning of Oct. My Sept was pretty special as I was blessed to play Bethpage Black, Torrey Pines and Chambers Bay. Got a new respect for the pros on TV after those. Be well all. STMF

  170. Kerry says:

    Let me make a correction.
    I cannot speak for David, only for myself.
    I will be Playing in the Super Senior Division in 2020.

  171. Kerry says:

    Hey Paul,
    That snow you are complaining about has changed my upcoming travel plans.
    Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was on my stay list on my way home from the Seahawks/Rams game
    I am attending this Thursday evening. Then the snow decided to fly, and I have decided that driving
    through eastern Washington, northern Idaho and Montana to get home could be dicey.
    As for Playing in your correct age division, throw caution to the wind. And as you did play in your correct age
    division last year, I know you are playing down in 2020 to play in Neil’s Division. But hey, remember back when I was 59 and played in the Under 49 Division? You referred to me as something, as I shot my H.I. and not a sky high score.
    But not to worry about David and myself in 2020, we will be playing our correct age Division, Super Senior.
    Looking forward to seeing Neil and yourself in Mesquite. No Steak dinner on your way down with me, as I will already be in Mesquite. But hey, should you come down early, at least David & I are planning on playing Las Vegas National on Friday, May 22nd. There could be more people, at least Richard we hope.

    9/30/2019, 12:37pm MDT

  172. David DeRango says:

    Sorry about the snow but here in Chicago it is rain, rain and more rain and now next week I will be getting my bionic knee so golf is really over for me it will take most of the fall and part of the winter to rehab.
    Glad to hear Neil is getting better and looking forward to seeing both of the Crazy Canucks in 2020.
    I would not worry about playing you age Kerry and I both played in the 49 and under last year and the year before played in the 59 and under.
    235 days till I am in Vegas CANNOT WAIT!! give your bother a big hug from me!! love you both!

  173. Crazy Canucks says:

    241 days to go. Cant wait as snow is expected tomorrow (09/28). I cant believe it snow already and it is predicted that we will get at least 3 straight days of it. So sad that it is the end of September and we are getting snow already. Still packing up the house as i take possession of the new house October 30. So golf will be done till I move as packing (and deciding on what you are throwing out cause you haven’t used it in a year) a house is brutal. Love the courses picked for the skins games next year. Falcon, Conestoga and Casablanca. Hopefully I can play in all of them again. Monday game is a for sure, just have to see how Neil’s strength will be as he might not be able to play in all of them. Take Care Gents and hope everyone is playing well this season. See you May 2020. And Yes I will be in the U49 group for 2020 got to much slack last year for moving up.

  174. David DeRango says:

    237 days till I am in Vegas before the Mesquite AM Cannot Wait!!
    226 days after knee replacement surgery will need every day for rehab!

    But will be in Vegas for spring break in 172 days give or take a few, wife has not decided what week to leave yet???
    Yes Kerry I will let you know! πŸ™‚
    That could be my first time on a golf course because the winter in Chicago are long and March is not good to be on the courses yet!
    enjoy your fall golf

  175. Kerry says:

    So David, get the knee repaired/replaced.
    And George, nice tracks for the Skins Games.
    Golf Season ends for me when the snow flies and makes driving south not safe.
    But that could change on a weekly basis.
    But Golf aside, let’s talk football. Look for me at CenturyLink Stadium for the Seahawks/Rams game,
    Thursday Night Football, October 3rd.
    And back to David, March in Vegas, keep me apprised of when.
    Need to get over to see Richard. Perhaps before I venture to Washington.
    Would have gone to the Nascar Race today, but just could not see myself sitting in those stands with Temps at 100*.
    Palmer was last course to close for over seeding, today.
    Casablanca and Conestoga reopen for play Sat, Sep 21th, Cart Path only.
    So I will be doing an overnight (last free room of the month) Sat, playing Sat & Sun.

  176. David DeRango says:

    Count me in!!!
    250 days CANNOT WAIT!!
    FYI I will be in Vegas in March spring break and will get a few rounds in after my knee surgery.
    So I can try our the new knee, surgery is set for October 7th 2019 that will give me 4 months of rehab to get ready for the golf season.
    Golf is just about over for me this year knee is getting really bad.
    enjoy your golf fall season stay safe all.

  177. ok. I know we have 254 days to go till we all arrive again in May but just wanted to give you the lineup for the Bruce King Doing it in the Desert skins games.
    Sat, 8am Shotgun start Falcon Ridge, Gross skins game with side net game. Cost is 80. 80 spots available
    Sun 730am Shotgun start Conestoga, Gross skins game with a side net game. Cost is 100. 124 spots available
    Mon 8am Shotgun start Casablanca, Net skins game with a side gross game. Cost is 120. 144 spots available

    All games will have prizes at the par threes including a Free 2021 Mesquite Am entry at Falcon on Saturday. Sunday and Mondays game include food and drink. Monday will have a nice gift to all entrants. Hope all of you have a nice fall season. If you are coming to the 2 man see you there. Be great. STMF

  178. Jim OHare says:

    Good question David.

  179. David DeRango says:

    I have been out of the country in the Baltic Sea on a curse with the wife for our 40th wedding anniversary.
    Just got back to work!!
    Maybe someday I will play in the two man but does it hurt your amateur status if you win money???
    255 days till we are doing it again cannot wait!

  180. Jim OHare says:

    Looking forward to the 2 man in Nov

  181. Wow, board is dead. Everyone must be playing a lot of golf. Only 70 days till we are back in the desert for a great weekend of golf. Hope all is well with everyone. STMF

  182. 98 days till I am back in the Desert. Been hot here in Va but we will start to see some relief here soon. Have a great fall lineup setup with Bethpage Black, Torri Pines and Chambers Bay on tap. Hope everyone is having a great summer. 296 days till we are back in May. STMF

  183. David DeRango says:

    315 days till I am in Vegas for the Mesquite AM!! CANNOT WAIT!
    Had a great week in Vegas over the 4th and played the Las Vegas National golf course with Kerry.
    Nice course and great time.
    Hope to hear about everyone’s summer on the Mesquite blog page.
    Come on my golf buddies let keep in touch or on my face book page!!
    see you all soon.

  184. David DeRango says:

    Red,White and Blue classic sounded like fun but is we cannot get a two more oh Well!! Falcon Ride here we come.
    looking for word to that!
    Two man in November looking forward to playing that next year!!
    What are the dates again??
    331 days till we are doing it in the desert CANNOT WAIT!!

  185. Kerry says:

    David & I no longer need anybody for the Red White & Blue Classic at the Palms on the 4th of July. We really got tired of waiting to see if we were going to get 2 more Golfers to make up a 4some. As we did put our names on the list of needing partners when we were there at the Palms during the Mesquite Am.
    So we now have a Tee Time of 7:00 am at Falcon Ridge on July 4th. Rate is $45.00, and includes Golf, Lunch and a Sleeve of Balls.

    The 2 Man is 4 1/2 months away, I may be in the area, but will not be playing in the Tournament. Look forward to seeing you all then.

    My Countdown: Will arrive about 4:00 pm PDT on July 1st.

  186. Jeff, I will check with others.

  187. David DeRango says:

    Love to be in the two man in November but no vacation time left and I will be on rehab from my knee replacement.
    Maybe next year!?!?
    But I will be in Vegas on June 28th thru July 7th.
    I think we still need two more players for the Red, White and Blue tournament on the 4th Kerry and myself are playing.
    Let me or Kerry know.

  188. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    George, anybody you know looking for a partner for the 2 man I November?

  189. Kerry says:

    No Count down for me, since I am typing this while sitting in my Casablanca Hotel Room.

  190. David DeRango says:
    ok here is a count down timer for May 25th 2020
    340 days!
    but for me I can cut 4 days of it to 336!

  191. David DeRango says:

    I would love to George but I will be in Mesquite for the Red, White and blue tournament.
    Then I am out of vacation time because using on the wife’s trip at the end of September.
    But hoping to be back in Vegas for New Years Eve!!!
    Then the count will be 144 πŸ™‚
    Cannot wait!!

  192. Looked at my countdown today to next years Am and it was 338 days. Booooooo. But then I remembered I will be back in Nov for the 2 Man. Only 140 for that, Yaaaaay. Who else will be there. STMF

  193. David DeRango says:

    ok 49 weeks till we are doing it again!!! yes I am sick but I will be back in Vegas for the week of the fourth of July.
    One person I forgot to say thank you for a great time Chris M. played the last two days with you that was fun.
    looking forward to next year maybe we will be in the same foursome.
    have a great summer all and be safe.

    Kerry were ever you are Richard and I hope everything is OK have not heard from you.

  194. David DeRango says:

    So glad you had a great time at the Mesquite AM.
    I missed the first two years but made the 17 in a row!
    Wife knows this is the only week a year I want for my self she plans other things around this week.
    You are correct a great bunch of guys to play with I always CANNOT WAIT TO COME BACK!!
    couple more years I will be retired and able to travel into Mesquite a lot since I will be retired in Vegas.
    maybe the bride will let you play next year??
    Hope to get to meet you have a great summer.

  195. Greg Carr says:

    Been home a week now after my 1st Mesquite Am. Thoughts are based on my multiple trips to the Myrtle Beach World As as it is all I have to compare. The weather is SO MUCH BETTER!!!!
    Food – My favorite thing!! – Food was way better than World Am. As was the entire night time festivities. Quick, concise, and too the point.
    Golf – Amazing views and courses in great shape. Missed a few judgment calls from elevated tees but it sure was purty!
    People – Felt like a bunch of buddy trips all wrapped into one. Everybody knew everybody!! I enjoyed all the guys in my groups (including Barbas!!). Thank you George and crew for all your hard work for such a good cause.
    I liked the feel of Mesquite… quickly I got to each course (Coral Canyon not in rotation).
    Accommodations – Virgin River was perfect for the price!! Thank you to whomever guided me to request a building 2, pool side room. They put me right there and it was great.
    Not sure how often I will get to come back as my wedding anniversary is May 24th and my lovely bride is not a golfer. But I will be back.

  196. Richard Wilds says:

    Thanks to everyone for their support. As Jeff mentioned it showed me what a great bunch of people we get to play golf with. I can’t thank Lance, Doc, Kim, Kerry, David, Rand and others enough for getting me through this. Looking forward to next year and playing a lot more golf with all of you. Still fighting the headaches, couple times a week to chiropractor and it may still be a couple months before I swing a club.

    Thanks to everyone. Be safe, healthy and hit’em straight.

  197. Good job, Dan! Who would have thought that anyone from the northeast part of the U.S. could pull off the victory after the Winter and Spring we have had? Way to go, Dan!

  198. Daniel Monico says:

    Thank you Christian Adderson along with your entire staff, all of the amazing volunteers and Mesquite Golf. The weather was fabulous and the courses were in pristine condition. I would also like to give a big shoutout to George Salcedo and his Krewe for donating “their time” in making “our time” enjoyable and memorable. Most importantly I would like to thank “you – the golfer”. Your friendly smile, warm friendship and generous hospitality. Each of you are truly amazing. Don’t ever change! Enjoy your summer, stay healthy and may God provide comfort and strength.
    Best, until next year –

  199. David DeRango says:

    What a great week and how fast it was Dam back at work already!!!
    Right Kerry 50 weeks and counting I CANNOT wait!!
    Many thanks to everyone with the Mesquite AM, Christian your team did an outstanding job as always.
    Thank you to all the volunteers with our you this would not happen or go so smooth!
    George thank you for letting me be part of the Bruce King scholarship and helping.
    Kerry thank you again for driving my happy @$$ around.
    Richard thank you for staying at your condo and most of all you are on your way to recover.
    Rich C. thank you for the cigars under the stars I look forward to your even every year.
    Lance Kammerer and Thank you for being at the right place at the right time!
    Thank you to everyone who I may not of thanked.
    Have a great golfing summer and see you all next year and I will have my bionic knee!!
    I will blog thru out the year I hope to hear from everyone! let me know how your golfing summer is going.
    One more time I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  200. We need to give a special shout out again to Lance Kammerer. Lance is a very humble person that really doesn’t want to make a big deal of it, but, if it wasn’t for his quick response and being there at the right time Richard Wilds might not be alive today. Thank you to all those who were there to assist Richard in saving his life. Whether it be to make the 911 call or to be ready to assist in CPR it can and did make a difference. We just went threw our CPR training last month and while you never think much about it, this definitely made me reflect on how fragile our life can be. Richard, thanks for letting me golf with you in Las Vegas this year. The wife and I had a good time with you and Kerry King. Hope your healing up to a full recovery. Make sure you get to your doctor for a follow up. I know you think you have a hard head but the blow you took to the head I wouldn’t treat that lightly. We want to see you many more Mesquite Am’s from now.

    George and crew, thanks for another great week of games. Great job as usual. Thanks to Christian Adderson as well for continued great job putting on this great event. Any way we can bring back the Ledges over in St. George for the rotation next year? Haven’t seen it in years but remember it being really nice. I heard we lost Coyote Springs. That is also a great course. Tough but great. I know some people don’t like the drive. A nice course I don’t mind driving a little ways to.

  201. The lead up to the week is so long compared to how fast the week goes by. Can’t say enough about Christian Adderson and Golf Mesquite for the fantastic week we just had. Weather turned out beautiful for our week and the golf courses were great. To my playing partners, thanks very much. I got to play with the flight winner twice and he was one heck of a guy, thanks ehh Mike King. To Daniel Monico, great job sir. Nice to see someone from the skins games take home the hardware. Already excited about next year and counting it down, 353 days to go. Hope to see some of you at the 2man. A lot shorter time to that. 156 days. I hope you all have a fantastic golfing year and if you are ever in Va, look me up. Let’s play. STMF

  202. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well another year done. It was great to catch up with old friends and making new ones (in the Senior Division). Don’t worry you guys in the U49. Neil and I will be back in that group for 2020. Hope everyone made it home safe. I have relayed all your thoughts and prayers to Neil. He really appreciates all your kindness towards him and looks forward to returning in 2020.

  203. Kerry says:

    Another Mesquite Amateur has come to an end. I would like to Thank Everybody for the Prayers for my Friend Richard. He is doing well.
    David will start the countdown soon for next year.
    Safe Travels Home Everyone.
    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH in 19 hours.

  204. Jim OHare says:

    Have a spot Monday at 8:20 on Falcon Ridge

  205. Rich C says:

    Made it to Vegas for some R&R before Mesquite Am.

  206. Jim OHare says:

    Hey David
    The Casablanca has free wi fi just use your phone!

  207. David DeRango says:

    14 hours before wheels up!!! without any rain delay!!!
    This will be my last entry in the blog until I enter my crying blog that the Mesquite AM is over.

    I CANNOT WAIT to get to Vegas and dry weather!! may not be hot but Dry is Awesome well extended forecast is more like Chicago weather!?!?!
    Sunny SAT MAY 25 87Β°/62Β° 0% SW 19 mph 26%
    SUN MAY 26 PM Showers/Wind 81Β°/56Β° 40% SSW 25 mph 24%
    MON MAY 27 Partly Cloudy 69Β°/55Β° 20% SW 10 mph 43%
    TUE MAY 28 Partly Cloudy 81Β°/60Β°0% W 10 mph 35%
    WED MAY 29 Mostly Sunny 86Β°/65Β° 20% NNW 9 mph 32%
    THU MAY 30 Sunny 90Β°/67Β°
    FRI MAY 31 Sunny 91Β°/68Β° 0% WSW 12 mph

  208. Got a last minute opening for the Monday game. If you want in email me at STMF

  209. David DeRango says:

    Chi-Chi, I am sorry you will not be joining us hope everything is OK!!
    I always enjoy see you I will miss you too. πŸ™

    37 hours to go before we lift off hope the weather holds and we do not have a rain delay!!!
    I CANNOT WAIT for some desert heat and dry weather, YES I have seen the weather this week in Mesquite but it warms up on Saturday and the rest of the week except for Monday a bit cooler upper 70’s HA ok by me.
    safe travels all and looking forward to seeing everyone again.

  210. Chi-Chi says:

    My favorite time of the year and favorite people for sure. Unfortunately I am not going to make it this year I am definitely going to miss you all. Have a great time and go low. See you next year. Chi-Chi

  211. Ron Luttrall says:

    Kerry, I am sure I exaggerated on time, but scramble is faster than individual play and I always play ready golf.

  212. Kerry says:

    Safe Travels to the Crew that is flying into Las Vegas Wednesday. Now for the bad news, I have had the HVAC System in my Casablanca Hotel Room OFF. I had to turn on the HEATER as it is getting quite Chilly.

    Ron Luttrall. Get a grip, you are not going to have 7 hour rounds. Play ready golf, there is no need to wait to play your ball because you are closer to the pin. Golf Courses put out 144 Players in 4 person Shotgun Scrambles all the time. And these are what are expected to be the longest rounds for time. And I have never been on the course for 6 hours, not even George’s Monday Skins Game. So if it takes you 7 hours, you will have no one to blame. Hey, the Alternative, Move down to a different Division and play with Less Players.

  213. Ron Luttrall says:

    Older than dirt division looking at 7 hour rounds with 137 on the course. Of course that gives us more time to recuperate for the next shot.

  214. David DeRango says:

    The count down is ON 86 hours till I leave Chicago!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
    Wet and cold for golf league first 3 holes was a disaster but the last 6 were promising took a 4 over to the finish.
    Kept our team in it and we pulled out a victory!
    May not know how to play in the desert heat.
    I see the extended forecast has upper 80’s and low 90’s with one day upper 70’s ??? what the…. is that!!! right that will change.

  215. Cody Metts says:

    Last work day and then Vegas tomorrow night. Have a feeling it’s gonna be a looooong day today. Can’t wait to see everyone

  216. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    We are still on Ohio time so I’m in bed by 8 and wake up at 3 a.m. here which would be 11 and 6 a.m. for me normally.

  217. Kerry says:

    Just don’t kill yourself trying to get there.

  218. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Kerry we might try and make Siena at 10 if we leave by 4:45 from Sedona we should have 1/2 hour to spare.

  219. David DeRango says:

    Jeff, yes playing with you young bucks but not to worry I may fell young my body is telling no way!!
    By Fall I will have a new bionic knee!!

    Kerry, very wet hear too lucky to get the grass cut over the weekend now the landscaper can do it for the next 2 weeks.
    George, looking forward to help you again and I am here to help just let me know what you need.
    Great job as always.
    OK 110 hours before I leave for Vegas CANNOT WAIT!!!

  220. Due to some injuries I have 2 spots open at Coral Canyon on Sat, cost is 80. 2 openings on Sun at Falcon, cost is 100 and one spot on Monday at Casablanca, cost is 120. Email me at if you want info or the spot. thanks, 46 hours and wheels up. STMF

  221. Crazy Canucks says:

    OMG OMG OMG. This Saturday is the first of three skins games, then on to “The Big Dance”. OMG OMG OMG. Whomever is playing in the Skins game on Saturday at CC, I will see you there. Safe travels everyone.

  222. Kerry says:

    I play 99.9% of my Golf in Mesquite Area. So yea, these are my actual Yardages.

  223. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Way to be Kerry! I would assume that the yardage that you are playing is close to what you normally play at home anyways. So it wouldn’t matter if you play in that flight

  224. Kerry says:

    Yard Mowed, since we have had close to 2 inches of rain the last 2 days, extremely wet. Grass catcher? Couldn’t use it.
    Still have to Clean up Clippings. Probably won’t be able to swing a club. Go ahead and say it, “You Couldn’t Before”.

    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH in 14 Hours

  225. Kerry says:

    Mr Barbas,
    Yes, us Old Men are joining you Young Bucks this year. But not to Worry, we are not in your Flight.
    And although the H. I. Range for the Mickelson Flight says 10.1 – 24.4 (me), I did see someone listed at 33.1.
    See you for Lunch at Las Vegas National on Wednesday. Anybody Local or coming early, there is still 1 spot
    available for the 2:10 Tee Time.
    Also for anyone Local or Early arrivers, 2 spots at Siena on Tuesday @ 10:00 am, this would be of NO COST.
    Coupon for a 4some is being utilized. Hate to waste.
    7:30 am Shotgun Start for a 2 person Shamble at Falcon Ridge Monday.

    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH in 26 Hours (give or take a few minutes)

  226. Rich C. says:

    I will have a greater assortment from mild to bold at this year’s Cigars Under the Stars. Still room for those who might enjoy a great cigar with a fine adult beverage
    Supporting the Semper Fi fund again
    Rich C.

  227. Dave & Kerry, your playing with us (not so) young bucks this year?

  228. Ron Luttrall says:

    Flights are out.

  229. Crazy Canucks says:

    Tabernac, golf is done for me till my first round in Utah. Canadian long weekend (Yes we have one too, just one week ahead of you guys) we have rain, snow and sleet forecasted for the entire weekend and into the beginning of next week. So I got in one round of 18 holes and a round of 9. This ought to really really fun this year. See y ‘all real soon.

  230. David DeRango says:

    Conestoga what a fun course target at it’s best number 6 was my demise I took a 12 on that hole!!!

    Your are right Jeff never know what you are going to get when I play??
    lately not much maybe Knee Replacement surgery will improve my game do not think it can hurt it!
    Looking forward to the fun and fellow ship CANNOT WAIT.
    6 days and counting πŸ™‚

  231. Kerry says:

    Conestoga, oh yeah. The Three Ditch ?!!!!!!. Going to be a Great time for all. Safe Travels and see you Wednesday for lunch, then Golf.

  232. Dave, you never know what your going to get from me. I have two even par rounds in my last 20 and they were both in events in Myrtle Beach. 71 and 70. But I also put up a 90+ round at any time. And I’m probably over due for that round. Just hope it’s not day 1 at Conestoga.

  233. Kerry says:

    FYI: Rumor has it, that Super Senior Flights: Hogan, Sarazen & Trevino need a Person to Run the Skins Game during the Tournament. I know this is short notice, but Stuff Happens.

  234. Kerry says:

    65 Men 49 & Under Plus 2
    100 Senior No Change
    199 Super Senior Minus 2
    135 Masters No Change
    145 Women No Change
    644 Total

  235. Richard W Wilds says:

    Three more rounds before I hit the road Monday to have lunch with Kerry at Falcon Ridge before going on to Vegas. Looking forward to seeing the boys at Las Vegas National on Wednesday. We’ve hit 85 in Denver but the black cloud that comes out each day I break out the sticks is back today. Everything is packed by the front door waiting to get the car back so I can get it loaded. Can’t wait to see everyone. See you all soon.

  236. David DeRango says:

    We have great weather this week mid 70’s and of course I am at work and then rain movies in for the weekend!!
    Cannot use any sick days need to save them for one or two golf outings but most of all need them for my Knee Replacement surgery which will be coming up in October! at least it will not be a complete replacement!
    I told the doctor to make is bionic πŸ™‚ to help my golf game!
    Jeffrey I have not broken 80 in a long time good for you, closest I came in Mesquite was at Coral Canyon my first time ever at Mesquite AM I shot a 83 have not gotten close to that score either!! even when I won my division in 2009 I just shot my handicap!!
    I hope to do that again some day maybe after I get my bionic knee?
    7 day to go and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! see you all soon my Mesquite golf buddies!!!!

  237. Hit the course today after getting my stitches out. 78 on a par 70 course. I’ll take it! Course was as wet as I’ve ever seen it. You had to play lift clean and place. It’s so wet that they couldn’t even mow the rough on most of the course. The ball pretty much plugged every time you hit it in the rough. It might as well be Swamp Golf around here. I will be so happy to see a ball roll in the grass when I get out to Scottsdale! Time to pack the clubs away and get ready for Saturday! I have a few other sets lying around here if I decide to get some more swings in. Probably won’t have time. I think I have to help one of the guys at work run wheel barrels for concrete tomorrow after work and my mother-in-law is making my favorite Lasagna for an early 30th anniversary send off on Friday. Hopefully the short game comes around when I hit Mesquite. Oh well if it doesn’t. It will still be the best time I have all year! Were getting closer Ladies and Gents! Can’t wait to all of you!

  238. David DeRango says:

    Jeff wait till you get to the supper seniors!! you will really feel it! LOL
    I see my guess of 650 golfers was good thanks Kerry for the update count 644
    Crazy Canucks I have the same problem you have weather is never good enough to get on the course you have snow we get rain can cold temps wind lost of wind.
    Monday will be my only day left to get on the course my golf league night my hit the range of this weekend to find my swing?!?!?
    8 days to go leave Chicago at 9:35pm get into Vegas about midnight??
    CANNOT WAIT!!! see you soon safe travels all.

  239. 5/15 Handicaps are in and the Flights will probably be up soon for those that need to know. I already know what flight I’m in. Been in the same flight since 2005. And if I can still hit the ball decent enough I hope to stay there for another 10 years. I don’t want to be 50, but, like it or not it’s coming soon!

  240. Kerry says:

    63 Men 49 & Under Plus 1
    100 Senior No Change
    201 Super Senior Plus 1
    135 Masters No Change
    145 Women No Change
    644 Total

  241. Jim O’Hare says:

    Driving up from Vegas to Coral Canyon on Friday for a tune up round.
    Played it back in April and it was a little beat up from the summer floods though the greens
    were pretty decent. Hopefully the fairways grew in a bit.

  242. Not sure about the seconds, but, I’m taking a personal day off tomorrow and getting my stitches out and hopefully a round of golf in and then two more working days and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!! Plane leaves 8:35 A.M. for Phoenix from Cleveland on Saturday morning. Arrive in Phoenix at 9:55 A.M. Get the rental car and then off to Sunridge Canyon for a round of golf at 2:00 P.M. Looking forward to golfing on a course that doesn’t leave mud all over your ball when it lands. And a little roll out would look nice, too. Looking forward to Las Vegas National with the crew. See you guys soon!

  243. Crazy Canucks says:

    604,800 seconds till wheels down and doing 128.7 kms down I-15. Golf has been put on hold for the next few days as I am bidding on a house. Details when I arrive in Mesquite. Good thing I am playing four straight days before the tourney to get the game in gear. Will attempt to play my first 18 holes of the year this week. Have 9 holes under the belt. Living in Canada plays havoc on your golf game: snow one day, temps in single digits the next week, then BOOM double digits, tundra has thawed and everyone wants to play golf at the same time. Not good at all. 6 hours rounds are reserved for the Mesquite AM only, not daily play at the local pony show.

  244. Kerry says:

    But Linda will want you all to herself. So maybe Richard and I will just spend that week in the extra bedrooms of the Townhouse.

  245. David DeRango says:

    Played on Saturday and another cold, wet and muddy course! along with a really SUCKIE game. Golf league tonight I hope I find my game have no idea where it went????
    As you boys said looking forward some desert heat!
    I still have 11 days looking forward to see everyone again.
    Kerry looking forward to having more of your fun times next year I know the wife wants to come our longer next year.
    So I will get a few rounds with you guys.
    Early look at the extended forecast 25th, 26th, & 27th all in the low 90’S yeah I really CANNOT WAIT!!
    Safe travels all
    James looking forward to your local brand I hope you will be around to enjoy a few with us.

  246. Kerry says:

    So, since I am now officially inside 7 days:
    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH in 159 Hours
    (Pedicure @ 3:15pm in Mesquite)

  247. Kerry says:

    Soon we will be sitting at a table at Las Vegas National having Lunch. And then we hit the Course for some Fun Times.
    I will have the Chain Saw in my bag for a Particular Palm Tree. I believe I Hit that thing 3 times, Richard says more.
    There are so many Information signs along the Fence Line stating what Famous Person used to live Where.
    And this being a Tiger Winning course, there are signs saying what Tiger scored in the Final Round on the Hole.
    Hope the wrist is doing good, don’t mess it up.
    Sometime next Sunday I will be Wheels Down & 80+ MPH. More than likely, about this same time.

    David, Hope you can Join this early Party Next Year. ‘Cause it’s this week Prior to the Tournament that is the Best.
    Monday- Falcon Ridge, Tuesday- Siena, Wednesday- Las Vegas National & Thursday- Rio Secco. And then wait for you to arrive EARLY Saturday Morning for the trip to Play Coral Canyon. Friday you ask? R & R and move from Casablanca to Casa Wilds.

  248. Help George get those 3 spots filled! Great job getting the games together as usual, George! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon in Vegas at Las Vegas National. Never played there.
    Dan, thanks for the kind thoughts my friend. Doc never told me caused the thick tendons, but, you could be right….. lol. Went golfing yesterday. A little tentative 8 days after surgery. Well, I already cut the bandages off and believe it or not I haven’t really had any pain. They gave me a prescription of pain meds that I didn’t even take. I get the stitches out on Wednesday. 6 more days I’ll be in the air!

  249. Daniel Monico says:

    Just catching up on the Blog news…Jeff Barbas – way too much info: “Surgery is done. Doctor said I have the thickest tendons in my wrist he’s ever seen”! Hahaha- seriously, I’m glad you are feeling better. Prayers for a speedy recovery. C u in 2 wks @ CC!

  250. Kerry says:

    The time of your Post is GMT. So you have a 7 hour difference.
    8:49 am MDT

  251. Tom Uszynski says:

    That’s strange, my post says 2:14 pm but it is 7:17am

  252. Tom Uszynski says:

    This is my first year to play with the old farts, if no one is running a skins game I will.

  253. Crazy Canucks says:

    I’m with you Barbas, one more week of work and then it is the best 2 weeks of the year for me. With warm weather hitting this weekend everyone and their Uncle will be out playing and then Mothers Day on Sunday so that means all the Moms will be playing Sunday with their families. First time able to play since we got dumped on 2 weeks ago with snow. Might just have to hit the range this weekend instead of playing. Well off the gym to work on this Speedo / Thong body of mine, wouldn’t want to disappoint πŸ˜‰ Barbas its a shame that we aren’t playing a round together in the skins game, but I will see you out there. 216 hours and counting. Wheels down doing 128.7 kms through America. Neil sends out a big Hello to everyone and will see y’all in 2020.

  254. 15,723 minutes till wheels up. 3 spots open in the Sunday game at Falcon Ridge if you want in. Email me at STMF

  255. James Garner says:

    Gentlemen – I feel your pain, having grown up in NE Ohio I have seen my fair share of wet, cold Springs. That makes me glad I moved to Colo. The Central Rockies/Western slope has not been as golf friendly as Denver & the Front Range, but I have been able to get a few rounds in, even if it means driving 2 hrs to a course that has temps in the 60s! The most obvious thing I have noticed is that I still SUCK! Heading to Hawaii next wk for a family gathering, hope to get a couple of rounds in & maybe find a swing that I can bring to Mesquite! David even though I won’t be staying in Casa Wilds, I will bring a bottle of our locally distilled whiskey for all my friends! Too much going on to count the days, so I’ll just say – see everyone on 5/26!

  256. 1 more work week away from the best 2 weeks of my life! Well… hopefully anyways. At least I won’t be at work! Looking forward to hot & dry vs. the cold and wet we just can’t get away from this spring.

  257. Pat F says:

    Jeffery: This is Pat Foreman, I have played in the World Am in Myrtle beach several times with you. Actually I think you helped me win my flight one year. I am coming to the Mesquite Am this year. Hope to tip a few with ya this year. Are you in the senior flight yet?

  258. David DeRango says:

    5 more rounds I will be lucky to have 2 rounds in and 2 more 9 holes in and you have problems finding your game???
    I will be lucky to have something that resembles a game!!
    Cold and wet here I could see 41F at tee time for Saturday!
    Looking forward to desert heat CANNOT WAIT! 14 days to go CANNOT WAIT!!!
    Would love to play with you on May 21st but as you know I do not land until the 24th about midnight.
    Next time I will be in Vegas early! see you soon with a btl of Jim Beam Black.

  259. Richard Wilds says:

    No golf today. It rained all day yesterday and 4-inches of snow this morning. Think this was Chicago instead of Denver. Only 5 more rounds of golf (and a lesson) until I hit Mesquite on the 20th. Hope I find a golf game by then.

    Still have 2 openings for “free” golf in Vegas at Siena GC at 10am on May 21. Let me know if you’re interested.

  260. Crazy Canucks says:

    Bobby Uszynski, might be interested in that offer. Here is my email address. Email me the info as I would be looking at afternoon tee time as I would be coming in from the Northern half of the State and Utah, boy is she a long one to travel through. My email address is Include your cell number in the email so I can text you if it is a go or not. Thanks. Btw 288 hours to go πŸ˜‰

  261. Due to some injuries I have 3 spots for the gross skins game/net optional on Sunday at Falcon Ridge. Cost is 100. Includes golf, skins game, CTP prizes, lunch and drink tickets. Let me know if you want in. 333 hours till wheels up. STMF

  262. Bob Uszynski says:

    Hey Paul,
    Tom and I will be playing in St. George on Friday the 24th, probably at the Ledges late morning or early afternoon. We have two spots open let me know if you’d like to join us. Anyone else interested?


  263. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks
    Glad you are getting out!!
    I will take me until till June to get my game down!! last night on the golf league was not good temps dropped wind picked up and felt like 38F!! CANNOT WAIT for some desert HEAT!!
    16 days not hours yet do not want to drive myself crazy!! Oh wait that is you Canucks cannot wait to see you again.
    Give your brother a hug from me!! and I pray for his speedy recovery!

  264. Crazy Canucks says:

    336 hours πŸ™‚ Looks like I just might get my 2nd round of the year in on Thursday and hopefully not another 9 holes like last time. Could be my first 18 holes of the year. Fingers crossed Gents.

  265. David DeRango says:

    Finally got to play last Saturday 38F at tee time did not expect much and that is what I got not much.
    Started out with par, bogey, par, bogey then a run of five 6’s in a row!!! back 9 was not much better.
    First time on the course since October!! But hitting the new Callaway Rogue fairway woods were sweet!
    Golf league tonight but as you would guess rain possible πŸ™
    Crazy Canucks if you get 5 rounds in before you leave for Mesquite you will be doing better then me.
    I will be lucky to get on the golf course that many times!!
    Jeffrey glad everything went well looking forward to see you in Mesquite!
    17 days and counting CANNOT WAIT!!

  266. Got out to one of my local courses today to chip and putt around. Yesterday the course I went to was closed by 3 P.M. It’s been so wet they shut the course down. Hope I can hit greens in REG! 10 days until I get my stitches out! 13 days until I land in Phoenix! 17 days until I meet up George and Kerry & the boys to play at Las Vegas National! 19 Days until I am up in Mesquite playing Wolf Creek with Kevin Jones and his crew! Hard to believe that we are in the teens on the countdown. Can’t wait to see everybody! And no work?!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!

  267. Kerry says:

    62 Men 49 & Under Plus 4
    100 Senior No Change
    200 Super Senior Plus 3
    135 Masters Minus 1
    145 Women Minus 2

    642 Total

  268. Crazy Canucks says:

    Barbas, glad to hear that your wrist surgery went well. Hope it heals quickly and you are back on the golf course soon and hitting full shots rather than just chipping and putting. Like I am, as there is still snow on the courses from the last dump Mother Nature tossed at us. Guess its her way of saying “I don’t want MacKinnon to place in the money, leave it for the Americans and not some foreigner” πŸ˜‰ But I am going to try to place and take your green backs and if the Golf Gods are with me that week maybe, just maybe I will have something fancy smancy to declare at the border upon my return to Canada. 384 hours to go, wheels down doing 128.7 kph down I-15.

  269. Kerry says:

    Mr. Barbas, I believe that Mr. Carr is in your 4some for the Monday Skins Game.

  270. Kerry says:

    Hey Jeffery,
    Glad you made it to today. It is really not that hard to keep your wrist dry. They gave me a “Sleeve” for my Knee.
    You can just slice open a sandwich bag, and then use Medical Tape to seal it around your wrist. But they probably gave you a sleeve for your wrist.
    See you in 18 days at Las Vegas National for lunch.

    As for Hydration, I have a 30 oz Travel Mug that I use at work everyday, Fill it with water 6 times for 6 trips.

  271. Greg, if your playing in the Skins game on Monday I would suggest bringing your own golf balls since the last few years all they had left were the Taylor Made “A” balls when we arrived for registration. To bad we can’t ask to have them hold so many dozen for us ahead of time so their rep brings enough to registration so he doesn’t run out. I ended up buying a putter there last year. Good move! My friend tells me I better never get rid of that putter. It’s made a lot of putts for me since I threw it in the bag. One of those impulse necessity buys I made that actually worked out! Maybe Christian can put in the word for them to bring more of their top balls since I’m sure a lot of the players would buy them with there $100 gift card. They have discounted prices on shorts and shirts and other clothing from Adidas, too. Or you can just save the card for a future purchase on-line if you don’t find what you like there.

  272. Surgery is done. Doctor said I have the thickest tendons he’s every seen! I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing? Anyways, I have to have this wrist bandage on until the 15th and I can’t get it wet. Not sure if I can make that happen for that long. I can putt and chip in the meantime. He suggested that I stay away from the sand traps since it’s so wet here. He doesn’t want me ripping my stitches open. Had to have the surgery with a local instead of them putting me out. They couldn’t find a vein. Poked on me for an hour. Needless to say I am going to have to watch that I don’t get dehydrated in the heat. So if you haven’t started your hydration schedule to get ready for Mesquite, start it now! It might already be late for me.

  273. Kerry says:

    Here Ye, Here Ye

    For all you Really Early Arrivers. Richard & I have a 10:05 Tee Time at Siena Golf Club in Las Vegas on Tuesday,
    May 21st. Richard has a Gift Certificate for a 4some. So as you see, there are 2 spots available. We are also going to be doing Breakfast at the Gold Coast Casino Buffet at 8:00am. So if you are interested, Please let me know here. Your Cost: Breakfast if you come for that.

  274. Crazy Canucks says:

    408 hours and counting. Courses are down and out for me as weather is at single digits (in Celsius) till next weekend. Then I will attempt to go hit balls and play 9 holes as weather is suppose to turn and be above 50F. Can hardly wait for the desert heat as my buddy Davey DeRango would say. Wheels down and 127.8 kph in 17 days. Hopefully I have more than 5 rounds in by the time I leave for America. See ya soon Lads.

  275. Kerry says:

    Greg Carr,
    I would get to Registration Early, as it is Taylor Made and their associated partners for the $100.00 Gift card.
    Or you could stop by PGA Golf Super Store in Las Vegas and pick them up, No Traveling with Balls.
    Only place to buy Balls in Mesquite is Golf Courses and Wal Mart.

  276. Greg Carr says:

    I got an email in last week or so mentioning a $100 gift certificate to spend on golf supplies. Will they have my TP5-x balls so I won’t have to travel with a dozen in my carry on?

  277. David DeRango says:

    Same here Jeffery I hope all goes well!
    21 days before I leave for Vegas and the run to Mesquite CANNOT WAIT!!!

    Looking forward to some dry golf and some heat!

    Wish I could be with you at Las Vegas National, maybe next year hope the wife does not burn up all my Vacation time.
    Have a lot of work around the house to do this year! Getting things ready to sell in a few years the wife will hit 65 in 2 years and 8 months. πŸ™‚ then I can retire! everything is a count down!

  278. Kerry says:

    Hope all goes well with the Wrist Surgery. Remember, listen and do exactly what the Doctor says.
    Looking forward to seeing you and the wife May 22nd at Las Vegas National for Lunch.

    Wheels Down and 80+ MPH for me in something like 17 days.

  279. Getting NERVOUS! Going under the knife tomorrow. Hope everything works like the doctor said it will. Hopefully it will make the pain go away in my wrist. If not then I will definitely be playing in the handicapped division.

  280. Kerry says:

    Last day of work is the 16th of May this month, so I may leave the 17th.

  281. David DeRango says:

    Rain, Rain and more rain πŸ™ 5″ of rain so far and more coming!!!
    By July I will be crying for rain but for now our golf courses are not open if they are it is walking!
    Do not mind walking but my knee will not let me!!
    Replacement knee surge will be scheduled for this fall!
    21 days to go will count hours the week before!!

  282. Crazy Canucks says:

    Hurray Hurray its the first of May. 480 hours to go before wheels do,wn and 128.7 kph. First stop Upstate Utah.

  283. David DeRango says:

    More rain today and tomorrow I think I like rain better then snow! it is at last warmer!
    This keeps up my tee time for Saturday could be in jeopardy? and of course morning temp will be a brisk 38F!!
    I am so glad I do not need to worry about this in Mesquite, all I need to worry about is were is the beer car girl???
    23 days and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!
    safe travels everyone.
    Good luck Jeffrey with your surgery hope all goes will!

  284. Kerry says:

    58 Men 49 & Under Minus 1
    100 Senior Plus 3
    197 Super Senior Plus 1
    136 Masters No Change
    147 Women No Change

    638 Total Plus 3

  285. I’ll try not to hit you Paul. I might be lucky to hit anything. I’m getting wrist surgery on Friday. Hope I’m healed up and no problems by then. Hope the doctors right and there are no complications!

  286. Kerry says:

    And Richard has snow, no Men’s League this morning.

  287. David DeRango says:

    Sorry my Canadian friend Jeffrey is right you can keep the snow even thou we have rain all week and our opening night golf league got rained out!!
    I have a Tee time for May 4th weather looks ok but the course will be water logged may have to walk!!! not with my knee!
    At least in Mesquite we never have to worry about rain or snow!
    New contestant count is 638 closing in on 650! is May 1st the cut off date to sign up? if it is not much time better get in for the best fun ever!!!
    23 days and counting I will use hours later CANNOT WAIT!!!

  288. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jeff, I never kiss and tell. You will just have to wait for your answer. 2 feet of snow sounds better than 60.96 centimeters. That is a huge number compared to a 2. See ya soon Mate. And I get the pleasure of hitting your golf ball back to you if you hit into my 4some on Saturday at Coral Canyon. Aren’t you lucky. You are 17A and I am 18B. So NAY NAY to the long ball that day.

  289. Oops! Sorry Paul! I forgot to covert that to the Metric System for you. 60.96 centimeters or .61 meters. Glad I live in America where we can say 2 feet! You Canadians try to be so sophisticated. By the way, you wearing that Canadian thong in plus sizes now?

  290. You can keep your 24″ of snow and your health care, Paul. LOL

  291. Crazy Canucks says:

    Ah fiddle sticks we just got dumped with 2 feet of snow in a 24 hour period. No golf for at least 10 days as single digits are flogging the weather reports. Isn’t it nice that all you hear is “EH” on the golf courses Kerry. Canada is invading America and Trump doesn’t even know it. Right now Canada is in negotiations with the State of Montana and Nevada to join our wonderful Country. “Free Health Care” yippee yahoo. Arizona is next on the list since we head to that State during our winter months. 528 hours to go.

  292. David DeRango says:

    OK hours I really do not worry about hours till one week before.
    25 days for me or 604 hours!!

    Jeffrey RAIN today thru Thursday looks like golf league will not start today!!! πŸ™

    CANNOT WAIT for some of the dry heat you had fun in Kerry.

  293. Kerry says:

    Wow, it seemed that all I heard today on the course was ” EH “.

  294. 3 week! Seen a few snow flakes today as well, Dave! Temp dropped real quick and then turned to rain. Have a tee time at 2 in the afternoon on Sunday. Hope it warms up fast!

  295. Crazy Canucks says:

    Oops must have mixed up the conversion charts. 576 hours for me. Why cant our 2 countries get together and use the same system. Metric / Imperial, Imperial / Metric. So confused. Maybe one day. Oh well now that I have figured out how many hours before I enter America, I will go retrieve the snow shovel. Why you ask, cause right now I am watching the snow fall. Courses will be closed till late next week at least. Thanks for bringing my hours up George, you have just cut my time in half πŸ˜‰

  296. We are doing hours now. Well ok, 569 for me. Is that Canada time Paul. Are you coming in June. LOL STMF

  297. We are doing hours now. Well ok, 569 for me. Is that Canada time. Are you coming in June. LOL STMF

  298. Crazy Canucks says:

    1152 hours to go. No longer counting days just hours. Here I come America, get ready.

  299. Kerry says:

    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH in 552 Hours
    See you in 557 Hours Richard

  300. Crazy Canucks says:

    Golf season has been put on hold here in Calgary AB. Snow in the forecast for the next 4 days. Good thing I got 9 holes in at least last week. 24 days to go.

  301. I have a spot on Sat at Coral Canyon and a spot on Sunday at Falcon Ridge if anyone is interested. STMF

  302. Kerry says:

    Will be playing one of my Tournament courses Today. Less than an hour from now. Going to be warm. 90’s, close to 100. Sorry Paul. 6:50 PDT as posted

  303. David DeRango says:

    Yes I know you work but would love to have your hours!!

    Jeffrey I can understand how you feel not only dose work get in the way of golf but now they are talking about snow on Saturday!! Really SNOW WTF is that about!!

    Open day of golf league is Monday with a 70% chance of rain and 51F for the high WHAT is that!!
    Chicago weather sucks!!
    27 days until we leave for Vegas and dry warm weather and not even a thought of rain! CANNOT WAIT!!

  304. Kerry says:

    Construction on I-15 going through St. George. Did not notice any evidence of construction in Virgin River Gorge, But it was DARK.

  305. I got 44 hours in already this week and I have to work Friday & Saturday. Got to be honest, I’d rather have my time off than the money. 40 hours a week is plenty. Unfortunately people can’t live without cable & internet. And I only have a 4 man crew and funny how I have 4 bosses. Really? Can’t wait to get on the plane outta here!!!!!

  306. Kerry says:

    I’m sorry, but I do still work.

  307. David DeRango says:

    You guys play golf but someone still has to work for a living!!

    Open day for golf league does not look good 50F with 55% chance of rain looks like another season starting without getting much golf in before Mesquite!!!
    This dose not look good for me but who cares, “I CANNOT WAIT” 28 days till I leave for Vegas.

    Well at least Easter weekend in Vegas had GREAT weather cannot wait to get back!

  308. Kerry says:

    So sorry for your cool weather. But you know I will be golfing in 90 degrees Friday and Saturday at the Oasis Palmer and Canyons Courses. Be thinking of you.

  309. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well at least I got 9 holes in yesterday as the weather is not looking good for the 10 days. Back to winter we go. Snow in the forecast for the next few days followed by low temps and we are talking LOW. How is 1C (34F) 3C (38F) 5C (42F). Just a wee nippy for me as I would rather ski than play golf in that weather. See ya soon Lads

  310. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks, rain is all we have been getting!! my grass is growing and now needs its first mowing!!
    No chance for golf this weekend either wife has planned a wine trip to Michigan and who knows what Sunday will bring? I have said this before a man has to do what a man has to do!! so I can go to Mesquite!!! πŸ˜‰

    Yes Kerry I know you guys will have at least 4 rounds under your belt before I even get into Vegas.
    You love to torture me!!!
    Plus less than 4 hours of sleep and a quick drive in which I land on Friday night!
    29 days to go I CANNOT WAIT!!!
    golf league in 5 days at least I know I will get some golf in on every Monday!
    Safe travels all

  311. Jim OHare says:

    I have one spot available Monday morning 5/27 at falcon ridge it’s at 8:20 so if your not playing George’s event and want a warm up round let me know.

  312. Crazy Canucks says:

    Giddy Up I’m in my twenties now. That would be before I leave for the Am. Wheels down and doing 127.8 km/h. 60% chance of rain today but I have the day off so I am going to give it the ol’ college try and attempt for 9 holes today. This ought to be a blast as my new clubs haven’t seen homeland soil before only foreign soil. Those babies worked in Scotland hopefully they work here in North America. The weather will be a high of 13 C (56F) just don’t know if a turtleneck is in the picture or just a golf shirt with sweater. And wind / rain shell will be packed as well for the rain. Not complaining about the rain as we need it for 2 reasons. #1 to wash away all the gravel on the streets #2 make the grass grow. See ya soon Lads.

  313. Kerry says:

    David, and to think, Richard and I will have golfed Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday before you arrive back in Las Vegas. Friday also?

  314. David DeRango says:

    Work will be driving me crazy for another 2 years and 9 months then I can retire??? But for now I have to live with it as I told the wife I will golf minimum 2 days a week and she knows the week before the Mesquite AM it could be golf everyday with you Kerry and Richard and any one else we would like to join us!!.
    Ok golf league stars in 6 days! and recounted it is 30 days before we are leaving for Vegas!!
    Always seems to have a lot of activity on the Mesquite blog the closer we get to the AM!!
    see you all soon my Mesquite golf buddies!!

  315. Got most of my conduit run today after running our trencher. Then got our Boring Machine back from the mechanics and did our first bore…. to find out our beacon and locator are not working well together. Thought it was 18″ deep and it was poking the head out of the ground right under the sidewalk. We got the first boring machine in Ohio back in 1997. Time for the Smithsonian! Now if I can get threw a couple more bores I can get this job finished and on to the next. And the next! Can’t wait for Mesquite! Work is driving me nuts. 26 days!

  316. David DeRango says:

    WOW Vegas was great over Easter weekend got to bed this morning about 3:30am and got up at 5:45am for work!!
    Wife and I had a great time even got set for my trip in 32 days back to Vegas set up a few things and take a nap before we run to Mesquite to meet up with Kerry, Richard and Ran!
    Jeffrey do not envy you brother soon we will be in our happy place!! Golfing. Like you I CANNOT WAIT for Mesquite.
    Weather here in Chicago is getting better but I will not be on a golf course till next Monday opening day for our golf league that should be a good indicator on how my game will be???
    Safe travels all see you soon!!

  317. Kerry says:

    If this was Monday May 20th, Richard would be up (or not) Prepping the Audi for his departure. He has told me that he will need to leave about 5ish am, to get to St. George, Ut for a late Lunch with me, 2ish pm.
    So if I leave at about 9ish, we should see each other when you hit I-15 coming off I-70.
    So Richard, since it is only Monday April 22nd, Sleep On, You are still on your Retirement Sleep Schedule.

    So it is Approximately 677 Hours until I am Wheels Down & 80+ MPH

  318. Kerry says:

    As Per gas Buddy APP

    Utah USA
    2.801 2.840
    2.803 2.849
    One Week Ago
    2.649 2.832
    One Month Ago
    2.398 2.618
    One Year Ago
    3.065 2.763

  319. Holy cow, 30 days and a wake up and I am wheels up. We will be “doing it” soon. STMF

  320. Kerry says:

    Paul, Wheels Up? You flying down?

    Snow Iron/ Wedge? Mine is attached to my arm, about 10 or 11 inches below my elbow.

    Wheels Down and 80+ MPH in 28 Days for me.

  321. Crazy Canucks says:

    30 days before wheels up. Went to the range the other day as the weather was above 50F. Boy do I need a lot of work before I make the trek to Mesquite. Thank goodness I have 3 practice rounds before the Tourney. I just might need them as there is still snow on the golf courses (which are open by the way) So question – you hit in the snow (bank)? Causal water? Yes or No or play it as it lies. Cause the “snow iron / wedge” hasn’t been invented yet or has it????

  322. Kerry says:

    Been Thinking, After Tiger’s WIN last weekend at Augusta in the Master’s, Pebble Beach and the 2019 U. S. Open is going to be just Fantastic. And oh Yeah, I will be on The Property for the 3 Days of Practice Rounds, and then all 4 Days of the Championship.
    On the 8th day after getting home from the Mesquite Am, I will be leaving for the 2019 U. S. Open. Then back to Mesquite from there for a week of golf. And no, I am not retired, YET. I just tend to use almost all of my 5 weeks of Vacation per year, in May & June, the only time most of you hear from me.
    And with all this being said, Less than 30 days until Richard & I are sitting down to a late lunch at Paula’s
    in St. George, Utah.
    And cannot wait for Golf in Las Vegas with George and His Crew.

  323. Kerry says:

    I’m sorry, but right now I am just beyond caring.
    Another Major Money outpour has just come my way.
    And I will not be getting the extra money I am used to.

  324. Ron Luttrall says:

    Total count up to 635.

  325. Yes, Kerry, the wife and I will be there! Can’t wait! My wife was reading the reviews on this hotel. Very interesting reading. LOL You’d have to be insane to think this place was a decent enough place to sleep for the night. This really makes you appreciate the Virgin River. Every time I have ever stayed there it has been neat and clean. I have one night there this year on Friday night before I go to Coral Canyon. Then it’s off to my other room for the week.

    I will tell you another story about the trouble call that me and one of my crew went in on. When you got to front door of this triplex you could already smell the strong odor of cat urine before they even opened the door. As we went inside there were cats everywhere. I counted about 15 that I could see but I’m sure there was 20 to 25 running around this place. There was cat crap that they sprayed 4 feet up the walls…. about every room you went in. It’s really unthinkable how anyone could live in that type of environment. What’s more disturbing is what kind of landlord allows these kind of tenants into their building? This smell was so bad you have to believe the neighbors could smell it. After we got out of that job I went straight up to H.R. and talked to him about the situation. At least he sided with me and said if you think it’s a health risk don’t go in. But now we have a new H.R. and new management. I refused to let my guys go into the crawl space. My old boss that retired and came back to work under me volunteered to step in the crawl space of the hotel and get our pipe threw the hole we core drilled threw the building. Thankfully the rest of our work is outside. Hopefully the boring machine is fixed by Monday and I can get this job done and over with!

  326. Kerry says:

    Mr. Barbas,
    Your job just sounds so interesting. When in the Air Force, I worked on and operated ground radar.
    And we would find all sorts of things. Did I mention that we were mobile? And living in Various Motels/Hotels
    in places you would not even think about visiting.

    But back to Mesquite. You are joining us at Las Vegas National on May 22nd? I could scroll down and find out, but that discussion was some time ago. I am planning on being there noonish for lunch, join me if you wish.

    30 days or so until Wheels Down and 80 MPH

  327. 30 days can’t get here quick enough! Work sucks right now. Running fiber and cable to a hotel that should have been burned to the ground. Feral cats have crapped and pissed all over in the crawl spaces of this place. Every day we pull into this place there are our city police and county Sheriff cars coming in and checking the plates of cars for wanted criminals. The place is well known for Meth labs and prostitutes and drug dealers. This place is a real GEM! I feel like I have to scrub my body off with denatured alcohol before I go home. It kind of makes me feel bad for the cockroaches that have to live there. I can’t get on the plane fast enough to get the heck out of here. Funny thing, I ran into an ex employee that looked at running our cable here 20 years ago. He said then that there is no way we would ever want to service this place. The new management comes in this past year and now we have to run cable to this joint because he offered it to them to get his numbers up. What a nightmare! It sure is easy to get your job done when you don’t have to lift a finger to do the job or just sit in a cubical and play on the computer. Our boring machines water pump busted and we have about 1,000 feet of trench we have to open up in the rainy season! That’s just pure brilliance! Mesquite just can’t get here soon enough!

  328. Kerry says:

    I thinks we should move down to the Flat Bellies. Or would that be Up?

  329. David DeRango says:

    Vegas in 15 hours and my first Happy hour cannot wait 90’s all weekend and getting away from the 50’s!!
    34 days till I am back in Vegas for the big week CANNOT WAIT!!

    Rich C. looking forward to your night and some single malt scotch I tried some Old Bushmills Red at dinner and it was so smooth I hope they have that at the Casablanca pool bar!!

    George is a funny boy he belongs in the almost flat bellies but stays in the flat bellies and we all know you are not a flat belly even I am older then dirt I have a flat belly but play my age sometimes? unless Kerry wants to change who we are LOL!! see you soon

  330. Rich C says:

    The Cigars Under the Stars is filling up as usual but always can take more. Pass the word!

  331. Ron Luttrall says:

    Right, I didn’t scroll down far enough. Good one George.

  332. Kerry says:

    Glad I could be of assistance.

  333. Crazy Canucks says:

    Wahoo I’m in the “Almost flat belly” division. However I am in a class of my own as I am in the Speedo and Thong body Division as well πŸ˜‰ Watch out boys I am a coming and with “chalk” in hand of course. Sure hope the courses are a little liberal this year with chalk sayings than the last time as one course when ape over the chalk sayings. Down to 35 days to go.

  334. Kerry says:

    Don’t give me credit for that one. Give it to George.

  335. Ron Luttrall says:

    Kerry, fortunately we outran the dinosaurs back then.

  336. Bob Uszynski says:

    Thanks Kerry.

    He tried the phone route and had no luck. After I posted my question to you I suggested that he try online and that seems to have worked. So I guess online is the way to do it.

  337. Kerry says:

    Wow, to be young again.
    I got:

    59 Flat Bellies
    94 Almost Flat Bellies
    191 Older Than Dirt’s
    135 I Ran With the Dinosaurs
    146 Wonderful Women’s
    For a Total of 625

  338. I am counting 626 with a little over a month to go till registration closes. Would love to see 640. Only 60 in the flat belly division. 94 in the almost flat belly divison. 135 in the older than dirt division. 146 in the ” I ran with the dinosaurs” division and 146 in the wonderful women’s division. See all of you soon STMF

  339. Kerry says:

    Under the Mesquite Amateur Banner, You need to scroll down to it. Click on the Hotels Button. Your friend can make his reservation on line there. The code for Mesquite Amateur Participants is listed there also. But it will come up automatically when making the reservation on line. The code for Casablanca is ” 1MEAM19 “. This should also work over the phone.

  340. Bob Uszynski says:

    How or where did you see availability at the Casa? A friend of mine is trying to get in there, he just checked and they’re telling him that they are full? He’s arriving in Saturday, not sure if that makes a difference

  341. Kerry says:

    David, not meant for you. For every one else. I know where you are staying.

  342. David DeRango says:

    Do not need a room just payment to Richard for the say at his place I need to pick up something for our cocktail hours at the town home he gave me some ideas!!
    Yes that is the plan to be in Mesquite by 6:AM, I will break land speed records to make sure I get their in time.
    will update you on my progress as I travel!!
    2 days and I will be in Vegas for Easter cannot wait for that!!
    36 days till I am in Vegas for the scramble out to Mesquite CANNOT WAIT MORE!!!
    See you all soon my Mesquite golf buddies!!!

  343. Kerry says:

    Using Mesquite Amateur Code, looked okay for Casablanca.

  344. Kerry says:

    Sunday May 26th and Thursday May 30th, are sold out for all room types according to website. But did not check using Mesquite Am code. Hope you all have made your room reservations. Virgin River is open.

  345. Masters Sunday and 38 days to go till wheels up. The skins games are full except for one spot left at Falcon Ridge on Sunday. Email me if you would like to claim that spot. DOINGIT25@GMAIL.COM. So many great gifts for the raffle this year. Too many to list but everything looks great. Thanks to all that are donating. See all of you soon. Safe travels. STMF

  346. Kerry says:

    Wow Mr. Crazy Canuck, Are we really that close to our Departures to Mesquite? Sure wish it would stop
    Raining and Snowing here, would sure like to get out and play without driving 400 miles. Next weekend, perhaps.
    I May leave for Mesquite on May 18th or 20th. Not sure yet. Regardless, will be meeting Richard for lunch in
    St. George or Mesquite for some Good Mexican Food.
    Gold Coast Buffet at 8:00am for Breakfast on May 21st. Siena Golf Club after that. Unknown Time as of yet.
    Those that are Playing Las Vegas National with us on May 22nd, if you download their App, Android or IOS,
    you can get Free Range Balls & 2 Free Drinks.
    Coyote Springs at 9:00am on May 23rd.
    Casablanca Pool & Spa Friday before moving into Wolf Creek Condo.
    Or Quick Trip to California to pick up some Alien Jerky and Garlic Bread.
    And then it gets REAL. And I hope I am not late to Coral Canyon, having to wait for Mr. Happy A$$ to get
    in from Las Vegas. Please Kind Sir, I would like to LEAVE by 6:00AM. Oh Yeah, he is in my 4some. Put us in the same cart please George. Mr. Happy A$$ will be the Driver.
    So, with all that said, As George tells me, ” Things Seem To Change.”
    So it will be Wheels Down and 80+ MPH in 35 or 37 Days.

  347. Kerry says:

    Dinner with you and Neil Next Year Paul. Steak at The Timbermine.

  348. Crazy Canucks says:

    Yahoo under 40 actually 39 days till wheels down and doing 128.7 kms down Interstate 15 straight to Utah cause that is my first stop. Rounds this year the big GOOSE EGG cause it snowed the other day. And you wonder why I am moving up a Division this year. Golf season is to short around here. Cant wait to meet a bunch of new players, yes that is because I am “moving on up to the East side”, oops showing my age. “Moving on up to the retirement side” πŸ˜‰ For all the guys that are playing golf already so jealous. Need a green card or maybe someone wants to adopt me so I can be an American and play golf all year around. Now that would be sweet. Or even marry an American. Anyone out there that has a single sister, female cousin, daughter they want to get rid of. Just think Canadian beer at the wedding. Giddy Up to that. Hopefully my first round will be next week, but I have a better chance of winning the lottery cause it ain’t looking to pretty in the weather category for next week πŸ™

  349. Kerry says:

    Tomato Tomatoe, Rain Snow Sunshine. You will see one of these David.

  350. David DeRango says:

    I am looking at the extended forecast for Vegas and Easter weekend is sun and mid 80’s πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to it.
    Because in Chicago mid 50’s with some sun.
    I will take Vegas weather thank you

  351. Crazy Canucks says:

    Yes Lads, I moved up for a couple of reason. #1. I took Kerry’s advice. Since I am playing all of the those courses in the skins game why not continue to play the same courses, since I have already seen them. They will be still fresh in my mind. #2. With Neil not being there he also said to try it out since he isn’t there this year and who knows if his strength will return to normal after what he has been through. So a shortage yardage would be perfect for the “young lad”. #3 Also another fellow Mesquite Am player who cannot be there this year as his daughter is graduating from high school and he has to find a suitable college for her to continue her education also recommended to move up. So Gents in the U49, sure I will miss you guys but I have to give the other flight a try, not only for me but for Neil and the advice of the other two men. And thanks David as I know I don’t look the big Five O, but Father time has a way of catching up with you. No worries as I will still be looking at the young ladies to “buy them a drink or four”. See ya soon and hopefully I get to swing a club next week as the weather doesn’t look to promising. Rain in the forecast and the numbers are still in single digits up here.

  352. Kerry says:

    David, don’t look to forward to the Desert heat. Look for rain possibly.

  353. David DeRango says:

    WOW a lot of supper seniors what a challenge!! Oh well more in the kitty for the tournament skin games!!
    Paul are your really that old??? you just don’t look it!!! No I bet he wants to play with the old boys to have an advantage! πŸ˜‰
    I played down last year and took third HA! take that!
    41 days to go CANNOT WAIT!!!
    But 7 days and I will be in Vegas for Easter weekend looking forward to some desert heat!
    see you all soon my Mesquite golf buddies!!

  354. Kerry says:

    He is just going back to play the same 3 courses during the Tournament as he will have played over the weekend and Monday in your Games.

  355. Kerry says:

    Men 49 and under 57
    Senior 91
    Super Senior 187
    Masters 130
    Women 146

    Total 611

    Plus one other I know about

  356. Oh Paul, I so thought you Canadians we’re manly men. Moving up to play with the old guys. Sad. Have fun grandpa. STMF

  357. David DeRango says:

    Ok we have the list of participates I have a count of 611 and Kerry has 613.
    This is a good start I am sure we will grow to about 650 great looking forward to this year again.
    Love the way it is laid out and all the ways you can see your group.

  358. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Chanuck I have never seen or want to see you in your speedo or thong I pray to God I never will. πŸ˜‰
    Happy your brother is doing better will miss him this year.
    42 days till I land in Vegas CANNOT WAIT!!
    10 day forecast for Chicago land it sucks!! chance rain almost everyday if not raining cold temp’s and wind I can only guess what opening day for our golf league will be like in 18 days?
    Looking forward to that desert heat!
    safe travails all.

  359. I think everybody missed your Canadian hungry butt eating that Maple Leaf speedo like it was an imploding salad bowl. See you soon! Hope your brother is feeling better and we see him next year.

  360. Kerry says:

    George, Put me as the last person on your waiting list, then throw me in if there is room. Let everyone else go before me. For Monday.

  361. Crazy Canucks says:

    Holy Bejesus. The golf courses are opening up this weekend. Time for me to dust off the swing. I just hope it gets above 10C (42F) so it would just be a turtleneck and sweater day. 42 days to go. Waiting for participants to see who I know and who I don’t know. Knickers might show up this year, stay tuned. Jeff Barbas, no need to worry speedo and thong will be making the trip. I know you missed us last year.

  362. Kerry says:

    David, I would PREFER so that we are Leaving By 6:00am.
    George, You want I should stop looking at them and seeing strange stuff?

  363. My tee sheets keep changing. On May 1st i will put up what I have open and send out a one time email and first come first serve. I will tell you this, the raffle is going to be epic. Over 80 items for the 3 days with some very special gifts being donated. thanks to all. See all of you soon. Remember this If you are not “Doing it in the Desert” you are just doing it wrong. STMF

  364. David DeRango says:

    Ok I plan on being in Mesquite no later then 6:15am but that is fine I will do what ever works.

  365. Kerry says:

    Don’t think we should hold Richard up, I will wait for you to get to Mesquite.

  366. David DeRango says:

    Right George 44 days till I am in Vegas and the run to Coral Canyon with Kerry and Richard CANNOT WAIT.
    Looking forward to help with the Raffles again just a heads up I have read all the essays once going over them one more time and will be getting you my top 6 picks to you this week.
    Paul you are so full of that Canadian beer, that is do not try to influence Greg you are the bad boy of the Mesquite AM!!! but we love you anyway!!
    11 days before I head to Vegas for Easter weekend really need this!
    Golf league starts in 20 days so I hope Chicago weather is going to be good
    I see Vegas is in the low 70’s and 80’s already !!! CANNOT WAIT Oh I said that already!!! πŸ˜‰

  367. Rich C. says:

    Just a reminder to those who wish to attend the Cigars Under the Stars: Please go to that thread and post your first and last name to secure a spot and be entered into the door prize drawing.

  368. I agree Jeff, 49 and under woods flight is a much better fit for me. Courses are longer, skins game is usually fuller and this year there is no travel.

    As for the skins games Sunday and Monday are sold out and I have 3 single spots left for Coral Canyon on Saturday. 44 days to go peeps. STMF

  369. Kerry says:

    Just Checked Las Vegas National Website, 2 Slots still available for the 2:10 pm Tee Time on May 22nd.
    Veterans, remember to bring your Proof of Service to get your Discount.

  370. Getting Oasis Palmer Course is great news! Awesome! This definitely helped the argument to stay in the 49 and under. I still don’t like the short yardage that the 50 – 59 division would play. It would definitely take the driver out of the bag for many players. And you don’t really have to hit driver that often in Mesquite anyways, but, the game is a lot more fun when you can hit it.

    Special thanks and a good job to George for getting everything together for all the pre-tournament games! To have everything pretty much sold out this early must certainly be a big relief to you and big help to support a good kid needing scholarship help to get them through college. See you in Vegas!

  371. Kerry says:

    Sure going to be nice when we get to see the Numbers, and who is Coming.

  372. Kerry says:

    Well Greg, I guess “Paul” is going to act up, AGAIN. Neil, the Younger of the Crazy Canucks, is Much Milder. But Neil will not be joining us this year. He is usually in charge of keeping Paul under control. Paul is More famous for his Chalk Art. You do not want to get caught up in this. Again Greg Carr, Welcome to the Mesquite Am.

    I use Gas Buddy and the GasBuddy App to decide when and where to gas up. If you are renting in Las Vegas, and not traveling to Coral Canyon, you should not need to worry until you drop off the rental. There is a Costco just off I-15 in St George. In Las Vegas there is a Costco and Sam’s Club just of the Interstate as well. Gas Buddy App will show Cheapest.

  373. Kerry says:

    DOWN, Not DONE

  374. Kerry says:

    The Tentative Course Rotation has CHANGED.
    The Palmer Course has REPLACED The Canyons Course.
    So if you were Tentatively Scheduled to Play The Canyons,
    You are Now Tentatively Scheduled to Play The Palmer.

    So Richard, you Played the Wrong Course for a See How It Is Round.
    Come on back done, and we’ll play The Palmer.

  375. Crazy Canucks says:

    Greg Carr welcome to the Mesquite Am. And don’t take advise from Kerry King. This so called “Paul” fellow is an imaginary friend that Kerry has, he talks about him all the time in this Blog. Someone named David DeRango also mentions this guy named “Paul”. However there is this real classy guy, he goes by “The Crazy Canuck”, you will definitely know to see him on the Monday skins game. Can you believe he shows up in his Speedo to play golf. Carries around Canadian beer with him and pretends he is an American for the week. The greatest guy you will ever want to meet, but just don’t hang with him at night time in the Lounge, that’s where the stories begin with this guy. If you get him drunk, sit back and relax as the show is just about to begin. Last time I hung with this guy, it was the funniest thing you ever saw. FOX could have made a TV show about this guy, I just wish I could remember as I had a few to many sitting beside this guy and busted a gut laughing so much. Greg, we will see you Sunday nite and sit back, relax, have fun and enjoy the ride. Hey Everyone golfing begins Masters Weekend up here in the Great White North. 45 days till wheels down doing 128.5 kph

  376. Richard says:

    Had to make a quick trip to Mesquite but sneaked in a few rounds of golf. Your course report. Snow capped peaks seen from every golf course.
    Palms – Great conditions, fairways hard, greens hard fast and smooth. Bunkers hard and shallow.
    Oasis Canyon – Excellent conditions, fairways and first cut, thick and lush
    Casablanca – Great conditions, firm fairways and green. New penalty area markers on left side of #5. They’re thicker, 6 feet tall and bright red. Even the Super Seniors can see them, though that won’t help David.
    Falcon Ridge – Great conditions, greens just slice aerated, take about a week to heal. They will do it again in about 4 weeks but they still rolled fairly true. Rough was short hard and sucked everything into the desert.
    Sand Hollow – Awesome as always. Red clay in bunkers was sticky in the early dew. Greens hard to read and speed was the key.

    Gas in Mesquite was about $.50 higher the St George. No construction in canyon yet, construction at Coral Canyon exit was down to 1 lane and it should still be going in May.

  377. David DeRango says:

    Wow a lot to catch up on!
    First Greg welcome to the Mesquite AM, I am the same with you my golf buddies from Illinois do not want to come either ( really their loss ) couple of years ago I got 2 to come they love it but have not come back I get all these excuses why they cannot make it back ask Kerry he knows.
    2005 was my first time and have not miss it since I look forward to this every year.
    Cigars under the stars get time to meet new people even if you do not smoke cigars ( I do ) special playing golf!!!
    Check in on Sunday night we are there till 8:30 pm but still hang around late looking forward to meet you I will be the guy with the smile that will not go away!!! 48 days till I land in Vegas CANNOT WAIT!!!

  378. Kerry says:

    Now I am really going to go off topic. Thursday, July 4th, is the Red, White& Blue Classic at The Palms Golf Club. David is coming in from Carol Stream, Ill to Play. Richard is coming in (I Hope) from Littleton, Co to Play. I am coming in from Ogden, Ut to Play. This is a 4 Person Scramble, So we Obviously need 1 more Player. Cost is $45.00 per player, and is a 7:00am Shotgun Start. Entry Fee includes: Green Fees, Food & Prizes. Please Let me know if you would like to Join us. Please Comment here, and then get with me, David or Richard at the Mesquite Am.

    Wheels Down and 80+ MPH in 44 Days

  379. Kerry says:

    Greg, it is to pay the remainder of your Monday Skins Entry. $120.00 minus deposit $55.00 = $65.00 that night. And we get together for Drinks. Or if you aren’t able to get there, you would just need to pay George Monday morning before play.

    And since you are playing 49 & Under, George will be running the skins for your flight. So if you want in during the Tournament, you will see him also.

  380. Greg Carr says:

    I land at 5:30 so I won’t get to Mesquite until 7:30ish. What is the skins check in on Sunday evening? Is this to collect skins money for the week in respective flights?
    Thanks for the info about building choice at Virgin River. Will call them tomorrow

  381. Kerry says:

    Oh Yeah Greg, I don’t Smoke either, But support Rich C. and the cause he does the donations for.
    And since you are Playing in the Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Skins game on Monday, this is just the start of the Fun. During the Dinners you will be able to purchase Raffle Tickets for a chance to win some great Prizes. I donate something to the Cause. Last year was a Watch, and 2 pair of Oakley Sunglasses. This years Donation is just 1 item, but of equal Value of the 3. Lots of drivers, balls, hybrids, fairway metals, wine and more.
    George Salcedo is the one to query about this cause. I see you are playing 49 & under, Sure hope you don’t get paired up with Paul. But seriously, Paul is a Great guy. Normally he is accompanied by his brother Neil, but he has been having health problems, we are hoping for full recovery and his return next year.
    Any questions? Ask, I live less than 400 miles from Mesquite, and have been golfing there since ’97.

  382. Kerry says:

    Greg, look forward to meeting you Sunday Evening at the Skins Check in at the Casablanca Lounge. My little group of David, Richard, Rand, Jim & I normally do Dinner Prior to the Check in. Probably the Early Bird Dinner at Gregory’s Steak House in the Eureka Casino. This is from 4 – 5 pm. What time do you think you will get to Mesquite? The Eureka is right across the street from the Virgin River. And we always do Breakfast at the Virgin River CafΓ© Prior to Tournament Rounds. Hint for staying at Virgin River: Pull the Filters up on the A/C Unit. Put your Desired Drinks of Choice on these, this is your refrigerator. Casablanca has Refrigerators in room. You mentioned you got a Pool View Room, Call Virgin River and mention that you would like Building 2, Pool Side Lower Level. Reasoning, close to Casino, Main Reason: Morning Sun. You do not want the Sun shining into you room in the afternoon. Welcome to the Mesquite Amateur. And I am sure that this will not be your Last. I am a 24-25 HI, and have been a Participant since 2005(I think) I’m Old. Same as George and David. And I am pretty much the Holder of Last Place in my Flight. But I have met some Fantastic People playing this Tournament.
    I am going to Start this Always Included Section Early:
    Hey Veterans of the Mesquite Am, How about some Advise to these New To Mesquite Am and the Desert.
    I am taking George’s today: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE.

    Oh Yeah Greg, My brother does Taxes for Jackson-Hewitt, so he is about to become Unemployed until January.

  383. Greg Carr says:

    I will be coming alone, my wife didn’t like the Myrtle Beach trip cause she was alone without a car the majority of the time so she decided I could do this on my own, and I have never been able to get any golf buddies to travel with me like this (their loss). since it is just me I got a pool view room at the Virgin River….like you said just a place to sleep!! I just turned 49 in Feb so I can move up next year!! I too need to bump to help with my short drives. Does everybody attend the Cigars event on Wednesday evening? I don’t smoke but a cocktail by the pool doesn’t sound bad?

  384. You coming with anyone else, Greg, or you a loner? Where you staying? A lot of these guys can give you tips on where to eat outside of the event or where they would stay. CasaBlanca does have the best pool area to relax around and probably the best food selection. I usually frequent the Casa Cafe there. Katherine’s for fine dining. But cost wise the Virgin River is just a room to sleep in and it’s always been clean whenever I stayed there. Remember there is a Texas Hold’em event on Wednesday at 3:00 P.M. for the players and guests of this event if your into that. How many more years you have in the 49 & under? I looked at the yardage the Seniors are playing. I’m getting the idea that when I turn 50 that I can no longer hit the ball out of my own shadow. So whoever is playing with me at the Palms on Wednesday of the tournament, if you notice my lack of ability to hit a driver over 200 yards please just shoot me on the spot. Or at least point me in the direction of the nearest nursing home. My wife would appreciate cheapest!

  385. David DeRango says:

    So happy to hear Neil is on the road to recovery I know it will not take long God Bless.
    looking forward to have a few with you and your Canadian Rye/Whiskey love to try it.

    Kerry, George has been giving me SH#! about my conservative dress and I will not disappoint for the skin game I will not be conservative just like last year bright and loud (not to loud) πŸ˜‰
    see you all soon!!!

  386. Greg Carr says:

    Jeff I will be in the 49 & under flight. I don’t fly in until Sunday afternoon & I was the last guy entered for Monday at CasaBlanca.

  387. Greg Carr! Good to hear your coming out! Your going to love it. Which flight you playing in? I’ll be in the 49 & under again this year. Hope to see you in the all the Pre-Tournament events. 6 different courses in 6 days!

  388. Kerry says:

    Hey Paul, Maybe you already have had a beer with a Mormom.

    Greg Carr, Brother’s Name is Mike King. Lives down the road from Hard Rock Casino. He is coming to Pebble Beach to work with me at 2019 U.S. Open in June.

    Paul, Thanks for the Update on Neil, and give him all our best.

    David, we will be Playing Golf together soon enough.
    And my plans may change, again. Tournament Sunday at the Palms, and another one Monday at Falcon Ridge.

  389. Crazy Canucks says:

    Update from the Great White North. Neil has been released from hospital after 4 1/2 months. It was a great day yesterday (04 02 2019) as my brother is now home to begin his long road of rehab. He lost over 15 lbs of body weight during his stay there and now has to gain that back. Golfing for him will not begin to at least the Fall of 2019. Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes. Looking forward to all 3 skins games I’m in and looking forward to the people I’m playing with. I know a few of ya and looking forward to meeting the other players I don’t know. Benninghove, Moon, Gitnik and Krammerer when I play with you lads hopefully I still have some Canadian beer with me for us to drink, if not Canadian Rye/Whiskey will be the choice of the day. You guys bring the “ginger” that would be ginger ale for the mixer. Woohoo, just figured out that it is 49 days till wheels down and 127.8 kph (80 mph) πŸ˜‰ Now we just have to wait for the list to see who’s in and how many people will be attending this event. I will see you soon Gents. Salt Lake City is my first stop to see T. Cook and have a pre tournament beve with him not to mention I had some merchandise shipped to his house so I need to pick that up before he splits for Mesquite. I just thought of a little challenge for myself: to see if I can get a Mormon to have a beer with me.

  390. David DeRango says:

    OK 49 days till we leave for Vegas and for the best fun anywhere!!!
    CANNOT WAIT!! Have I said this before???
    Weather warming up in Chicago land but rain is killing the chance to get to the golf course!
    Even the driving range I cannot get to! Grand kids birthday parties this month keeping us busy.
    15 days till we are in Vegas for Easter!
    Golf league starts in 25 days so a lot to look forward to.
    See you soon my Mesquite golf buddies save Travels!

  391. Greg Carr says:

    George, I just entered for Sunday at Casablanca. Didn’t say it was full as of yet so hopefully I got in just in time.

    Jeffrey Barbas – When I entered the Am I listed you as how I learned of this tourney, hopefully you get a referral fee?

    Kerry – I live in Broken Arrow, OK. What is your brother’s name?

  392. David DeRango says:

    Thank you Kerry and Ron,
    I feel we should be about 650 participants which will make things crazy!!
    Looking forward to the fellow ship and other fun things, golf, cigars, drinking and Food!! πŸ™‚

    Kerry Happy Birthday to your wife and many more!
    I also what to shout out a Happy Birthday to my grand daughter who is now 7!
    Yes I had to replace my Furnace and Air 5 years ago Not cheap!!!

  393. Kerry says:

    Last count I posted for last year was on May 14th, 629. And was latest one I saw posted.
    Today is day off, and waiting for Furnace Service or replacement. Last Monday was Water Heater Replacement.

  394. Ron Luttrall says:

    David, I had the count as 623 last year, not official but close.

  395. Kerry says:

    Great Prank

  396. Kerry says:

    And a Happy April Fools Day to all. I also would like to take this time to Wish My Wonderful Wife Happy Birthday. Also Wishing one of my co-worker’s a Happy Birthday.
    This now being said, Freeway Sign this Morning when I took My Son and his Family to the Airport:
    Great Plank: Drive the Speed Limit Today.

    Wheels Down and 80+ MPH in 49 Days

  397. David DeRango says:

    Great news George looking forward to it again and help to sell raffle tickets again!
    We should start seeing the list of participants soon I bet buy the time we get to Mesquite we have more then last year!
    Does any one know last years count?
    53 days till Vegas and the run to Mesquite for the first skin game!!!
    Still waiting to see if the wife friend from the East coast will be coming to Vegas and spend a week with her! (keep her busy)
    17 days for our Easter trip to Vegas and 28 days to the opening day of our golf league.
    Will be great to see all my Mesquite golf buddies again because my Illinois golf buds are no fun!!!

  398. one spot left at Coral Canyon on Sat and 1 spot left at Casablanca on Monday. Almost sold out, it will be a great year peeps. 52 days and wheels up.

  399. Kerry says:

    This is Grand News George, always a good turn out for these events.
    That being said, Just a reminder everybody, if you have not Registered for the Mesquite Amateur as of yet,
    TODAY is the LAST DAY, That would be MARCH 31st, to REGISTER for the Price of $525.00, EARLY BIRD PRICING.
    If you wait until Tomorrow, April 1st, you will be paying $575.00. And not sure how this system would see the date as, as it does run on GMT, versus your or Mesquite Local Time.
    Time on this Posting is actually 8:05am, MDT.

  400. Falcon Ridge on Sunday is now sold out. 2 spots left in Sat round at Coral Canyon and 3 spot at Casablanca on Monday. 52 days peeps. STMF

  401. 2 spots left Sat at Coral Canyon, 2 spots left Sunday at Falcon Ridge and 4 spots left at Casablanca on Monday. Getting close folks. See all of you soon.

  402. Play in the 49 and under Paul. Better chance of ending in the money and better(bigger) skins pots daily. Oh yeah and no travel. Back in pool by 130 daily. 55 days. STMF

  403. Kerry says:

    David, very much looking Forward to play some golf with you and our Colorado Golf mates. Really looking forward to some kind of an Appetizer after the rounds while you are doing your Skins thing.

  404. Kerry says:

    Hey Paul, let me make it easy for you. You are coming down early to play the Pre-Tournament Skins games. Coral Canyon, Falcon Ridge & Casablanca. So, why not take advantage of this, and play Casablanca, Falcon Ridge & Coral Canyon as a Senior in the Tournament?

  405. Crazy Canucks says:

    OK Dave, my guess for the participants this year will be more than a hand full πŸ˜‰ Conestoga, Palms and Oasis Canyon or Casablanca, Falcon Ridge and Coral Canyon. Which is the better rotation? Two days to flip a coin and decide what division to play in. Rumour is around Calgary AB is that courses are starting to prepare for the golf season. Trimming trees back, cleaning up the winter debris and taking off the tarps. With a little bit of luck, I might be teeing it up just after the Master’s weekend. Now that will be sweet. And Kerry that might not be a bad idea for me to bring my skis with me, however I might get a few looks while I have one set of skis in one hand and the golf clubs in the other as I check in at the Casablanca in 100F weather.

  406. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey and Jim
    I know how you feel getting old sucks!!!
    My Knee needed to be replaced last year but did not now I cannot hold out any longer will get it done in the fall!!
    I know my index is going up because of it! Yes Golf is great and will keep playing!
    55 days CANNOT WAIT!!!

  407. Kerry says:

    As I sit here and watch the 10pm News, which started late, do to NCAA Basketball, at 1:45am, it is raining Currently outside at my house, but it is Snowing on the News. So some Ski Resorts will still be open around Memorial Day and Later. So Paul, Bring your Skis, as Snow Bird Will be open for you to Ski. They are talking about until 4th of July.

  408. Jim OHare says:

    Had one in my knee bout a year ago. Ouch..I’m sticking to the knee braces

  409. We are 5 days away from me getting Cortizone shots in wrist and right hand for the tendinitis in right arm. Seems like every year I have to fix a new pain just to be able to play golf. What a game, huh?

  410. David DeRango says:

    I like the word Tentative course rotation!!
    But as in the past it does not change, Coral Canyon, Conestoga & Palms for me as well should be a fun one.
    Now the big question how many participants will coming to Mesquite AM anyone care to take a stab at it???
    I say we reach… 550!! anyone else?? CANNOT WAIT!!
    So we are at 57 days till Vegas
    22 days till Easter weekend in Vegas
    33 days till golf league starts!!!
    A lot to look forward to! Plus looking forward to seeing all my Mesquite golf buddies again!!

  411. Kerry says:

    Thanks Jeffery, Just printed it out. Coral Canyon, Conestoga & Palms for me.

  412. Surprised no one has mentioned that the course rotation is up yet. It’s up!

  413. Kerry says:

    Paul B., that would be David. Just what we have been discussing.

  414. David DeRango says:

    You are correct Kerry forgot about Gross or Net?
    It will be GROSS scores only!! I will not worry or figure handicaps! birdies or better wins the hole!
    Plus the last two years on the last day of the tournament I had to mail the winnings out because who ever won the hole was no were to be found!!!
    Thank you Christian for getting their emails!!
    PLEASE find me after each round I will stay to the end at the BAR and wait for all to be checked in then I will pay out each flight.
    Also please respect my driver he takes my happy @$$ around and GOD bless him too! πŸ™‚
    Remember you can check with me at dinner I will be in the middle table with Georges group sell raffle tickets!!
    Right now the 12 month low of my index is 14.6, I know I will in the lower 3 flight but I will make sure Stan and I are on the same page or not the same course. LOL
    58 days and counting CANNOT WAIT!!!

  415. Paul Buturusis says:

    Will anyone be running a skins game in the sarazen flight, I hope so.

  416. Kerry says:

    Should not be a Problem, as Stan will be in Top 3 Flights, and we will be in the Bottom 3 Flights. History has shown Super Senior has had 6 flights.

  417. Stan is in Super Sr and a I know he usually does the top three flights or so. You might want to check with him so your not stepping on each other. 58 days and wheels up. STMF

  418. Kerry says:

    Okay David, I know we are 64 Days Out from the Start of this Great Event, but let us get the Particulars about these Skins Game you will be running. Gross or Net? This will be a drawing point for entering or not for most players. Maybe get the Entrants Cell Number, as I remember how long you had to search for some Skins Recipients after the Final Round Last Year. I know your Driver, and I know after the rounds he just wants to get back to the Condo and a Bloody Mary. So, let us hope the entrants do not delay in turning in their Tournament scores to you. So all you Super Seniors in the High 3 Handicap Flights, Please do not delay, get your Scorecards to David, then to the Tournament Volunteers.

    Soon, we will all be at the Best Amateur Tournament I have attended.

  419. David DeRango says:

    OK like you Paul I will be 59 days till I land in Vegas to run to Mesquite for the first skin game!!
    But if you put your thong on the back of your car and tow it you could lose it!! πŸ˜‰

    Now Kerry you are right I will do the sink games for the tournament for all flights in the rotation and I will do all three days at one time $20 each day for a total $60 and will collect on Tuesday morning.
    I will do all flights that day and each flight will have a chance to win a skin that day in their flight.
    Any questions just let me know on the blog.
    I will stay to the end in the club house or BAR and I will see your official card at the end of the round to pay out then or if you have to leave you can find me at dinner I will be at the middle table with George doing the raffle tickets.

    Let me know if someone else wants to run the skins for supper seniors just so we do not fall over each other.

  420. Kerry says:

    Las Vegas National Players: Bring Proof of Military Service to get a discount. If you are going to join us and are a Vet, call the Golf Course to make your Tee Time, let them know you are a Vet. 2:10pm time still has 2 spots. I don’t remember if he said the rate for our time’s was $49.00 or $59.00.

  421. Crazy Canucks says:

    Ya Baby, I’m in the fifties and that means time to put the hammer down and get serious about this wonderful Speedo body I am working on for my adventure to the United States. The official count is 58 days before wheels down and 128.7 kph πŸ˜‰ Coral Canyon is the first of three skins games I have decided to partake in this year. Without Neil πŸ™ this will be a new adventure as I have never gone solo to the AM before. Just a heads up Barbas, thong will be in tow

  422. David DeRango says:

    I will do the skin games for us higher handicappers in the supper seniors it will $20 each day.
    But unless someone else is doing it that then they can do it does not matter to me.
    I will play in any flight becasue I go were Kerry goes or Richard they have to drive my happy @$$ around until I retire in Vegas then I will have my own car.
    until then!!!

  423. Good morning my Mesquite golf buddies I am now down to 60 days till I am in Vegas driving to the first skin game.
    I look forward to this every year and love everything about the week of golf, fun, food, cigars, drinking and fellow ship.
    I am on the blog everyday now reading what you all write I know I am at the point cannot wait!!!
    safe travels all see you soon.

  424. Kerry, you might want to trust me on this one. The golf boards are great for the younger crowd. You have to have pretty good balance and coordination to use the boards. If you have never used them before they will be a work out. You will probably feel it the whole next week. Plus they don’t give you any room for your swing oil or a cooler to keep anything cold. They make them look really fun and easy in the videos. In reality, you better be in pretty good physical shape to use one or it won’t be very fun.

  425. Kerry says:

    Las Vegas National Players, They have Golfboards. Since I inserted the website about them, my post was not allowed. Plus the website with the menu there for lunch. I am going to have the Tuna Melt. But all looks good.
    I have all already viewed the Video needed to use one, and signed and submitted the waiver. So if desired, I’m good to go. But will only use if others in our little group also do. I will give them a call later to find out the rate.

    Soon Gentlemen Soon and you also?

  426. Kerry says:

    To those that are playing Las Vegas National on Wednesday, May 22nd, I just remembered, they have Golfboards. Remember I mentioned lunch prior to playing:—grill-lunch-menu-as-of-9-24-13.pdf

  427. Kerry says:

    I was 59 going on Super Senior when I played in 49 and under.

  428. Todd Peltier says:

    I’m closer to super senior age than the mens group, but I have to stay with my mesquite brothers, and I play for the fun of it and George’s skins games and if and only if I finish higher than the youngsters, bragging rights baby!!!

  429. To much fun in the 49 and under Kerry. You never know what is going to happen in that flight. In all honesty it’s the only flights that are actually close to net par for the winner. You have to go too low in the other divisions to get in the top 10. Only division where both flight winners were above net par. Better chance to cash in. STMF

  430. Jim OHare says:

    Wonder when a tentative course assignment list is coming out?
    Last year we had it at the beginning of March

  431. Kerry says:

    Ah come on you two, Haven’t you given those youngsters enough grief? Play your own age group for a change. Although, I did have fun playing against them also. Up until the time I was called a Sandbagger when I shot my Handicap Index in the first round, and was in 4th place to start the Tournament. Never been that high before, but we all know the rest of the story. I would do it again, but David would also need to do this, and he wants to play where he can do well. I just don’t care. You all know, I’m just here to have fun.

    58 Days until Wheels Down & 80+ MPH

  432. For those of you in the 49 and under flight. I will run a daily skins game at 20 a day. Would like to collect it all on Tuesday morning for the week. Must see your official card at the end of the round, will pay out right then unless you have to leave. Will then give it to you at dinner or next day. See you in 60. STMF

  433. A whole minute. Thanks for staying in the 49 and under with us. Better daily skins game and much more fun. 60 days today till wheels up. STMF

  434. Todd Peltier says:

    All singed up, took a minute to decide between seniors or the mens.

  435. Kerry says:

    Hey David
    You going to be running the Skins for the bottom 3 Super Senior Flights? Or are you now in the top 3 Flights?
    And are you going to collect for all 3 rounds day 1? So essentially, you are either in for 3 or not in at all?
    $10.00 a round? Or $20.00?

  436. Kerry says:

    Okay all you early arrivers, As far as I know, there are still 2 open spots at Siena on Tuesday, May 21st. These are paid for, as Richard has a coupon for a 4some. Tee Time cannot be made until 7 days out. Richard & I are planning on the Breakfast Buffet at the Gold Coast at 8:00am.

    We are also Playing Las Vegas National on Wednesday, May 22nd. George has the 2:00pm 4 some. Richard & I have a 2:10pm 2some. Unknown if the other 2 spots taken yet. Tee Times made via Golf Now, for $79.00. I am planning on being at the Golf Course about noonish for lunch.

    And then on Thursday, May 23rd, we have the 9:00am & 9:10am at Coyote Springs. Call the Golf Course if you would like to join us.

    Wow, 59 Days until Wheels Down & 80+ MPH

  437. Ok, getting close to filling up the skins games and getting ready to send out another invite to all that have signed up for the amateur. Can’t believe I am only 61 days away from wheels up.

    Sat at Coral Canyon 6 spots left
    Sun at Falcon Ridge 7 spots left
    Monday at Casablanca 17 spots left

    Website is

    See all of you soon. STMF

  438. David DeRango says:

    You are describing Chicago weather and golf course conditions! I know you do not live in Chicago!!
    As always I CANNOT WAIT for the heat of Mesquite there is one thing about playing golf in the desert heat you swing is loose and smooth and you are right with all the layers of cloths trying to swing a club.
    62 days till it is the run to Mesquite for the first skin game.
    Looking forward to see all my Mesquite golf buddies again I hope to at least get to the driving range just for a little work!! πŸ˜‰
    Well Easter in Vegas is 26 days away that will be something to look forward to!!

  439. Kerry says:

    I don’t care about Course Rotation or who is going to be there list. I will play where and when they say. Unless my knee gives out again.

  440. Crazy Canucks says:

    Course rotation? Lads I’m still skiing. I just want the snow to melt so I can at least a couple of rounds in before Coral Canyon. Earliest I played in 2018 was May 10. I leave May 22 plus I have work in between as well. Thanks for the email George on the tentative line up for the CC skins and Falcon skins. 60 days before doing wheels down and doing 128.7 kms down I-15 to Utah. Friday night ought to be fun as I booked a room at the Holiday Inn just up the hill from the course. See ya soon.

  441. Usually April 1. They wait till the early bird is done. I’m ready as well. STMF

  442. Bob Uszynski says:

    I looked back and last year it had been posted by now. Davey was already tallying the headcount

  443. Usually they start posting all that stuff around April 1st. You know it’s getting closer when people start asking about course rotations! I could really use some golf in the Mesquite heat! At some point between now and then I would love to be able to work on the golf game. I know it’s just March, but, I can’t wait to get some nice golf weather. Not happening at home here for a while. I’ll be able to golf in the mud this weekend. Isn’t nice when you walk in the fairways in Mesquite and your shoes are still dry and clean? Not to mention the shorts and shirt instead of layers of cloths I have to have on in and threw early May.

  444. Bob Uszynski says:

    Does anyone know when the participant list and tentative course rotation will be posted?

  445. Bob Uszynski says:

    Paul it’s good to see that Neil’s recovery is going in a positive direction. Rehab generally sucks, but after what he’s been through I’m sure he’s looking forward to getting it started. Looking forward to seeing him back at Mesquite next year!

  446. David DeRango says:

    Yes Kerry I know I get confused easily!!!
    Senior moment LOL!! That is why I am a supper senior πŸ™‚

    Sorry Paul give your brother a kiss for us from the wife!!!

  447. Kerry says:

    Neil will not be there. Paul is the Canuck who is coming.

  448. David DeRango says:

    Neil since your brother will not be with you to watch you not me!! I will only make sure you do not come to dinner with just your thong!!!
    By the way who I going to watch me?? I do not need “Duck Farts” to make me giddy just being Mesquite playing golf will do that, and the same as last year eating will be an option!! more drinking will be the nutrition of choice!
    So we have 64 days till I land in Vegas and the run to Mesquite for the first skin game!
    29 days to go before I send Easter in Vegas and 39 days till we start the golf league!

  449. Crazy Canucks says:

    It is now official, I have signed up for the Am before the prices go up at the end of the month. Looks like you Yankees now have to take care of a foreigner πŸ˜‰ You better make sure I behave myself so “Uncle Sam” will let me back in next year. So that means a giant NAY NAY on those “Duck Farts”. They make me giggle like a little school girl

  450. David DeRango says:

    So happy to hear Neil is getting better our prayers are answered and we will continue to pray for him.
    I can see you two living together again such a great bother you are Paul and I look forward to see Neil again in Mesquite.
    65 days to landing in Vegas CANNOT NOT WAIT!!!

  451. Great news on Neil. Google house plans 2 masters and you will come up with plenty of plans. Your welcome, LOL….Getting closer and closer. 67 days and wheels up. STMF

  452. Hope Neil’s recovery goes well enough to see him in Mesquite next year. Buford? My Father-in-Law nicknamed me Buford years ago. Happy dog hunting! We always had better luck getting a mutt. The pure bred dogs always seemed to have more vet bills than you could imagine for some reason.

  453. Crazy Canucks says:

    Hello everyone in Blog Land. I know some of you are interested in what is happening with my brother Neil. Well here is the latest update. He is now off oxygen and will be out of ICU on Monday March 18 and moved to a different ward. Yippee. It has been a long a waited relief for us MacKinnon’s as this is one giant step for Neil to come home and out of the hospital where he has been for the past 4 months. Once he is out he has a long road ahead of him such as 4-5 month rehab program and has a NO FLY zone as well. That means no airplane for those 4-5 months and he must stay local as well. So no long trips for him, basically day trips to the mountains and back. As for sports, he is DONE with sports (skiing, tennis, swimming, skateboarding, jogging, running, baseball, any sport that is hard on his lungs) however golf is still in the picture, he must take a cart for the rest of his golfing days. Of course he will start out with doing 9 holes at first and eventually work his way up to 18 holes. As for his living arrangements, well this is the kicker, he has to live with someone and can not be alone. So any guesses on who will be having a roommate? We have a few options. #1: Neil moves in with me as I have less stairs than he does. I have a 2 storey 3 bdrm house (1500 sq ft) #2: I move in with Neil, he has a 2 storey 3 bdrm house with lots of stairs (2300 sq ft), yes he does live alone and he bought the house that big for investment purposes. #3: We both sell our homes and build a custom one floor ranch style so Neil doesn’t have any stairs to climb which would be the ideal situation. So if there are any architects out there and want to draw up some house plans for a ranch style house (pro bono of course), I will be accepting blue prints this May. 2200-2400 sq ft, open concept, 2 masters, spare bedroom, laundry on the main floor not in the basement. PS: when designing the basement make sure there is room for a pool table so you can use the long cue for all shots not just 97% of them like I have now. I really hate using the short cue. Neil will be officially “retired” as he will go on long term disability. It is his respiratory system that will keep him from working. Sorry DeRango / King but it looks like Neil beat you to retirement. Also a dog, once we figure out what our living arrangements will be, we will be getting a dog. That way Neil has company when I am at work. Last one I had was a pure bred female Lab, she lived till she was 12 and died from cancer. And a hound dog isn’t out of the question either as you don’t see to many up here in Canada. I am kind of fond to those Georgia bloodhounds. I am thinking Buford for a male and open to suggestions to for a female name. 68 days till wheels up and 128.7 kms speed limit πŸ˜‰ oops that translates to 80 mph

  454. Kerry says:

    Hey all you lucky Folks that are getting Coral Canyon in your Rotation for the Tournament, This construction will be in the Middle Third of the Arizona I-15 Stretch. It will be one lane in each direction, for Approximately 8 miles. Speed Limit will be reduced to 35 – 45 MPH. Semis will usually go slower, do to the narrowness of the lanes. I would give no less than an extra 30 minutes of travel time. This is the same work that was done a few years ago, just the other Bridges.

    Your Welcome

    Wheels Down & 80+ MPH in 11 Hours

  455. David DeRango says:

    Thank for letting us know about this road work!!
    Great road work again Chicago is nothing but road work now it is following me!!!
    Looks like I will need to be in Mesquite for Richard at 6am no later.
    Oh well SH#! happens, 68 days till I am in Vegas!!

  456. Bob Uszynski says:

    Hey guys I just stumbled across this article in the Mesquite News. It looks like the ADOT will begin maintenance construction on I-15 in the Virgin River gorge north of Mesquite during which they will close one side of the road. Not sure if this will be daytime or night time work. This will affect the dive to Coral Canyon. Work starts in April and will take a year to complete. You can find the details here :

  457. Kerry says:

    We’ve got time Jeffery. 60ish days until I am wheels down and 80+ MPH. I know I will be there, so just look for the Graying Redhead in the Pinkish/Orange Las Vegas National Shirt.

  458. Got bundled up and golfed last weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday the course was so wet that you could lose the ball plugged in the fairway. Looking forward to hot and dry vs. cold and muddy! We have to take whatever we can get. Today would have been nicer since it hit mid 60’s. Would have played if I didn’t have to work. I’ll get back to you Kerry as soon as I can.

  459. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks
    My hot tub is usable year round because I have it in a 3 season room attached to the house. πŸ™‚
    Well the warm weekend is being replaced with a cold one Saturday was going to be mid to upper 40’s now we are not going to even get to the 40’s I guess the driving range is out!!
    Wife spent the night in the Hospital because her blood pressure spiked and will get a stress test this morning.
    Will update as soon as I know anything.
    71 days till is get into Vegas and the rush to Mesquite CANNOT WAIT!!!
    want to get out of this cold and wet weather.

  460. Crazy Canucks says:

    Holy Snake Skins Batman, 70 days till 80 mph (128.7 kms) and wheels down. First stop SLC and maybe play a round before Coral Canyon on Saturday. should have some deals for a single player. Will book day before I want to play, weather pending of course, cause if it is raining I will be at some pub having me some pints πŸ˜‰ Weather starting to break here in Alberta, next week temps are looking like 48F and above. Not enough for the snow to melt but warm enough for a hot tub and a nice glass of Merlot.

  461. ok, update time for the pre skins games. We are pretty full but not busting at the seams. Per usual someone will have to drop out so I do go with a waiting list for each day and try and get those on it in.

    Sat Coral Canyon, Gross game with a side net game 79 signed up 9 spots left
    Sun Falcon Ridge, Gross game with a side net game 102 signed up with 6 spots left
    Mon Casablanca, Net game with a side gross game. 127 signed up with 21 spots left.

    If you are looking to get in the link is below. thanks

    Wheels up in 71 days. George

  462. David DeRango says:

    Being stuck on a cruise with the wife is what I have to do to keep her happy so I can do my Mesquite trip with out any trouble.
    A man has to do what a man has to do!!! πŸ˜‰
    Next year the Las Vegas National I could be in for it? I know I want to get into Vegas earlier and have some fun time too.
    So put me down for tentative?? Just 434 days for that maybe!! LOL
    This Saturday is going into the 50’s looks like I maybe able to hit the range and knock off some winter rust to my swing.
    Right at my age I am rust!!! 72 days I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  463. Kerry says:

    For those of you Golfing at Las Vegas National on Wednesday, May 22nd, I am planning on having lunch there before we play. Noonish. Chris has already shown an Interest, Jeffrey, Richard?

  464. Kerry says:

    I’m pretty sure you will be having a good time doing whatever you are doing. Cruise in the Baltic Sea, Very Cool.

  465. David DeRango says:

    73 days till I am Vegas driving to Mesquite, weather here in Chicago is maybe breaking some signs of warming we will have one day at 60F then the bottom falls out normal March weather here!
    Would love to play some early golf with you and Richard but this year the wife has used up all my vacation time with our cruse in the Baltic sea!!!
    Next year I will be in town a few days early and maybe just maybe I will play some early golf.
    37 days till Easter in Vegas.
    47 days and we start golf league.
    CANNOT WAIT!! see you all soon golf buddies!!!

  466. Kerry says:

    2019 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach: Hole 4 Marshall. A Short Par 4. So looking forward to this, as I have talked my brother into coming from Broken Arrow, Ok and joining me this year.

    4th HOLE
    A long iron or 3-wood to carry the long bunker in the center of the fairway is your best bet. This short hole is tightly guarded with a cluster of menacing bunkers and the green slopes decidedly back and front.
    Blues: Yardage: 326
    Yellow: Yardage: 307
    White Yardage: 295
    Red: Yardage: 253

  467. Kerry says:

    Thanks for your quick responses. We are probably hoping for 10ish am. Thanks for the info about the Bunkers Jim. Not to worry Jeffery, spend time with the wife. See you at Las Vegas National Wednesday. Richard & I may do lunch there before playing.

    Okay everybody who may be thinking about arriving early and playing some golf in Vegas, Richard & I still have 2 spots open for Tuesday, at Siena. Green Fee is already taken care of, Richard has a coupon for a 4some. Will not know Tee Time until about 7 days prior to.

  468. Kerry, if your planning an early morning round I would definitely count me out. If I left Sedona at 5:30 A.M. i could make it after 10:00 A.M. but that would mean I’d probably be rushing my wife to get out of the room. So I probably will have to pass. I might end up playing Stone Ridge CC in Prescott, AZ on my way to Vegas. Playing with George Wednesday Afternoon. Thursday is the last day with the wife so I plan on spending that time with her. Have to drop her off at the airport on Friday morning. Then it’s time to head up to Mesquite! So Friday is up in the air. Rest of the trip is Golf Mania!

  469. Jim says:

    Thanks so much for the invite but I work till 1140 am and get home at 12:15pm. Since Siena is less than a mile
    from my house I can only play if it is between one and two pm since I stil have to work the next day. I know your going to want to play earlier cause it will be toasty by then. Stay out of fairway bunkers at Siena they are the deepest in town. Thanks again
    Jim O’Hare

  470. Kerry says:

    And if you want a Chili Burger, Chili Fries or anything else with Chili, look for a Tommy’s. I think there are about 4 in Vegas. Originally from LA. George will verify this.

  471. Kerry says:

    Waiting for your response Jeffery. And I have always enjoyed my fries from In & Out Animal Style. Go to their Website, and you will find Items you can order that are not on the Menu.

  472. Kerry, I’ll get back to you on that. I’m coming from Sedona, AZ sometime that day. Not sure what the wife had planned that day or if it was just a travel day up to Vegas. It’s 4 1/2 hours from Sedona to the course. I know we are looking to get a room on Tuesday night. Wednesday & Thursday at the Venetian. They wanted way too much for Tuesday to stay there. For some reason Tuesday nights are expensive stay nights on the strip now. Not sure why? Of course everything is expensive on the strip anymore. I still remember seeing signs for $7.77 Steak dinner when I was a kid. Now it’s close to $30 a plate for a buffet( or barf-fey as my wife calls them) dinner. I’ve learned that it’s normal prices for food off the strip and way over priced on the strip. But Gilley’s BBQ on the strip is worth it! In & Out Burger is the bomb and cheap, too. My wife kept hearing you have to go to In & Out Burger so we tried it. When the both of us can eat for $12.50 and it taste that good…. bonus! I’ll let you know about Tuesday soon, Kerry.

  473. David DeRango says:

    A few more years really 2 years and 9 months I will take retirement.
    Then you needing a forth will not be an issue because I will be available πŸ˜‰
    Yeh she will be on a first name basis with everyone around Mesquite!!!
    76 days till we are in Vegas driving to Mesquite to meet up with guys.

  474. Kerry says:

    So Linda will soon be on a first name basis with the women at the Casablanca Spa?

    74 Days and it is Wheels Down, and 80+ MPH

  475. Kerry says:

    Jeff Barbas & Jim OHare, Richard & I are looking for a 3rd & 4th for Siena, Tuesday May 21. Richard has a coupon for a 4some that he must use. We don’t have a time as of yet, as he cannot make the Tee Time until 7 days out. We are planning on doing Breakfast at the Gold Coast Buffet around 8am. Then he is going to shoot for a Tee Time around 10am. I know you are flying in on Tuesday Jeff, so if you will be there this early, please consider joining us. And Jim, I think I read that you work Graveyards, So if you would like to join us. After all, it is already Paid for. This invite goes to anybody else that may be in the area also. As of this time, there is no Tee Time, so you would have to be Flexible. Please post here with responses.

  476. David DeRango says:

    Linda know when we golf or play in a tournament she goes to the SPA and gets lunch then we meet up later.
    maybe for an early dinner.

  477. Kerry says:

    David, just tell Linda that it is her SPA DAY. And that they start serving From the Chinese Menu at 11:00pm.

  478. David DeRango says:

    I see the exchange rate it $1.33 Canadian dollar to every $1.00 US dollar not too far.
    Thanks to Trump our economy is booming and our dollar is strong.
    Plus I am back to work thanks to him but my wife would of had me retire this year!
    But paying for her health insurance would of killed me!!!
    So I have to work for 2 years and 11 months more!!! LOL

    I know Kerry is not happy about it he would like to see me in Vegas now so we can play golf more together!!
    Of course the wife said you not driving in to Mesquite every week are you???? Just like a wife does not want to share me with any one.

  479. Kerry says:

    Exchange rate posted at Casablanca Cashier’s cage was 69 % I Believe.

  480. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well Hotel booked, Cigars under the Stars booked, now just have to sign up for the AM and she will all be well. 79 days cant wait.

  481. David DeRango says:

    So good morning my Mesquite golf buddies headed to the gym on this beautiful sun rise outside temps are -4F with a -20F wind chill!!! WTF!!! CANNOT WAIT for desert heat!!
    Let’s talk about weather a bit you live int he North Paul what do you expect and like you I will not be on a golf course till April if lucky I also have one of those putting things they comes in handy heaven knows my putting sucks.

    79 days till I am in Vegas driving into Mesquite.
    44 days till we are in Vegas for Easter and 55 days till the start of our Golf league.

  482. David DeRango says:

    Paul our prayers are with Neil thanks for the update and looking forward to see you again and tell him I miss him and get well soon.

  483. Kerry says:

    4 dozen Callaway Chrome Soft just put on order. On “Order” you ask? Why not just go buy them at Dick’s or a Golf Super Store? Through, Buy 3, get 1 Free with Free Personalization. So I procured 4 dozen for less than it would have cost me for 3 dozen at these Brick & Mortar Stores. Plus the savings on the cost of Fuel. Plus there is an additional discount for being Former Military.

  484. Paul, thanks for sharing about Neil. Prayers to him and you. I know you are there every step of the way with him. Thanks again. Please tell him he is in all of our thoughts. STMF

  485. Kerry says:

    Thanks for this Update Paul. Please let Neil know I’m thinking of him and will miss him this May.
    Eagerly awaiting the email from the Ryder Cup Association accepting me as a Volunteer for the upcoming 2020 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits. April is the Month we are supposed to receive the notification. If I am accepted, 2 weeks of Vacation time will be required. This could be the weeks normally reserved for the Mesquite Am. We shall see. And this also being about 3 hours North of David, he could receive a visit on the Trek there, or back home, or both.
    This could be one expensive vacation, but well worth it. Exploratory research shows it may be cheaper to get a rental vacation house than a hotel room for the week there. We shall see. Anyone else thinking about attending?
    3/2/2019 7:44 am

  486. Crazy Canucks says:

    Its -31C (with wind chill factor -38C) that makes it -23.8F here in Calgary AB, and no sign of warming up till next week. Golf doesn’t exist here in Canada anymore. This is how cold it is here, the ski hills have closed down as you will get frost bite if your skin is exposed for any majority length of time. And you know its cold when the ski hills close down. 83 days cant come fast enough. Shoot the end of March cant come fast enough as that is when the snow starts to say Good Bye see ya next year. As Davey Boy DeRango puts “Cant wait for the Desert heat”. Well Davey Boy I cant wait till it gets to 12C (53.6F) so I can start wearing shorts and swinging the clubs. I have a putting mat set up in my house so I can putt and dream about Nevada. Still have to sign up and that will be by the end of the month so I can save some cash. Still need to secure the hotel at the Casa as well, along with other hotels during my trip down and back. However I did sign up for “Cigars under the Stars” Take care Gents and look for further posts.

  487. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry sure can. Neil is still in ICU. His lungs are what is keeping him in ICU. Back 28 years he had cancer and back in the day they used radiation and chemotherapy to treat the disease. Well in that process the chemo killed off half a lung and he has been living on 1 1/2 lungs since he was 23 years old. Now that they fixed his heart, the lungs just are rebounding like they thought they would. He is still on oxygen to help him breathe. With what Neil has or had with this calcium buildup around his heart, he is the first person in Canada that has had this happen to him. Doctors have not seen this before. Trust me on this one as they called across the country to see how to treat it and nobody has seen it. So with Neil being #1 they are keeping him in hospital longer than normal (well his lungs are actually keeping him in there) as they are writing down everything they do to him. All because if Neil had this calcium buildup around his heart from 28 years ago, there has to be other people out there with the same thing but they just don’t know it yet. I will fill you in when I see you in 83 days.

  488. Kerry says:

    David, It is usually Paul that is doing the Posting. I have rarely seen Neil Post. Hope he is doing well in his recovery. Hey Paul, Can you share anything New on Neil?
    Rain, Snow? This weekend is going to be a mess.

  489. David DeRango says:

    Sorry Paul cannot tell you two apart!!! πŸ˜‰

  490. Kerry says:

    CC!, just look for the Gentleman in the “I’m the dull Person” clothes.

  491. David DeRango says:

    Yes I will be wearing Old Glory unless I come up with another combo for Red, White and Blue!!
    I bet if you go on line you can find a polo shirt with the Canadian flag on it and get it in time before you hit the road!
    I will be wearing some out standing outfits only during the skin games but when it come to the tournament I am all business. πŸ˜‰
    Will see you at Coral Canyon and at any other skin game you are playing looking forward to check in night so we can hang and have a few cold ones.
    when was the last time you saw me? I am 38 lbs lighter you may not know me! LOL

  492. Crazy Canucks says:

    I cant believe Kerry that you will not be donning the fancy smancy shorts. How on earth will I recognize you. Davey Boy does this mean you will not donning Old Glory on the Monday skins game. That shirt is awesome. If I could just find a golf shirt with the Canadian flag on it, I would be all over that like “stink on manure”. That quote I learnt from a Texan who was 80 years old back in the day when I went to the World Am. Gotta love those Texans, they come up the with the best sayings ever. So if you lads (Kerry & Davey Boy) aren’t wearing any outstanding uniforms I just might have to dust off the knickers and play a few rounds in them. Maybe Coral Canyon will be the first appearance of the knickers. 83 days and I’m off to the races. Hello Uncle Sam and the Eagle and good bye to the Beaver. PS, my USA and CANADA pants will be making an appearance, we just don’t know what golf course it will be as of yet. Thong and Speedo are a given πŸ™‚ C U soon Lads

  493. David DeRango says:

    I get it now Kerry TAXES yes I paid mine to and much less then last year and thank Mr “T” for the bigger standard deduction or I would be paying more then last year.
    So what did I do last night ordered a new service door with install which was another $900.
    Plus the wife booked our 40th wedding anniversary cruise and the reason I am getting into Vegas the night before the first skin game she is using up all my vacation time.
    Next year I may get to play a few games before the skin games so keep me in mind for that next year.
    Got to love it!!!! because a man has to do what a man has to do!!! keep the wife happy and we all know the saying!!!
    84 days to Vegas and off and running CANNOT WAIT.

  494. David DeRango says:

    Ok Kerry what the “H” dose that mean???
    As I said before Chicago winters SUCK!!
    March 3rd, 4th, and 5th day time high temps 16, 11, 17F night time lows are -4, 0, 6F, WTF I CANNOT WAIT for some desert heat!!!
    85 days to go!!

  495. Kerry says:

    Easy come, easy go, Officially POOR again.

  496. David DeRango says:

    Hey anybody watch the video on the first page of this web site WOW was I fat in 2016 tipping the scales at 245lbs.
    So glad I dumped about 38lbs I feel better and my tummy loves me again depends on what I eat “Acid Re flux”!!!

    Got that under control now the next this is get the knee fixed but will be in the Fall and after the wife 40th wedding anniversary trip is over then repair the knee!
    Will be cutting my golf season a little short to get rehab done and in shape for the 2020 AM!!

    Yes Cigars under the stars we all make a donation to the wounded warriors what a great cause and a great night.

  497. Kerry says:

    Hey all, don’t forget Cigars under the stars.

  498. David DeRango says:

    Just finished signing up for the Mesquite AM and did it under the Super Seniors.
    So we are stuck with the rotation or unless you change your mind becasue I am riding with you.
    I said you almost lost your knee but not to cut up your feet!!!
    With that being said just got to get some sleep before we leave the town home and get to Richards before 6:30am
    Paul I will have some fancy smancy shirts because George said I am to conservative so last year I surprised him and will do it again.

  499. Kerry says:

    David I just looked, and you did not say anything about my feet. You said my knee.
    Paul, sorry to disappoint, but there will be no Fancy Smancy Shorts this year.
    Don’t forget David, when registering, we are going to Play our Age Division this year.
    So no matter the Rotation, Like or Dislike the courses, we are in the Super Seniors.

  500. David DeRango says:

    Yes Kerry that would take my smile away!
    Also I said not to butcher you feet!!
    Right Kerry all we need is our car rental too and still need to sign up for the AM!! it will get done this week.
    51 days till Easter weekend in Vegas
    63 days till the start of our golf league
    87 days till I land in Vegas then the run to Mesquite to meet up with the guys for the first skin game.
    CANNOT WAIT!! and yes Kerry my smile will not go away.

  501. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry, I cant believe you are dumping me for a longer vacation than to have dinner with me. No worries buddy. I will see your smiling face and those fancy smancy shorts of yours at the AM. Just found out that I have a 3rd cousin that lives in Syracuse UT, so I will stop by and do a meet a greet with him. Will play some golf around that neck of the woods while I’m there. I will hook up with Tommy Cook for a beer and head to Park City for that Outlet Mall of theirs. Do ya think BYU campus will let me walk around with a beer in my hands while I head to their campus store πŸ˜‰ I’m in need of a drinking hoodie; and nothing says “class” when drinking while donning BYU gear. 80+ days b4 wheels down and doing 80 mph. Wow, that converts to 128.7 kilometers per hour. I think I will be filling up more than usual on this trek through the Grand ol’ U S of A.

  502. Kerry says:

    Okay David, I did my Toes myself. Blood all over the bathroom of my room here at the Casablanca. Guess I should have stuck to the Professional at the Spa.
    Was Great to Golf with Lance today. He has the scorecard, so besides BAD, not sure of my score.

  503. Kerry says:

    Pre-Tournament week Hotel Reservation is made. Sorry Paul. Staying in Mesquite May20th through May31st.

  504. Kerry says:

    You going to be walking around George? Rental Car is a Check?
    Will be making my Pre-week Hotel Reservation today, Sunday through Wednesday nights, and have dinner with Paul?
    Or Monday Through Thursday nights and Play Coyote Springs with George and the gang. I do enjoy this course when it is just a round of golf, and not a tournament.

  505. oh my 88 days till wheels up. It is coming fast. Couple rounds in Vegas booked, check. House booked, check. Tee gift for the Monday Skins game ordered, check. Flight, check. Not much left to do but to wait. Update on the skins games

    Sat–Coral Canyon 66 spots of 80 taken, 14 left
    Sun–Falcon Ridge 83 spots of 100 taken, 17 left
    Mon–Casablanca 98 of 148 taken, 50 left

    Will be sending out an invite to all that have registered for the Amateur on the 1st of March so we should fill up quick. See you all soon, STMF

  506. Looks like we could go golfing today….. if it weren’t for the 50+ MPH winds we might get this afternoon.

  507. Kerry says:

    Hey Jim,
    I’ll bet I can make his smile go away.
    Hey David,
    I ain’t making the trip.

  508. David DeRango says:

    Ok you live North west of me not too far have never played Bears best looks great someday I will.
    I see the better rates are after 2:30pm!
    see you soon say Hi at Georges check in I will be the guy with the smile that will not go away.

  509. David William DeRango says:


    OK you are North west not far from my place!
    Never got to play the Bears looking forward to it someday!
    See you soon in 88 days.

  510. Jim OHare says:

    Live in Summerlin about a half mile from Bears best golf club.
    Still working graveyard at Aria. See you guys soon.

  511. Crazy Canucks says:

    Vegas, Mesquite & St George got snow. What did they do call a “Snow Day” and call in the National Guard. πŸ™‚ They got a dusting which probably melted as soon as it hit the ground. You want to talk about snow come North or head to the Eastern US for snow. Hear they are getting hit hard this year. 89 days before this young fella enters some country call “The United States of America”. Looking forward to seeing everyone and as you know I am going solo this year. Neil will return for the 2020 season. Ogden UT is my first stop to see Kerry King and Tommy Cook. See ya soon Gents

  512. David DeRango says:

    Remember the last time you did that you almost lost your knee!!!!

    Will not make our golf show in Chicago this weekend wife’s birthday Sunday every minute is taken doing stuff!! Oh well that is the reason I do what I do!!! So I do not get any SH!# going to Mesquite!!! πŸ˜‰

    Snow in Vegas and I want to move away from it! It will follow me LOL.
    89 days before we get to Vegas I will bet there will be no snow then!!!

  513. Kerry says:

    Heading to local golf expo after work. Let’s see if Mesquite makes a showing. Our show is real small. Then to Mesquite tomorrow, almost sandals season. Time for me to get my toes done.

  514. Kerry says:

    Hey Gang, Check the weather. Las Vegas, Mesquite & St George got hammered with SNOW.

  515. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Staying at South Point on the Tuesday the week before the Am. Staying at the Venetian on Wed & Thursday. For some reason the Venetian was $323 for Tuesday night! No thanks. That’s why I got a room at the South Point for the night. Then hopefully play golf with George on Wed. & Thursday. Drop the wife at the airport on Friday morning and up to Mesquite to get ready for George’s Golf Mania Week in Mesquite & St. George! George, did they name that town after you? Wait a minute….. Saint? LOL

  516. David DeRango says:

    Jeffrey and Jim,
    Here in Chicago we have had one of the snowiest February’s on record ” thank God for global warming”
    I have not been on the golf course since October and only to the driving range twice!

    Jeffrey you are more then one up on me.

    Hey Jim, were do you live in Vegas my vacation home is just down the street from South Point!
    which in about 3 years will be come my retirement home!!
    Looking forward to seeing you too again in Mesquite maybe at Georges check in.
    90 days till I am in Vegas and driving to Mesquite for the first skin game! CANNOT WAIT.

  517. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    I didn’t sign up for Myrtle in March this year either. I have too much work and I really didn’t like the courses anyways. Where you working now, Jim? I’m still working for the COW. City of Wadsworth here in Ohio. We have our own Cable & Internet system here. Every day it seems the jobs keep getting piled on and it seems there is no end or slow down in site. Looking forward to getting away for a couple weeks and forget about work even though I do like my job. Keeps me busy and pays the bills. People can’t live without their internet! I doubt have to worry about running out of work anytime in the foreseeable future. I just hope I get to swing the clubs sometime before May! Weather dumped 5″ of snow today and now it’s pouring rain. Crazy weather.

  518. Jim OHare says:

    I still live and work in Vegas. Won’t be making the March event in Myrtle Beach but will see ya in Mesquite for sure.

  519. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Good to hear from you, Jim! You still work in Vegas? It’s been a fairly mild winter for us snowfall wise anyways. I’ve only had to use the snow blower twice this winter and we really got a late start. I golfed in December and early January until the bottom dropped out. Looking forward to not hearing the term “wind chill”. February is almost over. We know we are getting close when “March Madness” and then “The Masters” are all over.

  520. Jim OHare says:

    Here in Vegas it’s been a lousy winter.
    Lots of rain cold and wind. Nowhere near as bad as you least we can still play. See ya soon

  521. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    After watching the Pros 3 and 4 putt quite a bit this weekend in L.A. we can now say we putt like a pro! 5 putt and your an amateur! Keep up the good work, George! Hopefully I can start swinging clubs in March. Weather here in Ohio just isn’t conducive for golf. Amazed they even start our season on April 1st! Usually poor course conditions until mid to late May at best. Looks like the West is having weird weather this year. More rain than I’ve ever seen them get.

  522. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks keep your Polar Vortex up North we have enough to deal with just go another 6″ of snow with more on the way Wednesday 2 to 4 more inches plus rain on Saturday turning to snow and more snow on Sunday!!!
    I will not get the green grass of the golf course till April.
    94 days till I land in Vegas
    65 days till we are in Vegas for Easter weekend
    69 days till our golf league starts which is cold!
    And yes I will say it again CANNOT WAIT for that desert heat to ease these old bones!!
    Looks like another great skins game turn out.

  523. Crazy Canucks says:

    Ah, fiddle sticks just heard that the Polar Vortex will be here for another 2 weeks. Cold weather isn’t going away till 2nd week of March πŸ™ Glad to hear the skins games are filling up as I am looking forward to playing Coral Canyon for the first time.

  524. Skins update. 15 spots left for Sat at Coral Canyon, 19 spots left for Sun at Falcon Ridge and 53 spots left for Mon at Casablanca. Wheels up in 94 days. STMF

  525. Kerry says:

    Hey Jeffery, would you like me to include a spot for you in next weekend’s Tee Times?
    Snowed here last night, but mostly melted now. But looks like snow again. Dark Clouds rolling in from the west.
    But judging from what I have seen on my weather map, the boys over in Fallon, Nevada got wet. Be it Rain or Snow.
    Local Time: 2:00pm, as I have found if you try to put time elsewhere, your comment is not Published.

  526. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    As I look out the window this morning it looks like I could go golfing. I can see grass, but, temp is 23 degrees! Going back to hibernating! Come on Spring time!

  527. Kerry says:

    Paul, sorry, but the courses I play are open. Took 5th place in the Valentine’s Tournament. Red Tees for all. 2 person team. Front 9: Alternate Shot. Back 9: Scramble. Palms Golf Course.

  528. Crazy Canucks says:

    Yabba Dabba Do. Only the old guys will get that one. Under 100 days before I depart this beautiful country I live in. 95 days to be exact before wheels down and 80 mph to the state of Utah to play in the first skins game where over 77.5% is sold out as of Feb 11th. Eh to go. Then off to “the Desert Heat” as my bud Davey DeRango calls it. Hopefully I get a few games in before I leave, I am shooting for 5 rounds as last Spring courses opened up May 10th. Not good when you Southerners are playing way before I get to. Unfair advantage to the Southern Yanks. At least I have a half chance against the Northern Yankee Doodles. See ya soon gents. Play safe and no posts on when your golf courses open up as I am still skiing.

  529. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    92 Days! 97 til I see George in Vegas! FYI for those that want to take a look at the new rules changes, a friend of mine has a golf website to promote tournament golf here in Northeast Ohio and he has went over the new rules changes. Definitely an improvement that was needed. Check it out.

  530. Kerry says:

    I know that everyone will have a great time.

  531. David DeRango says:

    We have broken or I have broken the 100 day mark till we land in Vegas 98 days and I CANNOT WAIT!!!
    looking forward to the skin games again George!
    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with besides help with the raffle tickets sales.

    This weekend I will be signing up for the tournament, airfare has been booked and next is the car plus get some adult beverages for the condo with Richard and the rest of the boys.
    Looking forward to the fun!! and golfing with all my buds in some DESERT HEAT!

  532. Kerry 3:00pm MST says:

    18 needed for Saturday. 23 needed for Sunday. And 64 Needed for Monday. You should fill up and have a waiting list as soon as you send out the Wide Open Invitation for the Pre-Tournament Games. Commonly referred to as Doin It In The Desert, Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament. Looking forward to seeing you all when you have finished playing Monday’s Big Game. Some of you, may even have an Adult Beverage waiting for you.

    Eagerly awaiting the email from the folks at the 2020 Ryder Cup.

  533. Ok, the 100 days to go till wheels up update. The skins games are filling up. Sat at Coral Canyon 62 of 80 spots are gone, Sun at Falcon Ridge 77 of 100 spots are gone and the big day at Casablanca on Monday 88 of 152 spots are gone. Will be opening it up to everyone soon so if you are a past participant please sign up soon. STMF

  534. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks I get what you are saying Chicago has a long cold winter too not like you but long enough. With another winter storm coming in tonight which will make Tuesday commute fun makes moving to Vegas all the more of something to look forward to!
    But the wife and I will be headed to Vegas the night before good Friday and stay till Easter Sunday night looking forward to a taste of the desert warmth!!!
    I am at 100 days until I am in Vegas and for the trip to Mesquite!! CANNOT WAIT!! all this talk about Golf is driving me crazy!!!
    Golf league starts in 76 days!!
    65 days till I am in Vegas for Easter weekend!!
    Golf show is in 11 days!
    Looking forward to see all my Mesquite golf buddies again.

  535. Bill westfall says:

    Anyone interested in a timeshare for the am I have two booked please leave email if so

  536. Crazy Canucks says:

    What is with this Polar Vortex I am having right now. I’m blaming Washington State for this one. America keep your vortex, us Canadians have a long enough winter without you giving us your weather system. 102 days and counting before wheels down and 80 mph. Giddie Up

  537. well we had an indian summer blow through Va in the last week. Went from 8 degrees on Jan 28 to 71 degrees on the 5th. Got to play 2 rounds shooting a 83 from 6400 and a 75 from about 6000 yards(course set up for winter play). Both courses were wet but greens were good. It was back to 20 degrees last night so now we wait till the next time it warms up a little. But we are down to 102 days and a wake up so we got that. See all of you soon. STMF

  538. David DeRango says:

    Like you the last time I was out on the course was October and been to the range once!
    I finally spent my third place money on a 3 and 5 wood Callaway Roughs and used them on the range SWEET feel but need to see how I play with them on a course but they will be good weapons in my bag this year.
    You always bring your Thong and Speedo I am just glad I do not see it!! I missed you last year not your bear but πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to see you again with or with out Canadian beer!!
    I play in the supper senior but play down to your level because I get rides with bud Kerry to the courses.
    106 and counting!!

  539. Crazy Canucks says:

    Alright Yanks quit picking on the Canadian or the “Thong” and “Speedo” will show up this year. Rumor is you guys missed it last year as we didn’t attend all because we decided to head to the Motherland: Scotland. Just picture this one boys, the Speedo is white in colour (that’s right us Canadians spell it with a “U” in it) with the Canadian Flag protecting the goods, and the Thong well lets just say I need a bikini wax to wear it πŸ˜‰ Did I mention I am 50+ now with a wee beer belly. So if you guys aren’t nice to me, its the 50+ group this year for me since Neil isn’t attending. I will go make new friends and give them my Canadian beer and not you guys, so be nice. See y’all (that’s my American saying, “Eh”) in 110 days

  540. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Alright! Got my entry registration paid today. Sent George a check last week for the “Doing It In The Desert!” Golf Mania pre-tournament weekend! Hopefully figure out where I’m staying this week. There is always the Virgin River if I need to. Not looking to stay with anyone else. I snore way too loud. One guy said it sounded like a Porcupine being molested by a Grizzly Bear. That being said, I’ll stay by myself for the minimal sleep I’ll probably get anyway. Weather was -30’s wind chill last week and around 60 this week. I did get out and golf early January but haven’t touched a club since. Got a new driver and it hasn’t touched a ball yet. Back went out last week anyway so I’m trying to get that fixed before golf season. Looking forward to seeing the whole crew! Football is over! Bring on golf season!

  541. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks yes I whine a lot because I can!!! Paul you are younger too just remember that young man.
    Remember you choose to live in the great white North and I choose to live in Chicago but not for long 3 years at the most.
    Then I will be living in the desert and doing in the desert all the time!! πŸ™‚
    107 days till landing day in Vegas.
    Cannot wait!

  542. Kerry says:

    Paul, By my calculations, that would be just over a Snails Pace in Kilometers for that GMC of yours.

  543. Crazy Canucks says:

    Davey, would like some cheese for that whine or yours. I wish I could play golf in April, last year my first round was May 10th. So if I do the math right, I have 12 days to get my golf game in shape and that is if I play everyday. So I will probably leave Canada on the 22nd of May this year so I can maybe play a round before I meet up with Kerry for dinner on the 23rd. Then I have Friday the 24th to hang out in Utah before the skins game on the Saturday at Coral Canyon. Then off to Mesquite NV where the fun begins. My count down is 111 days before Wheels Down and 80 mph (whatever that is in kilometers)

  544. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    I play in the World Am every year and the last night at the Convention Center Dean starts discounting his supply so he doesn’t have to take them home. I end up buying 12 dozen for $20/dozen. Got the last 2 cases of MTB Blacks this past year before he ran out! I don’t lose many golf balls, but, it sure is easier to let them go for 1.67/ball than if it were a $4.00/ball. But then again you always seem to run into those guys in front of you that take forever looking for that errant shot just to find out he was stopping up the whole course looking for a Top Flite!

  545. Kerry says:

    Just wondering Oh Tech Giants of the Mesquite Amateur Blog, What is the chance we could get the “Reply” button working again?

  546. David DeRango says:

    For me playing Titleist or Callaway I cannot tell the difference also I have used Noodle, Bridgestone,Taylormade or Srixon.
    I can loose them with the best!!!
    Most of the time I have suppliers give me golf balls when they take me to play golf.
    That is the Purk of being a Purchasing Manager then I get balls on golf outings so it is rare that I buy golf balls.
    But when I do buy golf balls I stick with Callaway Warbird is my ball of choice and it took me to Third place last year.
    Just remember my golf ball snobs it is never the plain it is the PILOT!!!
    108 days till I am in Vegas “CANNOT WAIT”.

    James my friend looking forward to see you again, everyone plays golf before I do in Chicago I do not see the green fairway until April as I said before my game dose not come around until late June!

    Crazy Canucks I have never played golf with you and maybe some day we will!! I know you up in the great white North always sends us your Polar Vortex so keep your cold up there my Canadian friends.
    I am looking forward to see you again too! Give your brother a kiss from me I am glad he is getting better!!

  547. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    At $27.33/Dozen when you buy 6 or more the Snell MTB which stands for “My Tour Ball” is a great golf ball. I’ve been playing them the last couple of years. I’ll never buy Titleist Pro V’s for $40+ ever again. Well, I never did anyway. I always found deals on EBAY for Pro V’s and stocked up for the year. I’ll stick to the Snell Balls for now. The were on the Gold List in the Golf Digest magazine.

  548. eff arbas says:

    I have been playing the Snell MTB the last several years. Great golf ball at an affordable price. I usually stock up once a year so I bought 12 Dozen last August at the end of a show. Dean Snell has a show price of $25.00/ dozen. End of show I got a way better price than that. They usually sell for $31.00/dozen or $26.33/dozen when you buy 6 dozen. Like I said, they are a great golf ball. I will never pay $40/dozen+ ever again as long as Dean keeps his prices down. Go to to check them out. He helped design the Titleist Pro V1 and Taylor Made TP balls and then went out on his own. Great guy. Great golf ball! First round I ever played with his ball I shot a 74. They work just fine!

  549. Kerry says:

    Sorry Kind Sir, and I do use these terms loosely, but I have never heard of this ball. I am the Lucky one that will see you on May 23rd for dinner here in Ogden. I will then see you on Monday afternoon/evening, as the 3 weekend games are not in my Rotation this year.

  550. Crazy Canucks says:

    Just throwing this one out there. Got a call from a buddy of mine (Vancouver BC) sorry Vancouver WA asking me what golf ball I play with. I said “You play golf with golf balls, I thought the object of the game was to drink alcohol and chase women”. I play with the Taylormade TP5 and just recently bought a dozen of Bridgestone E6 & Bridgestone Tour B XS to try out. He says, you have to try these “Vice Pro Plus” balls (tour ball only as all other makes are useless). My buddy (Yes I know it is hard to believe that I have a buddy, but as the old saying goes “Even the blind squirrel finds the odd nut”) tells me that the Vice Pro goes farther and holds the greens as good if not better than the Pro V’s. Can only buy them off the internet. Anyone out there in Mesquite Land play with these and if so what are your comments. Thanks and I will see you on the Monday for the skins game if not before as some lucky devils get to play with me at the other 2 skins games (Saturday @ CC and Sunday @ Falcon).

  551. Crazy Canucks says:

    So Davey I see you are comparing weather temps. Well get a load of these temps here in the Great White North. Next 3 days: 02/02 -14C (6F), 02/03 -24C (-11.2F) 02/04 -25C (-13F). Don’t think I will be playing golf anytime soon. 111 days for me before I set a blaze for the desert.

  552. James Garner says:

    I switched from Pro v’s to bridgestone a few years ago. I’d like to say my game improved , but lets just say I suck less! I’ve played the B330 & the E6, my game is not good enough to tell a difference, but I must say my shots are less offline w/ the Bridgestones than w/ the Pro V’s. Maybe w/ a little more practice I might be in the top 3rd rather than the bottom 3rd! David, here in the Colorado Rockies, we don’t mind the cold & snow, but I think that this Spring I might be playing golf before you. Also looking forward to the desert heat of Mesquite! Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few short months.

  553. Jeff Barbas says:

    I have been playing the Snell MTB Black. It’s an awesome ball that I would put up against any top ball. For the price of $26.33 / dozen if you buy 6 dozen. I got mine at the end of the World Am for $20/dozen.

  554. David DeRango says:

    lets try it again!
    if I played as much as you guys do I would go thru 4 dozen balls to, so 1 to 2 dozens will do me!!.
    since Chicago has dangerous weather of -25F and -55F wind chill I got the day off! But what do I do get my numbers ready for our tax accountant so I can hear them say bend of over and smile!!!
    113 days till I am in the heat of the desert CANNOT WAIT!!!!
    stay warm my mesquite golf buddies πŸ™‚

  555. David DeRango says:

    now it shows up!?!?!?!?!?!?

  556. David DeRango says:

    ok what the!!!
    how come my blog is not going in????

  557. David WILLIAM DeRango says:

    If I played as much golf as you guys do I would go thru 4 dozen balls!
    For me one to two dozen holds me for the year!
    With Chicago temps at dangerous lows of -25F with wind chill of -55F I got the day off but what did I do TAXES!!! Getting all numbers ready for our tax accountant so I can hear them say bend over and smile. πŸ™‚
    113 days to go!!!!

  558. David WILLIAM DeRango says:

    If I played as much golf as you guys do I would go thru 4 dozen balls!
    For me one to two dozen holds me for the year!
    With Chicago temps at dangerous lows of -25F with wind chill of -55F I got the day off but what did I do TAXES!!! Getting all numbers ready for our tax accountant so I can hear them say bend over and smile. πŸ™‚
    113 days to go!!!

  559. Crazy Canucks says:

    Thanks for that information. Will keep my eye open

  560. Taylor Made TP5X best ball out there for me. You can buy last years model right now for 35 bucks at most stores. Plus they usually do a sale in March where you buy 3 dozen and get a 4th dozen free.

  561. David DeRango says:

    Our weather for cast is killing me double digest below 0F warmer next week!!
    But did I say “I CANNOT WAIT” for the dry heat of the desert cannot remember?????
    JAN 29
    Partly Cloudy/Wind
    JAN 30
    Partly Cloudy/Wind
    JAN 31
    Mostly Cloudy

  562. David DeRango says:

    Callaway is my ball of choice but I received 2 dozen Titleist pro V’s one from my son and one from a supplier so looks like this year I will be paying with Titleist ball’s this year.
    My first year I played in the Mesquite AM and took 4th place I used Titleist so no worries for me.
    115 days before I am in Vegas!!!
    Cannot Wait!!!

  563. Kerry says:

    ” Golf Mesquite”

  564. Kerry says:


    Our Wasatch Front Golf Expo is Feb 22 & 23. This is Sponsored By Cody Law’s company. And he runs Mesquite Golf still, I think. So I expect him to be here. Last year I helped him out. But since I am no longer a FB member, we have lost contact. And if I don’t make it to the show on the 22nd, I will not be able to attend. Schedule has me playing golf in Mesquite on the 23rd & 24th.

  565. Kerry says:

    I like the Callaway Chrome Soft. But I am currently seeing how the Costco Kirkland ball is. But since they are not always available, I will go back to the Callaway Ball when my Costco supply is exhausted. I do have enough Callaway Pre-Owned Reward Points to Acquire 4 Dozen of these. However, they are the 2018 models.

    But David, I do enjoy using my 2 Hybrid.

    Christian looked good this morning talking up the Balloon Festival on the local Las Vegas CBS Morning Show.

  566. Crazy Canucks says:

    Just bought a dozen of the E6 soft by Bridgestone. Heard she was a good ball. Sorry but I don’t like the Pro V’s. Any comments on this ball. Looking for a backup to my Taylormade I play with.

  567. David DeRango says:

    Paul so glad Neil is doing better I so look forward to see you again and Neil.
    He will continue to be in our prayers for a quick recover.
    regarding the young people not able to hit a 3 or 4 iron so true they like the hybrid
    just remember God cannot hit a 2 iron!! joke have to tell you some time.
    hope you a bringing you bag of Canadian ale for us to sample and yes I will buy you a American cocktail.
    looking forward to seeing all my Mesquite golf buddies.
    February 22nd is our golf show I guess you will not be in Chicago for it πŸ™‚

  568. David DeRango says:

    George yes those glasses are sweet will start using them early and often!! πŸ™‚
    I got your temp beet this morning we were at -6F and well will not see the melting temp for weeks yet next Wednesday day time high will be -5F!! thank God for global warming!! LOL
    My office screen savers are photos of Mesquite and some shots of my golf buddies which is getting me thru this winter.
    I have not been on a course since October!! no wounder my handicap keeps going up like my age!
    118 days till I am warm Vegas I CANNNOT WAIT!!!

  569. just got the prototype whiskey glass in that we will be giving away at the big skins game on Monday at the Casablanca. Wish I could post a pic because it is sweet. Thanks Lori D for hooking up the foundation. 119 and counting. STMF

  570. Kerry says:

    You know Paul, you can still get 3 and 4 irons from Callaway.

  571. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well its snowing now and the only thing I have to look forward to is playing Coral Canyon in 122 days. It should be fun as I bought new clubs before Neil and I went to Scotland last year. I purchased the King Cobra forged TEC black matte irons. I was disappointed that the club manufactures don’t make a 4 iron anymore (the 3 iron has gone extinct) so I have the 4 hybrid instead. Guess the younger generation don’t know how to hit the 3 or the 4 irons; Shame Shame on you younger folks. The real funny thing is that these clubs haven’t seen North American soil, so it should be a wild ride this Spring. 120 days till wheels up

  572. 5 degrees this morning when I got up. Winter sucks. Only thing that keeps me warm is the thought of the desert in 123 days. Wanted to give some updates for the skins games. The Saturday game at Coral Canyon has 43 out of 80 spots gone, the Sunday game at Falcon Ridge has 54 of 100 spots spoken for and the big game at the Casablanca on Monday has 64 of the 152 spots gone. Going to be a great year ladies and gentlemen. See ya soon. STMF

  573. Kerry says:

    So glad to hear this news about Neil. I will shoot him off something when I get home. I think I have his number still.

    On a lighter note, I observed one of the Utah Girls at the Utah International Auto Show today. But since she was undeniably occupied, I did not say hi. I did not think yelling “Hey Badass” across the Expo Center would have been in good taste.

    Looking forward to seeing you Paul, but it just won’t be the same without Neil there.

  574. Crazy Canucks says:

    Update on my brother Neil. He has been moved out of critical ICU to non critical ICU. Which is a sign to the road to recovery. He is returning texts that he receives from people. It might take a couple of days but he does return your messages. If you have his number feel free to text him as I am sure he would love to hear from his brothers from Mesquite. If you don’t have it and want it, you can Imessage me on Facebook. His mental and physical state are all there. He is now walking up to 500 feet a day which is awesome considering his leg muscles were non existent a month and a half ago. Still a long road to recovery as he is working on 1 1/2 lungs so when he returns in 2020, you might have to double his shots since he doesn’t have the lung capacity like we do with 2 lungs. As the doctors have told us “Baby Steps: 3 forward and 2 back”. Progress is slow but by the grace of God he is still with us and that is the most important to his family and friends. Take Care everyone, keep Neil in your prayers for a speedy recovery and I will see you in May. Kerry I will see you first, you lucky dog for the dinner at Timberline on the Thursday. And Yes Jeff B, speedo and thong will be in tow πŸ™‚

  575. Kerry says:

    Christian is on the Las Vegas local CBS Morning News talking up the Mesquite Motor Mania for next weekend.

  576. Kerry says:

    This suggested departure time would also go for those who have Coral Canyon in their Rotation for the Tournament. Since start time at Coral Canyon is also a 9am (Utah Time) Shotgun Start.

  577. Kerry says:

    David, Richard and all others, a Pertinent departure time would be 6am Sat to head for Coral Canyon. You have 30 miles of Arizona, and 16 miles of Utah. Approx. 15 miles of the Arizona drive is at the slow speed limit of 55 MPH.
    And the Arizona Department of Public Safety Monitor this stretch for vehicles going faster than they would want them to. And for Costco Members, it is just off I-15 exit 10 in Washington, Ut. About 1/4 mile west of the Highway. Cheapest gas around the area. I’m sure you will all have a great time. And with the absence of a Carwash in Mesquite, St George has several good options. I myself hate driving a dirty car, and buy coupons for Fabulous Freddy’s, there are 2 in St George.

    Okay, back to the departure time question. The main reason I say 6am Mesquite time (7am Utah time), this would put you at Coral Canyon approx. 8am Utah time, giving you plenty of time for practice and getting you crap together.

    Play Well all.

  578. David remember, Sat is in St George with a 9am shotgun start. They are an hour ahead. If you leave Mesquite at 630 that would be 730 St George time and then you have at least 45 min drive. Plan accordingly. STMF

  579. David DeRango says:

    Happy New Year to all my Mesquite golf buddies!!
    Neil my prays are with you my friend for a speedy recovery!

    Airfare is booked and will be getting into Vegas Friday late and leaving Vegas for Mesquite early AM for your Condo Richard hope to be by you not latter then 6:30am in time to drop off my bad and load up your car and go!
    132 days till I am in Vegas and I Cannot Wait !!!

    Rich C. what are you planning for your night of cigars under the stars?? Looking forward to it.

  580. Kerry says:

    Golf Temperature in Mesquite was 61degrees when I got off the course. Loved the sunshine.

  581. As I sit here watching the snow blanketing my area in Va I long for the days of playing in the Mesquite Am and the Bruce King Memorial. Speaking of the Bruce King, want to give you all some updates. Sat at Coral Canyon is already half full with 42 of 80 slots already gone. Sun at Falcon Ridge is half full with 52 of 100 spots already spoken for and the big Daddy at Casablanca on Monday has 64 of the 152 spots taken. Get in while you can. Contact me if you have any questions. See all of you in 132 days. STMF

  582. Richard Wilds says:

    Started the 2019 golf season yesterday. Short sleeves and shorts. Not so good today, 6 inches of snow and in the 30’s in Denver. Starting to plan for my 15th Mesquite Am and warmer weather.

    George is right, the Vegas World Am is high prices and the information the don’t tell you about handicapping, flighting, registrations, etc will still fill volumes. I’ve played it 2 of the last 4 years and it still needs a lot of organization.

    Neil, get better soon. It’s hard to have a great party without all our good drinking friends.

    Have a wonderful new year till we meet in May.

  583. Kerry says:

    If any of the Northern Utah folks would like to join us, please just let me know.

  584. Kerry says:

    Thursday would be good for me, as I am not leaving for Mesquite until Monday, the 27th. And there is a Utah State Controlled Liquor Store at the same exit as Coral Canyon. It is North of the Texeco Station. You can see it from the Freeway as you are going south, just before the exit.

  585. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry, sounds like a plan to me however there will a kink in my plans. With Coyote Springs getting boot from the Tourney and Coral Canyon (CC) taking its place. I have not played CC, I have drank CC πŸ™‚ That is Canadian Club Whiskey. So I see that there is a Holiday Inn Express right at the golf course exit so it looks like I will be entering all 3 skins game as I would like to play CC just in case she is in my rotation. So my plan is to be at the Holiday Inn for the Friday night. When are you good for dinner? Thursday?? That way I can spend it at the normal hotel my brother and I stay at, plus with the bar scene a block away is always nice. Then I can drive down to Washington UT (with booze of course) as last time someone told me it’s a “dry county” I thought they meant they didn’t get any rain. Not that their are no bars in the area. After all I AM CANADIAN.

  586. Kerry says:

    Dinner at Timbermine for a good steak on your way through Paul?

  587. Crazy Canucks says:

    Hello Lads been a while since I have been on this blog. As you know we didn’t play in the Mesquite Am in 2018 as we went back to the Motherland. No we didn’t play St Andrews as the Dunhill Cup was playing so we bought tickets for the final round instead. At least we walked it and yes the fairways are gorgeous. Now for an update since our return for Scotland Neil booked himself into the hospital, that was Nov 17, with shortness of breathe. While the doctors were trying to figure out what was wrong with him on Dec 4 he went into cardiac arrest and on Dec 6 he had emergency open heart surgery while recovering In hospital on Dec 23 he went into cardiac arrest for a second time. Neil has a 2019 travel ban on so he will not be making it to Mesquite 2019, however he did mention that he will be at the 2020 event. Yes that’s right he can not leave Canada. The United States health care system bites, you need to copy Canada’s, its so much better. So tell Donald to quit attempting to build that wall and revamp the healthcare system; it will cost you less trust me. On a positive note you will be having me attend the 2019 Mesquite AM. I can fill you in what I left out in this blog and trust me I left some very important material out. I made a promise to Neil that I would attend Mesquite in clean cut fashion so Mullet for me this year. You wont even recognize me with my clean cut act. See you lads in May. I will be by myself and nobody to look after me so if any of you guys have single lady friends, giddy up to me as I am available πŸ™‚

  588. Looks nice but just a little too much money to play those courses. Playing both Revere courses in May for 151.00. At least they moved it off of Presidents day weekend. Might be cheaper to fly in. Good luck to all that play. STMF

  589. My error on the Vegas Amateur Golf Tournament

    Correct website:

  590. Kerry says:

    Carroll is listed as for sale

  591. Vegas Amateur back on February 25-February 28,2019. New courses, new management team.
    Courses playing -Chimera, Revere Concord, Revere Lexington, & Royal Links for Championship round
    Go to for more info.

  592. Happy New years everyone. Wanted to give an update on the Skins games/practice rounds. The Saturday round at Coral Canyon is about 40% full, the Sunday round at Falcon Ridge is half full and the Monday round at Casablanca has 52 out of 152 in it already. For those of you that have played in this event before, you have until mid Feb then the I open it up to everyone to get it. See you all in 140 days. STMF

  593. Kerry says:

    I’m back home from my Christmas Excursion to Mesquite. My Highlander, unfortunately is at a Toyota Dealer 80 miles south of me. for more Repairs. Did not need this.

    152 Days till Wheels Down and 80+ MPH (maybe)

  594. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a wonderful new years as well. Only 150 days and I am wheels up. STMF

  595. Kerry says:

    And a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours Rich C. Will be golfing the Palms, shotgun start, Christmas Day.
    And a Very Merry Christmas to all Others who read this.

  596. Rich C. says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you and your’s
    Rich C. in warm PHX

  597. Already 23 signed up for Sat out of 80, 27 signed up for Sun out of 100 and 29 signed up for Mon out of 152. Great start. Kerry, I am going to leave you on there till I need your spot, things seem to change. LOL. 153 days till wheels up. Merry Christmas everyone. STMF

  598. Kerry says:

    Dinner with Jim G. and his Lovely wife yesterday evening was a good time. Seeing Jim other than in Mesquite was great. And meeting the Wife he always talked about was great. They should be landing at LAX soon, on the way across the Big Pond for Christmas. Have a Great time guys.

    Beautiful Blue Skies and a mild 28 degrees here this morning. Should be warmer when I Tee off tomorrow in Mesquite.
    Actual time here at posting is 9:44am.

  599. Kerry says:

    Thursday July 4th, 7am shotgun, Red, White & Blue Golf Classic, 4 person Scramble. 1-6= Blue tees. 7-12= White tees. 13-18= Red tees. $45.00 per player. Includes Green fee, Lunch & Prizes. I will also have a 4 day weekend. But will need to drive south after work Wednesday if golfing in tournament. Now we will need Richard to join us also. And anybody from the local area want to join us? Lance?

    And now the bad news. current plans have me arriving in Mesquite on May27th, Memorial Day. Not playing any of the Pre Tournament Rounds. So Baja Miguel’s is out.

    Now that you have seen this George, please remove me from your games. Armed Forces Tournament is May18th and planning on doing this.

  600. David DeRango says:

    FYI with the new job we have a 4 day weekend on independence day and my 3 weeks vacation could make it a longer trip so what golf tournament do they have in Mesquite???
    looks like we can be in it together but will send the wife to the Sap while we play!!!

  601. David DeRango says:

    Yes I meant thank you!
    Hope to see them next year?
    I have not received my letter from the Mackinnon brothers yet!
    I do not know Tokyo over Mesquite not a big fan of flying 13 hours rather fly 4 hours and one hour in the car to be in Mesquite.
    Also wife an i started to plan what day we are leaving for Vegas right now Thursday or Friday??? but I know air fair cost is cheaper on Thursday will win out so lunch at Baja Miguel’s is still on but will confirm next year.

  602. Kerry says:

    And now on a more serious note. Received my P. D. MacKinnon Christmas Letter, I so look forward to these every year. Just wish I could get that vision out of my head. If you get this letter, you know what I am talking about. Loved the picture of you & Neil on the Bridge at St Andrews. Looking forward to our annual Steak Dinner at the Timbermine in May, on your way to Mesquite. Sad Neil will not be joining us. But Tokyo vs all of us, Tokyo would definitely win.

    Will be meeting up with Jim G and his wife this evening for dinner. They have an overnight layover here, on their way to their Christmas Vacation. In fact, as I write this, they should be boarding their plane.

    157 Days until Wheels Down and 80+ MPH

  603. Kerry says:

    Just a bit of information that I found funny: My local Morning News is reporting that people would quit Facebook for $1,000.00. I guess I should have waited, I quit Months Ago.

  604. Kerry says:

    Patti, Vicki, Sharon & Jill, David says think you for the birthday wishes. Me thinks he means Thank You.
    Some amount of days until pick up Final Courses and the all important Dinner Pin.

  605. David DeRango says:

    Say think you to the laddies of Utah for me looking forward to seeing them again.
    George I hope I did not forget your birthday if I did happy birthday my friend.
    I owe you a cocktail as I owe Kerry and Richard πŸ˜‰

  606. David DeRango says:

    Registration is OPEN!!
    Let see if we can break last years attendants .

    158 days till we are playing the Mesquite AM
    152 days till I land in Vegas!!!!
    George looking forward to the skin games and helping to sell ticket for the raffle.

  607. First invites have went out for the Bruce KIng Doing it in the Desert skins games. If you have played in them in the last few years and did not get an invite please drop me an email so i can get one out to you. In the few short hours since I sent out the invites I am already 20% full so the spots will go fast. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all, see you in 145 days.

  608. Kerry says:

    Courses are now listed for the 2019 Mesquite Am. Coral Canyon is in, Coyote Springs is not listed.
    For you early arrivers, George is running a game at Coral Canyon on Saturday, May 25th. So if you have not played there, or it has been a while, this is a good time to get back into competitive mode, or like me, see old friends and make new ones. Maybe I’ll play it on my way to Mesquite Dec 23rd.

  609. Kerry says:

    Happy Birthday to David. Really DON’T know how you made it to 65 years old. I have chatted with one of our Sweet Utah Girls, and she said to Wish you Happy Birthday from The Utah Girls.
    And our Good Pal George, just said “Old Man”

    And Starting a New Job Tomorrow, Supposed to be Retiring at THIS AGE.

    Is May ever going to come around?

  610. Kerry says:

    George I did wish you a Happy Birthday in October.

    And David, I’m sure this Sweet Lassie, would probably not appreciate being called a Laddie.

  611. Kerry, my birthday was in Oct, but thanks for the compliment anyway. LOL…….STMF

  612. David DeRango says:

    I also extend my happy birthday wishes to this very wonderful laddie.
    Enjoy your day and hope to see you in Mesquite so I can buy you a belated birthday drink.

  613. David DeRango says:

    Good news to all my Mesquite golf buddies I just landed a new job at Cummins Allison my start date will be 12/17/18
    Now you ask yourself what so good about this David will not be able to get vacation time for the Mesquite AM?
    Well being the Purchasing manager that I am I negotiated a 3 week vacation and by the time May comes around I will have 6 days of vacation to use.
    Of course all will depend on me passing the drug / alcohol test and the background check so I could not be employed πŸ™‚ never know what they will find LOL.
    Correct George 174 days but I could miss the first skin game not sure yet but I will let you know!
    But keep me in all three games. CANNOT WAIT.

  614. Kerry says:

    I would like to wish my Favorite East Coast Beauty/Hottie a Very Happy Birthday. Hope your day was Awesome.

  615. Jeffrey P Barbas says:

    We got some long, hard, cold days ahead of us, George. And like you, I can’t wait to get back to Mesquite in May! How are the plans shaping up for the Pre-Mesquite Am Doing It In the Desert golf events coming along? Can we get a preview anytime soon? Looking to forward to seeing you and the whole crew!

  616. george salcedo says:

    under 6 months, 175 days to go. STMF

  617. Kerry says:

    Looking forward to seeing Jim in SLC next month.

  618. David DeRango says:

    Ok lets try it again for some dumb reason I and not post to the blog!!
    $300 is the same as last year which is fine I won most of it back.
    Count me in George!! or unless I get a job that will not let me get time off !!!
    Any way I hope all my Mesquite golf buddies had a great Thanksgiving I know I did.
    Plus I finally spent my winnings from the AM, Callaway had the ROGUE fair way woods on sale saved $100 so I got the
    3 & 5 on order and should be seeing them this week. You know I will want to try them out once I get them so I will be headed to the range once the weather get in to the 40’s some time maybe???
    Cannot wait 180 days for the first skin game or retirement in 30 days!!!!

  619. Kerry says:

    You are so kind sir.
    Sounds like Smokehouse Garlic bread for Sat Night.
    Means a Friday road trip for me.

  620. I am sorry that i left out prices for the weekend rounds.

    Sat at Corral Canyon will be 80
    Sun at Falcon Ridge will be 100
    Mon at Casablanca is 120

    Total for weekend is 300

    181 days. STMF

  621. Kerry says:

    Beautiful Day here, in Burbank, California. Oh, not relocating to here, grew up here.
    I’m sorry George, but not meaning to be a pain, but what is the fee,/cost for Sat & Mon events?
    Or are you still calculating these out?

  622. David WILLIAM DeRango says:

    OK will try it again I posted and would not post my blog!!!

    This sounds great looking forward to it so sign me up for all three events.
    I know you will let us know the amounts for each day and total for all three events.
    I will be there unless I dropped dead or I get a job that will not let me take vacation time off.
    Or unless I cannot get to Vegas by Friday and the guys cannot come get me.
    As always CANNOT WAIT!!!

  623. David William DeRango says:

    This is great reserve a spot for me in all three events.
    The only thing that would stop me if dropped dead or I get a job that will not let me take vacation time off.
    Or I cannot get to Vegas by Friday?
    All is up in the air until the end of December.
    Looking forward to it and CANNOT WAIT!!!

  624. Kerry says:

    Yo Folks,

    Happy Thanksgiving

  625. Wanted to update everyone on the pre games better known as the Doing it in the Desert Bruce King memorial.

    Sat, May 25th we will be invading Corral Canyon for a 9am (utah time) shotgun start. We will be running a gross game and optional net game. Also included in your fee is a CTP on all par three’s. I am sure the Chi Chi par three contest will be an option as well. We will max out at 72 players. 1000 in skins on the line, 80 on each par three for a full field.

    Sun, May 26th we will trek to Falcon Ridge golf course, this will also be a gross skins game with a optional net game. Cost is 100. Included is golf, lunch, some drink tickets and a CTP contest on each hole including an entry for the 2020 Mesquite Am on one of the holes. We will max out at 100 golfers and the payout is 2000 in skins and 400 total on 4 of the par threes with a full field.

    Monday, May 27th is the big daddy at Casablanca golf. This is a net game using the Lowest handicap you have had in the past 12 months or your Mesquite Am handicap. There will also be a optional net game and the Chi Chi par three contest. Included is golf, range, breakfast, a tee gift, skins money, par three contest, drink tickets and of course the chance to see and participate in the annual memorial day costume contest. This year there will be an individual winner and a group winner. A putting contest will also be contested and a picture booth will be up for your enjoyment. With a full field of 152, yes 152, skins payout is 3000 and CTP 300 plus an entry into the 2020 Mesquite Am. This round tends to go slow, so if you are used to zipping around in 2 hours at your local muni this is probably not for you. If you are looking to have a great time with a chance to meet some great people than this is for you.

    I will be opening the website sometime in early January and due to some no shows last year i will be requiring deposits. 185 days till I am wheels up, see all of you soon. STMF

  626. David DeRango says:

    My birthday is not a big deal really has never been a big deal but I thank you.

    First I want to wish all my Mesquite golf buddies a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

    The wife and I will be driving to Vegas the day after Christmas and spend 2 weeks.
    This will be are start to my retirement and be moving to Vegas permanently.
    So I will be playing more golf and be with you on you two man tournament George.

  627. David William DeRango says:

    My birthday has always been not a big deal it is just another day to me.
    But thank you.
    Retirement could be real close have nothing going on and do not expect anything either now with Thanksgiving here and Christmas just a month away no companies will be hiring till the new year but I will already of applied for retirement by then.
    Plus the wife and I will be driving to Vegas after Christmas but you knew that.
    This will start the movie to Vegas!
    Do not want to forget Happy Thanksgiving to all my Mesquite golf buddies!!

  628. Kerry says:

    Got any idea of the weekend warm up courses to the 2019 Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Skins Game on
    Memorial Day, May 27, 2019?
    I remember you mentioned Corral Canyon for Saturday, May 25th. So I guess I’m just wondering about Sunday,
    May 26th.
    And being the β€œSandbagger”, β€œAll My Friends” say I am, You’ll only be giving me Half of my HI?
    FYI: Will NOT be playing 9 Straight Days of Golf this year. But am Hoping to Play Las Vegas National again, Richard?
    Maybe before we Pick up David Friday Morning? We will be lunching at Baja Miguel’s before our return to Mesquite.
    Or you, Rand & Tom could return and get the Condo set up for a weeks worth of party time.

    Guess this means I will be making an appearance for the 2019 Mesquite Amateur.
    Wheels Down, and 80+ MPH on Monday, May 20, 2019

  629. Kerry says:

    You skipped your birthday. And your big Retirement date.

  630. David DeRango says:

    just want to make sure of the new rules change, I want to make sure I know them just in chase others are not up to speed as we are my friend.
    Merry Christmas!! it is not Thanksgiving yet!! So here are some important days coming up.
    7 days to Thanksgiving!
    40 days till Christmas!
    190 days till the skin games!
    194 days till the Mesquite AM CANNOT WAIT!!

  631. Kerry says:

    Oh yeah,

  632. Kerry says:

    Of Course the new rules will be in effect. You are talking May, and they start in January.

  633. David DeRango says:

    Hey all Mesquite golf buddies I just asked Christian if the NEW GOLF RULES 2019 | The 20 Most Important CHANGES
    Will go into effect for us next year at the Mesquite AM
    Waiting on is reply.
    Everyone from me and my wife have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and CANNOT WAIT!

  634. Jim O says:

    Sure was chilly in the morning Kerry but turned to perfect
    weather except for the wind on Sunday. They are looking
    to expand to 150 teams next year and use all three courses
    at the same time. Probably six flights of 25 with two flights
    per course. Course conditions are really good this time of
    year and Christian and his staff put on a great tourney. Hope to
    get more Mesquite Am folks next year.

  635. Kerry says:

    Hey II Man Participants, Layer up. You will be off to a chilly start to your Tournament.
    George, that means plenty of Fireball for you.

  636. David DeRango says:

    OMG Happy Birthday Jill I will buy you a drink and give you a hug for you Birthday when i see you next time
    in Mesquite which I hope it will be 2019.
    No job retirement and I will be in Mesquite New job and will have to work on getting time off for the AM.

    201 day CANNOT WAIT!!!

  637. Kerry says:

    I would just like to wish Jill a Happy Birthday today. Hope today is a great day for you, and you get out and hit the links at Willow Creek. See you in 2020.

  638. Kerry says:

    Everyone Play Well. See you another time.

  639. Kerry says:

    A Sat & Sun Breakfast thought: Mimosa Buffet at Casablanca. Paying with your Points, (50% discount) would be $4.50 for Breakfast. Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s included. (Dan & Sue)

  640. Kerry says:

    FYI for the II Man Participants. 50% discount when using your points to pay. Tee Times, Pro Shop Merchandise, Food at Casa and Virgin River, except Hot Dog stands and a couple of other items. And for those with a massive amount of points, ROOMS are included. There are folks, that even wait for these time periods to purchase new clubs around here. So, get your $70.00 Swedish Massage for $35.00 using your points.

  641. george salcedo says:

    84 hours and I will be wheels up. Can’t wait to see everyone. STMF

  642. Kerry says:

    Tee Times cnx’d, going to Golf Tournament in Las Vegas instead.

  643. Jim O says:

    That’s a good idea although the back 9 from the blue tees is a lot easier than
    the front. Enjoy the spooktacular!

  644. Kerry says:

    Jim, you want a break, Play the Par 5 #15 at the Palms as a Par 4 from the forward upper tee box. As you probably noticed, that is what the signs are telling the Gentlemen golfing The Nevada Open to do. I’ll be golfing Palms at 10:40 Sat morning, and 9:30 Sun morning. Nov 3 & 4.

  645. Jim O says:

    Just played the palms and it is in nice shape..should be great by
    Next week. Weather forecast is low 70s and no wind. Christian, thanks for
    giving us old guys a break on the tees, that long hybred into par fours was getting

  646. dan walters says:

    Ron, just be sure to yell “Fore”, good and loud

  647. ron luttrall says:

    Dan, it looks like Jim and I will be hitting into you and Sue the first day as we tee off on 2 and y’all are on 3B. Good thing is we can’t hit far enough to reach you. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  648. Kerry says:

    Las Vegas will never be the same with you as a Full Time Resident.

  649. David DeRango says:

    215 days till we are in the desert and doing it again.
    3 more months and no job I will be moving to Vegas and retiring

  650. Kerry says:

    Not really

  651. Kerry says:

    Sorry David

  652. David DeRango says:

    You guys are killing me I want to be there too!!!
    But I still need to look for work as I have said before no job by the end of January 2019 I will be retiring and moving to Vegas so everything is up in the air.
    But once I am living in Vegas I will be in all the tournaments in Mesquite and outing !!!
    Cannot wait
    My Mesquite golf buddies play well and think of me some day I will right along side of you all
    God bless my friends in the desert.

  653. Dan Walters says:

    Hit’em straight Kerry. To bad we’ll miss you

  654. Kerry says:

    And will be playing in the Spooktacular on Sunday the 28th.

  655. Kerry says:

    5 days for me Dan.

  656. Dan Walters says:

    22 days

  657. george salcedo says:

    I am not sure, I know it is on a waiting list. Should be a great 3 days. STMF

  658. Ron Luttrall says:

    George, how many in the 2 man?

  659. george salcedo says:

    Kerry, you know I don’t litter. LOL. But you do know I love the fireball. LOL….STMF

  660. Kerry says:

    Play Well George and all the Folks that I know. And would the Group playing with, or following George and his Partner, Please pick up all the Empty bottles of Fireball that they may be leaving along the Fairways.

  661. george salcedo says:

    The 2 person event is sold out and has a waiting list. I guess a lot of peeps want some desert warmth prior to winter. Wheels up in 26 days. See ya soon Mesquite. STMF

  662. Kerry says:

    For sure, Mesquite Am 2020.

  663. george salcedo says:

    Boooooooooo, I wanted to see you. Next time. STMF

  664. Kerry says:

    I will be a no show for the weekend festivities during the 2 Man in November.

  665. Jeff Barbas says:

    236 Days? Dreading winter already and we haven’t really hit fall yet!

  666. Kerry says:

    Play Well Young Man

  667. Richard Wilds says:

    Just finished sign-up for the Nov 2-Man. Have hotel and Conestoga practice round afternoon of the 8th. Now if I can just figure out where I left the golf game. See you in the desert very soon.

    Upper 80’s low 90’s the last couple of weeks, 38 tomorrow morning. Winter is going to come fast.

  668. george salcedo says:

    Just throwing this out there. 241 days. STMF

  669. David DeRango says:

    Kerry thank you for the heads up I gave Rich C. my condolences.

  670. Kerry says:

    If you have not checked recently, Please see Post by Rich C. in Cigars under The Stars Blog.
    Thank You

  671. george salcedo says:

    My area is ok. The Richmond Va area got hit hard including a tornado that touched down. Thanks for checking. SMTF

  672. Kerry says:

    severe drought here

  673. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Everyone OK in your area, George? Rain fizzled out when it got up here today.

  674. george salcedo says:

    51 days. With all this rain out here I can’t wait for some sun and warmth. Hope everyone made it through Florence ok. STMF

  675. Kerry says:


    But please also remember, the Nevada Open will be using the Palms & Casablanca for their Tournament on Nov 6th & 7th. With their Championship Round being on Nov 8th at the Casablanca. These are our soon to be & PGA Tour professionals. I have played practice rounds with them, and will probably do it the weekend prior to this. I played the Palms with Daniel Summerhays during one of these practice rounds. Will try to play 3rd, 4th & 5th, so if any one will be coming to town early, look me up.

  676. Kerry says:


    Add at least 365 to that till I join the desert group again.

  677. Kerry says:

    Okay George, it can all be for you. I’ll see what I can do to get them to hold on to this 105 degrees that it is today here.
    #4, the dog leg right par 5 at the Palms, was completely brown I noticed as I drove into town today. Oops, Weathergirl just said 106.

    David, they were in great shape because they do this over seeding in Sept.

    Congrats to you & Linda for 39 years. Really? Linda deserves something special.

    Richard, Really? By 3? But you are still stuck with putting up with seeing Seahawks products. Unless you are going to toss me that new Callaway Bag you picked up with your Mesquite Am Bucks??????????????

  678. george salcedo says:

    Come on Kerry, let me believe it is just for me. I want to feel special. LOL………..STMF

  679. David DeRango says:

    Also boys Happy anniversary to the wife 39 years of putting up with me!!

  680. David DeRango says:

    Kerry we have played Casablanca with Christian in November couple of years ago the I though the course was in good shape but love the weather.
    We also played the Palms in the turkey shoot and though the course was good too.
    But George I think you can count me in for next years two man game!
    Cannot Wait 255 days till we are doing it again.

  681. David William DeRango says:

    Kerry we played with Christian one fall day after seeding course was in nice shape and we played in the Turkey Shoot and I believe it was at the Palms great weather started out cool and then got warm.
    I cannot WAIT to move to Vegas !!
    Remember no job by December I am retired and done with this SH!# and moving on.
    looking forward to it.

    George you can count me in next year for the two man!!!

  682. Kerry says:

    Boise is nice today. Perfect temperature.

  683. Kerry King says:

    Not really George, they do this the same time every year.

  684. george salcedo says:

    getting them ready for the 2man. Make them like glass. Funny how different the courses are from May to November. 62 days. STMF

  685. Kerry says:

    Casablanca Golf Course presently closed for over seeding, Palms closing on the 7th for over seeding.

  686. george salcedo says:

    64 and I will be back in the desert. Can’t wait to see everyone and play those courses. What a different track they are in Nov compared to May. Summer is over here in Va and this weekend we should see our first highs in the 70’s. Hope everyone played well all summer and now you get the wonderful fall weather to enjoy. See ya. STMF

  687. David DeRango says:

    Well I am applying for retirement on September 20th and will start that in December after my 65 birthday.
    Looks like I will be playing in the two man in November 2019 if everything goes as planed.
    The only thing that will change all this is a new job and at my age no one want this old fart.
    So get use to seeing me around Mesquite my golf buddies I REALLY CANNOT WAIT!!
    I could be living in Vegas as soon as next spring before the Mesquite AM or after this is now God’s plan.
    I will just go along for the ride.
    Be safe all hope to see you all soon! πŸ™‚

  688. Kerry says:

    Sure Hope you all have a Great Time at the II Man in November. And the 2019 Mesquite Amateur. Looking forward to 2020, I hope.

  689. Jim says:

    Thanks for the info. Glad to hear about those bunkers, they were pretty bad.

  690. Dan Walters says:

    Thanks Jim..Be good to see you and Ron. been a couple years.


  691. George Salcedo says:

    Kerry, my partner is Ryan P, so who knows how that will go. LOL.. Might be some adult beverages and fireball in that group. I like the improvements going on at the Palms. First a new pro, then the road going in and now this. Excited to see it all. Can’t wait to see everyone. STMF

  692. Ron Luttrall says:

    Dan, glad to see that you and Sue will be at the 2-man in Nov. Jim and I will be there. Lepha will be tied up with her preparations for Carnegie Hall.

  693. Kerry says:


    Reworking of bunkers, cutting the size, or just deleting them. Redoing Tee Boxes. And it appears they are putting a pond golfer’s right on the lower side of the 9th fairway, that runs towards the 3 green and 4 Tee Box. Everything was a bit hairy today also, I guess prepping for Over Seeding next Month.

  694. Jim OHare says:

    What type of changes have been made to the palms? That’s one course that I figured would never change.

  695. Kerry says:

    Play well George & Partner. Hope you enjoy the changes being made at The Palms. I had 4 pars there today, and 3 birdie putts. And no problem getting over the water on 7. New clubs seemed to work for me. Driver? Still needs a shake up.

  696. george salcedo says:

    81 days till we land. Plane, booked. Room, booked. Partner, check. All that is left is the wait. See ya soon Mesquite. STMF

  697. Dan Walters says:

    Thanks Kerry

  698. Kerry says:

    Play Well Dan & Susan

  699. Jim OHare says:

    Will there be a practice round rate at Conestoga for the day before the 2 man begins? I know the other two courses are tied up with the Nevada Open.

  700. Dan Walters says:

    air, car, and room reservations for Nov, done, will do entries this weekend

  701. Kerry says:

    Well, I hope you all have a grand time in Mesquite for the II Man Tournament in November. I am unable to commit to this Tournament as it is the week/weekend of our System Wide Bid at Work. This is also when we bid for our 2019 Vacation weeks. I may be able to get down for Sunday Night, if anyone is still going to be there. And as I have been telling David lately, I Hope the Mighty Bird of Paradise does not Rain on your parade.

  702. David W DeRango says:

    Would love to be there with you playing in the 2 man but finances get in the way.
    Plus Airfare is way high we looked a getting a flight out to Vegas too much to handle.
    That is why I went back to bartending so I can make sure I can afford the Mesquite AM.
    I hope next year because I will be a few months from retiring and other things could be finished.
    and I can put this finance SH!# behind me.
    Enjoy and keep me posted on what goes on!!
    Thank you

  703. Kerry says:

    Just came back from Mesquite Monday.
    Callaway Apex Black Irons are now on
    the their way to Austin, Texas.
    Sold Sold Sold

  704. George says:

    hearing from quite a few folks concerning the 2 man. As Tom put it, it will be Mesquite Am 2.0. Should be a pretty good party with golf getting in the way. As it should be. Hope all are having a great summer golfing. I have played 5 rounds since my return from the desert but fall is coming. 102 days till Mesquite. STMF

  705. David DeRango says:

    HI all my Mesquite golf buddies!!
    How is everyone’s summer going better then mine I bet.
    took up a part time job bartending again life is expensive and need the extra cash.
    doing this for two reasons one for extra money to play golf and number two is to make sure I have the money for next year to be in Mesquite.
    So I CANNOT WAIT just 287 days to go.
    have a safe summer all.

  706. David DeRango says:

    I will add this was my first course I played too at the Mesquite AM I even scored well but have not been able to duplicate that again.
    Skin game or no skin game.

    Looking forward to what ever course is on my rotation next year CANNOT WAIT 312 days till we are doing it again!!!

  707. Richard says:

    Great to see Coral Canyon back in the mix. Was my first course in the AM. 105 degrees, 6 hour round and I tagged the moving beer cart at the same spot 2 days in a row. But they still let me come back.

    Coyote, Conestoga and Coral Canyon for a rotation that will wipe you out.

    See you at the 2-man.

  708. Kerry says:

    George & Dan

    It is great to have Coral Canyon Back in the Rotation. A lot of Flooding in Southern Utah these past couple of days.
    I’ll give it a look see as I pas by Saturday on my way to Mesquite. Lows for the weekend in High 80’s. Highs are expected to be High 100’s and 110’s. Hope to be off the course by 10:30 am.

  709. George Salcedo says:

    yes sir Dan, just like the old days. Coral Canyon was the very first course I played in the Amateur. I know it is still 10 months out but in case you have never played Coral it is in the Bruce King rotation next year on the Sat of arrival. Plan accordingly. Happy golfing. STMF

  710. Dan Walters says:

    Just got an email from Christian..Coral Canyon added to next years rotation

  711. George says:

    For those of you on Facebook there is a great page called “Golf Digest places to play”. Lots of good info on courses around the country and a great way to mention the Amateur and how much we love it. Hope everyone is having a great golfing summer. STMF

  712. Ron Luttrall says:

    Thanks, Jim.

  713. Jim O’Hare says:

    No blog last year Ron

  714. Ron Luttrall says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a blog for the 2 man tournament ?

  715. David DeRango says:

    Love to play in the two man tournament but vacation will be used up by then.

    Plus that will be the time I get my knee replaced? ( I think )?

    Cannot wait to back to the desert! playing golf back in Chicago cannot get use to the greens slow as putting on a shag carpet.
    Got the last person paid from the skin games from Thursday I wish you guys would find me a dinner I have the cash with me. What ever happy to do it.
    Have a great 4th all.

  716. Kerry says:

    My Knee will preclude playing so much golf at once. Hence my Withdraw, while playing the best round of the Tournament on Thursday. Looking forward to Playing Golf with Richard in Colorado Springs Sunday, the 24th.
    Volunteer Party is the 23rd, so I’ll see him then also. And then the entire US Senior Open.

    And what is with this Bell, circled in red, in the right lower corner of the screen, that says I’ve blocked notifications? I’ve clicked on it, and have done what it says to unblock, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

  717. Jim OHare says:

    Your right about the Nov 2 man George. The weather is perfect and so are the courses. Hope to see more Mesquite am players out for it this year.

  718. George says:

    So finally unpacked my clubs, LOL….9 straight days of golf will wear on you. Hope all made it home ok. Only 146 days till I am back in the desert for the 2 man. If you can make it, the weather is usually wonderful during that time and for those of us in the cold weather states it is one more chance at golf before we put the sticks up for the winter. Hope you all have a wonderful summer and 4th of July. STMF

  719. David DeRango says:

    Cannot believe it has been a week since the tournament has been over!
    50 weeks till I am in Vegas before it starts and Cannot wait!!
    But will be in Vegas sometime before the end of the year or on New Years eve??
    see everyone soon.

  720. golfoddball says:

    another week of upsets

  721. David DeRango says:

    OK back to my everyday life work, work and more work for another year and a half and then everyday will be Saturday.
    First I personally want to thank you Christian, and your staff along with all your volunteers because they do a great job putting this together. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO.
    Best time ever not saying that because I came in third πŸ™‚
    Really 50 weeks till I am doing it again in the desert.
    George thank you for letting me be part of the board to give out this scholarship we picked the right one again.
    So as I cry typing this I want to say Thank you Kerry for picking me up and driving my happy butt around and Richard thank you again for letting stay at your condo, next year I will get something special for all of us to enjoy.
    James and Rand great seeing you and meeting our new roomie.
    So goodbye my Mesquite Golf buddies!!
    goodbye Mesquite!
    goodbye Las Vegas!
    and goodbye golfing in the desert! until next time I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  722. George says:

    oh boy, where to begin. What a great week. Form the skins games, to the tourney , dinners, Cigars and the general camaraderie it was amazing. First to my playing parteners, Nate B, Chris H, Tyler P, Scotty W, Adrian H, Wesley D, Kevin F and Richard S thank you for a wonderful week of play. Our play may have not been the best but we had a great time. To Christian, his staff and the volunteers, you guys ROCK. The work you put in behind the scenes truly pays off for all of us and I thank you. TO all the new peeps I met and the ones I got to see again, thanks for being here. I have always said this is a great party that golf gets in the way of and it still holds court for me. Meeting and seeing all of you year in and out is what makes this place special. Last but not least, there are some special people that help me year in and out run the skins games, raffles and general day to day operation of it all. Katie K, you are the bomb, you make the raffle go, do not know what i would do with you. Cousin Michael Z, all the those early mornings helping me set up everything and you don’t complain at all, love you and thank you. Ok peeps, 53 weeks till wheels up. Hope everyone arrived home ok and have a great golf season. STMF

  723. Kerry says:


    Use GasBuddy app or

  724. Gerald Bryan says:

    Kerry where to buy cheap fuel.

  725. Rich C. says:

    I agree George, it’s all great

  726. Kerry says:

    Rich & I Playing Las Vegas National Wednesday Morning. Weather here in Mesquite is NICE. Did some Jacuzzi Time this Morning after breakfast. Keep watching for anyone we may know at the Hotel Registration Desk. So I guess I will see you Friday, after I get back to Mesquite from Las Vegas. You know, Got to pick up David. Or Should I leave him there? Guess I’ll go, cause I am going to love me some Enchiladas at Baja Miguel’s. Better yet, Having lunch with Jim at Paula’s (Enchiladas) in St George before golf there. Early Friday Golf at Oasis Palmer, then off to get David. See you all soon.

    I have already done the Wheels Down & 80+ MPH

  727. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    Two more days of work, my stomach is killing me. Still looking forward to the golf. Food? I’m almost afraid to eat anything. Hope it straightens up before I leave. Doctor said I have ulcers in my intestines when they ran the scope down my throat. Must be acting up. What I found since I got my Gallbladder out is everything I like to eat is bad for me and everything that’s good for me I hate. So I got that going for me…… Can’t wait to tee up at Falcon Ridge Saturday Morning! See ya soon, George!

  728. Jim OHare says:

    Perfect weather waiting for you here in Vegas.

  729. David DeRango says:

    For me George it is everything about the Mesquite AM I CANNOT WAIT for this time to come every year.
    I know I have made some life long friends and helping you is part of it.

    This will be my last entry because my flight leaves in less then 10 hours!!!
    The next time I blog will be when it is all over and talking about what we did and how much fun it was plus crying in my bourbon knowing it will be 50 weeks till I am in the desert doing it again.
    Safe travels all and remember I am the guy with the smile that will not go away!!

  730. George says:

    So not sure what I am more excited for, see all of my great friends, playing golf in an amazing tourney, the dinners nightly, Cigars under the Stars, the stories we will tell at the end of the night in the lounge or seeing what the four madmen, Ryan, Scotty, Kevin and Kyle come dressed up in at the Doing it in the Desert Bruce King memorial on Monday. Pretty sure it is the latter. LOL…….48 hours and wheels up. STMF

  731. Kerry says:

    Well, guess I need to get downstairs soon, Rich will be arriving, and I told him I’d have a Bud Light waiting for him.
    View from my room, looks like Hot Tub/Jacuzzi is Closed. Yellow tape stretched across entrance.

  732. David DeRango says:

    I have less then 32 hours before we take off from Midway airport to Las Vegas and let me tell you I cannot wait for some dry heat and sun and I do not have to play with layers or rain gear on.
    As Chicago goes so does my golf, since our golf league was canceled because of the monsoon we got this morning.
    I have only played 2-18 hole rounds in cold damp weather and 2-9 hole rounds with the golf league so my golf game will really be a crap shoot.
    I hope I can remember how I played on May 7th when I shot the 39! or not.
    But do not care cannot wait to get there.

  733. George Salcedo says:

    Holy Crap we are a week away from check in and 5 days a way from the first round of Doing it in the Desert. Cannot wait to see all of you. Be safe traveling. STMF

  734. Kerry says:

    20% chance of Precip Monday afternoon into Tuesday Morning. 86 degrees Monday. Then increasing through Friday to 100 degrees.

  735. Kerry says:

    I am here for the Duration. Any other Real Early Arrivers? R Wilds will be here tomorrow. Meeting him with a Bud Light as he Checks in to Hotel then.

  736. David DeRango says:

    OK 3 days left and I will be in happy land for 12 days cannot wait.
    bags packed, clubs cleaned packing Monday night.
    last chance to golf before I leave is Monday night golf league got my cigars packed for golfing cannot play with out them.
    Weather looks awesome for Mesquite and Vegas.
    Resting my liver becasue of the on-slot of adult beverages I will be having once I hit the ground in Vegas!!!
    Remember everyone I am the guy with the smile that will not go away and enjoying my week.
    Roomies I will apologizes now for my behavior but will take care of my drivers and lodging friends.