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If you have any general questions about the Mesquite Amateur please post them here and we will answer them for you and others.

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576 thoughts on “General Questions”

  1. Daniel Monico says:

    I’m sure everyone is getting ready for another great tournament. If possible, can we turn up the heat! It’s been a long, cold winter for a lot of us! LFG!

  2. David DeRango says:

    Christian the list of players seams to be not correct can you let us know why some players are listed that are not playing?

  3. David DeRango says:

    Hey Steve hope you can still make it but if not.

    If written cancellation is received before May 1st, 2022 a full refund will be given minus a $20 processing fee. If a cancellation is received May 2nd-14th, 2022 you will receive a refund less $100 processing fee. No refunds, regardless of circumstance, will be provided May 15th, 2022 or after. All cancellations and refund requests must be submitted in writing. Please allow 30 days to process requests. *These abbreviated rules will be updated as necessary. A complete set of rules will be provided in each player’s welcome package.

  4. Steve Nelson says:

    I am currently registered to play in this years Amateur event but I may have to cancel. Can you tell me what the cancelation policy is? Thanks
    Steve Nelson

  5. DAVID DeRango says:

    Thank you again for everything you do for the Mesquite AM, the courses, food and tournament was great.
    Linda really enjoyed the luncheon.
    Looking forward to the 2 man tournament.
    Bless you and your family, all be safe and healthy, see you soon.
    David and Linda

  6. Bill Valinski says:

    I will not be going to Mesquite this year. I already have plane tickets for the Fall Classic. Hope to see you there. Maybe a pre tourney Practice Round. Bring the trophy home to Mass.

  7. Daniel Monico says:

    Haha!!! Thx Bill – With you in the Captain’s chair!

    FYI- I just recently retired. Had enough of the politicians meddling and Monday morning quarterbacking into law enforcement…I’m a happy camper! Haha

    I expect to see you this year! I’ll send you my new cell number.


  8. Bill Valinski says:

    If you win again they should “Fire up the Duck Boats”

  9. Daniel Monico says:

    Counting down the days until “go-time”! Hopefully, the tournament will kick-off without any restrictions!

  10. Darrell says:

    The PacAM scheduled for mid June has been canceled. FYI

  11. Gary Forszt says:

    Christian and others:
    What is the cancellation policy. Even if the tournament moves forward, I might not want to attend given the current pandemic situation.

  12. David DeRango says:

    FYI for the big skin game on Monday at Casablanca we have an opening in our foursome!
    If you like to join us when you sign up let George know you want to be in our group.
    We can really give you the runaround 🙂
    Hope to see you then.
    96 days till I am in Vegas before the Tournament Cannot Wait!! I say this all the time.

  13. David DeRango says:

    If you play one of the skin games we can meet then or if you play in Mondays game I believe we have opening in our foursome?
    Or at the Casablanca bar after check in?
    we have time to work out a meeting place.

  14. Kerry says:

    Can’t wait to meet you. We will be playing Falcon Ridge Saturday morning. So hey,what Division will you be in? To get acclimated to the area, you may consider playing in the Skin’s Games Sunday and Monday. Conestoga and Casablanca Golf Courses.

  15. Les Robison says:

    Thanks David for the kind welcome! I’m very much looking forward to the golf and, of course, meeting new golfer friends. I’ll be arriving Saturday morning before the tournament starts to help get acclimated to the time difference. Hope to meet you.

  16. David DeRango says:

    Welcome to Mesquite AM the most fun you will EVER have!!
    I have met some great people over my 16 years coming to Mesquite, and our Canadian brothers the Crazy Canucks!
    But Kerry and I have been the best of golf buds for almost as many years, we keep in contact on the friends blog and texting (which drives the crazy when we text back and forth all the time) the wife says we have a bromance going. Along with Richard, James and Rand texting all the time! LOL!
    This is what I look forward to every year since playing in my first Mesquite AM and I hope you do to!
    Looking forward to meeting you which you will know me by the smile on my face that will not go away! 🙂
    107 days till I am in Vegas CANNOT WAIT!!

  17. Kerry says:

    Les, also check the postings in the Friends Blog, as this is where most of us keep up with each other.
    My best friend in the world, is David who lives in the Chicago area, and I met many moons ago
    at the Mesquite Am. And George was the first person I met at my First Am, which was also his First.
    During the Am, David, Rand (Denver area), Jim (Colorado Ski area) stay in Richard’s (Denver area)
    Wolf Creek Condo. We all met at the Mesquite Am. I live about 400 miles north of Mesquite, and
    sort of consider these my Home Courses. Happy to have you come, hope you enjoy, and
    KEEP COMING BACK. We love repeat offenders.
    Looking forward to meeting you. David, Rand and I currently have 1 slot in our Monday Skins Game
    at Casablanca, so if you sign up, consider letting George know you would like to Play with us Super Seniors.

  18. Les Robison says:

    Coming in from St. Petersburg Florida. Looking forward to desert golf.

  19. Kerry says:

    The course rotation and flight assignments are not usually up until late April early May.
    Welcome to the Mesquite Am. Where you coming in from?

  20. Les Robison says:

    When are the course assignments normally posted? This will be my 1st trip to Mesquite and I’m sure that I’ll need some expert advice.

  21. Lance Reiber says:

    Will there be special room rates for the Am this year and if so, when?
    Thanks, looking forward to another great time.

  22. Tom Uszynski says:

    Last year handicaps came out on the 15th

  23. Paul Buturusis says:

    When do we find out our flight?

  24. Kerry says:

    I post mine under the Friends Blog Darrell.
    Same Numbers

  25. Darrell says:

    145 Women’s
    200 Super Senior
    100 Senior
    62 Men’s
    135 Master’s

    Is that what you show?

  26. Kerry says:

    Ok Darrell, before your count David had 538, and after your count I had 538. Did I miss someone?

  27. Darrell says:

    635 on the list as of 4/25.

  28. 60, 30 in each division. Only got to beat 20 golfers to be in the money and you know those scores will be even net par or higher. And the skins games will have the most money in them. Good flights to be in. 34 days and wheels up. STMF

  29. Kerry says:

    Blame Paul, as he moved up to play with the Seniors this year.

  30. Kevin Jones says:

    Looking thin in the 49 and under flights…

  31. Allen Stewart says:

    Kelly, am sure your non computer friends who want to register can call Christians toll free number and do it over the phone. Living in Canada I did that for many years until they finally put in a selection for our Province and Country names. Am sure they would welcome registration that way. Good luck to your friends.

  32. John says:

    Texas boys, is Bubba coming this year? ….missed him last year. First couple rounds on me…again… 🙂

  33. David DeRango says:

    Good morning my Mesquite golf buddies I am now down to 60 days till I am in Vegas driving to the first skin game.
    I look forward to this every year and love everything about the week of golf, fun, food, cigars, drinking and fellow ship.
    I am on the blog everyday now reading what you all write I know I am at the point cannot wait!!!
    safe travels all see you soon.

  34. Kelly says:

    My friends wish to register but do not have access to computer. Is there a PDF document I can print for them to fill out and submit?

  35. John says:

    Thanks Darrell, will see all you Texas boys on next Saturday…first round is on me.. 🙂

  36. Darrell says:

    Unfortunately Bubba is out this year and hopes to make it next year.

  37. Peach Waller says:

    Hate this slow death of waiting to see your “official” rotation posted. I’m on the cut line between Player and Hogan, so I’d like to know if I should start dreading Coyote Springs in one or Conestoga and Falcon Ridge in the other.

    1. Kerry says:

      Well Peach,

      I do recall years back, we did not know our Flights until Check-in on Mondays.
      Remember when the cut-off for the Maximum Number of Players was “800”?

      As I told Gerald someplace in the Blogs:
      Patience Peach Patience

    2. Darrell says:

      I am with you, I was hoping for the Hogan Flight to play Conestoga and not have to trek to Coyote two years in a row.

      PLAYER SUPER SR MEN COYOTE SPRINGS- White Tees 70.6/139 6325 Yards CASABLANCA- Club Tees 69.9/124 6109 Yards OASIS PALMER- White Tees 67.5/115 5564 yards 10.6 – 12.2

      HOGAN SUPER SR MEN CASABLANCA- Club Tees 69.9/124 6109 Yards FALCON RIDGE- Silver Tees69.7/135 6211 Yards CONESTOGA- Silver Tees 70.1/127 6378 Yards 12.4 – 14.5

  38. John says:

    Two Questions; Does anyone from the Houston crowd know if Bubba is coming this year? Are the index’s out yet?

  39. Darrell says:


    1. Kerry says:

      Counted out 629 this morning Darrell

  40. Darrell says:

    618 on the books

  41. Darrell says:

    600 signed up now according to the participant lists, let all your golfing friends know that they need to sign up and come have a great time.

  42. Rich C says:

    Are you signed up for this years Cigars Under the Stars???
    Please go to that thread here on the Blog pages and post your first name and last initial to secure a cigar and to be entered into the prize pool!
    Thanks, Rich C.

  43. Gerald Bryan says:

    If I counted properly… 119 masters… looks very close to 4 flights or a super masters flight …
    Does anyone know which hole on the Palmer Course has a 200 plus carry from the white tees.. I just don’t remember any carries that long.

  44. Rick Napper says:

    Christian, when will we know the index breakdown for the flights?

    1. christian says:


      We will start doing handicap verification starting on May 1st. Because we take the low 12 month index for everyone from June 1, 2017 to May 1, 2018 we start doing them then. My goal is to have index ranges and updated course rotation by May 8th for players to see. That date is a best case as it depends how much work the committee has to do to verify each player.


  45. Harry Rule 35 says:

    Im not playing in the Monday before tournament this year as I want to play WOLF CREEK

    At the moment I am just a single at 10.30am tee time. If any one wants to join me call the pro shop and book a tee time with me.

    In addition to this I will be getting married the Saturday before in Vegas at 7.30pm at the Little Vegas Chapel. Those who know me and are interested in attending please let me know

    1. Kerry says:

      Congrats Harry, What a Honeymoon, the Mesquite Am, WOW. Would love to join you Monday, but I have a 9:20 Tee Time at Oasis Palmer.

      1. Kerry says:

        Change of plans for me, not playing Oasis Palmer on Monday.

        1. Harry Rule 35 says:

          There are still 3 times available at Wolf Creek 10.30am – $140. Come join me and teach me a thing or two

    2. David DeRango says:

      Harry congratulations on getting married and just before the Mesquite AM!!! WOW you Honeymooning in Mesquite playing golf for 5 days she is a catch and a keeper.

      I know my wife would never let me do that!!

      Would love to pay Wolf Creek but playing in Georges skin games
      Come to the check in at the Casablanca bar on Monday night so we all can congratulate you!

      1. Kerry says:

        David aka Mr Happy @$$,

        Check in for the Bruce King Memorial Skins Tournament is on SUNDAY. You will be playing on MONDAY.

        1. David DeRango says:

          YES Kerry as always you are right
          MY happy @$$ is not thinking right and I CANNOT WAIT.
          looking forward to driving into Mesquite for the first night of fun and drinking.

    3. George says:

      congrats on the upcoming nuptials. If it is your first time playing Wolf Creek have a blast. Should get a great pic on every hole. Played it 3 times and just don’t need my but handed to me that badly. Come down to the bar on Sunday night so we can buy the happy couple a few adult beverages. 60 days peeps. STMF

    4. Jim says:

      I know wolf creek is not in the rotations but did they give you any kind of
      Mesquite am discount?

      1. christian says:


        Unfortunately they do not offer a discount for Mesquite Amateur players that I am aware of.


  46. Tom McGeehan says:

    Christian, Pat Mackey and I want to play down from the Masters (we are both over 70) to the super seniors. Pat’s index will be 10.5 and mine is 4.1. The issue bases on whether or not we will be on the same courses. If Pat falls into the first three flights, we want to play down. However, if he falls into the fourth flight we would face a transportation problem and would remain in the Masters flight. Any insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
    Tom McGeehan

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for your post. You will have to wait until we do handicap checks near May 1 and updated the tentative rotation with index ranges so you can see how that falls. I am going to leave you where you are for now.

      I ask folks on the blog. If you have flight requests or want to change age groups. Please e-mail those requests to It is the e-mail on the website too. It makes it easier for me to keep track of and accommodate the best i can.

      Thank you.


  47. Keith Pluto says:

    Christian, I tried to register at the Virgin River hotel at the rates listed on the website but was told I need a group code to get that rate. Do you know what our group code is? Also, I would like to play in the Senior flight instead of the Super Senior flight for which I originally registered. Looking at the tentative course rotation I don’t want to play a course from 5500 yards as that is way too short. I am 62 years old so I understand I would be playing in a younger flight.

    1. Kerry says:


      It looks like if you use the link to register on line, it will give you the Mesquite Am Rate.
      As for you moving down from Super Senior to Senior, welcome, I’m sure your 62 year old
      behind will kick my 61 year old behind. My Crew is moving down.

      And I am sure that the 5500 Yards is a typo, as Oasis Palmer white tees are 5800+.

    2. christian says:


      Kerry is correct if you click on the Virgin River Hotel link on the website you can book their at the discounted rate.

      The white tees is not a typo at Oasis Palmer they are 5564. We will most likely move that back to the blues for the tournament which are 6022. Please keep in mind it is a Tentative rotation and there will be changes but it does give participants a good look at where they will be playing.

      I do ask that if people want to change age divisions or have tournament requests please e-mail me at and not on the blog. It is easier for me to keep track and accommodate requests.


      1. Kerry says:

        Sorry Christian, was just going by what the Senior Mens said: OASIS PALMER- White Tees 68.4/127 5832 Yards

        1. christian says:


          You are correct I forgot to change the senior men’s. The whites at Palmer are 67.5/115 5564 Yards. More than likely with that age division the top flight (Watson) will go back to the blacks 6468 Yards (depending on index range) and the other two will go to the Blues 6022 Yards. We will see how if fills out.


          1. Jim says:

            Christian Playing all the way back at oasis Palmer for seniors is brutal. I’m 58 and my handicap is based on playing
            Senior tees as I’m sure most every other senior is. Why would you subject us to a 225 yard par three and a 444 yard par four. The Palmer is a par 71 course with 3 par fives so if it was par 72 you can add 200 yds. You have us on the white at palms which a few years ago we had to play the back tees but you seemed to have corrected that.
            I just played a tourney in Myrtle Beach where the men played white ( all men) and the Senior played one up and if there were not enough tees the super seniors played the same tees as the ladies.
            If your going to have a senior flight and make us play the longest tees please let me know if that’s your final decision before the early bird deadline. Thank you for reading an old mans rumblings

          2. christian says:


            I appreciate your concerns. This is a tentative rotation and like I said in my prior post it will all be determined on the index range that each flight has on how we determine tee boxes.

            Please also keep in mind your course handicap is taken by your index and slope rating of the tee boxes being played so your course handicap does change based on tee boxes.

            Nothing is set in stone yet and I appreciate your feedback.


      2. Keith Pluto says:

        I have used the link on the website but keep getting the same error message “Rate plan required for this source code “

  48. rick says:

    Is there a site where you can view those that have already registered?

    1. christian says:


      We will post a list of registered players starting in March. It will be on the website.


      1. David DeRango says:

        Looking forward to the list and I will go on record we will surpass last year!
        I will be registering next weekend got to pay taxes of over $3,000 hope to win it back on the tables!

  49. Bruce Cowan says:

    Hello Christian my name is Bruce lashed year they called my name I guess with the raffle and I was told I had a free entry to 2018 Mesquite amateur So I receive my gift card here’s my question I can’t make it this year but checking into the card it’s a $200 Mesquite gambling card is no so I receive my gift card here’s my question I can’t make it this year but checking into the card it’s a $200 Mesquite gambling card I seen on my last reply back in June he said something to the effect certificate in the car you so explain to me why they told me it was an entry for 2018 when is the $200 risky Gamlin card I couldn’t make 2018 this year so I tried selling it to another golfer that’s when I found out that it’s a $200 Mesquite gambling card so why should they say that I had an injury and it only tells me I have $200 Gambling card

    1. christian says:


      I am having a hard time understanding your post. Feel free to call me in the office at 888-711-4653 and I would be more than happy to help you out the best way I can.


  50. chuck says:

    Where’s the final round and the championship round? 5 months after it should be posted!

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for your post. The USGA has changed their tournament software from the old TPP program to Golf Genius. When they made the switch all of the tournament info from TPP (including the 2017 Mesquite Amateur) went away. I am working to get PDF’s on the website so people can look at those scores. If you would like those scores feel free to e-mail us and I will be happy to provide them to you. You can e-mail us through the e-mail on our website. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Christian Adderson
      Tournament Director

    2. gary forszt says:

      Hi Christian

      I have a decision to make before the tournament and need your assistance please. I want to see 2017’s winning scores of the sr and super sr flights to see which flight I should consider.

      Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you in May.


      1. christian says:


        Thank you for your post and question. If you will e-mail me at your request for scores I will be happy to send those to you.


  51. Bruce Cowan says:

    My question would be if you want a free entry to next years 3018 tournament how would you use the card that they gave out

    1. christian says:


      Congrats on your free entry. If you look on the certificate my contact information is on there. You can contact me directly to get that redeemed for next year.


      1. Bruce Cowan says:

        Christian. My name is Bruce Cowan I have a question last year’s Mesquite when they were doing the drawings in the prizes I was told I had it entry did it 2018 Mesquite it came in a card but what I’m understanding is it’s a $200 Gaming card So explain to me if I was told I had an entry for 2018 three free why would it say I have a $200 gaming entry are gaming Credit I did not receive a certificate with you and I was told it was an entry for next year please reply thank you Bruce Cowan

  52. Jim Luttrall says:

    Will there be a partners competition on the side like last year?

    1. George Salcedo says:

      No, just too much for Stan and I to handle. Once the skins games are over I just want to relax and play golf. Sorry. STMF

  53. Christian says:

    The 2017 Mesquite Amateur Flight Lists are now posted on the website. We have also posted the course rotation with index range for each flight. We look forward to seeing everyone in just over a week!

    1. Kerry says:

      Just a thought Christian, it sure would make it a lot easier to find who was in your Flight and Playing against if the Divisions were listed in Flights. And in Handicap order, lowest to highest.

  54. Peach Waller says:

    Anyone have a “best guess” as to when the flights might get posted?

    1. Christian says:


      We will have those posted today. As soon as we have them on the website we will be sending out an e-mail to all the participants. Thank you!


  55. Leo May says:

    Players who have participated in one, or more, previous Mesquite Amateurs have readily available prior tournament scores recorded. Would that not be a fair starting point for handicapping. Tournament scores generally provide a more accurate and reliable indication of ability and are not normally subjected to padding etc. during the year.
    Just saying……..

  56. Tom Uszynski says:

    I dont see handicaps does that come out later

    1. Kerry says:

      Usually they start final Handicap checks about May 15th.

  57. Rick Napper says:

    I missed a couple of years but hope to make many more. Great guys and gals come to this event and the community treats us great. Staff does an outstanding job as well. Could not ask for more.

    1. David DeRango says:

      Glad to have you back again hope to see you around come say hi at the check in at the Casablanca bar Sunday night.
      looking forward to it.
      I will be the guy with the smile that will not go away.

  58. David DeRango says:

    Hey just thinking is this the 15th year of the Mesquite AM???
    anyone think of that!!!
    I have been in for 13 years only because I did not know about the first one and could not go to the 2nd one becasue it was our 20th wedding anniversary and the wife had our vacation all set.
    But been coming ever since I have meet some great guys and made some good friends.
    I thank God for everyone of you Thank you for putting up with me.
    see you all soon, OK no more mushy stuff let’s play some golf!!!!

    1. George Salcedo says:

      This will be my 14th year. I had met Big Todd down in Myrtle and after we stopped going there he called me after the 1st Mesquite Am and said we should try it out. We came to the 2nd one and I have not missed it since. The people that I have met here have been amazing, even the Cannucks., lol. I look forward to this tourney every year and am blessed to have been able to attend and have met all of you. Let’s play some golf. 721 hours and wheels up. STMF

      1. Kerry says:

        Don’t remember if I started on 2 or 3, but I do remember George At Falcon Ridge for my Monday Practice Round Walking around Announcing “Skins”. Did my first few years of dinners sitting with Dan & Sue, Oasis & Casablanca Pool Areas. Then the move to the big White tent, and been sitting with David ever since.

  59. Rich C says:

    Just a reminder that there will be a 5.00 donation to the Semper Fi Foundation to attend this year’s Cigars Under the Stars and yes that includes a cigar.
    Christian, do we have some good Scotches lined up again this year? The Oban, the Glenfiddich, etc…. ?

  60. David DeRango says:

    I was just thinking is this not the 15th year of the Mesquite AM???
    There should be a celebration of some kind on the welcoming dinner you think?
    see you soon.
    Thanks again

    1. Christian says:


      Yes the main celebration each night will be the 15th year anniversary of the event.

  61. rick says:

    When will we know that the course assignments are firm. I don’t want to schedule practice rounds until they are locked.

  62. Ron Luttrall says:

    Wonder if the Masters are going to have to wear skirts on Thursday if the course rotation stays the same. Right now it shows womens course rating and slope for us at Canyons.

    1. Christian says:


      Good catch. The slope and rating should be 67.1/115 on the Canyons on day 3 for the Masters Division. We will get that adjusted on our end.

      1. Ron Luttrall says:

        Was sure it was an oversight. Just a little lite humor. Looking forward to playing Canyons for first time.

  63. David DeRango says:

    Are we having themed nights for dinner looking forward to the culinary delights your staff will be seriving.
    Thanks again for all you do.

    1. Christian says:


      No theme in particular. We have gone away from the themes the last couple of years. Our executive chef is finalizing another great line up of menus for each nights dinner.

  64. Christian says:

    The 2017 Tentative Course Rotation and Participant list as of 4/3/17 is now live on the website. We want to remind everyone that the course rotation is tentative so there could be some changes before the tournament. We will be updating the participant list every Friday starting 4/14/17. If you have questions feel free to call us or e-mail us through the website.

  65. Christian says:

    We will be posting a tentative course rotation and the participant list early next week after the March 31st deadline. We appreciate everyone’s patience. Registration is going great and looking like another great field for the 2017 Mesquite Amateur.

  66. David DeRango says:

    My home course Indian Lakes country club has closed there golf course last fall I have to change my home course to
    St. Andrews Golf and Country Club
    2241 IL-59, West Chicago, IL 60185
    (630) 231-3100
    the PGA professional on staff is Dave Erickson number (630) 231-3160
    He will not know me as a CDGA member or how I play, but we do have our golf league there and has been their for over 10 years my question is will this be an issue please let me know.
    Thank you see you in about 12 weeks.

    1. Christian says:


      Thank you for your question. Just make sure you but the updated contact information for your new club on your registration when you do it and we can call them if we need to. Should not be a problem looking you up and verifying your low 12 month index for the tournament with the CDGA as that has not changed for you just your home course. Please let me know if you need anything else.


    2. David W DeRango says:

      I am registered let me know if I am all set and if there are any problems.

      One more question when and were can we see the list of participants and of course the rotations be posted.

      Thank you again for all you do cannot wait to see you in about 8 weeks.

  67. Dave Horn says:

    The registration link on the new web page will not open , I’ve sent an email about this , no response yet. Any help on this would be appreciated .

  68. Ron Luttrall says:

    Christian, is there any way to see who is signed up for this year?

    1. Christian Adderson says:


      I typically post the first participant list after the end of March. Thank you.


      1. Kerry says:


        Is there anyway you could get the IT guys to change the postings? Newest to oldest? instead of Oldest to Newest?

        1. Christian says:


          I had a phone call with them this morning and they are going to get that done. So the newest comments will be at the top of each topic area.


          1. Kerry says:

            Thank You Sir. Bring some warm clothes up to the Wasatch Golf Show. Our warm spell is coming to an end. Sorry I am going to miss you here this year.

  69. Kerry says:

    Just a wondering, Again, Are we going to be lucky enough to have a Demo Days on Monday? Or is this one of the perks that has gone by the wayside? Monday at Casablanca would be a Great Venue for this, as 1/3 of the Field for the Mesquite Amateur will be there playing in the Skins Game.

  70. Kerry says:

    General question about a couple of Facebook contests for $25.00 of 2016 entry fee. There were only a few responses to these, and it was never announced who won these. And since I am no longer on Facebook, I would like know who the winners of these $25.00 off contests were.

  71. Kevin Jones says:


    Two guys in the super seniors flights won the team competition. Both guys won their flights in a strong way. I don’t know what place I came in, but my partner and I won a free entry into next year’s Mesquite Am.

    Just ask George.


  72. Darrell says:

    In a scorching end to tournament week with temperatures at 110-degrees, Nick Page of Montgomery, Texas, took home the coveted trophy for the annual Mesquite Amateur tournament presented by Mesquite Gaming. Page shot a championship round 77 net 64 to best the field over four days of tough play at multiple golf courses in Mesquite.

  73. Kerry says:

    Ken, better yet, who is the Overall Tournament Winner?

    Christian, never saw a photographer on any course when the Seniors were there. Saw one filming silverware at dinner.

  74. ken says:

    Does anyone know the resulta of the team competition

  75. Claudia Taylor says:

    Being directionally challenged, I’d like to request that the directions between holes on the Coyote Springs course be clearly marked. If a wrong turn is taken on that course, it’s very difficult to get turned around. When this course is played only once or twice a year, it’s not imprinted on the brain very well. Would appreciate what you could do to accommodate this request.

  76. Jim Luttrall says:

    FYI. For anyone who wants their picture to appear with their score on the Mesquite amateur daily scoring here’s how you do it.
    Go to and register.. when you have registered there will be a place on the left hand side of the page to upload your profile picture.. once you have done this it will appear on the Mesquite amateur scoresheet.

  77. Kevin Jonea says:

    WoW..The super senior flights are playing longer and tougher courses than the under 49 for the first two days…. hahaha evidently we stink…lol?

  78. David DeRango says:


    Glad to hear you have a new production team and will do a better job getting around I love watching the daily activities during dinner it is fun to see what everyone else is doing.
    thank you for the update and all you and your team for putting this week together see you in 10 days.


  79. David DeRango says:


    Hey are we ever going to have last years videos on the web page??
    looking forward to seeing you again.
    thanks for everything.

    1. christian says:


      Still trying to get them from the production team from last year. We do have a new production team this year doing the video and I do anticipate having those live quicker than last year. Thank you.


  80. Kevin says:


    Thanks! I recommend you send the 49 and under to Coyote Springs and as a reward for driving that far we should get Conestoga and Oasis Palmer. What a great lineup that would be…..Wishful Thinking!!! :-).



  81. Kevin says:

    Hahahaha…I didn’t snap it, the driver evolved. As a matter of fact it’s better than before. I can’t wait to snap drives that break your bank.. I’m already on Jeff’s

  82. George says:

    kevin are you just trying to figure out which course your gonna snap your driver at, hahahaha. See you soon buddy. STMF

  83. Kevin Jones says:

    When will the actual course rotations be published? It states tentative still. The indices are now locked for the 12 month low as of May 1st, so the numbers should be final. Thanks!

    1. christian says:


      We still need to verify everyone’s 12 month low which we are working on. We should have more of an updated course rotation after May 15th that we will post. But as normal final rotations will be received at registration on May 30th. Thank you.


  84. Kerry says:

    Hopefully, the absence of the List Posting is due to influx of Good Folks signing up for the Great Event. Last Year, yes, it was here by this calendar date. We know there should be at least 124, as that is the amount who have signed up for the Bruce King Memorial Scholarship Fund Skins Game.

  85. dan says:

    Sure seem to be dragging their feet on the participant postings!

  86. David DeRango says:

    I do not mind the participant list coming soon and waiting for it but what about the daily VIDEOS when will they be posted???
    Can someone tell me when we will see the Videos?

    Thanks all see you soon and safe travails

  87. Kerry says:

    And Looking Back, I see that Dan announced on April 3rd last year that the Participant List was Up. So let’s hope for the first week of April for the LIST.

  88. Kerry says:

    Now you are sounding like me Dan. There is one thing I do know about the List, There will be 2 names conspicuously missing from it. The Crazy Canucks will not be listed this year. They will sorely be missed by all. I will try to find a Canadian Table Flag to display at my table.

  89. dan says:

    Eagerly awaiting the participant list

  90. George Salcedo says:

    ok 80 days till I am wheels up and I wanted to give an update of how many we have for the practice rounds/skins games.

    For Sunday out at Corral Canyon in St George we are at 52 golfers for 100 spots.

    For Monday at Falcon Ridge we are at 95 golfers for 140 spots.

    If it plays out like in years past this will be the month that we fill up fast. Let me know if you want in.

    See all of you soon and remember if you are not “Doing it in the Desert” you’re just doing it wrong. STMF

  91. David DeRango says:


    Video’s ????
    when are they going in from 2016!!

    cannot wait for 91 days.

  92. David DeRango says:


    Still have not see the videos yet???
    looking forward to seeing them.
    Thank you,

  93. Marv Moneymaker says:


    Are you hosting a get together at the Pacam this year? If so date, time and location?


  94. Kerry says:

    There are Cards announcing 2016 Mesquite Amateur at the Golf Courses here in Mesquite. Showing Dates, Prices & inviting Registration. Yet this Website is not set up to Register for Tournament as of now. Great Golf Weather down here Peeps. (sorry george) Golfing with David DeRango at Falcon Ridge Sunday, September 6th.

  95. Kerry says:

    No Question, Just giving David a Bad time. Played Palms last Monday, and will be Playing Casablanca this Monday.

  96. David DeRango says:


    When will the daily videos go on line???

    Thanks again

    1. christian says:


      I am just waiting to get them from my production team and will get them up and going. I am working on getting the website set for the 2016 event and get registration open. Stay tuned!


  97. David DeRango says:


    Next question when will the daily videos go on line???

    Thanks again

  98. Jim Rawlings says:

    5.4 earthquake in Caliente Nevada. How is Mesquite doing?

  99. Darrell Santos says:

    Cody, the sheet I printed out last week showed the Gold tees, but the website today does show Silver, interesting.

  100. Cody Metts says:

    Is the woods flight really playing the silver tees at Conestoga?

  101. David DeRango says:


    I will not be miserable at 6am Sunday morning heading out to the first skin game.
    Weather in Chicago still sucks 49F for the high cannot wait for the heat of Mesquite.
    See you soon Richard and do not get a sun burn.
    CANNOT WAIT for 5:30pm CST limo is picking us up today.

  102. Richard Wilds says:

    Raining Monday when I arrived in Mesquite, but sun yesterday and today. Haven’t seen sun 2 days in a row for a long time.

    Some large flights. George is on top of his flight for now, he just has to figure out a way to stay there. Lot’s of bribes may help. I get all the handicap in my flight.

    Yes David, my goal in life is to make yours miserable. Now back to the pool, sun and some cold ones.

    Safe travels everyone. See you soon.

  103. David DeRango says:


    You are right!! see what happens when you are in the supper seniors!!!

    anyway see you soon partner!!!
    take care.

  104. Kerry says:


    You are not on the same course rotation as Paul. So someone else will need to step up. Stan Normally Runs the Skins in the Course Rotation that you are in David.

  105. David DeRango says:


    I think it is Stan but if he is not in the supper seniors someone should do it if not I will!!!

    see you soon.

  106. Paul Buturusis says:

    Is anyone going to run a skins game for the Sarazen flight in the super senior division?

  107. tom says:

    I think this is the day we all have been waiting for. Handicaps should be out today.

    1. christian says:


      Thanks for your post we are getting final index checks done and we anticipate those being live Monday. Registration is still open so we will get those processed and everything out to the players. We appreciate your patience and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.


  108. Paul Buturusis says:

    Do we get a goodie bag at this tournament and if so what is usually in it?

  109. John Plemons says:

    Counting the days 27 and getting closer. Played some nice G in Palm Desert this weekend. And the pleasure of playing with Dierks Bentley. JW Marriot has two great tracks.

  110. Kerry says:


    Just looking at your HI, you will probably be in the Hogan or Sarazen Flight.
    So you would be playing the Palms, Oasis-Palmer & Oasis-Canyons. 3 sweet Tracks.

  111. Paul Buturusis says:

    When will find out what division we will be in?

    1. christian says:


      We start doing final handicap checks starting May 1. Registration will close on May 15th so the indexes ranges for flights will be put out at that point.


  112. David DeRango says:

    Kerry, now cut at out that is not true you shot way under 463.

    We can make 500 easy how much time before the cut off date??

    45 days till Vegas!! CANNOT WAIT!!

  113. Kerry says:

    We must use the same calculator George. That is the same number I just got.
    And very close to the score I shot at The Palms today. Casablanca tomorrow.

  114. George Salcedo says:

    I counted 463 so far. That’s pretty good considering last year we just over 500. Should eclipse that mark this year. Great job to you guys. STMF

  115. tom says:

    no demo day this year?

    1. christian says:


      As of right now no demo day. But I am finalizing some things with Taylor Made and Callaway so there will be some announcements soon.


  116. tom says:

    are they not having a demo day this year

  117. Kerry says:

    They all are there as of this writing. Thanks Guys

  118. David DeRango says:

    Kerry I have it on my laptop and I phone senior men as of 4/1 has a total of 93.
    I am sure it will get updated next week.
    Today is election day for some local elections so get out and vote it is your right.
    Weather in Chicago sucks warm and rain most of this week, see you all soon 43 days can counting till I am in Vegas and some dry warm weather were I can golf my @$$ off.

  119. John says:

    Kerry, Its been that way for a couple days now. The problem is on the Mesquite side. I believe the senior’s had nearly 96 golfers +/- 2.

  120. Kerry says:

    I still cannot get the Senior list on my laptop. I get all the rest, and I see them all using my Phone or my Tablet.

  121. David DeRango says:

    No Carroll have you tried to refresh in the home page??

  122. Steve Gagne says:

    Not on my laptop or computer. Super seniors i guess comes up on other devices.

    1. christian says:


      We just posted an updated list today. Please try again. If you are still having issues e-mail me at and I can see what is going on. Thank you.


  123. Kerry says:

    I have no problems with any on my tablet

  124. Carroll Logue says:

    What is going on with the Super Seniors? I can’t pull up the list. Anyone else having this problem?

  125. Devi Maharajh says:

    Super Seniors List?

  126. Dan says:

    Participantds list is up

  127. Kerry says:


    Virgin River is only $27.00 a night plus tax, Sunday thru Thursday.
    Look it up under the Hotel Drop Down. 5 nights comes to about $150.00

  128. Paul Buturusis says:

    looking for a place to stay in mesquite, anyone have an open room available?

  129. David DeRango says:


    Blogs are being removed for some reason??
    can you tell me why?

    Thank you

    1. christian says:


      I don’t know. Kerry e-mailed me that three posts went away. I will look into it.


  130. tom uszynski says:

    Its march 25th and I still don’t see the participant list

  131. Kerry says:


    The radio station I listen to only plays ” The Music You Grew Up With”. Their Words. And I only listen while driving my car. And I don’t youtube.

    And just like I did last year, You can always play down a Division. I am staying in the Senior Division this year.

  132. David DeRango says:

    Who is Bruno Mars? what you live in a cave this guy has a great voice and songs look it up on youtube.
    Uptown Funk is great.

  133. David DeRango says:

    Paul, Oak Park welcome is this your first year??

    sorry I have my foursome filled but did you sign up for Coyote Springs skin game you can be in my foursome there?

    I am staying at the Virgin River Casino building #1 you can also find me at the sign in at the CasaBlanca loung I will be the one with the smile that does not go away!!!!
    see you there looking forward to it.
    one more thing if you like cigars sign up for the cigars under the stars great time too.

  134. Paul Buturusis says:

    David DeRango,

    If your looking for a fourth for your group I would be interested in joining you and the other Chicagoan’s. Where do you usually stay in Mesquite?

    Paul from Oak Park

  135. Paul Buturusis says:

    When will the participant list be posted?

    1. christian says:

      I plan to have the first participant list and tentative course rotation up this next week.


  136. Kerry says:

    I have a question for you David, Who is Bruno Mars?

  137. David DeRango says:


    I think our new theme song should be Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.
    What do you think????

  138. R Cottle says:

    Reminder: Cigars Under the Stars requires a sign-up under that blog thread. First name and last initial will suffice. Thanks, Rich

  139. Kerry says:

    I have noticed this also David. I have one comment under moderation, and have another comment that was made after it that was published.

  140. David DeRango says:

    Christan how come the blogs are under moderation??

    1. christian says:


      I was having some technical issues with the blog but have those fixed. Once your initial post is approved it will just post after that. Sorry for the delay on that.


  141. Ted Wood says:

    I was just reading through the rules of the event and noticed the dress code states “spikeless” shoes. Is this correct?? Or are soft spikes allowed?

    1. christian says:


      Yes soft spikes are perfectly good. Thank you.


  142. Ted Wood says:

    Hello from tropical Montana! Golf season here apparently started 2 weeks ago with record highs.
    New to the Am this year, planning to come down with a buddy. Arrival probably Saturday am. Was wondering what advice anyone might have; also does anyone organize any type of pre-tournament event/game on the courses leading up to the start of the Am? I did read about the team event during the tourney which seems like a nice addition.
    Actually have played GC Am tour duel in the desert event for a few years, so not a complete newbie to the area/courses. Already looking forward to a great fun trip!

    1. christian says:


      Glad you and your buddy are joining the event this year. If you look at the Doing it in the Desert Bruce King Memorial fund thread. You can contact George Salcedo he runs a couple of skins game pre tournament rounds you can register with him for. Please let us know if you have any other questions. We look forward to meeting you in May.

      Christian Adderson-Tournament Director

  143. George Salcedo says:

    ok so the pre game updates are as follows. With 90 to go before we tee it up for the gross game at Coyote Springs we have 44 entered out of 100 and for the big net game at Falcon Ridge we have 85 entered out of 136 so 51 spots remain. I will hopefully be putting out a mass invitation this friday to all that have entered the Amateur. If your on the fence you better decide, I will probably sell out. STMF

  144. David DeRango says:

    Well our golf show is February 27 thru March 1st it will give me something to dream of!!!

    HEY Christian is Mesquite going to be there????
    Let me know.

  145. Kerry says:

    March 29, 2014, Jeff asks when the Participant List was going to be Posted. First mention of this.

    April 5, 2014, Stan Thanks Christian for getting the Participant List up.

    It is only February, and we have already been asking for the list?
    So, When can we expect this Highly Anticipated Participant List?
    Asks the Gentleman who has not even Signed Up Yet.

  146. David DeRango says:

    Look’s like Christian is not Blogging yet!!
    That is ok, he is busy getting everything lined up and ready for us.

    All of the volunteers and the help are great and they take great care of us.
    So when you are ready Christian keep us updated on what is happening!!
    plus your schedule of when the web page will get updated.

    Thanks for everything in advance.
    Hope to see you at Georges check in for the skin game I am buying you your first drink!?!?!?

  147. David DeRango says:

    Yes Christian when will you start posting the participant list????

    Thank you,

    How is married life treating you???

  148. Kerry says:

    Eagerly awaiting the Participant Lists being posted.

  149. David DeRango says:


    I registered yesterday and go my conformation but see to it I am in the AM because last year everything happend but was not registered.
    Thanks for checking and Happy New year.


  150. Kerry says:

    And I have just secured a Tee Time at the Oasis-Canyons Golf Course for Saturday, Nov 22nd. Supposed to be snowing at home, and I will be Golfing in Mesquite.

  151. Kerry says:

    I have secured a Tee Time on the Oasis-Palmer Golf Course for Sunday, Nov 23rd. And then on the Palms for Monday, Nov 24th. Total cost for both rounds is less than $73.00. Not bad for November in Mesquite.

  152. Kerry says:

    Well, it is 4 days since George’s post, And the weather is just Great here in Mesquite. 197? From now. 8:50 pm, and 61* here. Looking at 80’s again tomorrow, then I get to go home. But I will be back the weekend before Thanksgiving.

  153. George Salcedo says:

    Hey everyone, we are exactly 201 days away from our annual trek to the desert. I was fortunate enough to get to play the Palms, Falcon Ridge, Coyote Springs and Coral Canyon this last week and the courses are in great shape. For those of you that played in last years event I will be sending out invites in the next 2 weeks and for those of you that will be new to the event this year, first, welcome and second I will be inviting you to join us after you sign up for the amateur. Hope all of you in the north have one last chance to swing the sticks, see you soon. STMF, George

  154. David DeRango says:


    refreshed the website and no new videos??

  155. David DeRango says:


    When are the videos going to be posted to the web page??

    thank you,

    1. christian says:


      I am currently working right now to get the website set for the 2015 event. When I refresh the website the videos should be live for people to view.


  156. Kevin Jones says:

    You got it, but I have to get it first.

  157. George Salcedo says:

    Kevin you better you tube it. I want to see it go viral. Good luck at the beach this year. STMF

  158. Kevin Jones says:

    Thanks Christian!

  159. Kevin Jones says:


    Do you have the Videos from this year. I would like to get the clip of me breaking my club.



    1. christian says:


      I have scheduled a call with my video production team. They were going to post them to YouTube and once I talk to them I will give you an update.


  160. Tom Popp says:

    When will the tournament scores be posted against our GHIN numbers?

    1. christian says:


      Those scores have been posted. I just checked your handicap through GHIN and saw your three tournament rounds posted for you. Please let me know if you need anything else.


  161. Jim Rawlings says:

    Christian wondering if you could clear all the old categories an create new one to keep us all in touch throughout the rest of this year and up to next years event.
    Yeh or nay

    1. christian says:


      We do have the “friends” thread that is there for people to connect and keep up with each other. We do try to keep up the old posts so people can scroll through and possibly get answers from older posts by people. Glad that you are utilizing the blog.


  162. michael says:

    well, i’m leaving sunday morning from Toronto (without Mayor Ford), and have two rounds booked for monday (palms and oasis).

    weather looks hot down in mesquite!

  163. David DeRango says:

    I am in the supper seniors this year! but next will it may change.

  164. George says:

    I would say you David with Rick H as your helper. STMF

  165. David DeRango says:

    So who has the skins for Supper Seniors last two divisions??

  166. Rick Herman says:

    Anyone running skins in the senior watson group.

  167. George Salcedo says:

    I have 2 spots that just came open in the skins game on monday at Falcon Ridge. First 2 to email me at gets them. STMF

  168. Rich C says:

    Last chance to post your first name and last initial for Cigars Under the Stars (after dinner Wednesday night). Please go to that thread and post. Thanks, Rich

  169. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I will be running the Skins Game in the top 3 flights in the Super Seniors. $20/day, birdies or better within your own flight. See everyone next week!

  170. George Salcedo says:

    all right you 49 and unders and some of you “old” guys that decided to join us. Thanks for helping us get to 3 flights. I will be running a daily skins game for all flights combined. Yes thats right all of us together. It equals out the low handicappers play from farther back and us higher handicappers still suck. 20 bucks a day, each day I will not take for the week. Too many blackjack tables. You will know who I am. You’ll hear me. 6 days. STMF

  171. Kerry says:

    And if my eyesight did not fail me, I counted up 506 Participants for this year , So Far.

    Men- 84
    Sr Men- 109
    Spr Sr Men- 167
    Masters- 66
    Women- 80

    Please let me know if my eyesight is ok.

  172. George Salcedo says:

    No he hasn’t played in a few years. I keep in contact with him and his wife. Hopefully we can get him back here again. STMF

    1. christian says:

      Hello all! The flight lists are posted and course rotation. you will get your final flights and course rotation at registration on Monday May 26th. We look forward to seeing you all in a little over a week. go to click on event info and then participant list. You may have to refresh the home page when you get there.

  173. David DeRango says:

    Yes I remember that George is Lee still playing in the AM?
    I have not seen him in a few years.
    Spiders scare the me snakes scorpions no big deal but spiders NO!!

  174. George Salcedo says:

    I have seen them. Oasis Canyons about 3-4 years ago we had one in the fareway on #4. I don’t know who was in my group but Lee Mishler was in the group behind me and it chased him in to a bunker. Shaun B were you in that group. It was fun to watch though. STMF

  175. Kerry says:

    Yo Jeff,

    I have been Playing the Golf Courses of Mesquite for Years. And I have never seen a Rattler once. The Worse thing I have seen is a Scorpion on the #15 Tee Box. And someone had already stabbed it with a Tee, Anchoring it to the ground. And there was the time that they were Hunting Pheasant in the Field below that same Tee Box. Shotguns Blasting while trying to Tee Off is a bit unnerving.

  176. Jeff says:

    I don’t think you have to worry about Tarantula’s until July/August. It’s the Rattle Snakes you have to worry about. That’s why you don’t want to go looking for that stray ball in the desert. Enter with caution!

  177. David DeRango says:


    You have a point maybe I will just leave the drive in the bag and use my 4 iron how much trouble can I get into with at club.
    Yah do not ask a hole lot!!!
    I do not like walking in the desert if I see a spider I will scream and run like a school girl!!!

  178. Jeff says:

    David, if you can’t hit your old driver what makes you think the new driver will be any different? Then again, maybe the new driver will go further into the desert! That’s what I’m looking for, deeper into the junk!

  179. David DeRango says:

    Is there a reason they drop off? This is how I deiced on my new driver!
    To bad I like checking out the new clubs.

  180. Leonard says:

    Christian will we still have online scoring like we did last year? That was really convenient.
    I too am sorry to see Demo Day be eliminated.

    1. christian says:


      Yes there will be online scoring just like last year. We were sorry to hear about the demo day as well.


  181. Kerry says:

    I see in the New Schedule of Activities, there is no longer a Demo Days Listed. I always looked forward to this. Hope this was left off by Accident.

    1. christian says:


      Unfortunately it is not a typo there will not be a demo day this year.


  182. michael says:

    Thank Kerry,
    I’m booked into Casablanca (got a good deal in Canadian dollars that beat the group rate in US dollars).

    I liked Casablanca last year. This year, however, I have to go down to Vegas on Wednesday night and drive back up for the final round on thursday morning. Boys trip is starting a day early and cant miss the first night.

  183. Kerry says:

    Well, Let’s see Michael. I have been know to stay at the Virgin River. And as a place to stay, Sleep, Shower & Relax it is inexpensive & Comfortable.
    And they have upgraded to Flat Screen TV’s, Although not big size. I always request Building 1, lower level on the parking lot side. 2 reason’s, Easy access to the room, and the biggie, you get the morning sun, not the hot afternoon sun. So the room does not heat up. Damn, now everybody knows my secret. And also not a lot of people running around. Oh, and you now get FREE Wifi also. Casablanca also with FREE Wifi now.

  184. Jim OHare says:

    Michael if you want a great room with full kitchen and living rooms
    look up highland estates resort… its right near oasis palmer and canyon check out thier website plenty of pics

  185. Jeff says:

    Michael, Virgin River is cheap and clean. If all you need is a place to rest it’s fine. If you require a frig in your room, sorry, they don’t have them there. It’s just one of those things, if your living in your room you might want to go to the CasaBlanca or Eureka. When I’m by myself I just need a bed and a shower and air conditioning. I’m with the wife this year so I’m not staying there.

  186. David DeRango says:


    I have stayed at the VR for the past 5 years since my wife his stayed in Veges, But for $26 I feel the quality is just fine there clean close to the pools walking distance to the restaurants and just right after a long day on the course. (which I keep my room stocked whoops did I say that!!)
    For sleeping and cleaning up I like it there will be a lot of noise only for Sunday and Monday for the holiday weekend but after that nice a quite.
    Kerry anything you like to add?? he stays there all the time!

  187. michael says:

    what are the rooms and quality of the VR?

  188. Ron "Chi-Chi" Duran says:

    Thanks Christian, you are quite the diplomat. See you a few weeks.

  189. Kerry says:

    Participant list dated 5/2/2014 is now posted.

  190. Kerry says:


    Don’t know what happened. All my numbers match yours, except Seniors. Don’t know where I got 109 from.

    Still hoping for 500 or better.

  191. David DeRango says:


    I did not refresh the page it had 4/18 and not 4/25 updates do you think we will get to 500??

    1. christian says:

      Still hoping to get to 500 we will see.


  192. George Salcedo says:

    Well played Chi Chi, well played. haha. Can’t wait to see you brother. STMF

  193. Ron "Chi-Chi" Duran says:

    Now back to the original question?

    Stan Mahaffey says:

    April 27, 2014 at 11:55 am

    The women have 3 flights with 74 players, does that men the men will get 3 with 76??

    1. christian says:

      Stan, George and Chi Chi,

      If both Men’s and Women’s stayed at thier number currently there would be two flights in each division. I posted the tentative rotation based on 2013 numbers where the women had 25 more players than the Men’s 49 and under. To give everyone an idea I try to keep flights to 30 to 35 players in each flight. So after we do handicap checks starting in the next couple of days I will pair it down based on the current numbers so that 3rd flight for the women may be droppoed. Thanks for your question.

  194. David DeRango says:


    NOT drinking enough!! thanks for the update.
    And you will have a drink with me RIGHT!!!
    come to the CasaBlanca bar Sunday night after 6:pm your first one is on me.
    Thank you for all you do and your staff!

  195. David DeRango says:


    check your numbers again I am getting 455 total.
    you are missing something I believe?

    1. christian says:

      David and Kerry,

      I don’t know where you guys are getting numbers. Here is what is posted as of 4/25:

      Men’s- 76
      Seniors- 103
      Super Seniors- 156
      Masters- 65
      Women’s- 74

      Total 474

  196. George Salcedo says:

    We should, I know there will be at least 77 in mens. My name is not on there yet. 26 days peeps, STMF

  197. Stan Mahaffey says:

    The women have 3 flights with 74 players, does that men the men will get 3 with 76??

  198. Kerry says:

    Men – 76
    Senior Men- 109
    Super Seniors- 156
    Masters- 65
    Women- 74

    Total – 480

    List dated 4/15/2014

  199. Kerry says:

    I’d go back to the Men’s group to not play Coyote Springs. But Hey, I can come in last in any flight. So I will just stay where I am. I may even offer a ride out that way to unsuspecting Victims who have never seen me drive.

  200. David DeRango says:

    Me too I am with George!!
    But I hear that those master guys are pretty tuff!!

  201. George Salcedo says:

    I’ll take Leo’s spot in the Masters division. haha STMF

  202. michaelk says:

    Looking forward to my second year in a row. Playing different courses than last year will be fun.

    It’s been a long and cold winter up here in Toronto, Canada, so I’m looking forward to some heat.

  203. Leo May says:

    Hi Christian,
    Just noted the course rotation. For the Masters to play Coyote Springs makes no sense. You have guys in their 70’s and 80’s, or more, having to make that drive, losing their keys, losing their cars, getting lost, and not remembering why they are there in the first place. Since I’m playing for the camaradrie and fun, is it OK to move up to Super Seniors Division and avoid the hassle of Coyote Springs?

    1. christian says:


      I have moved you from the Masters to the Super Seniors. It will be updated on this weeks participant list.


  204. Kevin Jones says:

    Christian I looked at the OASIS slope, rating and distance in the Mickleson flight. Perhaps that flight should play from the blue tees on day one. Most handicaps in the 49 and below age group are based on a 125 or higher slope and the slope is 116 from the white at OASIS. I understand that this means a person’s index is essentially their handicap for that day at a 116 slope. The question I have surrounds the Scratch vs. Net rating for the course that day. The White Tees are 5668 yards and has a scratch rating of 66.8. Historically Net ratings are always lower than a scratch rating. In perfect conditions, using the White Tee’s, slope and rating, the net rating will be around 65 on day one. You will most likely see 25% of the field Net between 64-67 and about 10% of the field Net around 68-71 on day one from 5668 yards. I read the stringent handicap policy and I would like to know if the players score in the stated range, will they be given consideration when the handicaps are reviewed?

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for your post. We will be doing handicap reviews starting after May 1st once we have everyone’s handicap index figured out you may see those tee boxes moved back. It is a tentative rotation.


  205. Stan Mahaffey says:

    First, we want to thank all of you who have registered for the First Team Competition! It is because of you we have had a successful kick-off.

    Thanks to Christian for allowing us to present this event!

    Second, We have almost reached our goal of sixty teams in the event and we should have sixty before we get started. For every ten teams we add above the sixty we will pay two additional spots to the field.

    Therefore, we can safely announce some of the Prizes. As stated, the winning team will receive entry for both players in the 2015 Mesquite Am. Second Place will receive TaylorMade Drivers, & Third Place will receive TaylorMade 3-woods. Fourth through twelfth place will receive Visa/Amex gift cards.

    We are looking forward to the success of this event and to your feedback before and after.

    If you know anyone who has not signed-up, please tell them! If you don’t have a partner, you can register as a SINGLE on the website and we will pair you with another Single, go to:

    Thank you, George & Stan

  206. Carroll Logue says:

    I have yet to find the Course rotation that you have said was posted Saturday. Any suggestions on how to find it. See you soon.

    1. christian says:


      When you get to the main page hit refresh on the page then click on the course rotation and it should pop up for you. I had the same issue and it worked for me.


  207. Stan Mahaffey says:

    The website for the Team Competition is Just click on Player Sign up and fill out the form, enter the name of your Partner in the space provided if you don;t have a partner, leave it blank and you will be placed in the SINGLES, be sure to check your age group. When you get to the bottom of the registration form be sure to click the correct confirmation button. Add a Single Player if you are a single OR Add First Player of Team if you have a partner. Please e-mail if you have questions

  208. David DeRango says:

    I will not get on George’s Soapbox.
    but do not mind playing 6200 to 6400 yard courses.
    I may be a super senior and a old fart but I am not dead yet!!

    Thank you Christian and all your people who put on this great event every year.
    Look forward to what ever happens.

  209. Disclaimer: This event is being offered independent of the Mesquite Amateur and it’s staff and sponsors, they assume no responsibility for it’s operation or results. Your participation is elective and by your registration and participation you agree to the rules, results, and decisions of the operating members of this event.


    •The Team Competition will be contested over 54 holes by two-person teams consisting of any two Mesquite Amateur participants, regardless of handicap, age, or sex. Both team members must be competitors in the Mesquite Am.
    •There is a space on the Team Competition Registration page to register as a “SINGLE” and you will be randomly paired with another “SINGLE” registrant. A competitor may only register with ONE TEAM for the competition. Both players on a Team MUST be registered and confirmed.
    •SCORING will consist of the combination of both players NET scores over 54 holes in relation to the daily course played in order to compute the team total. If either member is disqualified or otherwise does not submit a daily scorecard, the Team score will be ONLY the remaining members net score with a low net score of 100 for the disqualified player. No refunds will be given to either party because of disqualification. All decisions of the Team Competition committee are final. Scores/standings will be available at the nightly dinners.
    •For purposes of the Team Competition, there will be one division for all teams. The two-person teams may consist of female/female, female/male, or male/male.
    •For purposes of the Team Competition, the handicap index used by each participant to compete in the Mesquite Am will be the handicap index used for Team Competition. In the event that the Mesquite Am Tournament Committee makes adjustments to a competitor’s handicap during the event, said adjustments will be included in the NET scores for the Team Competition.
    •Prizes will be awarded to the overall top 20% of the teams entered in the competition. All entry fees will be distributed to participants, less expenditures. In the event of ties in the final standings, the following sequence will be used to determine standings: low team NET from round 3, low team NET from round 2, and finally, low team NET from round 1.

    •ENTRY FEE COLLECTION: The Entry Fee is $20.00 per player. Entry fee must be paid in CASH!! Entry fees will be collected from ALL participants in the Lounge at the Casablanca Resort on Sunday evening, May 25, 2014 from 6-9 pm or at the dinner on Monday night, May 26, 2014 from 6-8 pm. If you are unable to make these time periods, please call, text, or e-mail the Team Competition staff. Contact info is included in your confirmation once you register.

    1. christian says:

      As most of you have mentioned you have seen the Tentative rotation that went up on Saturday. Please keep in mind once we do final handicap checks starting May 1 we will put up an updated course rotation with index ranges and that may change the tees each flight will play based on the indexes. Then of course everyone will get their final course rotation at registration for the event but we will keep you up to date on any changes. Just about a month away and really looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.


  210. Kerry says:

    I was sort of thinking the same for the Senior Men. They are playing from the whites on the Palmer, Palms, & Coyote Springs. But the Palmer is 510-547 yards shorter.
    SR MEN
    PALMS- White tees 69.6/121- 6178 Yards
    OASIS PALMER- White tees 66.8/116- 5668 Yards
    COYOTE SPRINGS- White tees 69.3/132- 6215 Yards
    This would seem to be a more logical choice. But it is your tournament.
    And the OASIS PALMER- Blue tees 69.3/127- 6160 Yards

    I will now get off of George’s Soapbox.

  211. George Salcedo says:

    Going back to my point on distance. The mens 49 and under first day is at the Palmer course, which I like, but to have to low handicappers play from the blue tees and the next flight play from the white tees is not good. No man 49 and under should ever play a course from under 6100-6200 yards. I do understand pace of play and enjoyment of the game but the older flights are playing from farther than that. Move them back Christian. Without it were just playing a executive golf course and thats just not tourney golf. Off my soapbox again. STMF

  212. Kerry says:

    Oh I know Stan. Just mad at myself.

  213. Stan Mahaffey says:

    i didn’t push, Kerry. That’s the pattern of behavior over the last few years. As soon as the rotations are out they start asking about the handicap ranges.

  214. Kerry says:

    Stan quit pushing poor Christian. Mid May is the Normal time frame, for course rotation also. So he and his staff have done a great job to put it out a month early. Wish I was going to be there now, Palmer, Palms, & Coyote Springs would have been my courses. Sad part, my situation was not what I thought it was, and I could have Participated, I just jumped the gun. Lesson Learned.

  215. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Now that the course assignments are up, it is time for the ‘when will the handicap ranges be posted?’ questions to begin!

  216. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I, for one, would relish the longer courses as a Super Senior! I could hit driver again.

  217. George Salcedo says:

    I agree with you Richard. I think most flights should move back and see who can hit a 5-6 iron. But on the other side I do understand the pace of play. There’s certain distances that flights should not come under. I understand that some courses are set up certain ways, but that does not mean you can’t move tee’s to equal correct distances. I will now step down from my soapbox. haha STMF

  218. Richard Wilds says:

    Christian is tough on getting a course out of the rotation. Offered my prize money 2 years ago to plow up the Palms. Then last year had a net 70 on the Palms, so who knows. Loved it when the mid HDCP Sr Men got to play Coyote from the Blues. Scores were higher but found out who didn’t have 2nd shot game in the bag. Some course are just so much better when you move back a tee.

  219. james mentzer says:

    signed up playing in the super senior flight what is the average length of the courses we play and if a player wants to can they play from the back tees

    1. christian says:


      The Super Seniors typically play around 6000 yards depending on the course. You will need to play the designated tees that is given to your flight. Everyone will need to play from the same tees in your flight otherwise it would be a disqualification.


  220. David DeRango says:

    No problem Christian, just want to plan my strategy for the courses I will be playing!!
    Like crying, and whining as a three year old. LOL.
    Cannot wait!
    just over 5 weeks!!

  221. TC says:

    Peach my good friend you have to remember that the course is so far off the beaten path the terrorists would most likely get lost or run out of gas.

    Christian. We are eagerly awaiting the rotation and your presence at the 4th IPad Dinner.

    All in good fun

    1. christian says:

      The course rotation will be up this week when we put up the updated players list. I appreciate all of your patience.


  222. Peach Waller says:


    Any truth to the rumor that terrorists blew up Coyote Springs or is that just wishful thinking on my part? Eagerly awaiting the course posting so that I can start studying my Coyote Spgs yardage book again. 🙂

  223. David DeRango says:

    Course rotation?? when will the first tentative schedule be out???
    Thank you,

  224. David DeRango says:

    Yes Kerry planed it that way! that is what I get for being 60!!

    Not happy about it but as George was showing the senior men division was 6 under par and the supper senior’s are 3 under par! maybe I will not finish too far down on the list!!

    Waiting on the rotation to come out to see where we all play!

    When is cut off and do you think we will hit 500???

    As always I am the only player from Illinois you think my PW golf buds would join me!! I guess there not my real golf buds!! but you Kerry and all the rest of you are my new golf buds at Mesquite, Thank you all.

    Enough of that who is ready for a drink Sunday night!!!

  225. Kerry says:

    New list out, dated 4/11/14. David, bad news, you made the Super Senior’s list, sorry. And Richard, you are now Richard Wilds, instead of Wilds Richard. But I added up 451, and appears no duplicates.

    41 days and I will be in Mesquite for the Tournament. But I am sure I will be there for some golf before then.

  226. David DeRango says:

    Can not open the Participant List??
    Left you a message Christian let me know what you find.

    Nise, welcome to your first AM and hope it will be one of meany to follow.
    This is my 10 th year in a row and you will have a blast there are a bunch of great guys you will meat!!
    If you do not have a rental some of us have room in our cars to help you get around it will depend on your rotation!!
    Hope to see you at the Casablanca bar Sunday night there will be a bunch of guys checking into George’s skin game, stop by for a cocktail or what ever.

  227. Dan Walters says:

    Thanks Kerry….looking forward to seeing you again also


  228. Kerry says:

    Dan Walters,

    Sorry if I confused you, “New management? Have I missed something here?” The new Management I was referring to was the Ownership.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Susan.


  229. Kerry says:

    Well, it looks like 15 Returnees from the Stadler Flight so far. And 6 of our Flight moving on to the Super Seniors. Good Luck Guys.

  230. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey, Nise. what day and time are you arriving, we will have 3 or 4 rental cars.

  231. George Salcedo says:

    Hey Nise, first welcome to the Amateur. There is a shuttle and it actually picks up at the Casablanca if I remember correctly. Christian would have the info or you could call the Casa front desk and I am sure they would tell you. George STMF

  232. Kerry says:

    Mesquite Amateur Demo Day -8:00am-2:00pm- CasaBlanca Golf Club Driving Range- Free Admission and open to the public!

    – Demo the latest technology from golf’s leading manufacturers
    – See the newest in golf fashion
    – Get special pricing on new golf equipment
    – Have a great time!

    This seems like an earlier time than in past years. Was hoping to get over there after the Monday Skins Game at Falcon Ridge to pick-up some new equipment for me and my son.

  233. Nise Winkler says:

    I’m new to this tournament… quick question: Is there a shuttle running back & forth from the airport to the Casablanca? I’m not sure just how far away they are from each other…. traveling alone, so I’m trying to figure out all the logistics in advance…. thanks to anyone that can fill me in!


  234. Dan Walters says:

    New management? Have I missed something here?

    1. christian says:

      Hello all there will be the player list up this weekend. I appreciate everyone’s patience. As some of you have seen we have re done the online entry form starting April 1st which will make things a lot easier for the participants registering.

      There is not any new management with the tournament and we are ready for another great year! Numbers are looking great we are already have 441 registered for the event so that puts us ahead of last year. Keep posting all your comments and questions to the blog and facebook the feed back has been great! The tentative course rotation will be coming in the next week or so.


  235. Kerry says:

    One of my posts from last year:

    Kerry says:
    February 24, 2013 at 12:15 pm
    Says the Participant list is as of 2/22/2013

  236. Kerry says:

    I know the course rotation does not normally get put up until in May, But I don’t think we have ever gone into April without any kind of Participant List. Hope all is well in Mesquite, and no problems with the new Management.

  237. David DeRango says:

    Christian, what is the count up to at this date??

  238. Kevin Jones says:


    I signed up and I was wondering when you might have the course rotations up and when we should expect a notification from you.



    1. christian says:


      Yes we will be posting the tentative rotation up in the next week or so. We have gotten a lot of entries before the early deadline so we are getting those processed and once I have an idea of numbers in each age division and subsequently in each flight I will be able to lay those out. I will post on the blog and facebook when it is live.


  239. Tom Uszynski says:

    Thank you christian

  240. Dave Esqueda says:

    Looking for a roomate to share an extra bed at the Casa Blanca for the week of the Mesquite Am. If anyone is interested, please e-mail at

  241. Tom Uszynski says:

    Christian I signed up but there is a possibility I might have to work. What is the deadline for cancellation?

    1. christian says:


      the cancellation policy is on the website under “Info” and “Rules and Regulations” but I have posted it hear as well. We hope that you are able to make it.
      If written cancellation is received before May 1 a full refund will be given minus a $20 processing fee. If a cancellation is received May 2nd-14th, 2014 you will receive a refund less $100 processing fee. No refunds, regardless of circumstance, will be provided May 15th 2014 or after. All cancellations and refund requests must be submitted in writing. Please allow 30 days to process requests.

  242. john edwards says:

    Can you confirm receipt of my entry fee? Thank You!

    1. christian says:


      I do not see you in our system. Feel free to call me at 888-711-4653 Ext. 6981


  243. victor zandi says:

    Christian. Will the course assignments be listed before April 1st. I do’t like driving to Coyote springs so I’d like to pick a flight that wont play there. thank you

    1. christian says:


      The course rotation will be up around March 31st so I can see what numbers are looking like. You can always play down a flight or an age division.


  244. David DeRango says:

    If you are interested in getting in a warm up the link below will get you to Georges skin games we play two, one on Sunday and one on Monday.
    great way to meet some good people and could get a skin.

  245. David DeRango says:

    Welcome get ready for a great time, this will my 10th year coming to Mesquite AM, I hope you have as much fun as I have had over the years. Plus meeting some great people.
    As for the one ball rule Christian will have to confrim this but before I tee off I always anounce the ball I am using plus what my provisonal is which is not always the same ball, and have not had any issues before.
    Christian this one is yours buddie, see you all in 72 days.

  246. Steven Gagne says:

    This is my first year playing here. Is the one ball rule in effect? IE if i’m playing Taylor Made can i use a Titleist for a provisional?

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for the post and welcome to the Mesquite Amateur. You are able to use a different ball for your provisional. As David said you do need to verbalize to your playing partners the type of ball, # on ball or any markings on the ball to distinguish before putting the provisional ball into play. I hope that answers your question and we look forward to seeing you at the end of May.


  247. Kerry says:

    Let’s make that 103 days, damn good thing all I am required to do is put my Hole scores on the card, and leave it up to the committee to add them up.

  248. Kerry says:

    Hey Christian,

    Just wondering if you could just throw out a figure of How Many Sign-ups so far. This Casino up here in Wendover is sure donating to the Kerry will be able to go play in the Mesquite Amateur Fund.
    93 Days and then Wheels down and 80 mph


  249. David DeRango says:


    Maybe the artist will be a little bit willing to lower his price since you did not use him I hope you check with him to see if his price came down before going with the plastic one.
    I have one and it needs a brother I am coming this year loaded for BEAR.
    Going to have a blast and CANNOT wait till then.

    The Chicago Golf Show is coming soon the wife and I will be gald to help promote Mesquite Amateur with you.
    let me know.

  250. ddwss1 says:

    Although I haven ‘t even gotten a whiff of one I would be willing to pay a little extra on the entry fee for the old trophy…best trophy ever

  251. Bob Vidourek says:

    So does that mean the trees are back?

    1. christian says:


      Not unless the price comes down on them. We would go with a similar flight winner trophy as we did last year.

  252. ddwss1 says:

    When do you plan to start listing participants

    1. christian says:

      Entries are flowing in but I usually don’t start posting the participant list until February. first list will be up after Presidents Day Weekend.

  253. Bob Vidourek says:

    I noticed last year the flight champion trophy was not the traditional brass cactus . Why did you eliminate that and will it be returned this year?

    Bob V.

    1. christian says:


      Yes the Mesquite Tree trophies were not utilized this last year because the artist that hand makes each one the expense was getting too high so the tournament made a tough decision to make that change for the flight winners.

  254. David DeRango says:


    Since you opened up registration early what is the count up to now??

    I will sign up at my normal time mid to late February.

    Hope you and the wife had a great holiday.


    1. christian says:

      We have 25 registered so far for the 2014 event.

  255. David DeRango says:

    Merry Christmas to all my friends I have made at the mesquite Am over the years.
    Just over 5 months to go I CAN NOT wait!!!

    Have a Great and safe New Year to all!!


  256. David DeRango says:

    OK we are one month down and 11 more to go!!!
    yes I am sick very sick!!! and do not care it gives me something to look forward to.
    Hope I have a new job soon or next year may not happen.
    take care all.

  257. David DeRango says:

    Well I am glad to hear that, and good for you Lepha and spend it well.
    As I have said before Christian and his people do the best they can to make it fare for all and yes things happen.
    Have a good and safe summer all.
    plus Happy Fathers day to all.

  258. Jim says:

    Lepha got her long delayed prize From the Mesquite Amateur today. She was awarded 2nd prize of $525 by the Operations Director of Mesquite Gaming after investigating the handicap adjustments and finding that they were subjective and not warranted.

  259. David DeRango says:

    Not sure I understand your concerns but do know the courses in Mesquite are much tougher then in Illinois but love playing them anyway.
    I am sorry you feel that way I have know Christian for 9 years now and he does his best with this tournament and handicapping. I know he wants to hear any and all issues.
    You should address this to his personal email which is not the home page or call him direct.

  260. Rich C. says:

    Wanted to say (even if late) a big thank you to Christian and all the people behind the scenes for another great event. Looking forward to next year!

  261. Lepha Luttrall says:

    I never dreamed that me shooting a 90 on the final tournament day would have caused such a response from so many people. I was simply happy that I had shot so well. The foursome I played with that day were absolutely wonderful! Actually, all three days I was priveledged to play with great ladies.

    The amount of chatter this has gotten is remarkable! A great big Thank You to all those who gave words of encouragement and support.

    I am not upset that I did not win. I am very happy for those that did win, in fact, I played with several of the ladies that finished in the top 10 and they are all great ladies, played well and deserved to win.

    There are two things that bother me about this whole matter: 1- I was not contacted prior to the adjustments and, 2- I am now viewed as a sandbagger. The second statement bothers me most of all because I have always tried to be an honest person, treat others as I would like to be treated and look for the good in others.

    I did speak personally with Eric on Thursday evening about this matter. I was told that the final decision rested with Christian alone. I did not speak with Christian as he was not present and was still over at the awards ceremony tending to matters there.

    I’m tired of this matter being pursued, I find it upsetting. Nothing will change. I will still play golf and people will still speculate and whisper behind my back, that’s to be expected. It seems women are good at gossip whereas men confront one another and get their issues over with quickly.

    There is nothing to be gained from this experience, except perhaps a lesson; that it is ALWAYS best to speak with a person when changes to their handicap are made – if for no other reason than shear courtesy. I trust that the Mesquite Gaming will deal with this matter fairly and I hope to be returning to the 2014 Mesquite Amatuer.

  262. Barry Johnston says:

    Would love to see the Mesquite Am get more active with Social Media over the next year. The Mesquite Am twitter account hasn’t tweeted since June ’11. The facebook page has been a bit more active, but I find Twitter easier to connect with golfers across the country and get new eyes on material. My buddy Bryan and I tried to get some tweets going with hashtag #mesquiteAm check it out on Twitter.

    I heard the World Am in Myrtle Beach being talked about on siriusXM PGA Tour Radio the other day. Would be nice to see an effort by the Mesquite Am to get more free promotion like that. The hosts there would likely be willing to talk about it. This was my 2nd year attending and would like to see more than 62 in the Men’s under 49 category next year. Social media and golf talk radio would be a great way to grow the younger attendees.

  263. Stan Mahaffey says:

    What a battle in the Player flight! Going into the final round Brad Jensen held a 2 shot lead over myself and 3 over Darrell Reed, we were all grouped together. Darrell wiped out the deficit on the first hole with a hole out second shot (#18 a Oasis Canyons), no he was not in the Skins Game and he got 1 more shot than Brad and I, so he was tied for the lead and I was still 2 back. A back-and- forth battle continued throughout the round between all 3 players and with Tim Roe (the eventual Mesquite Am Champ), Al Stautz and others in other groups having the ability to go low, we had to play well to maintain our positions. The match was probably decided on the Par 5 16th (our 17th hole) when I was able to reach the green in two with a six iron and two putt for birdie and Darrell made par. Then we all made bogey on the Par 3 17th. A tip of my cap to Darrell and Brad, tough competition!

    I enjoyed playing with everyone in my groupings! The volunteers were great and do a very commendable job! The courses were in great shape and the staffs were very good! It was wonderful seeing friends from here and other events.

    Really enjoyed playing the pre-tourny events at Ledges and Falcon as well. Kudos to George, Lisa, Dave and all who made the Bruce King Memorial a success!

  264. Darrell Santos says:

    Christian, any chance of having next years $25 coupon expire 30 days after the event?

  265. Leonard Harrison says:

    I want to thank all the WONDERFUL volunteers that make this tournament the great event it is. It is so well run for the most part. Nothing is perfect and Jim I feel sorry as heck for your wife. But the volunteers, the warm and friendly people of Mesquite make this the go to tournament in this country. Running an event this big is a very tough job but Christian and his team make it work and they do an overall great job. I do not blame Jim for being upset if his wife was not given a chance to defend herself. I do not know Jim nor his wife but I am sure you will be missed in the future should you not come back. Thank you again Volunteers! You are truly the best of the best!

  266. V.LaRoche says:

    Wow long round today. Can you answer how a 20 handicap can shoot 85 three days in a row? Great score maybe I’m just jealous. (just saying)

    1. christian says:

      They have been adjusted.

  267. Timmy says:

    Wow the new scoring link is awesome. I am really looking forward to my second year at this great tournament. Nicely done Christian and the rest of the T.C.

  268. Leonard Harrison says:

    I am very impressed with the way Christian and his team have the starting hole positions already set up online and that we will be able to check scores after each round. This is very impressive at this early date and I applaud Christian and the rest of his staff for all their hard work. Wheels up in 12 hrs 25 minutes for me. Hoping my game finds it’s way back this coming week. I have been so up and down this year. Ready to get going!

  269. Jim says:

    Wonder how in the world Christian Eric and the TC finished the Tuesday hole assignments and pairings so early. It is cool. Starting on 10 at Conestoga.Nice par three

  270. Marck Lane says:

    Rain and cold in the Northwest as well Todd…..

  271. Jim says:

    Todd, We feel your pain here in Texas. Safe trip.

  272. Todd Peltier says:

    No last minute practice/playing here in Michigan another day of rain/wind and a temp of 44 degrees at 5:30…..C’mon this weather blows here!!!!!

  273. Jim says:

    They have lowered the projected temps to the 80’s. WOW Now the TC needs to do the same with some of those inflated Handicap Index’s LOL

  274. Bob and Anne Mursch says:

    We saw the list of participants and neither Anne or I are on the list. Is there and updated list of participants. We have definitely registered and are headed to Mesquite tomorrow. HELP!!

    1. christian says:

      Bob and Anne,

      I do have both of you all set. Bob you are in the Palmer Flight (Super Seniors) and Anne is in the Ochoa Flight (Women’s). We look forward to seeing you both on Monday at registration.


  275. Robert says:

    Thanks Jim,

    playing a practice round on monday out there as well, really looking forward to it.

  276. Jim O'Hare says:

    Well put..itwill be interesting if I were a ten im not sure if I want to give a bunch of shots on a easy course or get a bunch on a longer tract. Enjoy coyote springs, its my favorite course…have many rounds out there.

  277. Robert says:

    those would be awesome temps if they hold up

  278. Jim says:

    Weather forecast is looking good or should I say perfect. Hope it holds. Can we trust the Weather Channel forecast?
    May 28
    Mostly Sunny

    May 29

    May 30
    Partly Cloudy

    Fri May 31
    Partly Cloudy

  279. Robert says:


    and yes i believe a legit 10hdcp would/should eat those yardages up. Falcon ridge from 5900yds has one par 4 over 400yds and that’s from a considerably elevated green. The majority are 360 or less, and that should be driver, PW. Canyons course is the same, one par 4 over 400yds but that is elevated as well, and the rest are mid to low 300 range. Remember the only thing that seperates a 10hdcp from a 5hdcp is 2 chips and 3 putts a round. Usually isn’t tee to green but more around the greens. But hitting 9 iron, wedge into every par 4 is a distinct advantage. But i understand why they had to do it that way. Only 60 guys in 49 and under, so that second flight has a huge variation in HI’s. First flight should be very competetive, but i feel that second flight is gonna be fun to watch.

  280. Rob Turnbull says:


    A 10 hdcp playing from under 6000yds wouldn’t be a 10hdcp for long. I promise you that 10 hdcp established his cap from around mid 6000yd range. Now he’s playing 5800, 5900 and 6200. He should eat those courses alive. I don’t know about you but i don’t know ANY guys under 49 years(or older for that matter) witb 10 hdcp’s that play from those yardages at their home course….bwhahahaha. And the only reason he’s playing that course is because the HDCP range is sooooo great in that flight….20 strokes.

  281. Kerry says:

    I am playing to a HI that I was at this time last year. Have not even been close since. And have not even come within about 10 of it during tournament.

  282. ron says:

    Super Senior-170

  283. David DeRango says:

    I think we are at 473?? or did more sign up Christian???

  284. Dave Johnson says:

    does anyone know the final total of players??

  285. Jim O'Hare says:

    Hey Rob, Do you think someone who can reach every par four with a driver and wedge and every par five with a driver and a 6 iron would even be a 10 hcp?

  286. George Salcedo says:

    Skins games are gross games so the only thing that will matter will be distance. You will be suprised at how the skins money is handed out. Going with the old saying. “That is why we play the game” 17 hours till i’m wheels up. STMF

  287. Jim says:

    I am glad to see the list is out and I truly appreciate the gift of 2 strokes.
    My handicap should be 29.4 not 31.4 Go ahead and knock me to back to 29.4 and leave me a comp beer at the Casa Bar.
    This will make my playing buddies happy.

  288. Rob says:

    Wow, there are some massive differences in yardages being played from course to course from day to day. 1st flight 49and under last HI is 10.2 first guy in 2nd flight is 10.5 and has a 600yd advantage. No advantage for the tourney obviously but for any skins game. A 10 hdcp getting 600 yds advantage…holy crap can you say driver sandwedge to every par 4 and driver 6 iron to every par 5. There’s a 20 stroke gap in 2nd flight…10.5 to 30…good luck trying to come top 4 in that flight giving up 20 strokes before you even tee off from under 6000yds. I get that we only had 60 players 49 and under but WOW. I don’t even know what you could do about that….two ways to look at it i guess, low hdcp in that flight is licking his chops at skin money but the complete opposite when it comes to winning the flight.

  289. David DeRango says:

    As Always you and your team do an outstanding job to make this tournament the best around.
    Thank you again see you soon.

  290. Darrell says:

    I appreciate all of your efforts!

  291. David DeRango says:


    Have not seen the updated rotation yet, have I missed it??

    Thanks again.
    See you soon.

    1. christian says:

      Hello all,

      Flights are up and final course rotation for you to look at. Still a few more to look up but the majority are done. We appreciate your patience but we are really doing our due diligence verifying everyone. We look forward to seeing everyone in a week at registration.

      E-mail is on its way out as well.


  292. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey Glenn,

    The clock keeps ticking! Let’s flip that this year and you take 1st! See ya’ soon, Cap!

  293. Glenn says:

    Stan, We thought you’d never get old enough to run our skins game again. Hope you are in a higher flight than me as you’ll kill us as the baby in the super seniors and longer than many of the under 50’s.. Let’s hope we finish like we did my first mesquite Am when you won the Joshua Tree and I came in 4th.

  294. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey everyone in the Super Seniors, I will be running the daily Skins Games in the Nicklaus, Palmer, & Player flights. $20/day!

  295. Jim says:

    May 28
    Partly Cloudy

    SSW at 16 mph
    May 29

    SSW at 17

  296. Kerry says:

    I checked the Forecasted temperature for Tuesday: 97* is the high.

  297. ron says:

    Giving up on them, will check again tomorrow AM around 5 and then not until afternoon, gotta play golf morning(forcing myself to do that)lol

    1. christian says:

      Hello all- it was the goal to have it posted this weekend but we do have a few more verifications to finalize so we should have it live by Monday afternoon. We appreciate your patience in this matter.


  298. Rob Turnbull says:


    Very true…this is not a well put together website really. Links take you to old years, blog page is an add on from 2012, just look at the drop downs and it’s a couple years old…haha, every time you look at something you have to go back to the Home page to ensure you’re on the right year…lol. Oh well, stuff comes slowly and i’ve accepted that, but when you say stuff is gonna be up by a certain time…..maybe those peer reviews have become complicated…lol

  299. Jim says:

    IT guys work when they are told or get pinked. Besides calling this guy an It is like calling me a golfer stretttccchhhh.

  300. Jeff says:

    Look for them Monday by 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time. Have a little patience like Gun’s & Roses once said. George is right! There isn’t many IT departments that work on Sunday. Their all out golfing! See you in less than a week!

  301. ron says:

    Christian wouldn’t say this weekend if they weren’t working on the list during the weekend.

  302. George Salcedo says:

    Glenn they are not up yet. I know C said this weekend but really how many IT departments do you know that works on the weekends. I bet we see them tomorrow. 60 hours baby. STMF

  303. James Garner says:

    104 sounds good to me right now! Have seen all 4 seasons today w/ the temp now @ 46, no golf today.

  304. Jim says:

    Well, while we wait; how’s your weather? I hope we don’t see 104 and 111 like we saw thur and fri last year.

  305. Glenn says:

    A friend said the handicaps and flights were up yesterday morning the 18th. Could not see anything. The newest participant list I see is dated 5/10/13. Another comment was to try to go in via Firefox. Downloaded it and still no joy. Are the flights posted????? I’ve come in via Safari and Firefox; reloaded, still no joy. Help..

  306. ron says:

    Running out of the weekend, waiting impatiently for list. Hate to nag, but am getting anxious.

  307. Jim says:

    It was on may 18 last year when we got our final course assignments. Should be up soon

  308. Tom Uszynski says:

    firefox works good too

    1. christian says:

      Hey everyone we are finalizing flights and doing some peer review on some of the indexes but we are hopping to have flights up this weekend and an e-mail blast will be sent out to all of the participants. We at the Mesquite Amateur are looking forward to seeing everyone in just over a week.


  309. Kerry says:

    I use Google Chrome, and have had no problems. Now if it could only help my golf game.

  310. Phil says:

    Mine will pull up event info on computer at work on IE. My home computer using IE will not pull up event info. It’s a mystery.

  311. Jim says:

    I had the same problem as did my wife on her computer. We were both using IE (Internet Explorer) browser and when we switched to Google Chrome the problem was solved

  312. Scott says:


    I’m wondering if you guys see that the website first paragraph still states this is the 2010 mesquite AM.

    1. christian says:


      For some reason old information is pulling up depending how you go to the website. If you go to and when you get there refresh the page. I know some of the other guys and gals have had to use a different web browser like google chrome.


  313. David DeRango says:

    I am having problems with the home page of the AM, I try to go to the event info pull down and it will not work????
    Anything with a pull down nothing happens.
    let me know and thank you cannot wait to see you again.

  314. Tom Uszynski says:


    try looking in your spam, thats where mine ended up

  315. Michael Kalchman says:

    i keep reading about an email being sent to participants, but have yet to receive anything

  316. Jim says:

    Just a little info……..If you are reading this and click on the more info tab on this page and select participants, the list you will see is the 2011 list.
    You need to go to HOME and the one there will be 2013

  317. Rich C. says:

    Christian, You’ll have to use my past 5 years of tourney play at the Mesquite Am for my handicap. I haven’t been playing much golf because of work and three broken ribs.

    1. christian says:


      You can e-mail me direct and we can take a look at it.


  318. Bill Humpla says:

    The participant list that is showing now…is it 2012 or 2013?

    1. christian says:


      It is showing 2013. If you look at the top of the list it will show the date and year that it is current of.


  319. Bill Humpla says:

    When will the 2013 participant list and course assignments be published? We have to depend on rides and making sure people get where they are going. This is our first year and we are not familiar with the area. Will there be a map of course and where and how to get there?

    1. christian says:


      We are currently doing the tournament indexes as of May 15th. Once we have that done we will post the final flight assignments and course rotation on the website and send out to the participants an e-mail that this is live. At registration there will be an area for ride share if you want to give a ride or if you need a ride our volunteers will help match up people in their flights. There will also be a map to the courses in the rotation that you will receive at registration. The six courses in Mesquite are all within 10 minutes of your hotel and Coyote Springs is about a 50 minute drive.


  320. Kerry says:

    I’ll be looking forward to this info. The latest list shows 98 Senior Men. Unless there is a dramatic influx of 50-59 year old men, only 3 flights would be justified. Changing the courses I would be playing. But that is alright with me. Falcon Ridge, here I come ,again, Maybe. Will be checking upon my return from Wendover.

  321. John says:


    Are we going to see the players divisions and handicap breakdown prior to arriving at Mesquite??

    1. christian says:


      We are working on final index checks today and we should have that all updaed for you guys and gals this weekend.


  322. Kerry says:


  323. Jim says:

    Two weeks to Tee off in Magnificent Mesquite! I am looking forward to lush fairways, pure greens and my badgering buddies. First class golf, first class food and first class fun.

  324. Kerry says:

    Tournament cut of date is approaching fast. 3 more days. Hope there was at least 33 more to have signed up since the last published Participant List, which is dated May 6, 2013. Will we hit 500? Hope so. Right now looking like Senior Men will only have 3 Flights.

  325. Kerry says:


  326. David DeRango says:

    On I15 I set the course at 77mph and takes about an hour to get from Vegas to Mesquite no rush just save travels all.

  327. lori d says:

    I haven’t gotten any emails for the tourney. Thanks

    1. christian says:


      The first e-mail will be going out this week to the participants.


  328. George Salcedo says:

    I don’t think there is a speed limit from Vegas to Mesquite, haha. STMF

  329. Rob Turnbull says:

    Anyone know if the new 85mph law is in effect in nevada yet? If so is it in effect from vegas to mesquite on the I15?

  330. Bob Johns says:

    Thanks, Christian.

  331. Rich C says:

    Reminder to sign up for Cigars Under the Stars if you have not. First name and last initial is all

  332. Rob Turnbull says:


    How many players do you have for the hold’em tourney? Can we register/play on Wed if we make it back from our rounds in time?

    1. christian says:


      We have 35 signed up so far. You can register at the Eureka the day of but it is if they have open seats available.


  333. Bob Johns says:

    Hi Christian,

    Can you tell me what date the names and flights will be posted for 2013 Mesquite Amateur.

    What a great event and have played in it years ago couple of times. I hope it’s awesome as the 007 theme was. I don’t know if that could be topped and hope so.


    1. christian says:


      We will be doing final index checks on May 15th and once we have those we will finalize flight assignments and post them on the website for everyone to see. I would imagine they will be up by the 17th.


  334. Rob Turnbull says:


    So what are the next announcements we’re waiting for? Anything in the works? Gift bags, HDCP verifications, entertainment…etc etc. Are we 20 days out now…wow? This trip can’t come fast enough…lol

    1. christian says:


      E-mails will be going out to the participants starting this week but since you asked:

      – Calllaway is our equipment sponsor and we will be giving out Callaway gift cards to the top 10 in each flight.
      – Handicap verfications will be done May 15th and we will be posting flight assignments and course roatation after we do that.
      – Listed the tee gift items in a post a month or so ago. They are coming in and everything looks great!!

      Going to be another great year! Looking forward to meeting all of the new players and saying hello to the players that have supported us over the years! We appreciate everyone’s support!


  335. Rob Turnbull says:

    all the flights still have the update from 12 april….your updates didn’t take Christian

    1. christian says:


      I thought he was addressing the participant list which was updated on 4/26. The flight rotation will be updated in the next week or two.


  336. Tom Uszynski says:

    ok thanks, must be my computer

  337. Tom Uszynski says:

    april 30 still no update

    1. christian says:


      It has been updated as of 4/26. You might have to refresh on the page to get the most up to date.


  338. Glenn says:

    Are the trophies still going to be Joshua Trees? I recall some discussion earlier in the year about how expensive they have become.

    1. christian says:


      We will be using crystal trophies for this years event and not the Josua tree. We unfortunately had to make the change this year but the new trophies will capture the spirit of the Mesquite Amateur.


  339. Rob Turnbull says:

    what are the numbers now for 49 and under…we gonna have enough for 2 flights…lol

    1. christian says:

      Updated list should be up today. Yes the 49 and under will have at least two flights.

  340. Kerry says:

    Eagerly awaiting an updated Participate list. Last is dated 04/12/2013.

    1. christian says:

      There will be an update this weekend.

  341. Dale Kent says:

    David some people have various amounts of fingers and toes so I don’t your count would be exceptable at most tournaments, you might want to check with Christian before you use that method.

  342. David DeRango says:

    That is right Stan if I had to do that I would have to take my shoes off to count and add up my scores.

  343. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Lucky for Dave that the player is not responsible to total the scores on the scorecard, just on each hole.

  344. Richard says:

    you need to pull the course rotation off the home page. The links may look the same on the other pages but they take you to older locations.

    Snow’s melting. Hope to get round in tomorrow before it snows Monday.

  345. Bob Johns says:

    Thank you Christian for your help.

  346. Bob Johns says:

    What do we do as far as correct fare handicap for the tournament. Currently I’m playing a course that is a resort par 66 golf course this winter. I have played in the Mesquite Amateur on two other occasions. When I’m home I play a big golf course par 72 which makes my handicap different from my current. The Handicap I submitted is for a par 66 golf course. What will I have to due to correct this issue. I have a USGA handicap for 2012 and will not be able to go home an play any rounds in 2013 on it before the event at Mesquite this year. So I have a AGA handicap which is currently for a small par 66 golf course that keeps falling. Will there be a handicap adjustment for me and what are my next steps to resolve this issue before the Amateur.

    1. christian says:


      Yes we will take a look at your current index through the AGA (Arizona Golf Association I am assuming) and it will be applied to the slope of the courses you are playing in the tournament and a course handicap will be given each day. So you should be good as long as you are posting your scores with the AGA.


  347. Ron says:

    David, 5 + 5 does equal 12 in the octal system, just not in decimal.

  348. John Peterson says:

    Christian, For some reason I can’t view the course rotation information. Most likely something at my end. Can you just tell me where the Sr. maybe playing this year (mid handicap). Thanks, looking forward to my 9th year.
    John P.

  349. George Salcedo says:

    your right Dale thats why David checks no scores, haha. 35 days people. STMF

  350. Dale Kent says:

    David you are correct, thats the reason George is running the skins game!!! Please don’t try to help him.

  351. David DeRango says:


    That is why someone else keeps my score and I double check.
    I had one year were I keep my own score and that person said I shot an 88 and I confrimed that with out checking his math and the scores each hole and I ended up with a 91!?!?!?
    So from now on I double and triple check my scores in the tourney.
    See you soon. 5+5=12 rigth???

  352. Kerry says:

    George & David,

    I am leaving for my Niece’s Wedding May 21st. 14 Days left in April. So I am Wheels down and 75 MPH in 35 Days. Will be rolling into Mesquite on Monday the 27th. David you should start using some one else’s fingers and toes instead of doubling up and losing count.

    For those of you are inquisitive as to the condition of the Palms & CasaBlanca Golf Courses, I have played each, a few times recently, and both are in great condition. I actually just got an e-mail from a fellow golfer, who has the Palms in his rotation, and asked this question.

  353. George Salcedo says:

    dave. I don’t think math is the strong side. 43 days would be mid tourney week. 36 days my friends till wheels up. STMF

  354. David DeRango says:

    Great Christian thanks for the update and like always I am counting the days, 43 and counting.
    see you soon.

  355. Gary Forszt says:

    Dugh….. I looked at the wrong year!



  356. Kerry says:

    You are there Gary Forszt. Senior Men, # 26.

  357. Gary Forszt says:

    I have registered and paid,, but don’t see my name on any of the lists. Can you look into your payment records and let me know what might have happened?


  358. David DeRango says:

    Will we break the 500 mark???

    1. christian says:


      Yes we will break the 500 mark. Still have over a month and a lot of people will still register for the event.

  359. David DeRango says:

    Thanks for the course rotations but what index plays were??
    your are the best.

    1. christian says:


      Still seeing how each flight are shaping up. So I will not post the index ranges for another week or so but with the numbers looking very much like last year (600 players) you should have a good idea of what flight you will be in. As soon as I have better numbers on each flight I will post the index ranges.

  360. George Salcedo says:

    Well course rotations are out, I like mine. If you are in the Mens, Sr Mens or Ladies flight you are most likely gonna play Falcon Ridge. I have about 5 spots left in the skins game if you want in. See all of you soon. 41 days and wheels up. STMF

  361. Kerry says:

    Hey guys, move it to the friends blog. We talk everything there. Is that good with you Christian?

    1. christian says:

      Friends would be a good thread for that.


  362. Rob Turnbull says:

    Very true, and as you know the two worst cities to play in as a goalie are Montreal and Vancouver….they are both “what have you done for me lately” cities. Devils better get it together…four points out with 8 to play.

    1. christian says:


      I can appreciate spirited conversation about hockey or any other sport as I do like all sports. But this thread is for General questions about the golf tournament. If we can please steer the thread back in that direction I would greatly appreciate it.


  363. Crazy Canucks says:

    Marty is hangin’ them up if not this year, next year for sure as he only signed a 2 year deal with them. Corey has been playing well as of late but remember one thing Rob T. playoffs are a whole start to a new season and as Canadians we have seen goalies get hot from lower ranked teams during playoffs and can not be knocked off their pedestal. Everyone begins at 0-0-0. Go Devils. 😉

  364. Rob Turnbull says:

    hahaha…ya but it was called Slapshot…keep me away from the Tequila or i may turn into one of the Hanson brothers…lol. And crazy canuck…looks like we don’t need bobby lou..Corey has four shutouts in his last 9 games…vezna talks are starting. Marty is arguably the greatest goalie of all time but it might be time to hang em up huh?

    Ya looking forward to meeting you Jeff and everyone. Seems like a good bunch of guys on here. BTW…my course opens this weekend….YEEEEHAAAAAA!!!

  365. Jeff says:

    One of the funniest movies of all time……Slapstick with Paul Newman. What a great hockey movie. I’ll see you on the plane, Rob.

  366. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rob T. I think it is Roberto Luongo’s home course in Vancouver because we all know he isnt playing net anytime soon for the Canunks. And we will see in 2 weeks if my Devils arent playing as I havent heard the fat lady sing yet. She might be warming up, but she isnt singing yet.

  367. David DeRango says:

    Hey you two that is correct this is golf chat.
    But I do love this, it is like us in Chicago Cubs and White Sox fighting.
    cannot wait for our meeting in Mesquite boys, Safe Travel all.

  368. Rob Turnbull says:

    HAHAHA….So sorry. Hockey finds it’s way into every conversation in my world. But ya you’re right we should bring it back to golfing…sooooo….what club are the majority of the Devils members of…cause they’ll be playing golf in another two weeks and not playing playoff hockey…bwhahahahahahaha….

  369. Crazy Canucks says:

    Look what you have done Rob T. You have turned a golf blog into a Hockey blog. Shame on you, you Canadian you. I am sure 1/2 the people want it to go back to Golf Chat. Go Devils Go. 28 days and counting 🙂

  370. Rob Turnbull says:

    3rd in the west…we’ll see you in the western conference final!! You have a few key players missing now…just like the Canucks but we’ll be getting them back shortly. Love the Canucks/Hawks rivalry….best in the NHL for years now. Only 10/11 games left till playoff time….woohoo!!!

  371. Fred M. says:

    The Blackhawks are the first to clinch a playoff spot…Where are the Canucks?

  372. Rob Turnbull says:

    That’s very commendable!! I’ve been a Canucks fan since the cup run in 82 and have never looked back…been close 3 times with two game sevens…we’re gonna get it done, they should be getting healthy just as the playoffs start this year so hopefully we can make a deep run. I admire anyone who is a true FAN of their respective team…through thick and thin….unless of course they cheer for the leafs. Take care brother and you’ll know me when you see me cause i’ll be wearing some either a canucks jersey or team Canada. Hey how about the girls taking care of the Yanks in the opener of the World Championships….Nice!!

  373. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rob T. I have followed the New Jersey Devils from the Kansas City Scouts (74-76) days after all they were the Colorado Rockies (76-82) before the Devils. So I have been following them since I was knee high to a grasshopper, if they happen to pack up and leave I will follow and very doubtful it will be in Hamilton as that city couldnt land the Phoenix Coyotes and they were bankrupt at the time.

  374. Michael Kalchman says:

    i’ll bring some cans of something i can pick up at duty free at Pearson.
    I am debating whether to play in the skins, as I do want to play wolf creek for one round while im down there. I’m swing some new irons this year, so hopefully it’ll all result in some better results.

  375. Rob Turnbull says:

    hahah…well as long as you’re prepared to be rooting for the Hamilton Devils in a couple years or the Saskatoon Devils cause they won’t be in Jersey much longer. Best fans in the league…longest sellout record in NHL…over 500 consecutive sellouts and we’ll get our holy grail soon!!!

  376. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rob T. – at least we can trade our goalie if we wanted to at deadline unlike Vancouver – oops sorry. How many Cups does Jersey have – thats right THREE, how many does Vancouver have – what, what was that ZERO, yeah that’s what I thought. Rob see you in 51 days, we can discuss hockey then as this isnt the blog to banter ones hockey team. 🙂

  377. Rob Turnbull says:

    Devils???? who the hell is a Devils fan…jesus they can’t even sell out playoff games in NJ…LOL

  378. George Salcedo says:

    To all of you, I just sent out what I hope to be the last of my invites for the skins game. We are just 24 short of a full field. Also on the email was info on our first silent auction item. It is a very big item and its being listed on my skins game website For those of you in the Pacific Northwest it would be a great fathers day gift for you and your partner. Can’t wait to see all of you in 49 days. STMF

  379. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rob T., Boo on Vancouver, Go DEVILS. Mike K. I bring Molson Canadian and Kokanee down with me. I drive from Calgary AB so I can bring more than 1 two four with me. 52 days and counting before I land in Mesquite NV.

  380. Michael Kalchman says:

    Im going to be in Mesquite from May 19-22, playing the tournament courses, then heading down to a boys weekend at the venetian in vegas, then back up to mesquite on sunday for the tournament. A couple questions: 1) Is anyone going to be there from May 19th until May 23rd and want to paly a round or two? 2) More importantly, what kind of beer should i lug down for our american friends, remember,I’ll be flying so I think i can just bring 24, i think.

  381. George Salcedo says:

    Well Rob, as you probably know, us Americans are not as high on hockey as our northern counterparts, some are but most are not. The Casablanca will have on the flavor of the day in the lounge, could be hockey or it could be basketball. But whatever it is it usually turns off as soon as the band takes the stage, which I think is 8, could be 9. There is a few sports bars in town and possible one of the other casino’s will have it on. There is quite a few flat screens around the bar and gambling area as well and they will be on. Good luck. STMF

  382. Rob Turnbull says:

    hahaha…i don’t think we’ll meet in the first round this year unless VAN falls more in the standings. But it has definately been the best rivaly in the NHL the last several years and the last time we met….”Burrows grabs the puck, skates in over the blue line…..slap shot….SCORES” hawks out!!!…lol

  383. Fred M. says:

    Big screen at the Casablanca. Go HAWKS….

  384. Rob Turnbull says:

    As a Canadian i have to know where will be the best place to watch hockey playoffs in Mesquite? Is there a good sports bar, is the sports book in Casablanca good? Cause i HAVE to watch my Vancouver Canucks win the cup this year…lol.

  385. Crazy Canucks says:

    So I took Kerry’s advice and played it through the green as snow isnt causal water. If you ever happened to hit a 4 iron out of a snow bank, just a little advice, pick it and not play the explosion shot. Also need another ruling. You hit a shot and everyone sees it land in the snow, but you cant find it, do you play no penalty as in the “Leaf Rule” during fall golf, or is it a penalty stroke as in lost ball even though everyone in the group saw it go into the snow? Need to know these rules just in case it snows in Mesquite in 55 days. Yeah right, but seriously – ruling on the lost ball in snow – Anybody? 🙂

  386. Crazy Canucks says:

    Just checked for the updated list and I see that all the Canadians that are coming down now have CANADA beside their names. Thanks for the fix Christian. Be proud boys and lets do our Country proud when we are down in Mesquite NV. Even if it we do not place in the Top 10 let’s show our neighbours to the South that Canadians know how to party where ever we go. My brother and I will at the Casablanca lounge with the Canadian beer in hand on the Sunday night for those other Canucks that want to drop by to say Hi. Oh by the way, watch out as some of my friends will have Canadian beer as well, I like to treat them to an excellent beer once a year. Guess you will just have to listen for the Canadian accent and also listen for “eh” after every sentence, that is the TRUE giveaway. See y’all in 55 days.

  387. GKH says:

    What is the deal with GROSS this year? Every year there is a statement made on the website Gross Division and each year there is no Gross Division

    1. christian says:

      We have had two players register for the gross division. This will be the third year we have offered it and can’t seem to get the interest to fill it up. The last couple of years we moved the players wanting to play in the gross division into the Men’s 49 and under. We hope that it will grow in the future.

  388. Michael Kalchman says:

    i think it’s going to snow here in toronto tomorrow.

  389. David DeRango says:

    I will pay in almost any weather temp has to be above 45F and I am Crazy but will not play in the snow.
    Played when the green was frozen no way to make the ball stick, played when the snow was coming down, but never with snow in the course.
    No wounder Canucks are Crazy but that is what I like about you boys.
    stay warm.

  390. Kerry says:

    Sorry, but snow is not considered casual water. It is still through the green, and play it as it lies.

  391. Crazy Canucks says:

    Talk about jumping the gun here in Calgary AB Canada. One golf course has opened up with snow still on some holes. Would snow be considered causal water, or a snow trap? Cause I dont have a snow wedge. Anyway cant believe it opened up and we are expecting snow this Wednesday. Guess some courses just have the itch to tease players and make some early money. Weather here is now 5-10C (40-50F). My buddy has a tee time booked for Monday 9C (50F) wants to know if I am in. Mitts: check, Toque: check, Sweater & Windshell: check. If it aint snowing and I am not working – count me IN. Dang Canadians will play in any type of weather.

  392. Kerry says:

    Eagerly awaiting an up-to-date Participant List.

    Yea David, I am Cruel, ain’t I?

    But was reminded that next weekend is Granddaughter’s 1st Birthday.
    But I am soaking in the ray’s out here in West Wendover, Nv. Good Times will be had in May.

    52 Days and Wheels Down and 75 MPH.

  393. David DeRango says:

    Kerry you like rubbing it in don’t you!!
    weather getting warmer may get a round in on 4/13 in the AM with my sons grooms men before my sons wedding at 5pm that night.
    but who knows on the weather.
    looking forward to it.

  394. Kerry says:

    Most definitely this weekend for me. Then the next down in Mesquite. Sorry David & Dan.

  395. Dan says:

    I well know how you feel David..haven’t had a club in my hand since Thanksgiving irons and a new driver, and all I can do is look and hope…maybr this week-end

  396. David DeRango says:

    Well Crazy Canucks I for one am gald you are coming and having some beers with you Crazys, this is what the doctor ordered asnd I need this because if I do not get out and play some golf I am going to be a Crazy American!!!
    Just 56 days or 8 weeks and what do I say I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  397. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well it is now offical that the Canadian MacKinnon Brother’s BOTH have officially signed up. Guess Neil waited until the Canadian Dollar rebounded a wee bit against the American Greenback before his entry. 60+ days before the MacKinnon brother’s head back to Mesquite NV. Lookng forward to meeting good friends again and having some beers.

  398. Crazy Canucks says:

    Mike K, Rob T, couldnt have said to better myself on the healthcare bit. God love the Great White North. 65 days till I arrive in Nevada. Btw: still skiing

  399. George Salcedo says:

    I like it Jim. I heard the Vegas tourney went well as well. I just wish they would of chose early fall for the event. As a golfer that lives in the cold states I don’t want to plunk down $$$ and go to a tourney when I haven’t had the chance to hit golf balls in months, but I would love one that is right before we put the sticks away close to Thanksgiving. Now don’t get me wrong there is some days where you can get out for 18 but not enough to be ready to be competitive. I hope they do well. STMF

  400. Jim says:

    Thank goodness nobody thinks TX stands for Transylvania. I played in The Vegas Amateur and it was nice. It was well run. Met a couple folks there who had not played Mesquite Amateur before and planned on it this year. I expect Mesquite will do well this year.
    Looking forward to “Doing it in the Desert”

  401. Rob Turnbull says:

    aaahhhh universal healthcare…..It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it Michael?

  402. Michael Kalchman says:

    i put down “CA” as well. luckily it doesn’t affect my healthcare.

  403. darryl says:

    las vegas am had 57 golfers according to their site

  404. Kerry says:

    Glad you are in. I was just wondering, Does anybody know what the Participation Numbers for the new Las Vegas Amateur Tournament was this Winter? I sure hope this new Tournament will not take away from our Numbers. 62 days and Wheels down and 80 MPH

  405. Crazy Canucks says:

    I’m in and hopefully they put me down as CANADA not CA like the rest of the Canadians that are playing in this wonderful event.

    1. christian says:

      We are getting those all changed on the back end and I do apologize to our friends from the north. We have also been working on a new online sign up system but it is not ready to roll out live which will give more options to all of our international players.


  406. Crazy Canucks says:

    As I prepare for the Mesquite Am in 72 days: I am skiing in the mtns as there is too much snow here in Calgary AB Canada to play golf and I have given up on the driving range situation. I am recalling some of the funnniest lines that I was part of last year. Convo between Me and my brother: “You were hitting on that last night” “Yup” “Good for you” / Me and a woman: “Would you like to dance” “No thanks” “It doesnt look like your dance card is full” I then walked away. I am sure there are others but I just dont remember them, dang American beer makes me forget things. PS: Bring more Canadian beer this year so I don’t forget things.

  407. Crazy Canucks says:

    George, what on earth are you talking about? Pictures eh? Are you saying I picked up last year? Oh wait, I do somewhat recall a woman with huge jugs from Salt Lake area dancing with me. Must have been the accent I carried that attracted her to me or the Canadian beer that was at my table. Giddy Up to me and lets hope that happens again as I played well when I ended up making the world go round.

  408. Michael Kalchman says:

    im a canadian, coming down from Toronto. Going for a boys weekend the weekend before in vegas to celebrate our 45th bdays. Heading up to mesquite to play some golf the week before and check out some of the courses first. What is the cost for practice rounds at the courses. I am going to throw in a round at wolf creek as well.

  409. George Salcedo says:

    Wait a minute Crazy Can’s. I think I need to break out some pictures. You know pics don’t lie. STMF

  410. Rob Turnbull says:

    Well thanks for the response Crazy…us Canucks have to stick together. My buddy Pete has no issues finding a dance partner. There must be other places to party than just the Casino right? You’ll know who i am at Casablanca…i’ll have some kind of Team Canada jersey or Canucks T-shirt on.

  411. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rob T. it is a huge sausage fest (a term I havent heard in years) especially after the golf rounds in the pool at the Casablanca. As for your buddy Pete, hope he knows how to cut a rug by himself as the pickings are few and far between at the Casablanca lounge (dance floor) at night time. As for where people stay I wouldnt have a clue on the split. My brother and I stay at the Casablanca as we are Canadian and like to have a good time and with the decision that nobody has to drive anywhere thats a bonus, the only problem we have is finding our way back to our room, which we needed help last year in doing.

  412. Kerry says:

    Hey Crazy Canucks,

    Save me one of those Canadian Beers for Monday Night. On my way back from my Nieces Wedding.

  413. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks lucky you!!! for the 10 days we are staying in the low 40’s which will melt this stuff and at that tep I can get to the driving range and at least see the flight of the ball with out freezing.
    We have a couple of out door ranges that have heaters one is Top golf nice place to go and I like the target golf.
    I can taste that Canadian beer now!!!

  414. Leonard Harrison says:

    Thanks for the tip Ron L. I just got the same deal. Previously had a full size car for $254.

  415. Crazy Canucks says:

    Davey DeR, the weekend is suppose to get to 4C (39F) which should melt some of the snow however we are expecting another 12 cm (5″) on Monday and Tuesday. Spring is around the corner here or should I say a block or two, maybe a subdivision would be more like it

  416. Crazy Canucks says:

    Jim W didnt know that one. Will head to South Calgary to the RCGA centre instead of using Fox Hollow.

  417. Ron L says:

    Just rented a mid size SUV from Fox Sunday- Sunday for 196.00

  418. Kerry says:

    Supposed to be in the 80’s in Mesquite NEXT weekend. So guess where I will be? This weekend is Nascar and scattered showers. Sorry David.

  419. Jim W says:

    Crazy Canucks

    RCGA Golf centre has heated driving stalls. located 7100 – 15St SE

  420. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks,
    Another 9 plus inches of show for us too I cannot wait for the warmth of Mesquite.
    The driving rang is not doing it for me, even thou we have heaters you still have to dress warm and it is hard to swing all wraped up!!
    This is driving me crazy now I know why the Crazy Canucks are call crazy.
    77 days I cannot wait.

  421. Crazy Canucks says:

    Here is what I hate. Hitting golf balls at an indoor driving range for the sole reason is that you can only see your ball only go 75 yds and you have no clue on whether you duck hooked it, sliced it, drew it, hit the banana ball, faded it, hooked it or if it went straight. And forget about hitting 8 irons and lower as the ball hits the roof netting before it goes anywhere. Guess I was just looking for a swing plane. Bonus thing was didnt top any. That was a good sign. 78 days and counting before landing in NV.

  422. Rob Turnbull says:


    So where are most people staying…at the casino or rental houses/condos. We got a 3000sqft house on falcon ridge for the week. We might have to have a party or two or three…lol. So is the Mesquite am just a huge sausage fest or what…i’m not asking for myself of course but for my buddy Pete who likes to get his dance on with as many good looking woman as he can…lol.

  423. Rob Turnbull says:


    Dude….chuck us a bone or two brother…we’re all dying here for some updates…lol

  424. George Salcedo says:

    Just to give out an update, We have over 80 players already for the 10th annual Doing it in the Desert event. We are taking up to 140 so still room for about 60. The raffle is coming in pretty nicely as well with one of the big prizes to given out a 2014 Mesquite Am entry. We are also playing sunday at the Ledges in St George in a little gross skins game warm up if anyone is interested. You can email me at 79 days and I am wheels up. STMF

  425. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey everyone,

    Car rental rates are dropping. My 10-day SUV rental just went from $360 to $270 at Fox.

  426. Crazy Canucks says:

    Mother Nature must be mad at Western Canada as she dumped 25cm (9.84″) on us in one day. With 82 days before we land in Mesquite NV, all I can say is “Is that all you got, Bring it on” You see good ol’ Mother Nature doesnt know that I downhill ski as well so I get the last laugh. I will be skiing up until I leave for Mesquite NV, my golf game will hurt as I will not have many games under my belt but that is why we come in early so we can play Sunday and the Skins game on Monday. See ya’ll so. The beer will be on ice or should I say luke warm water, as the ice melts pretty fast South of the Border.

  427. Kerry says:

    Sorry you went north this weekend Christian. It was great weather in Mesquite. 2 Days of golf, Shorts and a golf shirt. It was Great. Back home, still have snow on the ground. 🙁

  428. David DeRango says:

    I did read that and that sound like a grear idea.
    will tell the wife thanks again.
    see you so.

  429. Leonard Harrison says:

    Christian, I registered a week ago. Do not see my name in Participant list nor has my credit card been charged and the contact address for email is not yours. Just want to make I do not need to register again.

    1. christian says:


      I was in Detroit at a golf show and we got a lot of entries over the weekend which is a great thing. We will have the participant list up to date this week. Just getting caught up. Thanks!


  430. Rob Turnbull says:


    see my post under the friends blog, Dollar has a great rate right now for a standard SUV…145 before taxes and fees 245 total for the 25th thru the 1st. But make sure you sign up for dollar express membership so you can bypass the lineup and pick your car up directly from the dispatcher…..have a read.

  431. David DeRango says:

    Ok register is done Christian you should see my name, air fare is booked now just need a rental car.
    Wife got air fare for $268 each round trip non stop, I told you she was good at that.
    Crazy Canucks I can tast the beer now!!
    looking forward to see you all again.
    82 days till Vegas. cannot wait!

  432. Rob Turnbull says:

    You better do it quick….dollar is at 97 cents today and expected to drop more. That’s 4 cents in the last week

  433. Crazy Canucks says:

    Hotel booked? Yuuup just to find out Starbucks has left the Casablanca and the coffee shop is now called “Cups”. Tabernac, how does one begin his day without a latte? Next on the list is to register for this lovely event. That will be coming soon, waiting for the Canadian dollar to rebound back to par with the American green back.

    1. christian says:

      Crazy Canucks,

      Cups does have lattes to help get your fix in the morning. Really good coffee and a great way to start your round! We look forward to having both you and your brother back again this year.


  434. Rob Turnbull says:

    Good stuff….and welcome to my world…lol

  435. David DeRango says:

    That will be the only place you will see my name in lights!!
    Oh wait?? I have not signed up yet!! what is my problem, will get that taken care of this weekend.
    cannot wait, whoops said that on the other pages.
    stay warm.

  436. Rob Turnbull says:


    Not too many updates coming from your end. Have you locked down any entertainment, any new sponsers, goodie bag inclusions(shirt makers) etc etc. By the way, thanks for updating the participant page…good to see my name and friends names in lights…lol.


    1. christian says:


      Lots of stuff very close to announcing just need to get it finalized. From players handicaps, tee gifts and lots of other announcements coming soon. Don’t worry I will let you all know when I can. Off to the Novi, MI golf show this weekend. Leaving 75 and sunny to 25 and snow…..


  437. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks, thank you for thinking of me and I too have some great Canadian friends and look forward to seeing you Crazy again.
    But this once a year fun stuff is killing me, Christian you have got to do more week long fun things like this a few times a year.
    84 days till I am in Vegas boys cannot wait.
    stay warm!

  438. Rob Turnbull says:

    Crazy Canuck,

    Ya there was a couple of us that signed up the day it opened up and for whatever reason it used the CA meant for country and used it as a state…i mentioned that to Christian…meh not to worry. I have 6 guys coming from accross the country, 4 from Victoria, 1 from Alberta and myself from Kingston. I’m in the military and recently got posted from Victoria to Kingston so we decided to give Mesquite a try this year instead of Myrtle Beach after last years let down. So this is the one time a year we can all get together and have a blast doing what we love to do…golf, drink, eat and shoot the shit…may not be in that I’m surprised you’re allowed to bring your own beer into the casino. We’re staying 50 feet from the 10th tee box at falcon ridge so it’s a short stumbling distance from Casablanca. Really looking forward to meeting everyone and having a blast….as us Canucks ALWAYS DO!!!

  439. Crazy Canucks says:

    Yeah Davey DeRango there will be one for you as well. I wouldn’t leave out my American friends that I have gotten to know over the years out.

  440. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rob T. I see that the Mesquite Am has you listed under Kingston CA (California) and not ON or CANADA. Anyway dont know where you are staying but my brother (Neil) and I started a tradition last year of bringing Canadian beer (Canadian or Kokanee, sorry no Blue) down with us for a Sunday night beve in the Casablanca lounge. You and the boys from Ontario and other provinces (if you know any other Canucks coming) are more than welcome to join us for a good old fashion Canadian beer before we start drinking the American swill. My brother and I will be close to the table where George and his boys will be. Just look for the open Canadian beer, if you dont see any we are not there yet.

  441. Rob Turnbull says:

    haha…ya that’s probably true….but you better do it quick the dollar is dropping fast this last week…get your spending money changed quick too. I’m glad i did all this when our was worth a little more

  442. Kerry says:

    Says the Participant list is as of 2/22/2013

  443. Crazy Canucks says:

    Rob, no need to worry about the Under 49 crew, as always everyone waits till the last minute “just before the price goes up” not to mention everyone is paying off their credit cards bills before they slap a $500 golf entrance fee. I am in the same boat, I will sign up just before the price goes up so the charge will be on my April invoice. There is a method to my madness.

  444. Rob Turnbull says:

    Participant page is up and running….not too many people 49 and under in the tourney yet…not sure as of when this list was made. but 12 guys so far…yikes. I’m sure it will pick up, probably just before the price goes

  445. George Salcedo says:

    Just to let everyone know the skins game is up to about 75 people with a max of 124. We might be able to take it to a full field of 140 but that will be it. The website is See ya in 89 days. STMF

  446. Rob Turnbull says:


    is the participant page gonna be updated before the end of the week?

  447. Marv Moneymaker says:

    Christian, When will the course rotation be posted for this year?

    1. christian says:


      We are working on it. Waiting to see how the different age divisions fill up so we don’t have to make too many changes closer to the event. I would imagin you would see something posted middle to late March.


  448. Jim L says:

    Christian, probably my ineptitude Thanks for the quick response. See you in May.

  449. Jim L says:

    George, I was happy with my play for the most par, although I shot net 72, first day and then up from there. net 17 over for four days. It was a super tournament though. I hope to do better in Mesquite.

  450. Jim L says:

    What happened to 2012 scores on the pulldown menu of the main page?

    1. christian says:


      Don’t know I looked under Event Info and then past results and I was able to access the 2012 scores with out an issue. Please let me know if you have any other issues with it.


  451. George Salcedo says:

    Jim, how was the Vegas tourney. Looks like you played well. STMF

  452. Jim L says:

    Well, shot 17 over in Vegas for four rounds. A little chilly first day. Looking forward to Magnificent Mesquite

  453. George Salcedo says:

    I have sent out the invites to the first 100 golfers for the monday Doing it in the Desert skins game at Falcon Ridge. I already have about 60 signed up and we are taking the first 124 golfers. If you are interested the website is Good luck all. STMF

  454. David DeRango says:


    You will be missed, but congratulations to your niece and have a drink for me. I will play some golf for you!

  455. Kerry says:

    Hey David

    93 Days till I am passing through Mesquite on my way to Oklahoma and my Niece’s Wedding.


  456. David DeRango says:

    Whoops cannot count we are at 94 days till I am in Vegas.

  457. David DeRango says:

    Can not wait to see you Crazy canucks again!
    we are under 90 days till Mesquite.

  458. Crazy Canucks says:

    Davey DeRango, Canadian beer will be coming again this year so worries. See you on the Sunday night at the signing in table just like last year.