Golf Course Questions

If you have questions about the golf courses in the course rotation please post them here.

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162 thoughts on “Golf Course Questions”

  1. Daniel Monico says:

    I’m hearing the golf courses are in amazing conditions. Just like in years past…LFG!

  2. Daniel Monico says:

    I’m sure the golf courses will be in fabulous shape by tournament time just like in years past…

  3. Kerry says:

    Looking forward to seeing the 2020 Mesquite Amateur Course Rotation. ’cause You all know I will not be in Oklahoma for Memorial Day.

  4. Kerry says:

    So, it looks like Coral Canyon in, and Coyote Spings is out?

  5. Kerry says:


    Since this is the Mesquite Amateur Blog, I would suggest sending him an email with your questions.

  6. Ron Luttrall says:

    Christian, is there going to be any blog for the II man tournament in Nov?

  7. Daniel Monico (Boston) says:

    George, apparently you have already begun the Consumption Phase; and if you haven’t – you need too! Hahahaha…C u in the desert soon!

  8. George says:

    I actually think I am wrong for our course. We will have over 120 golfers on our course so that would make 40 groups. I imagine we will go to 4somes to cut it down to 30 groups. Again I could be wrong. LOL STMF

  9. Ron Luttrall says:

    George, I agree that the list is about what we will see, but last year we got pairings showing what hole each group tees off on. Probably will be Mon night when that happens. Just anxious for the start.

  10. George Salcedo says:

    Ron, I am thinking that what is shown is our pairing if we are in threesomes. Usually day 1 has it in index order and at least in the men’s flight that is how we are lined up. If they switch to 4 somes that will change but I am thinking what we see is what we are getting. I could be wrong, it has happened once or a million times before. STMF

  11. Ron Luttrall says:

    Christian, will the first day pairings be posted before registration or after?

  12. George says:

    For all of you in the Men’s flight I will be running a combined flight skins game. 20 a day, 60 for the week. I would prefer to get it all up front on tuesday morning so that I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the week. thanks. 22 days and wheels up. STMF

  13. Gerald Bryan says:

    Jim O’Hare,
    Don’t understand .. the question is whether we should play just over 4900 yards versus playing at 5564… lady’s play longer courses than 4900. Masters should be able to play longer than 4900… when Super Masters come into being less than 5000 yards should be considered but not until. I personally don’t want to start playing 5 iron to par 4’s yet off the tee box. Do you think 5564 is too long for Masters? I don’t, less than 5000 is too short.

    1. Jim O’Hare says:

      The point I was trying to make was that it is a par 71 so with one less par five it’s going to be shorter. I agree that even at a par 71 4900 is short. But please keep in mind there are a lot of men that are over 70 that can’t tee off with a five iron on a par four. I know of a couple of guys who have played this tournament for years and are over 80. There are forced carry’s from even the whites that are close to 200. Remember anyone can move up a flight or two and play a longer course. Maybe the best solution would be to someday have a super masters.

  14. Gerald Bryan says:

    I would think 5500 yard oasis Palmer white tees are more in line with the masters flight course lineup … especially considering the yards for falcon ridge and palms. Gold tees may be appropriate for the highest handicap masters flight.

    1. Jim O’Hare says:

      Oasis Palmer only has three par fives so the white tees at 5564
      W be closer to 5800 if it was a par 72 like the other two courses.

  15. Lee Hooper says:

    Normally, what are the distance ( Tees ) that the Super Seniors who have about a 30 handicap play .

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for your e-mail. We have posted the tentative rotation under “Course Rotation” on the main page of the website. We typically have that rotation playing the equivalent of the white tees or (6100-6300 yards)


  16. Christian says:

    The 2017 Mesquite Amateur Flight Lists are now posted on the website. We have also posted the course rotation with index range for each flight. We look forward to seeing everyone in just over a week!

  17. Kerry says:

    Noticed Oasis-Palmer is not being used(not on course rotation) for this years Tournament.?????

    1. Christian says:


      You are correct the Oasis Palmer will not be in the rotation this year. The numbers that we have work out well on six courses per day. The last couple of years we had dropped the Oasis courses one day during the tournament and the Oasis asked this year to just use the Canyons and look at using the Palmer for next year.

  18. Ron Luttrall says:

    Thanks, Christain.

  19. Christian says:

    The 2017 Tentative Course Rotation and Participant list as of 4/3/17 is now live on the website. We want to remind everyone that the course rotation is tentative so there could be some changes before the tournament. We will be updating the participant list every Friday starting 4/14/17. If you have questions feel free to call us or e-mail us through the website.

  20. Darrell says:

    Christian, any chance that you will add the list of people who have signed up?

  21. Ron Luttrall says:

    Thanks, George. I asked same question on facebook and they said pairings for 1st day would be out before the weekend.

  22. George says:

    Ron, since I have been coming you never got the pairings prior. But you can do the 1, 2, 3, 4 method to kinda see who you will be with day 1. STMF

  23. Ron Luttrall says:

    Christain, are the pairings going to be posted before Monday?

  24. Rick Napper says:

    Christian, thanks again for what you guys do. I am looking forward to playing again this year. Kerry said I posted my question on the wrong thread so here goes another attempt. Is the distance on the Palms for the Watson Flight on day three accurate? Has over 6800 yes. If so that’s fine, just asking, seemed a little long for Senior group regardless of HC.

    1. christian says:


      Not final yet we will see what the index range is for the flight so it may change but we will see. Once we do handicap checks we will set final flights and tees.


  25. Kerry says:

    Hey Tournament Guys

    Just wondering what the Practice Round Rates are for our Fine Tournament Courses This Year.


  26. George Salcedo says:

    Lance, I personally like the freeway shot on #7, true scrambling at its best. Had the old tourney director, Mark Lynch, see my snap hook one up there years ago on #9, he helped me find it almost on the freeway and then I proceeded to make par from there. Scrambling baby. Hey guess what, 38 days baby. See all of you soon. STMF

  27. Kerry says:

    Played Casablanca Today, and Number 5 was not Cart Path only. Now if I could just quit hitting the ball into the river, I could knock at least 3 shots off my score.

  28. Lance Kammerer says:


    That a is a great question. It’s a long walk if you play it left off of the tee & it’s the #1 handicap. The fairway seems in perfect shape to me to open up for carts but I’m not the expert. On a lighter note the left hand side of hole #7 is now red staked. That will most definitely speed up play and keep us off of the freeway for our 2nd shot. 🙂

  29. Kerry says:

    Hey Christian:

    Just a simple Question you can throw to Tom and his Crew over at the Casablanca Golf Club, It has been a few years now since the Flood damaged Number 5, and it has been re-vamped and re-opened. Just wondering if they are going to remove the Cart Path Only Restriction? My Concern is for Pace of Play, Since the Yardage Marked on the Cart Path, are not the same if you are on the Left Side of the Fairway. That and thinking you are safe, only to find out you are in the Hazard, and do not have a ball with you to drop?

    Just a Thought

    1. christian says:


      I will definitely pass along to the staff at Casablanca. We appreciate your feedback.


  30. Kerry says:

    When I played Conestoga, the Starter led our 4 some astray, We were all set to play from the Silver, then he said that the Copper were the equivalent of the White Tee box. I did not think this, but he insisted, so we played from the Copper. Looking at my Yardage Book, there is almost a 500 yard difference between these Tee Boxes. So I might as well forget what I saw there, as it will all be different. Thanks Starter. Just looked over all the holes in the Yardage book, still an exciting round will be had. Of course I did not have my Yardage Book when I played there last month, was not planning on playing there. It was a last minute change of plans.

    See you all SOON

  31. Kerry says:


    I believe I mentioned in one of my comments that was deleted, about previous Tournaments, the Senior Men & the Master’s played the same courses together to help keep the numbers on the courses about the same. Under 100.

  32. ken hanna says:

    Super senior men’ flight
    Oasis Palmer 4981 yards??
    Is this a par three tournament?????

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for your comment. This is a tentative rotation. Those two flights are typically higher handicap so depending what the index spread is that may change.


  33. Kerry says:

    Welcome back to the blog Christian, the weather is great in Mesquite today. Basement room at the Casablanca this weekend.

  34. George Salcedo says:

    Paul and Joe. Usually Christian puts out a tentative rotation in about 2-3 weeks. Most courses won’t take tee times till about 30-45 days out anyway so you have time. We are getting close though. Practice, Practice, Drink and Practice. STMF

  35. Paul Buturusis says:

    When do we find out what courses we are playing so I can schedule a practice round at them?

  36. Joe Sasso says:

    I will be a new masters division player in 2015. Are the courses finalized so I may make a practice round decision?
    Or how can I choose one course that I may play.
    Joe Sasso

    1. christian says:


      We will have the course rotation up with in the next week for people to see.


  37. Kerry says:

    Out of which age group do the majority of the Texas Hold-em Tournament Players come from? Just throwing this out there so maybe they are not having to make a mad dash back from Coyote Springs to play in it.

  38. george salcedo says:

    I totally concur with Jeff on the rotation. What a tough rotation that would be but wow it would be fun. I think a lot of 50 and ups would jump to that rotation as did Kerry last year. 191 days till wheels up. STMF

  39. Kerry says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Last year or this year as it is, I did jump from 50 & over and played with the 49 & under. Did not play Coyote Springs doing this. Can you say: Extra Hour of Sleep? Or was it: Extra Hour of Party the night before? Hell, I’m old, no Short or Long term Memory. At least I’m not as old as David. And Played Golf in Mesquite today, unlike David who Played in Chicago.

  40. Jeff says:

    Christian, just putting in a wish list for next years course rotation for the men 49 and under. Coyote Springs, Falcon Ridge and Conestoga in that order, please. Just throwing that out there. For a side note there might be a few of the 50 and over that would jump ship to play that rotation, possibly?

  41. David DeRango says:


    what about the video and other photos of this years AM when will those get posted.
    I want my golf buds to see what they are missing again.
    Thank you again for everything you do.

  42. will chock says:

    Why is it that I can not get the scores of any flight and the overall champion is still showing the 2013 winner!!!!

    1. christian says:


      The picture of this years champion went up last night so if you go to the main page and refresh you will see that change. You can access all scores on the right side of the main page or under the “event info” tab on the main page.


  43. David DeRango says:

    Sorry Jim, I will be paying at Coyote Springs that morning I could of I would.
    I do not believe no one would be all over that for $55 good deal.
    hope to see you at the CasaBlanca bar Sunday night.

  44. Jim Rawlings says:

    I canceled the tee time. I received no responses.

  45. Stan Mahaffey says:

    LOL! No Glenn 1-3. A bloops double just over the 1st baseman’s glove on an 0-2 breaking ball.

  46. Jim Rawlings says:

    One of my courses in my rotation is Oasis Canyons. I have a tee time on Sunday morning May 25th at 9:10 AM. I have three spots open if interested.
    First three get on board. If you are interested please reply to this blog. The cost is $55.00.

  47. Steven Gagne says:

    Just wondering if someone does skins for the bottom two flights of super seniors?

  48. Glenn Montgomery says:

    I can hardly wait to hear the dulcet tones of Stan Mahaffey across the cart line-up.. “Skins, Skins, $20.” The first time was at Myrtle in 2004 and since then at Myrtle and Mesquite almost every year. It’s almost like a rite of spring having to listen to Stan…….

    How many hits did you get off of Nolan Ryan? You hit for the cycle…right?

  49. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I will be running the Skins Game in the top 3 flights in the Super Seniors. $20/day, birdies or better within your own flight. See everyone next week!

  50. George Salcedo says:

    yup, all right you 49 and unders and some of you “old” guys that decided to join us. Thanks for helping us get to 3 flights. I will be running a daily skins game for all flights combined. Yes thats right all of us together. It equals out the low handicappers play from farther back and us higher handicappers still suck. 20 bucks a day, each day I will not take for the week. Too many blackjack tables. You will know who I am. You’ll hear me. 6 days. STMF

  51. Kerry says:

    And George,

    3 Flights for the men.

  52. Kerry says:

    I actually had to refresh each Part. List Page.

  53. George Salcedo says:

    Anxiously awaiting the course rotation and final handicaps. Wondering if there were enough brave sr men like Kerry to make the jump to the 49 and under to make us 3 flights. 156 hours and wheels up. STMF

    1. christian says:

      Hello all! The flight lists are posted and course rotation. you will get your final flights and course rotation at registration on Monday May 26th. We look forward to seeing you all in a little over a week. go to click on event info and then participant list. You may have to refresh the home page when you get there.

  54. Ron "Chi-Chi" Duran says:

    @Lance-that was suppose to be our secret. But anyway, thanks for the breakfast that day. See you soon.

  55. Kerry says:

    Hey No Problems David. You should be back in Plenty of time.

  56. David DeRango says:

    VR does that how do you do that? I tried and have not been able to get that building no1 too late now!!
    Give me a text on the time you may be having dinner at the coffee shop not sure when I will get back from Coyote Springs if I am back early enough I would like to join you and anyone else if that is OK?

  57. Kerry says:

    Hey David, Sunday I will be playing Casablanca with Rich & Jim. Have not thought about Dinner plans for that evening yet. We might as well eat over to the Casablanca prior to the night’s Special Activities. I had a Good New York Steak the last time I was there. In the Coffee Shop, not the Steak Room. If I get my requested room area, I should be at VR in Building 1, on the lower level of the Parking lot side.

  58. Jeff says:

    Kerry, I kind of thought I remembered they changed the name from the Purple Fez. I just couldn’t remember what it was? You meet the nicest people there though. I was standing in line and got in a conversation with an older couple there last year and they invited me to eat at their table. There is a lot of great people in Mesquite. One thing that really impressed me my first year when I got into town was that the whole town has banners up for us Mesquite Am players. I thought that was pretty awesome. I think this will be my 8th year at the Mesquite Am. Thought I was going to miss this year. Talked the wife into coming out. May 27th is our 25th Anniversary! She started a new job this past November so she is limited on vacation time. So I guess my present is getting to come out and get my but kicked again by desert courses. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  59. Lance Kammerer says:

    Roberto’s next door to Falcon is quick and easy. Best hangover burritos around. Poncho owns it and will be opening early for us daily. The carne asada burrito with sour cream save Chi Chi’s life out there last year. 🙂

  60. David DeRango says:

    I will be checking in to VR Sunday afternoon when we are done at Coyote Springs, what are you doing for dinner Sunday before CasaBlanca bar Sunday night?

  61. Kerry says:

    David, I check in to VR on Saturday, right after we play Corral Canyon. See you Sunday Evening

  62. David DeRango says:

    I will depend what time I get up that morning?
    more time Falcon Ridge, less time Virgin River! no mater were I eat all food is great in Mesquite!
    Stop it your making me hungry!

  63. George Salcedo says:

    I have to agree with Jeff, Falcon Ridge has a great breakfast. For the skins game they will be opening at 630 for breakfast. STMF

  64. Kerry says:

    I like the Virgin River for Breakfast. Deuces Special. Although you can get the same at Casablanca coffee shop, and comes with Hash Browns. Not called Purple Fez any more.

  65. Jeff says:

    For those of you that might be new to this event or Mesquite, if your a breakfast person, Falcon Ridge has the best breakfast in town! I’ll have to get a hold of my friend who moved to Mesquite a few years ago to see if he’s found some favorite places to eat. I like the CasaBlanca Purple Fez for lunch or dinner as well. Appetizer I like is their Nacho Plate!

  66. David DeRango says:

    Since I will be in the super seniors this year for the first time( why I did that nobody knows), I do like our course rotation no mater were the handy cape index falls.
    Now I can plan my strategy for these courses, (yeh right now I am going to hide in the corner and cry like a 3 year old).
    Cannot wait

  67. Ron Duran says:

    Kerry, Thanks for the input. I am not disgruntled…I was just hoping to play one of those courses. I talked up this tournament to a friend of mine and wanted him to experience it. I hope that the Palms is all that you and Christian mentioned. See you soon.

  68. Steven Gagne says:

    Just wondering if the golf courses have any coffee and donuts in the morning?

    1. christian says:


      There are food facilities at the golf courses that have food for purchase. The casinos in town also have their cafe’s that are open 24 hours a day.


  69. Kerry says:

    Hey Mr Duran,

    You know you are just up the canyon from me, and I usually hit Mesquite once a month, or more. But it is Wendover this weekend. BBQ contest in Mesquite this weekend. No rooms at the Inn.

  70. Kerry says:

    Ron Duran

    I have been Golfing in Mesquite quite often this year. The Palms is in great Shape.


  71. Ron Duran says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Christian. I look forward to this tournament all winter long and was a bit disappointed to see our rotation. ..and that others got both Conestoga and coyote in their rotation is all. See you soon.

  72. Stan Mahaffey says:

    The website for the Team Competition is Just click on Player Sign up and fill out the form, enter the name of your Partner in the space provided if you don;t have a partner, leave it blank and you will be placed in the SINGLES, be sure to check your age group. When you get to the bottom of the registration form be sure to click the correct confirmation button. Add a Single Player if you are a single OR Add First Player of Team if you have a partner. Please e-mail if you have questions

  73. Ron Duran says:

    Cristian, Palms was such a disappointment last year. Make our trip worth the travel and give the men’s 49 a morsel (Coyote Springs, Conestoga, or even Falcon Ridge in our rotation)

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for your comments. The men’s division has had either Coyote Springs or Conestoga for the last three years and it just worked out that one of those were not in your rotation. The other factor I have is with the number of people registered I will only use 6 courses a day. So I will drop a course each day and I drop different ones each year last year Conestoga was one and this year Coyote Springs will be one.

      BTW Palms is in great shape right now and will be a good test.


  74. Richard Wilds says:

    Sr Men get to start the first round on the Palms for the 2nd year in a row. That seams strange.

  75. Al Stewart says:


    When will the course rotation and participant listings be posted?

    Looking forward to seeing who will be there this year and of course what courses I will play.

    Can hardly wait.


  76. Leonard Harrison says:

    I hope for 2014 Falcon Ridge will have their greens faster. They were very slow both days I played and for a tournament they were unacceptable in my opinion. Come on Falcon Ridge speed those greens up at least a little.

  77. Alan Oleson says:

    The three groups of super seniors have hadtwostraight days of closest to the pins…where do we get to do the long drive….
    I asked both the volunteers and the golf course to call christian and. Put in th elong drive instead of two straight days of closest to the pins and got some rather rude responses that said they really did not care to address the problem.
    Not a good reaction at best…and definitely did nortdd to. Y general overall behavior.

    1. christian says:


      Sorry to hear you have gotten that response. It was a mistake by the first round golf course and it was my decision just to give your flights two days of closest to the pin. It was an honest mistake.


  78. Michael Kalchman says:

    I played falcon the other day, loved the front and shot the lights out, the back is not easy… But scorable. I have a 12.2 handicap as my 12 month low, I think, and if I one stay out of the bunkers and out of trouble, I could see low scores at falcon.

    I also played Casablanca this week. The opposite at this course happened, shot amazing on the back, again, scorable course.

    Both courses in amazing shape.

    Then I stopped by and tried to play oasis canyon, but the winds must have been in the 50 or 60 km per hour area (30-40 mph?) and it was brutal but in great shape. This course is harder than falcon or Casablanca.

  79. Rob says:

    Well first flight is playing falcon, canyons and Coyote. Back nine at falcon from the tips looks pretty long and tough. Any nightmare stories from the tips at falcon….lol?

  80. Kerry says:

    Palms, Conestoga, & Falcon Ridge for me. And David, what is with this NH for you?

  81. David DeRango says:

    Glade to hear that Palms is the first course I get to play!!!
    Casablanca course has never let me down on its condition I have played on it almost every year I have been coming to Mesquite, and that is 9 years.
    Always in great shape.

  82. Kerry says:

    I have Golfed the Palms and Casablanca several times this year. And both these courses are in great shape.

  83. Robert says:

    Last year the Palms greens were barely playable
    Have they done anything to improve them over the winter/spring?

    1. christian says:


      Yes the greens and golf course at the Palms is in very good shape this year for the tournament. In fact I met with the golf courses just this week and all are in great condition for this years event. We look forward to seeing you in just over a week.


  84. Leonard Harrisone says:

    Anyone get the email Christian said he was sending out this week?

    1. christian says:


      Sorry the e-mail will go out on Monday got pushed back some. But the policy is up to date on the webpage listed under Rules and regulations under “Event Info” on the main web page.


  85. Shawn Galyean says:

    When do we find out our course rotation this year. looking forward to another great year out in Mesquite.

    1. christian says:


      After we do final handicap checks on May 15 then we will post the final rotation. There will just be some minor changes from the tentative rotation.


  86. Rob Turnbull says:

    Hey guys and gals,

    this is an email i got from Conestoga…use it as you wish.

    “Here is the deal for the Mesquite Am Contestants. During the weeks of the 13th through the 27th we will be honoring a rate of $65 dollars to the Mesquite Am Contestants only. Keep in mind that we have a 14 day booking window for the public and if you wanted to book today you would only be able to book on the 13th through the 15th and the tomorrow the 16th so on so on.”

  87. Richard says:

    The first few years you could get the discount rate anytime in May. Some were available before the general public could book. Now some won’t book singles (or if you name is George 16’s) and have restricted the time of day or days. It’s all about the $$$ and their booking systems. St. George course are more accommodating.

    23 days till I get to Mesquite and out of todays snow storm.

  88. Tom Uszynski says:


    Is that a mistake at casa blanca for super seniors? nicklaus flight playing spades

  89. George Salcedo says:

    No had the same thing happen to me when I called so I am playing somewhere else. You think they would open times up for Mesquite Am players. Oh well. STMF

  90. Jackie Spears says:

    Tried to get a practice round at Conestoga and they say can’t make t-times for May 27 until May 13 (14 days). Has anyone booked a t-time at Conestoga for the 27th?

  91. George Salcedo says:

    Yea I tried to call Coyote Springs for a Sat afternoon tee time for 16 golfers and they said no to the practice round rate. Said they could only offer 20 percent off the 109 rack rate. Guess were in vegas for sat. Many places under 90 that want 16 golfers. I guess 0 dollars is better than 1040. Not in my book. Oh well. 34 days baby. STMF

  92. Michael Kalchman says:

    i stand corrected.. i got good rates at all of them.. had to call.

  93. Ron says:

    Christian, thanks for the explanation. Hope I don’t shoot net 80 at that distance.

  94. Rob Turnbull says:


    This is where your new HDCP monitoring with the help of the Nevada golf association will be paramount. A 15 hdcp at their home course will certainly not be a 15 from the yardages being played at the tourney. I see alot of net mid 60’s that first day…lol.

  95. Michael Kalchman says:

    all the courses are only offering practice rounds on the monday?? id like to play more than just one in days leading up to the tourney.. Any chance they could extend the special rate a week prior as well?

  96. Ron says:

    Christian, just looked at Tentative Rotation and am shocked you have us really old guys playing under 4900 yds at Palmer, we played it last year from White.

    1. christian says:


      Thanks for your post. I did move some of the tees back last year and did not get favorable reviews so we are setting tees to where they should be. the gold tees are the senior tees at the Palmer course.

      The other reason for having flights play the proper tees is an effort to speed up play during the tournament.


  97. wayne morrison says:

    How long before the course rotation will be posted,As well as the list of players for this year?

    1. christian says:


      the tentative course rotation will be posted this week along with an updated participant list.


      1. christian says:

        The Tentative Rotation is now live on the website. Keep in mind this is tentative and may have some changes to it. But this will give you a good idea of what age divisions will be playing where.


  98. Rob Turnbull says:

    Coyote Springs is 65 bucks….got two tee times already booked for Monday the 27th before 9am for my group. But yes you’re right….there is a lot of outdated stuff on the website…not sure why that is.

    1. christian says:

      The practice round page will be updated with new artwork the change did not filter over on the website. It will have all the phone numbers for the courses and the rates will be directly with the golf courses when the players call.

      A tentative rotation will be up in the next week or so as things are still filling in.


  99. Kerry says:

    I think you can book them now. But I have no idea of the rate.

  100. Barry Johnston says:

    The “Practice Round” tab on the main site looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2011. Do the courses still hold practice round rates for Mesq Am attendees? Any idea when they have to be booked by? Also when can we expect a tentative course rotation to help me more effectively choose where to play my practice rounds. Thanks!

  101. Ray Arnold says:

    Hey Todd, I hope everyone is doing well out your way. I am starting to really look forward to coming back to Mesquite. The weather is getting better here. Benn kind of cold this winter but we have mid 70s this weekend! Everybody stuck in that cold weather, come on down!

  102. Kerry says:

    In all the years I have played, I have never had a Tournament Round at Casablanca. Last year may have been the first year that Falcon Ridge was not in my Rotation. Go figure with a 15 on #1, and a 14 on #3. With a Birdie sandwiched in between, the year prior to that.

  103. Jim O'Hare says:

    Barry, My best guess is you will get coyote springs falcon ridge and one of the oaisis courses either palmer or canyons no flight has gotton both of those in same year (i think) so i think your a lock for coyote.

  104. Barry Johnston says:

    May be a tad early but anyone care to guess at what the Men’s course rotation might be like? I know it will depend on number of registrations. Last year played Palms, Casablanca, Conestoga. I played a round on Friday out at Coyote Springs to get a look at it in case it falls into the Men’s rotation for ’13. Hope so, really enjoyed Jacks design out there at Coyote Springs…

  105. Todd Johnson says:

    Hi Ray, glad to see that you are coming back this year. We will be down by the weekend. Will Lucy get to join you this year. George I’ve submitted my entry and waiting for confirmation. WE are all looking forward to warming are bones. No snow in our area but rain, rain, and more rain.

  106. George Salcedo says:

    I might need you to call for me than Ray. haha. STMF

  107. Ron Miller says:

    Played Conestoga last year and the course is nice but slow play just about killed us. Tee’d off at 1:20 and was not able to finish the round. Took 3 1/2 hours to play the front nine. we ran out of light on 17 and could not finish. Looking forward to playing this year. Missed the last two.

  108. Ray Arnold says:

    A couple of years ago, I called Coyote for a practice round and talked them into giving me the Nevada resident price, which was the same as the practice rate. It is worth a try.

  109. George Salcedo says:

    Just got off the phone with guys at Coyote and they are only giving the practice rate on sunday. Hope that changes or we can find a better rate on golfnow. Any thoughts Big C. STMF

  110. Ray Arnold says:

    I have played the last few years and primarily the current rotation. I love Coyote Springs and Oasis Palmer. Casablanca is a good course and Canyons is okay. I have not played Conestoga but I hope to this year. Don’t care for Falcon Ridge, just a personal thing. Palms is the one course I could do without. Wolf Creek is a blast to play but is not a tournament course. It took almost 6 hours last year to get around Canyons the first day. I shudder to think what that would have translated to at Wolf.

  111. George Salcedo says:

    I agree with you Marck, I would love to see Wolf Creek back in the rotation as well as Coral Canyon. Don’t see the Wolf coming back but maybe if the numbers get up there you will see the St George courses. The Ledges is one of my favorite courses in St George. I think the back is a picture frame on every hole except 16 the par 5. But I am about even with you on the rest except I rank Falcon Ridge higher and The Palms last. Glad to see one of you original guys posting. STMF

  112. Marck Lane says:

    I have been coming to every Mesquite Amateur since the beginning, and my favorite course of all time is Wolf Creek, the first 2 years it was so hot and the course was playing to a 5.5 to 6 hour rounds…..but the second best was Coral Canyon and of the current rotation I enjoy Coyote Springs and Casablanca. Oasis Palmer and Conestoga are the second level down with Falcon Ridge and Palms followed by Oasis Canyons as last on my list.
    Entrada was fantastic, but Ledges back side was a joke.

  113. David DeRango says:

    I am just up to my @$$ in snow that is all and wishing the snow was sand and wishing for some of the Mesquite heat to warm my frozen hands.
    84 days till I am in Vegas babie!!!
    and what do I say all the time?? I CANNOT WAIT!!!
    there now if feel better.

  114. George Salcedo says:

    I am hoping its the calm before the storm, haha. STMF

  115. Tom Uszynski says:

    it sure is dead on this blog. did a meteorite hit canada.

  116. George Salcedo says:

    Just to let everyone know the skins game is up to about 75 people with a max of 124. We might be able to take it to a full field of 140 but that will be it. The website is See ya in 89 days. STMF

  117. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks, more cold then snow I have not had my hands on my clubs since November, but hope a warm up about March and get to one of my heated driving range!! our Golf Leauge starts late April it will still be cold so just a couple of layers to stay warm.
    waiting for the warmth of Mesquite, be safe.

  118. Crazy Canucks says:

    Davey DeRango, havent played golf since Sept 2012 last year as we had snow in October and it hasnt left yet. My downhill skiing on the other hand is excellent. The Rockie Mtns are awesome. More than likely I will be skiing two days before I make the trip to Mesquite NV. See you soon.

  119. Kerry says:

    Mine was when Corral Canyon was still in the rotation. I don’t remember which hole it was, but it was on the back nine. It was our first hole, and we were a “B” group. There were a couple of fellows in the “A” Group that were having problems losing their balls off the Tee. Well, push comes to shove, and we finally got up to Tee off. A Marshal comes by and tells us we need to speed things up, we are over 15 minutes behind. He had come from behind us, so he did not know what was going on. But he was informed, and the warning for being behind was recanted. I was thinking, we had not even teed off, and we are all going to get a penalty shot.

  120. George Salcedo says:

    So since this is the golf course thread lets give our funniest/comical/can’t forget stories of any day on the course

    Back about the 3rd year I was playing we had just finished playing hole #7 at Oasis Palmer and came around the corner for hole #8 and there was like 3 groups waiting. At first I was a little peeved but then the hole just became a party spot. Guys were having a good time all in all it wasn’t that bad. Well that night at the party I am sitting at my table with my group and I am telling then about the delay and my 2 cousins are laughing it up and I ask whats up and they confess the hold up was them. There combined 4 some score for that hole was like 45. 4 trips back to the tee like a combined 8 lost balls and 4 balls in the water. It was a long wait but I can tell you I had a great time. Got to really know some people that I have been life long friends with. Wouldn’t trade it. STMF

  121. Richard from Denver says:

    Stan’s a man that knows his game.

  122. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I played Falcon twice last year and made par both times after hitting it in the stream on 10!

  123. George Salcedo says:

    I have sent out the invites to the first 100 golfers for the monday Doing it in the Desert skins game at Falcon Ridge. I already have about 60 signed up and we are taking the first 124 golfers. If you are interested the website is Good luck all. STMF

  124. David DeRango says:

    my last year was Mesquite last year!

  125. Kerry says:


    December was last year.

  126. David DeRango says:


    your last round was Dec and mine was last year.
    I just donot get out here enough.
    I would love to par that hole!!!

  127. David DeRango says:

    Hey Crazy Canucks, how are you its his been a long time everything good for you and how is that golf game of yours.
    I hope you will stop in the CasaBlanca bar on Sunday and we can have a few Canadan beers!!
    Yes 10 is the one with the creek in the middle last skin game I took a double too but my second went to the right and missed the pool and in the desert.

  128. Crazy Canucks says:

    #10 Falcon isnt that the one with the creek that runs down the middle of it. Last time I played that one, my 2nd shot landed in Mrs. Jones pool on the right hand side. Took triple and proceeded to make double on #11 by driving it into the pond that protects the front of the green. This year if Falcon is in my rotation laying up on 11 to the buck and half post as for the tenth, I will be praying to the Golf Gods.

  129. Kerry says:

    Hey David, I parred it last time I played it. That would have been in Dec ’12, I believe.

  130. David DeRango says:

    number 10# mmmmmmm Golfffff.
    Stan you need to am at the middle like I do I can never hit the middle of the fairway!!!
    I love to hate that hole cannot remember when I pared it last???

  131. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Exactly, Kerry!

  132. Kerry says:


    That is because that is where the creek is.

  133. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Falcon Ridge # 10 is the only hole I can count on hitting the middle of the fairway.

  134. David DeRango says:

    CasaBlanca is one that is consistantly been in great shape along with The Oasis Palmer both will kick you but if not carful.
    Buy Coral Canyon in St. George is one of my favorites but to get these courses back on the rotation the count will have to be into the 700’s.

  135. George Salcedo says:

    No, the Ledges is in St George. The oasis Canyons added another 9 to make up its 18. The Ledges used to be in the rotation and its the one course I would love to have back if the numbers dictate bringing in a new course. STMF

  136. Jim O"Hare says:

    I thought the ledges is now on of the 2 nines which make up oasis canyons ehich is in the rotation

  137. Kerry says:

    Ah, come on George. Falcon Ridge #10 is a piece of cake. You just have to stripe your drive up the Left side to the cart. That puts you at 150, up hill. Just pay attention to the hole location, if it is up on top, make sure you put your second shot there. If it is at the bottom or middle, that is where you need to be. Because putt from the top to the bottom will not hold the green. But you got to love 6 & 7 also.

  138. George Salcedo says:

    Yea thats a B%%%% of a hole. Your round can be won or loss on that hole. Had everything from par to a 12 there. Beautiful hole though. STMF

  139. Rob Turnbull says:

    That’s good news….we’re staying right on the 10th tee box at falcon ridge.

  140. George Salcedo says:

    My favorite that is in the rotation in Falcon Ridge. It does have some blind shots where local knowledge is key. The course is always in great shape. Nice food and beverage area and the staff there is always top notch. Outside the rotation is The ledges, used to be in the rotation, what beautiful views and the course is a lot of fun to play. STMF

  141. Richard from Denver says:

    I’ve been play golf in Mesquite since the Palms was the only course in town. The Oasis Palmer has consistantly been in great shape. Don’t like the sand on the middle of the back 9, otherwise it is in good condition. Falcon has a few spots that suffer in the very warm spring. Because of the blind shots, Falcon and to some extent Conastoga, become more playable with yardage book and local knowledge and are in good condition.

    There is always something with the Palms. Last year I offered my prize money to help plow it up and suggested they take it out of the rotation for 2 years until they prove they are resort quality we pay for.

    Wolf Creek is alway great and Coyote Spring looks like it’s great shape. When the wind is over 40 MPH, I suggest Oasis Bar. Good view and your green won’t move in the wind. Casablanca course was great to play 2 and 3 years ago when they had the $1 Buds, but bet we won’t see that again.

  142. Rob Turnbull says:

    Which course do the lifers in the Mesquite Am consider to be the best course for consitant playability and conditioning?