Guest Side Events-New and Improved in 2010!!

Check out the list of guest side events for this year Mesquite Amateur!  We have added some great new events such as the Margarita mix off ! We have also  kept some of the favorites like the Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament and the Wine Luncheon at Katherine’s steak house.  See the list of events and price at and look under the activities link.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Side Events-New and Improved in 2010!!”

  1. David says:


    thank you, I know she is a little upset about this, I even got an e-mail from a couple we met last year, where the wide of Fred wanted to buddy up with her for the week and do fun things.


  2. Christian says:


    I am sorry that she will not be able to make it this year. She always has such a great time in all of the side activities. I hope her new job goes well and we look forward to seeing her in 2011!

  3. David says:


    sorry my wife will not be coming with me this year, she has started a new job and cannot take any time off, so I will be coming solo.

    I have signed up for the Texas hold Em tournament, and of course I will be at all the night time activities, plus we hope to see you at Cigars under the stars, which I will even buy you a drink!!!

    hope to see you around.