Handicap Verifications

Hey everyone we will be doing handicap verifications today and tomorrow then we will be posting flights and tournament indexes on the webpage.  We will also send out an e-mail notification to everyone letting to know when it is live.  Thanks for everyones patience.

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29 thoughts on “Handicap Verifications”

  1. Jeff says:

    Apparently the handicap system was created to make everyone equal. But it’s pretty apparent that some people are more equal than others. Talked to Christian and his help about our leader after the second round. Funny how some people who shot identical net scores in other flights got adjusted without even being in first place and our winner never got touched and he was leading by 4 shots. Yes, some people are more equal than others.

  2. David says:

    Looks like congrats are in order for the Woods flight champ. All 3 rounds under net par for the week without getting adjusted or anyone questioning his handicap. Looks like they did adjust him for the finals where he still shot at or under his handicap. Does he always have the best week of his life during Mesquite Am week or maybe there is some other reason? Heard he’s won the flight how many times and how many top 4’s to play in the championship round over the last 10 years? Impressive or just sad that someone needed a Callaway gift card that bad?

  3. per above post – contact me at john@BeTheBallInc.com

  4. I have opening for 2 players for a practice round at Casa tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:00 PM if anyone wants to join. Let me know asap – I will call and change it to a twosome if I don’t hear from anyone by 9:30 AM.

  5. Rich Messina says:

    Thank you Christian that is my correct handicap , although it was only a small differance I just wanted it to be correct thanks again .see you soon .

  6. Kerry says:

    It would not be me. But we are playing at different Venues each day.

    But I like the “SUPPER SENIORS” bit. Hey Stan, who would you recommend?

    Now that Bruce King is in my Division, He could do the Floyd and Trevino Flights. George should train some fine upstanding folks to do this stuff. Again, Not Me.


  7. David DeRango says:

    Senior mens who is stepping up and run the skins games now that Stan is in the supper seniors??
    I ask who???

  8. Jerry says:

    Sure are a lot of Nubies playing with us this year. Ones with only 5 to 8 rounds this year with score gaps dating back to 2008-2010 even 2005 in their records. Would like to see them to continue playing and help fill the tournament for the future with current scores though.

  9. Jim O says:

    Still have 2 spots open for an early morning practice round on Monday the 28th at Casablanca. Any flight welcome

  10. Rich Messina says:

    How do handicaps be determined , mine seems low at 14.8 instead of say 15.1 .

    1. christian says:


      I did pull up your index through the Deleware Golf Association and verified it is 15.1. Sorry for the error. I have made the adjustment it will not change your flight or course rotation.

      If others have index questions please e-mail me direct at cadderson@mesquitegaming.com . Thanks!

  11. Jerry says:

    The flights are up under event results/round1 on the home page.

    1. christian says:


      They were put up in the wrong spot. They are now corrected and up. Go under “Info” then “participant list” and you can see the different divisions. Course rotation is updated as well. Remember to go off the home screen and refresh your page before viewing.

  12. David DeRango says:

    Breakfast at the chuckwagon in the Virgin River 6am I have eaten there a few times great prices and good food.
    looking forward to it, 5 days till I am in Vegas.
    take care, see you soon.

  13. Patti Kelly says:

    Thanks Christian for all ur time and hard work! We r so excited to b coming back this year! Will b checking for the flight assignments today. See u next week –

  14. Kerry says:

    A Note to all,

    To view the current Participant List, you must do so from the “Home” Page of the Mesquite Amateur website. If you try to view the List after looking at the Blogs, you will see last years Info. Go to “Home”, then click on Event Info, then Participant List. This is the same for Course Rotation.

    If you look at the bottom of this page, left side, it is still part of Mesquite Amateur 2011, Where as the Home page is Mesquite Amateur 2012.

    This is do to the Blog page just being a continuation, Not a new one for this year.


  15. Charles (Gene) Patterson says:

    Thanks guys for the update. FYI..one of those coming from Knoxville is Bobby Perkinson. Bobby holds the distinction of winning the Myrtle Beach World Handicap Amateur..back to back in 2010 and 2011.

  16. James Christiansen says:

    When I look at the participant’s list on the website my name is in the 60-69 flights but not in any of the Master’s flights. I was 70 years old in February 2012. Will I be placed in the Master’s flights?


    Jim Christiansen, Richmond, BC Canada

    1. christian says:


      for some reason it is showing you last years flights. We do have you in the Masters division for this year. The flights for this year will be posted tomorrow along with course rotation.

      There will be an e-mail sent out to you all as well.

  17. Kerry says:

    Only saw a couple of others from Knoxville. Christian will need to field
    this one. Sorry I could not help. How long ago did you enter?

  18. Kerry says:

    We got a Charles Patterson from Knoxville.

  19. Gene Patterson says:

    Is the participants list and indexes complete? Hope not, didn’t find my name or my guys from East Tennessee????

    1. christian says:


      It is not complete it will be up no later than Friday and we will be sending out an e-mail blast letting everyone know when it is live. We are still following up on a couple indexes. We appreciate everyones patience and will have this live very soon.


  20. DrDennis Henson (Doc) says:

    Thanks Christian….

  21. Rich C says:

    Christian, My handicap will just say “when he hits the ball”. See you soon

  22. DrDennis Henson (Doc) says:

    Christian, did you receive my entry! Webside said it was accepted,just wanted to be sure… Thanks

    1. christian says:

      Yes we got it. You are good to go.

  23. Kerry says:

    no more counting for me.

  24. David DeRango says:

    Thank you again no problem at all I have patience for that, but CANNOT WAIT to get there, see you soon.
    Stop by the CasaBlanca bar on Sunday night after 6:30pm and I want to buy you a drink.