Mesquite Amateur 10th Anniversary

2012 is just around the corner and we will be opening registration in the coming weeks.Β  Time to start a new thread for this years event.Β  We are looking forward to a great event this year!

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343 thoughts on “Mesquite Amateur 10th Anniversary”

  1. Kerry says:

    Well, All is said, and All is done. Until Next year.

    Good Night Gracie.


  2. Kerry says:

    Pot Roast Special at Eureka’s Main Street Cafe Today. Usually Good Eats, at Good Prices. I’ll be there at 6:30pm.


  3. David DeRango says:

    I have been in Vegas and getting ready to leave.
    I will be headed out for Vegas about 3pm to Mesquite, see you all soon.

  4. Kerry says:

    I’m Here.


  5. Dan says:

    OOPs!… meant Coyote Springs-Chase…

  6. Barry Johnston says:

    Cool Dan! I’m doing similar. Flying in Sunday & playing Piaute. Driving to Mesquite early Monday for a round at Wolf Creek before heading to registration & the demo day. See you all in a few days!

  7. Jim O says:

    Wow great choices Dan im from Vegas and those are 2 of my favs

  8. Dan says:

    leaving for Vegas tomorrow….playing Piaute Wolf on Friday and Coyote Creek Sat, before heading to Mesquite…READY!

  9. George Salcedo says:

    ANyone looking to play the Ledges on Sat morning give me a call. Pretty good mix of divisions going up there, have 10 now 2 spot up for grabs. 65 is green fee. Call me 5404355954. STMF

  10. Jim says:

    last chance….still room for practice round monday morning at Casablanca.

  11. Kerry says:

    Never mind George. Just remembered it is Saturday you are going to The Ledges. Hope it don’t hit Mesquite.

  12. Kerry says:

    Hey George & Friends,

    Just a short note to George & the group that is Golfing with him Friday at the Ledges above St George, My local News Weather Person just put Possible T-Storms in the Forecast for Friday in St George. Sorry, Hope it don’t happen, since then I would be driving through it on my way to Mesquite.

  13. David DeRango says:

    I donot get into Mesquite till 4pm must hit the liquor store to stock my room.
    will see you Sunday night. hit them streight!

  14. Kerry says:

    Travel safely David. See you Sunday Night, if not sometime Saturday. Playing Oasis-Canyons Saturday, 8:20am. No room for anyone else. But, 6:30, 6:50, 7:30, 7:40, & 8:10 are wide open. As of Now. $55.00 for practice round. Let me know, maybe we could play there Saturday. You have my e-mail. I’m sure Melanie or Adam would not mind switching me and adding you. I am also watching Golfnow for Coyote Springs open times. I get their e-mail daily.

  15. David DeRango says:

    Checking out of Chicago IL on Wednesday 7:05am cannot wait to get out of dodge!!! wind is something I have been use to all my life! We are the windy city just got to know how to play with wind. I call my shots worm burners!!
    Tomorrow will be my last posting, no internet at my townhome yet!!
    bring on the heat!!
    see you all soon.

  16. Kerry says:

    Taken from Weather Channel This Morning

    Fri, May 25: 91*/59*, Windy/Sunny
    Sat, May 26: 83*/62*, Sunny
    Sun, May 27: 93*/65*, Sunny
    Mon, May 28: 98*/67*, Sunny
    Tue, May 29: 100*/71*, Sunny
    Wed, May 30: 101*/67*, Sunny

    Still no Precip in the forecast.

    Of course, These things change on a daily basis.

  17. Kerry says:


    I have played with just those clubs. Did rather well.
    Don’t know why I need all those others.
    I guess, the rules say I can carry 14, so I do.
    Like most people probably.

  18. Jerry says:

    You guys have just set my mind for packing at ease. Now that I know what not to bring we will be fine. I almost think I could come with a 5 iron, pitching wedge and putter and play just fine; except for that long par 3 at Coyote Springs.

  19. Kerry says:


    You forgot the desert club. Not the same as the sand clubs. Needed for the desert and the rocks it will come in contact with. An old Nike sand wedge is what I use. So I carry 2 56* wedges when I play at Desert Courses. And Oh Yea, I live in the high desert of Utah.

  20. jim says:

    You should take 6 wind clubs 4 cactus clubs 1 tree club 2 sand clubs and of course a birdie putter.

  21. Jerry says:

    You know this wind thing is important. I already toke my tree clubs out of the bag but I need to know what kind of wind clubs I need to put in or leave out. This is serious business not to show up with the right clubs to play with when such a diverse group of players and ablities are showing up.

  22. Jerry says:


    WeatherBug is what I use on my smartphone and it says windy most of the next weekend. I don’t think it will be as windy as the Gross skins last year which was brutal.

    But the question was “is it ever windy during Tournament rounds”, above 10 mile an hour. The 2010-11 rounds were nice as I recall.

  23. Crazy Canucks says:

    This might be one of the last posts for the Crazy Canucks as we are departing on Friday for Mesquite NV. So if we dont post anymore. Canadian beer on the way. Safe travels everyone. See you all soon eh.

  24. George Salcedo says:

    My opening round at Falcon Ridge on Fri should be interesting. That back 9 gets real fun in the wind. 85 hours and I am wheels up heading to the desert. Safe travels all. STMF

  25. Kerry says:

    Well Jerry,

    I use the Weather Channel App on my computer. And it shows:
    Fri, May 25: 93*/64*, Windy/Sunny
    Sat, May 26: 92*/63*, Sunny
    Sun, May 27: 89*/63*, Sunny
    Mon, May 28: 94*/66*, Sunny
    Tue, May 29: 97*/68*, Sunny

    And there is 0% chance of Precip for this time frame.

    Of course, These things change on a daily basis.

    4 and a wake up, work and depart. Wheels Down & 80 MPH.

  26. Jerry says:

    This could go under Memories but we tend to put things where we want them. Does anyone remember having windy tournament rounds similar to the wind experienced at last years Gross skin game at Conestoga? I looked at the weather and wind is predicted for thursday thru suday this coming week with temps very reasonable. 106 tommorrow in Mesquite.

    Wishing everyone a safe trip out to the big game. Also hope legal handicappers win large and play well so that the pencil doesn’t beat us.

  27. Kerry says:

    I was just looking over the FAQ’s and Rules of Play, and noticed that we are beyond the date to decide not to play and get no money back. So I guess I will have to come and do my best. George I would love to play the Ledges again. Have only played it once, with my Father & son. But I have already committed to play Oasis-Canyons on Saturday. Besides, You low HI’s would not want this High HI to show you up. See you all next weekend.
    Man that seems soon, Next Weekend. Wheel Down, and 80 MPH.

  28. Jim O says:

    Still have 2 spots for a 6:50 am (beat the heat) practice round on Mon the 28th at the Casablanca course’
    Drop me a line if interested..any flight welcome

  29. Kerry says:

    Just checked Mesquite gas prices:

    $3.88-$4.19 from gasbuddy

  30. Kerry says:

    Just a side note:

    This years blogs sure were tame compared to last year.
    And on that note, Got to get down stairs to the casino,
    almost my time at the Slot Tournament.
    Beautiful here in the desert.

  31. Kerry says:

    Ok Ladies & Gents,

    Men 3 Flights Total is 91
    Seniors 4 Flights Total is 128
    Super Seniors 6 Flights Total is 185
    Masters 2 flights Total is 83
    Women 3 Flights Total is 105

    Grand Total of list dated 5/17/2012 is

    Drum Roll Please


  32. Kerry says:

    A PURE Grips technician will be here at the Oasis Golf Club Driving Range on Sunday May 27th from 7:00am-12:00pm.

    Copy & Paste from my face book page.

  33. Crazy Canucks says:

    Kerry, you havent had a Molson since 1981, that my friend is WAY TO LONG. Hang out with Davey DeRango and we will be by with a Molson’s for you too. One week to go see you all there eh. Safe travels everyone. Dont worry George we will bring you one too. We wouldnt want to leave anyone else out so there will be some extras as well.

  34. Ron says:

    When will the flight list be posted

    1. christian says:


      I have sent the information to my web guy to go live today. You will be receiving an e-mail once it is live as well.

  35. David DeRango says:

    “eh” CC I will get one more 9 hole round in before leaveing, make sure the Molson is cold I can tast it now!

    see everone at the CasaBlanca bar!! Christian I still want to buy you a drink will you stop by Sunday night??

  36. Kerry says:

    A Note to all,

    To view the current Participant List, you must do so from the β€œHome” Page of the Mesquite Amateur website. If you try to view the List after looking at the Blogs, you will see last years Info. Go to β€œHome”, then click on Event Info, then Participant List. This is the same for Course Rotation.

    If you look at the bottom of this page, left side, it is still part of Mesquite Amateur 2011, Where as the Home page is Mesquite Amateur 2012.

    This is do to the Blog page just being a continuation, Not a new one for this year.


    1. christian says:


      Thanks for pointing that out. I was confused on how people were accessing that information. I have my web guy working on putting up the new flights and changing that to alleviate the confusion. Thanks!

  37. Kerry says:

    You Know CC’s,

    I have not had a good Molson Ale since I left Maine in 1981. I’ll be with David Sunday night.

  38. Crazy Canucks says:

    Down to single digits before the Crazy Canucks leave their beautiful country and head into the USA. Golf game coming around played a few rounds however those dang it doubles keep popping up every now and again. Need to get a few more in before lift off. See y’all real soon eh.

  39. Dave T says:


    I am in the senior division and have Coyote Springs in my rotation. I noticed on the score card that the yardage from the bluie tees is 6800 yards, are we going to be playing at this yardage if not what will the average yardage be for this group

    1. christian says:


      all courses will play close to the yardage on the card. Canyons will be 6400, Coyote 6800 and CasaBlanca is 6600 so you will have different lengths each day.

  40. Kerry says:

    Weather looking, well lets just say Bring Ice.

  41. David DeRango says:

    Yah, Yah, Yah, I said I am getting old and will be on the super seniors and by then forget how to play, oh wait what did you two say???
    Front, behind!! what ever I am going to have fun and get a few birds!!!
    George, duck fart you and me, Kerry bloody marie tall rigth!

    thank you Crazy Canucks look forward to that night too, my mouth is watering.
    6 days and I am in Vegas getting a jump on killing my liver!!
    see you all soon!

  42. Kerry says:

    What George said.

  43. George Salcedo says:

    dave if I am 1a and you are 2b I will be behind you. Just sayin. STMF

  44. Crazy Canucks says:

    FJP, boo, you are leaving us. How on earth will I leave messages for you with the chalk on the cart paths this year. Johnny, you will be missed, good luck in your new flight and we will have a few Molsons for our lost Canadian brother who found love in the United States of America. Look for us in the Casablanca lounge on Sunday night as we will have our stash hidden somewhere. No worries Davey DeRango, Neil and I will have beers for you as well.

  45. David DeRango says:

    those temps sound great to me anything above 90’s it nice.
    we had our first night in the upper 70’s for the golf league and that was great, you could free swing with out all the layers on!!
    Still shot a 43 not to bad!

  46. David DeRango says:

    what do you mean no messing around, George is in 1A we are 2B he is in frount of us! if you want if he is messing around we can just hit into him and not yell four!!! just kidding I never do that.
    Our foursome is going to have a good time, I ______ wait!!!

  47. FJP says:

    Crazy Canucks (aka Paul & Tim) – Waiting to tip a few Molson’s with my Canadian Brothers. Sorry I won’t be playing with you guys this year. At 55 decided to move up to Seniors finally.



  48. Kerry says:

    Hey all, Just checked the 10 day forecast, and 5 days are in the 100’s. But looks to be coming down the end of next week. Will keep you posted.

  49. Jerry says:

    Blame me for rushing Kerry. I was just too anixous for the numbers. I always looked for your numbers to know the list was up. You can’t giveup that easy Kerry. I know you won’t. I believe we all looked for the results Kerry gave us. You are part of the tradition of coming to Mesquite and getting ready for the competition. Thanks a million.

  50. George Salcedo says:

    Thanks for doing it Kerry, I looked forward to it. STMF

  51. Kerry says:

    Got me Jerry,

    Everybody I Apologize, I left 1 off from the Men’s list

    The total is 582.

    Men have 88, not 87.

    I now relinquish my count to who ever wants to do it.

  52. Jerry says:


    I was just joking with you. Have a good evening. I think the count is 582 though( 36+28+14X37= 582).


    Looks to me you get your 3 flights, right on the edge/margin.

  53. Kerry says:


    As I was looking at the skins website, got the e-mail from George saying that the assignments were made.
    We are 2B.

    Fred Deferdinando Senior
    David DeRango Senior
    Kerry King Senior
    B.Timothy Riordan Super Senior

    There will be no messing around. George, is in 1A, who will be right behind us.

  54. Kerry says:

    For everyone else,
    This is where we are at:

    As of the Participant list dated 5/11/2012

    Men – 87
    Senior – 123
    Super Senior – 182
    Masters – 82
    Women – 105
    Gross – 2

    Total – 581

  55. Kerry says:

    Well Jerry here is what I have

    Page 1- 36 Participants
    Page 2-Page 15 each has 37 Participants
    Page 16- 28 Participants

    So the list dated 5/11/2012

    Totals 581

  56. Jerry says:


    Just trying to arouse you a little. I know you will get to it in time. As we get closer to tee off we just get more anixous. Can’t wait! Whats the numbers! Your such a good trouper.

  57. Kerry says:

    Crazy Canucks & David,

    In the 10 day forecast, Temps are mostly in the 100’s. I will check daily, to see if maybe a cool front might come along, and drop the temps to the 90’s.


    Your system is probably more sophisticated than mine. And some people work and don’t have 24 hour access to the information. Or in my case, have the day off, and don’t sit around the house doing nothing.

  58. David DeRango says:

    Yes 12 days but 9 till I am in Vegas, tonight in Chicago IL we will be in the mid 70’s for our golf league wow a warm night will not know how to play with out all the layers on.
    CANNOT wait!! I know!!I know!! said it again.
    same here safe travels all.

  59. Crazy Canucks says:

    12 wonderful days to go till the Crazy Canucks arrive at the Casablanca Motel. Starting to get into the 60F temps here in Canada, snow disappearing at a rapid rate. Looking forward to the 90F weather I will be seeing in twelve – that is one – two as in 1 2 days. Safe travels everyone.

  60. Jerry says:


    New list up, are your eyes foggy? Just looking for counts and little jab on the side.

    Alittle side note, Looks like my flight will have about a 1/3 turnover rate. Most not coming back, some going to Masters. Always good to see new faces but sad to miss some of the ones not returning. Hope all is well with the non returners and I know they will miss a good time. We that are coming will just have to have fun for them.

  61. David DeRango says:

    Coyote Springs, tough course!! The one time I played it in 2009 was a windy day and I gave up par to just make bogie, because of the wind and the danger around some holes that the wind would cause problems, I was lucky to break 90 that day.
    This year I have it in my rotation, looking forward to it I hope the day is not windy!!

  62. Jerry says:


    Thanks. Knew I would get the right answer if I brought it up. I was pretty certain it had not been in 2009-2012.

  63. Tom says:

    Dana, Coyote Springs and I have a love/hate relationship. Last year it was my first round course. I started on hole number one, and made pars on the first two holes. The third hole is a par three, and I took an eight! Five over on this one hole. This course kicked me hard, and then let me off the hook. I shot 38/39 for a 77. I really like 17 holes on this course.
    My recommendation to you is get by number three and you will do great.

  64. Tom says:

    Dana, Coyote Springs and I have a love/hate relationship. Last year it was my first round course. I started on hole number one, and made pars on the first two holes. The third hole is a par three, and I took and eight! Five over on this one hole. This course kicked me hard, and then let me off the hook. I shot 38/39 for a 77. I really like 17 holes on this course.
    My recommendation to you is get by number three and you will do great.

  65. Tom says:

    Dana, Coyote Springs and I have a love/hate relationship. Last year it was my first round course. I started on one, and made par one one and two. The third hole is a par three, and I took and eight! Five over in one hole. This course kicked me hard, and then let he off the hook. I shot 38/39 for a 77. I really like 17 holes on this course.
    My recommendation to you is get by number three and you will do great.

  66. Jeff says:

    Good luck Dana! I know it kicked my butt. The first year I played it I eagled the Par 5 second hole. Thought it might be a good day. I still haven’t broke 90 there. I’d love to trade you rotations! You have the best and toughest rotation in the bunch.

  67. Kerry says:


    That is probably correct. With the amount of courses in the rotation, in an 8-9 year period, you should at least play every course 2-3, maybe 4 times. Of course, earlier in Mesquite Amateur history, we also had the courses in Utah that we played. I know I played Entrada twice, and Coral Canyon 1 time.

    Breaking in some new Samsonite Luggage for this trip. Hope it works out ok, since it will also be my 2012 US Open luggage.

    12 days & Wheels Down and 80 MPH.

  68. Dana Boyette says:

    Jerry, I have played the Mesquite Amateur for 8 years and the women have played Falcon Ridge 3 times, so that is like once every 3 years.

  69. Dana Boyette says:

    Jeff, I know I cringed when I saw Coyote Springs in our rotation. The women just played it in 2010 and it kicked everyones butts…No one was under par or at par.

  70. David says:

    Again played golf in drizzle and cool weather lucky to shoot an 83!! 10 days till I am in Vegas need some warm weather!! Will get into Mesquite about 4pm on Saturday and hit the liquor store to stock up the room.
    Canucks will have a few cold ones with you at check in with George in the Casablanca bar on Sunday night looking forward to see everyone soon.

  71. Crazy Canucks says:

    The Crazy Canucks are getting excited just like the rest of you. Heading out Friday May 25 to the “All For Our Country” State. Will be in Mesquite NV on Saturday night May 26 with Canadian beer in tow. Aaahhhh Canadian beer Aaahhh, drool, drool. Hope to see everyone there, happy trails eh.

  72. Kerry says:

    Almost there. That is what my response will be to the question: Are we there yet? In 14 days from now. Wheels Down and 80 MPH.

  73. David DeRango says:

    Jeff you are right work is getting in the way of Golf, I have a 6AM tee time for Saturday and would you know it forcast is for rain!! but Friday is going to be great!! CANNOT wait for warn weather and dry!!!

    12 days till touch down in Vegas and 3 days till Mesquite.
    see you all soon.
    You too Crazy Canucks “eh”

  74. Crazy Canucks says:

    DD I agree with you, us Northerners should get at least 5 shots added to our index as we dont have the perfect weather to play in at this time of the year. Maybe we should move the Am up to the North and see how the Southerns play in 60 degree weather. Better yet move it into Canada as see how you guys play in 40/50 degree weather. Advantage the Northerns. Just kidding, this is my vacation and I love playing golf in the 80’s and higher while home temp sits at mid 60’s. See y’all real soon “eh”

  75. Kerry says:


    You are doing it all wrong. I work for Golf. My wife works for a living. I get off work at 2:42pm. Lots of time for golf after that. And only 4 days a week.


  76. Jeff says:

    We usually get your weather here by the next day, David. It must be raining itself out before it gets to us. We’ve really only had a few days of rain this spring. Our courses are in the best shape I’ve ever seen them this year, except you still have to putt through all the maple seed helicopters. Problem is I have to work for a living. It gets in the way of golf. What a drag.

  77. David DeRango says:

    Carzy Canucks,
    Your weather is not much different than in Chicago IL. Instead of snow we have rain and wind, and our highs have been in the low 60F golf courses are too wet!! I have had two 18 rounds and about 6-9 holes in, we are defiantly at a disadvantaged I think for guys that live in were weather dose not let us get a lot of golf in we should get at least 5 point added to our index??
    Canadian beer is calling my name!!! safe travels boys see you soon β€œEH”

  78. Crazy Canucks says:

    You just gotta love the Canadian weather. Today (05 09) will be a high of 17C (66F) and tomorrow we are expecting snow 3C (38F). Golf or Ski on Thursday probably will ski since the golf courses will be closed. Sure hope I get some more rounds in before I leave for Mesquite in 17 days. 17 days well Blow me dry and call me Dusty. So excited to meet my friends from previous years and meet new ones as well. Canadian Beer all around. Giddy Up. See Y’all real soon “eh”

  79. Jerry says:

    I believe we will see some changes this year in course rotation. I appears to me that the Senior Div 2 will only have one flight and the Super Senior Div 2 will go to 3 flights just due to the number of players in each age group. Mid 120’s for Senior Men and 180 for Super Senior Men. The changes will be necessary to keep the number of players more even across all the courses in the rotation which will enhance keeping all the courses in the rotation from year to year. Just a guess on my part. I am more interested in seeing the indexes that some of the players are coming with this year versus their past play than where we are playing. All the courses are fine draws. The women have never played Falcon Ridge to my knowledge. Must be a tough rotation for them.

  80. Kerry says:

    But Hey Jeff,

    The High H/I Senior men are doing Falcon Ridge, Conestoga, & Oasis-Canyons. A nice rotation also. You can probably expect low scores from the men’s flights. But does it really matter, we all are there to have a good time.

  81. Jeff says:

    I have to say, I’m a little jealous. The women get to play Conestoga, Oasis Palmer and Coyote Springs. All I have to say is bring your A game. Your in for a real treat. Any bets on how many women finish below net par for the tournament with that rotation? Good luck and keep it in the short stuff.

  82. George Salcedo says:

    15 days to go till I lift off, 122 in the net skins game have 2 spots left and 50 in the gross game I have 2 spots left. Great turnout this year. STMF

  83. R Cottle says:

    Just an update and thank you: 62 signed up for the Cigars Under the Stars! Deadline open until the 15th. Looking forward to the golf, seeing friends, Scotch n`cigars πŸ™‚

  84. Kerry says:

    Well Folks

    here are the numbers from the list Dated
    Sorry to disappoint everyone.

    569 people are now listed.
    This new list does not have
    the divisions listed.

  85. Jim O says:

    Looking to put togeather a foursome for an early ( 8-9am) morning practice round on the casablanca course on Monday May 28th. Im a senior playing in the Watson flight …about a 7 index. Anyone interested drop me an email and i will set it up and let you know. JOHAREGOLF@AOL.COM

  86. George Salcedo says:

    Have to thank everyone that has signed up for the skins game. We have gotten up to 116 golfers in the net game at The Palms on Monday and 48 in the gross game on sunday at Falcon Ridge. Gonna be a good time on both days. Pairings and tee times should be out be next friday. Thanks STMF

  87. David says:

    On the Schedule page are the activities finial?
    This is what will be going on everyday?
    Just checking I want to plan my nights.
    thank you.

    1. christian says:


      Yes that is a final schedule of activities and times.

  88. David says:

    One more year and I will be playing with Stan in the supper seinors!
    looking forward to that, NOT!!
    I am needing my Mesquite golf fix.
    Part 5 on #1 nice, Christian has confrimed it on the other blog, depending what they did to it I could be a good bird hole.
    I hope you are felling better Kerry and the Bloody maire is on me!!
    see you soon and everybody else in the Casablanca Lounge Sunday night.
    Cannot wait!!

  89. Kerry says:


    It was the same way when I looked also. But when I was at Falcon Ridge last week, there were folks talking about it. I would have 1st hand knowledge, but I was not feeling well when I was to play it last Monday. So I bowed out. Even the scorecard on the website still shows it as a par 4. Ok, won’t use it. And “SAFE TRAVELS”. Man you are getting old.
    You are going to be playing with Stan soon. 19 days & a wake up, work, then Wheels Down and 80 MPH. Safe Travels All.

    1. christian says:

      The Palms hole # 1 has been changed to a par 5. I will check with them when they will have the new score card up on the websites.

  90. David says:

    β€œTRAVELS” yes Kerry I know did not check my spelling.
    you cannot use my cannot wait!! that one is mine!
    How come when I am on the Palms site I donot see #1 as a par 5??
    18 days till Vegas, and 21 till Mesquite!
    Save “TRAVELS” all.

  91. Kerry says:


    I heard some folks talking about that when I was there last weekend.

  92. George Salcedo says:

    Working on yardages for both skins games today and I just noticed that #1 at the Palms is now a par 5. Interesting change. 18 and wheels up. STMF

  93. Kerry says:

    Have just made my Saturday Tee Time. Playing Oasis-Canyons at 8:20 am. I think. I really should write these things down. I should be almost in Mesquite by this time on the 25th. I Cannot Wait. I said it David.

    David: “TRAVELS”


  94. David DeRango says:

    21 days for me till I am in Vegas and shaking off this Chicago crap weather!
    and taking my liver off vacation and putting it to work.
    Lets fill up the skin games and let the games begin!!
    safe travles all and yes you know what I am going to say _ ______ ____ !!!

  95. George Salcedo says:

    Got 4 spots left in each event. Great turnout this year. 21 days till I am in the air. See all of you soon. STMF

  96. David DeRango says:

    Any time Christian any time, too bad I got lame-o golf buddies!!! who are missing out.
    Nothing better then Doing it in the Desert in Mesquite to bad it is only once a year, but you make some friends for life.
    safe travles all see you in 23 days!!
    Yes I cannot wait, bet you all are tired of hearing that out of me!!!

  97. George Salcedo says:

    I will be sending out the “last” invite for both skins game this evening. As of today the gross game on sunday at Falcon Ridge is at 46 golfers with 6 slots available and the net game is at 110 golfers with 10 spots left if anyone is interested. Website is Safe travels to all I am wheels up in 22 days and a wake up. STMF

  98. David DeRango says:

    numbers look good is this what you have expected?

    1. christian says:


      The numbers are up from last year so that is two years in a row that our numbers have increased. We appreciate everyone’s support of the event and bringing new people to the event. I was hoping to get to 600 but I think we will come up a little short of that. People can still register and join all of the fun this year!

  99. Kerry says:

    Well, we have hit May. That means that I will arrive β€œback” in Mesquite in 24 days. This time for the Tournament. Can not wait to see all my Tournament Buddies. Saturday I will golf, Somewhere. No Tee Time yet. Sunday is for relax & massage. Monday is getting money from George’s Skin Game, And then it is Tournament time. Wheels down & 80 MPH

  100. Kerry says:

    Ok folks,
    This is where we are at:

    As of the Participant list dated 4/27/2012

    Men – 77
    Senior – 122
    Super Senior – 178
    Masters – 77
    Women – 106
    Gross – 2

    Total – 562

  101. David DeRango says:

    Stop rubbing it in!!
    I am on Mesquite golf with drawl!! need my fix bad, this Chicago weather sucks, golf league tonight and we are at 55 F with clouds and chance of rain, this sucks again.
    I need the 90’s and sun my game is hurting in this cold weather!
    Have fun see you in 26 days.

  102. Kerry says:

    Been to busy. Maybe Monday, before I leave. Tee Time Monday at Palms, 6:00am. Then Home.

  103. David says:

    Kerry, did you stop by and say Hi to Chirstian for all of us!!

  104. Kerry says:

    Played Falcon Ridge April 26 & 28, Course is in great Condition, my game, Oh Well.

  105. George Salcedo says:

    Update to both skins games. The Sunday gross game at Falcon Ridge is up to 43 players and we have 9 spots left. The Monday net game at The Palms has 103 players registered with 9 spots left. If anyone is playing either of those courses and you want to get in a practice round this might be the way for you. Meet a lot of nice people, play some golf and have a chance at starting the week off right by winning some money. is the website or if you have any questions just drop me a line here. Safe travels to all I lift off in 27 days. STMF

  106. David DeRango says:

    Ok Stan, now you are in the Super Seniors who will do it for the seniors??
    Do not leave that up to me I can screw up a two car funeral?
    Any one what to run this I will help!!!

  107. George Salcedo says:

    Just like Stan I will volunteer my services to run the skins in the mens 49 and under flight. Not as lucky to move up in flights like Stan, 5 more years. I do all men together, the higher handicappers play from a tee up so it makes it fair. 20 a day and we pay out in bar afterwards. Open to all men in the flight. Good luck on travels, see you in 30 days. STMF

  108. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I am moving up to the Super Seniors this year and will be happy to run a daily Skins games for the Nicklaus, Palmer, & Player groups. I have run it for the last 6 years in the seniors. We will do $20/day and heads-up in your own flights. On Thursday we will do an additional pool for all the players in the rotation (that will be $40 for Thursday to play both). You can hang around after the round to collect, I can pay you the following day, or you can find me at dinner. On Thursday you will need to hang around or find me that night.

  109. David DeRango says:

    Yes a bit rusty I am as well working on it but this old senior body has more aches and pain then I do golf balls.
    Hope to get work in on our golf league which starts tonight, but as I said 53 and windy normal around here.
    Looking forward to that Canadian beer!?!?!?

  110. Crazy Canucks says:

    Played golf the other day as courses are just starting to open up here in Calgary Alberta Canada . A wee bit rusty as the triples and doubles showed up the first round of the year. Best get back out there and forget skiing (yes the ski slopes are still open) to eliminate those triples and doubles. The only triples and doubles I want to see are in the pub after the round. Just over a month away till Tee Time.

  111. Crazy Canucks says:

    David D. no worries about us Crazy Canucks announcing our presence as we will have beers in hand. But we will announce just for you as there will be a “Canadian” beer with your name on it.

  112. George Salcedo says:

    Oh the dreaded third round. Have to put down the duck farts for that to happen. I don’t see it happening, haha. THanks for the advice though. STMF

  113. Jerry says:


    With the Gross guys playing in the Mens I believe your Division will get to three flights. Given that premise I think you will be in the middle of flight 2 with about a 2.5 stroke difference on either side of you. Half of your field 2.5 strokes less than you and half of your field 2.5 strokes above you. This is based upon the spread from last years participants in your Division. Just do better in your third round this year. You can do it.

  114. George Salcedo says:

    I lost you when you brought in the Masters, but I do know that last year the high handicapper was getting around 30-31 and the low guy was around 2-3. So if you split that down the middle with 2 flights the low guy in the second flight would be around a 16 or so and be giving up 15-17 strokes a day to the high guy. Where in the top flight the Low guy would be giving up around 12-13. Not much of a difference but 4-5 a day is quite a bit. We’ll see, hopefully more sign up and we don’t have the issue. And for the other tidbit of info you gave out I hope the ladies have a great time. STMF

  115. Kerry says:


    With the Secret Service Scandal going on, you bring up this information.

  116. Jerry says:

    Another tidbit of info: There are approximately 40 unattached Women, that is…not coming with anyone having the same last name. The ratio of unattached males to women is 10 to 1. This ratio is probably high due to the number of non golfing spouses and others that are attending this years event.

  117. Jerry says:


    The Men had 90 with 3 flights and the Masters had 68 with 2 flights last year. The Mens second flight had the least spread with 5 points, the first had a 9 point spread and the third flight more. With two flights the 2nd would have a large spread but I would expect the middle of the road guys to have the best chances of scoring well if you discount the 3% outliers.

  118. George Salcedo says:

    You might be right Jerry, but I would hate to be the low guy in the second flight. You could possibly be giving up a stroke a hole to the high handicappers in the flight. TOugh way to get into the top 10. STMF

  119. George Salcedo says:

    we usually run 20 a day, payout in bar right after. I run all three flights together with no handicapp. Straight up golf. In the 8 years I have been doing it never seen one flight really dominate the others in winnings. Seems to always be shared among all three. STMF

  120. Jerry says:


    You might need to see about 87-90 to see 3 flights. Same as Masters.

  121. Kerry says:


    How much is the Skins Game during the Tournament Rounds? Another reason to move back, I never see who ever it is that might run it in the Senior High HI flights.

  122. Kerry says:

    Hey George,

    If you like, I can back up and play in the Men’s High Handicap Flight.
    I can finish last in any Flight. Maybe we can get David to join us.

  123. George Salcedo says:

    Hopefully the mens flight goes up by at least 6 more. I am one of them, so at least 5 more. Would rather see 3 med flights versus 2 large flights. Still have 30 days to go. We’ll see. STMF

  124. Kerry says:

    Ok folks,
    This is where we are at:

    As of the Participant list dated 4/20/2012

    Men – 74
    Senior – 118
    Super Senior – 175
    Masters – 75
    Women – 103
    Gross – 2

    Total – 547

  125. David DeRango says:

    Crazy Canucks, I will not be hard to find, as I have stated before I will be the one with the smile on my face that will not go away!!!
    when you enter the Casablanca Lounge to check in with George just yell out the Canucks are hear!!
    safe travles.

  126. Crazy Canucks says:

    David DeRango, we will be watching out for you.

  127. Kerry says:


    Is is the simple way: Head south on I 15 to Glendale. Get off I 15 and go right to SR 168. Go to End. Now you have gone to far. Go back 1/2 mile. Coyote Springs will be on your Left. If perchance you catch it on your way, it will be on your Right. WATCH for NHP. Money Maker Route for the State.

  128. David DeRango says:

    After looking at the directions again maybe I am wrong Christian??
    In my old age could I have forgoten the way there??
    not sure.
    thank you.

  129. David DeRango says:

    The link is working, thank you, now I have question I was on Coyote springs web page and they show using route 168 to get to the course and the directions you give are to use route 93, why is that??
    Because route 168 is more of a direct route??
    Just wondering.
    Thanks again.

  130. Kerry says:

    For those of you looking for my breakdown of the latest numbers, I am out of town and away from my specialized equipment that I do it with.
    (My Printer & my Pen) So maybe when I get home tomorrow I’ll work it up. The weather here in Nevada is nice.

  131. David says:

    Carzy Canucks you are on!!
    I too will also be hanging around George in the Casablanca Lounge.
    Look forward to meeting you and the Beer, we can hide to two four under the table!!
    just kidding safe travles.

    Chirstian thank you.

  132. Crazy Canucks says:

    David DeRango, no problem on the Canadian Beer, we will have many cases of beer with us as last year we drank them all before we got to Mesquite. Look us up on the Sunday evening, we will be hanging around George in the Casablanca Lounge. My brother and I will slide up to the room and get you one or two as the hotel will get mad if we brought a “two four” down with us. A “two four” is a Canadian term = twenty four beers in a case.

  133. Kerry says:

    Link from courses still broken. This is the message I just got:

    Error Summary
    HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found
    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    1. christian says:

      As I said before I have my web guy fixing it. In the mean time you can still access their website at

  134. George Salcedo says:

    I had this info passed on to me from a golfer concerning shuttles to and from Las Vegas airport. Las Vegas Limo’s (aka: ALC) out of Mesquite, NV will transport people to and from the airport. Their rates are $50.for R/T and $30. for One Way. P/U times at the Airport and Hotels will be sent to me and I will then forward it out to you all if interested. Just in case your ride wants to leave earlier or later than you want to. Safe travels to all 39 days for me. STMF

  135. David DeRango says:

    Ok can not get on The Chase at Coyote Springs web page can someone check this out Christian.
    thank you,

    1. christian says:


      I just googled Coyote Springs and the website came right up.

    2. christian says:

      Oh I see the link on the website is broken. I will have my web guy fix it. Thanks!

  136. David DeRango says:

    This month in Chicago we have not gotten out of the 60’s either and the nights have been as cold as 32. I love the green fair ways and warm weather, sorry keep the snow up north just bring the Canadian beer.
    I understand Canucks how it is in the winter, I go to Top Golf for some swings and we have an outdoor raing with heaters just so I can keep my swing down.
    40 days till I am in Vegas and the 90’s cannot wait, yes I know I keep saying that.
    stay safe all.

  137. Jerry says:

    Sure glad you are willing to share the cold with the rest of us but…..I have been back from Florida with 85 degree days since 1 Apr and I don’t like 60 degree temps never mind the 30’s and 40’s. I am ready to go back to Florida and get ready for the tourney. Can’t wait to see the 90’s in Mesquite. Bring on the heat and pressure of golf.

  138. Crazy Canucks says:

    It is now April 12 and Winter has returned here in Calgary AB Canada. Getting a little nervous now as I have played only 9 holes, courses have shut down due to snow. How will a Canadian ever have a chance of winning the Mesquite Am if we can never get in a few rounds before the tournament. Who’s up for skiing in the mountains.

  139. David DeRango says:

    Thanks for the update Christian.
    looks like I am on the border line again it will be the last day before I know what fligth I am in, that is OK I love the unknow.

    Zoeller- 10.0-12.7
    Stadler- 12.9-15.7
    down to 6 weeks everybody we are getting close.

  140. George Salcedo says:

    I hate it when the “w” sticks. Meant whole day. STMF

  141. Dana says:

    Christian, I noticed the women are up to 105, so I know you are thinking about adding another flight. Just thought I would let you know what they did at Myrtle Beach last year with the womens extra flight. They put the last flight with the Masters group. Seemed to have worked out good.

    1. christian says:


      Thanks for the comment. That is something I will take into consideration and look at all options. We will not be loading a bunch of people on one course and slow it down.

  142. George Salcedo says:

    9 from the top is a blast Kerry. Especially when you get that cross wind going right to left like you do when 9 is your last hole of the day. If you hit the green it makes your hole day. See you in a few weeks. STMF

  143. Kerry says:

    Thank you kind sir. As I had no want of playing #9 from way up top. I have a hard enough time from the whites.

  144. Jerry says:


    In 2010 your Flight played the whites on Canyon.

  145. Kerry says:


    I ask this because the website score card for the canyons show the blue as the tips at 6400 yards.

    1. christian says:


      You are correct. The Oasis Golf Club has both courses on the same scorecard so i got confused. You will be on the whites. I will make the adjustment.

  146. Jeff says:

    Can you please bring back Brian Taylor for the MC! I’d rather listen to George Salcedo than the MC we had last year.

    1. christian says:


      Thanks for your comments. We are currently working to finalize the Emcee portion of the event. I can tell you this that our MCs from last year will not be making a second appearance.

      Being the 10 Year Anniversary you never know who will be coming out.

  147. David DeRango says:

    Christian, what are the high handicappers for these tee locations, I have been a border line in the pass when the Participant list have been low between Stadler and Zoeller when the Participant is high I border between
    Stadler and Floyd.
    When will you be putting handicaps to the TENTATIVE COURSE ROTATION.
    I know it can change but to give me or all of us and idea on were we will be playing.
    thank you.

    1. christian says:


      I will start putting the ranges up in the beginning of May when I am starting to do index verifications. The index ranges are typically close to last years to give you an idea of where you might be. Here are the ranges from 2011:

      Woods- .2-8.9
      Mickelson- 9.2-14.5
      Els- 14.6-27.1

      Watson- 4.7-9.8
      Zoeller- 10.0-12.7
      Stadler- 12.9-15.7
      Floyd- 15.8-26.0

      Super Senior’s
      Nicklaus- 3.7-10.0
      Palmer- 10.1-12.2
      Player- 12.3-14.7
      Hogan- 14.8-19.1
      Sarazen- 19.2-35.6

      Jones- 6.8-15.6
      Nelson- 16.6-35.7

      Ochoa- 3.1-16.2
      Sorenstam- 16.8-23.2
      Creamer- 23.7-40.0

      Our numbers a increasing everyday so I ask that you all be patient as I put together the flights and get things finalized for the event. We are just as excited to share all of the final information with everyone but we do not want to have to change information multiple times and confuse participants.


  148. Kerry says:

    I had not really been paying attention, but I just noticed that the Senior High Handicap Indexes are playing from the tips on the Oasis-Canyons Course. If memory serves me right, the last time I played this course in tournament play, I was in the Men’s High Handicap, and we played from the whites. Or are you just calling them the Blues, and you are going to use both sets to get the yardage you want us to play? I noticed that this is what was done last year at Falcon Ridge.

    1. christian says:


      You are correct I do have the high handicappers playing from the Blues. The Blues at Oasis Canyons is not the tips it is one tee up and the yardage is 6160 from there. The Oasis Canyons plays shorter than other courses. I am trying some different things with tees this year as I feel some of the tees are too short for some flights. It will be a little bit more of a test for the higher handicaps in the senior division but you will be playing from the Silvers at Falcon Ridge and Silver at Conestoga. All three courses in that rotation will be between 6000-6300.

  149. Kerry says:

    Ok folks,
    This is where we are at:

    As of the Participant list dated 4/6/2012

    Men – 69
    Senior – 114
    Super Senior – 170
    Masters – 76
    Women – 99
    Gross – 2
    Other- 1 (Just has name listed)

    One gross is now being listed as Men. So now only 2 Gross.

    Total – 531

  150. David DeRango says:

    Sounds great Rich C. what are you maxing out at??
    I am looking forward to this night too!!

  151. Rich C. says:

    We have forty (40) signed up for the Cigars Under the Stars so far. If you have not listed your intent on that thread (with your first name and last name initial), please do so. Cigars and adult beverages makes a relaxing evening after dinner on Wednesday.

  152. Crazy Canucks says:

    59 days to go and still skiing in the mtns, the dog track golf courses have just announced they are opening next week, just might have to forgo a ski trip to play a dog track in order to get some sort of swing in before Mesquite. Yippie ki yay Cowboy. Duck farts, here come the Canadian Brothers once again.

  153. David says:

    7 weeks and 6 days left till I land in Vegas too, I will head to Mesquite on
    Saturday afternoon leaving the wife at the town home, I am staying at the
    Virgin River but will be play both skin games on Sunday and Monday.
    Your are right this is my 8th in a row and love play the desert courses, much different from the Chicago Il, courses trees and wind.
    If you are not in the skin games I will be hanging at the CasaBlanca bar with George as everybody checks in for Mondays skin game.
    See you there!!!

  154. Barry Johnston says:

    60 days til I land in Vegas. I’m getting super excited about coming out and playing these great desert courses. Will be a really different look from the Georgia pines that I’m used to. I’m looking forward to meeting many of you out in Mesquite!

  155. Allen Stewart says:

    Wondering if and when you will be replacing last years pratice rounds information sheet?
    Also hope Sunday will be included as a practice round day along with Monday as many of us will arrive on Saturday.

    1. christian says:


      Yes we will have that up to date. But all courses have discounts set a side for player’s practice rounds. If you are interested in a practice round at Conestoga the phone number there is 877-489-0777. Tee times are first come first serve at all courses. Just need to mention you are with the Mesquite Amateur and they will give you a discount.

  156. George Salcedo says:

    Heading down to Florida today to get some golf, calling it pre-Mesquite warmup. Gonna see some great friends, Tyler Peak, Bruce King and Kevin Flynn. Hope to play some great(ok average) golf, see some spring training games and tell tall tales. 60 days and I am wheels up to the desert. Can’t wait. STMF

  157. George Salcedo says:

    More masters than then the young bucks. Not good for us 49 and unders. STMF

  158. Kerry says:

    Men – 38
    Senior – 84
    Super Senior – 120
    Masters – 49
    Women – 68
    Gross – 3

    As of the list dated 3/22/2012

    Total – 362

  159. Kerry says:

    Men – 34
    Senior – 76
    Super Senior – 106
    Masters – 39
    Women – 64
    Gross – 3

    As of the list dated 3/18/2012

    Total – 322

  160. Crazy Canucks says:

    Still skiing in the Great White North, however with 73 days to go till Mesquite, my putter has gotten a grip so now I have to start putting on carpet to get use to it. Sure hope it works in Mesquite NV as no backup putter is coming with me.

  161. George Salcedo says:

    Chuck somewhere close to 5900 yards I believe. I will make be getting with christian on this. I try to make it the same distance you’d be playing the amateur from. Thanks STMF

  162. chuck cole says:

    Hey George,
    In your skins game, what tees (distances) will a 70+ with a 20 index be playing from? I got screwed at MB by playing with 60+ at 6200+ yards.

  163. Barry Johnston says:


    Have you ever spoken on air with Matt Adam “Fairways of Life” show or Brian Katrek “Teed Off” host on SiriusXM PGA Tour radio? Both have huge listenership M-F mornings. All golfer audience. Would think they would love to hear about the event & a great way to promote. Matt can be reached through his “Fairways of Life” website or Twitter.

    1. christian says:


      Thanks I will definately reach out to Matt. I appreciate the tip.

  164. rich c says:

    The guy from the Vegas/Nevada magazine called me and did an interview. About the Cigars Under the Stars. They conducted interviews at last years event

  165. David DeRango says:

    I played Casablance last November with Christian (thank you again) and the course was in outstanding shap, plus hole #5 I think is tuffer then before, just remember keep your tee shot to the right side of the fairway, if you go a little left your ball could run off the fairway and into the river wash.
    cannot wait till May!!

  166. Al Stewart says:


    Just wondering if the flood damage at Casablanca has been fixed and we are playing the holes as per normal? Not a big deal if not.
    Looking forward to my 10th year and hope I have another 10 in the bank.
    See you in May.

    1. christian says:


      Yes hole # 5 hase been fixed and is back to playing as a par 4 this year. They have done a good job on the renovation and I think the players will enjoy it.

  167. Ray Arnold says:

    Christian, I just heard you on the radio with Grant Hall on KREB in Fayetteville, AR promoting the tournament. Great job! I keep trying to get more people to come out but that was a good way to reach a lot of people. Grant’s show has a lot of listeners in this area of around 350,000 people. It was a big surprise to walk into my office and hear you talking about the tournament. See you in May!


    1. christian says:


      Glad you were listening. Grant is a great guy that I had a pleasure of meeting at the Mesquite Media Classic this last December. I have been doing radio shows across the nation to promote the event. Just did a golf radio show in Phoenix and I am going to be on with Stan Mahaffey in Louisiana on March the 14th.

      Spreading the good word about this years 10th anniversary!

  168. Richard says:

    the decisions I’ve heard address this in the Mesquite Am and other amateur tournaments is that if the other functions can’t be removed, not just turned off, then the device can’t be used.


  169. David DeRango says:

    Just Kidding Rich C. do not forget about the adult beverages too!!

  170. gob says:

    What are the circumstances under which a player is permitted to use a distance measuring device on the course?

    If the Committee has introduced a Local Rule allowing players to use devices that measure or gauge distance only.

    Note the use of the word “only” in the above answer. Decision 14-3/0.5 includes these words;

    ….. the use of a distance-measuring device that is [also] designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect a player’s play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.) is not permitted regardless of whether such an additional function is used.

    Note: An interesting consequence to the above is that a player may not use an iPhone on the course for measuring distances, although there are numerous applications available for this purpose. The reason is that all iPhone models have an inbuilt compass feature, which cannot be removed.

  171. Rich C. says:

    David, The running count for the cigars is under the thread for Cigars Under the Stars. I’ve got you counted in sir. Looking forward to another great year!

  172. David says:

    Hey, Christian
    do you know when you will be sending out a first draft of the course rotation and a participant list.
    just wondering.
    thank you and have a good week, weather in Chicago sucks as always cold snow and wind!! cannot wait for at least March 19th!!

    1. christian says:


      I have sent a list to my web person and that should be up soon. I am tyring to have an updated list up every Friday afternoon.

      As for the “Tentative” course rotation. I should have that up this week for everyone to look at.

  173. David DeRango says:

    And I get in to Vegas on the 19th at night! for a whole week.

  174. Kerry says:

    Correction, I will be in Mesquite March 17-19.

  175. David DeRango says:

    did not see this blog when I sent you my Count me in on the other page, my home town is Carol Stream Illinois .
    I am just about the only Illinoin that comes to Mesquite!! can not get my golf buds to come, they just miss out on a great time.
    George I will be in Vegas about 3 days before you so it is 84 days.
    remember I will take Geroges cigar!!!
    take care all.

  176. George Salcedo says:

    Now that Rich has started the Cigars post you know we are close. 87 days for me till I am wheels up. Can’t wait to see all of you. STMF

  177. Kerry says:

    Rich C.

    Glad to hear this. See you in Mesquite. I will be there in 2 weeks. Mar 10-12.
    Will be first golf since Nov, maybe Oct. I am getting Old, and the memory is not what it used to be.

  178. Rich C. says:

    Well it’s time to announce the Cigars Under the Stars for Wednesday Evening after the dinner. I will ask that after the thread is up for Cigars Under the Stars, that those interested post thier info (first name, last name initial, and home town & state).
    Last year was the best ever with 109 attending. In combination with the 10 year Anniversary of the Mesquite Amateur, our Wednesday Evening should be a great one.

  179. David says:

    Barry, I saw that too but I have never run into Jumping Cholla cacti yet and I do not always keep my drives in the fairway!!! I just do not want to run into something else in the desert if you know what I mean!!

  180. George Salcedo says:

    Oh in the desert the incentive is to always keep the ball in the fareway. Watch some of the video’s they have in archive or go to the facebook page and you will see some examples. Either way its a blast. STMF

  181. Barry Johnston says:

    So I’ve been watching the WGC Accenture Match play event and the Jumping Cholla cacti have been getting a lot of talk. Peter Jacobson did a segment on them while wearing a dog training suit. Are there Cholla in Mesquite? Looks like one mean plant and incentive to keep the ball in the fairway!

  182. David says:

    Todd, I understand (The war dept./wife )I have my own general who likes to give orders, one year she stayed home and I went to Mesquite buy myself never had a better time! Now she stays in Vegas as I go to Mesquite like that too. I got lucky when my boys Graduated they were in early May.
    My hat is off to the war dept. without our generals where would we be.
    I am in both skins games, Hope to see you there and congrads to your graduate.

  183. Todd Peltier says:

    First timers, I recommend George’s skin game. A great way to check out a couple of the courses in the rotation, and a VERY quick way to meet some of the folks. Met George at the World Am many years ago during the skins game and became good friends. We decided to try the Mesquite 9 years ago and have no regrets. Can’t play in the tourney this year my youngest daughter graduates on the first day of the tourney,(The war dept./wife has advised me it would not be in my best intrest to stay), But coming out to play and see some old friends during the skins game. A short visit is better than no visit at all….see you all then.

  184. Crazy Canucks says:

    Welcome “First Timers”, my brother and I are from Canada and have been coming to the Mesquite Am for the past 3 years. Like yourselves we did our time at the World Am but have decided to “Do it in the Desert” instead and have no regrets on our decision. If you see us in the Casablanca lounge drop by to say Hi and have a beer with us. We promise not to get to wild like we did last year but you never know what will happen if the right mix of people show up. 97 days to go and it is still ski season up here in the Great White North. I think that gopher was wrong, no early Spring here. “STMF”

  185. David says:

    I have never had a bad time just bad rounds of golf, but how care’s!!!
    when you are on the web site go to sign up and fill in as directed by Geroge.
    good luck and see you then!

  186. George Salcedo says: is the website. Your gonna have a great time in Mesquite. STMF

  187. Bobby Perkinson says:

    Okay, now I have four coming out with their wives. We have all registered at the Casablanca so looking forward to a great time. Still having problems finding the skins game entry. let me know again.

  188. George Salcedo says:

    Yes the net side is about halfway and the gross game has about 20 opening left so were doing good. March is usually the time we start filling in so should be good. Weather is breatking here. All 50’s and 60’s for the next few weeks. Gonna get to the range soon. STMF

  189. David says:

    I see we are almost 1/2 way there to be filling up the net skins game, how we coming on the gross game??

    Hey Rich C.!! when are you going to start the sign in for CIGARS UNDER THE STARS!!!
    Yes I know I am early, but we are at 100 days from that Saturday night when I get into Mesquite!!
    Cannot wait!! yes I have said that to many times, this cold weather SUCKS!
    take care.

  190. George Salcedo says:

    Gary, if you are really into looking into the sites maybe a few days before or a few days after. The canyons in St George are fantastic, my wife did a horseback ride thru there some years back, shopping in Vegas is always a great attraction, the drive thru the Valley of Fire is something else and like David says there are activities set up by golf mesquite for the non-golfer. The reason I say not to do it on game day is by the time you get back you are in the heat of the day, usually windy and the parties start at 6. Just thought I would give you some input. See you out there. STMF

  191. Kerry says:


    The envelope was handed to the desk clerk at my hotel this morning. So the check should be in the Mail. If you don’t get it, I will know why.


  192. David says:

    for the non golfers there are activities for them as you are out playing.
    check the web page of them and when you sign up you can sign your wife up for the activities if she wishes to do them or just hang by the pool.
    Welcome to the Mesquite AM.

  193. Gary Warren says:

    First time playing at Mesquite. Thought would give it try after five years at WorldAM. Will be there with wife. What would be sites to see with wife after round of golf besides casinos? Would appreciate any advice.

  194. David says:

    Barry, good luck getting your buddies to come, I have 6 I play golf with on a regular bases and play on a golf league and can not get anyone of my buds to join me so solo is how I have done it for 8 years now sometimes with the wife and sometimes not.
    As I have said before to bad for them they do not know what they are missing.
    So welcome to the Mesquite Am.
    I hang out at the Casablanca bar with George when the guys check in to the skins games.
    see you there??

  195. Barry Johnston says:

    Howdy! I signed up last night to attend the Mesq Am. I’m so looking forward to it. Never done an event like this before. I’m in Georgia so the Myrtle Beach event is closer but I’m looking forward to getting out west to play in the desert. Trying to get one or three buddies to join me on the trip but right now I’m heading out there solo.
    Looking forward to meeting some of you folks!

  196. Phil Carrell says:

    Bobby welcome to Mesquite. This will be my 7th year after 11 years at the World Am. Also congrats on winning the World Am with a low 3.5 hdcp. Most winners have had much higher hdcps. Hope you do well in Mesquite. It is not as hectic as the World Am as all but one golfcourse is nearby.

  197. David says:

    Bobby, my wife has come with me before and she has enjoyed the activities for the non golfers I would meet up with her after my round clean up have a few cocktails and then it would be time for dinner, the people of Mesquite put out a great spread along with the drink of the night.
    Then the rest of the night is yours, sometime the wife and I would take in a move do a little gaming or a lot. We do have cigars under the stars after dinner which is a great ending to the day.
    Keep your eye on the web page for all up dates and the blog.

  198. Jim O says:

    Bobby,If the wives are hanging by the pool your best bet by far is Casablanca. The pool is huge and they have a nice bar right there.
    I have played the world am 4 times and last year was my first at mesquite. Being from Las Vegas I enjoy a 90 minute drive over a 5 hour
    plane ride but I was very impressed on how everything here was run. You will not have a bad course. The weather is never a factor,figure on 85 and sunny every day with about 10% humidity. Looking forward to this year and many more.

  199. Kerry says:


    The Pool at the CasaBlanca does have a beachy feel. And a pool side Bar. The CasaBlanca also has the Spa.
    The Pool at the Eureka has Cabanas.
    The 2 Pools at the Virgin River are just basic, out in the open, not much shade against the hot sun.

    Have the Girls check into the guest’s activties while the golf is being played. If you all have not been out this way, these could be fun for them.

  200. Bobby Perkinson says:

    Thanks for the comments. We have three couples coming from the Knoxville, Tennessee area. We are all looking forward to the play at the Mesquite Golf Courses. Only the guys will be playing golf. The girls will be laying around the beach – Oh, you don’t have a beach. Okay, the pool. They do like a nice cocktail and I bet you have those. Keep the comments coming in.

  201. Kerry says:


    The Check has been written, Had to remember how. I think you got the last check i wrote, Last Year.
    It is now in the envelope, all sealed and addressed to you.
    Stamp has been applied. Now sitting on the coffee table, awaiting my lazy butt to take it to the Post Office.
    So in other words: The Check is almost in the mail.


  202. Kerry says:

    Welcome to the Mesquite Amateur Bobby. As David has said, For a room just to sleep in, Virgin River is the one. To be close the festivities, CasaBlanca would be it. To upgrade to more comfort and amenities, Eureka would be it. Since I just live North of Mesquite, I have stayed in them all. If you are interested in having WiFi, it is complimentary at the Eureka. And I believe $9.95 a day at the others. The coffee shops at all three have decent Breakfasts at reasonable prices. All 3 have Buffets, but you should not need to eat at these unless it is on a Non-Tournament Dinner Evening. If you are interested in a Steakhouse, I prefer Gregory’s in the Eureka. For a Romantic atmosphere, the Steakhouse in the CasaBlanca would be my choice. You can preview all the courses from their websites. Any other questions, I’m sure me or one of the others can answer it. So where you coming from? And Bring Lots of Friends.

  203. George Salcedo says:

    Bobby, welcome to the Am. Like David says you will have a great time. Much smaller venue than your used to in Myrtle but the hospitality is unmatched. All courses except for one are gonna be less than 10 minutes from wherever you stay, and all are what we all to refer to as “A” courses. I have stayed at the Casa, The Virgin River and have a rented a condo off site and anyway you look at it you will be in good shape. I do run the skins game and here is the website,, feel free to enter. Hope to see you in the desert, till then good luck. George STMF

  204. Jerry says:

    Welcome to the “Back to Back” winner of the World AM, 2010 & 2011. Pretty impressive odds to overcome.

  205. David says:

    Bobby, welcome to the Mesquite tournament you will have a great time, this will me my 8 year in a row and I have had a great time and meet great people.
    The best hotel close to everything is the Casablanca but for economical
    I have used the Virgin River since I come by my self. Heaven for bid if I could get my buddies to come with me!! to bad for them.
    Regarding the skins game George Salcedo runs a great outing he has been running this for I think 9 years here is the web site
    Ask anything someone will get you an answer.
    take care.

  206. Bobby Perkinson says:

    I have just signed up for the tournament and would like to receive some information on the hotels and skins games, etc. I have played in the World Am at Myrtle Beach for the last four years and have always wanted to go out west so this year we plan on attending. I know my wife and I will have a lot to learn before arriving so any help is appreciated. Also, I have talked two more of my buddies in attending so we will all be coming out. Any advise will be appreciated.

    1. christian says:


      Thank you for the post and welcome to the Mesquite Amateur. you can find out hotel information on the website There are other comments on this thread that talk about skins games.

      The people that post on the blog will also give you great information. My e-mail and phone number is on the website as well so feel free to shoot me any questions you might have.


  207. George Salcedo says:

    Just sent the first round of invites out for the skins games, 110 to be exact. Should be filling up nicely as spring starts to arrive. Hope all are doing well. STMF

  208. David says:

    Here is the web site .
    I have played every year George has done this, it is fun and a great way to meet some of the guys.
    Crazy Canucks,
    I have also stayed in all the hotels at Mesquite even thou I love the Casablanca and it is close to everything and to make the wife happy since she does not join me all the time the Virgin River is really economical and she does not mine paying $34.95.
    Remember if the wife is not happy no one is happy!!! and I love coming to Mesquite.

  209. George Salcedo says:

    John, go to to sign up. If you have any problems feel free to email me at thanks George STMF

  210. John Kern says:

    Can someone help me with some info.
    Where can I sign up for the Skins ???

  211. Jim O'Hare says:

    The Casablanca is sooo much nicer than virgin River beleive me its not even close. Im from vegas and have stayed at them all.

  212. Crazy Canucks says:

    Being here in Canada cant play much golf as it is ski / hockey season so took out the putter to practice on the carpet, looks like the old girl needs a new grip. Better check out the other clubs as well. Which is the better hotel to stay at Casablanca were I stayed last year or try the Virgin River this year. Decisions decisions. Stayed at the Eureka the first year and that sure was nice having the 2 bdrms with the common area.

  213. David says:

    Registration done, hotle done, will be landing in Vegas on 5/23 for some fun and will be in Mesquite on saturday night, cannot wait either!! who will be up for some cocktails that night??
    George, check is in the mail for both skins games you should have it soon.
    I may change my mine when I am 60 right now thinking of it, walker, cane
    more like wheel chair!! laying down will take to get me off the golf course.

  214. George Salcedo says:

    Land at 930am on friday. Tee time at Falcon Ridge at 1pm. Playing Sand Hollow Sat morning and then I am Doing it in the Desert Sun and Mon. Counting down and can’t wait. STMF

  215. Kerry says:

    Clubs in for re gripping today. This will not improve my play, but at least I won’t be throwing clubs, accidentally. Can’t wait to see you all in May. I’ll be arriving Friday evening, May 25th.

  216. George Salcedo says:

    Happy Super Bowl everyone. STMF

  217. George Salcedo says:

    but what christian didn’t tell you is that if you do play down you can’t bring your cane or your walker. Just sayin. haha. STMF

  218. David says:

    I was looking at the registration which I will be doing this weekend and
    Holy S#!+!!! after next year I will be playing in the supper senior division!!!
    do I realy have to??? or can I still play with the seniors??
    just wondering?? you know at 58 I can still play with the big boys!!
    take care, at my age I have to!! LOL

    1. christian says:


      You can always play down an age division. When that time comes for you just put on your registration form that you would like to play in the Senior division and we can place you in that division.


  219. Gregory Barney says:

    Christian, I can’t seem to find the registration form to print on the website. Is there a registration form this year. or is online registration by credit card the only way to do it? I’ve mailed a check for 8 years in a row, got lucky and won in 2005, I don’t want to mess up something that’s working:)

    1. christian says:


      Just e-mail me direct and I will send you that form to download. I will also get that artwork over to my web guy to get it up on the site. Thanks!


  220. George Salcedo says:

    i have played the Callaway 9. They call it the Devine nine. The day we played it the planes were coming in right over us and if you turned around at the right time it looked they were gonna land on you. haha. Have fun STMF

  221. Kerry says:

    Thank You Sir.
    Don’t want to be a pain.


  222. Kerry says:

    Kerry says:
    January 11, 2012 at 5:30 pm


    I have been trying reconcile my Credit Card Account, and the charge
    for the Tournament has not been turned in yet. Are you holding these, or will they be put through soon?


    Still Waiting.

    1. christian says:


      We are all up to date so you should see that charge on your credit card now.


  223. David says:


    The check will be in the mail this weekend!! Like you heard that one before.
    cannot wait!! said that one too, I will be in Vegas the week of the 19th of March anyone who will be out there be glad to play some golf.
    I will be at the Callaway golf shop that is on Las Vegas Blvd the wife got a groupon for 17$ I get 90 range balls and play a round on there small course with a cart. That will be a teeze, but it is better than nothing.
    stay safe all.

  224. George Salcedo says:

    Well as promised the Doing it in the Desert website is now open to ALL entrants of the Mesquite Am. If your looking for a skins game/practice round prior to the big dance here it is. The gross game is sunday at Falcon Ridge golf course and the net game is Monday at The Palms. The gross game is limited to the first 52 paid entrants and has 28 golfers already signed up. The net game is for the first 108 paid golfers and already has 40 signed up. The website is Good luck and see you in 115 days. Just remember if your not Doing it in the Desert your just not doing it right. STMF

  225. David says:

    Thanks for the update I know this will be a tentative rotation but it will give us an idea on were we will be.
    Hot Air Balloon Festival you would not get me in one of thoes!!

    Cold and snow Geroge this is driving me crazy!! NEED TO PLAY GOLF!!!
    or NTPG!!

  226. George Salcedo says:

    116 days baby. STMF

  227. George Salcedo says:

    There will be a circle for them to put the flag in with how many strokes he/she has left. The person with the most strokes left will win. The course has tee times going out that day so I don’t want to disrupt their flow of tee times. STMF

  228. John Kern says:

    Hi George,
    I am coming in to play the Mesquite Amateur for the first time. How can I sign up to play in your skin game ???
    Keep Smiling,

  229. Jerry says:


    What happens if one needs 90 strokes for the “Flag ” during Gross Skins and has only used 88 to complete his/her round. Does one continue to play on Number 1 hole for the two additional strokes needed to make 90?

  230. David says:

    Christian, when will you be putting up the new course rotation?
    Thanks for very thing.

    1. christian says:

      I am currently putting on Mesquite’s first Hot Air Balloon Festival so I should get that up by Valentine’s Day. It will be a very tentative rotation as it is all about the numbers on how the final roation goes.

      I am actually out of town that weekend in March so I can’t play golf. I appreciate the offer.


  231. David says:

    That is why I start my round with a Bloody Mary George!!LOL!!
    I have said it is always it’s the polite and not the plain when I think of making a bag change
    2009 I got the new CG7 irons from Cleveland they have helped the polite fly better.
    Since getting these irons my iron play is better but sometimes the polite will crash and burn.
    I will be in Vegas on March 20th anyone coming out to Vegas I am up for a round how about you Christian!!!

  232. George Salcedo says:

    good for you on the wedges. I have always felt that its between the ears that needs to get changed myself. Thats why I like the Duck fart, makes the mind numb haha. Looking at cobras new trusty rusty wedges. Maybe just maybe they might make the bag. STMF

  233. Richard says:

    It’s not the equipment but how you hit them. So I changed both end of the bag. Broke out 2 new Cleveland CG15 wedges with 10 degree bounce at the PACAM. Then got a new Calloway Razr 9.5 degree driver in October which I haven’t got to use alot yet.

  234. Kerry says:

    Debating whether to use the 3 Iron, or the 3 Hybrid. Have both. 1 in one set, the other in another set. I’ve been using the 3 Iron, but would like to use and get proficient with the 3 Hybrid. And am definitely going to regrip.

  235. George Salcedo says:

    Nothing really new, switched back from my ping 23degree hybrid back to my 3 iron. Getting a new skycaddy and thats it. Kept the bag in tact for now, but the season hasn’t started yet so who knows. haha. STMF

  236. David says:

    No Christmas toys but got cash and I am looking at the R11 driver I have used it at my locial Golf Smith store and that bad boy is sweet!!! If I can get it for less then $300 it will be mine.
    Then I will retire my R9 to my second set in Vegas.

    How about you? I guess you did!!!

  237. Kerry says:

    Just my Golfbuddy World GPS. Who knows, with the right ranges, I may be better. πŸ™‚

  238. George Salcedo says:

    So who is bringing new sticks this year. Anyone make any great changes in thier bags. Any new toys for Christmas. STMF

  239. Vegas Jack says:

    Like every turn of the New Year, May is now right around the corner. Looking forward to the tournament again, the fellow players, volunteers, cocktails, food and of course the fantastic courses Mesquite has to offer.

    To the gentleman who asked the question about the rangefinder that calculates elevation changes (210 yds shot that calculates to 180 with the downhill slope), they are not approved by the USGA for tournament play, but I guess the rules committee can make that official.

  240. George Salcedo says:

    I got it, your good. See ya in 125 STMF

  241. David says:

    OK George, all signed up for both events will get you the check in a week or two if that is ok with you??

    WOW a senior moment, total slipped my mind, better not forget how to play golf that would realy piss me off!!!

    Rich C. better let us know when to sign in for cigars under the stars I could forget at too!!!

  242. David says:

    forgot all about it siging up right now!!!

  243. George Salcedo says:

    The Doing it the Desert website has been up for less than 48 hours and we are already 25% full with the gross game almost half full. You vets better get signed up quick before I open it up for everyone on feb 1st. Hopefully the rest of winter will be as easy as the first half of it has been so far. Getting that golf itch. only 124 days left till I’m wheels up. STMF

  244. Kerry says:

    Just put in my order for the Personalized Golf balls that I will use at The 10th Annual Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament. I may not be any good, But I’ll look good Playing Badly. Wheels Down, and 80 MPH

  245. David says:

    FBI got it now, you never know the crazy drinks people come up with but being a part time bartender myself I bet I can come up with an FBI drink
    for you Crazy Canucks and the boys in blue.

    OK so I will not “B” about 3 to 6″ of snow any more.

    cannot wait too!!! my snow blower craped out on this last snow strom now I have to find a part for a 20yr old blower, fun!!

  246. Crazy Canucks says:

    Dave, FBI is what you think it is. Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Mesqutie Am last year was bombarded with Police Forces from all across the United States. I met Marshalls, Sheriffs, Detectives, CSI’s, Inspectors, Captains, Sergants, Officers and a Lieutenant not to mention a few of the “Boys in Blue” were with an FBI attachment. So when they came in for their tee time they made their presence known by yelling “FBI”. I wish I got 3 – 6″ of the white stuff here in Calgary AB Canada. We are getting 40 cm (15.7 inches) this weekend.

  247. Kerry says:

    Thinking about heading to Mesquite next Friday after work.

  248. George Salcedo says:

    yes the almighty duck fart was taking many down at the lounge last year. That and the chilada with a Modelo was good for me. All I know is I can’t wait to be there. The golf, the friends, the competition(haha), the party’s, cigars under the stars and the weather. Can you ask for anything else. See you soon. Lets DO IT. STMF

  249. David says:

    OK so a duck fart just a little different then a mud slide, the only change is Vodka in place of Crown Royal.
    next time I am bartending will have to try it!!

    So what is a FBI???

    Anothter winter storm is headed for Chicago dumping 3 to 6″ of the white stuff!!!
    I would rather be in a white sand bunker next to a green on a warm Desert afternoon!!! SWMF!!!

  250. Crazy Canucks says:

    Well the Canadian Brothers will be back again this year. Already signed up for the Skins game. My brother and I are trying to figure out what was in the Duck Fart, we remember Baileys and that is about it as we werent in top shape last year when we started drinking those concoctions. Just googled the Duck Fart; Crown Royal, Baileys & Kahlua. Better practice those babies up here before we head South. Make sure there is some chalk so I can leave notes again for my brother and friends that I have made over the years. STMF

  251. David says:

    Yah baby!!! I can feel the warm desert wind blowing my hair now!!!
    and for guys who know me I have no hair. ROTFLOL!!!
    I’am in for both skin games, get to the web page and sign!!
    Thanks for the heads up George!!! STMF.

  252. George Salcedo says:

    Yep, the website is up and running. Doing it in the Desert is officially back for its 9th year. Falcon Ridge for the gross game and flag game on sun and The Palms for the big net game on Monday. Taking the first 52 for the gross game and the first 108 for the net game. Can possibly take more for net but trying to do scoring right after so we will see. Will post the web site on feb 1 so that my veterans have first crack at signing up as usual. Good luck to all, see you in 128 days STMF

  253. Kerry says:

    I’m in for skins on Monday.

  254. David says:

    Rich C.

    count me in!!! can not wait for that night too!!!
    have a good winter.

  255. Jack J says:

    Please keep me in the loop for your skins games and any other event around the MA.

  256. Rich C. says:

    Working on the Cigars Under The Stars cigars from Altadis USA. Cuts have been made through out the company but still looking good (-:

  257. Ray says:

    Christian, some rangefinders now have features that take into account the slope from your ball to the pin and give you two numbers, the actual distance and the distance that the shot will play. For example, a downhill par 3 might be 210 yds but will only play 180 due to the slope. Obviously, the golfer still has to deal with wind, any other weather conditions, and of course, our basic lack of skill!

  258. David says:

    130 Days and counting awaiting also.

    cannnot wait for doing anything in warm wearther!!!

  259. Kerry says:

    Awaiting your e-mail George.

  260. george salcedo says:

    131 days till were “doing it” again. I will be opening the skins game website on thursday the 19th and inviting last years participants to sign up first. Feb 1st I will open to everyone that participates in the Amateur. Sunday gross game at Falcon Ridge open to the first 52, Monday the big game at the Palms, net skins open to the first 104. Good luck all and safe travels. George. STMF

  261. christian says:

    what is registration fee prior to march31???


    1. christian says:


      Registration is $500 before March 31st and $550 after March 31st, 2012.


  262. Kerry says:


    Thanks for the quick response. I forgot about Motor mania, and made other plans, otherwise I would be there.


  263. Kerry says:


    I have been trying reconcile my Credit Card Account, and the charge
    for the Tournament has not been turned in yet. Are you holding these, or will they be put through soon?


    1. christian says:


      I am helping to run our Mesquite Motor Mania Event this weekend so I have not processed those as my last couple of weeks has been focused on that event. I will get those processed sometime next week. I do apologize for the delay.


  264. Ray says:

    I know this is a little off topic, but I couldn’t find it in the rules. Are rangefinders permitted? How about those with slope compensating software?

    1. christian says:


      Yes range finders are permitted. They can only measure distance. The use of devices that gauge or measure other conditions that migh taffect a player’s play are not permitted.

      I have not heard of the slope software. Can you explain a little further?


  265. George Salcedo says:

    David, I was introduced to the Duck Fart drink by the boys from northern Ca. I’ll have to make the intro to you on registration night. Stay warm my friend and for the rest STMF. George

  266. David says:

    FBI and Duck Fart?? OK I must be missing something!!
    and I bet it is good.
    first snow storm of the winter is coming tomorrow!!! here we go nothing but
    snow on the ground till spring, how many days left!!!135??
    Hey George instead of STMF, for us in Chicago and the mid west how about.
    SWMF, and the W stands for Warm!

  267. George Salcedo says:

    Brad you bringing the whole crew again. Even the rookie from last year. I’m primed and ready for the Duck Fart. Fear the FBI and the Duck Fart. HAHAHA STMF

  268. brad says:

    FBI is in for the 10 year celebration. george dont be scared of the duck fart just embrace it.

  269. tim says:

    is there a printable entry form avaliable for download

    1. christian says:

      I do have one. I am working to get that up on the website. In the meantime feel free to e-mail me direct and I can e-mail you one to print out. My e-mail is


  270. KGlennCole says:


    It’s been 5 years since my last visit. Are the courses currently listed be those that will be in the rotation? [Current listing, as of Jan 12, 2012: CasaBlanca, Falcon Ridge, Palms, Canyons @ Oasis, Palmer @ Oasis, Chase, Conestoga]

    1. christian says:

      Yes those are the courses in the rotation for this year. Each player will play three of those courses in their rotation depending on what flight they are in.


  271. David says:

    Looking forward to it cannot wait!! the cold weather in Chicago, Il makes me want it more, only can go to Top Golf to work my game.
    Planing on being in Mesquite on Saturday night and ready for the first skin game no matter what time it is, Bloody mary any one?
    You have a good winter and will wait for the web page to open.

  272. Kerry says:

    Well George, have already made plans. Mesquite Amateur: Paid for. Virgin River Hotel May 28 – June 1: Paid for. Weekend prior to: My Dad’s free room at Eureka Hotel Resort Casino. So I guess I am committed. Or Should Be.

  273. George Salcedo says:

    Well `138 days till I am wheels up, thank goodness. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. The Doing it in the Desert website will be opening soon. Just trying to work out the final items. The basics are done. Sun at Falcon Ridge we will be doing the gross game with a new twist starting with tee times at 8 am and Monday we will have the big game at The Palms with a shotgun start at 730. Both events are open to any Mesquite Am participant taking the first 52 golfers for sunday and the first 108 for Monday. So make your travel plans accordingly and hopefully the days will go quickly. STMF

  274. David says:

    Understandable Christian the cost of doing business goes up all the time, to bad our pay checks do not go up all the time!! lucky we are working.
    Have you come up with thems for each night??

  275. Kerry says:

    Starting to hate me Christian? I used to to in Quality Assurance.

  276. Kerry says:

    This f.a.q. still needs to be updated Christian.

    Q: What is the last day to register for the event?
    A: Registration at the $475 per player rate will be available through March 31st, 2012. Players may register after March 31st for $525 per player, pending space availability, but must still have an established USGA Handicap Index by May 1st, 2012.

    1. christian says:


      Yup got it! Already sent it to my web guy to change. We will get it fixed. Sorry for the confusion.


  277. David says:

    I see the cost went up $25 which is OK to me but do you think $495 looks better??
    just a marketing thing!!
    I hope your holidays were great.

    1. christian says:


      Yes the entry did go up $25. It is because of food costs that have gone up so it was something that was out of my hands. We wanted to continue to give the quality at the dinners and not skimp or cut any corners.

      This is the first year we have done a price increase over 5 years so we hope that everyone will understand. We appreciate the support from everyone and cannot wait to celebrate 10 great years!


  278. David says:

    WHAT!!!! Registration is open, OK will get this going right away!!!
    see you on 141 days well that is when I will be in Vegas to drive to Mesquite.
    The count down is on!!

  279. Patti Kelly says:

    Yessssss! C u all less then 5 months!!

  280. Kerry says:

    Registration is Open!!!!! I’m in.

  281. David says:

    76 in PHX, nice I am jealous!!
    Same here Kerry it was before Thanksgiving when I played last with Christian in Mesquite.
    It is 22* and snowing with 25 MPH winds in Chicago IL and the only place I can swing my clubs now is Top Golf.
    I can not wait either for Mesquite and 100+ temps see you in May and warmer weather.
    Happy New Year all.
    keep the Bloging going!!

  282. Kerry says:

    Glad to here from you Dan. Say hi to Sue. See you in May.

  283. dan says:

    played?? my first round since thanksgiving..Sue’s first since the middle of Oct…had a coupon for a really nice (summertime) course, that would expire soon…36 degrees and 25mph winds…tough day…really looking forward to Mesquite

  284. Kerry says:

    Glad you could golf Rich. have not golfed since before Thanksgiving. Have happy one, and see you in May.

  285. Rich C. says:

    Happy New Years to everyone! Looking forward to the Ten Year Annisersary of the Mesquite Am. I Golfed yesterday and it was 76* here in PHX πŸ™‚

  286. David says:

    A tad!!! I would hate to see what you think of a bit is!! wow that is a long way away.
    But Happy New Year from cold and windy Chicago lets add rain too.
    How many days left?? Oh yah 145!!
    Be safe all.

  287. Kerry says:

    Happy New Year from West Wendover, Nv. Just a tad north of Mesquite.

  288. David says:

    Christian you and your bride to be a Happy New Year and all the best in this coming year, and to all your Volunteers that make the Mesquite Amateur special plus to all the employees a safe and prosperous new year.
    Plus too all the new friends I have made over the last 7 years coming to Mesquite all the best, but not on the course when you play me, LOL!!!
    just kidding!!
    Cannot wait, this cold weather sucks!! Only 148 days and counting!!

  289. Donnie Cooley says:

    Is this basically the same as the world am in Myrtle beach?

  290. George Salcedo says:

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and heres hopes to a great New Year. Only 150 days till I am wheels up and Doing it in the Desert. Web site for the skins games will be up soon and all veterans will be getting there email informing them of the games. Good luck all on 2012. STMF George

  291. Kerry says:

    I would like to take this time to wish All the Volunteers and the Golfers A Very Merry and Joyous Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.
    Can’t wait for May to get here.

  292. David says:

    That is way I keep my bartending side job what I make I use for my Mesquite trip, and I am set.
    with a little help from my winnings in Vegas last month.
    just remember I have the first round!!
    No sun snow on the ground and 35 but still got some good swings at
    Top Golf last night.

  293. Kerry says:

    At 55, I play from the same as David, of course I am a much higher HI. Over 20.
    Now the bad news. The wife borrowed my Golf Vacation Money.
    Of course this was with the sincere promise to have it repaid
    before I would need it. I did explain that I would need my entry fee for
    Mesquite Amateur soon, so she left me that money. And since my Hotel
    is already paid for, Gas & Food & Drink money is all I’ll need for Mesquite.
    But, My second Golf Vacation Starts a week after I get home from Mesquite.
    I travel to San Fransisco for the 2012 US Open. Volunteer fee is already
    paid. Hotel Reservations are made, not paid. As long as I get repaid, I’m fine. Hey the sun came out. First time in over a week. Still only 20* though.

  294. David says:

    I have a driving rang by me where you stand in like a three sided room that the open end faces the range and there is a heater above you blows
    heat down which is nice on a cold day.
    yes the same here the older I get it is very hard to keep it in the low 80’s
    have a great holiday.

  295. Dale Kent says:

    Thanks on the congrads David she’s worked very hard.

    We got a great long term weather forecast next week high 50’s to low 60’s all week, so golf is the word for sure. There’s one thing about getting old no matter how much you play the scores seem to keep going up, I’ve jump from the 9’s to the 11’s handicap and then back down, I’m just all over the place. But I must say playing golf is way better then working. I tell you if it wasn’t for golf and a little fishing I would go stir crazy in retirement, so thanks be to God I live where it is warm (most of the time).

    You say you have to go to the driving range is it inside? We have an inside simulator that we can use as a driving range or play some of the best courses in the world at our golf club and guess what NO ONE uses it, sad isn’t it?

    Stay warm my friend.

  296. Kerry says:

    25 Weeks to Championship Friday. I think I have a Tee time at Corral Canyon that morning. On my Way Home. Work for a week, then off to Frisco for the 2012 US Open.

  297. David says:

    Kent, last time I played golf was in Mesquite with Christian on the 22nd, and before that was the 13th of November in Chicago IL our golf is over, all I can do is head for the driving range with a out door heater just to keep my swing in line.
    in Texas you can play all year just about.
    congrads to your granddaugther in June.
    have a great holiday.

  298. Dale Kent says:

    Well we got 3 inches of snow here in west Texas, haven’t gotten to play golf since last Thursday and it is still colder then hell here and is to stay this way the entire week.

    Made my hotel Res today even through my granddaugther graduates June 2nd. I never make the final day, so will leave the 31st after my great final round drive 1/2 way home and finish the trip by mid day on the 1st. I’m I dedicated to the MA or not?

    Hope you all survive your winter and early spring weather. For all of you up north I will dedicate at least one round this month to all of you if not this month then in January for sure.
    Hope to see ya’ll in late May.

  299. len says:

    This will be my first year coming to the Mesquite Amatuer. Can any vets point out who to talk to about skins, and any other side games?


  300. George Salcedo says:

    congrats to both of you. I guess one night of parties can be dedicated to the wedding. We can have it right there in the tent. Over 500 guests. The dollars dance would be money. haha. STMF

  301. David says:

    Hey, that is great Christian congratulations we played golf and you did say anything about that outstanding, OK I have the first round to tost your engagement Christian.
    Is there a date set??

  302. Kerry says:

    Hey Everybody,

    Our Magnificent Tournament Director: Christian Adderson,

    Just Announced On Face Book that he is Engaged.

    Congratulations to The Big Guy. He is a lucky man.

    Their Picture is his Face Book Profile Pic.

  303. Jerry says:


    Thanks for the heads up. I’m not generally a skins golfer type. It would be nice to see the skins results posted on the Blog though. I may change my mind when we get a little closer to the tournament. I do believe it is a way for many of the participants to get together before the tourney starts.

  304. David says:

    Just 6 months to go, and we can tee it up cannot wait, I know I have said that before.
    Rain and cold in Chicago I am already sick of it!!

    Jerry, make sure you let George know your email so he can send you his notice to sign up for the skin games if you wish.
    I is a great way to kick off the tournament get a little work in and could win some cash.
    Happy holidays all.

  305. Jerry says:

    CasaBlanca web shows no rooms available for 30-31 May? Is something else going on at the same time as the Tournament?

    1. christian says:


      The reason why the hotel website shows there aren’t any rooms is because they are in the room block for the tournament. You can call the 877-438-2929 and use group # 17600 and they will book you a room.

      We will be getting links up for online hotel soon. I am just waiting for the URL’s to plug in.

      On another note. I am putting final touches on opening registration and hope to have that up in a couple of weeks. We will send out an e-mail to everyone letting them know they can start registering for the 10 th anniversary!

  306. George Salcedo says:

    I checked all the discount sites for hotels and no one is cheaper than whats being showed on the webiste. Last year I stayed in a 3 bedroom condo, enjoyed that a lot so will be doing it again. lets get this winter thing over so we can really start counting it down. STMF

  307. David says:


    check the main page under Hotels this will have the specials and phone contact to check into it.
    Virgin River last year had the best deal and I think I will use them again.

  308. Jim says:

    Christian, Are there any Hotel specials this year? Really ready for the Greatest Amateur Tourney on Earth!

  309. David says:

    ok, I will be third!! but I knew about this on Tuesday the 22nd when I played golf with Christian, that was a great day weather was perfict did not have my A game on the front 9 but found it on the back 9.
    thanks again Christian!!
    my wife said High and has an Idea for non golfers she said how about a lunchen of a who done it?? murder mistory?? there is on idea so far.

  310. Kerry says:

    Yea I’m second. But I was away from a WIFI connection until just moments ago. See you all in May. Have won enough money to pay for this trip, and the trip to US Open in San Fransisco.

  311. George Salcedo says:

    yea I’m first. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday season. Please be safe. Can’t wait for end of May when we are Doing it in the Desert. STMF George