Mesquite Amateur will be at the World Amateur and Pacific Amateur this summer. Will you?

We are booking our travel right now to participate in the World Amateur in Myrtle Beach and at the Pacific Amateur in Sun River.  More details to come but we will be hosting parties at both events for Mesquite Amateur participants.  We will send out invitations via e-mail so grab a friend (who has not played in the Mesquite Amateur before) and come enjoy some food and a drink and connect with friends.

In Myrtle Beach we will have a booth at the 19th hole so stop by and say hello!

We can’t wait to see everyone and keep an eye out for the invitation as you will have to RSVP for the party events.

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13 thoughts on “Mesquite Amateur will be at the World Amateur and Pacific Amateur this summer. Will you?”

  1. Gene Patterson says:

    I played in the World Am last year, but won’t be able to make it this year. A member of my club – Bobby Perkinson – won the World Am back to back in 2010-2011. Bobby’s coming to Mesquite and convinced several of us to join him. Can’t wait!!

  2. I am already signed up and ready to Win. But first I want to place in the 10th anniversary Mesquite Am. It’s going to be a great golfing year,

  3. Stan says:

    Great Welcome Party at the World Am, too! Dan W. won the free entry at the reception, then at the Friday After Dan’s wife won the free entry donated by the Mesquite Am. Glad we could keep it in the family! Congrats Sue and Dan!

  4. Randy says:

    I have played in the World Am before (when I lived in Ohio) and have played at the Pac Am the last two years. One of the fellows I played with at this years Pac Am really bragged up your tourney, his name was Dennis Rush from Phoenix, AZ. Wish I would have know about your party, I would have liked to have heard more about it.

    1. christian says:


      Sorry we missed you this year. When you register for the 2012 event you will get an invitation for the 2012 welcome parties. Another great incentive to come and play the Mesquite Amateur. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the event.


  5. gonzo says:

    great to see you at the pacam christian, the party was great and was even greater when you called my name as the winner of the 2012 free registration. look forward to seeing you and the mesquite gang again next year.
    thanks again.

  6. David says:

    I went on line to check it out and looks good to me and want to do it some time, value is not as good as Mesquite but fun non the less.
    will try to make it next year.

  7. Kerry says:

    Just did a driving directions, 633 miles, & 10 hours. Don’t think I’ll be there.

  8. Kerry says:


    Where is the Pac-Am at in Oregon? Not familiar with Sun River. If it is within a days drive from Ogden, I may be able to make the party, but not the tournament it self.

  9. george says:

    Good luck on the promotion tour, bring em all to the desert buddy. They’ll never go anywhere else. STMF george

  10. David says:

    Me too I would love to make this, but have all my vacation time used up this year.
    Maybe next year.

    Rich C. nothing better then adult beverages, Cigars and friends!!!

  11. george says:

    Which one do you want me to come work with you. STMF

    1. Christian says:

      I will be at the Pacific Amateur. Love to have you out there George! Last year we had about 100 people at the party we had. Looking forward to another good one!