Registration is now open for the 10th Annual Mesquite Amateur

The dates of the 2012 Mesquite Amateur golf tournament are May 28th to June 1st. We have six championship golf courses in the rotation this year that include CasaBlanca, Coyote Springs, Falcon Ridge, The Oasis Canyons, The Oasis Palmer, The Palms and a new addition Conestoga Golf Club. Visit our website for schedule details and to register at Early registration fees end on March 31st. Watch for regular posts to our blog for updated information on the best tournament in the desert.

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170 thoughts on “Registration is now open for the 10th Annual Mesquite Amateur”

  1. Kerry says:

    Participant Lists:

    2/27/2012: 171
    3/9/2012: 227
    3/18/2012: 322
    3/22/202: 362
    3/29/2012: 478
    4/6/2012: 531
    4/13/2012: ? I have no total, just a print out.
    4/20/2012: 547
    4/27/2012: 562
    5/4/2012: 569
    5/11/2012: 582
    5/17/2012: 592
    Finished with the lists.

  2. Kerry says:

    I was just looking over the FAQ’s and Rules of Play, and noticed that we are beyond the date to decide not to play and get no money back. So I guess I will have to come and do my best. George I would love to play the Ledges again. Have only played it once, with my Father & son. But I have already committed to play Oasis-Canyons on Saturday. Besides, You low HI’s would not want this High HI to show you up. See you all next weekend.
    Man that seems soon, Next Weekend.

  3. Kerry says:

    A Note to all,

    To view the current Participant List, you must do so from the “Home” Page of the Mesquite Amateur website. If you try to view the List after looking at the Blogs, you will see last years Info. Go to “Home”, then click on Event Info, then Participant List. This is the same for Course Rotation.

    If you look at the bottom of this page, left side, it is still part of Mesquite Amateur 2011, Where as the Home page is Mesquite Amateur 2012.

    This is do to the Blog page just being a continuation, Not a new one for this year.


  4. David DeRango says:

    I said I would have a least one Duck Fart with you! see you soon.

  5. George Salcedo says:

    Looking at the list, I still don’t see my Sacramento “FBI” boys on the list. Who’s gonna Duck Fart with me this year. STMF

  6. David DeRango says:

    Right Jerry!! this is too much fun to leave in your bucket you may never get a chance to take it out.
    I look forward every year to do this and if there is nothing else I do, I want to be doing it in Mesquite playing golf you all you guys!!!
    not much longer now!!

  7. Jerry says:


    Your Buds like mine keep saying they have it on their bucket list. But things this good should not be put off. Bucket lists never seem to empty before it is too late.

  8. David DeRango says:

    we would be even closer if I got some of my wimp golf buddies to come!! but I look at it this way, I have a hole bunch of new golf buddies in Mesquite
    and we are going to have all the fun plus more for us!!
    7 days till I am in Vegas see you soon!!

  9. Jim says:

    Need 2 more to fill a foursome for Monday the 28th on the casablanca course.
    Cost is 60…. anyone welcome.. drop me a line JOHAREGOLF@AOL.COM

  10. Jerry says:

    I think we need 18 more to hit the 600 mark. Let’s get moving folks time is running out to make the big party.

  11. Kerry says:

    Everybody I Apologize, I left 1 off from the Men’s list

    The total is 582.

    Men have 88, not 87.

    I now relinquish my count to who ever wants to do it.

  12. George Salcedo says:

    Need 3 more guys in the flat belly division. Pairings are up for the skins game monday at The Palms. STMF

  13. Kerry says:

    Ok folks,
    This is where we are at:

    As of the Participant list dated 5/11/2012

    Men – 87
    Senior – 123
    Super Senior – 182
    Masters – 82
    Women – 105
    Gross – 2

    Total – 581

  14. Jerry says:


    Just need to find someone in your flight to give you a ride to your courses. People generally offer when they find out you need one. I rented a full size car on Priceline on a bid of $16 a day for 7 days. A friend of mine got a midsize for $14 a day for 7 days. Both were provided by Hertz. Taxes and fees were added. I have always been happy with Name Your Price on Priceline.

  15. Bobby Perkinson says:

    I’m still waiting to hear some times on the shuttle from Las Vegas to Mesquite. Would a person and his wife really need a rental car if they plan on just playing golf in the tournament and hanging around the Mesquite area.

    1. christian says:


      You can do the shuttle and see about car pooling to the courses each day. Mesquite is a smaller town but I always recommend a rental car as it just gives you that freedom to move around town. All the courses that are located in Mesquite are within 10 minutes of the CasaBlanca but not walking distance.

      So I would recommend to renting a car.


  16. Jim says:

    Still have a spot for a monday morning practice round on casablanca. Cost is 60 bucks. The time is 7:50 am let me know …

  17. Gregory Barney says:

    I’m not sure you’re actually old enough to be in that super seniors flight Stan? You might want to bring your birth certificate for us to examine. I’m going to miss playing with you and that old coot Kim, who is also abandoning the seniors for the super seniors. Our bet’s still on though:) Look forward to seeing everyone again this year!

  18. Kerry says:


    It’s got some 100’s in it now.


  19. David DeRango says:

    Just check the 10 day forecast for Mesquite mid to upper 90’s sure beats 62 F rainy and damp on my golf league last night getting tired of this weather.
    Need some dry heat bring it ON!! I know, I know I said it before cannot wait!!!!! Sorry.

  20. Kerry says:


    You will figure out how to handle the warm weather.
    Just think of Stan playing across the the Pond to the East.

  21. David DeRango says:

    569, not bad with registration still coming in you never know we could get to 580!!!
    it is better then last year.

    wet and cold for my golf league tonight cannot wait to get to warm and dry weather!!! will not know how to handle it!!
    see you soon!

  22. Kerry says:

    I just figured it was because you were working on assigning flights,
    but still wanted to keep us apprised of the numbers, so you just
    put this out for our info. Thanks for the info. You know your hard work is appreciated by all.

  23. Kerry says:

    Well Folks

    here are the numbers from the list Dated
    Sorry to disappoint everyone.

    569 people are now listed.
    This new list does not have
    the divisions listed.

    1. christian says:

      That is my fault I forgot to include that this time. It will be on the list posted this Friday. Registrations are still coming in so if you have some friends that are still on the fence tell them to get registered and share in the 10 year celebration.

  24. George Salcedo says:

    4 spots left in both events. Looks like its gonna be a great year. Only 20 days till I am in the air and 21 till I am smelling that desert air. Can’t wait to see all of you. STMF

  25. George Salcedo says:

    I will be sending out the “last” invite for both skins game this evening. As of today the gross game on sunday at Falcon Ridge is at 46 golfers with 6 slots available and the net game is at 110 golfers with 10 spots left if anyone is interested. Website is Safe travels to all I am wheels up in 22 days and a wake up. STMF

  26. Kerry says:

    I played Sunday at the Oasis-Palmer, the couple that I joined was from the Dallas, Texas area. I of course mentioned the Tournament. It was too late for them for this year, But next year has good possibilities. It sounded like a possible 6-8 people. Tim thanked me for spending his money. Hope to see them again, as they were a great couple.

  27. Kerry says:

    Well, we have hit May. That means that I will arrive “back” in Mesquite in 24 days. This time for the Tournament. Can not wait to see all my Tournament Buddies. Saturday I will golf, Somewhere. No Tee Time yet. Sunday is for relax & massage. Monday is getting money from George’s Skin Game, And then it is Tournament time. Wheels down & 80 MPH

  28. FJP says:


    Still trying to sign up additional golfers (Canadians). What is the fnal sign up date?? May 14th or 15th??

    1. christian says:

      Yes I would prefer before the 15th as we will start verifying indexes on that date. honestly I will take them up to a week before. We will do our best to get everyone in the field!

  29. George Salcedo says:

    Update to both skins games. The Sunday gross game at Falcon Ridge is up to 43 players and we have 9 spots left. The Monday net game at The Palms has 103 players registered with 9 spots left. If anyone is playing either of those courses and you want to get in a practice round this might be the way for you. Meet a lot of nice people, play some golf and have a chance at starting the week off right by winning some money. is the website or if you have any questions just drop me a line here. Safe travels to all I lift off in 27 days. STMF

  30. FJP says:


    ,Not sure if you already answered this question. When do you expect to put out the index breakdown for the flights?? I’m assuming it will be close to the 2011 rotation! Trying to book prctice rounds and which age group to play in.


    1. christian says:

      We will be doing final handicap checks on May 15th and I anticipate having the flights posted for people to look at shortly after that. You can use 2011 as a guide as it won’t change that much depending on what division you are in.

  31. David DeRango says:

    Ok Stan, now you are in the Super Seniors who will do it for the seniors??
    Do not leave that up to me I can screw up a two car funeral?
    Any one what to run this I will help!!!

  32. George Salcedo says:

    Just like Stan I will volunteer my services to run the skins in the mens 49 and under flight. Not as lucky to move up in flights like Stan, 5 more years. I do all men together, the higher handicappers play from a tee up so it makes it fair. 20 a day and we pay out in bar afterwards. Open to all men in the flight. Good luck on travels, see you in 30 days. STMF

  33. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I am moving up to the Super Seniors this year and will be happy to run a daily Skins games for the Nicklaus, Palmer, & Player groups. I have run it for the last 6 years in the seniors. We will do $20/day and heads-up in your own flights. On Thursday we will do an additional pool for all the players in the rotation (that will be $40 for Thursday to play both). You can hang around after the round to collect, I can pay you the following day, or you can find me at dinner. On Thursday you will need to hang around or find me that night.

  34. David DeRango says:

    No! I got that, our little group of Misfits?
    I have been called much worst then that!
    29 days till I am in Vegas!!

  35. Kerry says:


    Did you miss this part:

    our little group of Misfits?

    See you in about 30ish, or a few more .

  36. David DeRango says:


    do not know I leave that upto George, he always put me with a bunch of nice guys.
    so if you are up for some fun and great day of golf with a fun filled person, well better find another 4-some!!! just kidding.
    547, numbers are looking up!

  37. Kerry says:

    It actually appears that a husband & wife that were on the 4/13/2012 list are not on the 4/20/2012 list.

  38. Kerry says:

    I just went over the list dated 4/13/2012, and only counted 76 Masters, you had 78 listed. You however did not list any Gross numbers, which is 2 for the past two lists. Possibly you counted the Gross as Masters. So 1 Masters is gone. Snack Time, I’ll see who it is later.

  39. Ron says:

    We lost 3 masters? Hope it isn’t anything serious for them.

  40. Kerry says:

    Ok folks,
    This is where we are at:

    As of the Participant list dated 4/20/2012

    Men – 74
    Senior – 118
    Super Senior – 175
    Masters – 75
    Women – 103
    Gross – 2

    Total – 547

  41. Kerry says:

    Hey David,

    Who is the fourth in our little group of Misfits?
    I see we have Florida, Illinois, & Utah covered.

    And I know they were great the last time I was there,
    a few weeks ago. It was just a wind thing then.
    You know, play it 30 yards out to hit the fairway.
    150 Yard driver, 210 yard 8 Iron. FUN

  42. David says:

    Kerry, if there anything like in November they should be outstanding.

    George donot for get to add Fred D. in our 4-some too for Monday game,
    it is all about fun and fellow ship! then we play golf nothing better then that.
    looking forward to a great week. safe travles.

  43. Kerry says:

    Got ya big guy. I’ll let you know the condition of the courses I play next weekend.

  44. George Salcedo says:

    I usually do it about the first week of may and you will see them right on the website. Hoping to get to the 108 or more so we fill the field. I will put on one more invite on May 1 and then start working the foursomes out. STMF

  45. Kerry says:

    Hey George,

    Are you getting close to knowing the 4-somes for Monday’s Skins Game? And when are you going to post them and where? I notice only 8 spots remain for the Monday Game. Glad we are having a good showing. Mr DeRango wanted to play in my 4-some, Why, I have no idea. He has never seen me golf. I guess we’ll let it be a big surprise to him. We are both “SENIORS” after all. Just remember, Iam NoOne.
    Wheels Down and 80 MPH.

  46. Rich C says:

    We’ve hit the “50” mark for the 4th Annual Cigars Under the Stars. Still time to sign up on that thread. Pass it along to your cigar Buddies please.

  47. Jeff says:

    Here’s a tip. If you would have signed up before March 31st, you would have saved yourself $50. And that’s just as good as money.

  48. George Salcedo says:

    Yes my name is not on the list yet but I do wish I was a sponsor spot, I don’t how many others are missing but I do know me, Bruce King and Bob Uszinski are not on the list and will be soon. So theres 3. 541, haha. STMF

  49. Kerry says:


    When I do the count, I only do what is on the Participant list. According to that list, we are at 538. As for the others, Christian knows the actual numbers. The numbers I give and the numbers that Ron just put out are the ones that we have access to.

  50. Jeff says:

    Ron, you forgot George and all the other sponsor spots that are playing. That probably puts the event over the 550 mark.

  51. Kerry says:

    Thanks Ron

  52. Ron says:

    By my count 04-13-2012
    Super Seniors-171

  53. Kerry says:

    For those of you looking for my breakdown of the latest numbers, I am out of town and away from my specialized equipment that I do it with.
    (My Printer & my Pen) So maybe when I get home tomorrow I’ll work it up. The weather here in Nevada is nice.

  54. George Salcedo says:

    I had this info passed on to me from a golfer concerning shuttles to and from Las Vegas airport. Las Vegas Limo’s (aka: ALC) out of Mesquite, NV will transport people to and from the airport. Their rates are $50.for R/T and $30. for One Way. P/U times at the Airport and Hotels will be sent to me and I will then forward it out to you all if interested. Just in case your ride wants to leave earlier or later than you want to. Safe travels to all 39 days for me. STMF

  55. Jim says:

    The way the world am is doing it is whatever scores you win your flight with during the week you receive an index for the championship round based solely on that. No 59’s that way.

  56. Ron says:

    I could win my flight if I could just get rid of the alligators(triple par) and occassional T-Rex’s(quad par). The rest of the holes are ok.

  57. Jerry says:

    The Master’s Flight is what we would call an “anomaly” in reference to the overall picture. There are always one or two instances that don’t fit the mold exactly. The bigger picture is in the other flight results. One still has to play good “consistent” golf to be at the top.

  58. jim says:

    You are correct. There are always variables to be considered and I think the Handicap committee is quite well qualified to weigh everything.

  59. Stan Mahaffey says:

    The first error is that the scores should be compared to the course rating not par. This discussion has gone on for decades with the World Am.

  60. jim says:

    Last year in the Masters, 2 flights comprising 60 golfers, more than 33% had an exceptional tournament score 6 strokes under par or better. Many others were 3, 4, and 5. 40 out of 60 golfers were under par.

  61. Jerry says:

    If one would look at the scores of each flight one would easily draw the conclusion that it is very easy to shoot a score much higher than the index most of us bring to the tournament. 70% (esimate)of the field is over there index by at least 7 strokes each day. The pressure of playing in tournament golf is a big factor as well as the aches and pain we all bring to the course from aging bodies, arthritus, the night before activities….etc. You cannot beat this golf experience anywhere else in the world. Come and have fun, beat the players you are with for the day in a relaxed environment and just maybe you will find yourself at the top of the leader board. The technical side of handicaps and net scoring does not get us to the finish line. Good golf does. The Tournament Staff does all the hard stuff and very well overall.

  62. David DeRango says:

    Don’t I wish Stan!!! Don’t I wish!!!!
    Jack, I understand what you are trying to say but I leave this up to Christian and his people.
    I got lucky in 2009 and won my flight do not know how that happened, I shot right around my index and maybe just under my index on one day.
    But to answer your question Christian on the other page I will try and have a great time trying.
    43 days left till I am in Vegas, cannot wait boys, yes I keep saying that!!! Safe travels to all.

  63. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Under that philosophy, should folks also get adjusted for shooting excessive scores ABOVE their index as well??? LOL!

  64. Vegas Jack says:

    Ok, I opened this can of worms and all I was trying to say is when a person between 13-21 handicap shoots a 63 net (-9 under par) the odds of that happening is about 3,577 to 1. To do it 2 days in a row on courses you don’t play all the time is about 15,000 to1 and therefore a person needs to be adjusted because they evidently have an incorrect inflated handicap.

    For a single digit handicap like myself (6-12) the odds of the first 63 net (-9 under par) is about 27,877 to 1 and to do it two days in a row is over 150,000 to 1. It is also way different than the lottery odds because a lottery is total luck and talking about golf and the lottery is not even a good comparison. I would say it is closer to a 160 average bowler shooting two 300 games in a row. NOT POSSIBLE!

    We have handicaps to keep things fair for all players and adjusting someones handicap to what they actually are shooting makes that playing field fair. That is why there is a rule for unusual scores.

  65. Charlie says:

    Christian, It’s really good to see interest peeking for this tournament. I’m hoping that not all of these new folks are BIG eaters which will leave me with less food at the 19th hole. And I need my nourishment ! 🙂

    1. christian says:


      No worries on the food. We will have plenty of food for everyone at the nightly dinner parties each night!

  66. David DeRango says:

    531!!!At this date we have to be defiantly a head of last year did we extend the dead line for registering?? Or did you keep the March 31st as the dead line for the $50 increase?? Either way it looks as if it did not slow down. What you say Christan??

    1. christian says:


      We are very excited where we are. We are 33 people ahead of where we were last year. We have not extended the earlybird deadline but we may be doing some more promotion in the coming weeks. We are getting more an more participants each day and very excited to celebrate 10 years with past and new participants alike!

  67. Jerry says:

    I believe the best thing we can do in tournaments like this is to play the best we can and let the score sheet tell the results. The main thing to do is beat the players in your foursome to move up the leader board. Haven’t we all been watching the Pro’s on TV. None of them move up without beating the players they are grouped with. Most of our Flights are tight enough that the spread from top to bottom should not be a concern while playing the round. Just beat the ones you are with. You are going in the wrong direction if you don’t.

  68. Jerry says:


    You are taking this way to personal. I have been adjusted in tournaments like this before. It happens, they are not to be taken personal. A set of criteria in a computer does most of the adjusting. You were just caught by the criteria. It looks like you let the pressure of the situation interfere with the golf. You will do alot better if you play golf and let the handicap and adjustments do whatever. I don’t think the adjustments are controling anything and I used your flight winner as an example to make a point that you obviously missed. You had a bad round and lost out in a good result.

  69. John says:

    What is your point? I don’t see how the flight winner handled the adjustment has to do with me or how I played. If my 99 had been an 89? I am guessing most everyone would have finished better had they shot 10 strokes less so I am not sure what your point is there either.After all if you 90 had been an 80 you would have finished in second. I see it as punitive when the amount of the handicap adjustment is not based on your past history but based on the how well the rest of the field did. I did ask for an explanation and it all seemed to be based on leveling the playing field not on past history or performance. If I had been adjusted down to a handicap I have played to before or carried at one time no problem. If you look you will see that in your flight the top players where all close and the leader only received a small adjustment because the scores were close. I understand you don’t think it is punitive perhaps if it were ever to happen to you it might feel differently. So Jerry if you are ever lucky enough to have a career round at the tournament I hope it all works out better for you then it did for me.

  70. Jerry says:

    Sorry that 83 should have been a net 93 above. You did get hit hard. Your flight winner got hit the same as you and still won and played well. If your 99 would have been a 89 gross you would have still been in the top 4. Pressure is tuff to handle for any reason( bad handicapping or bad play). Doesn’t seem punitive to me since your flight winner handle it in stride.

  71. Jerry says:

    Not sure I understand all your concerns. I looked up your scores from last year and you shot exceptionally for two days(net 65/63) then a net 83 on the third. What happened? Someone make a comment you didn’t like or was Falcon Ridge that much harder than Palmer? Does not look like you were reduced. A player in my flight that shot three days of consistant golf with 86 each day and a reduction on the third day still took first place. This player had a 18.6 index. I personally don’t think the reductions are hurting anyone very much. The Tournament Staff does what they think is fair to protect each and everyone of us. Maybe one should ask them if an explaination is in order when a reduction was applied.

  72. John Spears says:

    Well as long as we are going to talk about sandbagging and adjusting handicaps how about we keep if fair and real. I have played in every Mesquite Amateur and several Pac Ams. I know there are sandbaggers out there and there are also guys who just put together a great round. You can look at the statics you like but it happens just like holes in one happen (roughly 12500 to 1).
    There are several things to be confided when some one is adjusted such as past tournament history and handicaps. The adjustment needs to be fair and it needs to be done in a timely manner and the player needs to be notified. How would you like to shot a great round then show up at the course only to fine out you had been adjusted and no one bothered to tell you until you showed up at the course? Some of us live in climates where the course is in poor condition up until the time we head for Mesquite. So even though you have been playing all spring the ball will not carry will not roll and the greens are plugged sanded and uneven. You show up to Mesquite and everything works and works well and you are adjusted. This is fair and part of the game but keep it fair it should not be punitive!

  73. Kerry says:

    Ok folks,
    This is where we are at:

    As of the Participant list dated 4/6/2012

    Men – 69
    Senior – 114
    Super Senior – 170
    Masters – 76
    Women – 99
    Gross – 2
    Other- 1 (Just has name listed)

    One gross is now being listed as Men. So now only 2 Gross.

    Total – 531

  74. David DeRango says:

    AMEN!! Jerry AMEN!!!

  75. George Salcedo says:

    Great opening day for the Masters. Freddie is still alive, yea! Bring on round 2. STMF

  76. Jerry says:

    You guys have opened up big can/basket of worms. There are alot of systems to help catch the baggers. It is the ultimate responsibility of the tournament staff and Directors to enforce the rules in place. Posting of proper tournament scores that invokes Exceptional Score Reductions within the USGA handicapping is one way. But it takes the players posting to have it work. There are still players who have not posted last years scores and one that shows a reduction of almost six points by the USGA Exceptional Score criteria. The actual tournament score for this individual did not come from Mesquite but the individual is returning. He will play with a handicap that will be at least 5 less than last year each day. We each come to Mesquite for the love of friends/golf/sweethearts?/great courses/beautiy in many forms/etc… and do the best we can and hope the 3% bad eggs don’t pencil whip us. Do I hear an AMEN?

  77. David DeRango says:

    George, yes your are right noting better but one more thing golf league
    starts in 2 weeks!!
    6-1/2 weeks till Vegas babie!! and George we are going to have that duck fart togeter.

  78. Vegas Jack says:

    George thats funny (Duck Farts), lol. I played a miniature putt-putt golf course last saturday with my grandson from the whites and shot a 53 and I am not sandbagging. Not sure what the slope and rating was.

    My point is, Christian and many other tournament directors place people at the tees we belong at, with a slope and rating according to our age and also our handicaps to make it fair. Inevitably you always have Mr/Mrs 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62 or 63 showing up and beating the odds and shooting better than anyone on the PGA tour. Every now and then you will shoot a 7 under and I don’t disagree (I did it one time in 2007 on a course I know well and play twice a week); but that was it in the last 5 years.

    When you shoot a very unusual score the USGA has a rule where an adjustment is made right then and there and your handicap gets lowered for the next day. Cuts out all the nonsense and lets everyone have a great time. I actually saw it happen twice in my life. Once at the police games (San Diego) just a few years back and at my mens club in 1998 and both times you should have heard the cheers and screams from the legitimate players when a sandbaggers 59, 60 and 61 in the other case was thrown out and adjusted.

    The only people I have ever heard argue this rule are the people shooting the unusual score. Look at the odds.

  79. George Salcedo says:

    Its Masters thurs, besides arriving in the desert for the Mesquite Am is there anything better in golf. I think not. STMF

  80. George Salcedo says:

    I agree with you Jack but something a lot of us don’t take in to consideration is the course slope and rating. Take for example Oasis Palmer, if someone were to play the course from the whites and shoots a net 65 we would call for his/her head and have every sandbag name ready for them and their net 7 under score. That would be wrong cause by the slope/rating they were only 1 under due to it being 66.8. A lot of the Mesquite courses have low ratings once you get to the mens white and shorter. But I would like a even playing field so to make things fair for me I think everyone should stay in the bar drinking Duck Farts till at least midnight every night. haha. STMF

  81. Vegas Jack says:

    Speaking of handicaps, my pet peeve, all I ever ask for when utilizing handicaps for any tournament is what their real handicap is after they play not before they play. If a person shoots more than 8 or 9, 10,11, 12 etc.. under their number, get them out of there or adjust their number and give them a new net score and handicap for the next day. Take a look at the odds I have attached for unusual scores and see what a real legitimate handicap should get you under par net.

    We all love to have fun, but Mr/Mrs. 59, 60, 61, 62 and 63 take the fun away and have to be adjusted immediately. The odds are just phenomenal to shoot that low if you have a legitimate handicap.

  82. David DeRango says:

    Hey, Christian I have a question for the committee on handicaps how is the committee going to look at this as to what handicap your are receiving or will you adjust it based on what was scored for all 3 or 4 games last year plus there tournament history and will this hold true for everybody else.
    Just asking and want to see if you are using our tournament history as to also adjust are index before we start?
    I post my scores even my skin games with my association card as soon as I get home. I am not accusing anyone of sand bagging just want to see how the committee is using tournament history for adjusting.
    Thank you

    1. christian says:


      We will be utilizing the players index in May for the tournament. We will also be taking past tournament scores into consideration. We do our best to utilize both when making decisions on adjustments and other rulings.

  83. David DeRango says:

    Fun!! FU!! Is all the same congratulations on your partial retirement good for you.
    I have mim 5 years for my retirement!!! Maybe 7??
    I was in Mesquite in November and the courses were in great shape, say HI to Christian for me, we got together and played 18, you know Christian has the swing of John Daly!!!
    Have fun in Scotland!! some day I will get there!
    Safe Travels.

  84. George Salcedo says:

    Just sent out invites to over 528 golfers registered for the Amateur. Yes we are over 500 with over 50 days to go. The skins games are almost full with 12 spots left in the gross game and 28 spots left in the net game. Website is good luck all and safe travels. Speaking of Skins games I play in the mens 49 and under flight and will volunteer to run the game every day. 20 bucks a day, open to everyone and all 3 flights will play as one like I have done every year. Like I said good luck to all and safe travels. George STMF

  85. Stan Mahaffey says:

    OOPS FUN not fu!

  86. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey David! Looking forward to Mesquite 2 weeks after I get back from Scotland. If I had known partial retirement was so much fu, I would have done it before this. See you soon!

  87. David DeRango says:

    Stan, nice to hear from you how are you? long time no talk to looking forward to see you again and hearing call out SKIN GAME!!! WHO WHAT’S TO DONATE TO MY MEDICAL PLAN!!! you can us that if you want.
    have fun in Scotland and looking forward to donating to the your skin games.

  88. Stan Mahaffey says:


    There is one aspect of this event that you will never experience if you never try your skills against this kind of competition. That is the friendships that you develop. I am about to go to Scotland for 10 days, one friend I met here is going, too. I am staying with another friend I have met in these events, he is getting us a round at St. Andrews with a former Low Am winner from the Open Championship and lunch in the clubhouse. We are also playing Carnoustie in a 4-day tournament ( and Castle Stuart . I have friends from this tourny from all over the country, and I can always contact them to play golf whenever I travel to their neck of the world. I have, also, received two invites to Australia to play with guys I have met in these events, they have offered for us to stay with them at their homes.

    So if you want to test your skills against other players , under the Rules of Golf, and in tournament conditions, being treated really well by your hosts, and not just play ‘cheap’ golf, you should play this event. You will never make a better investment in golf.

  89. David DeRango says:

    This will be my 8th year in a row and coming from Chicago IL the weather sucks till late May and to golf near the Chicago area is price less, realy!! if you pay 55$ for a round that is cheap for a mediocre course and do not get me started on having a bear on the golf courses in my area!! better bring your check book!!!
    To be able to play courses like this in Mesquite, by me I would have to take a small lown out just to play. So I understand your position Joe, and not to pick on you which I am not!! But I love coming to this tournament the courses are just outstanding, the people of Mesquite are the best anyware and the freinds you make are great. I know the price when up from 475 to 500$ but the cost of doing business aways goes up even at 500$ this is still the best deal from me, 4 great meals with the drink of the night and 3 maybe 4 round of golf nothing better then this.
    Joe like George said come join us and see for your self and get into the skin game. I meet George 8 years a go and he is a great guy, sorry George did not mean to make you blush! you will have a great time I do all the time and hate when it is over. Hope to see you.

  90. George Salcedo says:

    Joe, I read your post and do understand your position. I work for a resort here and understand the resort cost to the “local cost” scenario. One thing you can’t measure by cost is your gonna be playing golf and partying with over 600 golfers that share your passion. The friends I have met thru my 9 years of coming here is immeasurable. Plus if you look at real cost your paying for golf after 11, not at prime time and its not just a couple of buffets its every night. Also, if you place in the top 10 out of less than 40 you have winnings coming back. So if you add it all up 3 possibly 4 rounds of golf at prime time, 4 buffet dinners, a pretty good goody bag and possibly getting some winnings back its a no brainer. Come on out and join us and meet some great people. You won’t regret it. STMF

  91. David says:

    looks like this will be the best Mesquite yet!!!
    Christian, by the time we are ready to fly to Mesquite you could be over 700!! wow this will be great looks like we my spill over in to some other courses!!!

  92. Ted says:

    Tournament is expensive, and I don’t mind that so much, but the cost for guests to eat the buffet is a sin. As for the comment about the May weather being 85 degrees, I don’t know when that is. I’ve been there 3 times and experienced 100 to 105 temps during the tournament, but with the low humidity it was not bad if you could keep out of the direct sun – a difficult task when some courses don’t have roofs on the carts. One more round, a-la-World Am, in Myrtle Beach, would make this tournament even more rewarding and tempting, especially for east coasters. Still, all in all – a great tournament.

  93. Kerry says:

    Let me try again

    Men – 56
    Senior – 104
    Super Senior – 156
    Masters – 67
    Women – 92
    Gross – 3

    As of the list dated 3/29/2012

    Total – 478
    Tried this before, but it did not post.

  94. Kerry says:

    Not allowing me to post new list.

  95. Vegas Jack says:

    I agree with Joe in many aspects and a week after the Mesquite Amateur everything goes down with cheap hotels, free breakfasts, cheap golf, T-Bone steak for $10 and $8 buffets all over town and yes you can play for $30 a round anywhere in Mesquite and $60 at Wolf Creek, but there are a few things that are a reality.

    Golf courses rip you off when there are group rates and tournament specific shotgun tee-times. The tent and banquet hall are not free either. Then there is the competition and comaraderie each night of the event. I know I have to pay a little more to play in the amateur, but I do and also do the summer thing in Mesquite like you speak to. Join us it is fun this is my 6th year.

  96. Jim says:

    I too am a Las Vegas local and have played Mesquite in the summer during the specials. august= 115 degrees and hard dry greens and fairways. May= 85 degrees and absoulutly perfect conditioned courses. and as far as the “buffet” goes if filet and lobster tails plus all the cosmo’s you can drink is not an acceptable dinner then your standards are too high.

  97. Tom says:

    Joe, this will be my ninth year at this tournament and I live in Texas. I completely agree with your point that as a local from Vegas, you can get up to Mesquite and stay and play for far less than the entry charged for the tournament. That being said, Christian has hit on many of the things that we thoroughly enjoy about this tournament. Seeing old friends and making new friends is the cornerstone of this event. We really enjoy the courses (to which you have much easier access) and the competitiveness. As I am sure you already know, the people of Mesquite make you feel extremely welcome and that rolls up to a complete package that we find to be reasonable and just one big smile after another.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as a local with easy access. The price of admission obviously does not stack up well from your prospective, But from Texas, we find this to be a really reasonable and fun time.
    Christian, if you want to lower the price, we have no problem supporting such a move.

  98. Joe says:

    In a real dilemna here about the Mesquite Amateur. I am from Las Vegas, normally go to Mesquite two or 3 times in the summer (June-August) for 4 days at a time play 4 rounds at summer twilight rates after 11 AM, hotel, all meals (usually free breakfast each day) and a 1 hr. massage for about $350 total. My friend told me about this tournament, gave me the website and when I saw a $500 fee ($550 after April) and then looked at the player roster, I realized why there is hardly any support for this event from local Las Vegas golfers. Why so much for 3 rounds and a couple of buffet dinners? Three rounds at the rotation courses and 3 buffets in Mesquite after Memorial Day is about $150. Sorry, but I am just being honest, was looking forward to my first time and opted to not participate. I really hope everyone enjoys themselves and hits lots of fairways and greens.

    1. christian says:


      Thanks for posting your comments about the tournament. Your comparison is interesting but I think we are comparing two different things. You are comparing prices of golf in twilight in the summer months when the rates are down and twilight is cheaper than prime rates. The tournament is played in May when the weather is beautiful in the southwest and the times of the tournament rounds are during prime time. The Mesquite Amateur provides 4 dinners with the tournament entry fee and these are not just buffets. I think if you talk to other participants they would say the food quality if far above and with the quantity of people that we serve for dinner our banquet staff has to serve the dinner in a buffet style to accommodate everyone.

      Another big difference between our tournament and coming up to play golf in Mesquite is that the tournament offers a great tee gift and prize money in each flight. I think the most important thing to point out about the Mesquite Amateur is that if you do decide to attend you will be a part of a fantastic community. The friendships and camaraderie that have developed over the 10 years of this event are priceless. I hope you reconsider your decision on the Mesquite Amateur but if not we appreciate your continued support of the golf in Mesquite, NV.

  99. David says:

    Whoops!!! sorry!

  100. george salcedo says:

    actually the website is good luck everyone STMF

  101. David says:


    check out George web page
    there are some openings.


  102. Kerry says:


    That would be alright with me, as I will be there anyway. Returning from LA area after my Nephew’s Wedding.

    It is the rest of the crowd that might not be able to get there.


  103. Ron says:

    Christian, could you move the start date to April 30, I am having trouble waiting until May.

  104. Jack Jackson says:

    Got entered today for Mesquite. Is there spots open for the gross and net skins??

  105. David DeRango says:

    Just came back from Vegas left some cash out there so anyone wants to get it for me!!!
    Spent the day at the Callaway golf center nice lettle par 3 course and it proves that I still have some winter rust to get ride of.
    Weather was great but came back to Chicago cold and wet!!!
    we are at 65 days, well for me cause I am getting into Vegas a little early.
    see you all soon.

  106. Jack Jackson says:

    Hey George, put me in the gross and net skins. I am having a problem getting registered, can’t remember my GHIN but I’ll have it tomorrow when I go to my club. Current index is 4.1

  107. Kerry says:

    Men – 38
    Senior – 84
    Super Senior – 120
    Masters – 49
    Women – 68
    Gross – 3

    As of the list dated 3/22/2012

    Total – 362

  108. Paolo says:

    Thanks George
    but I have other plans for those days. See you there anyway!

  109. George Salcedo says:

    Keith will be playing in both skins games prior to the tourney if you would like to come to those. STMF

  110. Paolo says:

    Hi all
    I see Keith Pluto si coming from Parma, Ohio. Since I am from Parma, Italy (the town from wich Ohio’s one takes her name) I would like to meet him… Does anybody know him?

  111. Jerry says:


    I believe I had your same issue. Had to clear browser footprints/refresh and go to home page of website to get to new links when they are put up.
    May work for you or anyone else having similar issues.

  112. Kerry says:

    Men – 34
    Senior – 76
    Super Senior – 106
    Masters – 39
    Women – 64
    Gross – 3

    As of the list dated 3/18/2012

    Total – 322

  113. Jim O'Hare says:

    Is that not last years participant list thats up?

  114. Tom says:

    Christian, what is your target date for the next update of participants? I thought you were updating each Friday. Hopefully you got so many sign-ups this past week that you were overwhelmed and will post this coming Friday. Looking forward to this 10th year! (my ninth year)

    1. christian says:


      I was out of the office on Friday. I sent the updated list on Monday to be put up. I will check what the hold up is. Should be up soon. Then I will update again this Friday.


  115. Tom says:

    David, this will be my ninth year and this is the first time I have had all three rounds in Mesquite. Maybe we will be in the first group again this year. See you in May!

  116. david says:

    Thanks Tom that helps alot. We didn’t play any of these last year but more importantly we don’t have to make that drive back to Coyote Springs. Looking forward to getting back to Mesquite for the 10th edition of the Am.

  117. Tom says:

    David, course rotation for first flight for us Super Seniors is:
    Tuesday – Oasis -Palmer Blue Tees 6160 yds 69.3/127
    Wednesday – Palms White Tees 6151 yds 69.6/121
    Thursday – Falcon Ridge Silver Tees 6051 yds 67.3/120
    Hope this helps. See you in Mesquite

  118. George Salcedo says:

    I like the list. Its what I thought based on my last few years. So for all of you playing the palms and falcon ridge, if you want a practice round on Sunday at Falcon Ridge we are having the gross skins game and if you want a practice round on Monday at the Palms we are having the net game. Great way to get the practice in you will need, meet some nice people and possibly win some money. Only 16 spots left in the gross game and about 30 left in the net game. Go to Remember if your not Doing it in the Desert then your just not doing it right. STMF

  119. david says:

    Can’t find the tentative rotation list. Anybody in group 1 of the super seniors group who can share the course rotation list?

    1. christian says:


      I know some people have had to refresh their computer in order for that to come up. Try that and you should get it.

  120. Ron says:

    Christian, thanks for the tentative rotation list. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  121. David says:

    Tentative Course Rotation is out!!! Tentative Course Rotationout is out!!!
    so far it is Oasis-Canyons, Coyote Springs and CasaBlanca.
    ok making it back for the poker tournament will be a chalange.
    but looking forward to Coyote springs have not played that course in a while.
    Yes it can change! but a good start.
    can not wait!! whoops said that before!!

  122. Kerry says:

    Well I see that the Tentative Course Rotation is up. Falcon Ridge, Conestoga, and Oasis-Canyons for me. Playing 2 of these in the next few days.

  123. Kerry says:

    Sunday March 18th Falcon Ridge 10:10
    Monday March 19th Oasis Palmer 9:40
    Tuesday March 20th Oasis Canyons 7:10
    Looking forward to Mesquite.
    Need Practice. Have not played since Oct.

  124. David DeRango says:


    almost forgot congrads to your nephew on this wedding coming up!!

  125. David DeRango says:


    That is OK, the wife had my hole week book while we are in Vegas!! I also have a High school buddy meeting me and the wife out there so that just added to my already tight schedule.
    Remenber after today we are at 69 days till I am in Vegas again and 72 days before I get to Mesquite!
    take care I can not wait, yes I keep saying that!!!!

  126. Kerry says:

    never mind. change of plans again. had to save days off to go to nephews wedding in april. see you in may

  127. Kerry says:


    I will be in Mesquite Next Tuesday thru Thursday. So I will be at the Demo Day before I leave for home.

  128. David DeRango says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Callaway Demo Day I would love nothing better to be there, but I have to check with the wife she has the hole week planed and do not know if I will have any time??
    I can always ask?? never know!!

    Christian, looking forward to see the tentative course assignments!

  129. Ron says:

    Thanks, I will be signing up soon and am anxious to see possible courses.

  130. Ron says:

    Christian, will the tentative course assignments be coming out this week?

    1. christian says:


      Yes I did not get it done last week but I will be getting it done this week. Thanks!

  131. Kerry says:

    Hey David,

    Just to let you know, Callaway Demo Day at the Oasis-Palmer/Canyons on Thursday, March 22nd. 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. I know you are going to be in the area. (Vegas). My travel plans may change, My doctor made me an Appointment with an ENT Doctor to luck at my Nose when I was going to be in Mesquite. Sucks.

  132. David says:

    Sorry Christian!! Can not get any of my Golf buddies to join me this year, this is really upsetting!! Well to bad for them they are missing out on a great time.
    I will just have to have fun playing golf, drinking and having the best time ever with all of you guys my Mesquite golf buds.
    See you all soon.

  133. Kerry says:

    20 Days left to enter for only $500.00.
    Starting on April 1st, Entry fee goes to $550.00.
    We need alot more than this latest 227 total.
    i try to do what I can.

  134. Kerry says:

    Men – 24
    Senior – 49
    Super Senior – 77
    Masters – 28
    Women – 46
    Gross – 3

    As of the list dated 3/9/12

    Total – 227

  135. Stan says:

    Will be intervierwing Christian on the golf show on Wed @ 4:30 pm CDT. You can listen by clicking on the link on the upper left corner of the website:

  136. George Salcedo says:

    Giving an update for the 2 skins games. The gross game which is at Falcon Ridge on sunday has 34 golfers signed up with 18 spots left and the net game on Monday has over 75 golfers signed up with 33 spots left. The website is Spots are going quick so sign up and get your deposits in. Both games are open to all Mesquite AM entrants. STMF

  137. David DeRango says:

    OK I gave my golf buds and our golf league the last try to come and join the fun and great golf at the 10th Mesquite amateur.
    Lets see what happens I will bet the 20 guys I play golf with I will not get anyone to come.
    I will update you Christian!

  138. David DeRango says:

    That is great Christian!!
    To bad I can not get my wiped Golf buds to come along, they just do not know what they are missing!! Oh well more for me!
    stay safe!

  139. Jerry says:

    The count from 2/28/11 was 213 as compared to 171 currently

    1. christian says:

      We will have another updated list up this Friday. Our numbers are right in line with were we were last year. We have had a lot of new faces join the celebration!

      March is the biggest month that people register. I am anticipating another increase in numbers from last year. Thank you all for your support.


  140. David DeRango says:

    I see it!!
    Thanks Christian how dose the count compair to last year with 24 days left till the 31st we only have 171 signed up? looks kind of low to me!
    lets go people what are we waiting for!!
    77 days till I am in Vegas and 80 days till I get to Mesquite, did I tell you I can not wait!! oh yah I did!!
    take care all.

  141. George Salcedo says:

    Guess you didn’t read the part about computer dumb, haha. I got a list today, but thank you. STMF

  142. Jerry says:

    Clear your browser footprints

  143. Jerry Bryan says:


    Clear your browser footprints then the new links will showup and the old ones will be gone.

  144. George Salcedo says:

    I don’t see the list. When I click on it I am getting last years on the main page. But I am computer dumb, just want to clarify. STMF

  145. Kerry says:

    Well, The numbers are starting to come in.

    Men – 15
    Senior – 36
    Super Senior – 59
    Masters – 22
    Women – 36
    Gross – 3

    Total as of 2-27-12 listing 171

    The list was only accessible to me via the Mesquite Amateur main page.
    If I was already on the Blog page, it showed last years info.

  146. Kerry says:

    For any of you 40 to 60 year old’s, I just heard on the radio that
    Van Halen will be performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on
    May 27, 2012. So if you are coming early, and you are interested
    here something you may like.

  147. George Salcedo says:

    We played Conestoga in the Gross skins game last year in 40 mile an hour winds. Just a beautiful track. Very challenging. Might play it friday for warmup if I get it in the rotation. Can’t wait to be in the desert. STMF

  148. jim says:

    Conestoga looks tough. I am looking forward to Tentative Course Rotation to see if I get it.

  149. David says:

    Thanks big guy!! then how come the web page show 2 needed?? till feel like
    SHHHHH!!!! and now we have a big snow come 4 to 9″ the radio said this morning, great!! stay healty!!

  150. George Salcedo says:

    No gross game has about 22 spots left and the net game is half full as of today. STMF

  151. David says:

    George, I see the gross game just needs 2 more player to be full, how is the net game filling up? do not forget to put me with Fred D. on the net game and the same fun guys as last year for the gross!!
    Under the weather today run hot and cold cannot wait for Mesquite as of tomorrow 90 days and counting till I am in Vegas before the tourney!!
    stay healty everyone.

  152. George Salcedo says:

    Just to give an update on the skins games/practice rounds being held at Falcon Ridge and The Palms. We have 32 of the 52 spots taken in the Sunday Gross game at Falcon Ridge and we have 56 of the 108 spots taken for the Net game at The Palms. The website is if your interested. Good luck with your travels to Mesquite and be safe. STMF

  153. Alan Oleson says:

    I am hoping that last year’s rotation is not the same as this years rotation….or are we going to follow the same track as last year. what about Conestoga?

  154. David says:

    Tentative is good, the anticipation is driving me nuts. Ok I am nuts!!!
    looking forward to be in Vegas in a few weeks, want to get out of this cold
    shhhhh for a little bit!!
    thanks Christian.

  155. Kerry says:

    Last year Participant List and Course Rotation went up on or about 21st of Feb. Can we look for a repeat of about the same time frame this year?
    The anticipation of seeing who is coming this year, and the courses I may play is killing me. Ok, not really killing me. Was planning an outing down that way next weekend, But my weather folks are saying rain in the forecast. Who Knows. If not, RV show up here this weekend.

    1. christian says:


      I have gotten some calls on course rotation and I will try to get that up in the coming weeks. It is a tentative rotation that I put up as numbers will dictate what the final rotation will be.


  156. David says:

    35 days for early teeze in Vegas can not wait!! then it is
    for me 96 days till Vegas then 102 till Mesquite!!!
    can not wait my self, OH yah I said that before.
    George SWMF!!

  157. George Salcedo says:

    100 days exactly and I am wheels up, won’t be in Mesquite for 102 but at least I’ll be coming west in 100. Can’t wait. STMF