Rename 2011 Mesquite Amateur Flights.

Give us your feedback about what the new names for the different flights should be?

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41 thoughts on “Rename 2011 Mesquite Amateur Flights.”

  1. Kerry says:

    Hey Vicki,

    Still waiting for your suggestions for the Senior Flights. And I do believe you could come up with some spectacular names.

  2. george says:

    i’ll put vicki and her girls group golf game up against most of you men and come out ahead. Great group of ladies that combine good golf with a good time. STMF

  3. Jim Goforth says:


    If you consider a second master’s flight, I would like to recommend the name of Sam Snead. This comes from a fellow Virginian!


  4. Jerry says:

    Watch out guys, I got in trouble for teasing the women once already. Isn’t there a song that states ” Girls just want to have fun”? Maybe its true, Maybe its not.

  5. David says:

    Vicki, sounds like she the girls just want to have fun group!!

  6. Gregory Barney says:

    I think I love Vicki already

  7. Kerry says:


    I don’t see your name on the list of Participants for the Doing it in the desert skins game for Monday. It is less than a 5 hour drive from Sandy. come join us. Falcon Ridge is a great course to get lucky on.

  8. Kerry says:


    Would love to here your ideas for us Senior Men at least. Remember though, we are the 50-59 group

  9. Vicki says:

    I could re-name the flights and have some fun with it. For instance, the 3 ladies flights:

    Golf Divas
    Chicks with Sticks
    Babes with Balls & Tees

    We could come up with some fun names for guys too.

  10. Jerry says:

    Crazy Canuk, I met Moe when he used to stay/play during the winters in Florida at Royal Oaks Country Club.

  11. Crazy Canuks says:

    Jerry, every Canadian knows who Moe Norman was, I even had the pleasure of looping for him once when he came to my club for a charity event. Moe Norman was the best player in his time from tee to green but just couldnt putt.

  12. Jack says:

    If we do change them (they are fine the way they are), can we consider the names of the 7 Dwarfs. The Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful and Doc flights would be nice.

  13. Jerry says:

    Don’t forget Moe Norman. One of the most accurate golfers of all time. On second thought that might not fit our tournament. He was a Canadian for those who don’t recognize his name.

  14. george says:

    I like it CC but somehow can we work RIcky Fowler in cause he is just so damn cute, haha. Maybe we can have a teen flight just to say we have one. HAHA Hope everyone is well, STMF

  15. Crazy Canuks says:

    After reading a few comments, let me apologize for being so forward. George you are right there is way to much snow up here and after digging out of 5 feet of snow, I had to blow off some steam. Kerry, you are right as I misread the title. So here are some suggestions on renaming the flights. 1 flight in Master = Morris; 3 flights in the Mens = Kaymer, Westwood, Donald; 4 flights in Senior Mens = Couples, Langer, Pavin, Forsman; 4 flights in Super Seniors = Snead, Nicklaus, Hogan, Palmer; 2 flights in Womens = Tseng, Shin. Now all these names should be very familiar to any golfer as these are or were the Top players in the World.

  16. george says:

    Conestoga is not currently in the rotation but is being played as the gross portion of the Doing it in the Desert voluntary practice/skins game on Sunday. George

  17. Jerry says:

    The tentative course rotation is under event info on the website. Might need to clear footprints in your browser to get to the new file.

  18. Gregory Barney says:

    This isn’t on the subject of re-naming the flights, but I was wondering if Conestoga is going to be in the course rotation, and are the St. George courses going to be out again this year? I know it’s early, but maybe you could give us a heads up on that Christian.

    I’m also glad someone else would like to see the “bag” brought back. I remember in 2005, when we signed the bag on Monday, I told my friend to” make sure he signed it some place where I could find it”. I think he said something unprintable! Being fortunate enough to have luckily won that year, I can forever ask him “where exactly did you sign again!” Priceless!

    1. Christian says:


      Adding Conestoga and the courses in St. George is all predicated on the amount of people that register. If the numbers increase then we will add those courses in. Conestoga is going to offer a rate of $69 for Mesquite Amateur players want to play there before the event.


  19. george says:

    C’mon Crazy C, I know that the snow up there in Canada is driving you mad. But peoples opinions are important to the livelihood of most events. I was the one that started the original question and thought it was a good “fun” post to hear peoples “opinions”. Soon we will be drinking scotch and smoking Rich’s cigars but till then Stay thirsty my Friend. George

  20. Kerry says:

    Crazy Canuks:

    I don’t know what you have been reading, But did you by chance read the title of this Blog that Christian Started?
    Here is the Copy & Paste Version:

    Give us your feedback about what the new names for the different flights should be?

    I did not want to miss-type it.

  21. Crazy Canuks says:

    Don’t you people have anything better to do than give your opinion on the names of flight changes. Does anyone care if they play in Tommy Bolt’s flight, Judge Smails flight or Kermit Zarley’s flight. I think we are there to play golf and have fun. By the way when there are too many clouds in the sky – do you call God to complain.

  22. David says:

    Christian, you call it I think from what I am reading not to many players care too much.
    What every you do Christian you make this tournament so much fun each year and something to look forward to after a long cold @#$%@* winter.
    keep up the great work!!!

    PS Christian meet me at the CasaBlanca bar Saturday night when we check in with George for the skins game, I want to buy you a drink or two!

  23. Mike Hermsen says:

    I agree with Gregory.I believe I was the last recipient of the bag.They even shipped it UPS to my house.It was kind of iconic to the Mesquite AM.I finally get to return after a three year absence do to my neck injury.I,m for a “BRING BACK THE BAG” movement.It nice to have in my office,it brings back some very nice memories and reminds you of all the great people you meet.

  24. Al says:

    I hear you, but transporting the very large golf bag back home (especially if you fly) is a problem and if one if retired and does not have a rumpus room, what do you do with it? I think that a simple but good idea would be to have everyone sign one of the Mesquite Amateur banners (like the ones on the light posts) and give that to the overall winner. Its easy to transport and could be put on the wall or whatever. Again, just my idea.

  25. Gregory Barney says:

    I don’t know about changing the flight names, but the trophy golf bag was kind of a cool part of everything. What’s everyone think about that? (For the newer entrants, the trophy bag was a brown and white “Belden” pro bag, that all entrants signed when they checked in to get their tournament itinerary. It had the mesquite amateur year and words champion on it. Like 2005 Mesquite Amateur Champion, for instance:)

  26. Jim says:

    I really feel like leaving the flt names to Christian. i would be thrilled to play in the Laura Davies flight and I am quite sure I am in for a treat beyond compare.

  27. David says:

    George and Tom,
    If I am down the middle in the happy grass I will roll it and smoke it, ROTFLOL!!
    can not wait to be out there any where!!

  28. mesquite 2008 says:

    if players are considering changing the flight names, why not name them after past overall winners and 2nd place finishers (young, turpen, hartman, barney, gordon, boyette)???

  29. george says:

    yea cause you will never see me in the middle. I like the longer grass and crap to the right. haha

  30. Tom says:

    Thanks George, that is one of the reasons I enjoy the Mesquite Tournament. We play much shorter courses in the super senior flights. We play my home course at 6,900+ yards. If I move up to closer tees at home, it would just get lonelier.
    Guys ask me doesn’t it get boring hitting down the middle all the time? I tell them it’s not boring, just lonely.
    See you in Mesquite.

  31. george says:

    Tom, Play closer tee’s. It could work.

  32. Tom says:

    I agree with Al, personally, it does not matter. This will be my 8th year playing in the Mesquite Amateur. Changing flight names has no impact on what you will experience as you participate in this tournament.
    If it added value, I would be all for it.
    To those folks that really like change, please redirect your focus from changing the flight names to helping me improve my short game. It needs to get longer because my long game is getting shorter!

  33. george says:

    David we all already knew that. haha. see ya soon

  34. David says:


    I am happy just to play in Mesquite and if everybody want name changes then so be it and what ever the course I play if fine by me.
    Just an FYI I am easy just do not let all the ladies know that. LOL

  35. Kerry says:

    The Names could change, But the Results will Remain the Same. Hey Christian, you are running the show. We, the golfers, are just the show you are running. So run with it, We, the golfers will be the same. And happy to be there.

  36. george says:

    I firmly believe we should be honoring those that shaped the game but also believe that we should change with the times. I mean the mens could use some new names considering 2 of the flights are named after golfers not in the top 4 in the world. And the senior flight names have 3 golfers that don’t even play all that often on the tour. thats all I’m saying. Hope everyone is getting their swing in shape see you in 98 days. George

  37. Jerry says:

    After having read the comments on the main blog. I would like to add that if a change is made that we consider the historical significance to the name not just a new world ranking list. other wise we might have to change every two months or so. Too much controversy in the make up of the statistics behind the number and its relevance to longevity. One or two years on the tour(Champions, lpga, pga or European) would not in my opinion count for historical significance. Just food for thought.

  38. Jerry says:

    It is my believe we should keep the old favorites. In some cases changing to new names would mean adding a first name to distinguish who we would be honoring. There is no one on the list that is out of vogue or not known.

  39. Jim O says:

    I think they are great the way they are…honer the past not the present.

  40. Al says:

    Personally, it does not matter. If everyone wants the flight names to be current, then they will be changing frequently. The current flight names do honor many of the past golf hero’s and that should not change. Yes we do have names of current active players and if needed they could change effective the end of the previous golfing year and that would be consider acceptable, but it is extra work and might not please everyone. Just an opinion.