Side Events

The Mesquite Amateur has great side events every year.  If after looking at the schedule of events you or your guest have any questions please post them here.

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138 thoughts on “Side Events”

  1. Bill Armstrong says:

    When will the Poker Tournament return? That was a great
    time that a lot of folks really enjoyed, especially my wife who
    doesn’t play golf.

  2. Daniel Monico says:

    Here we go again!

    Been advertising the Mesquite Am Golf Tournament. I am anticipating a few new faces this year. Can’t wait – bring on the desert golf! LFG!

  3. Bob LaPlante says:

    Rich C, I would like to sign up 2 for Cigars Under The Stars. Bob L. and Pam L.

  4. Rich Cottle says:

    If you are interested in Wednesday nights Cigars Under the Stars, please sign up on that thread with First Name and last initial.
    Thank you, Rich C.

  5. Daniel Monico says:

    Been advertising the Mesquite Am Golf Tournament. I am anticipating a few new faces this year. Can’t wait – bring on the desert golf!

  6. David DeRango says:

    My wife may have a friend come in with her into Mesquite for Katheryn’s luncheon how do we get her signed up for it?
    let us know so we can pass that along.
    Thank you

  7. David DeRango says:

    Wife loves the luncheon at Katheryn’s and will be attending again this year and maybe bringing a friend??
    will not know yet?
    if she is we will get her signed up for that day as soon as we can.

  8. David DeRango says:

    wife loved the luncheon at Katheryn’s
    Linda said thank you for a great lunch Christian.

  9. Richard Davis says:

    tom in side casablanca

  10. Kerry says:


    Starbucks is inside Virgin River.

  11. Richard Davis says:

    Tom : hope to see you too yes in side

  12. Tom McGeehan says:

    Richard and Chris, looking forward to seeing you guys again. If I do not see you Monday between 5:00 and 6:00, I will see you Tuesday Morning. Is Starbucks inside Casablanca?

  13. Richard Davis says:

    correction MONDAY 5pm to 6 pm not Sunday for sign up

  14. Richard Davis says:

    SKINS GAME>> ( FOR JONES FLIGHT ) My name is Richard Davis. My wife and I will be running a skins game for the Jones Flight. We will be outside the Starbucks on Sunday night from 5-6 to sign people up. Chris will also be at the course before start of play to do enrollment. The cost is $ 20 per day and $ 60 for the three days. Chris will be at each course at the end of play every day. You will need to either keep a separate 18 hole card to give to Chris or give her the scores from your tournament card before you turn it in.

  15. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I am back this year and have been asked to do the Skins in the Super seniors Top 3 flights! I will collect $60 at Coyote on Tuesday for all 3 days! Birdies or better & playing against only your flight!

  16. Paul Buturusis says:

    Is anyone going to run a skins game in the super senior flight?
    especially the lower three flights.

    1. Kerry says:

      Go for it Paul.

  17. George says:

    For all of you in the Men’s flight I will be running a combined flight skins game. 20 a day, 60 for the week. I would prefer to get it all up front on tuesday morning so that I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the week. thanks. 22 days and wheels up. STMF

  18. Rich C says:

    Wednesday’s Cigars Under the Stars will be supporting the Semper Fi Fund once again with your minimum donation of$5.00. Make sure you sign up on that thread please.

  19. HARRY RULE 35 RADLEY says:

    Does any one run a skins pot for the 50-59 age group. If not I will run it for each of the three flights for GROSS SKINS ONLY – $20 a day @ $60 total for 3 days. If all skins are cut in one of the flights that pot will carry over to the following day. If all skins are cut on the final day the skins will be divided equally with all players who recorded eagles, if no eagles the pot will be split by all players who made a 2 on a par 3. $1 per player per day will be retained and donated to charity. Skins will be paid out the following morning or at the final night dinner to allow verification of all scores.

  20. Rich C. says:

    Reminder to sign up for Cigars Under the Stars on it’s own thread. The cut off is May 20th and we are supporting the Semper Fi Foundation with a 5.00 entry fee/donation. Pass the word

  21. ken says:

    Does anyone know the results of the team competition??

  22. Stan Mahaffey says:

    They will be individual flights. If there is enough interest we may do one for all 3 flights together on Thursday.

  23. Will the skins for Nicklaus,Palmer and Player be one pool for all three flights or one pool for each flight. Desert Rookie

  24. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I will be running the Skins in the Nicklaus, Palmer & Player flights! $20/day and $60 for the week.

    1. Rich Messina says:

      Sounds good

  25. Jeffrey Barbas says:

    That’s the way to do it, George. 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!

  26. George says:

    I will be doing skins a little different this year in the mens flight. In years past I collected 20 a day. This year I am collecting 60 up front for the week. You don’t get in Monday your not in. Leaves me time to hit balls the other days. See you all in 18 days. STMF

    1. Rich Messina says:

      Sounds good

  27. Kerry says:

    Just a wondering thought:

    Could we get a possible Role Call on who would be running the Skins Games in each of the Divisions during Tournament Play? Just need to know who to look for, or guide the inquiring golfer to.

    Men 49 & under, I surmise will be George
    Super Senior, I surmise will be Stan

  28. R L Davis says:

    my wife and I will have a skin game in the Nicklaus flight par or better
    10.00 day 1 10.00 day2 20.00 day3 if anyone is interested pay out
    each day before we tee off>>>> and the last at dinner

  29. Kerry says:

    I see the Team Competition is up to 200. That is great.
    Ruin2golf does a great job running this add on.

  30. Greg Barney says:

    The up of turning 60 is, I get to play in the Super Seniors with a lot of the guys who I’ve played with through the years. I get to be in the same division with Hal, Stan, Kim, Jim, David etc. The usual suspects 🙂 Can’t wait!B

  31. Rich C says:

    Make sure you sign up on the blog page for Cigars Under the Stars if you’d like to attend

  32. David DeRango says:


    I look forward to donate to the skin games becasue I am with you in the Super seniors.
    Not that I want to be in the Super Seniors I know I am old but it makes you sound really old “Super” such and older sound word you know.
    Looking forward to seeing you again.
    72 day till I am in Vegas.
    take care.

  33. Stan Mahaffey says:

    2nd Annual Team Competition is already over 50% full and we are looking to up the prize pool this year. We need 100 teams:

  34. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Results for the team event were posted on the website at the end of the event last year. Sorry if you missed it!

  35. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I usually run Skins in Super seniors, but not sure which flights until they are posted!

  36. Kerry says:

    And I remember doing Registration over at the Eureka, with Finger Food & Drinks. Was just perfect after a day of George’s Skin Game.

  37. Paul Buturusis says:

    Will anyone be running skins game in the super seniors hogan or sarazen flights?

  38. George Salcedo says:

    ok so the pre game updates are as follows. With 90 to go before we tee it up for the gross game at Coyote Springs we have 44 entered out of 100 and for the big net game at Falcon Ridge we have 85 entered out of 136 so 51 spots remain. I will hopefully be putting out a mass invitation this friday to all that have entered the Amateur. If your on the fence you better decide, I will probably sell out. STMF

  39. George Salcedo says:

    I wish we still did demo day at the soccer fields and did the long drive contest. You did registration, hit golf balls then tried the long drive contest. That was fun. STMF

  40. Kerry says:

    And What is the Possibility of the Demo Day coming back on the Monday while Registration is going on? I always thought that this was a great time to Demo New Clubs.

  41. Kerry says:

    Jim says:
    June 3, 2014 at 4:51 pm
    Is anyone going to post the results of the first inaugural team play event at the Mesquite Amateur?

    David DeRango says:
    June 5, 2014 at 11:13 am
    Yes Jim that is a great Idea we need to have George put that in.

    Kerry and I started out fast and then went down hill fast!!!
    Next year with someone else since Kerry will not be in the tournament!!
    So I will start selling myself now to avoid the rush!!

    Bad news everybody, but the sale of David has been called off. As I will be playing in the 2015 Mesquite Amateur after all.

    Wheels Down and 80 MPH, Not Soon Enough

  42. Stan says:

    2ND Annual Team Competition at the Mesquite Am and you can get all of the info at:

    After having a VERY successful event in 2014 we are back to do it again in 2015! Our goal is 100 teams! If we get that number we will be enhancing the prize pool! First will be entry fee to the 2016 Mesquite Am AND a $200 prepaid gift card, 2nd will be entry to the 2016 Mesquite Am, 3rd will be a TaylorMade Driver, 4th will be a Taylor Made fairway wood.

    Entry fee this year is $30/player and this is to enhance the prize pool. We will be taking your registration fees at the same time as you register for the tournament as well.

    If there are any questions, my e-mail is

  43. Dale Kent says:

    George where do I find the website to register for the 2015 skins game?

  44. Dan says:

    George…mailed the check earlier this week


  45. George Salcedo says:

    Dan it is up and running, I see you have already signed up. We already have 38 signed up and about 45 more that have emailed me to sign up soon. Should sell out again this year. STMF

  46. Dan says:

    when do you anticipate the website for the Bruce King skins, to be operating..tried to sign Sue & I but must not have worked…also me for the Gross game at Coyote Springs

    Dan Walters

  47. Jeff says:


    Got my plane ticket to Vegas today! Coming in on Saturday morning. I figure I won’t be on the road until noon or 12:30 by the time I get my rental car. They were running some great deals today on a lot of airlines. I got a direct flight from Cleveland to Vegas for $320(UNITED) so I had to jump on it. It’s like playing the stock market. They were $466 for the flight I wanted this past month. So I’m definitely in. Flying solo this year. I can’t wait to get out of winter and it hasn’t even started yet.

  48. Kerry says:

    I have secured a Tee Time on the Oasis-Palmer Golf Course for Sunday, Nov 23rd. And then on the Palms for Monday, Nov 24th. Total cost for both rounds is less than $73.00. Not bad for November in Mesquite.

  49. Kerry says:

    Got Snow Yesterday, and expecting more Snow tonight. I don’t ski. But Hell, it is only a 5 1/2 drive to Mesquite, so I guess I am not done swinging the sticks.

  50. George Salcedo says:

    Hey everyone, we are exactly 201 days away from our annual trek to the desert. I was fortunate enough to get to play the Palms, Falcon Ridge, Coyote Springs and Coral Canyon this last week and the courses are in great shape. For those of you that played in last years event I will be sending out invites in the next 2 weeks and for those of you that will be new to the event this year, first, welcome and second I will be inviting you to join us after you sign up for the amateur. Hope all of you in the north have one last chance to swing the sticks, see you soon. STMF, George

  51. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Top Finishers in the TEAM Competition. The number in () is the tie breaker score, combined 3rd round.


    2nd Crocker/Duncan 414

    3rd MacKinnon/MacKinnon 430

    4th Arangio/Krampert 432 (146)

    5th Deferdinandino/Forszt 432 (155)

    6th Aubrey/Little 433

    7th Gillman/Higgens 434

    8th O’Hare/Lombardo 438

    9th Bushey/Montroy 439

    10th Uszynski/Uszynski 440 (143)

    Reiber/K. Kranz 440 (144)

    12th Cornaire/Monaco 441

    13th McCoy/McCoy 443 (148)

    14th Conlon/Corhn 443 (150)

  52. George Salcedo says:

    Jim, the email letting all the participants went out at the end of the tourney and you can go to and see the results as well. Hope all got home ok, have a great summer of golf. 337 days baby. STMF

  53. Jim Rawlings says:

    Awesome for sure see you next year

  54. David DeRango says:

    Yes Jim that is a great Idea we need to have George put that in.

    Kerry and I started out fast and then went down hill fast!!!
    Next year with someone else since Kerry will not be in the tournament!!
    So I will start selling myself now to avoid the rush!!

  55. Jim says:

    Is anyone going to post the results of the first inaugural team play event at the Mesquite Amateur?

  56. Kerry says:

    Bob G

    Yes there is, depends on your division and Flight as to who runs it. Men 49 and under is George S., Spr Senior top Flights will be Stan M. Check them out under the Friends Heading

  57. Bob G says:

    Mesquite Am rookie here, is there a skins game or honey pot or similar games during the tournament?

  58. Kerry says:

    Got the e-mail today with the Updated Schedule of Activities. Noticed that the Demo Day that was on Monday, May 26th, is no longer listed. I sure hope that this was an oversight. I look forward to trying the equipment that I do not use. And Trading in and acquiring new clubs at a discount.

  59. george S says:

    RL of course your invited. Your the DD. Haha. The drivers and three wood are this years Taylor Made products. We did get them in right hand but Taylor Made has assured us that they may be traded in for the driver/3 wood you want. STMF

  60. RL says:

    Christian I was talking about the team competition that bunch may give away toy drivers and prizes >>and pockets the money and to strip club and spend it>> talking about George and David > my team will be the winners and we may not be invited to go with them to the club

    1. christian says:

      Opps sorry I got confused.


  61. RL says:

    are the drivers the new style ones I am left handed so make sure you have some we will be the winners make sure the names are spelled correct on the trophy

    1. christian says:


      We do not give drivers they are gift cards for either Callaway or Taylor Made for the prizes. You can use gift card towards a new driver with either company and have the specs done to your preference.


  62. David DeRango says:

    OK let the smack talking begin!!

  63. Kerry says:

    Cool, that is 140 folks out of approx 480 Participants.

  64. Stan Mahaffey says:

    We now have 70 teams in the Team Competition. If everyone who has registered pays their entry fee, we will pay the top 14 places.

    Thank you to all who have entered.

  65. Jeff says:

    Thanks Stan! Hope I don’t let you down Val!

  66. Stan Mahaffey says:

    First, we want to thank all of you who have registered for the First Team Competition! It is because of you we have had a successful kick-off.

    Second, We have almost reached our goal of sixty teams in the event and we should have sixty before we get started. For every ten teams we add above the sixty we will pay two additional spots to the field.

    Therefore, we can safely announce some of the Prizes. As stated, the winning team will receive entry for both players in the 2015 Mesquite Am. Second Place will receive TaylorMade Drivers, & Third Place will receive TaylorMade 3-woods. Fourth through twelfth place will receive Visa/Amex gift cards.

    We are looking forward to the success of this event and to your feedback before and after.

    If you know anyone who has not signed-up, please tell them! If you don’t have a partner, you can register as a SINGLE on the website and we will pair you with another Single, go to:

    Thank you, George & Stan

  67. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey, Jeff! You guys are all set. No worries!

  68. Jeff says:

    Stan, I’ve entered the pairs event. I was requesting another player on the list. If you could contact that player and see if they are willing to take me on as a partner it would be appreciated. Thanks!

  69. George Salcedo says:

    I am proud to say that the Bruce King net skins game at Falcon Ridge has sold out with 1 person still on the waiting list. We still have about 6 spots in the Gross game Sunday at Coyote Springs with a net side game as well. If you want to get in the Gross game at Coyote on Sunday you can go to and enter and in the address box just enter gross game only. See all of you in the bar in 33 days. STMF

  70. Stan Mahaffey says:

    The website for the Team Competition is Just click on Player Sign up and fill out the form, enter the name of your Partner in the space provided if you don’t have a partner, leave it blank and you will be placed in the SINGLES, be sure to check your age group. When you get to the bottom of the registration form be sure to click the correct confirmation button. Add a Single Player if you are a single OR Add First Player of Team if you have a partner. Please e-mail if you have questions

  71. Disclaimer: This event is being offered independent of the Mesquite Amateur and it’s staff and sponsors, they assume no responsibility for it’s operation or results. Your participation is elective and by your registration and participation you agree to the rules, results, and decisions of the operating members of this event.

    NEW SIDE EVENT for 2014

    •The Team Competition will be contested over 54 holes by two-person teams consisting of any two Mesquite Amateur participants, regardless of handicap, age, or sex. Both team members must be competitors in the Mesquite Am.
    •There is a space on the Team Competition Registration page to register as a “SINGLE” and you will be randomly paired with another “SINGLE” registrant. A competitor may only register with ONE TEAM for the competition. Both players on a Team MUST be registered and confirmed.
    •SCORING will consist of the combination of both players NET scores over 54 holes in relation to the daily course played in order to compute the team total. If either member is disqualified or otherwise does not submit a daily scorecard, the Team score will be ONLY the remaining members net score with a low net score of 100 for the disqualified player. No refunds will be given to either party because of disqualification. All decisions of the Team Competition committee are final. Scores/standings will be available at the nightly dinners.
    •For purposes of the Team Competition, there will be one division for all teams. The two-person teams may consist of female/female, female/male, or male/male.
    •For purposes of the Team Competition, the handicap index used by each participant to compete in the Mesquite Am will be the handicap index used for Team Competition. In the event that the Mesquite Am Tournament Committee makes adjustments to a competitor’s handicap during the event, said adjustments will be included in the NET scores for the Team Competition.
    •Prizes will be awarded to the overall top 20% of the teams entered in the competition. All entry fees will be distributed to participants, less expenditures. In the event of ties in the final standings, the following sequence will be used to determine standings: low team NET from round 3, low team NET from round 2, and finally, low team NET from round 1.

    •ENTRY FEE COLLECTION: The Entry Fee is $20.00 per player. Entry fee must be paid in CASH!! Entry fees will be collected from ALL participants in the Lounge at the Casablanca Resort on Sunday evening, May 25, 2014 from 6-9 pm or at the dinner on Monday night, May 26, 2014 from 6-8 pm. If you are unable to make these time periods, please call, text, or e-mail the Team Competition staff. Contact info is included in your confirmation once you register.

    1. christian says:

      As most of you have mentioned you have seen the Tentative rotation that went up on Saturday. Please keep in mind once we do final handicap checks starting May 1 we will put up an updated course rotation with index ranges and that may change the tees each flight will play based on the indexes. Then of course everyone will get their final course rotation at registration for the event but we will keep you up to date on any changes. Just about a month away and really looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.


  72. Stan Mahaffey says:

    We need 5 more players for Coral Canyon in Hurricane, UT on Saturday afternoon at 1 pm!! You can just show up if you want to play!!

  73. George Salcedo says:

    Gross Skins/Net Skins on Sunday at Coyote Springs and Net and gross on Monday at Falcon Ridge. 51 days folks. STMF

  74. Bob V. says:

    Are there any skin games on Sunday?

  75. Shaun Benninghove says:

    Hey Rich C. I would like to sign up for the Cigars Under the Stars. Shaun Benninghove and Randy Hines. You put on a great event, thanks.

  76. Rich Messina says:

    Hey George Salcedo , I need to get in on Mondays skins game please

  77. R DAVIS says:

    i must be able to spell

  78. R DAVIS says:

    stan what type on skins game gross. net are both, or birdie or btter ???

  79. Stan Mahaffey says:

    Hey everyone in the Super Seniors, I will be running the daily Skins Games in the Nicklaus, Palmer, & Player flights. $20/day!

  80. Rich C. says:

    As we get closer: A reminder to post your interest in attending the 5th Annual Cigars Under the Stars. We have room. Have cigars, smoke’em! Trinidad Paradox and La Aroma de Cuba – El Jeffes

  81. George Salcedo says:

    Correct, STMF

  82. Jeff says:

    I see you were up pretty early when you sent this. So I’m assuming you meant to say don’t send anything for Sunday(Ledges event), you’ll collect that at the course. You still need my check for Monday(Falcon Ridge event) this week. Correct? Thanks George.

  83. George Salcedo says:

    Do not send anything for monday. Collecting at the course. STMF

  84. Jeff says:

    George, I’ll be dropping the check in the mail Sunday night. I’m thinking about that game you have on Sunday if you still have room for me. I know you want $60 to hold my spot on Monday. What did you need for Sunday’s game at the Ledges just in case I can send a check for both events? Hopefully you will get my check by May 1st. Just not sure how fast or how reliable the post office is these days. But rest assured that it’s on the way.

  85. Rich Messina says:

    25 & wheels up .

  86. George Salcedo says:

    Just to let everyone know the skins game has filled up. Very good feeling. If anyone wants to be on the waiting list please feel free to email me at 27 days till wheels up. STMF

  87. Rich Messina says:

    You got that right buddy

  88. George Salcedo says:

    Last invites sent out for the skins game. We are up to 134 with about 4-6 maybes still out. Great turnout this year. The raffle is really starting to turn out with some great stuff as well. You do not have to be in the skins game to buy a raffle ticket. All proceeds from the raffle go directly to the charity. We will be selling raffle tickets at the skins check in which is sunday evening from 7-10 in the Casablanca bar and then again mon and tues night from our 2 tables in the middle of the tent at dinner. We will pull all raffle winners weds night in the tent after all the festivities are complete. Good luck and safe travels to all. here you go Rich. 27/647/38,820. Thats days hours and minutes till wheels up, haha. STMF

  89. Rich Messina says:

    Well George let’s hear it ,how many days till wheels up ! Im ready . Casablanca bar here get ready

  90. David DeRango says:

    David Dildy,

    Welcome to your first Mesquite AM, you will find as I did 9 years ago you will meet a bunch of realy nice people and a fun bunch to play golf with.
    Christian and his crue do a bang up job making this event the best it can be.
    That is why I have been coming back all these years.
    Hope to see you at the CasaBlanca bar Sunday night sign up for the raffle or a few cocktails.
    save travels.

  91. David Dildy says:

    Morning George..
    I noticed you say the course rotations. Where do I find them. I checked the web site and could not find anything. Since this is my first Mesquite Am. any info would be greatly appreciated.

    1. christian says:


      If you go to the webpage and on the home page at the top you will see a tab that says “info” if you go to the drop down you will see course rotation and you can see the tentative rotation there. We look forward to having you at your first Mesquite Amateur.


  92. George Salcedo says:

    Barry I just confirmed you. We are up to about 127 and I know of about 5 that usually sign up late. So with the usual drops and adds we should have a pretty full field. And just so everyone knows the raffle for the scholarship fund is coming around nicely. We have a entry into next years Mesquite Am, a brand new Cobra Amp Driver, Something coming from Nike, Entry into next years 1st Doing it with Bruce skins game and many other items. you don’t have to be in the skins game to purchase tickets for the raffle. Thanks for all your help folks. STMF

  93. Kerry says:

    Barry Johnston:

    Just go to the web site to sign up. It will also tell you if spots are still available.

  94. Barry Johnston says:

    George, still have spots in the skins game for Monday? Might be interested in two spots.

  95. David DeRango says:

    Whoops “MPH” silly me

  96. David DeRango says:

    I like my rotations but the Conestoga course scares me a little as long as the winds stay below 40mpg!!!! Right George.

  97. George Salcedo says:

    Well course rotations are out, I like mine. If you are in the Mens, Sr Mens or Ladies flight you are most likely gonna play Falcon Ridge. I have about 5 spots left in the skins game if you want in. See all of you soon. 41 days and wheels up. STMF

  98. George Salcedo says:

    To all of you, I just sent out what I hope to be the last of my invites for the skins game. We are just 24 short of a full field. Also on the email was info on our first silent auction item. It is a very big item and its being listed on my skins game website For those of you in the Pacific Northwest it would be a great fathers day gift for you and your partner. Can’t wait to see all of you in 49 days. STMF

  99. George Salcedo says:

    1st week of may Dave. Just sent out what I hopes is the last set of invites. Need 24 golfers to fill the field. STMF

  100. David DeRango says:

    I see you only have 25 spots left open.
    they should go quick.
    so when did you want the parrings.

  101. George Salcedo says:

    Have a very big raffle prize that will be auctioned off early for the Bruce King scholarship fund, especially those of you in the Pacific Northwest. As soon as we have the certificate we will give out the details. 55 days an i am wheels up. STMF

  102. Kerry says:


    80’s when I was in Mesquite a couple of weekends ago.

  103. Jeff says:

    Just got back from Myrtle Beach early this morning. Played 4 rounds of golf. Alright, I played 4 bad rounds of golf. The dreaded CPO! Reminded me of the World Am. Golf isn’t fun when you have to play with multiple layers of clothing on and rain gear is on to block the wind and cold. 1 1/2″ of rain on Sunday but managed to get a round in. If I were back at home I probably wouldn’t have paid money to play in that weather. That’s what happens when you plan a golf trip in March. Suppose to be 70 this time of year and we were lucky if it got to 50. Looking forward to Mesquite heat. Hopefully we’ll end up 90 and sunny every day. That’s perfect weather in Mesquite.

  104. David DeRango says:

    Yep 57 days till I am in Vegas, snow is gone but ground frozen and to cold to get out and play, our golf league stars 4/22 maybe by then I can get out.
    cannot wait for this one see you all soon.

  105. George Salcedo says:

    57 days till wheels up peeps, 120 or so in the skins game on Monday and almost 50 in the gross game on Sunday. Waiting to see the rotation to make my Saturday time. Hope thats soon. Once this latest bout of snow gets off the course I will start the practice with the new irons. Hope all is well with everyone. STMF

  106. David DeRango says:

    I do not know George??
    so much going on here and it is still COLD.
    62 and counting and what do I say!! cannot wait.

  107. George Salcedo says:

    david what calender are you looking at its 66 days and wheels up babe. Happy St Paddies day peeps. STMF

  108. David DeRango says:

    OK Rich C. has updated me there are only 36 people signed up for
    Cigar Under The Stars lets go people this is a great night after a great day.
    If not more for me!!!
    Whoops wrong count last time 73 days and counting just cannot wait.

  109. David DeRango says:

    ok will have that with me to
    only 70 days till I am in Vegas and I CANNOT wait!!!

  110. George Salcedo says:

    85 total on sunday Dave. STMF

  111. David DeRango says:

    OK George will do and for Sundays game only 50$ for the round?
    but 20$ for the skin right!

  112. George Salcedo says:

    Just hit 100 in the monday skins game and just about 50 for the sunday game at the ledges. Sign up are going well and so are the collection of items for the raffle. Can’t wait to see everyone. 72 days and wheels up. STMF

  113. David DeRango says:

    I will either bring the 60$ to you on that day at the Ledges or mail you another check!!!
    This really piss me off the mail is so not dependable.
    Thank you and you know I am good for it.

  114. George Salcedo says:

    I have not recieved it buddy. no worries, I trust you. STMF

  115. David DeRango says:

    I mail my check a month ago and donot see a $ by my name.
    did you receive it??
    let me know.
    thank you.

  116. George Salcedo says:

    Just to give out an update, We have over 80 players already for the 10th annual Doing it in the Desert event. We are taking up to 140 so still room for about 60. The raffle is coming in pretty nicely as well with one of the big prizes to given out a 2014 Mesquite Am entry. We are also playing sunday at the Ledges in St George in a little gross skins game warm up if anyone is interested. You can email me at 79 days and I am wheels up. STMF

  117. George Salcedo says:

    checking mail today Ron. STMF

  118. Ron Miller says:

    George, just checking to see if you have received my check. Was sent out last Wed.

  119. Rich Messina says:

    No thanks for Sunday ,I don’t know of the Ledges & will have check in mail very soon to you . Again see if possible pair with the McKinninon bros. Thks

  120. George Salcedo says:

    Were going to the Ledges on Sunday for the gross game as well. I saw that you signed up for monday do you want me to put you in for sunday as well. STMF

  121. Rich Messina says:

    Hey George Salcedo, what day is the warm- up skins ,how do I get in & can I get with the crazy canucks on that 4foursome .

  122. David DeRango says:


    snow and cold for us we get snow and like you it melts down and then more snow today no snow but some in the middle of the week.
    Air fare is booked and the tournament now need a car.

  123. Kerry says:

    Hey David,

    It is snowing here, Again. We have had snow on the ground since Dec 26th. This is not usual, we normally have melt down of everything, then more snow. But not this year. I think I will hit Mesquite next weekend.

  124. David DeRango says:

    OK let me know if you do not get it!! do not what to be left out!!
    87 days left for me till Vegas.
    and all I see is snow!

  125. George Salcedo says:

    Nothing yet, Dave but no worries we have time. Just to let everyone know the skins game is up to about 75 people with a max of 124. We might be able to take it to a full field of 140 but that will be it. The website is See ya in 89 days. STMF

  126. David DeRango says:


    any thing?? that was sent out the weekend of 2/9.
    you should of gotten it by now??? thanks

  127. George Salcedo says:

    I have sent out the invites to the first 100 golfers for the monday Doing it in the Desert skins game at Falcon Ridge. I already have about 60 signed up and we are taking the first 124 golfers. If you are interested the website is Good luck all. STMF

  128. George Salcedo says:

    No I haven’t Dave. I’ll check mail tomorrow. STMF

  129. David DeRango says:

    I do not see a $$$ next to my name did you get my check??
    let me know.
    thanks and cannot wait!!!

  130. Stan Mahaffey says:

    We have about 12 folks for a practice round at Coral Canyon or the Ledges on Sat afternoon about 2 pm, if anyone cares to join us. My e-mail is

  131. George Salcedo says:

    one side event that is coming back for its 10th year is Doing it in the Desert. Its the pre tourney skins/practice round. For more info please go to . Its a great way to start the week and who knows you might actually win some money. Good luck in your travels. STMF