Thank You All For Attending the 2010 Mesquite Amateur!

We hope everyone had a great time at this years Mesquite Amateur.  We appreciate your support of the tournament and we look forward to seeing you May 30 РJune 3 2011.

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7 thoughts on “Thank You All For Attending the 2010 Mesquite Amateur!”

  1. George Salcedo says:

    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New year. The Doing it in the Desert website will be up and running soon with this years info on the voluntary skins games. This years venue’s will be the new Conestoga course on Sunday for the Gross game and the great staff at Falcon Ridge will be hosting the Net game on Monday. Hope all is well with everyone. Remember if your not Doing in the Desert your just not Doing it. George

  2. David says:


    I am saving my tip money from my part time bartending job at our club, and I am working extra too so I can have enought money to get there.

    So God willing it looks good.


  3. David says:


    thanks for the up date, FYI lost my job 9/24 and could be tuff making it in 2011 but I am doing what ever I can not to miss it.

    wish me luck and yah what happend to the Blog dates are missing??

    have a great winter all.


    1. Christian says:


      I am Sorry to hear about your job.

      I looked on the blog and I do see the dates. What are you guys seeing that is wrong? Let me know


  4. Jerry says:


    As a first timer, I don’t think I have ever attended a better event. The players I met and played with were top notch. The staff and voluteers exceptional. The poker players might be a different story. No seriously a great poker event even tough I got knocked out of that just like the final at Casa Blanca. Can’t fault the course just a bad decision I couldn’t get out of. I was surprised to be playing on the 4th day. See everybody that shows up next year. Keep’em straight and in the fairway, bushes and desert are tough plays.

  5. David says:


    Again another great Mesquite Amateur, food was good the entertainment was fun, could not ask for a better time, thank you again for all you do and a big thank you to all the volunteers for there help.

    With my special thank you to all your servers bartenders and Chefs they did a great job.

    Now we wait another year.

    thanks again.

  6. Rich C. says:

    Thank you Christian for a great event! My golf was very suspect but I had a blast as always. Next year: Better Scotch selection and enough for the evening (see cigars under the stars blog page heading). If there is enough interest, we’ll have a 3rd Annual Cigars Under the Stars (-: