Thank You for Making The 10 Year Anniversary One to Remember

Thank you for everyone that attended we cannot wait to share another 10 years of memories with you.

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91 thoughts on “Thank You for Making The 10 Year Anniversary One to Remember”

  1. David DeRango says:

    Great Chirstan thank you,

    Linda loved the videos made her fell as if she was there, she was asking about the photos, so that is fine when ever you get them done.
    Do not know if she will visit next year either, she loved lounging around in Vegas.
    Have a great summer.

  2. Kerry says:


    Again, I want to thank you and your volunteers for a great 10th anniversary tournament. I have unfortunately come up with a conflict for next year’s tournament. My nieces wedding the weekend prior, and my son’s wedding the week after. So more than likely, will be unable to attend the 11th annual tournament. Banking on number 12 though. So, see you all in 2014. Or maybe a short howdo in-between weddings.

  3. David says:


    when did you say the 2012 phote will be up??

    thank you.

    1. christian says:


      We got a lot of photos to go through and they will be posted on the website soon.


  4. David DeRango says:

    Thanks again Christian, you are the best!!

  5. George Salcedo says:

    Thanks C, Great job again on the 10th anniversary. STMF

  6. christian says:

    I have created a new thread for Friends to catch up with each other. Please feel free to utilize that thread and we should be all good. Enjoy the Open this year!!

  7. David DeRango says:

    whoops!!! I may just knock over the beer again!!!

  8. David DeRango says:

    Man I missed that!! Ok George it is all yours I think you should use your golf
    I my just knock over the beer again.

  9. Kerry says:

    You are not in the running Jerry. It is already George’s honor.

  10. Jerry says:


    David might not know George did it and do it again. On second thought, I won’t know either one did it and I might do it to you also.

  11. Kerry says:

    Just remember, it is never a headache causing slap. Just enough to get the person’s attention. But I am surprised that you beat David to the offer.

    See everyone sometime next year.

  12. George Salcedo says:

    I call it, you an me Kerry. haha. STMF

  13. Kerry says:

    I was mistaken. My scores are there. All I had to do was look under the correct heading. Recent Scores, Not Revision. One of you is invited to do a Gibbs Head slap next Year. JUST ONE OF YOU.

  14. David DeRango says:

    I have posted my scores with my CDGA and they are there!
    So I am good.
    My instruction when well but have some work to do!! I did shoot a 83 on a tight course could of broke 80 if I followed all of the instructions but habits are tuff to break.

  15. Kerry says:

    I have posted my Tournament scores. I have just checked my score history, and they are not there. I will contact the folks and find out what happened.

  16. David DeRango says:

    OK!! so we are down 7 weeks 45 to go!! do you think I am crazy??
    well your right I am, that is how I get thru the day.
    This weekend going to get a little instructing on my game, Fathers day I got a 30min free lesson need all the help I can get.
    Still shooting low 40’s in my golf league but go 18 I am mid to upper 90’s love to know what I am doing wrong.
    Stay in touch people!!!!

  17. David DeRango says:

    Love to Stan but all out of vacation time.
    used most of my time up at the Mesquite AM.
    some day I will get out there.
    thanks for the offer.

  18. Stan Mahaffey says:

    IF any of the Mesquite Am players are coming to Myrtle Beach for the World Am, I’d like to invite you to join our events. Saturday , Aug 25th we will play a practice round at Shaftesbury Glen, on Sunday the 26th, we have a round sceduled at Surf Club – this is a private track that is not included in the World Am rotation. We also, run the Friday After the World Am and it will be held at Legends-Moorland on Aug 31. IF you would like the details to any of these events, just e-mail me at

  19. David DeRango says:

    Kerry, I did but having one day off in the middle of the week sucked!!
    I was out of vacation time.

  20. Kerry says:

    Hope everyone has had a Happy Fourth of July.

  21. George Salcedo says:

    Happy 4th everyone. Hope all is well. STMF

  22. David says:

    Happy 4th to all!!!

  23. Vegas Jack says:

    In spite of all the concerns we have on sandbagging and handicapping, here is the real deal on this.

    This is still without a doubt one of the most well organized, fun tournaments for it’s size in the USA. The Mesquite volunteers are the nicest and very best and as far as efficiency is concerned and they deserve to be thanked, big time. The job of the paid organizers of this event do not have an easy task and yet every year the transition from course to course, dinner, videos of the night, raffles, etc.. are seamless in their success. This is why I come back.

    With that in mind, see you all next year!

  24. David DeRango says:

    OK one month down 11 to go!! and it feels like for ever since we were in Mesquite, golf game up and down two weeks in a row iI shoot 40 in my golf league, play 18 shoot myself in the foot with an 92!
    how is anybody else doing???
    Trying to get out to Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend, if I do who is up for some Golf??
    Thanks Christian I am winning this time RIGHT!!!
    I have seen the videos, you can see me on Thursdays round at the end.
    keep in touch all!

  25. jim says:

    It was a great tourney. Couldn’t help but notice the lack of general photos and videos of 2012. Will that be updated soon?

    1. christian says:


      The videos are posted under “Media” then videos on the main page. I am waiting to get the final picture proofs from the photographer and once we get those we will post them.

  26. David DeRango says:


    Are we filling out our survey for this years event, and are you going to draw a winner for next year for a free entry??
    I have not seen that yet!
    thanks again.

    1. christian says:

      They should be coming out very soon.

  27. David DeRango says:

    Boys that is why golf is such a humbling sport, one day you shoot lights out and the next it put you in your place, no matter who you are.
    Like last night in my golf league I shoot a 40, a week later I shoot 50, that is why I love this game!!!
    almost one month down 11 to go!! LOL

  28. George Salcedo says:

    kerry, did not see you. Watched the whole open in amazement on Sunday. Watching the best in the world get humbled by the golf course was amazing. The mens division played Conestoga on day 3 this year and we did not play it all the way back. But I can imagine that if we did we would of been morally crushed. As it was only 1 or 2 golfers in over 90 broke 80 and I remember seeing the looks of most as they came into the clubhouse afterwards. It was not a look of joy. haha. But a great time had by all I hope . STMF

  29. David says:

    Did not see you that day today I will not get to watch to much of the open, but will be watching it all day fathers day!!!
    Today I played golf had a bad front 9 with a 47 put came back on the back 9 to shoot a 41, so an 88 is about 4 strokes over my average.
    Not too happy with this but a work in progress!!
    Happy fathers day all.

  30. Kerry says:

    Hey Jerry, and everybody else,

    Those of you who were watching the US Open today, Did you by chance see the Mesquite Amateur Shirt and Hat on the 9th fairway, Player’s Left?
    I was about 50 yards beyond the landing area of the player’s drives. Don’t remember the times, but was there about 2 hours before Tiger, Phil, & Bubba got there, about 45 Minutes after that. But I was on the Property for about 8 Hours. (10th Anniversary Editions)

    You know, 6 days of golf in Mesquite, back to work for a week, now 5 straight days with 2 to go at the Open, Man Am I RED.

  31. Jerry says:


    I respect the fact you don’t intend your Blog not to be controversial and directed at individual players. I agree we should not need to express our views against individuals directly in an open forum. However, I do believe the Blog is a place for players to state views that are personal to them for all to see, i.e., Tournament Staff and Players. If players disagree with the position being taken then you can draw a conclusion that things should probably stay as they are. No comment from the players about the subject matter or a common thread by players with the same issues should indicate the matter better be taken with alot of concern. Where else other than the Blog can players and Tournament staff speak openly about tournament concerns. Handicapping is a concern of the players and should always be at the top of change. Part of the problem I think lies with what is stated on the website versus what is stated more clearly in the Contestant Handbook which is more definitive. I for one like the control given to you and your staff by the Handbook but would like the rules inforced; like many others.

    As for a 10 Year Anniversary, It was sad for me to see only 26 names of players from the 10 year returnees. It is also sad to me to see only about 35% of the players in the flights that I look at each year. The only real consistent returnees seem to be the players playing in George’s Skin Games. The Skins only account for about 20% of the players each year. I would have to ask myself why my return rate was not at least 70% or is it something that I am overlooking like better player control. You have the Staff and Tournament structure down to a science. The only thing that keeps coming up as a possible need for change is handicap enforcement. For some reason this seems to be a big Blindspot.

    I for one am not interested to know how many beers one is going to drink over the next week. I do respect the fact it is stated very often and in various contexts. So keep them coming. In fact I am now going to go get one and watch the US Open. Have a great Summer of golf and post your scores regularly. Current records are important for this tournament. If you have two records post in both or have them linked together.

    1. christian says:


      I simply asked that if you did have handicap and verification comments put them under that thread not on this one. Second the 26 players that have played all 10 years is very strong and we are proud of those players. There are countless more that have played 9 years, 8 years etc. and had to miss for one reason or another. I think that has zero bairing on the tournament itself. It has to do with graduations, birthdays, injuries a whole multitude of things so I think you need to take that into consideration as well.

      Again and I don’t know how I can say or spell this any more clearly in that I am investigating some different things with the peer review for next year that I think everyone will be happy with but I will announce that when it is in place. I am not going to say it again until the tournament makes the announcement. So I hope you enjoy your frosty beverage and the US Open this weekend because I know I will.

  32. David DeRango says:

    I second that AMEN, and agree with Timmy!!
    see you all for the 11th anniversary.

  33. Timmy P. says:

    This was my first time at this tournament and not my last. I didnt play well but had a blast. George, great job with the skins. Christian, I have run $15,000 dart tournaments in Cleveland and haven’t got a tenth of the crap you are getting here. You and your crew did an awesome job! You will always have people trying to beat the system, and you will always have people complain, it comes with the territory. Just continue what you are doing and i hope to celebrate the 15th anniversary with you and the new friends i met!

  34. George Salcedo says:

    Amen C. See you in 48 weeks. STMF

  35. David DeRango says:

    OK I am with Kerry, lets close this issue and talk about other fun things we are doing for the rest of this year.
    Like playing golf first week back I shot my average in my golf league last Monday night WOW!! forgot how to play!!!
    As George said 49 weeks till I am doing it again in Mesquite can not wait from someone who drop his hand cap to 11.9 and shot 16 shots over his average the first day and 19 the second and 8 over the third day.
    Got to stop drinking so much!!
    Christian, thank you again for all you and your staff do, and hope to be in town again in November maybe we can get a round in??
    take care all hit them streight.

  36. Vegas Jack says:

    I would actually like to give an applause to the Stadler Flight in the Mens Seniors with a winner at 4 over par and no one in the flight close to under par for the 3 days. This is honesty at the utmost. In fact if you look at the entire top 10 a 3 day total of 232 (17 over par) came in 10th.

    I have to honestly say Christian is a straight up guy. If you call him with your good ideas for a bettter way that benefits all of us, he will return your call and listen to your ideas.

    I agree with Kerry for the time being, I am done with it also, but this issue must not go away until it is fixed.

    Be advised to those in my flight next year, I am doing a peer review on every one of you before I show up in Mesquite, because it is not just me you are cheating, you are cheating everyone in the field and golf in general. I am tired of it. If you seem to just shoot those low scores in tournaments, post a quick 20 scores to get that number up again and you are not on restriction or adjusted I will be coming after you via your states handicapping body and board; but this time it’s before you show up.

    1. christian says:

      I want to remind people as to what this blog is developed to be. It is an informational place for people to share information and thoughts on the event.

      There are certain threads for certain topics and unfortunately this thread has become a handicap debate thread.

      As I have said countless times to people in person, e-mail , blog etc. There are things that we are working on in all areas to make the event better. We always appreciate peoples comments (good and bad) as we do listen and try new things to make the event better.

      My feeling if you keep doing the same thing then there is not any progress in quality of the event. There are some things that we try that clearly don’t work and we evaluate those things and change them for the future.

      I understand that some blogs are used to take the opportunity to post personal attacks and take shots at events and people that is not what this blog is or will be about . So if you feel it necessary to take shots then go ahead and send me an e-mail directly and I am more than happy to personally answer them for you.

      This event takes pride in listening to the players and making changes (with in reason). This year was a celebration of 10 great years of this tournament and that is what this thread is for thanking the players and their guests for supporting this event from the people that it was their first year attending to the people that have been here all 10 years and everyone in-between. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year and until then play well.


  37. Kerry says:

    You know Folks,

    I think we should call this subject Closed.

    Thank You Christian for running a swell Tournament.

    And I for one will more than likely return for many more.

    So to all my fellow Golfers, I bid a good night.

    And see you on Monday night, May 27, 2013.

    Last Place Kerry

  38. Lee says:

    The mistake Mr. Perkinson made was to think that the net score was the under par score. example… a 10 handicapper shoots 88, 87 for a total of 175 gross and his net was 155 that does not mean he is 20 under par. the only time people were adjusted was when they had an exceptional round of net 66 or better. If you look at how Mr. Perkinson was figuring it everyone was exactly their two days worth of handicap under par. Christian does a great job, keep it up!

  39. Jerry says:

    What a difficult subject to fix on the blog or in emails to Christian directly? That is the true handicapping of players in a tournamnet of this size. It is sad to think a “gentlemens (this is not meant to leave the ladies out) game” has gone to the game of numbers and deceit. I believe there needs to be more control of the players by the tournament staff in regards to handicapping. The Rules are in force that can be used but to date have been almost ignored or only partially applied. This tournament should fill up by the close of the first price increase. The courses, staff and player friendships are some of the best around. But player turnover is to high from year to year. Players are burned by the handicap records of those who choose to let their indexs increase by 2-4 points, those who choose to only post favorable scores to their higher indexs, those who choose to only post a few rounds from tournament to tournament, ..etc. And believe me I have done enough review to support all of this. Sand baggers, cheats and scoundrals need to be take control off by the tournament staff or this tournament will get the distinct reputation of being the place for all cheaters and baggers to play. We will always have the occasional player that comes to take advantage of the game and the other players due to amoral standards. However I would like to propose the following to help in setting tournament handicap indexs: 1. Use the lowest handicap index of a player from the last 12 month history. 2. Refuse to allow players who do not have current records,i.e., players with at least 20 scores from the last 12 months. 3. Refuse to allow players who have not posted their tournament scores. We have returning players every year with zero tournament scores. 4. Keep records and form a tournament index that will be used if lower than current index for past players.

    This torunament ought to be for the players first and economy of Mesquite second. If the players feel they are being taken care of properly the economy will grow as a result. This is in my opinion the best Amateur Tournament that I have been involved with. But it is time to be more assertive to insure the players are treated as fairly as possible in relation to the Golf. Everything else about this Tournament is exceptional.

  40. Jeff says:

    Peer review? Tried to explain the peer review of our winner with Christian and his non-help. If a guy drives a ball like a 2-4 HCP, hits irons like a 2-4, chips, putts and hits bunker shots like a 2-4 but somehow comes in ever year with a 8-9 HCP and wins his flight or ends up in the championship round almost every year then obviously I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about because he posts tournament scores that are within what they call “normal”. Speaking of posted rounds, why are the good “T” scores posted as regular rounds and the others posted as “T”‘s?

  41. George Salcedo says:

    Bobby it was good meeting you. I hope my suggestion for hydration helped you. Good luck down at the beach this year. Hope you bring it home again. As for everyone else, I have already booked my house for next year, anyone got that beat. Only 338 days till were back, like to be prepared, haha. STMF

  42. Bobby Perkinson says:


    Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Having a Tournament Director that will look at comments and suggestions in an effort to improve the game makes it that much better. My wife and I had a great time and look forward to next year. Hopefully, we will be able to plan ahead and get more players from our area to attend. And, congratulations to Suzanne Madej and Wayne Higgins for their great play on the last day.

    Bob Perkinson

  43. Vegas Jack says:

    If your handicap is legitimate (not a bagger vance) and the slope and ratings are adjusted accordingly MEANING IN PLAIN ENGLISH: more strokes for harder courses, less strokes for easy courses …. You should still not ever be shooting more than 6 under par and especially not 2, 3 or 4 days in a row. It is not about setiing the course easy or hard is about adjusting the stroke before you play and adjusting unusual scores after you play. Easy or hard don’t mean shit, if you give people the strokes based on the course.

    Some courses are easier (a 10 handicap should get 8 or 9 strokes) and some courses are harder (a 10 handicap should get 11 or 12 strokes), but no matter how Christian tries the SANDBAGGERS will still triumph.

    Had a person in my flight that was a 9.4 in February 2012, posted 20 scores in the high 80’s in March and April wiping out all prior handicap(did a peer review, too bad after the fact) came in with a 12.6. He only picks up 3 strokes a day for a total of 9 strokes over 3 days and my answer is you can’t beat a sandbagger NOT NOW … NOT EVER, if your handicap is legitimate.

    Christian does the best he can, but when the Masters division has people shooting a 3 day score of 214, 2 under par and very good golfing under USGA standards and you are in 14th place it is a disgrace and a slap in the face to golf as much as the Bradley-Pacquio decision is to boxing.

    I think Christian has some ideas for next year, give him a chance and even though it is about fun, a social event, dinner and all the other stuff, last but not least it is a GOLF COMPETITION and I myself can not compete against sandbaggers, so I just have fun and do the best I can.

    But next year if you are in my flight, I will be doing a peer review before we get to Mesquite.

  44. Bobby Perkinson says:

    Another comment concerning the adjustments making the players closer to par: What about the players that were not adjusted? If you will note the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th place players after three days were never adjusted
    and they were certainly not closer to par.

    If you are going to adjust, it needs to be done fairly and not a pick and choose process.

    My final comment, bye.

    1. christian says:


      I appreciate your comments and feedback. We are looking at some other options for peer evaluation before, during and after the event moving forward. As soon as we make those changes we will be announcing them to everyone. We appreciate your support of the event and we look forward to seeing you in 2013.


  45. Bobby Perkinson says:


    An example would be: And hopefully this does not offend anyone. After the second day, Mr. Arnie Fields was 23 below his handicap and he was adjusted the third day from 11 to 8 strokes. However, Mr. Cal Phelps was 29 below his handicap and he was not adjusted at all. How does that calculation come about?

  46. jim says:

    Jeff, Actually there should have been about 20 break par in that flight. It has nothing to do with length of course. More to do with course rating.

  47. Jeff says:

    Bobby, 15 guys in your flight under net par? Pretty obvious they set the courses up too short for you guys. Do they think you guys are ready for the nursing home or something and can’t hit it past your walker? I understand why you won the World Am back-to-back. They think you can’t hit the ball for distance because of your age. Keep up the good work. I’ll put you as the favorite to three-peat the World Am if they keep you on the tee boxes they put you at last year.

  48. Bobby Perkinson says:

    I really enjoyed the trip. Other than getting too hot and not taking care of myself properly from the heat it was a fun tournament. However, I would like to comment on the adjustment also. The Master’s flight was adjusted accordingly after the first two days:

    1st place 18 below handicap adjusted
    2nd place 23 below handicap adjusted
    3rd place 21 below handicap adjusted
    4th place 12 below handicap adjusted
    5th place 17 below handicap no adjustment
    6th place 23 below handicap adjusted
    7th place 29 below handicap no adjustment
    8th place 27 below handicap adjusted
    9th place 31 below handicap no adjustment
    10th place 23 below handicap no adjustment
    11th place 28 below handicap no adjustment
    12th place 27 below handicap adjusted
    13th place 33 below handicap adjusted

    I worked real hard to try and get in the last day but failed due to the adjustment. And, I do not mind getting adjusted as long as we have a good set of rules for the adjustment and that everyone is treated equally.

    1. christian says:


      I am a little confused by your number in relation to place for example 13th place 33 below handicap adjusted? If you can clarify I can then try to answer your question.

      I will say this the Masters division was difficult because it was quite apparent that the course set up was too easy. You all played the same course and set up and a lot of you scored very well. If you look at the day 3 scores after the first two days of adjustments the scores seem to be closer in line with the flights handicap (shooting closer to net par).

  49. David DeRango says:

    Paul & Neil
    I understand the Navy man in your father, my father too was a Navy man during WWII and very Mermorial Day in Mesquite I were my flag polo and a cross for him and for all of our military who were in all wars.
    Thank you two for being such good people and I look forward to seeing the Crazy Canucks again and more of your great Canadian beer.
    take care “EH”

  50. Crazy Canucks says:

    We (Neil & Paul) would like to thank all of our Mesquite Family for the many condolences. As George had mentioned we got the news of our father’s death by phone while we returned to Canada. Our father was in the Canadian Navy protecting North American waters during WWII and we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the men and women that fought during WWII. The Crazy Canucks will be back next year with more Canadian beer for our friends. We ran out on the first night and forgot to save some for our practice round. Shame on us. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. Paul & Neil MacKinnon

  51. Vegas Jack says:

    Kerry is right. Summer twilight in Mequite and I will be there the last week in June and once a month this summer ….. GOLF: Coyote Springs $39, Palmer $23, Casablanca $17, Falcon Ridge $25, HOTEL: 3 nights at the Virgin River with breakfast $90, T-bone steak for $12 a night plus tip and a 1 hour massage $70.

    Total package for 4 rounds playing in 4 hours or less, 3 nights hotel and food, massage, about $320 ……. priceless!


  52. Barry Johnston says:

    My first Mesquite Am. Had a wonderful time, played great courses & met some wonderful people. Here is a blog I did during the event with pics and my thoughts. Hope to be back in ’13 with some friends this time.

    My only “dislike” about the event was the blue tees for my flight. Hasn’t the committee heard of the Tee It Forward campaign promoted by the USGA & PGA of America? Rounds would be faster and more fun for 10.0 to 14.4 index if played from around 6500 yards instead of the 6850 that we played from on two days.

  53. Rich C says:

    It was another great year and quite the milestone for the tournament. I appreciated being part of not only the golf but my Cigars Under the Stars Wednesday after dinner. We had 98 attend. Congrats to Steven from Oklahoma on his grand prize collector’s humidor. Looking forward to next year.
    My thoughts are with our Canadian Brother’s and thier families.

  54. David DeRango says:

    What!!! Kerry, and you did not invite me???
    that is ok I have no vacation time left!!
    have fun a post your scores!!

  55. Kerry says:

    My 5 night stay at the end of June is going to cost me less than my 4 night stay during the tournament. $22 plus Tax, a night. Golf for 5 days: No Charge.

  56. Ron says:

    Thanks for the answer. Already looking forward to next year. And thank you and all the others who put the tournament on.

  57. David DeRango says:

    John W. well it worked on me Blue tee’s messed with my mind (if I had any)
    I know the feeling on getting old cannot remember my name sometimes.
    every day after my round I was to busy drinking, that could be my problem??

  58. Dave DeRango – YES, I posted my scores to my handicap system every day after we played! When you get older you’ve got to do it quickly or you forget!
    As to the Blue Tees, I did a little research on the past 3 years of scores and the 10 – 14 handicap flights in every age group historically had many more rounds of “better than net par” (about twice as many on average) than other handicap ranges, so I think moving back to Blue Tees may have been Chrisitan’s way of correcting this – and it worked!

  59. Ron says:

    Christian, can you tell me wht Jon Clemens (masters-Nelson) was not adjusted for a net 60 in round 2. I shot a net 63 and was adjusted 4 strokes. Not complaining, just want an explanation.

    1. christian says:


      I will be very honest I went back and looked and we missed it as he was so far back. We do go through the whole flight for adjustments and he should have been adjusted for the net 60. It was an oversight on our part.

  60. David DeRango says:

    Posted my bad scores to my CDGA index even my skin games.
    anyone post there scores yet?
    tee time was ok for me, the heat not a problem and long rounds for my group were not bad.
    But how come we were on the blue tee’s?? do not remember being that long last year?
    Last Monday night in my golf league shot my average 43!! were was that in my rounds!! maybe I should of just hit the ball!
    great time again as always keep in touch all I will check the blog from time to time.

  61. Vegas Jack says:

    Hey Ray, try playing in that sun for 6 hrs 20 minutes day one, 6 hrs 5 minutes day two and 5 hrs 30 minutes day 3.

    8:00 AM is perfect especially for those going to Coyote Springs, but I would like to see my division next year Tee-off about 11:00 AM so we can finish and go straight to dinner, lol.

    In spite of all, it is always great meeting those special people who you trade numbers with and stay friends with forever.

  62. Mark Lynch says:

    Thanks for inviting me to the Mesquite Am this year and get to say a few words. Sorry I could only make the first night but it was great to see the tournament is in good hands and will continue to be a great tournament. Hopefully, I will make it back before the 15th Anniversary!

    To all the many friends I made through the first five years, it was great to see you all. To all the volunteers that continue to support the event, the event does NOT happen without you, you are the best group of volunteers I ever worked with. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hi.

    When I left Tuesday morning I saw a lot of players getting ready for their first round. As a tournament director I always loved to watch the faces on Tuesday morning with all that anticipation and excitment of the tournament and wondering to myself what will they look like in a few days – the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. In the end though everyone has a smile on their face and looking forward to another shot at playing in what I feel is the best Amateur tournament in the country. I miss that.

  63. Ray says:

    Third time to play and as always, it was great and very well run, Christian! Only complaint is the 8:00am start time. Nice in the morning but brutal on the last three or four holes every day. It made a big difference in my groups. The heat was tough. We know it will be hot but that is just bringing more into play. 7:30 worked well in the past and 7:00 would work even better but I am sure the course maintenance crews would squawk

  64. Charles (Gene) Patterson says:

    Had a great time,but would like to see scores, round by round. Can you let us know when you’ll post this year’s scores. Curious about Friday round. Also, trying unsuccessfully to access photo gallery. I found the tournament and evening events to be a lot of fun, but truthfully your website leaves a lot to be desired. Hope to be back next year.

    1. christian says:


      Scores are posted. If you go to the main page and look under event info you will see scores for 2012 and all should be posted for you to review and post your scores. Pictures are on there way the photographer is getting me the CD then we will work to get them posted on the website.


  65. Chuck says:

    Had a wonderful week, for my first time! My thanks to the staff for making this a very fun event. Made some new friends & of course some friends I already know. I look forward to returning for many years to come! Thanks again to all the volunteers, & staff for a very fun week of golf!

  66. Ron says:

    Had a great time again at the tourney, got adjusted for first time in my life and hope to shoot another round good enough to get adjusted next year, only question I have is why Jon Clemens(in my flight, Masters-Nelson) shot a net 60 on second day and didn’t get adjusted.

  67. David says:

    Very questionable handicap by our top flight winner. Not doubting his playing ability, but, I see he’s posted his tournament scores. Problem is he forgot to post his exceptional rounds under “T” for tournament scores. Maybe he also forgot to post his good number rounds from the appropriate tee box as well on his other scores. That might explain a lot.

  68. Kerry says:

    Christian My Good Man,

    We are going to get a picture of our 2012 Champion on the Main Page, aren’t we? Also with the dates of the 2013 Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament?


    1. christian says:

      Yes Suzanne Madej’s picture will be going up today. Dates for 2013 are May 27-31, 2013. If anyone held onto the program from the event the dates are listed inside the back cover. Thanks!

  69. George Salcedo says:

    David, i think it was because you hit the ball so low. haha. Great meeting you, have a great golf year in Canada. STMF

  70. David Patterson says:

    My first Mesquite Amateur. It was great. Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers that take the time to make a great week for us golfers. Shot 94, 79 and 105. Got “adjusted” without an explanation as to why (as a side note: players should not be “adjusted” without being given an explanation and a chance to have input). I made many new friends in the Mickelson flight, like George Salcedo and the Jolley brothers – Chris and Scott. Looking forward to doing it again…

    1. christian says:


      We are glad you had a good experience at the Mesquite Amateur. We do advertise the Tournament office that you are free to come talk to us about any adjusting that happens during the event. We look forward to seeing you next year.

  71. Vegas Jack says:

    Makes a Callaway gift card seem trivial when there are so many more inportant things in life, like the most important …. family.

    I am very sorry for their loss and may he rest in peace.

  72. David says:

    Neil & Paul,
    Again I am so sorry for your lose.
    Rest in Peace to your father.

  73. David says:

    First and foremost Christian and another great and spectacular tournament, all I can say is thank you over and over to you and your outstanding volunteers. I had a great time no matter how bad I played.
    The food was great the courses were in great shape entertainment ok.
    To all the new people I met and friends made stay in touch on this blog or my email.
    Have a great summer all and the rest of the year (which I will need to really work on my game!!)
    Crazy Canucks it was outstanding meeting you thanks for the Molson and congratulations on your win in your flight.
    But would also like to add I am very sorry for your loss of your father I know he is proud of both of you.
    Until next time take care all and see you in 51 weeks, really!!! Cannot wait like you never heard that one before!!

  74. Dan says:

    Well done Christian and kudos to all the volunteers…til next year

  75. Kerry says:

    Neil & Paul,

    I am so sorry for your lose.
    It was great to meet you this year.
    May your Pops Rest in Peace.

  76. George Salcedo says:

    On a sad note, on the way home from the tourney the Crazy Canucks, Neil and Paul found out that their father George had passed from a heart attack. I am sure many of you that had the chance to meet them both would want to take the time to either post a note or email them. To the Canucks, RIP to your pops. STMF

  77. Kerry says:

    Well, All is said, and All is done. Until Next year.

    Good Night Gracie.


  78. George Salcedo says:

    Well its there to say that hasn’t been said. Per the usual, I had a wonderful time. Golf was great, food was good, entertainment was ok and seeing all my friends exceptional. Already booked my condo for next year and am counting down the days. I hope everyone made it home ok and hope you all have a great golfing summer. To all my playing partners for the week, thankyou for being the best. George STMF

  79. Kerry says:

    I would like to Thank Christian and ALL the Great Volunteers for another Spectacular Tournament, Again. Now back to the Diet, Gained 7 lbs over the week, Thanks. And while you all are watching the US Open on Friday, June 15th, Watch for the Mesquite Amateur Shirt and Hat in the crowd. I will be on the Property all day more than likely. I will be there all week, But Friday is the only Tournament day that I will not be Working as a Volunteer. So you may see me Thursday Afternoon or Saturday & Sunday Mornings driving a Multi-Passenger Golf Cart taking Disabled to different Viewing areas. Until Next Year. And JERRY will be doing the count.


  80. Randall says:

    No Thank you Christian. This was my first year and I had a Ball!!! Other than being adjusted when I shouldn’t have been. 🙂 You run a very organized tournament!!!