Thank you to all participants and guests for another great 2011 event!

Thanks to all that supported the event this year.  It was another great year and we are already planning for the 10 year anniversary May 28-June 1, 2012. 

Couple of notes.  We will be sending every player a final letter with thier scores.  It is up to the player to post their tournament scores from the event.  We will also be offering a survey in the coming weeks so please take the time to fill it out as we do need your suggestions to make the event better.  Plus we will raffle off a free entry to the 2012 Mesquite Amateur for everyone that fills out the survey before July 31, 2011.


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115 thoughts on “Thank you to all participants and guests for another great 2011 event!”

  1. George Salcedo says:

    Just thought I would let everyone know its only 27 weeks till we are at Falcon Ridge for the gross game and we are Doing it in the Desert. Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday by far. The four ‘f’s” Family, Friends, Food and Football. Be well and STMF George

  2. Kerry says:

    Well said George. And we would never ask you to leave.
    Stan, maybe, but never you. Just joking Stan.

  3. George Salcedo says:

    yea Joe there is issues, like with all venues. I do agree with you. Theres many reasons for it, from the dreaded SB word to the “I had the luckiest day in the world” excuse. I have played in a lot of amateur tourney’s and for the WHOLE experience Mesquite is the best for me. The weather, people, courses and of course the ability to gamble makes this venue the one I will be at till they ask me to leave. If you ever want to discuss this event feel free to email me at just remember if your not Doing it in the Desert your just doing it wrong. STMF George

  4. Kerry ( Iam NoOne ) says:

    Hey Joe
    But you have no problems with a 21 shooting a 115?
    Some one had a good day, IT DOES HAPPEN, and some one had a bad day.

  5. Joe says:

    Just looked at results page, I was really thinking about entering until I seen a 23 handicap can shoot a 79 and nobody does anything about that??? WOW, B.S.

  6. David says:

    Miss the warm dry desert, same old Chicago weather wet and cold!!
    going to try and play a round today but right now rain and cold,so what is new but the sun may be coming out soon, so now it will be damp and cold!
    How many months left?? Ho yeh 7 months!! 2 weeks!!
    well at least I will be in Vegas in 4 weeks, let me know Christan if we will get a round in that week??

  7. David says:

    it was not ME!!! man Christan I thought that drink we had together would seal the deal!!!

    I will be in Vegas the week of the 21st and yes it is Thanksgiving week, maybe tuesday or Wednesday we can get a round in???
    let me know.

  8. Kerry says:

    And the winner is? Oh, we won’t know until after Sept 30th.
    That was the cut-off date for everyone to fill out the Survey,
    and be entered. 🙂 if I win. 🙁 if I don’t.

    1. christian says:


      You are correct September 30th so if you have not filled out the survey you still have time. We appreciate everyones feedback that has already filled it out. Can’t wait to see who the winner will be.


  9. george says:

    Well if it was announced it wasn’t me, guess I’m not the favorite. Boo Hoo. STMF

  10. Jerry says:

    Did I miss the announcement of the Survey Submission Mesquite Entry Winner? 15 September or 31 September? Who is the most recent favorite Son or Daughter?

  11. Kerry says:

    Christian, David, & George

    I hope you don’t mind the JOTD or tid-bits that I send you via e-mail. If so, just let me know, and you will not receive them anymore. (maybe)

  12. Kerry says:

    Only play good when there is no pressure. Low 90’s. Mesquite Am equals low 100’s, or 110’s.

  13. David says:

    sounds good Kerry and maybe we can get Christian to play with us? how is your golf game going? mine is not bad keeping it in the low 80’s!!

  14. Kerry says:

    Hey, just found this new secure (we hope) blog attached to the Mesquite Am website. So should I delete the other from my bookmarks?


    Maybe in November

    1. christian says:


      Yes you should utilize the new blog site in your bookmarks..

  15. David says:

    Hey boys and Girls I was in Vegas over the holiday and I was HOT and I mean HOT 104+ everyday did to much of very thing else but play golf!!!

    next time in Vegas will be the week of thanksgiving let me know if anyone will be there we can get some golf in.

  16. David says:

    I see the photos are in for the 2011 Mesquite they look great makes me miss all the fun. How many months left till we are doing it again 9 !!!!

    Christian, what ever happen to the 2010 photos???

  17. David says:

    Wow Irene is pounding the east cost the tournament may be in jeopardy?
    Does this happen to this tournament all the time??
    That is way I like Mesquite better just have to worry about the heat!! And the wind sometimes.
    Be safe guys.

  18. David says:

    Ok Christian, this looks good like this better cleaner.
    just keep the drug guy out of here.

  19. David says:


    the drug guy is back!!!

    1. Christian says:

      Yeah I know. I am cleaning it up again now. We are about to launch an updated blog today or tomorrow which should finally solve this thing. You guys will not notice too much of a difference on your end but it will help filter this stuff. I appreciate your guys patience on this.


  20. David says:

    OK change my swing to a two piece swing and what a difference it made for the first time!
    payed 18 last Saturday and shot 80 needing a bird to brake 80 just missed it!!
    This was incuraging need to work a little on my direction more, so watch out Mesquite AM.
    I will be ready for next year!! OH yah
    just over 9 months (yes I know I am sick)!!
    but that is how I get thru the day!

  21. David DeRango says:

    Christian it sounds as if your nervies are taking over just stay with it I have been there before.
    you will do fine. hit them streight.

  22. Kerry says:

    We know you can do it. Bring it home. And I’m sure you are talking up the Mesquite Am.

  23. Kerry says:

    Go get em big guy

  24. george says:

    Great job C. You go get those Minnasoooota folks, bring em down to the desert and show them what golf in the sand is all about. G STMF

    1. Christian says:

      Played and met some great guys today. We were rolling right along in best ball and then doubled 3 holes in a row and topped it off with a triple on a par 3. Tomorrow is alternate shot so it is still anyones ball game.

      1. Christian says:

        Another round and another group of good guys. Had a lot of laughs and we scored better in alternate shot…..but we played with the guys first in our flight and they got us by two strokes so did not make up any ground. Played an emergency 18 so we are primed for tomorrow two person scramble.

  25. Kerry says:


    Same guy as last time. Christian just deleted the last one.


    May be down south around Thanksgiving myself. But not sure yet. will keep you posted.

    Wheels Down & 80 MPH

    1. Christian says:

      Hey guys,

      I am sorry about the spam. Got it cleaned out just could not stay on top of it while I traveled today. We are working on an upgrade for the blog that should be launched soon. Hopefully that will solve that issue. In Minnesota right now at the Grand Slam Am and going to work on bringing some more people from Minnesota to the Mesquite Amateur. Tomorrow is the first round 2 man best ball. I will let you know how we do.


  26. george says:

    Golf blog, or drug retailer. I’m thinking the first. STMF

  27. David says:

    First thing George take care of that we want you back in Mesquite!!

    Second I am also in Vegas in Nov. the 21st to the 27th, let me know?
    if not Golf maybe a cocktail or two??

  28. george says:

    No go dave. I won’t be back to Vegas till Nov. And probably not playing at that time. I had a small accident at work and have a possible torn MCL and Minescus. We will see. STMF

  29. David DeRango says:


    how about a round in Vegas that weekend??

    I am there from 8/31 to 9/4??


  30. george says:

    Always working it Christian, I like it. STMF

  31. David says:

    Ok I said you would know I am nuts, 10 months to go till the 10th anniversary of Mesquite Amateur well more like 9 months 24 days.
    Man I need a hoby!!! maybe Golf will help??

    Any body up for the two man scramble at The CasaBlanca Golf Club September the 3rd??
    I am in Vegas?? just an hour away.
    Drop me an email at
    I am droping my hotmail account it was hacked into a few months ago.
    HTS(hit them streight)

    1. Christian says:


      That will be a great weekend to be in Mesquite! We have the Smokin in Mesquite BBQ Championship that weekend. So after the round stop by CasaBlanca and try some of the nations best bbq!


  32. David says:

    well 25 days and I will be in my home away from home Vegas!!

  33. David says:

    What the ?!?!? is all this stuff??

    Christian, when you get a chance get rid of this crap!!thanks.

    Hey I will be in Vegas on 8/31 to 9/4. any one whats to hook up and play a round let me know.


    1. Christian says:


      The spamers found a way around the filters I have set up. I found a remedy which I should stop it.


  34. David says:

    I have done my survey at least three times and I do expect to win the free entry, LOL.
    Chicago is vote early vote often!!

    Dale, I know what you mean after a long cold winter my game is for s#!@, and after the Tournament a week or so I am shooting in the low 80’s. A day late and a dollar short?!?!?

    Play well.

  35. Dale says:

    Thanks George will be looking forward to the two skin games no matter where you make arrangements for me they are just great fun with a great bunch of guys.

    I hope they do bring the Conestoga into the rotation just hope I am lucky enough to draw it if they do. Hope the storms didn’t cause any real damage, what a year for storms all across the US

    My game is starting to come around again just in time to go to MB, that way I can get in a flight I can not compete in, happens this way every year.
    hit them straight, Dale

  36. David says:

    very funny, like it.

    I think they are going to put Conestoga on the rotation soon may not be next year but soon, and yes sweet course with out the 50+ winds.
    in the last two weeks heavy storms knocking out power 3 times what a pain!!sorry about no rain, same with my sister in Texas no rain too.
    play well all!

  37. Kerry says:

    Try this:
    1- Open Google Maps (directions)
    2 – Type China as your starting point
    3 – Type Taiwan as your destination.
    4 – Read step 48
    5- When you stop laughing….re post this so someone else can have a laugh!

  38. george says:

    We will try to go back there in 2013. We have signed Falcon Ridge for the Gross game and The Palms for the big net game. Try to move it around a little. But your right that wind was unreal. But the course was awesome. STMF

  39. Dale says:

    Thanks George it makes perfect sense now and is quit a good staying. And by the way thanks for running the two skin games. Lets play Conestoga when the wind isn’t blowing 50 MPH that is one fine golf course.

  40. george says:

    stay thirsty my friend for me its a way of saying “always want for more” and never give up so STMF

  41. Dale says:

    Just a couple of things. What the hell is rain and to show you how dumb I am what does STMF stand for, I have read this blog since way before the MA and George has used this forever so my curiousity has got the best of me. I am from Midland,Texas and we set a new record of most consecutive days at 100+ “14” then dropped to 97 and 98 then back in the 100’s and we have had .16″ of mositure since Oct. of last year we are on water rationing for the first time in the 23 yrs I have lived here.On the bright side we are playing golf whenever we feel inspired to do so. The other good thing is our golf course has their own water wells so the course is in great condition.Does STMP fit here?

  42. george says:

    Just took my survey and I do expect to win the free entry, haha. Hot as hell here in Va. But I’m employed, kids are healthy and its only 45 weeks till the next Mesquite Am. STMF George

  43. Dave says:

    Let’s not talk about rain, I live in Carlsbad, NEW Mexico and we have not had any measurable rain dateing back to the end of September of 2010, and 103 has been the average temp for the last 8 weeks.

  44. David says:


    we would kill for some rain?? we have had all of 2/10 of an inch all of July!!
    plus 99F and 90% humidity for the last week.
    HOT but can play Golf in that.
    as George would say STMF and after a hot round a few cold ones are good.
    take care all.

  45. Kerry says:

    Day off with Thunderstorms. No golf again.

  46. David says:

    Well that course in Organ IL. kicked my @$$ again ever in Organ you got to play Silver Ridge GC. and for a Saturday $41 for 18 is good price.
    Geroge here in Chicago it is hot as HELL to!!
    big storms came thru we are out of power since Monady and will be out till Friday.
    Comed are @$$#@!%&?!?!?!?!?!
    keep play golf guys!!

  47. george says:

    Well thats too bad for sassy. She doesn’t know what she’s missing. Her loss. Hope all are having a great summer so far. Its been hot as hell here in Va. Too hot for the mountain area. Had a great visit with Lee Mishler and his family over the 4th on their trek to the DC area. Hope all are well. STMF George

  48. Kerry says:

    Sorry Christian, Nancy, of Sassy Golf, sent me a message, and she is not interested. Hope you are having a good time in Hawaii.

  49. Kerry says:

    Met the owner of Sassy Golf this weekend at the US Women’s Open Golf Tournament. She was one of the Hole Sponsors for the Volunteers of the hole that I was a marshal on. I suggested that she check us out. Maybe become a sponsor, or bring her girls down and play in the 2012 Tournament. They are out of the Denver area.
    I did mention that you were on vacation presently, and to give you a couple weeks to contact you Christian. By the way, How is Hawaii?

  50. David says:

    camping this weekend played a course in Organ Il shot an 88 and it kicked my @$$ will pay again on Saturday we will see who is better??

  51. David says:

    Geroge thank you and I hope you and every body had a great 4th!!

    Hey you guys coming to Chicago for the 2012 Ryder Cup let me know the days you will be in town or have some time to play golf I work part time at the Hilton Indina lakes and get a discount round for us, as long as our courst is not too busy with the Ryder cup I will see what I can do.

    drop me a note at
    and let me know.
    take care.

  52. Kerry says:

    Just bought the new Callaway Irons this year.

  53. Jim O says:

    Heres the move… commit to the open in the meantime start laying down hints about the new golf clubs you need…then you get the brillant idea that you can win enough callaway script in mesquite (650)to buy those new callaway irons. Wife will say no then you tell her ok if i dont win in Mesquite then i promise no new clubs. She will figure either way shes out more money and will grow tired of your constant attempt of reasoning with her and finally just say FINE.. GO TO MESQUITE.
    It works trust me

  54. David says:

    happy 4th to you to.

    you boys comming into Chicago for the Ryder cup lets get together for some golf.

    I can try to get us tee times at my club Indian lakes, FYI I work there and can get us a discount!!
    Ryder cup may have us busy so give me a day and I will see what I can do??

    PS hit them good.

  55. Kerry says:

    Dilemma, The wife is only going to let me do 1.
    2012 US Open at The Olympic Club in San Fransisco, or the 2012 Mesquite Amateur. I do already have a volunteer position, and Hotel Reservations. I also have Hotel Reservations for the 2012 Mesquite Amateur. I have already resigned to the fact that I won’t be able to go to the 2012 Ryder Cup. They will start taking Volunteer Applications at 08:00am CDT on July 11, 2011. for that are interested. I am on the pre-volunteer list. But you probably don’t have to be. It is first come, first serve. They expect to be full within 24 hours. This is at Medinah Country Club, in Chicago area. 25 – 30 Sept 2012 are the dates. Good Luck anyone.

  56. Kerry says:

    Thank you George, and the same to you. I will be traveling on the 4th. Will be on the road driving to Colorado Springs, Attending and marshaling at the US Women’s Open. Look for me on Hole 11 Thursday & Friday. I will not be working during TV time Saturday or Sunday. But look for the Mesquite Amateur hat walking in the crowd.

  57. george says:

    TO all my Mesquite Family, I hope you and yours have a wonderful 4th. Please be careful and enjoy. I will be spending it with fellow Mesq Am golfer Lee Mishler and his family. Happy 4th to all. STMF George

  58. Jerry says:


  59. Doug Perry says:

    STADLERS…To all my pals who played the Stadler flight thanks for making it enjoyable once again. I have been playing on the Golf Channel Am Tour this year and Mesquite is a 3 day major tournament for us in February for those of you who wish a double dose. This past weekend I played a 2 day major in Indiana at Swan Lake Resort. GUESS WHAT…. I was talking to my opponent during the round about Mesquite Am and low and behold he said he was there also. You guessed it, Mr. 79-79-79 our flight winner, Jim Craig. I had called him every name in the book after his Mesquite Am finish and told him so as we got to know each other. To make a long story short he shot 94-87 in our Golf Channel Am Tour event. As we walked off the 18th hole and shook hands and went off to share a few frosties, I told him…great shooting in Mesquite, and truly meant it. You just never know. Congrats again Jim.

  60. David says:

    one month down and 11 to go to the 10 year blast.
    Boy I have a problem?!?!?!?
    need to play more golf!!
    with a good cigar, weather in Chicago is warm and wet!! but can still get my rounds in.
    of course shooting in the low 80’s?!?!

  61. Rich C. says:

    We’re hitting 114* over the last few days here in Phoenix, makes the mid to high 80’s seem so nice now! (-: Too hot to sit outside for a cigar even at 1030 at night. Thank heaven’s my local Stag Tobacco has a smoking lounge

  62. Kerry says:

    I thought I read someplace to fill out the survey by July 31,2011 to be eligible for the drawing for the free entry into next year’s Tournament. But hell, I have no long term or short term memory. David who? George who? What am I doing? Where am I? Oh Yea, on my way to West Wendover Nv, To play some desert golf.

    1. Christian says:


      We did extend it out to September just to give everyone time to complete the survey.


  63. Shaun says:

    I would like to thank all the volunteers without you that week wouldn’t be the same. Great job Christian loved the courses the staff at all the courses were awesome. The dinner festivities I felt weren’t as good as the last few. I felt rushed to get back to the casino and gamble, and being from Nevada thats not why I go to Mesquite. George you are the man, thanks for a great Doing it in the Desert skins game. The Golf Chick is a great addition to the tournament, hopefully she will be involved next year (BETTER BE INVOLVED). HAHA. Loved the swag from the Golf Chick. Lee, Al, Butch, George and Kristen hope to see you all next year. Lets go get all AL BASTARDED…………

  64. David says:

    Done and done, Christian when will you be drawing for the winner??
    thanks again.

    1. Christian says:


      We will be drawing that name on September 15, 2011 to give everyone plenty of time to fill out the survey. Thanks!


  65. Ron says:

    Christian, I got your letter with my scores but can’t find the online survey. Would you direct me to it, please?

    1. Christian says:


      On the main page of the Mesquite Amateur under News and Notes you will see “Take our Survey” just click on that and you can enter in your information. You may have to hit refresh on your computer as well to update the page. Thanks!


  66. Ray Clifton says:

    This was my first year at Mesquite. Being from eastern North Carolina our courses and simi-hilly, contoured yes,but mostly relatively level. I played golf in the Palms Springs and the Yuma area several years ago thoses courses being my frame of reference. That frame of reference came to rude awaking when my first course turned out to be Falcon Ridge. That was not fun for a first timer to Mesquite. Coyotoe Springs I thought wasn’t that difficult as long as you knew where to “position” your shot. Again a learning experience for a first timer. The Palms was set so short for the Masters (Jones) flight that a long, straight drive ran through the fairway and into trouble. If it’s that short next year my driver stays in the car.
    Christian and his staff did a great job, probably one of the best organized tournaments not only for the players but for the wives, girlfriends, etc, etc. We’ll be back next year and arrive a couple days early to practice and learn how to play “Mountain/Desert Golf”.

    One method the World Am uses to reduce “sandbagging” is that if you’ve played in the World Am, for say three years and your total combined average index for all three years is 12.3 yet your alleged current index is 15.8, guess what… you’re entering as a 12.3. Period… end of discussion. Difficulty is the believeable index for the first time player. However the computor is programed to watch for the scores of the first time player. In the World Am an “exceptional round” can cost you to be disqualified or at the least appear (that evening) in front of the TC with an explaination how a 16.6 (17) shoots gross 76 on a course he/she has never seen or played. I think I read where 42 players were disqualified last year for “exceptional and beyond exceptional rounds”.
    Met some great people had a good time away from the office will play better (local knowledge) and win next year. Semper Fi

  67. STAN says:

    If anyone knows the gentleman who won the World Am entry, please ask him to get in touch with me.

  68. Phil C says:

    First year at Mesquite for me not to have to ESC a score. Had a bunch of 7’s though.

  69. Kerry says:

    Scores posted for me. only had a few holes qualify for my ESC deduction. That is why Falcon Ridge looks like I did better than I did.

  70. Phil C says:

    Thanks for a great tournament. Having read some the comments surrounding handicaps I wonder if all players are using the ESC to post scores. Here is an except from the USGA regarding posting of scores:

    4-3. Equitable Stroke Control
    All scores for handicap purposes, including tournament scores, are subject to the application of Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). This mandatory procedure reduces high hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability.
    A handicap determined from scores to which ESChas not been applied may not be termed a Handicap Index.
    ESC is used when a player’s actual or most likely score exceeds a maximum number, based on the table below, for the player’s Course Handicap from the tees played.

    Course Handicap Maximum # on any Hole
    9 or less Double bogey
    10 thru 19 7
    20 thru 29 8
    30 thru 39 9
    40 or more 10

    Hope this helps.

  71. Kerry says:

    The Doing It In The Desert Photo is now Posted on George’s FaceBook Page

  72. Kerry says:

    I would like to wish all a Happy Father’s Day

  73. AL STEWART says:

    Thanks for another memorable Mesquite Amateur. Next year will be the 10th anniversary and it also will be my 10th trip to this great event.
    I surprised myself with my scores this year as they were totally unexpected with what I was going through having loss of wife and I really did not have any great expectations when I decided to re-enter. My wife loved this event and I just wanted to be there and be with some very speial friends and I did both. I look forward to next year and another good time.
    Thank you also to the many wonderful volunteers that make this event what it is. Wonderful people and you and fortunate to have them.

    Al (Canada)

  74. David says:

    You are right Kerry, I had a great time, playing in the skins games in the tournament even thow I play like @#$%, dinner at night was great cigars under the stars was outstanding.
    I am counting the weeks till the BIG 10 year party!?!?!? I think I will stand in line now.
    I check this blog almost ever other day.
    have a great summer and keep bloging all.

  75. Kerry says:

    And Oh Yea, Post on. I will try to check this Blog on at least a weekly basis.

  76. Kerry says:

    Well all is said and done. A fun time was definitely had by me. I mean hell, I finished Tied for Last in my Flight. Or maybe Tied for second to last, since there was one person that was just ahead of me that did a no show on day 3. Am hoping to see you all next year. Hotel reservations are already made.
    Check me on facebook: Iam NoOne

    I will post my scores when I get them from Christian. As the silver Tees at Falcon Ridge were not in the usual places on some holes. And there were some irregularities on some at the Palms.
    And I also am hoping for Conestoga for next year. And for a full field of 800 so we can return to the excellent Utah courses.

    Same Table next year David? You know where to meet me before dinner.

  77. george says:

    Haven’t even unpacked my clubs. 9 days of golf in a row got me. Hope all got home safe and have a great summer. George

  78. David says:

    Ok so lets not all chime in at once, we can still keep this going?? it has been only 3 weeks since we all headed to Mesquite and my golf game if I could of put two nine’s together I would of been dangerous. So I get home and on my Monday night golf league I am lighting it up with low 40’s scours!! Go figure!!
    take care all and keep me updated on your game I am on facebook too!!

  79. Giacomo "Jack" says:

    Anyone who goes to an Amateur event with people from all over that they don’t know or play with and be surprised about really, really low scores and not posting scores, is expecting too much integrity and honor. 98% wish it was different, but what can be done? I feel fortunate that in my flight (Stadler) 213 won it which is only 1 under par for 3 days, which is pretty honest and any one of us in that flight could have won it.

    It was a great event, good food, great conditions for golf and as always had fun. Ben from Texas, Marty the tall English Lad, Mitch from Texas and Mark with the Oregon boys were a lot of fun to play with and we had a few good laughs. Thanks to all the volunteers for a great job. See you next year and it would be nice to get Conestoga into the rotation for next year, OK Christian?

  80. Greg B says:

    This year was a lot of fun as usual. I like to play well, but if I don’t, it isn’t the end of the world. I really come to see the friends I’ve made over the years, and hopefully to make new ones. I’m going to leave the dealing with the low scoring issue to Christian and those who assist him. It more than likely is a heck of a lot of work. Maybe during the year we can come up with some possible suggestions to help him out. I’m looking forward to next year already.

  81. David says:


    could not agree more I like checking the Blog to catch up with freinds I made and keep in touch.
    I also support any decision the board makes and I know the board does a fair job doing it to.

    thank you again and see you in 2012.

  82. David says:

    FYI, my scores where posted just last week even with the 2 skins games I played, but on my third round I took some high scores on a few holes and with my Index I can not post a score anything higher then a 7 on any given hole or round so on my last round I may of scored a 100 but I could only show a 92.
    This keeps my Index where it should be around a 13 and not inflate it, I donot think anyone will have a problem with the way I post my scores for my Index.
    Christian correct me if I am wrong??
    Have a good summer all and hit them straight!!

  83. Jerry says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    It is 345am. The rules handed out at registration and on the website state in summary that incomplete handicap records may rersult in disqualification and/or expulsion. Tournament scores stay in ones record for 12 months. We had at least one player this year that had a record that showed zero tournament rounds of golf. He had a 21+ index and placed 3rd in 2010 and came in this year with a 27+ index and placed 2nd. By the rules of this tournament he should have been expelled. Either the rule should be enforced or the rule should be banished. Exceptional tournament score posting is a protection to all not just me!

    Christian: Are you going to enforce or banish the rule?

    Players: If you don’t agree with the rule you signed up for, don’t post. If you do agree I would say post.

    This is my last blog post but my scores are and will always be posted properly IAW USGA as this Tournament also requires!

    Depending on Christian’s answer, I will then determine if my play is up to the standards of this event.

    1. Christian says:

      I will be sending out a final tournament letter hopefully later this week with everyone’s scores and information on CasaBlanca and the Masters division at Coyote Springs in regards to slope and rating. I know there are some people that post the day they played and others that wait for the letter. Once you receive the letter it is up to the player to post their scores.

      As for the rule that was referenced about posting scores. I think that you will notice that in that rule it does states it “may” result in disqualification and or expulsion. Me and the tournament committee take a lot of time to check handicap history and look scores posted through the year. I have personally called individuals and golf professionals to follow up on handicap checks. I feel that our tournament does a good job enforcing and putting on a fair tournament. As a tournament committee we make a lot of tough and easy decisions alike but our decisions are final and that will continue going into the future.

      I will also say this. This blog is an information tool for people to take a look at posts and get answers on questions they might have and for friends to connect before, during and after the event. I would prefer that the blog is not used for people to get on their “soap box” and go after people. I have found it necessary in the past to delete posts that fall into this category and I will not hesitate to do it in the future.

      In closing the tournament letter that will be coming out will have information on the survey. I invite everyone to take the time to fill it out and give us your feedback. It is important and we do take the time to read each and every one of them. I feel that anyone that has an issue there are many ways to contact me personally at my office number
      888-711-4653 Ext. 51 or via e-mail I am very prompt at answering messages.

      Plus if you fill out the survey you may win a free entry to the 2012 Mesquite Amateur which is our 10 year anniversary! We are very excited to have everyone back to the tournament and this will be another great year! Hope everyone has a nice summer on the links!!


  84. Jerry says:

    You called out the 59 earlier. I did not call anyone out until Jim asked about himself. I just stated facts, requested all post scores and noted some had not yet. By the way the three consecutive 79’s were posted properly.

  85. george says:

    Well I haven’t posted my scores yet, but I will. I really don’t play golf all summer and don’t play in another amateur event till next may. We don’t run any handicapped events up here so my index doesn’t really matter all I play in for the rest of the year are straight up gross events or blind draw gross match play events. I don’t believe there is a time limit on putting your scores in but I could be wrong. I don’t believe this board should be used for name calling or policing others. I believe and this is my opinion only, that if you believe there is a problem that maybe you should notify the tourney staff and let them take care of it. Isn’t that what we pay them for. Let this board be for the fun stuff so we don’t lose this privlege. Like I said just my opinion. Have a nice summer everyone. STMF

  86. Jerry says:

    I don’t put anyone on a list I don’t see. You are not one. If the shoe fits wear it, when it dosen’t, don’t put it on. I did not look for your scores, I don’t think satistically your flight was out of line. others were. Three consecutive 79’s, three consecutive 86’s, a fluke 59 and 57. By the way the 57 was posted. The 59 wasn’t when I looked. I have others from last year and this year. Do your own research, it isn’t that difficult. I am not pointing out anything that is not true. My scores were posted before 6PM every day I played. Sandbagging comes in many forms, controling scores while playing(a bogey here or there), not posting, and playing control clubs for accuracy when you don’t at home…ect. Some of these can’t be monitored with success but score posting can.

  87. Jim O'Hare says:

    Jerry, not everyone is on ghin or golfnet. Can you find my scores? All 4 plus a practice round were posted as soon as I returned home and I won a flight so im curious as too weather im one of those golfers your talking about.If i can help your investigation give me an e mail and I will gladly send you my 10 year history.

  88. Stan says:

    We received a very nice note from Amamda and Jason Duffner for our donation to Birdies for Bama! Thanks to all of you who supported the raffle and to the Mesquite Am and the World Am
    for donating the entries!

    1. Christian says:


      this is great news and we were proud to be a part of this great cause. Every little bit helps and we will do our best to support the people that have supported us over the years. See you in 2012!

  89. Jerry says:

    The day one played the course was a good opportunity to ask for the info. Especially Casablanca. Coyote springs Master flight is a little more difficult to get maybe. I don’t think it needs to be sugar coated. There was a lot of unposted scores in last years tournament rounds also. I think players not posting should be black listed or adjusted accordingly. The field of this size can only completely be monitored by the players who play in it. We should not let the few bad eggs ruin it for the majority.

  90. Jim says:

    I would imagine most are waiting for the letter Christian said he would be sending. I know I am. I need to know the official course and slope ratings for Coyote Springs and CasaBlanca.

  91. Jerry says:

    It is utterly disgusting how many of the top four in many of the flights have not posted their tournament scores. I don’t know how you can look in the mirror at yourself. You go home to your courses play and post current rounds but not your away tournament rounds. There is no excuse for this blatant behavior in the name of golf etiquette.

  92. Jerry says:

    Opps, my Carpel tunnel got me. That 62 mentioned above should have been a 65 for verification.

  93. Jerry says:

    A special note to all. Request that you post your scores from the tournament as tournament scores. If you are on GHIN or Golfnet anyone can find your record by knowing the state you are from. Not many of you have posted your low tournament scores yet. Those that played CasaBlanca. The new rating and slope is 68.5/121, which was done in Feb 2011 not the one on the scorecard. All nets 62 and below should be verified as posted and those players not posting should be asked not to return in accordance with the Handicap rule in the handbook given to all at registration.

  94. David says:

    Jerry and Kerry,

    It was nice meeting at least one of you two, Jerry take care of your hand you never know could improve your game??
    Kerry nice getting to know you and having dinner together along with a few adult beverages.
    talk to you all soon.

  95. Jerry says:

    I too am counting the days to next year. Sandbaggers make a bad name and reputation for good events. Remember to fill out the surveys with heart felt comments with likes and dislikes to keep this event great. The Master in control will do his best to implement the controls to make this event better and better each year. Christian I believe in this event and your efforts to keep it viable is commendable. I would say more but I just got my bandages off from carpel tunnel surgery. No golf for 4 weeks,ugh!

  96. David says:


    thank you for everything too, I love playing in your skin games it is a great way to kick off the week and get ready, (some how)
    have a safe summer and see you next time.

  97. george says:

    Another year down and another year anticipated. What a blast, you’d think with the way we all anticipate the event sooner or later there would be a letdown, but nope. Got to play Conestoga, Falcon Ridge, Oasis(both) and The Chase and would be proud to call any of them my home course, fantastic conditions. As usual the residents of Mesquite rolled out the red carpet and treated us Golden. The nightly parties were great and food was good. Your not gonna run from the net 59 posted at the end and its not your fault but hopefully when he returns it will be noted. Overall experience was Fantastic and Thankyou I do appreciate it. Doing it in the Desert will be making a return for its 9th year next year and I’m already counting the days. Till then just remember if your not Doing it in the Desert, your just not doing it. STMF George

  98. Jim says:

    Ditto to all comments and in addition to all mentioned, hats off to all Mesquite residents, great hospitality,

  99. Ron says:

    Christian, thank you and your staff, plus all the volunteers for a great tournament. When are the course assignments coming out???????????????? Me anxious???? fantastic courses and everything else associated with it. See you next year, Ron

  100. David says:

    Rich C.

    Yes you are correct it was an outstanding week a big thank you for cigars under the stars. That was a great ending to a great day.

    50 weeks till next time and the 10th will be a big bash so get ready for us??

    Too early to count me in??

    have a safe summer see you next time.


  101. David says:


    I can not say it enough, thank you to you and to all your volunteers and I made sure I thank every one I saw, plus your staff they were also great, everything was great, the courses were in great shape, the food was great and I had a great time even thou I played like C#@$!!
    Pace of play was very good and I know we had some sand baggers but if they come back next year I hope you put them with the low handicappers, plus you’re over all winner a 20 handicapper and he shoots a 79???? OK what is wrong with this pitcher?
    OK 50 weeks till Mesquite am goes 10 years, and you will not here this just once I cannot wait?!?!?!?
    Have a great summer and be save all.

  102. Rich C. says:

    Thanks Christian and to all those who made our week so great. “Cigars Under the Stars 4” is already in the planning stages!