Themed dinner parties

The ninth annual Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament will again include the incredible nightly dinner parties.   Featured this year will be themes based on the majors of golf highlighted by The Masters, US Open, British Open and Mesquite Championship. Dinner and drinks will be from 6-8 p.m. each night in the CasaBlanca Event Center and will include videos, raffles and the rest in what has become a favorite each year at the Mesquite Amateur.

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11 thoughts on “Themed dinner parties”

  1. David says:

    I would like to thank Golf Mesquite Nevada early beacuse they do a great job making us fell welcome and all that they do for us too.
    Thank you Golf Mesquite Nevada you also make it fun. see you all soon.

  2. Dale says:

    Golf Mesquite Nevada did a fabulous job and made the wait bearable in the heat. My wife had a great time playing all the games also the young ladies and young men that was hosting all the activies was the best gruop of young adults I have been around in a long while. They also need to know all the golf Mesquite golf balls I got sorry my wife got went to good use I handed out 9 of the balls to friends (kept 3 for myself which I dunked in the water holes at my home course in short order) and while doing it I told them about all the wonderful golf courses Mesquite has. So thanks Golf Mesquite Nevada

  3. David says:

    MMmmmm!!Themed dinners.
    you are making me hungry!!

  4. Jerry says:

    I would pick something like a Boo Weekly Menu if you know what I mean. So therefore to be more in line with the field I believe I’ll stay out of picking food choices.

  5. Kerry says:

    Those Majors have Champions Dinners, Where the previous years Champion selects the menu. Will you be selecting from these previous menu’s, or trying to select a corresponding food for the area? I hope our Champion from last year, being a good Utahan, would select a fine tender steak. Mr. Young, would you please chime in here about this subject.

    1. Christian says:


      Each night will have food from the area where the major is held. Except for the last night will be a nice dinner celebrating the final night and awards.


  6. Crazy Canuks says:

    The Crazy Canuks will be honoured to take on the Virginia Virgins once again or any other team that wants to take us on. We will be ready.

  7. David says:

    what kind of events will there be outside the tent before dinner, last couple of years you had some fun stuff to do while we wait for the doors to open.

    Sorry but the wife will be joining me again this year she will be staying in Vegas while I am doing the Tournament she will be working on the rental home we just truned into a vacation home.

    Not to worry I will have enough fun for the both of us.

    1. Christian says:


      Golf Mesquite Nevada hosts those activities before dinner and I know they are doing some planning on that. But they will be out there to show their thanks to all of the participants and their guests.


  8. Jerry says:

    Sounds like a great theme event. Maybe you could include a rematch between the Crazy Canuks and Virginia Virgins to allow the Crazy Canuks a chance to get even or NOT!

  9. David says:

    Can not see if you posted the new line up for the week??
    let me know when it is in.
    Thank you for everything, you are the best.