Welcome to the Mesquite Amateur Blog… The place to go for all your questions and needs!  The 2009 Mesquite Amateur will focus on the 25th Birthday of Mesquite, with daily golfing, events and dinners!

The 7th Annual Mesquite Amateur presented by the Mesquite Resort Association will be conducted May 25-29, 2009 and is open to all amateur golfers who have a current USGA (or equivalent Golf Association) handicap index as of the close of entries.

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166 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. David says:

    Hey Christian

    Are we up and running yet?? I have not see the Bolg updated or anything else, I want to sign up for the cigars under the stars.

    let me know when I can start seeing activity.

    thank you and I look forward to seeing you again.


  2. Raz says:

    Christian, great tournament,meals much improved, entertainment sucked, good tee packets, great friendships. There must be some kind of sliding scale to adjust handicaps that seem too good to be true. Any golfer can experience that super round on one occasion so to adjust a score after one round seems unfair, but two great rounds needs attention. Adjusting after a round (for that day)as was done to at least one golfer seems bogus. I need to add that the golfer in question didn’t even finish in the top ten.

  3. Tom Glunk says:

    Christian, Are we required to enter our scores into GHIN for handocapping purposes or will that be done by you? This is my first time in the Mesquite and if I have anything to say about it, it won’t be the last-already making plans to attend next year. Had a blast!!! To all those I golfed with, Dennis Rush(stuck with him twice-LOL), George Jones, Rich Cottel, Carl Cornell, Donald Dewey, Richard Benson, Gary Spencer and Billy Phillips, thanks for a great time and a bunch of good laughs!!! Met great people like Dave Gwizdalski and Grace as well as Mike Baker. Will be in Myrtle for the World Amateur and perhaps I’ll see some of you there. Might even give the PacAm a go-haven’t been golfing worth a #^$* but having a great time and that’s what it’s all about. Someday I’ll get out of my flight for a championship round-LOL. Tom

    1. Christian says:


      I will be sending out a post event letter to each person with their scores so they can post their own. It will also include a survey to get feedback about the event. Thanks again for coming! We look forward to seeing you next year!


  4. George says:

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to thankyou for a wonderful 8 days in the desert. Courses were great, food was good, entertainment ah well. LOL. No matter how much you check there will always be someone that shoots low and questions your methods. Stay strong to your convictions and remember I think the masses are happy. I will be back as well as most that DID IT IN THE DESERT. Christian, again thanks to your staff for a memorable week. To all my old friends and those of you I just had the pleasure of meeting I hope your trip home was safe and you have a great golfing year. Till we meet again in the desert be well. George

  5. Dan says:

    Kerry…missed you this year and hope to see you next year….thanks for the support

  6. David Biehler says:

    It does not make sense to not adjust handicaps that go up after May 1st. That is exactly what the GHIN system is for and it should be used.

    I will not return next year if this policy is not changed. I know it is just one person’s opinion but it is a designed to be equitable.
    Conversely, the problems are those who have handicaps that nnever move. That would suggest theyd o not post all scores.

    If your fear is that there will be more sandbagging, call the player’s pro.

    Many have invested monye prior to this announcement.

    The GHIN system is a very fair system used nationwide. It should be used here and be current up to the tournament start date.

    May is amonth before it begins.

    1. Christian says:


      You have to understand that handling an event with 600 plus golfers that constantly doing history checks before the event is difficult with the staff that we have for the event. With that being said as always with this event we sit down when it is over and look at all facets of the event.

      One that we will be looking at is the persons tournament index. We have gotten suggestions about using L I or low index for the last 6 months or 12 months. I have also been investigating other options.

      What you have to also understand that what ever decision I make will be scurtinized. So I will make the decision on what I feel will be best for the tournament itself. I appreciate any and all comments and suggestions. Thanks!


  7. Kerry says:

    Sue & Dan
    Keep up the good play.
    Looking forward to seeing your names
    on Fridays results.


    Also Christian:

    How about a new blog for friends and
    family to comment on daily scores.


  8. Kerry says:

    Sue & Dan Walters of Mo.

    Won’t be there this year.
    Play well.

    Kerry of Ut.

  9. Darrell says:

    Everything looks just great, all I need is a smooth flight to St. George.

    See ya soon

  10. Mark Charron says:

    Actually, it doesn’t make sense since mine went from 8.6 to 9.4. lol

    Our club participated in a FSGA Interclub Match Play Tournament the past two years. The FSGA uses the Ghin hdc system but for this tournament they use the LI, low index, within the last 15 revitions, which in our case is for the past 6 months. It is the fairest method for handicapping I have ever seen.

  11. Mark Charron says:

    Last year I remember up dating my index at the sign in table during registration…..did I see that this will NOT happen this year.?

    1. Christian says:


      We will have an area at registration for handicap questions and if there is a problem we will change it. We start doing handicap checks starting May 1. I know that some people get theirs mid month. If their index goes down we will adjust them down but we will not adjust up.

      I hope that makes sense.


  12. George says:

    Hi Al

    Coyote Springs is requiring Caddies on Monday if you play in the morning. In the afternoon it becomes optional.

  13. AL says:

    How during the tournament at Coyote Springs are they going to handle the caddie situation that they normally have? Also, will we on our practice round there on Monday have to also use the caddies?
    Just curious.

    1. Christian says:


      During the tournament rounds you will NOT have caddies. During the practice round I am not sure how they are handling that.


  14. Rich C. says:

    Cigars Under the Stars is now FULL. Thanks to all who will attend. See you soon,

  15. Darrell says:

    Christian, I received the letter yesterday with the registration info and move to the Sports Complex. My flight has been pushed back and I am now landing around 4;30pm in St. George.

    Can I register after 5pm?

  16. Phil Carrell says:

    Are you going to post the individual flights before we get there?

    1. Christian says:


      If you go to the website and put your curser on “FAQ” at the top of the web page you will see “Participants” you can click on that to view all participants and what flight they are in.


  17. Marck Lane says:


    I have played every Mesquite Amateur and really enjoy this event! I played Coyote Springs Friday May 15th and want to remind you about the first Mesquite Am, and the hot temps and the conditions at Wolf Creek that week, no water, no food and high temps, long rounds! It was really warm at Coyote Springs and they have no facilities for food and water on the course is VERY limited, make sure they have coolers at every 2 to 3 holes, and Porty Poties at the checkin and around the course. Also Direction arrows, when I get told by the staff to turn left at all intersections on the front side and turn right on the backside, confusion will occur! Spend a few dollars and paint signs or tack up on a wood post directions to the next hole, a real lack of signs spells trouble.
    Also it is a true 50 minute drive from Mesquite to the course. I did enjoy the practice round and the course.

    See you on Monday the 25 and keep up the great work.


    1. Christian says:


      Thanks for the note. I have spoken to Coyote Springs and they are going to have signs pointing to next holes and better direction.

      You are correct it is a good 50 minute drive to the course from Mesquite. I would suggest to all players to give yourself 60 minute just to be safe and that shotgun is 7:30am there so it will be an early start for those participants’ but it is well worth it.

      Also that is a great point about F & B and we will make announcements about this. There facilities are limited but you are allowed to bring your own to the course. I would also suggest bringing lots of snacks as there is not a grill or anything to get breakfast or lunch. And trust me when I say there is nothing close by so make sure you fill up the gas tank as well.

      As I said we will make these announcements during the event as well. Thanks!

  18. Brandon says:

    Mike Lawson,

    Glad you’ll be joining the tournament this year! Your answers for what you are asking are all in this thread. Read other peoples’ commments above your question.

  19. Mike Lawson says:

    Hi everyone!! I will be there for the first time this year. Will be there the 24th and staying at the Casablanca. I am playing in the Jacobsen flight. If anyone knows where these courses are I would like to car pool if possible. Also would like to know if there are any skins games going on and how to get in. Can’t wait to get there. 7 more days!!!!

  20. David says:


    will you be updating the web page after each days results so our family back home can see how we are doing?

    thank you

    1. Christian says:


      thanks for the post. We will be posting the scores each day. We will probally post them in the evening but will be up for the next days round.

      I have also posted the final course rotation and participants in each flight. It should go up today. Also you will be recieving a letter confirming entry and directions to registration this year. i will also send an e-mail blast with details.


  21. Rich C. says:

    Ed T.
    Yes the Cigars Under the Stars will be after dinner Wednesday evening. Check the Cigar blog for what sticks we’re getting!!!

    It is my pleasure to promote the Altadis Premium Brands. Golf, Cigars, Single Malt Scotch, what an event. I’ll be taking some pics to forward to my boss because this could very well be the biggest HERF we’ve had in a long time.

    Thanks to Christian and all who are helping with this event. See you all next week.

  22. Ron says:


    Will there be a flight added to the senior men. Looking at the new list there are the same amount of golfers in the senior men (179) and super seniors (181) with one less flight in the senior divison.


    1. Christian says:


      thanks for the post. I have acttually taken a flight out of the Super Seniors division to even it up. So each flight will have around 36 in it.


  23. Ed T says:

    Thanks!! This is why I’m looking forward to this tourney…good camaraderie already from a somewhat stranger. I say that since I’m also a Native Texan. I also look forward to playing with some of my friends from Fallon NV where I was stationed a few years ago. Golf is such a great gome!! See you all 10-11 days!!

    Ed T

  24. Tom says:

    Ed T
    Congratulations on the twins. Since you are having twins, I would double your estimate and say you will not be playing again for two years!

    Good Luck and I will see you at the HERF Wednesday after dinner.

    Lets smoke two cigars and drink two single malts to celebrate!

    Rich, thanks for setting this up. It will be a great way to end the day.

    Tom from Frisco, Texas

  25. Ed T says:

    Rich C,
    Am I safe to assume the Cigar social is after dinner so we can play poker and not miss it?? I’m looking forward to a week of great golf, cigars and great friends!! This may be my last outing for at least a year…the wife and I just found out we are having twins due in November!!

    Ed T

  26. Rich C. says:

    The cigars have shipped and we have some real premium sticks for those who have signed up for Cigars Under the Stars. Only 16 more days!
    Rich C.
    PHX., AZ.

  27. Darrell says:

    Everything looks great and I am ready to make the journey to Mesquite.

    Minor stuff, the indexes leave a few holes between flights, such as being a 14.4 in the Senior Men’s flight. Just minor.

    Thanks for the event!

    1. Christian says:


      Some flights broke with some gaps in them but we are also in the process of doing our history checks on all participants. So there will be an update going up on the index ranges but they will not change much. Thanks and look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!


  28. Scott says:


    Thanks for posting the project handicap index ranges. Do you know what tees the Nicklaus flight will be playing from? It would sure be helpful when we play our practice rounds.

    Thanks for you help

    1. Christian says:


      I am finalizing some things and will have the tees for you guys before the tournament so you can play them for the practice rounds. Thanks!


  29. Fred says:

    Great job on getting the flight range indexes up. Noticed that in the Masters flight you have index listed up to 40 – thought men were limited to 36.? 40.? is OK for women only – I believe. Just trying to clairify, not complain. I’m out to have fun and meet some other GREAT??? golfers!!!

    1. Christian says:


      good catch and you are correct Men will play with a max of 36 and women 40.


  30. Stan Mahaffey says:

    I will handle the SKINS Games for the Watson, Zoeller, Watson, and Stadler flights. It will be $20 each day and you will play ONLY against those in your flight. I will be in the Zoeller Flight! See everyone in a couple of weeks!

  31. tom says:

    Will the flight range indexes be up this week? I would like to make practice tound tee times.

    1. Christian says:


      Yes it will be up this week. I have run into some issues and changes that I am getting resolved before I post them. But it will be up this week.


  32. Rich C. says:

    Yes Christian, it’s under a month and getting closer. I placed my order for the Cigars Under the Stars today. Will there be plenty of Single Malt Scotch to balance those fine cigars??? See you soon. I’ll look forward to meeting you at registration.

    1. Christian says:


      I will make sure there is plenty of the good scotches and wiskeys out there for people to enjoy. Look forward to seeing you all in 21 days!


  33. Brandon P. says:


    Are you having the Woods and Mickelson flights play from the tips? This is my fifth year attending this tournament, the previous years everyone played from the “white tee markers” irregardless of handicap index. Last year was a great challenge because it was tiered and low handicapers like myself were actually playing from the tips. Are you having the same set-up this year?

    1. Christian says:


      Thanks for the post. I will be doing it similar to last years in that one day I will have the lower handicaps playing back at the tips one day.

      I meant to get the tee assignments and flight index ranges done sooner but just returned from a conference that took me a way. I will have these up at the latest early next week on the website.

      We are under a month and we are excited for everyone to come to Mesquite!!!


  34. Christian says:


    You stated that you are using the 4/24/09
    posting from Texas to set the handicap. I assume that is for the players from Texas? What date are you using for the rest of the field?

    1. Christian says:

      It will depend on when your association releases their updates. We try to get the most current and look at past history. We start doing our history checks May 1 and we will use the current index when we check at that time.

      As you can imagine we cannot wait too long as we have other tournament items to attend to.


  35. Dan says:

    when can we expect a participant update?

    1. Christian says:


      There will be one up this week.


  36. Tom says:

    Handicaps –

    Christain, the GHIN updates for Texas are 4/24/09 and 5/22/09. The 5/22/09 date is too close to tournament time for us to submit that handicap with the lead time needed to set flights etc.

    If a handicap goes up at the 5/22/09 posting, is that the handicap that will be used for the tournament or will we still use the handicap established as of 4/24/09? Do the same rules apply if the handicap goes down?

    We have a side bet as to how it works, so someone is going to like your answer!

    Thanks, and we will see you in May


    1. Christian says:


      We will use the 4/24/09 posting from Texas to set the index for the tournament (as you said we cannot wait until 5/22). If a players index goes down from 4/24-5/22 and they want to go down a flight we will let them do that. If there index went up from 4/24-5/22 we will not let them go higher.

      If there is a handicap discrepency during the event we will be looking at the 5/22 index back when it comes to adjusting a persons handicap.


  37. Kerry says:

    You’ll have a good tournament. money meltdown. can’t make it. maybe next year.

  38. David says:


    I have not seen any updates in sometime sent to my email address, but have been reading the blog’s and wanted to see if you updated the web page let me know, just want to stay in touch. Can not wait till then.


  39. George says:

    hey everyone. Getting close to game time. I think the advice Andrew gave was fantastic. A couple other things. In the desert heat somethings to do as well. When you have a chance stand in the shade. Its unlike our east coast humidity. The dry heat won’t chase you in the shade and at the turn go inside for 3-4 minutes just to let your body cool down a little. The skins games are starting to fill in. Here is the website http://www.tournevents.com/georgesgame Practice, Practice and more Practice. As usual see you in the desert. George

  40. Ron says:

    Christian, Just noticed that the list is up but I assume that it is incomplete. I could not find my name on the super sr list. Also noticed that it only goes to the letter K so I assume there are more to add.

    This is my 3rd time and looking forward to another great tournament.

    1. Christian says:


      Thanks for the note yes the lists went up but it ended at K I am having my website people update it as soon as possible so everyone can see who is coming. I apologize for the mistake but keep checking the website and the blog as I will let everyone know when it is up. Thanks!


  41. Tom says:

    Andrew, I tried drinking “water” without scotch. Tastes bad, but I do agree you need to drink lots of water at this tournament. You need to drink so much water that I almost drink too much scotch!
    This tournament is really great and your advise is very wise.
    See you in May.

  42. Andrew says:

    Tips for Mesquite

    1. Establish an honest handicap. I cannot stress this enough. An HONEST handicap.

    2. Practice before you come. Especially your short game. Wedges and putting.

    3. If possible, come early and play practice rounds. It helps to see the course before hand. It really pays off when your cart partner (who did not play a practice round) hits over the hill and into a lake he couldn’t see,

    4. Know the rules. Knowledge can help limit the mess you get yourself into.

    5. When you get to Mesquite start drinking water or some sports drink before you get thirsty. Once you’re thirsty it’s a little too late. Keep drinking even if you are not thirsty.

    6. Use sunscreen. I’m a pasty white boy just coming out of a long cold gray Midwest winter and that sun just burns my skin. Nothing is worse that trying to swing a golf club during the second round with skin like bacon.

    7. Try to play your best and no matter what ENJOY YOURSELF.

    7. Laugh a lot and drink some more water.

  43. AL says:

    I live in Canada and have played in all 6 events and the thing that we do is to arrive a couple of days or so early to get climatized to the possible heat. The first year it got up to 113 degrees and believe me it was hot, hot, hot. Also, lots of suncreen.

  44. Fred says:

    19 year oldtimer at Myrtle Beach – 1st time to try Mesquite – excited and looking forward to new experiance. Any comments relative to helpful hints about the desert would be appreciated.

  45. George says:

    Frank send me an email at gsal25@comcast.net

  46. frank says:

    where do you get information about the skins game. first timer

  47. peg says:

    Sure would like to see the participate list put up to see if any of the friends I’ve made in the past @ Mesuite Am are ther. Thanks!

    1. Christian says:


      We will be getting this up in the next day or so. We go a great rush of sign ups on and before the March 31st deadline, and it has taken us a bit longer to process them all. We will have them up quickly so everyone can see who is coming this year!


  48. George says:

    hey guys skins game information will be sent out with new website by tuesday april 7th. If you have sent me a check your name will appear on the website with a dollar sign next to it. I will be sending out a questionaire as well for you to fill out. Thanks George

  49. Rich C. says:

    Myrtle Beach vs. Mesquite??? Been to both numerous times and like them both for what they are. The weather is certainly more predictable at the Mesquite. The old Dupont World Am had more night life, bigger crowd, and the convention center was great. There is always issues with those sand-baggers, but with all the flooding across the country they should be kept bust -lol- For me it’s being able to drive to Mesquite as opposed to flying to Myrtle and renting a car. So for now the Mesquite is hands down the better of the two for me. Plus we’re having a Cigars Under The Stars Wed.s night. Google the word HERF and you’ll see what it is.

  50. Jack says:

    “PS The Pacific Amateur in Bend Oregon is a lot like the Mesquite and really nice.”

    Except for the occasional blizzard. 🙂

  51. Andrew says:

    Regarding the Mesquite vs Myrtle Beach discussion:

    I’ve been to Myrtle Beach four times and all of the Mesquite events except the first one. I have had a great time at both. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Mesquite has great weather, fun courses, really good evening programs and food. I’ve made friends in my flight at Mesquite that I look forward to seeing each year. I cannot tell you even one person I’ve played with at Myrtle.

    Myrtle is massive. The scale is epic and there are golf courses EVERYWHERE. Practice rounds are a lot cheaper and you can get a lot more golf bang for your buck.

    I really liked playing the Myrtle tournament but LOVE coming to Mesquite each year.

    If you come to any of these events to try and win your flight you will need a transcendent week of golf or sandbag. The temptation is too strong for many.

    Both Myrtle and Mequite have sandbagging issues but I come to play my best under pressure NOT to compare my scores to others. I cannot control what they do or if they cheat. I come to compete against myself and let the results fall as they may.

    You can have a lot of fun at Myrtle and Mesquite. If you can only choose one – come to Mesquite, you’ll love it.

    PS The Pacific Amateur in Bend Oregon is a lot like the Mesquite and really nice.

  52. Shaun says:

    Hey George
    Do you email us to confirm that were in the skins game, Ive sent the money but haven’t heard anything yet Thanks alot looking forward to the game

  53. George says:


    It has been a Zoo for years and if you think the screen will make enough difference. I beg to differ.

    Suggestion…. Have 3 different areas you pick up your sheets. (Stage,Back of room,one of the Sides)

    1. Under 49
    2. Over 50
    3. Ladies

    As allways you run a great tournament and look forward to whatever you do.

    1. Christian says:


      We will be looking to do something different for score sheets and I appreciate your suggestion. Look forward to seeing you in May!


  54. Dave says:

    Last year daily results were given at the end of the nightly dinner in front of the stage.
    This was mass chaos, people were running over each other to get the score sheets. I took an elbow to the head and saw one lady almost pushed to the ground.

    Could you put the sheets on tables by flight spread out around the perimeter of the room. this would make it easier to get you scores and maybe keep someone from getting hurt.

    1. Christian says:


      You are correct there is a mad rush for the scores at night every year. We have tried some different things the last two years. One of them being the 20ft screen we bring in every year and when we bring the score sheets out we also run the scores on that screen. Our thinking was that people can sit back and take a look at the scores and then leisurley come up and get their score sheet.

      Dave brings up a great point and we will look into making that portion a bit better but remeber you can always watch the scores on the screen and then go and get your score sheet.


  55. WALT says:

    Some Comparisons are
    800 golfers 4000 golfers
    75 to 90 degrees 40 to 50 degrees
    sunny cloudy/rainy
    30 to 35 in flight 70 to 80 in flight
    sit down full dinners stand up spoonfuls

    Could go on but you will see for yourself and I am sure you will return to Mesquite as I have for the last 4 years

  56. Clayton says:

    I share you frustration with the handicap situation at this event as well as most events like it. The GHIN system claims that it is set up in such a manor that no player should be able to shoot equal to or below his or her handicap for three consecutive rounds of golf. Yet that very thing seems happen at all of these types of events. Well over half of the field in the finals shot under par. Thats alot of really good golf being played.
    All that being said I wouldnt miss this event for anything. Great golf, great weather, great time!

  57. Ron says:

    Looking forward to joining weds night cigar night.

  58. Doug says:

    We need a clear cut ruling on hazards which are also marked environmental areas. Some played from them at marshalls direction, others took drops at a penalty.

    1. Christian says:


      Thanks for your comment. We will make sure that the rule sheets that you recieve each day at the golf course is clear on how to play those areas. We will also make sure that the marshalls have the rule sheets so that they are giving the same information that has been given to the player. Thanks!


  59. Tom says:

    Rich, our group of three from Frisco, Tx will definitely join you for the cigars. Looking forward to the details.

  60. Rich says:

    More details about a Cigar HERF to soon follow.

  61. George says:

    Thanks for the kind words Bob. Can’t wait to see all of you. Peach, I have been sending you an email that keeps getting bounced back to me. Email me at gsal25@comcast.net. I have a question for you. George

  62. Bob says:


    I’ve played four of the MB events and each year we either played in the rain for at least one day or had a round cancelled because of the rain. I’ve played four of the Mesquite events and last year was the first year that I saw any rain and, I believe, we had some passing light showers on the first day. Maybe 20 minutes worth.

    Also, as David pointed out, most of the courses in Mesquite are 5-10 minutes away whereas in Myrtle Beach the distance to your courses depends on where you stay and typically you would have a two or three courses that are at least 30 mins away.

    Both tournaments are a lot of fun and, if you like rain you’ll love Myrtle Beach. By the way, I live much closer to MB than Mesquite and I prefer Mesquite.

    If you’re coming to Mesquite, try to get into George’s skins game. George puts a lot of work into it and runs a fair game.

  63. Greg says:

    Christian, is the Poker Tournament starting time going to be the same as last year? I/We played in ST.George last year and everyone there had a hard time getting back in time for the start (very long round)of the Poker. Also had a buddy playing in Mesquite on the same day, same problem! Could it be played after the Dinner that night? instead of early afternoon?

    1. Christian says:

      The Poker Event will start at the same time. I know we had some people have some difficulty getting back but I know that the poker room did a great job to get those people into the tournament when they arrived.

      I can’t push the time back as the poker rooms have nightly tournaments and they have to be open for those. There is a poker room at the Eureka and then there is a brand new poker room across the street at the Virgin River as well.

  64. Peach says:


    One MAJOR advantage to Mesquite over MB is I promise you there won’t be a hurricane sitting off the eastern border of Nevada waiting to come ashore.

    Also, you can leave your umbrella and rain suit at home.

    You will not be playing on courses that are under water and would be closed under any other circumstance.

    This will be fourth year at Mesquite. It is much more fun than MB. A big plus is the top four per flight (approx 30 guys) advance to the championship round on Friday.

    The dinners and themes at the parties each night are super. The food is plentiful and delicious and the organization of the catering is very, very professional. This is not three guys in the back cooking on a bar b q grill.

    Get set for a great event. Be sure to look me up on the first night. My group will be about 30 people all with the same color shirts. The Hacker’s Tour.

  65. David says:


    I have not had the chance to go to Myrtle Beach tournement, but I know some who have and have hear there are twice as many golfers as in the Mesquite plus there is no sit down diner and activites for the non golfers.
    This will be my 4th year doing this tournement and the wife and I have a great time lots of things for the wife to do and if she is happy I am happy!! get me drift??
    Plus the courses are only 5 to 10 mins away if you play in Mesquite, but Utah is 50 mins to the courses and you play one in the three days. So come along and have fun, one more thing it is dry and warm to.


  66. Art says:

    For those of you that new “PJ” Hargendegey, he was in the Senior bracket, I bring you sad news. “PJ” has passed away after a four month battle with cancer.
    On the second year of the tournement, he won the trip to Ireland and always had a great time and spoke of the many friends he made in Mesquite and looked forward in meeting up with them for a good conversation and a cold beer. – “PJ” died on February 26, 2009.
    “PJ” was trully my best friend and I will be playing this year in honor of my friend “PJ”.

  67. George says:

    The days are counting down. Speaking of the skins games. I have sent many email invites to all that have entered this years event. Many of you have spam blockers or might not of had the correct email entered. If you have not recieved a invite to the skins game and you would like one please feel free to email me at gsal25@comcast.net. Till then hit them straight and soon I will see you in the desert. G

  68. Brian says:

    Can someone compare this event to the Myrtle Beach event in August?

  69. Brandon says:

    I’m excited that we have a new golf course in the rotation, the course COYOTE SPRINGS looks spectacular. Good job Christian on acquiring this course for the event!

    61 days and counting…..that’s if your participating in the SKINS GAME run by George every year. Make sure you guys sign up, it’s a nice little practice round before the Mesquite AM.

  70. Brandon says:

    What rumors is Art talking about?

  71. Art says:

    Hey people – Don’t get your undies all bunched up on the rumors you hear. Be advised this tournement is very well run and with the ultimate goal to provide a great expereince in golf and meeting players from all over the U.S and abroad and just enjoy and have fun.
    I have been here every year and the first year, the heat did kick everybodies butt but we survived and the rest of the years have been great and every year the tournement gets bigger and better.
    If you are a complainer – stay home! Other than that – Tee it up and grip it and rip it!

  72. Joe says:


    When will the participant list become available? All that is there is last years lists.

    1. Christian says:


      Thanks for the post we have gotten a lot of entries leading up to the March 31st deadline for early registration. I will be posting up the first list on the website the first week of April so we can get all of the early entries entered in.

      We have some exciting announcements coming up soon so check in with the blog and watch your e-mail for upcoming announcements.


  73. Ron says:

    Thanks for replying to my blog so soon. I forgot to ask, if different levels of handicapp players will be playing from different tee boxes in all three rounds and including the finals?

    1. Christian says:


      Yes the different flights will be playing from different tees. Typically the lower handicaps in each age division (Men’s, Seniors, Super Seniors). will play from the same tees and the higher handicaps in those divisions play from the same tees. Typically all of the Women play from the same tees and the Masters division play from the same tees.


  74. Brandon says:


    You shouldn’t have a problem, unless you have his “old” e-mail. His e-mail is gsal25@comcast.net

  75. Ron says:

    Is it true that most rounds last 6hrs plus when playing in this tournament? Will there be a coarse marshall to assist with the speed of play? Finally are handicaps adjusted everyday during the tournament?

    1. Christian says:


      Thanks for your comment. We do everything we can to keep the pace of play up. Some days are slower but overall the pace moves very well. There will be marshals on the course to monitor play and to keep the pace of play up.

      As for handicap adjusting our tournament committee will adjust players everyday during the event if it is warranted. We take into consideration the integrity of the tournament and protect the other players in the field. Thanks!


  76. Duane says:

    Just tried to e-mail George about skins game.Was unable to get through. Has any one else had the same problem.

  77. Ben Gardner says:

    I was lucky enough to win the first ever event held here in Mesquite. since then i have played some more golf but was found to have cancer, i have had surgery and two long bouts with radaition and some chemo, i am looking forward to coming back to play, of all the tournaments i have played this is one i would tell all golfers of every level to play, the weather is great, the courses are some of the best in the desert and the people who put it on are very nice and very helpful. the food is good and the gaming is gaming. I wish everyone could play this event at least once in there golf life. Hope to make it back once again, but will have to see.

    1. Christian says:


      Thank you for your comments about the event and we hope to have you again this year at the Mesquite Amateur. It is because of players like yourself that have supported this event from the beginning that it has become so succesful. Thanks again for your years of support!

  78. Bruce says:

    If you look at last years results it will give you a rough idea what the handicap range might be for the various flights.

  79. Ed T says:


    This will be my first year playing but it sounds like a great planned out week. I would be interested in any cigar outing you can put together.

    Ed T

  80. Rich says:

    We’ll set aside some time and enjoy some premium cigars and a fine Scotch!

  81. MIKE says:


    1. Christian says:


      We need to have all guests paid for before registration. The reason is that we have to have numbers to our food department before registration so there is enough food for everyone at the dinners. Feel free to e-mail either my self cadderson@casablancaresort.com or April (my assistant) avaldovino@casablancaresort.com to give us names of guests you would like to add. Or you can call us to give us names at 888-711-4653 Ext. 51 for Christian and 63 for April.


  82. Tom says:

    Rich C and Christian,
    I hope you guys are able to work something out with a HERF. There are three of us coming from Texas that would love to gather with others and enjoy some good cigars and maybe a scotch or two.
    See you in May

  83. Patti says:

    Christian, I normally will rent a car in Mesquite but will not be able to do that this year. Last year there was a lot of trouble trying to hook up with riders that made other arraingemnts but didn’t let the driver know etc. Is there a chance that there could be a shuttle of some sort for the St George rotation?


    1. Christian says:


      We will not have shuttles to St. George or Coyote Springs this year. At registration we do offer the ride share like we had last year so you can coordinate with players in your flight for transportation to the golf course or if you have an open seat in your car to offer a ride. In years past this program has worked out very well in getting players to and from the St. George courses.


  84. David says:


    on the web page you still have 2007 videos, are you ever going to put up 2008 videos. I love watching all the activites, and makes waiting for next year a little easyer.



    1. Christian says:


      Yes I am working on getting those videos up and hope to have them up soon! Keep checking back to the website. We also plan on having a compellation video of all the Mesquite Amateur at this years event!


  85. David says:

    Rich C.

    I am not a cigar aficionado but love to smoke cigars when I play golf. I could be up for it


  86. David says:

    Mike Lawson.

    the ones in Mesquite are less then 10mins, but going in to Utah is about 50 mins and a you loose one hour. So plan your time you do not want to be late.


  87. David says:

    Doug Pilling

    anybody play in the poker tourny last year? yes I played last year.

    how was it? it was a lot of fun and have played the last three years and will play this year.

    lotta players? I think last year there was about 75 to 85 players.

    prizes? the prize money is divided up on the last table, of course the winner gets about $1000.00 or so it all depends on the number of players.

    would you play again? yes and have already signed up for this year.

    how was it structured? just as you would see on TV, just about the same.


  88. Todd Peltier says:

    Hey George, Nice to see your running your skins game again. For those that don’t know George, I would like you to know he runs a great skins game, all money is paid out. If you leave the course and you have won a skin, he seeks you out through out the week to make sure you get your money. I have been playing in George’s skin game for the past 5 years in mesquite and started back at the World Am in myrtle. This is a great way to start your week and meet some new people. I know there is alot of work involved for you george, I just want to say thanks for running it again.

    Seeya in the desert!

  89. AL says:

    I noticed in your web site schedule for the tournament that Coyote Springs is included with the Mesquite courses as a 07:30AM Shotgun. As this course is 53 miles from Mesquite, that is mighty early!

    1. Christian says:


      The reason behind this is I do not want to make it confusing for players and having two different tee times at the Nevada courses. We will see how it works this year if it needs to be changed we will take a look at it.

      Plus when you play this course you will want to get there early to take it all in! It is a fantastic course!


  90. Brandon says:

    Something I’d like to see this year (this is my 5th year attending the event) is “adjusting” all these sandbaggers. How does an 8 to 9 handicapper consistently shoot in the low 70s nearly shooing scratch not get adjusted during the tournament. This really makes it unfair for those who keep current handicaps and are not out there sandbagging! So, please keep this in mind Christian because if you look at the results from last year, statistically these guys had no chance to shoot in the low 70s when they are playing to a 9 index. The only difference I noticed last year which was “GREAT” was having the us play from the tips for the single digit handicappers. Great test of our game!

  91. Andrew says:


    Thanks for posting tentative flight assignments so early. I really appreciate seeing a list of where I likely will be playing this year. It helps with plans and it makes the last of Winter go by a little quicker. Also I look forward to seeing the participant list and looking up old friends.
    Thanks again,

  92. George says:

    Hey C, I called to get my practice round set up for sat prior to the Mesq Am at Coyote Springs and they said the practice round rate did not apply for that day. Maybe the young lady did not know, just thought I would check. George

  93. George says:

    Hey Mike, I usually run one in the mens 49 under division and Stan M usually runs one in the senior division. See you in 80 days. George

  94. Mike Lawson says:

    Thanks for the resonse Christian. Looking forward to being there. Are there skins games in each flight? I can’t think of anything better than losing my money to other hackers from hell.

  95. AL STEWART says:

    When will you start this years “participant” listing. Its always nice to see who you know from previous years.
    Keep up the good work. This Blog idea is great.

    1. Christian says:


      We will be getting that up very soon and then we will update it weekly. Thanks!


  96. larry mierisch says:

    what kind of material is the golf shirt made of ? hopefully its not heavy cotton-like we received in 2007.

    1. Christian says:


      We have not finalized the shirts. We like to get everyones sizes in case it falls into place. I can promise you this you will get some sort of apparell item (shirt, hat, etc) this year! I am also working on some other exciting options for the tee gifts.

      If we do do the shirts they will definately not be the heavy cotton shirts I will work to get something lighter for the participants.


  97. Benny Marchese says:

    Christian- I know its early but on the course assignments could someone put the handicap range in there. I’m not sure what flight I and another buddy would be playing in. Thanks.

    1. Christian says:


      Unfortunately I will not be able to post that until we get closer as I have to see what the sign ups look like. the entries have been rolling in and we are looking forward to another great field! As soon as i can post a tentative list with index range i will. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all in May!


  98. George says:

    Just a little note for those interested in the skins games on Sunday and Monday. For those of you that have registered for the Mesquite Am already and have given them an correct email you will be getting an invite in the next 5-7 days concerning the event. If you do not get one or did not get them an email you may email me at gsal25@comcast.net to get info on both events. Countdown to the desert is 85 days. See ya

  99. Kerry says:


    Make that golfmesquitenevada.com

  100. Kerry says:


    Ican answer that for you. Yes. THE CHASE at Coyote Springs is correct. You can also find it at golfmesquite.com

  101. larry mierisch says:

    which course will host the final round ?

    1. Christian says:


      The CasaBlanca Golf Course will be hosting the final round this year. The CasaBlanca is a great test for the championship round of golf. I will probally be changing the Championship course next year and would like to hear from you the participants as far as what you would like to see for the championship course. Post on the forum your ideas!


  102. Rich C. says:

    Is there any cigar aficionados out there that will be attending this year’s event? I am a cigar Ambassador for Altadis USA and have played in the last 3events. If there is interest, I could sponsor a HERF with cigars supplied. Please post your comments and interests. Thanks,
    Rich – PHX, AZ

    1. Christian says:


      Please contact me I am working on a cigar idea for the tournament. I cannot give out details but I would like to talk to you more about it. It is another exciting addition I am working on for this years event! Go to the contact us page on the Mesquite Amateur website and call or e-mail me so we can talk! Thanks!


  103. Brandon Polanco says:


    I love this blog because it also answers alot of questions that I was thinking of…plus you don’t have to answer the same question “um…teenth times”. Anyhow, I viewed the course rotations and noticed that Coyote Springs is on our rotation. I googled it and couldn’t find it….is it THE CHASE at PGA Golf Club of Coyote Springs?? Thanks for your help!

    1. Christian says:


      It should be updated on the website it was put up on the site last week. Let me know if you are still having problems. It is not an attachment as before it is acttually part of the page now. Thanks!


      1. Christian says:


        Coyote Springs practice rounds are $105 per person for their prime time rates. There twighlight is after 11am and you can call the pro shop to set up your practice round for a cheaper rate.

        Call the proshop to book your tee times at (702) 422-1400.


  104. Mike Lawson says:

    This will be my first time to play here. I have done the Myrtle Beach tournament 2 times. I will be staying at the Casablanca. My question is are the courses a long drive each day like some of Myrtle Beaches were?

    1. Christian says:


      First off welcome to your first year with the Mesquite Amateur. As far as driving distances to the courses all of the courses in Mesquite itself are 5 to 10 minutes from any hotel you stay at. If you are playing the courses out of Mesquite (Coral Canyon and Ledges in St. George Utah and Coyote Springs south of Mesquite) they are about 45 minute drives to those courses. I have tried to make it so everyone has only one travel day out of Mesquite. We look forward to seeing you in May!


  105. George says:

    Hey Christian, George here. Great job on the new course and in getting out the flyers and POSSIBLE course assignments early. As you know I will be doing my annual “Doing it in the Desert” net skins game on Monday at The Casablanca golf course and this year we will be adding the gross skins game Sunday at Falcons Ridge. I will be sending out flyers to all Mesquite Am participants that give you an email. Can’t wait to see you in the desert. George

  106. mike says:

    course rotation still not up yet

    1. Christian says:


      The tentative rotation is up on the website. You will get your final rotation upon registration on Monday May 25th.

  107. Fish says:

    I just wanted to say that having this blog is an excellent idea. Allowing us to comment and ask questions ahead of time and receive a response is a very personal touch that many events simply do not offer.

    I’m bringing an even larger number of friends from the Oregon Coast this year, so I’m sure we’ll have our share of questions. But for now thank you for offering this to us.

    Randy Fisher

  108. Art says:

    Many of us have been attending the tournement since the first one and have not missed any.
    Question: Will you continue to give us a discount on the player registration as in the past? If so, what will be our registration fee for thos of us who have been attending since the First Annual Mesquite Tournement?
    Thank you

    1. Christian says:

      We do have a list of people that have played every year so on your online entry please note that you have played in every event in the comments section of the sign up form. We will then apply the discount for you. We appreciate those players that have supported this event for the past 6 years. We could not have done it with out all of you!!!

  109. tom clancy says:

    Due to the extra charges by airlines for baggage, would it be possible to ship clubs to a designated place for pickup???

    1. Christian says:

      Yes we do understand the challenges with the extra airline fees for golfers and checking bags. The resorts do offer shipping directly to them.

      Ship directly to the individual resort that you are staying at (addresses are below) put to your attention and your arrival date at the resort and the clubs will be at the front desk. For the Eureka please call the hotel direct to get shipping information 800-346-4611

      CasaBlanca Resort
      950 W Mesquite Blvd
      Mesquite, NV 89027

      Oasis Resort
      897 W Mesquite Blvd
      Mesquite, NV 89027

      Virgin River Resort
      100 Pioneer Blvd
      Mesquite, NV 89027

  110. Brandon Polanco says:

    Are the casino tables (i.e., three card poker, blackjack, etc) still open at Casablanca? Another exciting point I read on a previous post was, “A new course” for the rotation? Great job in acquiring the new course, Christian!

    By the way, I’m Brandon one of the many participants that travels to Mesquite every year with the George Salcedo group. Prior participants and others who are interested a brochure for all Mesquite Am participants is scheduled to be e-mailed to you for a GROSS and NET SKINS GAME on Sunday and Monday. These will be held at courses that may be in your rotation. Great idea for a practice round and a chance to make some $$$.

  111. Jeff says:

    Doug, played in it last year, I was on the early out plan. It fills up quick I hear. I think the final table places in the cash and one of the guys from our flight took home 1st with $900 or close anyways. Maybe we’ll play again together this year. Has anyone tried the new Coyote Springs course yet? 7471 yards! I got to try that!

  112. Doug Pilling says:

    anybody play in the poker tourny last year? how was it? lotta players? prizes? would you play again? how was it structured?


    1. Christian says:

      The Oasis Resort is NOT closed down. There has been a lot of rumors about the resort and it is still running. Due to economic times they did have to close down some of the amenities at the resort but the resort itself is still open and Mesquite Amateur participants can still stay at the resort.

      The amenities that are open are: The hotel, Denny’s, Starbucks, 140 slot machines, and the pools (with hottubs).

      The Oasis looks forward to hosting all Mesquite Amateur Participants that would like to stay there!

  114. Philip Rock says:

    What are the tee prizes this year?

    1. Christian says:


      We are still putting the final touches on the tee gift for this year. We are anticipating another great tee gift package for the participants this year!


  115. Kerry says:

    what will the practice round price be for the new course?

    1. Christian says:


      the practice round price at Coyote Springs is $100 for Monday May 25th.


  116. Jim says:

    Having problems with the website. I am running the updated 8.0 Java. Can you update yours.

    1. Christian says:


      Are you still having problems with the website? Let me know and if you are having further problems feel free to e-mail me and I will get you signed up.


  117. Brandon Polanco says:

    The course rotations appear to be the same from last year….this is my 5th year attending this event. When will the “new” course rotations be posted? I don’t plan on going if they rotations remain as status quo.

    1. Christian says:

      The course rotation will change for 2009. We will have a tentative rotation up this week on the website to give you an idea of what courses you will play. You will get your final rotation at registration on Monday May 25th.

  118. Ann says:

    How do I register for the non-playing guest activities?

    1. Christian says:

      We will have the side events up and available to sign up for on the website by the end of the weekend. We have some great events for non playing spouses this year including- BUNCO, Mesquite Amateur Amazing Race, Gun Club, Wine Lunch and the Mesquite Amateur Poker Tournament.