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Mesquite Amateur

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May 29th to June 2nd, 2017.

Entering its 15th year of competition, the Mesquite Amateur is one of the largest handicapped amateur tournaments in the nation. Located in Mesquite, Nevada, which is established along the northern edge of the Mojave Desert and near the southern edges of the Great Basin, all seven courses provide distinct, challenging styles of desert, arroyo, vista, and canyon play.

The Mesquite Amateur consists of a five-day 54-hole, net, stoke play tournament. Participants compete against a field of players with a similar handicap. There is also a practice round held on the first day of the event (Practice round is not included in entry and the individual must make their own practice round arrangements).

Finalist rankings will be determined by comparing the three-day cumulative score. The top four participants from each flight will complete in the 18-hole championship round at the CasaBlanca Golf Club. USGA rules will govern the play.



The 2017 Mesquite Amateur is dedicated to answering your questions to ensure the most exciting tournament to date. Additional details will be posted as they become available and the FAQ will include any new questions frequently asked by players.

Q: What are the dates for the 2017 Mesquite Amateur?
A: The dates of the EVENT are May 29th to June 2nd, 2017.
Registration and practice rounds are May 29th.
Tournament play is May 30th to June 1st.
The championship round is June 2nd.

Q: What is the entry fee?
A: The entry fee is $525 before March 31st, 2017 and $575 if you sign up after March 31st. Guests of the player may attend the nightly dinner parties for an additional $160 (for 4 dinner parties).

Q: What is included in the entry fee?
A: Each player receives a welcome packet with gifts valued at $100; three rounds of golf at three different courses including a cart and range balls; admission to all special events and nightly dinners; participation in special tournaments; and the chance to play in the final championship round.

Q: Is lodging included in the entry fee?
A: No, lodging is not included. However, several area hotels are offering discounted rates for confirmed registrants.

Q: What is the last day to register for the event?
A: Registration at the $525 per player rate will be available through March 31st, 2016. Players may register after March 31st for $575 per player. Registrations will be accepted up until May 22nd, 2017 pending space availability, but must still have an established USGA Handicap Index by May 1st, 2017.

Q: What is the average rate for hotel accommodations?
A: Rates vary in the Mesquite area, with several hotels and resorts offering specials during tournament dates. Some hotels and resorts will be providing discounts of up to 30 percent. You may check rates through the Mesquite Amateur Hotel tab. Please identify yourself as a Mesquite Amateur entrant.

Q: What types of prizes will be available?
A: Prizes will be given away in each flight. Prizes will be awarded in gift cards which will be distributed in the Champions Room following the awards presentation the evening of Thursday, June 1st. There will also be a long drive and closest to the hole contest, nightly door prizes, and a grand prize. A full listing of prize values will be listed in the player’s handbook.

Q: What is the format of the tournament?
A: The tournament will consist of three days (May 30th – June 1st) of net stroke play with the top four players from each flight advancing to the Championship round at the CasaBlanca Golf Course on Friday, June 2nd. The overall champion will be crowned at the conclusion of play.

Q: What are the age divisions?
A: The tournament field will consist of five divisions: Men (ages 49 and under), Senior Men (ages 50-59) Super Senior Men (ages 60-69), Masters (ages 70 and over), and Women (ages 21 and over). Players who qualify for the Senior Men or Super Senior Men may request to play in the regular Men division.

Q: What are the handicaps for each flight?
A: Fight sizes will vary depending on the number of participants. Flights will be based on USGA Handicap Index. Each entrant will play their tournament rounds with a daily handicap determined by the USGA Slope Rating of that entrant’s assigned golf courses. While a player may have an index that would convert to a handicap greater than 36 for men and 40 for women, the maximum handicap men will play with is 36 and women 40, regardless of index.

Q: Are practice rounds included in the tournament?
A: Practice rounds are not included in the tournament, but there are discounts available from all participating courses. Rates for each facility are subject to availability.

Q: Can we choose who we wish to pair with?
A: Players may not request a pairing partner. However, players may request to play in the same flight.

Q: Is transportation provided?
A:Transportation is not provided from area hotels to area courses but the tournament does offer a ride share program that you can sign up for at registration.

Q: Can spectators watch the tournament?
A: Guests are encouraged to watch the tournament provided they do not interfere with the play, caddy, or ride in the carts. Spectators can request a golf cart but it is up to the golf course that day if they give a golf cart to a spectator (normal fees will apply). If a spectator does receive a golf cart they are required to be cart path only. If a spectator interferes in any way they will be asked to leave the golf course.

Q: Where can I find answers to other questions?
A: The rules of the tournament are posted under the Rules tab. If you have any other questions, please contact us under the Contact tab.

Rules & Regulations

All amateur golfers with an established USGA Handicap Index (or equivalent) are eligible to compete in the Mesquite Amateur. All entrants and guests must be a minimum of 21 years of age. Full rules and regulations are in the printed player’s handbook.

An amateur is considered to be any golfer who plays the game as a non-remunerative and non-profit making sport and does not receive remuneration for teaching golf or other activities because of golf skill or reputation, except as allowed by USGA Rules of Play.

Handicap Requirements

For the 2017 event the Mesquite Amateur has partnered with the Southern Nevada Golf Association to handle all handicaps and scoring. The Mesquite Amateur and SNGA have developed the following updated rule that will be in place for tournament indexes and adjustments during the tournament.

The SNGA is a licensed state/regional golf association required to administer the USGA Handicap System™ on behalf of the USGA, it is understood that the SNGA must be diligent in ensuring an equitable playing field in its competitions.

All competitors agree to have an Handicap Index (or in Canada a Factor) issued by a licensed member club of a recognized state or regional golf association, the USGA, or an international Federation in order for the handicap committee to be able to review their scoring history (peer review). In most instances in the United States, a Handicap Index will be computed by GHIN. In Canada it will be computed by the RCGA Network. If a player is found not to have an Index computed by a service of a recognized association the player’s handicap chair or golf course professional will be contacted by the committee.

HANDICAP INDEX – All competitors in the Mesquite Amateur shall have Course Handicaps calculated using their 12-month low Handicap Index (June 1, 2016 to May 1, 2017).

All players (not on GHIN) should bring with them a copy of their last 20 scores and index history to the tournament in case the Tournament Committee has any questions.

If a player is found not to have an adequate score history or a peer review is not able to be done by the tournament committee that player will play at 50% of their index and will be contacted by the committee.


If any player would like to petition for a different index other than their 12 month low handicap they can submit that request to the tournament committee and the committee will take it under careful review and the player will be notified of the committee’s decision. Reasons for petition may be but not limited to injury, health issue, moved locations (scores have not been moved over) etc. All petition requests can be sent to

PERFORMANCE ADJUSTMENTS – The Mesquite Amateur Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust the Course Handicap of any competitor during the Mesquite Amateur Tournament.

  1. During the course of tournament play, after every round, players that shoot a score with a negative differential will be subject to additional review by the Mesquite Amateur Tournament Committee. Players who have a single round score with a net differential in excess of 125:1 odds as per Appendix E: Exceptional Score Probability Table of the USGA Handicap System Manual, shall have their course handicap (and therefore Net Differential) adjusted to a level that falls below 125:1 odds.
  2. Should a player have a second consecutive round score with a negative differential, then a second adjustment, applied to ALL prior tournament rounds shall be made so that the adjusted falls below the 125:1 threshold and or subject to disqualification.
Appendix E: Exceptional Tournament Score Probablity Table
0-5 6-12 13-21 22-30 GREATER THAN 30
Net Differential odds odds odds odds odds
0 5:1 5:1 6:1 5:1 5:1
-1 10:1 10:1 10:1 8:1 7:1
-2 23:1 22:1 21:1 13:1 10:1
-3 57:1 51:1 43:1 23:1 15:1
-4 151:1 121:1 87:1 40:1 22:1
-5 379:1 276:1 174:1 72:1 35:1
-6 790:1 536:1 323:1 130:1 60:1
-7 2349:1 1200:1 522:1 229:1 101:1
-8 20111:1 4467:1 1138:1 382:1 185:1
-9 48219:1 27877:1 3577:1 695:1 359:1
-10 125000:1 84300:1 37000:1 1650:1 874:1
Two Best Scores Probabilty Chart
0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10
0 27 46 92 199 408 869 1808 2480 3871 9180 85779
-1 46 13 26 58 118 253 526 722 1126 2672 24967
-2 96 26 20 43 89 191 398 546 853 2023 18907
-3 199 58 43 59 121 258 537 737 1150 2728 25492
-4 408 118 89 121 200 427 888 1219 1903 4512 42163
-5 869 253 191 258 427 821 1708 2343 3657 8672 81030
-6 1808 526 398 537 888 1708 3385 4644 7249 17189 ****
-7 2480 722 546 737 1219 2343 4644 6225 9716 23041 ****
-8 3871 853 1150 1903 3657 2343 7249 9716 14912 35361 ****
-9 9180 2672 2023 2728 4512 8672 17109 23041 35361 82951 ****
85779 24967 18907 25492 42163 81030 **** **** **** **** ****

Divisions and Flights

The tournament field will consist of five divisions: Men (ages 49 and under), Senior Men (ages 50-59), Super Senior Men (60-69), Masters (ages 70 and over), and Women (ages 21 and over). Divisions are based on the entrant’s age as of May 29th, 2017.

Golf Cart Requirements

All players are strongly urged to ride in a cart. Tournament entry fee includes cost of cart for three rounds. Spectators are allowed, but are prohibited from riding in the carts or interfering with play in any way. The use of caddies is prohibited. If a spectator does request to ride in a separate golf cart it is solely up to the individual golf course to rent a golf cart to a spectator (normal fees will apply). If a spectator is found to be interfering with play in any way the spectator will be asked to leave the golf course immediately and will not be admitted the rest of the tournament.

Rules of Play

Unless otherwise indicated, USGA Rules of Golf will govern play. Local rules for each golf course will be distributed at each course. All disputes regarding any aspect of tournament play will be reviewed by the tournament committee. All rules decisions by the tournament committee are final.

Dress Code

Spikeless shoes are required at all seven tournament courses. Attire for the week is golf club casual, including the parties. Bermuda-length shorts may be worn during tournament rounds. Collared shirts are required and no denim is allowed at tournament courses. Weather range is a high of 100 and low of 80.

Tie Break Procedures

Ties for the top ten places in each flight after Thursday will be broken by comparing third round net scores. If a tie still exists, the next scores will be broken by the net scores from round two. If a tie still exists, the nine-hole net score beginning with the back nine of round three and going backwards until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists the committee will award duplicate prizes.

Championship Round

The top four net scores from each flight will advance to the championship round on Friday, June 2, 2017 at the CasaBlanca Golf Club at 7:30am. Champion, runner-up, and low gross for entire tournament awards will be announced at a special awards luncheon. Ties for any trophy will be decided by a sudden-death playoff.


All flight prizes will be presented after dinner at the CasaBlanca Events Center. Dinner and the awards presentation will be at the CasaBlanca Events Center. Daily incentive prizes will be presented at each night’s dinner. They will include long drive, closest to the hole and low gross scores for Thursday’s tournament round.


Spectators are allowed, but are prohibited from riding in the golf carts or interfering with play in any way. The use of caddies is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

Practice Rounds

Rule 7-2 of the USGA Rules of Golf will be modified to allow practice rounds to be played on competition courses between rounds. That means you will be allowed to play a practice round on a golf course you have yet to play in the afternoons. The courses will be offering special tournament practice round rates.

Distance Measuring Devices

Players are allowed to use devices that measure distance only. The use of devices that gauge or measure other conditions that might affect a player’s play are not permitted, unless the additional feature that gauges or measures these conditions can be deactivated during competition. A player in breach of this rule will be subject to disqualification under Rule 14-3.

Rules of Amateur Status

Rule 1. Amateurism

An amateur golfer is one who plays the game as a non-remunerative and non-profit making sport and who does not received remuneration of teaching golf or for other activities because of golf skill or reputation, except as provided in the Rules of Golf.

Rule 2. Amateur Status

Amateur status is a universal condition of eligibility for playing golf competitions as an amateur golfer. A person who acts contrary to the Rules of golf may forfeit his or her status as an amateur golfer and as a result will be ineligible to play in amateur competitions.

Rule 3. Prizes

The retail value of prize is the price at which it is generally available at the time of award. A symbolic prize is a trophy make of gold, silver, ceramic, glass or the like that is intended for display purposes only and has no significant utilitarian value.

An Amateur Golfer must not: Accept a prize (including all prizes received in any one tournament or exhibition for any event, or series of events, in which golf skill is a factor) of a retail value greater than $750 (except for symbolic prizes).


Contestants are expected to (1) know and play by the Rules of Golf, (2) conduct themselves at all times in a sportsmanlike manner, (3) respect the golf course and the rights of other contestants, (4) fulfill their playing obligations and (5) know and abide by the Mesquite Amateur Pace of Play Policy. If the Committee considers that a player is guilty of a serious breach of etiquette, including but not limited to unsportsmanlike conduct (cheating, damaging the golf course, defacing club property, using loud obscene language, throwing clubs, etc.), it may impose a penalty of DISQUALIFICATION and possible suspension from future play in the Mesquite Amateur. Any disciplinary actions imposed on a contestant by the Mesquite Amateur may be formally communicated to a representative of the contestant’s club and/or to any other allied golf association that the Mesquite Amateur deems appropriate.

Local Rules

The USGA Rules of Golf and its decisions will govern play. See applicable “Notice to Competitors” at each golf course for additional local rules and conditions. Players are to disregard any local rules on the golf course score card that are not listed on the “Notice to Competitors” for that course.

Out of Bounds

Defined by the inside points, at ground level of white stakes, boundary fence posts or the inside edge of curbing when on a road determines out of bounds. Rule 27-1A ball which crosses a public road defined as out of bounds and comes to rest beyond that road is out of bounds even though it may lie on another part of the course.

Water & Lateral Water Hazard Stakes & Lines

Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes and or lines. Lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes and or lines. When both stakes and lines are used to define water and lateral water hazards, the stakes identify the hazard by the line and defines the margin of the hazard. When water hazards and lateral water hazards are bounded by out of bounds, the hazard margin extends to and coincides with the out of bounds line.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA)

ESA’s are defined by a green tip on the top of a water hazard or lateral water hazard stake. Play is prohibited from these areas and the player must drop a ball with a one-stroke penalty according to Rule 26, the Water Hazard Rule. If the player’s ball is not in the ESA but his or hers stance or area of intended swing is interfered with by the ESA he or she shall drop without penalty no nearer the hole at the nearest point which provides complete relief from the ESA. Penalty for playing from an area defined as ESA will be two strokes.

Ground Under Repair

Defined by white lines. French drains and a hole made by a greens keeper are defined as ground under repair according to Rule 25.

Cart Paths

Relief without penalty is only available when cart paths are artificially surfaced. Artificially surfaced includes cement, asphalt, gravel, etc. but not dirt (including hard pan) or random native rocks. White lined areas that are tied into artificially surfaced paths and roads are considered part of the artificially surfaced path and thus entitled to relief under Rule 24 Obstructions.

Drop Areas

Drop areas have been designated for certain relief situations. Please check the notice to competitors at each course for the exact locations. Drop areas may not be painted but defined as the forward teeing ground meaning that a player may drop anywhere on the teeing ground in the closely mown area.

Embedded Ball Through the Green

Rule 25-2. A ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground in any closely-mown area through the green may be lifted, cleaned and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green. “Closely-mown area” means any area of the course, including paths through the rough, cut to fairway height or less.

Time of Starting

The note to Rule 6-3 shall be in effect.


List of Conforming Balls

The ball the player uses shall conform to requirements specified in Appendix III in the Rules of Golf.

Close of Competition

The competition shall be deemed closed when the prizes have been presented to the winners.

Doubt as to Procedure (Second Ball)

Rule 3-3. In stroke play only, when during play of a hole a competitor is doubtful of his or her rights or procedure, he or she may, without penalty, play a second ball. After the situation which caused the doubt has arisen, the competitor should, before taking further action, announce to his marker or a fellow-competitor his decision to invoke this Rule and the ball with which he will score if the Rules permit.

The competitor shall report the facts to the committee (the Golf Professional at the course) before returning his scorecard unless he scores the same with both balls; if he/she fails to do so, he/she shall be disqualified.

Pace of Play

All groups will be expected to keep up with the group in front of them. If your group falls more than a hole behind, a marshal will ask your group to pick up your pace. If the group does not pick up the pace a rules official will be out to time each individual player. Players will have 45 seconds to hit their shot. Two bad times and the players will be warned. The next bad time (3rd total) the player will be assessed one-stroke. A second bad time (4th total) will result in a two-stroke penalty. If a player incurs another bad time (5th total) they will be disqualified and asked to leave the course.

Daily Instructions

All contestants will receive their scorecards at the course they are playing that day. Players must exchange scorecards with another participant in the group. No competitor shall keep their own score. Players shall record their gross (actual) score only. Net scores will be calculated by the Committee.

At the conclusion of each round, all contestants must turn in their scorecard signed and attested (the player and marker’s signatures) to the designated scoring areas at the course. Any player who leaves the course without signing their scorecard will be disqualified.

Any player who does not turn in their scorecard immediately following play to the designated scoring area will be subject to disqualification.

Any player who accuses another player of a Rules infraction after the scorecards have been returned may also be disqualified (along with the player) for entrapment. The time to bring up any Rules questions is before the scorecards are returned. It should not be thought as confrontational, but rather as assistance, as you may keep that player from being disqualified. You also have an obligation to protect the rest of the field.

Any player seeking a ruling must contact the Golf Professional at the golf course they are playing prior to returning their scorecard. Ties will be broken as described in the Player Handbook.


If written cancellation is received before May 1st, 2017 a full refund will be given minus a $20 processing fee. If a cancellation is received May 2nd-14th, 2017 you will receive a refund less $100 processing fee. No refunds, regardless of circumstance, will be provided May 15th, 2017 or after. All cancellations and refund requests must be submitted in writing. Please allow 30 days to process requests.

*These abbreviated rules will be updated as necessary. A complete set of rules will be provided in each player’s welcome package.

Practice Rounds

Practice Rounds are NOT included in your entry fee. Times can be booked at all seven golf courses by calling the phone numbers listed below. Rates vary at each course and you must book your own tee times.

Tell the Pro Shop that you are a participant in the Mesquite Amateur for special practice round rates.

Men’s 49 and under Participant List 2017

  First Name Last Name City State
1 Zach Adams Batesville Indiana
2 Bryson Agnew Woodinville Washington
3 Jeffrey Barbas North Canton Ohio
4 Brady Bean Washington Utah
5 Shaun Benninghove Fallon Nevada
6 Derwin Blackmon Manteca California
7 Lew Brunhaver Kirkland Washington
8 Mike Camp Edmond Oklahoma
9 Tommy Cook Clinton Utah
10 Lonnie Cornaire San Diego California
11 Tracy Couch Coquille Oregon
12 Ross Dally Fort Knox Kentucky
13 Kelly Davis Bothell Washington
14 Tucker Davis Dallas Texas
15 Bob Davis Castle Rock Colorado
16 Tom Dillon Novato California
17 Wesley Dishon Bridge City Texas
18 Ron Duran Mountain Green Utah
19 Kyle Ellenz Knightdale North Carolina
20 Bradley Ellis Washington Utah
21 Harold Erker Parker Colorado
22 Grant Erker Johnstown Colorado
23 BJ Fischer Macon Georgia
24 Michael Floyd Edmond Oklahoma
25 Kevin Flynn Springboro Ohio
26 Mark Frampton Salt Lake City Utah
27 David Frechette Meadow Vista California
28 Dan Hagedorn Auburn Washington
29 Dewey Hauge Culbertson Montana
30 Bryan Haynes Cullman Alabama
31 Keith Henry Guymon Oklahoma
32 James Hernandez Burbank California
33 Adrian Heydel Poulsbo Washington
34 Timothy Hiller Henderson Nevada
35 Randy Hines Fallon Nevada
36 William Horosky Monroe Washington
37 Jim Huebel Groves Texas
38 Michael Jacka Las Vegas Nevada
39 Jukiewicz John Eastlake Ohio
40 Kevin Jones Orlando Florida
41 Lance Kammerer Mesquite Nevada
42 Mike King Victoria Canada
43 Heyoung Lee Duluth Georgia
44 Jeff Linihan Edmond Oklahoma
45 Neil MacKinnon Chestermere Canada
46 Paul MacKinnon Calgary Canada
47 Doug Maggard Edmond Oklahoma
48 Gary McCollum Las Vegas Nevada
49 Rich Messina Wilmington Delaware
50 Aldous Mitchell Naples Florida
51 Deayne Moore Macon Georgia
52 Roman Moreno Guymon Oklahoma
53 Trevor Morgan Highlands Ranch Colorado
54 Nathan Moss Edmonds Washington
55 Jim Munro Parker Colorado
56 Ross Newhall Longview Washington
57 Darren Ofsthun Springfield Oregon
58 Tyler Peak Edmond Oklahoma
59 Jeffery Peltier Chesterfield Michigan
60 Robert Pelton |V Saint George Utah
61 Ryan Pugh The Spokane Washington
62 Terry Pugh Spokane Washington
63 Peter Rave Scottsdale Arizona
64 Glenn Rose Guymon Oklahoma
65 George Salcedo Mcgaheysville Virginia
66 Keith Sanders Bridge City Texas
67 Richard Schacht Alameda California
68 Joe Siegel Duvall Washington
69 Kevin Sullivan Timnath Colorado
70 Matt Suznovich Murray Utah
71 Brian Tingey Farr West Utah
72 Scott Tribble Arlington Texas
73 Justin Tumlinson Hutto Texas
74 Scott Wagstaff Midvale Utah
75 Steve Wallin Spokane Washington
76 David Watkins Guymon Oklahoma
77 Clayton Yakubow Bothell Washington
78 Michael Zepeda Rochester Minnesota

Senior 50-59 Participant List 2017

  First Name Last Name City St.
1 Victor Allen Moreno Valley California
2 Michael Alvey Woodinville Washington
3 Chris Arangio Delray Beach Florida
4 David Attard Houston Texas
5 John Austin Naples Florida
6 Martyn Bates Humble Texas
7 Scott Benes Old Hickory Tennessee
8 Bill Boggs Walla Walla Washington
9 Hugo Bonacci Fort Worth Texas
10 Kent Bradford Rancho Cocamonga California
11 Mark Branham Twin Falls Idaho
12 Lou Brannan Vancouver Washington
13 Mark Conlon Murray Utah
14 David Corhn Rock Springs Wyoming
15 David Creek Vancouver Washington
16 Brian Curry Rutherford California
17 Fred Deferdinando Deerfield Beach Florida
18 Craig Dierks Galt California
19 Bryan Dodd Eugene Oregon
20 John Dunagan Delray Beach Florida
21 Victor Eakins Mason Ohio
22 Chris Ehalt Parker Colorado
23 Cary Fishman Parker Colorado
24 Gary Forszt Deerfield Beach Florida
25 Morgan Fussell Jr El Dorado Hills California
26 Larry Given Eugene Oregon
27 Jon Haase Vancouver Washington
28 Tom Haly Vancouver Washington
29 Leonard Harrison Tampa Florida
30 David Hartwell Seattle Washington
31 Derek Hausler Vancouver Washington
32 Kevin Hill Los Angeles California
33 Jim Hoshaw Glennview Illinois
34 Rich Hrubosky Clackamas Oregon
35 Randy Hunt Humble Texas
36 Thomas Hunton Jacksonville Florida
37 Scott Jeghers Hometead Florida
38 Paul Jenkins Twin Falls Idaho
39 Todd Johnson Sammamish Washington
40 Scott Jolley Ogden Utah
41 Craig Keller Houston Texas
42 James Knight Tampa Bay Florida
43 Geoff Koren San Diego California
44 Jim Krampert Spring Lake New Jersey
45 Marck Lane Vancouver Washington
46 John Long Allen Texas
47 Douglas Mccormick Culbertson Montana
48 Alan McNelly Fountain Hills Arizona
49 Kyle Mehl Bridge City Texas
50 Eric Menut   France
51 Mike Merrett Saanichton Canada
52 Jim Michelson Walla Walla Washington
53 Bill Miller Lacenter Washington
54 Daniel Monico Saugus Massachusetts
55 Jim Montroy Sunriver Oregon
56 Wayne Morrison Macclenny Florida
57 Gary Mostyn Humble Texas
58 Stephen Mounce Dallas Texas
59 Dan Mower Littleton Colorado
60 Ricky Napper Bryan Texas
61 Mark Neeley Manteca California
62 Michael Nielsen Hyde Park Utah
63 Mark Novak Seattle Washington
64 Jim O’Hare Las Vegas Nevada
65 Raymond Ojeda Sedona Arizona
66 Johnny Page Saint Simons Island Georgia
67 Gary Paulson Twin Falls Idaho
68 Michael Peery Michie Tennessee
69 John Peterson Spring Texas
70 James Phillips Los Alamitos California
71 Mike Posekany Portland Oregon
72 Ajay Prasad Delta Canada
73 Harry Radley Indianapolis Indiana
74 Terry Ream Reno Nevada
75 Danny Reed Palisade Colorado
76 Theodore Regan Helena Montana
77 David Rhodes College Station Texas
78 Galen Richeson Humble Texas
79 Kenneth Risner Shelbyville Michigan
80 Hall Roger Mack Colorado
81 Sherman Russell Boise Idaho
82 David Sawyer Edmond Oklahoma
83 Chris Schmahl Filer Idaho
84 Bill Schmahl Jerome Idaho
85 Robert Schneider League City Texas
86 Gayron Scurlock Beaumont Texas
87 Greg Simanson Seattle Washington
88 Brian Sleight Seatac Washington
89 Randy Stanbro Aurora Colorado
90 Brent Taylor Kirkland Washington
91 James Taylor Lander Wyoming
92 James Teberg Spokane Valley Washington
93 Bill Thomason Twin Falls Idaho
94 Mark Thompson Herriman Utah
95 Eric Trainer Bedford Texas
96 Peter Trotter Cedar Hill Texas
97 James Trujillo Phoenix Arizona
98 Kenneth Tumlinson Montgomery Texas
99 James Walters Goodyear Arizona
100 James Watkins Hattiesburg Mississippi
101 Oliver Weekes Richmond Canada
102 Keith Weeks New Plymouth Idaho
103 Joel Westvold Klamath Falls Oregon
104 Bill Winter Phoenix Arizona
105 Daniel Wolfman Thornwood New York
106 Phillip Woods Houston Texas
107 Chad Young St George Utah
108 Ray Zampedri Rock Springs Wyoming

Super Senior 60-69 Participant List 2017

  First Name Last Name City St.
1 Mike Able Henderson Nevada
2 William Anderson Broken Arrow Oklahoma
3 John Andrews Alta Loma California
4 Donnie Archibald Montgomery Texas
5 John C Baley Surprise Arizona
6 Patrice Bataille Choisy Le Roi France
7 Dennis Beahan Ffountatn Inn South Carolina
8 Harold Belk Eagle River Alaska
9 Wayne Berry Vancouver Washington
10 Scott Bierly Ave Maria Florida
11 Michael Biggs Dickinson Texas
12 Lyall Bishop Fairfield California
13 Glen Bjornson Mesquite Nevada
14 Russell Bliese Montgomery Texas
15 Mark Bluhm Peoria Arizona
16 Jim Bosshart Scottsdale Arizona
17 Patrick Bouladoux Moulin France
18 J.R. Boyette Nashville Tennessee
19 Robert Brown Orange Park Florida
20 Jack Bushey Yuba City California
21 Paul Buturusis Oak Park Illinois
22 Thomas Chandler Green Valley Arizona
23 Curtiss Chin Seattle Washington
24 Gary Chisum Meridian Idaho
25 Albert Cliff Sidney Canada
26 Tim Coats Stockton California
27 James Cokinos Murrells Inlet South Carolina
28 Vincent Converse Tucson Arizona
29 Jon Coon Crosby Texas
30 Rich Cottle Phoenix Arizona
31 Bruce Cowan Bartlett Tennessee
32 David Cox Eugene Oregon
33 Will Craver Mesquite Nevada
34 Samuel Criswell Haslet Texas
35 Hal Daby Roseville California
36 Steven Daniels Huntersville North Carolina
37 Bruce Deloach Pueblo West Colorado
38 David Derango Carol Stream Illinois
39 Bill Diage Lander Wyoming
40 Dave Dolhanczyk Glendale Arizona
41 Ronald Duncan Myrtle Beach South Carolina
42 Joe Durbala Apache Junction Arizona
43 James Dwyer Ventura California
44 Jim Edwards Oroville California
45 Robert Edwards Anthem Arizona
46 John Ehemann Memphis Tennessee
47 Vance Ellingson Sedro Woolley Washington
48 David Fitzgerald Pensacola Florida
49 Richard Flores Houston Texas
50 Rich Fox Peoria Arizona
51 Steven Gagne Maricopa Arizona
52 James Garner Basalt Colorado
53 William Garrett Rome Georgia
54 Kenneth Gibson Wake Village Texas
55 Peter Gitnik Bridgewater Pennsylvania
56 Gilbert Gonzalez Canby Oregon
57 Robert Goodwin New Plymouth Idaho
58 Joey Gunn Deer Park Texas
59 David Gutierrez Albuquerque New Mexico
60 Paul Haas Reno Nevada
61 Michael Hanna Simpsonville South Carolina
62 Ken Hanna Simpsonville South Carolina
63 Bert Hardcastle Lincoln California
64 Alan Hart Rohnert Park California
65 Steve Hartmann West Jordan Utah
66 Jim Harwood Garland Texas
67 Philippe Hattabe Bardieres France
68 Goodwyn Henderson Suffolk Virginia
69 Joseph Henneberry Quesnel Canada
70 Mike Hermsen Olympia Washington
71 Jeffery Hill Longview Washington
72 Larry Hinson Pensacola Florida
73 Glen Holroyd Scottsdale Arizona
74 David Horn Maricopa Arizona
75 Kirk Hulbert Littleton Colorado
76 Stephen Hunt Springville Utah
77 Jim Irvin Vancouver Washington
78 Mike Jamison Lake Mary Florida
79 David (Pat) Johnson Tremonton Utah
80 George Jones Houston Texas
81 Gordon Kaplan Dallas Texas
82 Charles Kerr Montgomery Texas
83 Kerry King Ogden Utah
84 Richard Kinos Ontario California
85 Ted Kitchens Marietta Georgia
86 Robert(Bob) Kjenslee Gresham Oregon
87 Don Kluge Benton Harbor Michigan
88 Ken Kranz Cheyenne Wyoming
89 Lynn Labrum Roosevelt Utah
90 Alan Lanfranco Langley Canada
91 James Larkin Fullerton California
92 Mike Lawson Memphis Tennessee
93 Mike Lee Lakewood Washington
94 Steve Liggett Palm Desert California
95 Jim Lindberg Ewa Beach Hawaii
96 Dann Loewenthal Kailua-Kona Hawaii
97 Carroll Logue Pueblo West Colorado
98 Rob Lunsford New Caney Texas
99 Phillip MacFarlane Phoenix Arizona
100 Hubert Maldonado Angers France
101 Benny Marchese Goodyear Arizona
102 John Marriott Mulino Oregon
103 Robert Martin Reno Nevada
104 Ron Martin Litchfield Park Arizona
105 Larry Mauer Walla Walla Washington
106 Allen May Vero Beach Florida
107 Ricky May Northglenn Colorado
108 Dennis Miller Littleton Colorado
109 Ronald Miller Lafayette Colorado
110 Mike Mirgeaux Belmont North Carolina
111 Marv Moneymaker Santa Maria California
112 Glenn Montgomery Gulf Breeze Florida
113 John Morris Belmont North Carolina
114 ‘Don Morrow Larkspur Colorado
115 Don Morton Garden Valley Idaho
116 Mike Mullan Carlotta California
117 Jim Murray Pueblo West Colorado
118 William Muskat Simi California
119 Gregory Nielsen Preston Idaho
120 John Norgaard Maple Valley Washington
121 Brent J Olson Edina Minnesota
122 Gerry Parris Peoria Arizona
123 Michael Perino Veneta Oregon
124 Walter Perscheid Fremont California
125 Rick Pershall St. Louis Missouri
126 Rick Phillips Vancouver Washington
127 Buckley Platt Saratoga Springs Utah
128 Steve Polus Laughlin Nevada
129 Randy Proctor Lanexa Virginia
130 Nav Purewal Langley Canada
131 Dennis Rasku Pompano Beach Florida
132 Richard Raymond Florence Arizona
133 Darrell Reed Riverside California
134 Glenn Reynolds Fort Mill South Carolina
135 Stanley Richins Yuba City California
136 B. Timothy Riordan Tryon North Carolina
137 Clifford Roddam Plano Texas
138 Dennis Rush Phoenix Arizona
139 David Sampson North Bend Oregon
140 Darrell Santos Danville California
141 Dennis Schaffer Manteca California
142 Richard Schallmo Glendale Arizona
143 Mark Schoen Harrison Twp Michigan
144 Dale Schuweiler Victoria Canada
145 Gerald Schwartz Herald California
146 Ken Schwoerer Villa Park California
147 Todd Shelton Dolores Colorado
148 Marshall Soldati Vancouver Washington
149 John Spears North Las Vegas Nevada
150 Gerry Spencer Vancouver Washington
151 Al Stautz Ridgefield Washington
152 Allen Stewart Sidney Canada
153 Brock Stewart University Place Washington
154 Larry Stokoe Meridian Idaho
155 Kevin Sweeney Eugene Oregon
156 Robert Sweeney Florence Arizona
157 Bill Thielemann Florence Arizona
158 James Thiesing Auburn Indiana
159 June Thomas Birmingham Alabama
160 Tom Uszynski Shelton Washington
161 Robert Uszynski Norcross Georgia
162 Richard Valentini Georgetown  
163 Robert Vanderberg Denver Colorado
164 Julio Vega League City Texas
165 Tom Vogan American Fork Utah
166 Rick Vollweiler Meridian Idaho
167 Bob Wages Denver Colorado
168 Clint Walker Yuba City California
169 Peach Waller Pace Florida
170 Dan Walters St Peters Missouri
171 Jainn Wang Folsom California
172 Rob Wendel Arlington Texas
173 Bill Westfall Nephi Utah
174 Richard Wilds Littleton Colorado
175 Michael Wolfe Anderson Island Washington
176 Gary Woods Oviedo Florida
177 Herman Wooten II Las Vegas Nevada
178 Gary Zimmerman Garland Texas

Master 70+ Participant List 2017

  First Name Last Name City St.
1 Ralph Adams Montgomery Texas
2 Allan Ainsworth Lakeland Florida
3 David Baldwin Georgetown Texas
4 Doug Baldwin Reston Washington
5 Charles Barclay Pleasanton California
6 Robert Barnett Pensacola Florida
7 Hans Behrens Chattaroy Washington
8 Donald Boug’E Bountiful Utah
9 Bob Brown Pueblo West Colorado
10 Brian Carroll Daytona Bch Florida
11 Daniel Carroll Bountiful Utah
12 Terry Carson N. Chesterfield Virginia
13 Joseph Caruso Florence Arizona
14 Don Cavarra Carbondale Colorado
15 Lael Collins Montague California
16 Jack Conley Mansfield Texas
17 Jim Cox Mcminnville Oregon
18 Michael Craig Middleburg Florida
19 Chick Crosby Pueblo West Colorado
20 Benny Crowder Tulsa Oklahoma
21 Norman Cummings Pueblo West Colorado
22 R.L. Davis Green Valley Arizona
23 Fred Dear Fullerton California
24 Gary DeMattei Danville California
25 Terry Doan Meadow Vista California
26 Frank Douglas Willemstad Caribbean Curacao
27 David Eckroth Myrtle Beach South Carolina
28 Nick Flacco Bellingham Washington
29 Anton Foust Larksbur Colorado
30 Rick Gary Springfield Oregon
31 John Gastineau Kelseyville California
32 Gerard George Rambouillet France
33 Kurt Gerhardt New Baltimore Michigan
34 Alan Hafer Aurora Colorado
35 Jack Hammertrom Coos Bay Oregon
36 David Hanigar Edmond Oklahoma
37 Jerry Hess Las Vegas Nevada
38 Timm Heydel Sahuarita Arizona
39 Ramon Hilario Laverne California
40 David Hinds Pensacola Florida
41 Art Hoff Steilacoom Washington
42 Jerry Hooper Dallas Texas
43 Russ Humphrey Pittsfield Massachusetts
44 Gene Johnson Brier Washington
45 Dave Johnson Bend Oregon
46 Dale Kent Midland Texas
47 Norm King Saanichton Canada
48 Dan Kinkle Helen Georgia
49 Kenneth Lauren Snoqual Washington
50 Howard Levine Gulfport Mississippi
51 Thomas Little Gautier Mississippi
52 Bob Livesey Florence Montana
53 Robert Long Plymouth California
54 James Lovejoy Tacoma Washington
55 Chuck Lundin Bonney Lake Washington
56 Jim Luttrall Yantis Texas
57 Ronald Luttrall Watauga Texas
58 Robert Markowitz Montgomery Texas
59 Ron Marshall Broomfield Colorado
60 Leo May Las Vegas Nevada
61 Kirby Metzler Pueblo West Colorado
62 Bob Morley Sacramento California
63 Glenn Murray Surprise Arizona
64 Dennis Natale Lake Mary Florida
65 Gilbert Nelson Pensacola Florida
66 John Newmans St. Augustine Florida
67 Rafael Nishihira Kirkland. Washington
68 Luther Norton Euless Texas
69 Paul Ochs Davis California
70 L. Alan Oleson Lake Havasu City Arizona
71 Bill Olson Oroville California
72 Jim Owen Richardson Texas
73 Nick Page Montgomery Texas
74 Donald Pavlich Santa Rosa California
75 Larry Polete Banning California
76 Loran Polete Woodland California
77 Lance Reiber Meridian Idaho
78 Lee Richardson Pueblo Colorado
79 Rod Ritchie Oroville California
80 Edward Rousseau Jacksonville Florida
81 Raymond Ruiz Pueblo Colorado
82 Larry Schutt Douglas Alaska
83 Dr Jim Shoemaker Chalmette Louisiana
84 William Simpson Gold Canyon Arizona
85 Gary Stead Stockton California
86 Jack Stinson Salem Oregon
87 Robert Stout Bucyrus Kansas
88 Chris Tateishi Bellevue Washington
89 Clifford Taylor Auburn California
90 Allen Thiele Green Valley Arizona
91 Russell Thomson Maple Ridge Canada
92 Howard Tomlinson Guyton Georgia
93 Thomas Utsunomiya Las Vegas Nevada
94 Bob Vidourek Redmond Oregon
95 John Vilkaitis Sundance Wyoming
96 Juan Villegas Brentwood California
97 Ray Walker Concord California
98 Alvin Walker Lakewood Colorado
99 Gary Warren Perrysburg Ohio
100 Steve Welch Pomona California
101 Jim Wilson Montgomery Texas
102 Ed Yelton Port Orford Oregon
103 Bob Zepeda Whittier California

Women's Participant List 2017

  First Name Last Name City St.
1 Rosalinda Adams Montgomery Texas  
2 Jacquelyn Alderman Damascus Oregon  
3 Sherry Ames Sun City Arizona  
4 Kathy Anderson Pueblo West Colorado  
5 Susan Atkin Hermitage Tennessee  
6 Sun Baker Belmont California  
7 Tanica Bell Erie Pennsylvania  
8 Dana Boyette Nashville Tennessee  
9 Candice Brandt Irvine California  
10 Rivia Brown Winston Salem North Carolina  
11 Jeanne Carlson Novi Michigan  
12 Karen Chamberlain Seabrook Texas  
13 Miriam Cogswell Houston Texas  
14 Brittany Cohill St. Petersburg Florida  
15 Shirley Coleman Austin Texas  
16 Carolyn Collins Montague California  
17 Kate Connor Highlands Ranch Colorado  
18 Raquel Converse Tucson Arizona  
19 Glenda Cook League City Texas  
20 Susan Coulter League City Texas  
21 Vicki Crocker Sandy Utah  
22 Melanie (Pinky) Crosby Puebo West Colorado  
23 Kim Crowder Nashville Tennessee  
24 Mary Daby Roseville California  
25 Sharon Deleeuw Salt Lake City Utah  
26 Lori Desruisseaux Elverson Pennsylvania  
27 Delores Dockum Hermitage Tennessee  
28 Nancy Douglas Willemstad Caribbean Curacao  
29 Andrea Dowdy Denver Colorado  
30 Dottie Dube Old Hickory Tennessee  
31 Cheryl Dunagan Delray Beach Florida  
32 Barbara Eckroth Myrtle Beach South Carolina  
33 Carmen Eriksen Surprise Arizona  
34 Delores Forsythe Plant City Florida  
35 Dolli Garrison Pueblo Colorado  
36 Deborah George Harrison Township Michigan  
37 Sharon Graham Glendale Arizona  
38 Barbara Gregory Frederickburg Virginia  
39 Anne Greitzer Garfield Hts Ohio  
40 Diane Gutierrez Albuquerque New Mexico  
41 Sandy Harvey League City Texas  
42 Sara Heydel Poulsbo Washington  
43 Pamela Heydel Sahuarita Arizona  
44 Patricia Hiatt Littleton Colorado  
45 Cheryl Hibbett Nashville Tennessee  
46 Marci Hickok Kent Washington  
47 Kathryn Higby Montgomery Texas  
48 Gigi Higgins Cape Coral Florida  
49 Laura Hodge Goodlettsville Tennessee  
50 Patti Howard New Caney Texas  
51 Molly Huntsman Denver Colorado  
52 Connie Jack Pueblo West Colorado  
53 Judith Jaremko Huntington New York  
54 Roxanne Jeghers Homestead Florida  
55 Jo Johnson Deer Park Texas  
56 Jane Jones Sparta Wisconsin  
57 Debbie Kerr Montgomery Texas  
58 Joni Kies Goodlettsville Tennessee  
59 Jill Kimball Salt Lake City Utah  
60 Kari Klaas Bothell Washington  
61 Keri Kock Pueblo Colorado  
62 Ginny Kohler Centerport New York  
63 Jana Kolot Edmonton Canada #NAME?
64 Fedora Kranz Cheyenne Wyoming  
65 Pola Lavin Porter Texas  
66 Kathy Lile Pueblo West Colorado  
67 Sheila Locke Renton Washington  
68 Mary Jane Loeffler St. Louis Missouri  
69 Denise Logue Pueblo West Colorado  
70 Teresa Lott College Grove Tennessee  
71 Melanie Lunsford Denver Colorado  
72 Lepha Luttrall Yantis Texas  
73 Peggy Mahoney Stuart Florida  
74 Maryjo Marion Downingtown Pennsylvania  
75 Joan Markowitz Montgomery Texas  
76 Michelle Marquardt Kremmling Colorado  
77 Kathleen Mauer Walla Walla Washington  
78 Beth Mayovsky Lake Tapps Washington  
79 Patti McCarver Brentwood Tennessee  
80 Catherine McEwen Nashville Tennessee  
81 Linda Metzler Pueblo West Colorado  
82 Sarah Michelson Walla Walla Washington  
83 Tamara Moore Cleveland Ohio  
84 Paula Morton Greenbrier Tennessee  
85 Jackie Mostyn Humble Texas  
86 Susan Muench League City Texas  
87 Maridale Murray Pueblo West Colorado  
88 Jill Natale Lake Mary Florida  
89 Leann Newhall Longview Washington  
90 Brenda Nichols Rosharon Texas  
91 Gayle Nowakowski Avon Ohio  
92 Sammie Odonohoe Houston Texas  
93 Paulette Ozga New Baltimore Michigan  
94 Monica Paluso Mesquite Nevada  
95 Marlies Para Mesquite Nevada  
96 Emily Pearce Nashville Tennessee  
97 Margaret Quarrie Phoenix Arizona  
98 Sharon Rainer Deer Park Texas  
99 Betty Reynolds Fort Mill South Carolina  
100 Martha Rhea Old Hickory Tennessee  
101 Karen Richards Franklin Tennessee  
102 Mary Riddell Aurora Colorado  
103 Valerie Robbins San Diego California  
104 Cindy Robinson Kent Washington  
105 Nancy Rosa Sacramento California  
106 Tommie Ruehr Garfield Hts Ohio  
107 Susan Schleicher Knoxville Tennessee  
108 Tamara Schneider League City Texas  
109 Beverly Schoen Harrison Twp Michigan  
110 Susan Smith-Snider Houston Texas  
111 Jennifer Sparks Longview Washington  
112 Jackie Spears North Las Vegas Nevada  
113 Linda Stead Stockton California  
114 Barbara Stroemple Strongsville Ohio  
115 Carol Sumner Laveen Arizona  
116 Claudia Taylor Auburn California  
117 Patti Teeter Midvale Utah  
118 Laura Thorsell Plant City Florida  
119 Kathy Tidwell Pueblo West Colorado  
120 Teresa Todaro Houston Texas  
121 Diana Vega League City Texas  
122 Dorothy Walker Lakewood Colorado  
123 Nancy Walter Peoria Arizona  
124 Sue Walters St Peters Missouri  
125 Pauline Wang Folsom California  
126 Carolyn Wilkinson Kemah Texas  
127 Holly Young St. George Utah  

Course Rotation

Course Rotation

Tentative Course Rotation as of 4-18-2017

Scoring 2017



There isn’t an amateur tournament in the county that can match golfers with a course line-up that includes the greatest names in golf — Cal Olson, Keith Foster, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer. And yet, all of them, taken by the beauty of the Nevada-Utah border, have made Mesquite one of the most unique experiences in the West. Each golfer is guaranteed to play at least of three award-winning courses or more, depending which course is chosen for the practice round and the championship round.

Casablanca Golf Club

The CasaBlanca Golf Club features an 18-hole, 7,011-yard championship course designed by Cal Olson. The course winds through the region’s natural desert wetlands, offering wonderful views of the surrounding Virgin River Mountains in Mesquite. Thirteen of the 18 holes at the CasaBlanca Golf Club have water challenges.

Falcon Ridge Golf Club

Falcon Ridge features a 6550-yard par 71 desert layout with several elevated tee shots from high plateaus. Known for its spectacular elevation changes, some holes cut into the rolling hills that make up the area.

The Palms Golf Club

The Palms in Mesquite is almost like playing two different courses, with the front nine featuring extended fairways and the back nine challenging players with mountain-style play. The 15th hole has a breathtaking view and a vertical drop of 114 feet.

The Canyons Golf Club at Oasis

The Canyons at Oasis Golf Club is one of the most beautiful 18-hole, par 71 courses in Mesquite. The meticulously-designed Bermuda green course takes advantage of the area’s natural vistas.

Coyote Springs Golf Club

As the area’s Jack Nicklaus Signature course, golfers can expect a challenging par 72, 7,471-yard layout. Eleven lakes come into play and many consider this to be one of Nicklaus’ finest desert creations.

The Palmer Golf Club at Oasis

The Palmer course is a masterpiece that provides a par 71 experience set against rugged canyon fairways and meticulously contoured greens. It is rated among the “Top 10 You Can Play” by Golf Digest.

Conestoga Golf Club

The Gary Panks designed Conestoga course managed by Troon Golf opened for play in January of 2010. The scenic 18-hole course is artfully interwoven with the character and contours of Sun City Mesquite’s spectacular landforms. Undulating through canyons with gentle elevation changes, rugged rock outcroppings and tranquil water elements the course presents a masterful design.


Monday, May 29

  • 10 AM to 5 PM – Tournament registration begins in the Showroom at the CasaBlanca Resort. Players pick up their final course and flight assignments. Early arrivals can also take advantage of special arrangements with all area courses in Mesquite and Coyote Springs. Monday is the best opportunity for practice rounds (It is up to the individual to book their own practice round and it is not included in the entry fee).
  • 6 PM to 8 PM – Mesquite Amateur reception dinner in the CasaBlanca Events Center, featuring a catered menu developed by area chefs.
  • Mesquite Amateur Tournament Office – Located in the Cortez Meeting Room at the CasaBlanca Resort will be open after dinner each night.

Tuesday, May 30

  • 7:30 AM – Round one play begins with a shotgun start at all six courses in Mesquite and Coyote Springs.
  • 6 PM to 8 PM – Mesquite Amateur Dinner in the CasaBlanca Events Center. Come enjoy great entertainment and raffle prizes. First round scores will be posted.
  • Mesquite Amateur Tournament Office – Located in the Cortez Meeting Room at the CasaBlanca Resort will be open after dinner each night.

Wednesday, May 31

  • 7:30 AM – Round two play begins with a shotgun start at all six courses in Mesquite and Coyote Springs.
  • 2:45 PM – The Mesquite Amateur will host a Texas hold ‘Em Championship $65 per person at the Eureka Hotel and Casino. Players will check in at the poker room by 2:45pm and compete for a variety of cash and gift prizes.
  • 6 PM to 8 PM – Mesquite Amateur Dinner in the CasaBlanca Events Center. Come and enjoy a full dinner buffet along with a themed drink of the night. Second round scores will be posted.
  • Mesquite Amateur Tournament Office – Located in the Cortez Meeting Room at the CasaBlanca Resort will be open after dinner each night.
  • 8 PM – Cigars Under the Stars by the CasaBlanca Pool – Going into its 7th year, Cigars under the stars is one of the weeks most popular events! Come puff on a stogie and enjoy a cocktail and enjoy another beautiful Mesquite night.

Thursday, June 1

  • 7:30 AM – Round three play begins with a shotgun start at all six courses in Mesquite and Coyote Springs.
  • 12 Noon – Mesquite Amateur Wine Luncheon – Wine Luncheon $50 per person- Presented by Southern Wine & Spirits- A wine tasting party will be held in Katherine’s Steakhouse at the CasaBlanca Resort. Come join us for excellent food and taste great wines from all over the world hosted by Southern Wine & Spirits.
  • 6 PM to 8 PM – Mesquite Amateur Championship Dinner in the CasaBlanca Events Center. They say save the best for last. This evening is all about great awards and wrapping up a great week of golf with friends. Final tournament scores are posted and trophies are presented.
  • Mesquite Amateur Tournament Office – Located in the Cortez Meeting Room at the CasaBlanca Resort will be open after dinner each night.
  • 8 PM – At the Champions Room CasaBlanca Meeting Space, the Top 10 winners from each flight will be able to pick up their prize and visit with Callaway and Taylor Made Golf.

Friday, June 2

  • 7:30 AM – Championship round will begin with a shotgun start at the CasaBlanca Golf Club. Participants will include the top four finishers from each flight. Immediately following the championship, finalists will be treated to lunch at the CasaBlanca Golf Course Deli.
  • 1:30 PM – The winners of the Mesquite Amateur will be announced immediately following lunch. The overall champion will be crowned.


While entrants are responsible for their own accommodations at the Mesquite Amateur, several sponsoring hotels are offering special rates for entrants and their guests. To ensure the best possible rate, please identify yourself as a Mesquite Amateur contestant.

CasaBlanca Resort
$65 (Sunday-Thursday) $82 (Friday and Saturday) block drops 5/1/2016

The CasaBlanca Resort is considered to be among the finest resorts in Mesquite, with 500 first-class deluxe rooms, all of which include European-style bedding. The resort is also home to a spa, salon, swimming pool, and entertainment lounge.

Eureka Hotel
Coming Soon!

The Eureka Casino Hotel features 210 oversized rooms that range from resort rooms to large suites. The property also maintains a swimming pool, spa, and modern exercise facilities.

Virgin River Casino
$27 (Sunday-Thursday) $58 (Friday and Saturday)

The Virgin River Hotel includes 700 detached rooms. It also features the area’s primary bowling lanes, two outdoor pools, and a bingo parlor.


Mesquite Gaming
The best of everything can be found at the CasaBlanca Resort & Virgin River in Mesquite Nevada. With quality hotel rooms that won’t break the bank, a wide variety of dining options, and the top entertainment acts in town.
The Mesquite Resort Association
The Mesquite Resort Association is a professional nonprofit association that leads the area in business development, community service, and corporate stewardship.
Experience TaylorMade Golf drivers, irons, wedges, putters, golf balls & golf accessories. TaylorMade Golf Official Site: #1 driver in golf.
Callaway Golf – Golf Company
The Official Callaway Golf website. Callaway Golf is the leading manufacturer of golf clubs, golf balls and golf equipment.
Southern Wine & Spirits
Southern Wine & Spirits is a nationally recognized wine and spirits distributor and the largest distributor in Southern Nevada.
The City of Mesquite
The City of Mesquite, Nevada, has governed the historic area since 1984. Prior, the area dates back to the mid 1880s, when the Old Spanish Trail passed through along the Virgin.


If you would like to learn how to get in on the action of this exciting event please contact:
Toll Free: 888.711.4653