Power Prize Frenzy

Starting August 6th, 2021

Win your share of $50,000 cash in the month of August!

Power Prize FRENZY randomly awards $100 cash right to winning machine’s credit meter.

Plus, every carded player on the lucky bank gets $5 up to $25 to their machine’s credit meter.

No Limits. You can win multiple times per day!

How To Play

  • Play your favorite slot machine at Virgin River or CasaBlanca with your Rewards card;
    membership is always free.

  • The Power Prize FRENZY is a random jackpot that occurs on the card reader display.
    A winning combination on a video reel, reel slot, video keno, or video poker machine is
    not required.

  • When hit, $100 cash will be paid to winning machine’s credit meter. Plus, every eligible
    carded player on the winning bank will be awarded $5 – $25 on their machine’s credit meter.


  1. Must be 21 years of age or older to participate.
  2. Power Prize FRENZY begins on Friday, August 6, 2021 at 1:00pm.
  3. All awards are paid in nonrestricted credits directly to the machine’s credit meter.
  4. Participants must be actively playing with their Rewards card to be eligible for this promotion.
  5. It is the player’s responsibility to make certain the card is properly inserted into the machine. The machine’s card reader bezel will display a steady green glow when reading properly.
  6. Prior to each Power Prize FRENZY event announcement, the system scans for active carded players. During this time changing denominations, changing game titles, or certain bonus rounds MAY exclude a player from participating in Power Prize Jackpot and any consolation award.
  7. Participants must play on their own individual Rewards card. Any participant violating or tampering with the promotion in any way may be disqualied and declared ineligible for any award.
  8. Participants receiving the Power Prize Frenzy award will be notied on the player’s card display.
  9. Any dispute or situation, not covered by these rules, will be resolved fairly by management and their decision will be final and binding.
  10. Management reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion at any time.
  11. Winners are responsible for any and all applicable taxes.
  12. By participating in this promotion, all winners give their consent and permission to Mesquite Gaming LLC to use their names and likeness for promotional purposes without compensation.
  13. Mesquite Gaming LLC may exclude anyone from participating in this promotion for any reason, at its sole and absolute discretion.


Winners Amounts Coming Soon!